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Chapter 2
Margaret returned home an hour later and was welcomed by her father, “ah my dear, it seems we have a visitor and he’s your age too”. When she saw who it was, she screamed “it’s you, the rude man who knocked me down”, he retorted “maybe you should have looked where you were going”. Oh, he infuriated her, “at least people in the south have manners unlike you northerners”, with that she left the room. He was the rudest boy she had ever met and wished to never see again, apparently fate had other plans.
“Oh, you were terribly rude to john this afternoon, he came to ask if I could tutor him as he doesn’t have the time to study at home, poor guy” remarked her father, to which Margaret replied with by rolling her eyes, he just met this guy and he’s choosing him over his own daughter! She had been patient through the whole move and now he expected her to be nice to this, this jerk, now that was asking way too much. Instead of making a scene she decided to grab her paints and find some nice scenery, “I was rude! he was the rude one if you ask me!” she yelled as she set up her easel.