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Morow Christmas - A HisoIllu advent calendar

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“Christmas is just a commercial holiday that forces people into believing the only way to show love is to buy gifts for each other“, Hisoka said.

They sat in their new shared apartment, eating falafel and talking.

Since the heater was yet to be installed and the November this year was cold, they were wrapped in fuzzy blankets. Hisoka wore pink socks, matching his hair.

Illumi took a bite of his burrito. “So you don’t celebrate?”

Hisoka shook his head.

Illumi thought about it for a second.

His family had always celebrated, well, if you can call it that.

They had a banquet every time winter came around and sometimes, the children would get gifts by their sheer unnatural amount of aunts.

‘Gifts’, Illumi chuckled, ‘more like weapons’.

Winter without Christmas sounded like a needle without a flesh to pierce through, just not making sense.

Not celebrating was unacceptable.

“In this household, we celebrate Christmas”, Illumi stated and finished his food.

Hisoka chuckled.

“If you say so.”

Comfortable silence spread in the room.

Illumi thought about how Hisoka asked him to move in.


Three months ago, they were searching for an apartment for Hisoka.

Because he forgot it, he had lost a fight in Heaven’s Arena and his opponent (who’s name, Hisoka swore, he would never forget - although he already did) had become Floor Master.

Illumi asked his father for advice and established contact with a landlord who actually had an apartment he couldn’t rent out; it was very luxurious and the price therefore outrageously exorbitant.

Perfect for someone like Hisoka.

A great bedroom with space for at least two king size beds, the living room had enough room to dance (something Hisoka enjoyed surprisingly much) and the view over York Shin was heavenly.

He fell in love with it immediately and set up a renting contract right then and there.

When he showed it to Illumi, proud of his discovery, said was speechless.

“That’s a... big apartment for one person.”

“Hm. It is big, you’re right.”

“How much is the rent?”

Hisoka let out a half-repressed, nervous laughter.

“268 million Jenny... per year”

“Wow, that’s... much rent, even for you.”

“Well, I thought…”, the magician pulled out two keychains from behind his back, one with a tear, one with a star pendant and both equipped with a key card.

“I thought we could move in together.”


Hisoka raised his head, just to see a shocked Illumi.

All of a sudden, Hisoka’s face turned pink, showing the same shade as his makeup and hair.

“You don’t have to, of course. The hunter’s license I got sure makes money if I sell it.”


“Of course, Illumi accepted. I never doubted it, actually, I knew it the second he had seen the apartment. His heart eyes gave it away.”

“I did not have heart eyes. And I should probably move out, I am already annoyed-”

“Don’t you have a mission?”

“I do. That’s why I will leave now.”

“Come back soon, baby~”

“Hisoka, give me the mic. Hello reader, here speaks the author! I didn’t want to intervene, actually, but Hisoka left me no choice. Hisoka, would you please stop texting Illumi and come here to do your task? We had an agreement.”

“Fine, darling~ please remember your part of our pact.”

“I will. Hurry now, I don’t have time for chatting!”

“Always in a hurry, what a hasty kid. Anyway, my task is to explain this thing. Basically, it is an advent calendar: Every day there’s a new gift but instead of chocolate, it’s chapters of Illumi and I living in our beautiful apartment. Great stuff is approaching you, I can say that, BUT! No spoilers, I had to promise it. That’s all I had to say, right?”

“Yes. Thank you, Hisoka. You can go now and do whatever you want- Wait, no, I didn’t mean that literally! Do as you please within your borders. And to you, dear reader: Happy first advent and I hope you have fun with this calendar!”