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Under Your Skin

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“I need a favor.” 

Dabi could already feel his blood pressure rising as soon as the woman stepped in front of his bar — yes, his bar. He was the owner of this damn place and no matter how often Kurogiri tried to convince him that he was the main bartender of this place, Dabi only had to play the “ yeah, but I am the owner of this club so fuck off ” card and he got queit. — He just knew that whatever favour Rumi needed would annoy the ever living shit out of him.

“What do you want, Miruko?”

His employee and friend didn’t seem to notice the tension in his shoulders, or simply didn’t care , because her smirk grew even bigger as it had been just a few seconds before. “So, you know that I have this one friend , right? The one I tell you a lot about? The one who works way too much and is in dire need of a distraction?”

Dabi put down the by now dry glass, setting it aside, only for him to reach for the next one — drying it with a towel, his bored eyes never leaving what he was doing with his hands. 

“Yeah, I remember him, though you never really told me his name. What do you want? Don’t you have clients to go to?”

“Well, you see — I promised him to find someone who would dom him. He is kind of a brat and super cocky at times so I know that not everyone would be fit for him. I was thinking about maybe asking Kai if he was up for a new sub, but then again I don’t think that my friend would be that much into masochism to get along well with him. Besides, Kai doesn’t do bratty, untrained subs very well as we all know, but prefers obedience and—”

“Are you going to continue listing his preferences, or are you finally coming to an end?”

“Please be his Dominant.” — That made Dabi finally look up. He raised one suspicious eyebrow at her, but then went back to drying glasses. Setting aside the next dry one, before picking up the next one. Where the hell was Kurogiri if you needed him?


“You know fully well that I don’t actively participate with clients anymore and no amount of begging and pleading from you will get me to say yes. — I won’t be anyone’s Dominant ever again—” Dabi could already see Rumi opening her mouth, trying to make him change his mind, but he refused to let this be another of their tedious discussions. “—and that’s final!”


If Rumi’s bunny ears she always wore at the club were real they would have probably dropped in disappointment right now. Dabi had to snort at that thought as he placed the last glass on the counter, ready to put them all away.

“Okay, then what about just showing him the basics then? You always teach classes and you do not need any previous knowledge for that, can you teach him stuff that way?”


“If he wants to learn, he can always sign up to one of the classes — you know when they are, why bother me with it? Just because he is a friend of yours?” He really needed to get everything done — they would open up the club in two more hours and he still had to check the inventory and if they had stacked up enough alcohol for today’s event. Obviously, they had more than enough, but Dabi always liked to check everything twice, before opening up the club. Another thing he also did before opening was check every play room — making sure none of their toys were broken. He had taught the doms in his club to always check before starting a scene if the furniture or other toys they wanted to use was ready to go and stable enough to hold them and most of them did anyways, but still. Dabi just needed to make sure they were all safe and secure. It put his mind to ease. 


“Pretty please? — He always works so much and he really needs to get out of his head a little and he has shown interest before in the whole BDSM community and all that, it’s just that you often hold these lessons on the weekend during the day when the club is empty, right? Well, he often has to work on the weekend so he can’t just come here for the classes since he is the executive assistant of where he works and he doesn’t get much free time, and he doesn’t really have someone to go to these lessons with who would assist him.”


“Why don’t you teach him? Wouldn’t it be logical for you to teach him the basics and everything since you guys are already close friends and all? — It would be easiest that way, wouldn’t it?” — Then he also needed to make sure the security was set up and ready to go; two bouncers at the entrance of the club and various security men spread around the club. Tonight was a big event after all and mixing BDSM with alcohol rarely was a good idea, but having someone to step in in case things got out of hand was always good. Besides, not everyone who went to a BDSM club had good intentions. Sometimes assholes would just go to these types of clubs, because they thought it would mean easy sex and that it would be okay for them to be total dicks to subs and even abuse them. Simple safety precaution. Besides, there was a reason why his club ‘ The Hideout’ was one, if not the best, BDSM club in the city. He had even achieved a little bit of international fame thanks to the various events he held over the year — sometimes artists traveled all across the globe just to perform at his club. It always made him feel proud, even a little bit smug, when he thought about it.


Rumi was still in front of him, her arms crossed in front of her chest and a pout on her lips. “He and I have been friends since the cradle, it would feel weird for him to be my sub — he is like a brother to me! Besides, he is also gay as one can be and he said he would feel more comfortable with a man. Plus, I showed him a picture of you and he said that you’re hot! I also showed him our other Dominants from the club, but he still picked you! Come on, Dabs, please? — Besides, I trust you! You are always so careful and always teach everyone how important consent is and that you have to take close attention to your sub and—”

“I said enough!” His patience was running out. He slammed a glass against the counter, nearly breaking it under the pressure of his hand as he tried to keep himself calm. — Careful. He could only laugh bitterly — what a joke.

There was a reason why he no longer performed professionally as a Dom —hell not even for personal pleasure — there was a reason why he was so strict about consent, there was a reason why he made sure that there was always enough security around to check in on Subs and Doms to see if everything was consensual. He had sworn himself that after what he had done he would never touch a Submissive again — he had learned from his mistakes, still felt fucking guilty about it, too. And he had told himself he would work hard to make the BDSM scene a safer place for everyone involved — that the shit he had done would never happen to anyone else. He still carried that guilt deeply inside of him and he definitely would not just get back into doming just because Rumi asked nicely . — But then again, this was not about being someone’s Dominant, but about teaching them the basics and the etiquette of BDSM, and that would also involve picking a good Dominant for them. He felt a familiar tugging in his chest. He wanted to teach Subs and Doms so they would know as soon as their partner crossed a line that was not part of the BDSM scene, but abusive. It was important that everyone who participated knew the difference. He had it too many times how inexperienced people ended up in emotionally and physically abusive relationships, because they thought that was what BDSM was supposed to be, but it really was not . — and hearing that this person was a dear friend of Rumi made Dabi feel soft. He didn’t want anyone to be in pain, especially not if they were people someone he liked was close to. He never admitted it out loud, but he saw Rumi as one of his friends. Hell, everyone of his Doms was a friend if not family to him by now — even Kai, and that had taken ages. So if someone they were close to and got hurt and he could have prevented that from happening he just knew he would feel guilty. — Damn Rumi and damn her for knowing that Dabi would give in.

Dabi sighed heavily as he threw the slightly cracked glass into the garbage bin under the bar. — “Okay listen,” his hands had stopped shaking by now “I won’t take him in as a Submissive,” Rumi’s shoulders slumped again “—but, I will teach him everything I know and how to pick a decent Dominant. You know my schedule and when I am free — give him a copy of our house rules as well so he can already get a feel of what all of this will be like. Tell him to pick a nickname he wants to be addressed with and then just let me know whenever I have a lesson with him, but please stop bothering me with it. Deal?”


“Deal!” — Rumi’s smile lit up so much Dabi felt something inside of him die. Oh god, what had he just signed up for? He just hoped that her friend, whoever that person was, would not cause him too much trouble and would be easy to train. — But then again she had said something about that person being kind of a brat and cocky? — If this man really was Rumi’s best friend since the cradle, who was like a brother to her and he had those attributes, Dabi could only imagine what that man was like and that he would definitely be a handful to handle. — No wonder she didn’t want to ask Kai about this; she had a point. The other Dom really did like his Subs to be trained well and to be of service, and not some newbie who was still wet behind their ears and was a bratty little shit on top of that. 


