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Let Me Care

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It had been a week since Celestia’s execution, along with Hifumi and Taka’s death. Hiro wandered aimlessly, mostly, with even fewer people to converse with. Makoto seemed to mostly want to talk to Kyoko now, while Hina and Sakura spent their main time together. He...wasn’t comfortable with Syo and Toko just yet, Toko was fine but he could never tell when Syo was about to front. Plus, she was convinced nobody liked her so any conversation was difficult.

Well, there was always Byakuya-- or, Togami, as the heir insisted. Sure, maybe they weren’t the closest of friends, but a guy could still try, right?

To be entirely honest, maybe he was just trying to distract himself from...the deaths. He had tried to help Taka, honestly-- with the depression after his bro got churned. But then he’d gotten framed for a murder, and shoved in a robot suit, only to watch the gothic-chick get ran over. Truly not ideal.

Maybe that’s why he found himself in the library, mindlessly looking at the spines of books while Byakuya sat at the main table.

Byakuya was still indifferent to the killings, at least the mask presented that way. Whilst the last trial had been...Concerning, the reasons for that did not matter. Right now, he was just pleased by the fact that Toko nor Syo was bothering him.

Yasuhiro, however, while not being a bother was still being irksome.

“You’re not actually planning to read, are you?” Byakuya sighed, looking up with a raised brow.


“I didn’t believe it was within your skillset,” He explained.

“Hey! I’ll have you know I can read well...When it’s interesting, at least,”

“Interesting?” He paused, “So you want books regarding your talent, then? To the left section, middle, top, then, that mostly holds books with any sort of religious theme, so clairvoyance and divination are held there,”

“Divination isn’t anything like clairvoyance! Don’t mash us in with those weirdos, clairvoyance is much better--”

“Find your book, Yasuhiro. Talk later, I doubt you can accomplish both at once,”

Huh, so Byakuya was permitting him to talk later? Hiro would take that, better than their other interactions. He followed the blonde’s directions and found the section he was referring too, and began to flip through some of the books. He eventually found a book on the Tarot that seemed at least slightly interesting...Always good to refresh some skills.
Byakuya didn’t protest when Hiro sat next to him, though his eyes did flicker upwards for a moment.

The book was interesting enough though it didn’t give very much new information, just the basics about the card’s meanings. Eventually, he shut it, and just stared off into space, allowing his brain to wander.

Byakuya noticed a lot of things. He noticed what triggered Toko’s switches, whether it was for Syo or another alter. He noticed the lingering gazes between Sakura and Hina, along with Makoto and Kyoko. And, naturally, he noticed Yasuhiro. He noticed the slight eyebags appearing, how his stubble was getting rougher, and that he wasn’t eating as much. Along with that, he noticed that he didn’t seem to be partaking in much hygiene besides dental-wise.

He noticed the others lagging similarly, It just happened that he tended to take Yasuhiro’s...Harder. Naturally, it was just because he was allowing the male in his presence and anything besides the clairvoyant’s best just would not do...Naturally.

“Are you feeling alright?” It was a simple question, but Yasuhiro’s head snapped to stare at Byakuya with bewilderment.


“I will not repeat myself,”

“Uh-- Yeah. Why? You’ve never asked that--”

“Your hair is unclean and you’ve been shaving less,” It was a blunt observation, but Hito noticed how Byakuya’s eyebrows drew together slightly.
He’d predicted that maybe Byakuya was going to start caring eventually, and look! 30% chance!

“You don’t have to wash dreads as much,” He explained, trying to wave the other student away. However, that only seemed to make the other tense up even more.

“Yes, but you’re still required to wash them once a week with a clear shampoo to avoid residue, then dry them with a microfiber towel preferably to avoid residue. And take regular showers.”

“...Why do you know that, Byakuya?” Hiro asked, confused.

“Don’t ask stupid questions. You also haven’t eaten an adequate amount, and based on your liquid habits you’re likely dehydrated,”

“...Thanks for noticing?”

Byakuya let out a small huff, “You can’t expect to survive a killing game if you allow yourself to become a target, Hagakure,”

“I’m Hagakure again? I thought we got past that when I let you hide from Toko in my room,”

Byakuya’s entire face flushed, “Excuse you-- I was not-- No- You will return to Yasuhiro once you remove the threat of being eliminated!”

The momentary lack of composure caused Hiro to let out a laugh, “If you care, Byakuya, you know you can just say that?”

“No-- It would just be...Inadequate, for you to die. You’re tolerable, and besides that would be too expected, it’s boring,”

“Right. Well, I’m fine, so stop worrying, dude.”

Byakuya placed his bookmark in his book and shut it before placing it gently on the table. He only seemed to have to think for a moment before he looked at Hiro again, and spoke.

“We are going to the cafeteria. I will make you tea, and you will drink it. Come,” Byakuya stood up and strode out of the library, making Hiro scramble to stand up and follow.