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you look at my eyes, straight into my eyes

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Taehyung unlocked the apartment doors shakily, hands carrying his newly bought groceries as his foot kept the door open. Yeontan came running at his feet, yipping and jumping against his legs happily at the fact that his papa had returned. Taehyung smiled down at him, his bread cheeks peeking from underneath the mask he was wearing, “Hi baby.” He shifted the bags into one of his hands as the other one pulled down the cloth, the apartment door now shutting behind him.

“Jeonggukie, bun, I’m home,” he called loudly.

There was no response, Taehyung sighing at the realization that Jeongguk was probably playing one of his games with his online friends. Taehyung had nothing against them, in fact, Taehyung didn’t mind him playing at all. He knew Jeongguk had fun with his friends and he wasn’t about to take that away from the younger so, more often than not, he would just do his own thing on the couch next to him as he waited for Jeongguk to finish.

But that day, Taehyung was kind of hoping Jeongguk would spend some time with him. He had a rough day at work, half the shit on his computer suddenly disappearing out of nowhere leaving him to have to redo it all. He managed to finish it again with time to spare but fuck did he age a few couple years in that time span. And then the people standing in front of him in line at the grocery store started fighting, causing his already wilting patience to diminish even more.

The only thing he was looking forward to was coming home to see his boyfriend of 3 years waiting for him with open arms and one bright, big, bunny smile.

He put the groceries away quickly, dusting his hands off a bit before making his way into the living room. And to his disappointment, but not surprise, he found his boyfriend sitting on the couch doing the exact thing he had not been hoping for, playing video games. His heart clenched at how beautiful Jeongguk looked as he played, his big headphones covering his dark locks as his concentrated eyes set heavily on the TV screen. He was wearing a white shirt with a similar white and blue jacket over it, ripped light blue jeans wrapped tightly around his muscled thighs.

Jeongguk shouted a call out into his headset’s microphone, fingers moving quickly on the controller's buttons. He hadn’t even spared a glance at Taehyung.

The older rolled his eyes before walking up to him, Jeongguk's eyes finally flicking to him before flicking back to the screen. He smiled a little bit, “Hi Tae.”

Taehyung tucked his hand underneath the younger’s chin, pressing a chaste kiss to Jeongguk’s mouth with a soft smile, “Hey baby.”

He stood off to the side with his arms crossed over his chest, watching Jeongguk’s character shoot at one of the enemy players, “I got you some more banana milk Jeongguk and not the brand that tasted like powder, the other one that you really liked.”


Taehyung’s mouth pulled into a straight line, his foot tapping a little, “I also bought us some more ice cream so maybe we can have a movie night soon.”

“Mhm. Jaehyun, someone on your left!”

Taehyung rolled his eyes once more, knowing full well Jeongguk wasn’t paying attention to him at all. He turned on his heel, mumbling something about having to shower only to receive a grunt in response.

He slipped out of his clothes tiredly, unclipping his jewelry before opening up his drawer to drop them inside. The jumbled contents of his nightstand drawer shifted with Taehyung’s pull and something bright pink caught his eye. A smirk painted on Taehyung’s features as a new idea to get Jeongguk’s attention began forming in his mind.

He pulled out the plug excitedly along with the lube that sat on the shelf underneath it before speed walking into the bathroom, the handles for the shower water being turned on as soon as he got inside.

He took his time rubbing the heavily vanilla scented body wash into his skin, knowing how much Jeongguk loved the smell of it despite his nose being sensitive to certain scents. When he finished cleaning himself up, he turned the water down a bit and grabbed the lube he left beside the shower, spreading and coating his fingers in the substance.

He hitched his left leg up, his middle finger circling his rim a couple of times before he pushed it inside swiftly. Taehyung moaned softly, the sound only echoing off the walls a bit before he pushed in another. He pumped his fingers in and out of himself, shower water falling against his legs and steadily growing erection. His mind was growing fuzzy with arousal, his head knocking gently against the shower wall with another quiet moan.