Plus, Rumi knew his taste and she knew that he had a thing for someone bratty and since her friend wanted a male Dominant to teach him that meant that Nemuri was out of the game too and only left him or Shouto and Shouto was really picky about his clientele so really, he was the only one left to teach that brat about BDSM. Dabi watched as the other Dominant excitedly ran out of the room, while pulling out her phone — probably calling her friend and letting him know about the finer details of how this was about to go down. 


Whatever, he could worry about that later. For now he had to check everything again and make sure everything was set and ready to go. — He quickly wiped down the bar one more time, before he stepped out from behind it and made his way down to the basement to check their supply. It was time to get to work. 



Things were going smoothly — or as smoothly as it could. There had been the typical rush before the show — artists and performers not finding some props, last touch-ups on make-up, setting everything up and going through the procedure quickly once more with their partners and checking if everyone was in the right mindset to perform. There was a small emergency with the technicians, but thanks to Kurogiri it was sorted out quickly and the show started as scheduled. 


Dabi let his eyes wander through the crowd as they all marveled at the play happening on the stage — it was something different, something they had not shown at the club before. The couple that was performing originally came from Europe and had taken inspiration in ancient, pagan rituals and had integrated them into their plays. There was something fascinating about one part being seen as an ancient deity, while the other one was seen as their sacrifice and at the mercy of their new found god — they used thick ropes and sharp knives for their plays and it really was intriguing to watch, especially with the chanting-like music playing in the back. While Dabi wasn’t much into knife play and the whole blood kink, he certainly understood the appeal of having a Sub kneel at your feet, tied up and begging for your mercy. It was a feeling unlike any other and in moments like these he missed being someone’s Dominant dearly — but not enough for him to give in and scratch that itch  underneath his skin he always felt whenever he watched scenes unfold or when Subs tried their luck to win him over, talked sweet nothings to him and tried to lure him in.


It had become kind of a thing in his club. People often hit on him or Kurogiri while they were tending the bar. While Kurogiri loved working at Dabi’s club, he himself was more a vanilla type of person and therefore always denied any approaches with a kind smile. Besides, he was married and very devoted to his partner and people quickly seemed to accept that. — But with Dabi being the owner of the club and teaching BDSM lessons it was more than clear that he was very much into BDSM and also very knowledgeable so there was no way he could play the “ I am vanilla ” card and he was painfully single. Plus he somehow knew that he was kind of attractive — not everyone dug the pierced and tattooed look, but surprisingly many in his club did. They didn’t even seem to mind the big two scars that slashed over his left eye, down his cheek — or the various other scars on his left shoulder and down his arm. — Which was weird, but Dabi really was the last person to judge someone for what they were into and what not. He had seen enough weird fetishes and kinks unfold in his club and one of the most valued rules in his establishment was to respect and not judge. He wanted people to feel comfortable and safe in his space — no matter if they liked licking the dirt off boots, or got their rocks off from being peed on. 


His eyes slowly wandered from the stage to the crowd again — there were so many people here tonight they had to refuse entry to the stage room to some, simply because the club was getting too packed. Especially because there were more people in the other part of the club; there were open play rooms, where people could either openly play with their partner(s) or were invited to enjoy the public display of a scene. — then there were also the private playrooms that were mostly used by the professional Dominants and the Staff of the Club, but occasionally some of the regulars were allowed to use those rooms, too.


Dabi didn’t know what it was, but something suddenly caught his attention. — It was a man who was actively watching the performance on stage. From the distance and how dark the rest of the club was right now it was kinda hard to tell, but it looked like the young man had blonde hair and bright eyes. Dabi couldn’t quite tell their color though — it looked like gold? Whatever — Dabi looked back to the stage, but felt his gaze shift back to the man. He was sitting at the far end of the club, back at the bar, so he could only see most of the back of the man’s head and part of his face when he turned around a little bit to talk to someone next to him. — He just couldn’t tear his eyes away. This man was fucking beatiful and dropdead gourgeos. Dabi could feel how his breath hitched as the man smiled brilliantly and laughed at whatever the person next to him had said — fuck, what was happening? 


He quickly averted his gaze — now was no time for him to oggly customers. He had work to do! — Just as his eyes were about to drift back to the mysterious man he felt a hand on his shoulders, making him snap back to reality; his eyes landing on Kai who was now standing next to him with a smirk on his lips. Well, you couldn’t really see the smirk on his lips due to the face masks covering the lower half of the other man’s face, but Dabi knew his friend well enough by now that he could tell from the faint lines under his eyes that he was smirking at him. “Enjoying the view, Dabi?” — Oh, what a little shit .


“Oh, shut up. What do you want? Don’t you have some poor Subs to torment?” — Kai had the nerve to actually snort at that. 


“Not yet, but actually I was hoping you could help me check the Shibari Dojo one last time? I have a pretty intense session planned for a little bit later and I want to check in on the new suspension frame we set up a few days ago, just to make sure. You in?” 


Dabi rolled his eyes. “Fine, but only because I know that you made Kurogiri nearly cry the last time you asked him to help you out, alright? Don’t think I do this because I like you or something.” — he flicked one of the napkins that were close to the bar at Kai, who just chuckled loudly now, already on his way to the Dojo. 


“Sure if it makes you sleep better at night.”


God, his friends were assholes. All of them — but then again, Dabi wouldn’t have it any other way.



The night was over in a blur and before he knew it Dabi was at home at — 4.45am in the morning. He just shrugged at that — the club usually closed at 3am which meant he was home about twenty minutes later. The cleaning services usually arrived around 7am in the morning and Dabi just had to make sure that everyone had left the club and that nothing was about to catch on fire or break down completely. — The check up for all the rooms always happened the next day, because there was no way in hell he would check up on everything after his shift had ended. He just did not have that energy. 


But things were different whenever there was a big performance at the club — he had to make sure that all the performers were safe and sound and that the stage was secure and that none of the props were still laying around. Check in with the technicians if anything was off, make sure the changing rooms were all secure and ready for the performer and make sure they felt welcomed and got home or to their hotel savely — the list went on and on. Whenever he was working he was the last one to leave the Club, which also meant setting the alarm and locking up the whole place. Today, things had taken a bit longer — one of the performers had needed a longer downtime from the scene they had played out on the stage and Dabi was the last person to just kick a Sub out when they were still in dire need of aftercare. — So he had stayed behind with them, brought them some coffee and a few snacks and talked a bit about their performance. It was not something he hated per se, it was way more fun to talk to them than to a bunch of drunk assholes who always tried to get into his pants. Sometimes he really wondered why he had picked a job where he had to be around people so much all the damn time — he was introverted and couldn't handle people very well and often felt irritated when things didn’t go his way, bust still. He would never trade his job — never. 


He quickly got out of his clothes, took a quick shower and changed into an old band shirt and boxer briefs, feeding the black furball of death or she would claw him apart, and slipping into bed. — His cat, Pretzel, curling up on his side within a moment, purring softly as he plucked the charger into his phone. He vaguely registered that an unknown number had sent him a message, but he really was way too fucking tired to really bother with that now and just set aside his phone and instead, plopped back into his soft bed and cuddled some more with his cat. — Dabi hated to leave his girl alone for too long, he had even thought about getting another cat, but the thing with Pretzel was that she was a diva. Which was kinda contradicting to the way she looked — crooked tail and whiskers, only three legs and a scar across her left eye. — Much like him. 


Kai had actually been the one who had gotten him the cat — a stray on top of it. Things had been tough about four years ago — some family drama that ended with him breaking up with his almost boyfriend, who had been his best friend for over a decade at that time, and a lot of other issues that plagued him up until now. — His mental health had taken a toll during that time and he had been extremely stressed out about his newly opened club and it had gotten so bad that one evening he had gotten absolutely blistered , asking Kai why he even bothered with anything anymore, why he even existed. — Kai being Kai didn’t really have any idea how he was supposed to cheer up his friend, but apparently getting a stray cat from one of the shelters had been the solution to the problem.


