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Let Me Care

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Once Hiro was done, he dried off and changed into his new clothing, tidying up his bathroom some. He couldn’t even lie, being clean did make him feel a bit better and more accomplished.

Byakuya was standing, with perfect posture as always, though he had tied up his hair in a small ponytail. Hiro had forgotten he’d gotten Byakuya wet, crap-- He quickly grabbed another small towel and brought over to Byakuya. It seemed he’d forgotten to grab one when he left the bathroom.

“Oh, thank you,” He said, drying himself off.

“Uh...I guess your shirt is wet too…”

“It’s fine,” Byakuya sighed.

“Um, well, I have a spare--” Hiro started looking through his drawers and the clothing he had been supplied before pulling out a plain short-sleeved black one. It would be a little big on Byakuya, but it would be better than nothing.

“Thanks,” Byakuya nodded, not complaining about something for once before pulling it over his head.

“I like your hair, by the way, never seen it like that,”

“I wear it like this when I’m alone,” Byakuya explained, “Your hair seems to have been dried adequately,”

“Yeah-- Uh, thank you. For all of that. And convincing me,”

“...Well, you don’t need to let yourself suffer. They’d still want you and the others to take care of yourselves,” Byakuya said, tone quieter than normal. They. As in the other students, those who had passed.

“Hey, don’t exclude yourself, you’re wanted--”

“No. I’m not. You don’t have to pretend,”

“I’m not, I think you’re wanted. Sure, the stuff with Chihiro was...Iffy, but as much as you try and say it was for entertainment I know you were just trying to expose Syo. Besides, you’d have told us about Mondo eventually, before the voting. I know you,”

Byakuya stares at the ground for a moment, “You are the only one who would ever think that,”

“I know that, and the 30 percent factor isn’t included. Even when you hide behind that mask you put up, you’re still you,”

The blonde crosses his arms, shielding himself partially.

“Look, you’re doing it again, you’re hiding. You don’t have too, Kuya,”


“I’m Hiro, you’re Kuya. We match,”

Byakuya stands in silence for a moment, and Hiro watches as he fidgets. He doesn’t understand what Byakuya is hiding from. They’re friends, are they not?

“I should probably go back to my room, now,” Byakuya eventually speaks. Hiro doesn’t want him to go, and at that moment he can’t help but almost feel panicked.

Still, he opens his door and glances down the hallway. Hina and Sakura are at one end, but they wouldn’t bother Byakuya...But at that moment, he decides that he needs to lie. If his prediction is correct, Byakuya doesn’t want to leave either and he needs to stop him.

He quickly shuts the door and Byakuya looks at him with confusion.

“Er...Syo or Toko is kinda...Outside your door. Looks like Syo by the pose,” He lies. The effect is immediate thought, as Byakuya sighs.

“Please tell me you’re joking,”

“Wish I was, man. Really need to tell your girlfriend to back off,”

Byakuya has never felt so offended, and his expression tells that, “Dear God, she nor Syo are my girlfriend! That’s revolting--”

“Oh, I just figured-- I mean, she’s a girl-- well both of them are girls--”

“...You think I would like them due to the fact they identify as female?”

“I dunno, I assumed you were straight and Hina and Kyoko are kinda out of the question--”

“I’m not. Whatsoever. Again, you are wrong,” Byakuya rolls his eyes. However, his eyebrows are still slightly wrinkled like they always are when he’s nervous.

“Oh! Oh, I-- Crap, I didn't mean--”

“You’re extremely oblivious, Hiro,”

“No seriously, like that’s cool! I’m not either! Well, I am like, partially but yeah, dudes--”

“Preferably refrain from speech until you can form a coherent sentence,” Byakuya advises, and Hiro snaps his mouth shut. That just made his problem a whole lot bigger. He’d assumed he would never have a chance with Byakuya because of his gender, but...If that wasn’t the case…

“Um, anyway, you can wait here until she’s gone?”

“She’ll probably be there until the nighttime announcement,”

“That’s only a couple of hours. I’d say I could go to your room and get you a shirt but that would probably be more suspicious,”

“Best to just stay in here, likely,”

“Right. That’s cool. Um, you can sit with me if you want?” Hiro said, before sitting on his bed and gesturing to the spot next to him. Byakuya did so, sitting properly.

“You can relax, bud,” Hiro said.

“I am,” Byakuya said, “Are you?”

“You look uncomfortable, though,”

“I’m not. Are you feeling adequate?”

“Uh, yeah-- I’m feeling better, actually,”

“I’m glad,” Byakuya said, then returned to their conjoined silence. Hiro pulled out his tarot deck from his jacket pocket and began to idly shuffle it, not really thinking about much.
Still, his curiosity was nagging at him.

“Hey, Kuya, mind if I do a tarot spread for you?”