Taehyung had fingered himself plenty of times before but he doesn’t think he could ever get used to how good the feeling was.

He drizzled more lube on fingers, shuddering as he pushed a third finger inside himself, stretching his ass open just a little more. While scissoring his fingers a few more times, he grabbed the plug he set aside and began inching it into himself, his eyes rolling back as he imagined it being Jeongguk’s cock instead.

He let out a shaky breath, his leg falling back down into a wobbly stance as he shut off the water. He stepped out of the shower, the plug shifting inside him and pulling a heavy breath out of his lungs. He forgot what this felt like, his skin tingling pleasurably as he moved to wrap a towel around himself.

Taehyung dried his body and hair off quickly, walking a little stiffly back into the living room after slipping into a pair of boxers and one of Jeongguk’s baggy shirts.

Jeongguk didn’t look over at him again, eyes still glued to the screen so Taehyung made the decision to saddle up beside the younger and rest his head on his shoulder, the plug still serving as a very prominent reminder while moving into a comfortable position. He went rigid for a moment, unnoticed by Jeongguk of course before he let out a long sigh close to a whine. Jeongguk continued to play, completely oblivious, while Taehyung tried his best to understand what was happening on the screen.

Right as Taehyung began reading the sidebars and icons, Jeongguk got shot in the back from someone behind him, “Fucking bitch!”

Taehyung snickered, his body shaking just enough for the plug to move again. He shut his eyes tightly, teeth digging into his bottom lip as he held back his moan. Jeongguk leaned back a bit as his character switched to spectator mode, the controller now resting in his lap. He pushed his headset mic up away from his mouth and off his head before, finally, finally turning to face Taehyung, “Hey baby.”

“Hi Jeongguk,” Taehyung smiled softly, “You almost done?”

Jeongguk's face scrunched up and Taehyung’s heart sank just a little with his smile, “Ah we just started and we’ve only played a few rounds.”

“Oh,” Taehyung hid his disappointment well, defeatedly letting his head fall onto the other’s shoulder again, “That’s okay.”

“I can get off if you want,” Jeongguk suddenly turned, now looking directly at Taehyung with reluctance.

“No it’s okay baby, you play your game,” he shook his head, disappointment worming into his stomach. Taehyung cursed at himself for a moment before another idea popped into his head.

“Can I at least cuddle you, baby?” He asked with pleading eyes, knowing the other was so weak for them.

“Sure Tae, whatever you want.” Taehyung smiled brightly as he stood up from his seat, crawling in between Jeongguk’s arms, Jeongguk accommodating Taehyung by setting his controller and wrapping his arms around his waist.

They both shifted for a second until Taehyung was pressed comfortably on Jeongguk’s lap, the friction of Jeongguk’s stomach and legs rubbing against him sending sparks up his spine. He tucked his head into the crook of Jeongguk’s neck with a small shiver, arms and legs wrapped tightly around the younger.

Jeongguk was quiet for a moment, the room void of any noise except the sound of their heavy breathing, Taehyung sitting painfully hard in Jeongguk’s lap. And Taehyung knew the other knew about it, his whole body being as stiff as a board.

Taehyung smiled to himself before rolling his hips just a tiny bit, squeezing his arms even tighter around Jeongguk’s neck as another shudder traveled down his skin. He was sweating, his whole body burning with an ache to be relieved as his hips rolled down against Jeongguk a second time.

“Tae,” he sounded just a tiny bit winded.

Taehyung smiled into the other’s shoulder, breathing him in, “Hm?”

“What are you doing?”

“Take a wild guess.”

Jeongguk fell silent again, not protesting Taehyung’s movements whatsoever as he pushed down again, his eyes rolling back, the outline of Jeongguk’s dick growing more prominent.