“Now you have someone who you have to take care of and who depends on you. I never ever want you to hear you say shit like you did last night again, you hear me? If being my friend is not enough for keeping you alive, I want you to look at that little fucked up fur ball and whenever those fucking voices in your head get too loud think about saying those things to that little thing — you would never do that, right? You would never tell this cat that it’s broken for how it looks and shit like that — so don’t say that shit about yourself either.”


It probably had been the weirdest way someone had ever tried to cheer him up or to get him out of a depressive episode, but it had worked. Dabi started to take care of Pretzel who was maybe half a year old back then. Whenever he would feed the cat, he would also make himself a cup of coffee at least and eat some toast. Whenever he would clean the cat’s toilet, he would also clean some parts of his flat and then take a shower — it was small stuff, really. But those small things helped centering him and all those small things became a routine he stuck to and it eventually helped him back on his feet. 

Dabi’s eyes were already heavy with sleep. 


He still had to thank Kai for that someday. — and then tell him to fuck off, because that was how their friendship worked. Equally roasting each other like there was no tomorrow, but being there whenever it was necessary.


His phone lit up — a new message. But Dabi was already asleep. 



He woke up the next day with a paw being smacked into his face and the pleasant smell of his cat yawning in his face — gross. Dabi growled at his cat in annoyance, but ended up scratching her behind her ear just how he knew she liked it, getting out of bed to feed her. — He couldn’t stop the yawn escaping him as he shuffled from his bedroom to his kitchen, one hand scratching at the back of his head while another yawn escaped him. Damn, he really needed to catch up on some sleep — his tired eyes landed on the electronic clock of the microwave. — 12:59 pm. Time for breakfast. 


A claw at his leg woke him up a bit more. — Right. Feeding Pretzel first, then feeding himself. It all happened on autopilot he was still too fucking tired to think straight. — Cat food in the cupboard next to the fridge, fresh bowl for the cat, dumping the food in and putting the old bowl into the dishwasher — then trotting over to his coffee machine and the next twenty minutes becoming one with the couch, while Pretzel curled up in his lap and he slowly became a function member of society — or something akin to that. He really wasn’t a morning person, even if his morning didn’t start until around 1pm. It didn’t change the fact that for the first hour after waking up he was absolutely useless


Eventually, he got up from the couch, grabbing an apple from the counter and walked back into his bedroom — still munching on his apple as he looked through his wardrobe and what he would wear today, when his phone on the nightstand went off again. 


He took another bite out of it, apple still in his mouth, as he picked it up and quickly checked his messages. — There was one from Kai, two from Rumi and— Dabi frowned. An Unknown Number. — Huh, he never gave his number to any strangers. Who was that? Immediate panic flooded his system as he clicked on the messages he had received — but sighed in relief as he finally connected the dots. — It was from Rumi’s friend. The one he promised to teach about BDSM and everything that involved their community. 

FuckFace Kai [09:45am]
We need new robes — accidentally went
through like 10 last night, because had to
cut through them as part of the scene.
Make sure to order more before next week,
I hate to disappoint my Subs that I cannot
tie them up because the Big Boss was too
stupid to buy new ones. 


Rumi Bunny [10:59am]
Good morning sleepy head,
you and Hawks will meet next
week on Thursday at 7.30pm.
Room 7 is all yours for however
long you want it. 


Rumi Bunny [11:04am]
Also, please don’t murder him.
He can be a bit ,,,overly excited
whenever he gets to try new stuff
so be prepared and DO NOT say
I didn’t warn you loser LMAO 


He completely ignored Kai — the fucker knew damn well that he always made sure to have more than necessary stocked at the club for exactly that reason . Dabi knew all too well how his friend acted as a Dominant and that total power exchanges were definitely a thing for him, which more often than not meant to sacrifice equipment. — Whatever. More ropes it was. — He quickly wrote that down in his notes; he would add that to the list later when he was sitting at his laptop, checking their inventory again. He was way too fucking tired to figure out all the numbers right now and exactly which ropes Kai always used. — Something else he checked was if Rumi had already added his appointment with Hawks to his schedule and — surprise surprise, she had already. Somehow he was not surprised by that. 


Dabi finally clicked on the last unread message. 


Unknown Number [04:26am]
Hi! I got your number from Rumi, 
She already set up an appointment
for our little date ~ looking forward to it!
— Hawks (that’s gonna be my nickname
for you hot stuff :b)


He wasn’t sure what to feel at that moment, but the message alone radiated so much bratty energy that Dabi felt his fingers itch. — Whatever, he would be professional about this. Not like this person was going to be the man of his dreams — for a vague moment he had to think back to the stranger in the crowd last night. His messy, slicked back, blonde hair, brilliant eyes — almost sparking as the stage lights hit them. 


Dabi bit his lower lip.


To: Hawks [01:18pm]
Rumi told me we will see each
other next Thursday, 7.30pm in Room 7.
That correct?
You can call me Dabi.
Pleasure to meet you. 


He didn’t have to wait long to get a reply.


Hawks  [01:24pm]
Yess, can’t wait!!
Hope you are as hot in person
as you are in the picture Rumi
showed me ;)


Dabi clicked his tongue in annoyance, but couldn’t help the smile tugging at his lips. — He already had the feeling that his was gonna be very different from all the other classes he has taught before — and he wasn’t quite sure if it was a good or bad thing, but he was in too deep already to just cancel this. 


To: Hawks [01:25pm]
Pictures don’t do me justice, little bird.
See you next week.


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The next few days were hectic as hell — since last night’s performance had been such a blast and had been more than just well received many of the clients asked if the artists would perform again and who was Dabi to deny something his clients wanted? He sat down with them, scheduled two more shows in a month, and another two over the course of the next three months. Their schedule was packed, much like Dabi’s. They weren’t the only ones who wanted to perform at his club — there was another show planned involving international alternative models that showed off the newest dessous, fetish wear and toys. It was a collaboration between his club and the label of said toys and negligees, something he had worked towards for ages and it was such an honour, because they were usually really picky about hosting these types of events. Therefore, it was only understandable that Dabi was stressed — two more weeks until the special weekend, yes — weekend, because one evening was not enough to show everything off to their clients and he wasn’t complaining. Two more weeks and he had already everything settled and done — but his nerves told him otherwise. 


“Have you checked everything for the models? The hotel they will be staying at, someone to pick them up from the airport? What about their schedule, do they already know their schedule—?”


“Dabi, please. Sit down for a damn second, you are even making me stressed out by just looking at you and that's something.” He could practically hear the sarcasm dripping from Shouta’s voice. The other Dominant was infamous for his collected appearance, even though the bags under his eyes and the general Do Not Fuck With Me aura begged to differ. Right now he was glaring daggers at Dabi, who just rolled his eyes at him.


“Please, spare me with trying to work your Dominant aura on me. We know that won’t work.”


“Well, I don’t care about that, but you did sit your ass down and calmed down for a moment so—” they were sitting in the middle of the club, which was still closed and would be for another few hours at least. “Listen to me, Dabi. I know you like to know everything that is happening in your club, which is something good, but you also should learn that even you have limits.”


Dabi snorted. “Are you really quoting the typical Dominant Talk for Subs on me now, really?”

Shouta simply ignored him. “You have enough staff that is more than capable of handling a good workload of the stuff you do, which is not even part of your job. You are the owner of the club, which means you look after the club and it’s appearance, which you already do an amazing job with. — You take care of the finances, too, the stock, everything. You know you have people to take care of that too, right? Kurogiri always complains that you should give him more work. You know how petty he is about his alcohol and what drinks he wants to serve at the bar — he always writes down the list and what we need and he makes an amazing job at keeping track of our expenses and earnings. There is literally no reason for you to sit down and do everything again, you know?” 


