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London Calling

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Four minutes and thirty-eight seconds. That’s how long it had taken for Anne to run into the bathroom, strip down, jump into the shower, vigorously towel dry herself, and get dressed into a black t-shirt and fresh boxers. Not that she had been counting down every second. She knew that asking Ann to wait whilst she showered was already stretching her girlfriend’s patience to its limits but she had plans and being all sweaty - at least from exercise, was not conducive to her plans. A small smirk spread across her face at the thought.

She could feel herself vibrating as she excitedly swung round the bathroom door into her bedroom. Ann looked up as she heard Anne come clamoring into the room. Anne immediately straightened as she saw Ann sitting on the end of the bed smiling sweetly up at her. She tried to act nonchalant despite wanting to jump onto her bed with Ann pressed against her. It didn’t help that she was already wearing those tiny sleeping shorts she insisted on wearing and they hadn’t even talked yet about the loose Bananarama t-shirt she’d noticed her wearing.

Ann tried to stifle her laughter as she watched Anne shuffling from foot to foot. She was a ball of energy and she knew exactly how she wanted them to expend it. As Anne continued to shift restlessly Ann thought it would serve her right to keep her waiting just as she’d done to her. She couldn’t believe that she’d wanted to shower first. As she felt her own pulse quickening as she looked at her impossibly ridiculous girlfriend dressed in obscenely tight boxers and a t-shirt that clung to her body she thought only Anne Lister could get away with making her wait this long.

She slowly rose from the bed. She had fully expected Anne to immediately cross the small space between them, but she raised her eyebrow when she didn’t. There was no doubt from the way she was looking at her that Anne was about to combust. She knew it wouldn’t take very much at all before a string of expletives would fill the air from her otherwise articulate girlfriend, yet she was being uncharacteristically restrained. It was as if Anne was waiting for permission before she could act. Ann slowly ran her tongue along her bottom lip, noting how Anne followed her every movement. This could be fun.

Ann lifted her hand and crooked her index finger, beckoning Anne towards her. She almost tumbled over her feet before she stood before her. She could feel her quivering as they stood close to one another but still they were barely touching. Ann could hear Anne’s breathing getting heavier, she tilted her head up and their eyes met. She took her bottom lip between her teeth, knowing exactly what that did to Anne as she looked up at her with her deep blue eyes.

Anne’s hot breath filled the air in the small space between them. Ann raised both of her hands grazing past her biceps before she placed them on top of Anne’s strong shoulders. She wondered what Anne had been doing because somehow her muscles seemed even more defined than usual. Perhaps they could turn Anne going to the gym instead of coming straight home into a positive. She ran her fingers lightly across Anne’s shoulders, losing herself in thoughts of how powerful those arms were. She was roused by the low timbre of Anne’s voice, “What do you need Ann?”

She tilted her head down, taking in the magnificence of Anne’s hard body. She knew exactly what she wanted, she had wanted it all day. However, she knew how much Anne had needed her own release. Whatever she needed, what she wanted more than that was to be Anne’s complete undoing. She lifted her head back up, gently kissing the underside of Anne’s jaw. There was a tight moan as Anne tried to quell her desire. Ann trailed small kisses up against the column of her neck, her nose touched Anne’s still damp hair, until her lips reached her ear, “I need to make you come.” She saw Anne swallow from the corner of her eye. She smiled to herself before whispering again, “Hard.”

She trailed her right hand down the length of Anne’s arm, her fingertips lightly caressing her skin. She took her hand and ran her thumb along the back of her fingers before bringing it down to cup her between her legs. She saw Anne swallow harder this time, “And then I need you to fuck me.” Anne closed her eyes as she felt the warmth against her hand and the words filled her brain. Ann placed another kiss to the side of her face, a cheeky smile on her face as she felt her shiver as she repeated the word in a breathy whisper, “Hard.”

The moan that escaped Anne’s lips that time was much louder. Ann was able to maneuver them so that Anne now had the bed behind her. She slowly backed them up until the back of Anne’s legs touched the end of the bed. She pushed down gently on her shoulders and Anne sat down. Her hands automatically wrapped around Ann’s waist, pulling her in close. She nuzzled against Ann’s soft stomach as her hands moved up beneath Ann’s t-shirt. This time it was Ann who couldn’t stop herself from moaning as she felt Anne’s warm breath through the material of her t-shirt. She tried to focus as she brought her hands around her back and pulled Anne’s hands away.

