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House of Cats

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Luo Binghe and Shen Qingqiu made their way across the treacherous landscape. They were on their way to the temple at the top of the mountain. They had come to investigate it on behalf of the townspeople at the foot of the mountain. According to their reports, many townspeople had been going missing the past few months. They had either gone up to gather wood or hunt for the family and had never returned. Normal soldiers sent to deal with it hadn’t come back either. Finally the town elders had approached the cultivation sects to seek some aid. 


When Shen Qingqiu had heard about the incident he was immediately intrigued and had offered his help. And of course where even Shen Qingqiu went, the demon Lord Luo Binghe followed. They had been going on many such quests, an opportunity for Shen Qingqiu to freely  explore the world he lived in and for Luo Binghe to grow closer to his beloved shizun.


Of course, despite the new wonders he discovered, Shen Qingqiu hated the mundane and messy travelling. With a sigh, he continued to make his way up the mountain, careful not to sully his pristine robes. Luo Binghe dutifully followed behind his Shizun. 


After a few hours of trekking through bland landscapes, they made it to the mountain top. A lonely disrepaired toe ole stood there. The crumbling rocks were covered with green ivy. Statues of cats were scattered throughout and they do have the signs of the passage of time written upon them. Most of the features were washed away by the wind and the rain. 

Shen Qingqiu approached the temple, nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. Suspecting that the temple may be hiding some sinister  secret, he decided to explore further. They split up and each circled around one direction of the temple. 

Luo Binghe let his demonic Qi float out into the surroundings checking for any hidden enemies. After an hour of searching , he hadn’t found anything worth reporting and turned back to where he had come from.


Just then there was a bright flash of green light followed by an echoing yowl. It came from the direction in which his Shizun had gone. Luo Binghe took off in a sprint, he had to get to his Shizun.


He couldn’t lose his Shizun! Not after all this time ! And most certainly not to this pathetic place. He would find his Shizun and he WOULD PROTECT HIM ! 


Luo Binghe vaulted over the low rise walls and climbed up into the main hall of the temple. That was where the sound had come from. When he entered the room, he saw that it was empty except for a low raised cushioned altar, though it looked more like a bed than an altar,  in front of where the main god statue was supposed to be. The pedestal for the statue stood empty but there was a door leading further in. 


Luo Binghe walked towards the door with purposeful strides when a small moan from the cushions atop the altar. Luo Binghe walked towards the mound of cushions and sheets carefully. The sight that greeted him and him rooted to the spot, with his mouth hanging open in shock tinged with  arousal. 


There upon the cushions lay his Shizun. He looked unharmed and just as he had entered the temple save for a few extra appendages. Snow White cat ears stood upon his Shizun’s ebony black hair. A similarly colored tail rose from behind his Shizun and curled delicately around his foot. 


Luo Binghe stepped closer and let a wave of his Qi wash over the sleeping figure. After all he had to make sure that the tempting figure in front of him was his dear husband. When his Shizun’s Qi subconsciously responded to his signal, Luo Binghe smirked and drew closer to his husband. 


He caressed Shen Qingqiu’s flushed cheeks causing him to flutter his eyes open. His eyes were wide and filled with the thirst of carnal desires. 


“B-Binghe !”


“Yes Shizun. Your humble disciple is here. Do not worry.” Binghe responded in a low murmur, bending down to brush his lips against his Shizun’s blazing ears.


“Su-succubus spirits!” We’re the only words Shen Qingqiu was able to utter before another shiver of want wracked his body. 


“This disciple understands.” Saying so, Luo Binghe let careful hands trail along his Shizun’s disheveled robes, leaning down to a rest his Shizun’s sweet lips in a captivating kiss. 

Shen Qingqiu had immediately recalled one of the Airplane Bro’s papapa plots when they had encountered the cat statue temple on the mountain top. Airplane bro had catered to the specific group of his fans who had wanted to see some cat hybrid papapa action. 


The protagonist had embarked upon a journey to settle the beast in the mountain only to stumble upon the temple of cats. There he had encountered one of the town’s women who had somehow acquired a cat tail and ears and had been hiding away in the temple afraid to go back to town with her new appearance.  As with all of Airplane Bro’s plots, the solution to this problem was papapa. Very long papapa with the protagonist. 