Dabi knew Shouta had a point. He really did — but that didn’t mean it wasn’t annoying the living shit out of him. He couldn’t help but click his tongue, this was irritating him. He hated letting control go — it was not that he didn’t trust his staff, he knew they were more than capable and he trusted them, but it was more about a him issue. Whenever he didn’t have full control it made him feel restless. Too much stuff had happened in the past he had no control over, or where he had lost control and things had spiralled out of proportion way too quick — but Aizawa had a point. Damn him and his logic, but Dabi had to admit that he was stressed out to the maximum and that he definitely was working more and more hours again these days, even though he could really use some more rest. 


“I know you don’t want to hear this at all, but come on. Have a little faith in us.”


“Alright, alright. Kurogiri will handle the bar from now on, relating stock, expenses and income. But I still get to tend behind the bar, alright? Not letting that go, I know Kurogiri cannot wait for me to retire as a bartender, but there is no way in hell I am giving up my bar completely.” 


This time it was Shouta who clicked his tongue, but there was a small smile tugging at his lips. “Alright, I didn’t expect anything less from you. This is only the beginning, I want you to let a little bit more go of all the things you handle, but this is it for now. How about I will let Kurogiri know of his luck? — By the way, don’t forget you have that one on one class tomorrow with that Hawks guy. Bunny Girl has been chewing my ear off because of it, saying she is incredibly curious about how it will go — the way she phrased it, it almost seemed that he might be your new Submissive? What is that about?”

And there was the headache again. “Oh god, no.” Dabi pinched the bridge of his nose, sighed and reached for his drink in front of him. “I promised Rumi that I will teach her friend the basics and etiquette of BDSM, teach him everything I know in my classes. Since he is pretty busy he rarely could make it to the usual classes. The only reason why I agreed to this one on one thing is because he is Rumi’s best friend and you know how annoying she can get when she wants something.” — Shouta snorted in sympathy. They all had been working together long enough to know each other and their antics pretty well. 


“So yeah. You know I don’t take any Submissive, but I promised her to teach him. That’s it.”

“That’s it?”


“That’s it, yes. — What, is that so hard to believe?” 


Shouta was quiet for a moment, then another passed and he shook his head. “No, not at all. I am just glad to see that you already made this step of allowing one on one lessons. I know you only teach couples, or duos for a reason so seeing you agree to this already is a progress and I am happy to see that. I know that what happened still haunts you, but you really need to move on from that. You are not how you used to be and it has been years. If your Submissive has forgiven you, then—”


“Yo — Aizawa! I need you here in the back for a moment! Kai is complaining about the Dojo again and you know I cannot deal with his petty ass when it comes to his Dojo so could you please move it?” 


Dabi exhaled the breath he hadn’t realized he had been holding. Shouta was the only one of the other Dominants that actually knew about what had happened back then. — Hell, he probably was the only other living person besides his Ex-Submissive that knew what had happened and he more often than not ended up ranting about it to the other Dominant, talking about what had happened and how guilty he still felt and that it still kept him up at night to have used his Submissive’s trust like that against them. — Shouta, being the amazing listener, but also the amazing ass-kicker he was, had always helped him through those downs. They weren’t necessarily Dom-Drops per se, but they also not were Dom-Drops. — Drops not only happened to Submissives, though most liked to think like that. A scene could also take its toll on a Dominant, they could use the safewords just like the Subs — and while he hadn’t been actively participating in a scene, the memories of what had happened still triggered him. Dabi might not have a Submissive to console in, but it helped immensely to talk to another Dominant about it. 


“Yeah, yeah. I am coming—” He didn’t really listen to what they were bickering on about, but one look from Shouta and he knew that this talk wasn’t over just yet. Dabi already cringed at the thought of what the talk would be like the next time they had it, but he also knew that it was helping him more than bottling everything up inside of him and ignoring him which was a tendency he had picked up ages ago and had not been able to shake off just yet.


Whatever, he really needed to get out of his head — this was getting ridiculous. But before he could go over the next few things on his list, Kurogiri approached him with a pleased smile on his lips and Dabi just rolled his eyes.

“So, I heard I am finally trusted with the bar and everything involved? Is that true, Dabi?”

“Ask me again with a smirk like that on your face and your bar privileges will be taken away from you again, how does that sound?”


“Whatever you say kid,” the damn nerve this guy had — chuckling at him as if he was some random snot nosed little shit, and not his boss. “By the way, Aizawa said he will take care of the remaining tasks you have open for today and I am more than capable of handling the bar by myself tonight. Besides, Toga is helping out today again as a waitress so really — go home and have a relaxed evening for once. Go catch up some sleep — you have an appointment tomorrow, I am sure it will go down better when you have enough sleep and don’t run on coffee, cigarettes and desperation.” 


“Excuse me?”


“You heard me right, Boss. Now go home to your cat and stop being difficult, or do you want me to get Shouta to come and lecture you again about your work ethic?”


That shut him up. If possible he really did not want to have another talk with the other man about those topics anytime soon and Kurogiri kind of had a point. Toga was a part time waitress at the club and more than capable of handling even the rowdiest crowd, she and Kurogiri would be just fine. With Shouta being there until closing time today he also really didn’t have to worry about a thing — besides, today was Wednesday, which meant there were no active shows on stage, but it was more a comfortable get together. Most clients had to work the next morning anyways so the club usually closed around 1am so there wasn’t much he would miss. Everyone usually just wanted to hang out at the club and get a bit drunk on Wednesdays so really, there was no reason for him to stay behind. 


He finally sighed in defeat and started to pack his shit — handing the key over to Kurogiri and making sure he knew when and how to lock up the club properly. Not that the other man needed any instructions, he just felt better getting everything off his chest related to that matter. 

Thirty minutes later and Dabi finally arrived at home — box of pizza in one hand, cool drinks in the other, as he let the door fall shut behind him. Pretzel was immediately by his side, curling around his legs and nearly causing him to fall flat on his face. — After some cussing and carefully balancing his dinner onto the safety of his coffee table, he fed Pretzel, and quickly changed into comfortable clothes. Well, more like took off his pants and jacket and collapsed onto the couch, remote in hand and happily munching on his pizza. It had been ages since he just sat at home doing nothing — hell, even when he met up with friends to have fun it was mostly to get drunk so this was a welcomed change. — Ten minutes later the pizza was mostly gone, Pretzel was right next to him and Dabi was mindlessly flipping through TV channels, trying to figure out what the hell he wanted to watch. Maybe there was something on Netflix he would enjoy? Amazon Prime? Man, there really was only rubbish on TV these days no wonder he never really bothered with it. 


His phone suddenly started to buzz and without looking at the screen he picked up — it was probably Nemuri bothering him about something stupid and giving him shit for not being at the club tonight, or maybe Kai finally broke the damn Shibari frame? Somehow Dabi couldn't wait for that to happen, simply for giving Kai some shit about it and having him pay a good amount of the price for a new one.




“Oh wow, Rumi wasn’t exaggerating when she said you have a lovely, deep voice.”


Dabi froze for a moment, he didn’t know that voice — he took a quick glance on his display to see if there was maybe an indication for who was calling him at 9pm at night. 


He almost had to smile when he saw the name. “Hawks? Is that you?”


“The one and only! Didn’t expect me to call you, did you?”