There was a small grumble of protest that was silenced as Ann looked down sternly at her. Anne thought she could come right there just from the look of authority on Ann’s face. She fought every urge to pull her down and comply with the second part of her instructions. She felt Ann push slightly against her shoulders and she complied by leaning back on her elbows, still holding eye contact with Ann. She could feel herself getting wetter as she watched the look of pure desire wrought on Ann’s face as she stared down at her. Had she ever been wanted by anyone this much?

Ann took a step back before she lent forward until her face was hovering just above Anne’s. The tip of her tongue poked out between her lips before running along her top lip in a slow agonising movement and then again along her bottom lip. The way Anne’s hips rose instinctively was not missed by Ann. Her desire was palpable. She leant further forward, intending to place a ghost of a kiss on Anne’s lips but as soon as they made contact Anne deepened the kiss. Her furious hunger drew Ann in without her hands ever needing to leave her side. It felt like it had been an eternity since they had connected this way.

There was a sharp gasp as Anne felt the loss of Ann’s mouth against hers as she pulled away. She breathed heavily, her chest rose and fell in quick succession as she and Ann stared each other down, challenging the other to make the next move. Ann shook her head from side to side, she wasn’t going to let Anne fast forward events, regardless of how much she wanted her to take her. Ann lent forward once more, making sure to stay just out of reach of Anne’s hungry lips.

She swept her hand across the top of Anne’s chest, pushing slightly against Anne who was determined to stay upright. She dragged her hand down her chest till it reached the waistband of her boxers. She gave a quick tug causing the elastic to bounce back against Anne’s toned stomach. Ann placed both hands on the top of Anne’s thighs, she pushed them apart as she knelt down before her. Once again Anne’s hips rose off the bed as though Ann commanded them. Ann closed her eyes and placed a reverential kiss on the inside of her right thigh, before repeating the same kiss on the other side.

Anne was certain the pounding of her heart could be heard as it endured the torturous kisses. A loud groan joined the sound as Ann moved her head between her legs, pushing against her core. Ann filled her lungs with Anne’s heady scent as she felt her own pulse quicken. Her hands reached up and gave a small tug on Anne’s boxers before she sat back on her heels. Anne lifted her hips as Ann pulled her boxers down along her powerful thighs and her well-sculpted calves. She bit her bottom lip hard as she saw how wet Anne was. She seemed transfixed as her hips started to slowly undulate until a single word broke her from the trance, “Ann.”

The one word so full of yearning captured how much Anne was aching for her touch. Ann knew that she had tortured Anne long enough. She hooked her hands around Anne’s thighs as she pushed them slightly further apart. She took in another deep breath of her intoxicating scent before drawing the tip of her tongue along Anne’s engorged clit. She felt Anne’s entire body shudder as her hips pushed upwards. She repeated the movement again, this time taking Anne’s clit into her mouth as she started to suck ardently.

Pure pleasure coursed through Anne’s body as she felt Ann’s tongue drawing the perfect patterns across her clit. She shifted her weight to her left as she brought her right hand round to press against the back of Ann’s head as her hips started to grind against her. She moaned with delight as she pressed herself into Ann’s open mouth, “Fuck. Ann. I’m so close.” She panted heavily, she could barely say the words as the unrelenting strokes of Ann’s tongue forced every thought from her mind as her climax climbed to its peak.

She let out another loud moan as Ann sucked her clit harder, pushing her tongue hard against it as Anne’s hips moved faster as her orgasm threatened to overcome her. With one final flick of her tongue Anne’s head fell back as she came hard against Ann’s mouth. She held onto her as her orgasm continued to move through her until she finally stilled her hips and fell back against the mattress. Her body twitched as the final waves of her climax passed and Ann finally released her.

Anne slowly opened her eyes, unsure if she’d ever come that hard before. She placed her hand on her heart, feeling it beating hard against her chest as she tried to regulate her breathing. There was the press of Ann’s soft lips against the inside of her thigh before she felt her push herself up. The sharp point of her chin rested on her taut stomach. She lowered her hand, reaching out until she felt her silky hair. She started to run her fingers through it as she tilted her head. She let out a small laugh as she saw the self-satisfied wide grin on Ann’s perfect face. She had every right to look so smug.


Ann stood in front of the floor to ceiling window in Anne’s office staring out at the river. The sun was low but not yet set. It cast shadows across much of the room but bathed the edges with the reds and oranges that coloured the summer sky. Anne had told her to wait for her in there whilst she got ready. She had made it clear what she wanted, but had left the detail to Anne. Being there in her office she had a good idea of what might happen, but the possibilities made her shiver with delight. She ran into the spare room to quickly change out of her clothes. Her underwear was ruined the moment she tasted Anne anyway. With Elizabeth staying this might be the last opportunity she got to show Anne the rest of the outfit Catherine had helped her pick out for their trip to Halifax.