The woman had regained her original form afterwards and Luo Binghe had taken her to his palace and married her, making her the 293 rd wife. And then she had never been spoken about again.


All of Airplane Bro’s wild ventures for papapa writing had resulted in numerous empty plot lines. As Luo Binghe’s sole husband, all the damsel in distress roles had fallen to him singularly. 


He already suspected he was going to be attacked when he had stepped foot in the temple, and gained a tail or two, which could have been easily fixed. He had not expected to be doused with a blast of aphrodisiac powder from one of the plants. 


Of course, it would just be his Luck to have two papapa plot line overlap. Thankfully the solution to both dilemmas was the same. 


Immediately after being affected, he had made an effort to crawl towards the cushions placed in the center. After all he would desperately need the comfort when Luo Binghe came and helped cure him. 


Shen Qingqiu had lain there on the soft cushions feeling the rushing flames of desire flow through his entire body. He slowly lost track of time and space, his mind solely focused on the pleasure coursing through his body. 

Luo Binghe carefully untied the knots holding Shen Qingqiu’s robes together. With each sliver of flushed heated skin that was revealed, Binghe placed a cooling kiss. The simple chaste kisses felt electric and had Shen Qingqiu straining and arching his back. 


Binghe slowly pulled aside one half of the robe and exposed Shen Qingqiu’s pebbled nipple to the cold air. He sucked on it, wetting it with his tongue and swirling the little nub in excruciating circles. Shen Qingqiu mewled, the stimulus was amplified by the aphrodisiac flowing through his veins. 


The sounds coming from his Shizun’s mouth made Luo Binghe lose the tenuous control he had. He roughly pulled off the rest of his husband's clothes and laid him bare against the red plush cushions. The contrast of the red cloth and pale porcelain skin made his mouth water. 


He latched into a patch of skin and sucked a mark into it. He loved seeing his marks upon his beloved’s skin and although his husband refused to admit it. He knew that he too loved it if the way that he started at the marks in the mirror the next day was any indication. 


While marking his Shizun’s skin in beautiful bruises of love, Binghe let his hands trail down to the tail that his Shizun had acquired. The slightest touch had his Shizun twitching from over sensitivity. Luo Binghe took hold of the silken tail and tugged it.


Shen Qingqiu let out a feral cry and came. The release was unexpected and made him shudder with aftershocks. Luo Binghe let out a startled laugh when he saw that. He knew that they were gonna have a great time now. 


Shen Qingqiu had barely recovered from the sudden and intense orgasm before Binghe had taken hold of his spent member , trying to bring it back into action. Shen Qingqiu tried to squirm away but his wonton body craved more pleasure arching into Binghe’s touch.


Once Shen Qingqiu was sufficiently aroused again, Luo Binghe let his hands trial downwards to the fluttering and clenching hole.


“Husband is so needy. His little hole is fluttering, waiting to be filled by thsi husband’s cock.”


Shen Qingqiu let those humiliating words wash over him. His ears burned bright with embarrassment, and he threw a hand over his eyes, as a flimsy shield to hide his shame. Those words despite their shameful nature caused the desire to simmer within his body.


Luo Binghe let go of Shen Qingqiu’s tail and reached upwards. He straddled Shen Qingqiu’s waist and pulled away the hand covering his face. He held both hands above his head, pushed against the cushions. He let his weight bear down on Shen Qingqiu, pinning his beautiful husband in position. 


With one hand tracing Shen Qingqiu’ hole , Luo Binghe traced that beautiful ethereal face with his lips, placing loving open mouthed kisses to every place. After a few moments of lulling Shen Qingqiu into a mellow mood with the playful kisses, Luo Binghe enchanted his finger to be covered with oil and quickly inserted his finger into the waiting hole.


Shen Qingqiu let out a wail at the sudden intrusion. His hole clenched around the single digit, sucking it in and demanding more. Lip Binghe let his razor shape incisor teeth, trace along the edge of his Shizun’s new cat ears. The action had Shen Qingqiu shivering uncontrollably and struggling against the hold on his wrists.


