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Propaganda's Truth

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Join us walk into hell’s horrors today,
You can sign up at your town hall.
Let us break your mind with events unfathomable,
It’ll be fun.

Become wounded and scarred for life,
We’ll pay you though, so it’s nothing.
Watch your friends die on the spot,
At least they’ll go down as heroes.

Make yourself so numb you become a shell,
But your wife will be so proud of you.
You don’t want to be the one with a white feather, do you?

We’ll watch you every step of the way:
Starving, sleepless and barely standing.
But we won’t do anything to help you.

However, we’ll lie to your family,
Spread fake news
And say you’re all fine.
When really, even if you survive; you’ll always be dead behind the eyes.