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Let Me Care

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Hiro really hadn’t expected Byakuya to turn blush at that, but there they were. He quickly looked away from Hiro however and gestured to the water.

Hiro shrugged and leaned his head back, holding his breath when Byakuya returned his hands to his scalp.

After a little bit, Byakuya seemed satisfied, “Good. I have to do a second round but let it sit this time,” He explained, starting the process all over again. However, this time, Hiro could feel that the other’s hands were just slightly shaking. He didn’t say anything until he was told to wait, though.

“Are you okay, Byakuya?”

“Hmm? Naturally, why are you asking such stupid questions?”

“Your hands are shaking,” Hiro pointed out, eyes open and staring at Byakuya with intent.


“...Alright. Anyways, where did you learn to wash dreads anyway?”

Oh. Oh, that was an interesting reaction. Immediately, Byakuya’s eyes widened partially and his face colored (It seemed to happen quite often, maybe because he was so pale). He glanced away from Hiro and seemed to attempt to regain his neutral expression.

“...Why are you embarrassed, man?”

“I’m not!” Byakuya said, too quickly, too fast.

“C’mon, if you had a partner with them or something that’s nothing to be embarrassed about,”

“...I didn’t,”

“Then what’s wrong?”

“I read about them recently, now shut up,”

“ about them. Why? That seems outside of your normal reading,”

Andddd, the blush was back.

“Byakuya did you…?” The rest of the sentence wasn’t said, but Byakuya seemed to understand the meaning.

“I- No! I didn’t read it for you, okay-- I--”

“I didn’t say that, Byakuya,” Hiro teased, in a slightly sing-song voice.

“You are insufferable. Yes. Fine. I did. Shut up,”

Hiro let out a booming laugh, “Aw, man, that’s sweet of you,”

“Yasuhiro, shut up--”

Then, before Byakuya could even prepare, Yasuhiro, and pulled him into a random...Hug. Normally he would have automatically shoved the offender off of him, but it was Yasuhiro and his chest was solid and his arms were--

He was getting wet.

“Hiro-- You’re getting me wet, get off--” Byakuya pulled back, disgruntled. His hair and the button up he wore were both wet now, entirely ruining his normally composed exterior.

However, Hiro was just gaping at him.


“...Dude, you called me Hiro,”

“...Ignore that,”

“Nope, I’m Hiro now! Only took forever, but I’m finally Hiro to ya,”

“If it took forever it wouldn’t have occurred,”

“So you admit it,” Hiro grinned widely.

“Shut up, Hiro, you got me wet,”

“Oh...Yeah. Sorry about that,” He rubbed the back of his neck a bit sheepishly.

Byakuya sighed and removed his button-up, placing it next to his jacket. Hiro couldn’t help but stare. He’d gone from finally seeing Byakuya’s arms to seeing his entire chest now, and dang.

He was thin, with some but not very much muscle. Hiro was definitely stronger than him, something he’d remember to bring up if he ever needed to annoy Byakuya.

What was slightly concerning, however, was the number of random scars littered across Byakuya’s torso and arms.

They didn’t talk much, though Hiro began to rinse his hair on his own while Byakuya tried to find shaving cream. Byakuya insisted he was going to shave Hiro’s stubble, and Hiro stood still while Byakuya applied the shaving cream. However, curiosity killed the cat eventually, as time went on.

“Where’d your scars come from?”

“You’ll have to be more specific,”

Gingerly, Hiro tapped one that was laying on Byakuya’s shoulder.

“That one?”

“That one is from one of my siblings during our family’s “game”. She threw a bottle at me,”

Hiro tapped the few circular ones he could barely see, as most of it seemed to be on Byakuya’s back. Unfortunately, he could already identify their source, though not who caused them.

“That’s from my father,”

“...Oh. All of them?”

“Anything on my back is from my father,” Byakuya shrugged.

“What about these?” He gestured to the scars on both of Byakuya’s biceps.

“Partially from my eldest sister and partially from my own idiocy,”

“They look like rope burns,”

“They are. I tore my skin open from struggling against them,”

“Did that happen during your family’s game?”

“No. That occurred beforehand. I’m going to shave your face now, so refrain from speech,”

“Keeping telling me, though, I want to hear,”

“Fine,” Byakuya kept a steady gaze on Hiro’s face as he began to shave his cheeks, “The one on my ribs is from falling out of a tree when I was five. The one on my stomach is from burning myself when removing something from an oven when I was a teenager,” Byakuya paused for a moment to rinse off the razor.

“What about the ones on your inner arm?” Hiro asked softly. Too softly. Byakuya snapped his eyes towards him, eyebrows furrowing.

“By your tone, you can likely guess. I don’t want to talk about it, regardless,”

“Okay, but some of them look new--”

“Be quiet, if you plan on keeping your mouth,” Byakuya said and returned to shaving Hiro. However, the statements about his scars stopped with him and they stood with only the shower as a noise source.

“Done,” Byakuya eventually said, and put the razor and shaving cream away before getting a bottle of body wash and a washcloth.

“Turn,” He instructed, so Hiro did so.

Without any speech, he began to gently wash Hiro’s back, moving in circular motions and avoiding the towel that was covering his lower half. Hiro felt his eyes close again, focusing on Byakuya’s presence at his back.

They were probably reaching a risky territory, but they certainly were when Byakuya told Hiro to turn around and began to wash his chest. By the way, Byakuya was shaking, he could likewise sense the intimacy.

“You’re shaking again,” Hiro pointed out.

“Be quiet, Hiro,” Byakuya muttered as he began to wash his stomach, the washcloth the only barrier between their skin.

Byakuya could feel his own heartbeat fluttering as he washed the contours of Hiro’s chest, the moment practically tender. It was nearing off the edge of platonic, and that only increased when he felt calloused fingers on his chin. Brown eyes met blue ones, and Byakuya held his breath.

They stared at each other for a moment too long, Byakuya’s hand resting still on Hiro’s chest. Just as quickly as the moment had started, however, Byakuya ended it by stepping away.

“I’ll...Wait in your room while you finish everywhere else,” He said, before darting off and shutting the bathroom door.

Hiro sighed and began to start the final part of his shower.