Luo Binghe spent the next few moments slowly working open his husband’s hole. Adding more fingers when he deemed his husband ready. Once he had four fingers in, he kept up a steady pace, pressing up into that special spot that had his Shizun letting out the most melodic moans. 


Every time Shen Qingqiu was at the edge of another orgasm, Luo Binghe stopped the movements of his fingers, letting them rest and his shizun cried in frustration. Soon Shen Qingqiu had been unable to handle being held on the edge for so long and had started pleading for his husband, pleading for him to fill him up and use him.


Luo Binghe let out a pleased him, he had been waiting for this moment. Even after so many years together, it was still somewhat difficult to get his beloved to be vocal during their intimate times. But during those times that Binghe had managed to make his Shizun forget himself, the filthy words flooding out of his Shizun’s mouth would make even a diccu us blush in shame.


Luo Binghe quickly divested himself of his robes. A quick spell made his clothes disappear from his body and re appear neatly folded nearby. 


Luo Binghe let go of Shen Qingqiu’s hands and took hold of his slender waist instead. He knelt in between Shen Qingqiu’s spread out legs and lifted those long peerless limbs on his thighs. Shen Qingqiu let out a needy moan. 


Luo Binghe took hold of his dick and with the same incantation he had used previously, oiled it. He aligned himself with Shen Qingqiu’s hole and with one smooth motion, slid all the way in, up to his hilt. Shen Qingqiu threw back his head and let out the loudest moan yet. 


The sound made Luo Binghe’s blood rush. He started pistoning his hips forward in sharp motions. The tip of his dick reached deep within Shen Qingqiu. Each thrust made delicious pleasure roll through every muscle. 


Shen Qingqiu reached up and dragged luo Binghe down in a desperate kiss. Luo Binghe eagerly swallowed all the words of praise and pleasure slipping out of his beloved’s mouth. The new angle allowed Luo Binghe to aim for Shen Qingqiu’s prostate with every thrust. 


The constant onslaught of pleasure made Shen Qingqiu howl. The sound echoed beautifully through the temple. The aphrodisiac still coursing through his veins heightened the pleasure to peaks he had never known before. 


Luo Binghe brazed his forearms on either side of Shen Qingqiu and quickened the pace. He could feel his husband clench around him periodically. His Shizun seemed to be lost in a haze of pleasure. Luo Binghe thrust into that warmth a few more times before cumming in thick spurts. 


The feeling of Luo Binghe’s copious cum, thick and warm filling him up, pushed Shen Qingqiu from the precipice of pleasure. He came with a loud mewl, his fingers scratching deep red marks across Luo Binghe’s back. His orgasm seemed to last for an eternity. 


Luo Binghe kept thrusting into Shen Qingqiu helping him ride out the shock waves of his orgasm. They seemed suspended in their own world of carnal pleasure, not even aware of the figure that had stepped into the main hall. 


Shen Qingqiu passed out from the overload as they both came down from the high. Luo Binghe carefully pulled out and with a simple spell cleaned them both up. He carefully checked over his Shizun to make sure he was fine. Indeed dual cultivation had made the effects of the curse wear off and his Shizun had lost his tail and cat ears. Of course, Binghe would have loved to use that look some time, in great detail. He made a mental note to look into the possibility.

Once he was sure that his Shizun was fine, he swaddled him up in the discarded robes and arranged the surrounding cushions into a comfortable position. After all it wouldn’t do to have his beloved wake up with a crick in his neck. He quickly picked up his own clothes and dressed up in smooth well practiced movements. 


Luo Binghe took a final survey of Shen Qingqiu and satisfied with what he saw , he turned towards the figure that had been prowling closer to strike at him. With a flick of his wrist he summoned Xin Mo and engaged the cat demon in battle. 


As was the norm, the protagonist quickly and majestically defeated the fiend and rescued all the locals who had been trapped within the car statues. Once again the protagonist had saved the day. But that is a story for another time. This is just a story about how the demon Luo Binghe took care of his one and only beloved, no matter what problems arose. 


Once the matter was dealt with, Luo Binghe carefully collected his sleeping husband and made his way back to his palace, thinking about all the shapeshifting spells he had learnt from various demons.