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    For the X-Files Fanfiction Exchange everyone writes a prompt for a story they want following a certain theme, and then using a randomization website, they receive someone else's prompt that they'll write while their own prompt gets written! These are the results!

    Theme: The prompts for this exchange are for case file stories. This entails Mulder and Scully having to go on a case and the author is tasked with creating a whole mini-episode within the story, many also interweaving an MSR plotline along the way.

    This is a bonus exchange, which means that there is a significantly longer writing period and a larger word minimum requirement. If you are looking for longer stories that feel like episodes, this is the exchange for you.

    November 21st, 2020

    Twitter: @xfiles_fanfic | Tumblr: xfilesfanficexchange | Email: | Facebook: Jose Chung | Instagram:

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