A small smile played on her lips as her fingers toyed with the belt of her short black satin robe. She remembered how Anne had loved it in York and she hoped that she would be just as pleased with what she was wearing underneath. As that thought entered her mind she heard Anne walk into the room. Her pulse quickened as soon as she felt Anne’s hands on her hips. Anne nudged her hair from off her shoulder before placing a soft kiss at the base of her neck.

Her hand snaked round to the front of the robe to rest on the top of Ann’s, “I remember this.”

“Do you?” Ann asked toyingly. Anne pulled the belt until it came undone. She nuzzled close against Ann’s neck as the robe fell open. Her hand reached inside and splayed across the warm skin of her stomach as Anne brought their bodies together. Ann’s heart skipped as she felt the unmistakable bulge pressing into her, “I remember that.” She whispered, echoing Anne’s words. There was an edge to Anne’s laughter as she started to grind her hips against her.

Ann slowly turned around, revealing to Anne the matching black lace plunge bra and underwear. She knew they had the desired effect when she saw her eyes widen in the dying light. Anne immediately brought her hips forward as she stood between Ann’s legs, pushing her back until she felt the cool glass on her back. Her arms looped around Anne’s neck as she kissed her hungrily. She granted her tongue immediate access as she felt the urgency building between them. Both of Anne’s hands slipped inside the robe, moving southwards until she felt them cupping her ass. Without breaking their kiss Anne effortlessly lifted Ann off the ground.

She held her, suspended between the windows and her insistent hips as she continued to relish the feel of Ann’s mouth against hers. She could hear her quiet moans trying to escape. She wanted to hear her scream her name as she made her come so she finally pulled away, concentrating instead on the long column of her neck that had been offered to her. As she sucked hard along her pulse point, knowing she would leave a mark, she heard Ann’s breath becoming increasingly laboured, “Anne. Everyone can see.”

“What?” Anne asked as she moved down to her clavicle.

“The window,” Ann replied breathlessly. “They can see.” A wicked grin spread across Anne’s face as she registered what she was saying. She placed kisses against the top of her chest, “Tinted windows. They can’t see anything.” Anne squeezed Ann’s thighs as she pushed against her, causing Ann to moan loudly. That was the sound she wanted. She was roused from her reverie when she felt a small tug on the back of her head. She stopped her kisses and looked up. There was a look of surprise on Ann’s face, “How many people have you had against this window?”

Anne didn’t miss a beat, “I could have my first right now, but I had other plans.” She glanced over her shoulder at the large oak desk that dominated the room. Ann followed her gaze, a surprised, “Oh!” escaped her lips. Anne pushed her hips upwards, letting her know what she had intended. Her eyes were alight with mischief as Ann slowly nodded. Anne placed one more kiss against her lips before lowering her down to the ground.

She took a step back and it was only then as the light hit her that Ann saw what she was wearing. She had gotten fully dressed. She raked her eyes up from the floor. The shiny black brogues, the perfectly pressed trousers, the crisp black shirt, and to pull it all together, a black tie tied in a perfect knot around her neck. Ann felt herself get wetter as she took her in, in her entirety.

Anne took her hand and pulled her along as she walked backwards towards the desk. She leant on the edge of it as her other hand reached up and pulled her into another deep kiss. This time it was Ann who pulled her lips away. She looked Anne directly in the eye, chest heaving, “I need you inside me.” Anne stood, switching their positions so that Ann was against the desk. Once again she moved her hands to her hips. Ann’s breath hitched as she waited to be lifted onto the desk. This was it she thought. She had imagined this moment since she had first seen Anne sitting behind the large desk at Shibden. She wanted her to command her the way she did the people she dealt with in her professional life.

She placed her palm against Anne’s chest as she watched her eyes darken as she twisted the long black tie in her hands. How anyone got anything done when Anne was dressed like this was beyond her. She let out a tiny gasp as instead of being placed on the desk Anne had turned her around so that they were both facing the door. She felt Anne’s hot breath against her ear, “I want you bent over my desk.” Ann let out a whimper. It was not a request. Anne’s hips had already started grinding against her, she felt herself pushing back as she tried to increase the friction between them. She felt Anne’s hand on the top of her back, gently pushing her forward. This was the point of no return. There was no choice to be made. Ann leaned forward, resting on her forearms as she faced forward.

Ann felt a small shiver as Anne lifted the back of her robe to expose her ass, the thin lace of her knickers doing little to cover her. Anne’s fingers moved lightly over the small of her back, now it was her turn to torture Ann. She slid her fingers under the smooth fabric, the material felt good against her skin but it was nothing to the feel of Ann’s ass beneath her hand. She drew the knickers down over the curve of her ass before letting them fall to the ground. She could still hear Ann breathing heavily as she lent forward, placing kisses up the length of her spine. She placed a kiss on the back of her shoulder, “If you want me to stop. Just say.”