“No, not really.” Dabi pushed the empty pizza box onto the coffee table and leant back on the couch, turning down the volume of the TV. “What can I do for you? Already want to cancel our appointment tomorrow?” — it was meant as a joke, but as soon as it left his lips he felt a pang of regret. He didn’t want Hawks to cancel their appointment tomorrow — even though Dabi had no idea what the guy looked like, he did have a nice voice. 

“No, definitely not. I am still very much looking forward to our little rendezvous tomorrow, but I do have a few questions about tomorrow. I tried to reach Rumi, but I think she is working tonight and not answering her phone otherwise I would have bothered her instead.”

“Yeah, she is working tonight until the club closes so you won’t have any luck calling her — what did you want to know?” 


“Straight to the point, huh?” Dabi could hear a low chuckle coming from the other man. His voice had a rough but nice touch to it— “Well, I was wondering if there was a certain dress code I needed to stick to? I have never been to a BDSM club, let alone taken classes of any kind and I didn’t want to underdress.” 

“No worries about overdressing?” — Dabi bit his lip. This was not really professional. Since when did he get all flirty with his clients? He shook his head — whatever. He would simply show a few things to this guy and then he would probably run off, because BDSM wasn’t his thing anyways.

“Not really, because I do look amazing in suits — no matter the occasion.”


He couldn’t help but chuckle. This guy really was a cocky little shit — he could see why Rumi liked him so much and why they were best friends. Either he had learned everything from her, or he was the one whose behaviour had rubbed off on her and Dabi didn’t know which scenario was worse — or better. 


“There isn’t really a dress code per se, but people do like to either dress up in formal wear — though that’s mostly what the Dominants do — while the Submissive have a tendency to wear things that are more revealing, and comfortable. It really depends on what they are there for. Some Dominants dress up in full leather and with masks on, matching their Submissives if they are into the whole leather kink, some just wear minimal clothing, because they go down into the play rooms for public displays. Some just stick to formal or comfortable clothes and hang out at the bar to simply chat and talk with people who like the same thing they do — it’s not always about showing off how kinky you are or whatever, but can be all about meeting new people who enjoy the same things you do.” 


“Sounds good — what do you normally wear?” 


“Since I don’t really participate in open scenes or whatever I often just wear simple black pants with a matching leather belt, button up shirt and suspenders. Tend to roll up my sleeves a lot, too since I mostly help out behind the bar. The only times I really do dress up is if there is a theme planned for a special occasion — then I put a little bit more effort into my outfit.”


Dabi could hear the soft, faint intakes of breath coming from the other line and if he wasn’t mistaking he could have sworn there was a hitch in the other man’s breathing. Was Hawks imagining what he looked like? Rumi had told him that she had shown Hawks pictures and that he apparently had liked what he had seen — was this getting to him? Dabi suddenly felt a little bit hot around the collar. 


“—so yeah, since it will only be a normal class where I teach you the basics for now, why don’t you just wear something casual, too? You won’t be part of a scene, since this is just about me teaching you. Jeans and shirt will definitely do — wear something you are comfortable in. Comfort is really the most important thing for anything related to BDSM, you can already write that one down.”


Hawks warm chuckle sounded like heaven and there was this heat around his collar again — Dabi really needed to snap out of it. 


“Alright, Mr. Dominant, Sir. Already writing it down — anything else I should keep in mind for tomorrow? Drink enough water? Have enough food before coming to your club?” 


Dabi knew immediately when someone was being honestly curious about the things they should keep in mind when going to a BDSM club, or when someone was being a little brat, trying to rile up a Dominant. — and this Hawks guy was definitely trying to do that now. Especially with how the ‘ Sir ’ had simply rolled off his tongue like that. It had been almost sultry, but in such a subtle way that it could have been missed.


But Dabi hadn’t. — He bit his tongue. This guy was going to be a handful, he could already tell. “No, just be on time and willing to learn. I do not like to repeat myself, is that clear?”


He could hear the smirk on the other man’s lips through the phone. “Crystal.”


“Alright then, see you tomorrow, Hawks.”


“See you tomorrow, Sir.”


Before he could throw out a snarky remark about Hawks bratty attitude the other man had already hung up the phone, leaving Dabi to only listen to the same monotone sounding beeping noises of the line. He slowly lifted the phone off his ear — staring at the display for a moment, before dropping it onto the soft pillows of the couch next to him. The TV was still up and running and Dabi tried very hard to fixate his mind on the show, or movie that was on, but he couldn’t deny the excitement he felt. 


He shook his head again — no. He was a professional. This was no different than any other class he had taught before — the only difference would be that he would have to show Hawks everything with a hands on approach and then it would be over. — Pretzel stepped on him, nearly squishing his internal organs in the process, and curled up on his chest. Turned out to be the needed distraction, because he finally snapped out of it.


“Ah, Pretzel. Daddy is gonna have a lot of work tomorrow. What do you have to say about that?” — The feline yawned, before head butting against Dabi’s cheek, making the man laugh softly. — He slowly massaged the back of the cat’s head and watched her nap on him. “Yeah, that was what I thought, too.”



When he walked into his club the next day at 6.30pm, an hour before his appointment, he tried to play it cool. No need to feel nervous about something as basic as, well, the very first and very basic class. — The first lesson usually included talking about the whole dynamics that are used in BDSM, why they were being used and how pleasure can come from them. It also covered two of the, in Dabi’s opinion, most important topics, too: safewords and aftercare. — Something that always annoyed him was that the broader public thought that BDSM was all about hitting your partner as hard as you could with a whip, or a flogger and to degrade them, but that was so far from the truth. — BDSM could be so many things. It could be soft, it could be hard, it could be used platonically and sexually. Dabi knew a lot of Submissive who enjoyed petplay not because of the sexual factor, but simply for the “ switching their brain off and pretending to be someone else ” factor. Most people didn’t even know that platonic BDSM was a thing to begin with, or that many of those Submissive who took pleasure in platonic BDSM were asexual. — Really, BDSM was something for everyone on the spectrum. No matter what gender, or what sexuality. If the interest was there, there was a way to live out some of the fantasies — sex was only a small part of it. 


Dabi could already feel all eyes on him, when he walked through the entrance of the club. Kurogiri was busy with stacking up glasses and putting them away, while simultaneously cleaning the bar — Nemuri was already here, too. Sitting at the bar, sipping on a drink and lensing over to him every now and then. Much like Kurogiri was doing — and Shouta. But Dabi pretended not to notice — instead he greeted them in the same monotone voice he always did, and disappeared in the staff room for a moment. It was their shared place to say — where everyone had their little corner to either get ready, or change back into their casual outfits after a long day at work. Dabi also had some spare clothes around, simply because it sadly happened more than once that someone got a little bit too drunk and ended up getting sick and throwing up on his pants or shirt. It wasn’t pleasant at all, but it was part of the job so he always came prepared. 


He glanced at the watch on his wrist — 6.45pm. Still so much time left. 


Dabi walked back out of the room, rolling up the sleeves of his shirt, while grabbing a few glasses and helping Kurogiri out. 


“Don’t you have something special planned for tonight?”


—and there it was. Within a second everyone of his staff members was looking at him. Even Jin, one of the bouncers, was sending him an interested look. His eyes darted over to Nemuri who was pretending to be busy on her phone — damn her. He just knew that she had talked to the rest of the stuff. Dabi couldn't help but roll his eyes.


“Well, there still is some time left, isn’t there? Might as well make myself useful in the meantime. Don’t you think?” — Another glance at his watch. 6.58pm. About half an hour left. He knew that he didn’t have to check if all the utensils were ready in room 7, because really. They wouldn’t be needing many that day anyways, but he still felt a nervous itch. Maybe he should check the room just in case? If everything is settled and cleaned up nicely? If they aired out the room before? 