At some point, Taehyung had looked up at Jeongguk heatedly as the latter continued to wait for his game, his gaze met with Jeongguk’s own burning expression. He encased Jeongguk’s right wrist quietly with his hand, guiding it down the curve of his back, to the cleft of his ass until his fingers were pressing against the end of the butt plug through his boxers.

Jeongguk’s breath hitched as Taehyung pushed his head back into his neck, a moan muffled into his skin as Jeongguk put even more pressure on the plug. Taehyung wasted no time in trailing his hand between the two of them, palming the other’s crotch with a voice barely above a whisper to avoid the younger’s microphone from picking it up, “Hm, wanna keep you nice and warm Jeonggukie, can I do that? I want you to be so warm while you play.”

Jeongguk gulped, eyes so wide, and Taehyung was fucking living for it. He nodded enthusiastically, Taehyung’s mouth falling into a pout, “Words, baby.”

“Yes, please Tae, yes,” Jeongguk reassured softly, leaving a smile on Taehyung’s face as he moved away from him to slip out of his boxers, a small kiss dancing between their lips as he separated. His hands were back on Jeongguk again, unzipping his jeans and pulling his erection into his hands. He pumped his hand around Jeongguk a few times, the younger’s teeth digging into his lip as his eyes zeroed in on Taehyung, long fingers slicked in saliva sliding up and down a few times.

Taehyung’s whole body was thrumming at the small noises Jeongguk was making, loving that he was the cause of it all.

Taehyung climbed back into his lap with a new sense of urgency, hurriedly removing the pink plug and aligning himself with Jeongguk’s cock before slowly sinking down, the both of them watching Taehyung swallow him up completely. Taehyung let his eyes fall closed, a worry line between his eyebrows as he slowly stretched himself onto the other, their hips connecting again.

They collectively sighed, eyebrows drawn in at the pleasure but voices quiet in fear of Jeongguk's friends overhearing.

Taehyung shifted to get comfortable again, a soft whine bubbling in both of their throats as Taehyung wrapped his hands back around Jeongguk’s neck and the latter’s around his waist.

Jeongguk’s fingers were digging into the skin of Taehyung’s hips, rolling him down a few times and leaving him breathless. As he bit down another moan, the sound from where Jeongguk had set down his headphones registered in his mind.

He grinned devilishly at the other.

“Get back to your game Jeongguk, I think the next round is starting.”


“But what?” Taehyung blinked up at him innocently, “I thought you had only played a few rounds, don’t you want to play some more?”

Jeongguk opened his mouth before it snapped closed, realizing his mistake.

“Oh now you’re not even answering me,” Taehyung pouted, “Just like how you were when I came home.”

Jeongguk’s cheeks flamed in shame, Taehyung tsking at his delayed conclusion, “How tragic.”

“Now,” The older reached for Jeongguk’s headphones, brushing his bangs aside and putting them back on his head. He adjusted the mic carefully before making sure the other had his controller in hand so he could start playing again, “You have a very important first person shooter game to get back to.”

Taehyung shifted a bit to the side causing them both to groan quietly, his eyes squeezing shut before opening them again. His hands found their way underneath his jaw, tracing lines into the skin before he tilted his head up to meet his eyes, “I suggest you get on it.”

He let his head fall back to the other’s shoulder, listening closely for the reluctant start up of clicking buttons and the soft clearing of Jeongguk’s throat every time Taehyung squeezed tightly around him. Taehyung could even hear one of his online friends asking if he was okay and Jeongguk could only grunt out a strained "yes" saying he just had something in his throat.

Taehyung hid his laugh into the younger’s shoulder, Jeongguk tonguing the inside of his cheek, annoyed.

Taehyung was growing dizzier off of the feeling of Jeongguk pulsing and twitching inside him, his heavy breathing molding more into soft moans the longer he sat on his cock. He wanted to move more than anything, but he just felt so warm that he couldn’t bring himself to start.

At some point, the clicking on Jeongguk’s controller stopped so Taehyung let his cheek lay on Jeongguk’s shoulder, nose pressed into his neck. He could see how clenched the other’s jaw was, whispering, “The round over or something?”

