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Chapter 1
Margaret had just returned from spending a summer with her cousin/ best friend Edith, excited to see her parents and spend time with them before going back to boarding school. When she got home, she expected a happy welcome instead she came home to the house being packed up. “Dad what’s going on?”, she exclaimed. Her mother gruffly replied, didn’t you hear darling, your father quit his job due different opinions! “No dear I said that the school was changing their curriculum, so I found a new job”, he replied. Margaret knew to better than to get between them when they started to bicker, so she went to her room to read.
A few hours later she was called down to dinner, where her father explained they were moving to Milton and she was going to attend Milton high, Margaret gracefully accepted her fate while her mother moaned and groaned. They spent the next few days packing and were on their way to Milton a dusty industrial town to her mother’s disgust. While her parents were unpacking Margaret went to stretch her legs and explore the town that was to become her new home for the next 2 years at least. She wasn’t looking where she was going when she bumped into something solid and fell on her butt, when she looked up, they just grunted, staring at the mill ahead and walked away, not even offering to help her up.