“True — and you showing up an hour early has nothing to do with the fact that you are nervous about today, right?” 

“I am not nervous.” 


“Sure.” Rumi lifted one brow at him. “—you never show up this early for classes, Dabi.”

“Would you believe me if I said that since I had to go home early yesterday, I just terribly  missed you guys and wanted to spend some time with you guys before we had to work?”


The defeating silence was his answer. He threw the figurative and literal towel. “Oh, screw you guys — I am going down to room 7 to set everything up. If Hawks shows up, send him down.” 


Dabi painfully tried to ignore the wolf whistles coming from Rumi and Nemuri — he would make them pay for embarrassing him later. Maybe he should let them do the taxes for the next quartal? That would definitely make them cry. — He would have to do them all over again, but it would be a fun punishment for them being little shits. 


He quickly bounced down the stairs to where the private rooms were located — all of the Dominants had their very own room and they were all numbered. Room Number One was the Shibari Dojo — it was bigger than the other rooms, therefore the perfect place to put up various different styles of frames. Room Two was another room used for any type of rope play — it had different frames than in the second, which were less traditional and more experimental. It was useless to say that this one was Kai’s favourite room to use. The other rooms, Three to Seven, were each Dominants room — with Room Seven being Dabi’s room. 


He never really used it, since he didn’t take in any Submissives, but they all still wanted him to have a room for himself — he mostly used it when a shift was too draining and he was in dire need of a nap. Sometimes it was so hectic and stressful that he even slept over at the club — it wasn’t even bad, not at all. The bed they had put in his room was a master bed with heavy frames and the mattress was probably better than the one in his own flat. The only reason why he rarely slept over was Pretzel — the cat needed attention, food and affection. Whenever he did end up staying away overnight, Pretzel would not spare him one look for at least two days straight and would puke into his favourite shoes. — So he always tried to come home to his cat.


Other than the comfortable bed, there was a lot of space next to and in front of the bed. BDSM often required a lot of space to work with so the only other furniture in the room were two comfortable armchairs at each side of the room, a big dresser with most of the toys inside, and a few more decorations. While Dabi didn’t use the toys, he still liked to mount riding crops, flogger and any type of impact toy on the wall — it was a nice aesthetic. He even had put up a few different types of collars. Besides, the open display helped to point out which toy was which and what collar had what meaning. — He mostly taught couples about everything — hence the two comfortable chairs for them to sit in, while he stood in front of them and showed them everything. — The reaction often was similar; at first newbies were often shy and giggled at a lot of things they saw or Dabi talked about, but after some time they got more comfortable and more open about the questions they had, asking them right away instead of beating around the bush. — It was always nice to see them bloom like that, opening up a little when they saw that BDSM was not entirely as scary as the media liked to portray it.


He really hoped he would be able to show Hawks that, too.


Dabi was so lost in his thoughts that he barely registered the faint knock on his door, and only noticed when the door was being opened. — He rolled his eyes, was Rumi going to annoy him some more before Hawks showed up? He knew he still had more than enough time to set everything up and go through his mental checklist. — Holding the riding crop in one hand, inspecting if there were any tears in the soft leather, he didn’t really bother to turn around to greet her. Instead — he just talked.


“What is it now? You know I am busy — stop bothering me with small things and stop trying to piss me off by saying anything about my appointment.”


There was silence for a moment, which made Dabi stop his inspection.


“Well, too bad.” That was definitely not Rumi’s voice. “Since I am your appointment, but I can always go back up to the bar and talk to another Dominant in case you have changed your mind?” — There was that singsong tone again and Dabi bit his lip. Shit — of course it would be like that. He tried to school his facial expression, not letting embarrassment break his professional mask of professional.


Dabi turned around, and nearly gaped. 


“Hawks, I presume?” — Shit, he needed to get it together. Even though his heart rate was up the roof now. Standing in front of him was the man from the other day — the one he had seen in the crowd, the one with the blonde hair and golden eyes and now in the bright light of the room Dabi could see him clearly and — fuck . He was gorgeous. — Dabi hadn’t realized it back then, but Hawks was wearing eyeliner and he was pretty sure he had never seen another man this attractive. 


“Yeah, that’s me — should I come in, or should I look for another Dominant?” — There was that playfulness again that made Dabi involunteringly grin and heated up his insides at the same time. He could clearly see why Rumi and he got along so well and why she thought it would be a good idea to pair the two of them up.


But two could play the game.


“Well, you always could do that.” There was a surprised look on Hawks face. “—but I highly doubt you will since Rumi told me that you think I am hot and even after she showed you the other Dominants of my club, you still chose me. So — why don’t you come here and take a seat?” 


Hawks reaction was almost immediate. He opened his mouth for a moment, but then the blush spread across his face and even up to his ears and while he did try to put up a tough facade, Dabi looked right through him.


How cute.


The other man did as he was told and sat down in the armchair closer to Dabi — his eyes roaming around the room for a moment, before settling back on Dabi. They were sharp, yet soft at the same time. It probably didn’t make sense, but it did when Dabi looked at Hawks eyes. 


“Well then,” He smacked the riding crop sharply against his open palm two times, pushing back his shoulders a little bit and staring down at Hawks. “—let’s start for today, shall we?”



Chapter Text

"There is actually something I meant to ask you, Hawks."


Dabi was still holding onto the riding crop — it simply felt too good to see Hawks’ eyes following the tip of the crop with avid attention and curiosity.


"Oh. Really? What is it, Dabi?" 


"You said that this time today was the first time you ever went to an establishment like mine, is that correct?" — another smack with the riding crop against the open palm of his hand. Hawks eyes snapped back up to Dabi’s.


"Yes, it is."


"Then how come I saw you here last week, standing in the crowd, watching avidly what was happening on stage?" 


Hawks eyes widened slightly, before the characteristic smirk eased back onto his lips. "Oh, jeez. You are good, I have to say that, didn't think you have seen me back then. Okay, true. I have been to BDSM clubs once or twice before, but it was never like this ." 




"Normally I just went there with Rumi, because she wanted to check out the place and didn't want to go alone. It was back when she first got into the scene and I was always her backup in case someone got too touchy with her or thought they could play the typical 'I am male, you're female, therefore you are my Submissive' card. - But it never really was about me being curious and wanting to learn, so yeah. When I asked you those things I really was curious about them, because each club is different, right?"




"Besides,Rumi said you had a really nice voice and I was dying of curiosity! And she was right —I really like your voice, it's rich and deep." — Dabi felt a slight twitch at the side of his left temple, if Hawks really wanted to learn about BDSM he really needed to drop that cocky act; time to teach him a lesson. 


Without thinking twice Dabi strutted towards Hawks, tightening his grip around the crop and staring down at the seated man — a wave of satisfaction rolled through him as he saw how Hawk’s relaxed and slightly slouched posture suddenly tensed up and straightened up. — With a smooth twist of his wrist he pressed the tip of the riding crop under Hawk’s chin, forcing him to tilt his head up to really look at him. 

“If you really want to learn, you need to learn how to behave . I am not beyond simply walking out on you, because you are being a flirty, little brat. — You can do that when you find yourself a Dominant. Understood?”


He watched Hawks’ reaction closely — the way his pupils dilated faintly, the way his mouth dropped open, the way his hands held onto the armchair more tightly now, the movement of his Adam's apple when he swallowed thickly. — “Yes.”


“Yes, what ?”


The reply was instant. “Yes, Sir .”


Dabi tapped the tip of the crop against his chin one more time — not hard enough for it to be a slap, but not exactly careful and caressing either. He smirked down at the other man. 