She waited for Ann to nod, “I want this. I want you.” Anne felt her own core clench.

Ann turned her head slightly and Anne kissed her deeply. How had she managed to find someone so perfect? She felt Ann push her ass against her and knew she was growing impatient. She pulled away as she stood upright. She ran her hand along the length of Ann’s back as she unfastened her belt with the other. Ann turned her head when she heard the familiar jangle. Anne’s eyes were completely dark when they made eye contact but she knew if she told her she wanted to stop she would. She didn’t. She gave her a small nod before turning her head back.

There was a low moan as she felt Anne’s middle finger enter her slowly from behind. As Anne moved slowly inside of her she let out a groan at how wet Ann already was. It wasn’t long before she added a second finger giving her the perfect stretch. Ann could feel her climax building as Anne’s skilled fingers moved deeper. She needed her cock inside of her before she came. Without having to voice her need she felt her fingers withdraw before she heard the sound of Anne tightening the harness.

Her breath hitched as she felt the tip of Anne’s cock brush against the inside of her thigh. Anne placed one hand on her hip and then she felt the exquisite feeling of Anne’s cock slowly entering her. She felt her pull back before sliding in a little deeper. She repeated the movement until finally she felt her hips pressed against her. They both paused as they waited for her breath to steady as she got used to the sensation of being filled. After a moment she started to move her hips slowly, signalling to Anne that she was ready.

She felt Anne’s other hand on her hip as she started to thrust slow and deep inside of her. She could hear Anne grunting with the exertion as her hips started to pick up speed. Soon the room was filled with their twin moans as their skin continued to smack against each other, “Fuck Ann, you feel so good. You’re so tight against my cock.” Anne continued to pump her hips hard and deep into her as Ann’s wanton cries increased in pitch with each thrust. This was everything she had imagined this moment to be, fucking Ann as she bent over her desk. She felt powerful as her need to bring Ann to the heights of pleasure drove her hips into her. She could feel Ann's inner walls tighten as the pressure against her cock increased, “Don’t stop Anne. I’m so close!”

There was a sharp intake of breath as Anne pulled out unexpectedly. Ann was about to cry out in protest when Anne turned her around and placed a deep kiss against her lips as she leant her forehead against Ann’s, “I need to see you.” Ann’s deep blue eyes filled with emotion as she understood, she gave a small nod before she felt Anne entering her once again. Anne wasted no time as she started to rut furiously into her, her hips now losing all rhythm as she knew Ann’s climax was nearing its peak. Ann’s legs were wrapped around her waist as they tried to kiss between gasps for air. Anne brought her hand between them knowing this would send Ann over the edge.

She felt her clit, slick with her arousal, as she thrust deeper inside of her as she started to rub Ann’s clit. Her moans raised another octave as she squeezed Anne tighter, “Fuck! Anne. Right there!” Anne moved her hips and fingers faster, determined to grant Ann’s earlier request. She drove deep, hips wild, as she felt Ann coming hard against her as she gripped onto her closely. Anne continued to grind her hips into Ann until she felt her hold relax around her as Ann returned slowly to her body.

Anne exhaled heavily as she finally pulled out, Ann already collapsed on the desk. She watched her chest rise and fall in that impossible bra that she was certain would not last once she got her strength back. She leant forward, placing her forearms on each side of Ann as she started to kiss her slowly. They both moaned at the calming sensation their touch brought each other. When they finally felt that they’d recovered they started to pull away. A look of absolute bliss on both their faces.

As Anne looked down on Ann, her bright eyes looking up at her, she wondered how she could have ever spent the day thinking that Ann hadn’t wanted to be with her. How she had wasted a day getting lost in her own head because she had dared to question the love of this ethereal being laying beneath her. She wondered if Ann could read her mind as she reached up and tucked her hair behind her ear, “I love you.” Anne would never tire of hearing those words and she would never take them for granted.

“What are you thinking?” Ann asked. Anne shook her head, the faraway look must have given her away.

“Nothing darling.” Ann narrowed her eyes, not quite believing her but knowing it was surely nothing to worry about. “We should have made use of this desk sooner.” They both laughed lightly. Anne leant down and placed another kiss on her lips. There was a teasing smile on Ann’s face, “What are you thinking?” Anne asked curiously. Ann bit her bottom lip as she looked up at Ann. She gave a small shrug before a small frown formed, “How thick are these walls?”