Jeongguk nodded, his cheeks heavily flushed and lip looking like it had been bitten just a little too red.

Taehyung traced his pointer finger along Jeongguk’s collarbone, “You’re so quiet baby, why’s that?”

Jeongguk glared at Taehyung’s smugness, “You know exactly why.”

“No,” Taehyung smiled sickeningly as he clenched around Jeongguk’s cock again, the younger’s mouth clamping shut as his eyes squeezed closed while Taehyung’s mouth fell open at the arousal that sparked through his skin, “I don’t think I do.”

Taehyung began rolling his hips back down against Jeongguk’s, rough edged circles burning fire on his skin through the sort of pleasure you would get from humping a pillow. Jeongguk’s head fell back to the edge of the couch, jaw slacked with a soundless moan gracing his lips.

But then his hands were back on Taehyung’s hip bones, gripping tightly as he rutted up into him with tiny thrusts. His eyebrows were drawn in, eyes focused once again on where they were connected, lip caught deeply in his teeth.

Taehyung squeezed his legs tighter, moaning softly at the fiery pleasure that continued to spark before slapping his hand over his mouth with wide eyes. Jeongguk met Taehyung’s with his own, his hips still for a moment. And then he was thrusting up into Taehyung with slow, lazy pushes, Taehyung’s mouth forming an ‘o’ with an inaudible sigh.

This felt nice, Taehyung thought, being slowly fucked with the possibility of your boyfriend’s friends hearing you through the microphone of a set of headphones. Yeah, this felt really nice.

Until it was interrupted by one of Jeongguk’s teammates screaming through the headset to pay attention. Taehyung smirked at the response, removing the younger’s fingers from his waist, “Yeah Jeongguk.”

He leaned back a bit, neck tilting to the side a bit as he squeezed himself around Jeongguk again, “Pay attention.”

Jeongguk stared, stunned before he threw his controller aside, hands flying back to Taehyung’s hips with worried eyes, “Tae, please.”

“No,” Taehyung said coyly, lifting his hips up before slamming them back down, fire burning, rising, “You’re playing your game.”

Jeongguk’s eyes fluttered shut before he grabbed his mic in a rush, “Hey guys I’m gonna log off.”

“You fucking ass,” Yugyeom groaned, “Is Tae back or something?”

“No,” Jeongguk tried explaining right as Taehyung answered, “Yes.”

Jeongguk’s group of friends laughed before one of them yelled for Jeongguk to just ignore him. Taehyung rolled his eyes, “Who said that shit?”

“BamBam,” the player said, “He’s kind of busy carrying our asses through this game.”

Taehyung smiled wickedly before looking directly at Jeongguk, “Well he’s also busy having his dick up my ass.”

“Tae!” Jeongguk cried as the server call started blowing up, “So if you’ll excuse him, he’s gonna log off.”

Jeongguk quickly turned off the game, leaving the call he was on with a mad flush dusting his cheeks, “Was that really necessary?”

Taehyung rolled his eyes again before his hands found their way to his face, “Just kiss me you asshole.”

Jeongguk leaned forward as Taehyung pulled his chin towards him, their mouths connecting smoothly into a familiar kiss, waves of heat rolling over in Taehyung’s gut. Jeongguk nipped hungrily at Taehyung’s lips, hands roaming over clothes and skin, breath ragged in the shape of a groan.

“Missed you,” Taehyung mumbled softly, talking through the kiss, drunk on love, “Missed you so much bun.”

“Missed you too Tae,” Jeongguk whined as Taehyung moved his hips again, his hands gripping into his waist tightly before he flipped them both over, Jeongguk now above Taehyung. He pushed slow circles into the other’s hips, hand holding onto the couch armrest to gain more leverage.

Each thrust was coated with leisure, a punch to Taehyung’s gut, each one more powerful than the next and leaving him boneless, words slurred, “So warm Jeongguk, feels so warm.”

