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Let Me Care

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At the start of the killing game, Hiro never really thought he would be watching Byakuya make tea for him, but there they were. His movements were exact, and though they were precise he seemed to mostly be moving from muscle memory compared to thought.

His posture was still straight, though somewhat relaxed.

“We are alone, you know, so at any time you can begin to talk,” Byakuya eventually broke the silence.

“Oh, what do you wanna hear about? I can predict your future--”

“No. You.” Byakuya fixed him with a stern gaze.


“Talk about what’s wrong, Hagakure?”

“I told you, man, I’m good,”

“Do not call me man,” Byakuya finished stirring Hiro’s tea and handed it to him. He...Had remembered how much sugar Hiro put in, without ever being told.

At that moment Hiro could think of a million other things he’d like to call Byakuya, but like always he pushed that away. Just like he always did.

“Thanks, Byakuya,”

“I think you’ll enjoy that tea, that blend of spices is known for more spiritual purposes due to its herb and spice mixture,”

“You picked it out for me?”

“It appears that there’s some sort of drink that all of us enjoy, I assumed that one was for you but do to the fact it was untouched I thought you must have not seen it,”

“...Well, thank you,”

Byakuya nodded and the pair both sat down together at a table.

“You’re right, this is good,”

“Of course I’m correct,”

“Why? Because you always are or because it’s tea?”

Byakuya stares at him for a long moment, long enough to fully regret what he’s going to say, “Because it’s you.”

Oh. Oh. That...That was a new response from Byakuya.

“Now inform me of what is wrong, I dislike not knowing things,"

“I dunno, it’s probably stupid but I feel bad about Taka. And the other two,”

“Yet, you didn’t do anything?”

“That’s the problem, still wish I could have helped Taka before…”

“You understand I don’t want you like...he was, then?”

“Not the same situation, man, I’m fine,”

“Again your lack of hygiene suggests--”

“I just don’t feel like it. What’s the purpose?”

“...The purpose is hygiene?”

“Yeah, but that isn’t feeling,”

“...Then feel like taking a shower,”

“There’s no point,”

“Hygiene can help your mental health, and while you being a tad dumb and happy is a bit annoying at the time, it’s better than your sadness,”

“...Is that you trying to say you want me happy?”

“Don’t misread, Hagakure,”

“So it was then?”

“Your predictions are wrong 70% of the time,”

Hiro smiles somewhat thinly, “I’ll be okay, bud. Don’t worry about me, I just don’t want to take a shower,”


“Eh, too difficult,”

“I’ll help,” Byakuya says before he even thinks. His face flushes bright red and Hiro stares at him.

“Uh...Excuse me?”

“If you can’t do it, then I’ll assist you. Platonically.”

“Uh...I dunno how that would work, Byakuya,”

“I do. Allow me, then you don’t have to continue looking like that,”

“...Fine. Worth a shot,”