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Last Miracle

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Wukong made sure to be there as often as he could for Xiaotian, watching him as he grew. Watching nearly every move he made.

Day by day, he saw more and more of himself in the kid.

And day by day, he grew more and more proud of that fact.

He watched as the kid listened to one of his father figures tell him stories about him, and unsurprisingly the kid became what one could call a fanatic as he grew older. He was even planning to write some kind of unauthorized auto-biography, or so he said.

He watched as the pig taught him how to cook, make deliveries, shout at him, but also show his softer side to the kid. The pig definitely may have been gruff, but he cared. Made good noodles too.

He even got to see the kid make his first, and probably best friend for life. A descendant of Bai Longma, in fact, though she wasn’t nearly as stuffy as that old horse was. She seemed fun! And more importantly she seemed protective of the kid. Like scary protective. Dragons could be plenty scary when they were being protective of someone they cared about…

He was so proud of the kid--or rather, MK, as he liked to be called now--and how far he’d come, even by his young age. And so proud of how much like him he saw the kid becoming; excitable, fun loving, curious, a little mischievous, and most importantly impulsive but with good intentions. That part of Wukong hadn’t come until later years, so he felt a sort of… personal pride, when he saw that in MK.

And he knew it wouldn’t be long before the time was right to officially make the kid his successor. He’d noticed things starting to stir on his frequent visits to the city, activity by a certain family of demons no less, and ironically, he started preparing to set his own plan in motion by using theirs. It would be risky, but he planned to be there if anything went wrong…

But nothing would go wrong. The kid could handle it.

The kid was perfect.

A perfect miracle.