“Good — then let’s get started, shall we?” — He turned around, walking back to the wall and hanging up the riding crop to its designated place right next to whips and lashes. “Something I want you to keep in mind is that this is a lesson, alright? — So please, if you have any questions about BDSM, no matter how ridiculous, just ask them.” He could hear the faint exhale of air coming from the other man — who had apparently held his breath for a moment. Dabi walked over to the second armchair and pulled it back to where he had been standing just a moment ago — and sat down. He was facing Hawks now, only about two meters of distance between them . Just enough space for it to feel somewhat comfortable, but not too far away for it to feel awkward in case questions arose. 


“I actually do have a question.”


“Yeah — what is it?”


“It’s about these nicknames everyone chose here, even the clients—” The other man shifted a bit in his seat, his eyes flickering up to Dabi’s every now and then, wetting his lips with a pink tongue. Dabi really should not be paying attention to that. “How come you guys do that here? I haven’t really seen a club where it’s a common practice like it is here.” 


“It’s simple — anonymity.” Dabi leaned back in his own seat, crossing one leg over the other. “I have heard it over and over again — sometimes clients get too attached to their Dominants and they try to find out more about their private life. — Sometimes it happens the other way around with Dominants getting too attached to their clients. That way we can ensure that anonymity is key in our club. Since everyone who joins the club and becomes a member still has to sign up with their real name and all that so we can check in if they are paying the monthly-fee, we have simply switched to setting everything up through our online server. The data is inaccessible since it’s protected by passwords — the only reason we would ever be allowed to check in with personal data is in case a client stopped paying their fee and still comes to the club, or if there has been any type of situation where we had to alert the authorities.” 


“Huh, makes sense. Did you ever have to use it?”


“Thankfully not, and I really hope it stays like that. — But enough about that, we really should get started with the basics. What do you know about safewords?”


Hawks perked up at that — the faint puzzled expression slowly smoothing into something else. “Well, I know that the most commonly used system is the traffic light system, right? With green meaning everything is okay, you can continue, yellow meaning stop for a moment, we should talk about this, and red , the scene is immediately over.” 


Dabi couldn’t help but smile. The other man looked so proud of himself for knowing those few facts and honestly, Dabi was happy that he did. “Yes, correct. — What about who gets to use it and when do they get to use it?” 


“Uhm, I would say the Submissive, right? Since they are the one exposed to everything the most.” 


“Well, you do have a point. But something most people tend to forget is that it goes both ways. Sometimes a Dominant will try something out of their comfort zone for their Submissive, too. Meaning they have to try it out themselves if they are okay with that. It can happen that a Submissive is pushing their Dominant into going more extreme, or trying something different they do not like — and the Dominant is allowed to use safewords, too. Just like a Submissive — it goes both ways. It’s all about trust and pushing each other to the limit, but only to where it is comfortable for both. — As soon as someone feels uncomfortable, they absolutely need to use the safeword. No matter if they are the Dominant, or the Submissive. It also doesn’t matter how long the scene has been going on — be it five minutes, or fifty. If you feel uncomfortable, you stop.” 


Dabi could basically see the awe blooming up in Hawks eyes and that right there was why he liked teaching people so much — the fact that not everyone knew about the smallest details and him teaching them something new was always an amazing feeling. “There is also another traffic system, though it is more something I like to use personally and is not something that is commonly used — you see, the traditional traffic light system is used for when the scene itself gets too much for someone. As in the pain is too much, the restraints are too tight — things like that. But there is another version I use, which is strictly for medical emergencies — pink , purple , and blue . They are equal to green, yellow and red . — A view Dominants in my club have also adapted this strategy and I have heard from their experience that it helped a lot, because sometimes a Submissive can be so out of it that it is hard for you to figure out what’s wrong. — A Submissive once had a panic attack and could immediately stop the scene that way. Beforehand, they didn’t know that choking was a trigger, since they normally liked breathplay using gags and other restraints. — Another client was asthmatic and while they never had an attack during a session before, it happened. — The Dominant could immediately tell how bad the attack was by what color the Submissive used and immediately brought them their asthma spray and called the ambulance for a check up. — Nothing serious happened, and everything was okay again after, but it was kind of a shock for both of them.”


While he talked, he couldn't help but let his gaze wander. Dabi didn't know what Hawks usually wore on a daily basis, but it was clear as daylight that the other man was very stylish. The outfit itself was simple enough — black pair of comfortable looking slacks, black dressing shoes, a very fitting leather belt snugly wrapped around his hips, a simple, dark-grey turtleneck and a beige-brown shearling jacket with white, soft inner lining. The jacket itself had been cast aside, over the armrest of the chair — but still. It fit the whole outfit amazingly well and matched with Hawk’s natural hair colour.
He couldn't help but notice the piercings in the other man’s ear — they were similar to the ones he had; two helix piercings, one crunch, and three on the earlobe. They were mostly simple studs, but one of the earrings was very different — silver core at which a single, tiny, red feather was attached. — That one earring was also on the other ear, unlike the piercings. Those were only on the left ear — it looked really good and suited the other man so well. 


“Everything clear so far?” 


“Yes, Sir. — I have to admit you are a good teacher. You really love this job, don’t you?” There was that teasing tone again and this time Dabi couldn’t help himself but smirk.


“Yeah, I really do. It’s fun to teach people about everything and to see them find things they enjoy a lot — trying out new things and seeing that it is okay to like things that are a bit out of the ordinary. Plus, it’s important that people know their soft and hard limits, too — so teaching them about everything there is is necessary.” 


This time Hawks looked a bit taken aback. “What are those? — Soft and hard limits, I mean.” 


“Ah, basically it means where your personal limits are. Soft limits are things you are kinda curious to try out, things that you haven’t tried yet, things you are interested in, but aren’t sure if you would like them just yet, you know? Things like that — while hard limits are things that are incredibly uncomfortable for you, trigger you in a way, or are just simply nothing you would ever be interested in. — Dominants and Submissives talk about those before anything happens, to see if they are compatible so to say. Only because someone is good looking or you are attracted to them doesn’t mean they necessarily have the same kinks as you do, you know? So communication is really important for that.” 


“So it is not just the Dominant coming up with everything? — But it is something both sides come up with?”


“Correct — like I said before, this goes both ways. Both sides have to be into what is going to happen, otherwise one party will feel uncomfortable and while there obviously is kind of a grey area, where one side tries to please the other and go a little bit out of their comfort zone, there are limits. Hence the soft and hard limits.” 


It was almost as if Hawks' eyes started to light up the more Dabi talked — as if a whole new world was being presented to him. Dabi could see the curiosity sparking up more and more, as if Hawks would be willing to try anything Dabi would throw at him right now. It was cute to see the enthusiasm — but this was just a lesson. Not a session.


“Are there things you are especially curious about? Some kinks? I have the tendency to brush upon the most common kinks at least once, though there are a few I don’t really touch, simply because the time we have is limited and I don’t wanna bore you with something that you aren’t interested in anyways.”


“Well —” Hawks wet his lower lip, bitting it while thinking for a moment. “There actually are a few things I am curious about. Like, generally I think I would really like power dynamics? With someone being my Dominant and pushing me a little bit around and being rough — I think I would really like the crops and uh— I think it was called impact play ? Is that right?”


Dabi nodded and walked over to the different props he had mounted on the wall — grabbing a riding crop and flogger, handing the crop over to Hawks, who looked at him with big eyes as he took it. “Something that is important for any type of play is that the Submissive and the Dominant are familiar with the toy and what it feels like.” Dabi also reached for a paddle and then laid both toys out on the bed. It was covered in a soft, thin, fleece like blanket that left marks when you would brush it in another direction. 


