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Let Me Care

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They spent the rest of their time in Hiro’s room mostly next to each other, just sitting in silence with their limbs connecting them. Both of them were completely dry, too, which was nice.

The silence wasn’t bothersome. It allowed Byakuya to sit, just thinking of whatever was interesting to him at the moment. In most situations, that would mean he was thinking of Hiro. However, for the time being, he had no worries regarding the two of them, so his brain was allowed to think of other things.

Hiro mostly messed with his Tarot deck, smiling whenever he passed over the Lovers card. Some of the cards Byakuya had pulled earlier still concerned him, but they could work on that. If the others ever figured out that they were closer than friends, it might improve their view of Byakuya as a whole. After all, if Byakuya could like someone like him, it probably meant his opinion of the others wasn’t as harsh as it seemed. Plus, he could eventually try to get Byakuya to express himself more which might help with the superiority facade.

He’d honestly take whatever he could get, though, no matter how long it took to get Byakuya to loosen up around him. Hiro was sure that it would happen. Well...At least 30% sure.

Eventually, the nightly announcement rang out.

“Hmm, guess you’d better wait a few minutes to avoid everyone returning to their rooms,” Hiro advised.

Byakuya nodded, “Yeah, not preferable. Which one was at my door, again?”

“Oh, it was Syo,” Hiro lied again.

The blonde raised an eyebrow before nodding, “Right.”

“Toko is probably gonna freak if she finds out about us-- I don’t think Syo would care though, honestly, she can find another hot dude,”

“Glad to know that’s how you think of me,” Byakuya said, dryly.

“Hey, you’re my hot dude,” Hiro grinned.

“You’re insufferable,” Byakuya sighed, but his tone was joking.

“Not my fault you like me,” Hiro joked back.

A few minutes passed before Hiro finally spoke again.

“You could spend the night, you know?”

“As much as I enjoy your presence, I’ll need clothing tomorrow and the chances of someone seeing us increase,”

“They’ll find out eventually,”

“Yes, and I don’t particularly care as long as you’re fine with it, but not tomorrow,”

“You could bring some clothing back here?”

“You mean for tomorrow?”

“Yeah, then you don’t have to worry about sneaking into your room in the morning,”

“That’s...A good idea. I will do that, then,”

“Nice,” Hiro said, before grinning, “You can probably head off now?”

Byakuya nodded, removing himself from Hiro’s gentle hold though the removal of warmth wasn’t ideal.

“I’ll be right back,” He said, and opened the door, “Oh, and Hiro?”


“The next time you want me to spend time with you, you don’t need to use Toko or Syo as an excuse,”

“Huh? You knew?”

“Naturally, you changed who was fronting. And Toko, in particular, tends to give up standing by my doorway around 2 pm,”

“...Oh. I’m sor--”

“Don’t apologize. I’m glad you did, I had no other excuse to stay with you at the time, though I wanted to,” Byakuya said, and left the room with a small smile.

Hiro watched him go with a grin, leaning back onto his bed. There was no way he could have ever predicted this outcome. He had always assumed his feelings would be rejected but...There they were.

Thankfully the hallway was empty and Byakuya was able to get into his room with no complaints. While he didn’t enjoy change very often, he could tolerate it for tonight because of Hiro.

Gathering his clothes and heading back to Hiro’s room, Byakuya couldn’t help but smile to himself.

He would likely tolerate anything for Yasuhiro Hagakure.