Taehyung’s back arched slightly, rocking him back roughly towards where he and Jeongguk were meeting. His hands were holding tightly onto Jeongguk’s shoulders before he moved his right hand down, palm pressed flat against his lower abdomen. A shuddered laugh left his lips as he pushed a lingering kiss into the corner of Jeongguk’s jawline, “I can feel you here.”

Jeongguk slowed down to look in between their flushed chests, a short gasp leaving his lips as he started pushing his hips back in, the pace now relentless and having Taehyung squirming. Jeongguk shoved his head into the crook of Taehyung’s neck, inhaling him in and breathing him out heavily with a groan. Taehyung imagined his tongue was coated in vanilla.

Taehyung’s head knocked against the armrest a few times, his bottom lip being dug into as a moan bubbled up in his throat, the soft noise Jeongguk had let out as he pounded into Taehyung causing it to spill over.

Their lips found their way back to each other, the smooth motions of the heated kiss causing the flames in Taehyung’s core to rise like it had been drenched in gasoline. Jeongguk pulled back, lips still brushing against Taehyung’s own mouth, only now he was panting into the kiss. He started to speed up his hips again, the rhythm growing erratic as a whine fell through his batted breaths, “Fuck, I’m close.”

Taehyung let out a low moan through his own constant noises, hands wrapped tightly around the younger, holding him close, “Mhm, me too baby.” Taehyung could feel the oncoming edge, the one that burned his skin and left it on fire catching up to him.

He was burning, drowning in pleasure, before finally coming with a soft moan that had tumbled into shuddering noise, voice high, the clothes he was wearing now soiled. Jeongguk followed soon after with his own cry, skin in flames as he pushed his cum deeper into Taehyung with a few sharp slaps of skin.

One last push sent them both into oversensitive shivers, bodies close and breaths warm against each other’s cheeks, warm, so warm. Jeongguk moved his head out of Taehyung’s shoulder, eyes heavy in a daze and mouth bright red. Taehyung smiled dopily at the younger, his hands finding their way to his face, thumbs drawing over his lips, “So cute.”

Jeongguk hummed happily with his own small smile, diving in closer to feel Taehyung’s lips again, fanning the embers. Jeongguk pulled back, leaving a small kiss before looking carefully at Taehyung, “Tae what was that about?”

Taehyung flushed, eyes moving away from where they had settled on Jeongguk, “I told you I missed you.”

“But there’s something more, right?” Jeongguk asked and Taehyung couldn’t help but sigh. There was no use when Jeongguk knew him like the back of his hand.

“I had a bad day at work, that’s all it is, and I just wanted to come home and see you,” Taehyung admitted quietly, the two caught in their own little world, “And when I came in you barely even looked at me.”

Jeongguk’s eyes grew incredibly sad, fingers brushing through his hair, “Oh Tae, I’m sorry.”

“No it’s okay, you were just playing your game. How could you have known if I didn’t even tell you?” Taehyung reached for Jeongguk’s free hand, fingers closing in on themselves, “I’m sorry about the whole microphone thing, I got a little carried away.”

“No Tae, it’s fine, I liked it.”

He could feel the flames rising again, deep in his already sated core.

“Yeah?” Taehyung beamed, Jeongguk’s smile spreading from infection, “Yeah.”

“Well that’s news,” Taehyung giggled, kissing Jeongguk softly again, “I need to get out of these clothes right now, I’m all sticky.”

Jeongguk took this as his cue to pull out of Taehyung slowly, the two of them groaning at the sensitivity. Jeongguk moved off of him, helping Taehyung to his feet with the hold of his hand as the older stood up wobbly.

“I need another shower,” Taehyung complained as he took a real good look at himself before turning around to face Jeongguk with another mischievous smile, “And you’re gonna join me.”

Jeongguk smiled back before they both raced clumsily towards the bathroom, their giggles soaked in the warm sound of love.