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Take a Leap of Faith

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A few days have passed since Randvi’s suggestion to run away, they had a few things that they needed to clear up at Ravensthorpe before they could actually run away.

Randvi hasn’t seen Eivor for a while though, it seems as though the drengr has vanished. There was a camp… or something similar, that Eivor needed to deal with, though she’s been gone for seven sunsets.

Randvi rakes her eyes over the alliance map, it’s incomplete. Not that she cares, she’ll be leaving here soon enough. Her eyes fall to the pile of parchment in the corner. The top one is the one that fills her mind. She knows that she should dispose of it, that it should be destroyed before anyone in the settlement may find it, it’s for her eyes alone.

A letter lands on Randvi’s desk, a small smile from one of the clansmen as they walk away. It’s as though he knows what’s going on, he doesn’t though. Randvi has made certain that no one in Ravensthorpe knows what’s going on between her and Eivor. She smiles in response and sends him on his way before opening the letter. She reads Eivor’s writing, meet at the North tower at sundown tomorrow.

Randvi’s heart leaps as she re-reads the words over and over. The excitement builds in her heart as she thinks about meeting up with Eivor again. It’s been too long since they’ve been together – and Eivor is the sister of her husband. The giddiness that fills her is unmatched.

Sigurd has never taken Randvi to the highs that Eivor can, and he probably never will. The day passes slowly, it’s always a drag when Randvi knows she’ll be seeing Eivor tomorrow.

As the sun sets and the moon rises, Randvi wanders around Ravensthorpe, interacting with some of the clansmen and members alike. None of them suspects a thing, and none of them will know where Eivor and Randvi have gone.

Randvi eventually wanders off to bed. She listens to the settlement for a while, realising that everyone else has fallen asleep too. The middle of the night is the perfect time for them both to run away.

Randvi eventually falls asleep, dreaming of the future. She knows that she wants to run away with Eivor – she’s wanted Eivor since they first locked eyes, over a fire that was roasting boar meat.

Since then, Randvi has dealt with war in her heart. She doesn’t want to hurt Sigurd, she loves him too. But the bond that she holds with Eivor is something much more… profound. When she sees Eivor, it’s as though a fire is lit in her heart. There’s something so much deeper, she can never find the right words to describe it. Maybe one day, she will find them. Until that day though, Randvi rolls over in her bed and tries to get some sleep, dreaming of tomorrow and what will come. Maybe she and Eivor will make love again. Maybe they’ll kiss under the moonlight, she doesn’t know.

For now, though, they’ll continue to meet in secret, until they take a leap of faith and run away together, for a new life together.