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Little Match Maker

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All around was darkness not a sound spoken and nothing heard. Yet stuck in this mystifying place was just you. Confused and speechless at such a large world consumed by darkness, you were stuck in place. Crushed under the undetectable weight of the room, you could not move a bone in your body, resulting into your eyes trying to wander.

And suddenly something appeared out of the darkness; a wide, long oval-shaped mirror which seemingly looks to be older than time itself. Within seconds, a mask appeared in the mirror with dark smoke coming from the mask’s sides and back, and the mask with no emotions shown nor any emotions in his tone of voice started to speak.

“Ah, my lovely…,

The most noble and beautiful flower of ...,

… the most beautiful...”

In the haze with no recognition, your mind could not think only trying to comprehend the world around you, so the noises continued flowing all around the space. More words got muffled in your mind yet the last phrases you heard stuck out:

“For me, for them, and for you,

We are all running out of time.

No matter what, never let go of that hand.”