“Come here,” He motioned Hawks to come closer with a quick tilt of his head and Hawks complied immediately. “The crop itself is usually leveled, so you have a good grip in your hand with it — right?”

Dabi watched as Hawks lifted up the riding, squeezing the handle with his hand for a moment, or two before nodding. “It’s important to have a good grip on it, you really don’t want to accidentally let the toy slip. Especially during impact play that could mean you could easily hurt yourself or your partner—” He walked behind Hawks and pushed him so he was standing right in front of the bed. “—and, it is important that you know how to properly hit someone. You can’t just go in full force — you usually start with a light tap. Come on, try it on the palm of your hand.” 


There was a soft smack and Dabi could see how Hawks started to smile. — Another soft smack followed and then Hawks turned his head around a bit, the brilliant smile on his lips. 


“Good boy. — Now, use a bit more force and this time hit the blanket. Targeting is not always as easy as it seems — you need to practice with a toy to know how to properly hit someone. For that, you can use these soft blankets — it is really easy to see where you have managed to hit the blanket, because of the different shade it leaves when the fur will be pushed into the other direction. — Go on try it out.” 


This time it was a small thud that was accompanied with each blow. 


“Is this how you practice with your toys?” 


Dabi chuckled. “Yeah, when I used to have a Submissive I always checked the toys before. You really do not want to use a new toy on someone, or have it used on you if you don’t know what it feels like — speaking of feeling. There are different types of impact — for example the crop you are holding in your hand. It was kind of a sting feeling so to say, right? If you hit your hand it leaves a quick type of pain, but it quickly evaporates again. Do you know what I mean?”


This time, Hawks lifted the crop and hit it against the flat of his palm again. “Huh — I see what you mean.” An airy chuckle— “So does this mean there are different sensations?”


“Yes, take the flogger for example.” — Dabi reached for it, brushing through the thin leather stripes. “It does have a similar stinging sensation, but since there are so many stripes attached to it, the pain gets spread out over a bigger area and therefore the hit won’t feel as harsh. — Usually you need to hit a bit harder with the flogger, but at the same time you need to be mindful that since the leather stripes are so thin, they absolutely can and will burn if you hit too hard. Though most of the time that pain is what you are aiming for.” 


“Can I?” — Hawks looked like a kid on Christmas now. He had dropped the crop down on the bed and Dabi watched as the other man happily examined the toy that was placed in his hands. There was a low chuckle as the strings hit against his skin — Dabi could basically see how Hawks was already daydreaming about different scenarios. About being tied up and put on his knees, bend over his Dominant’s lap, receiving punishment for the cocky attitude—


“Is that one different than these two?” — Apparently Hawks was not the only one who was lost in his daydreams, because Dabi hadn’t even realized his thoughts had started to slip to somewhere unsafe. His eyes lazily followed to where Hawks was pointing — The paddle. 


“Ah, yes. It is — You know how these two toys are more of a sting ? Well, this one is more of a thud . I know it sounds ridiculous, but hear me out: With this toy you hit a bigger area than the other two, right? Therefore the area the pain gets directed on is much bigger and it gets spread out more evenly than just being directed at one area — therefore it doesn’t sting as much. But there still is pain — with it spreading out like that it often feels as if it's reaching deeper inside and just ripples through your whole body. It doesn’t hurt on the surface as much as the others do, but your deeper tissues will definitely feel it.” 


Dabi was good at reading people — especially when it came to Submissives and their reactions to what a Dominant was telling them. And Hawks was extremely transparent to the things Dabi was telling him — he could see the tension flexing in Hawks’ shoulders and how his grip around the flogger tightened. Dabi was also good at reading when someone was getting worked up — it was his daily work after all, to see when someone was getting turned on by something, to pinpoint that and to use it against them. Well, it had been his job, but it was something hard to just shake off and ignore — especially when the person in front of him was someone as delicious as Hawks was. 

God, it was so cute how red Hawks’ ears were getting. 


—and then there it was. A sound so faint and soft that it could have been missed easily, but Dabi had training, hearing the smallest and faintest noises coming from someone was what he was good at and the small whimper that had just come from Hawks’ mouth set off a fire inside of him that made his skin burn . — Without thinking rationally about it, he grabbed Hawks by his arm, and pushed him forward onto the bed, climbing onto the bed right behind him with his hand on the other’s back — Hawks had let the flogger fall to the ground with a soft thud and another gasp coming from his lips as his face was basically shoved into the comforter.


And then he stopped for a moment — taking deep breaths.


What the hell was he doing?


This was not professional.


“Dabi, what—”


Ah, fuck


Hawks sounded completely ruined . His hair was out of place from being manhandled into the bed, his arms on both sides of his chest, clutching onto the comforter and breathing heavily as the blush deepened. — The golden pupils were blown wide, his soft looking mouth was hanging open. 


“What are your thoughts on impact play, Hawks?”


The man swallowed hard.


“Green, Sir . — I would like to know more, I wanna know what it feels like. Please, Sir .” 


The itch in his hands and the pull just under his stomach got too much — Dabi reacted quickly. He grabbed the riding crop that was just next to him and climbed forward on the bed, grabbing Hawks by his neck and maneuvering him until he was kneeling on all fours and bending over his lap sideways. — With each movement followed a small whimper. 


“You learn fast, don’t you? Already remembering to use your words correctly — I am proud.”


Another whimper and if the way Hawks was pressing his hips into the mattress was any indication, he absolutely loved being praised like that. 


“Oh, what is this—” Dabi leaned forward, hovering over Hawks’ smaller frame with his body as he whispered in his ear. “—does someone like to be praised?” He let his right hand slowly trail from his neck down his spine, where he tugged harshly at the material of his shirt. 


“Do you know what else is really important with impact play?”


It was unfair to answer Hawks any questions right now, but this was part of the game he was playing — Hawks body was already trembling, more whimpers pouring from his mouth as he used his blunt nails to trail them down over his clothed back again and again. “—you don’t only need to know how to hit someone, but where .” 


Dabi tightened the grip he had on the crop and let the tip of it trail down Hawks back, down the sides of his thighs to the back of his knees, and up again at the inside of his thighs. He couldn’t help himself but press the tip of the toy against Hawks’ crotch — the way his hips jumped from the little touch it was more than clear that the other man was already completely hard. Another tap and this time Hawks moaned . Dabi let the crop trail between his legs again, hitting softly against the insides of his knees. “—spread them a bit more.”


Without hesitation Hawks did what he was told to do — even had the audacity to move his hips oh so slightly to push his ass a little bit more towards Dabi. — What a brat .


“There are various areas of the human body that can be erogenous — generally women tend to have different areas they like more, while men tend to be pretty easy with that. Play a little bit with their dick and they are good to go.” — The crop moved upwards again, pressing against the heavy erection between Hawks legs. He looked so good like that, all spread out, and panting.


“But that doesn’t mean that men don’t enjoy a good spanking—” the crop trailed upwards, the tip of it dragging along right in the middle of Hawks crotch, between his clothed cheeks until it rested at the small of his back. “—you see, the best area to hit someone as right between the asscheeks—” Dabi faintly patted against them “—and your thighs.” Another tap.


“It’s only a small space, that area right underneath your butt, but I promise it feels amazing.” — Dabi didn’t hesitate at all, and instead aimed his first hit. “—I want you to count and thank me, god it?”


The first hit always was a surprise for the Submissive, no matter how many times one got spanked. It especially was a surprise to Hawks — it was his first time after all, and Dabi could feel the surprised gasp and sharp intake of breath as the sensation washed through him. — He could also feel the hard press of Hawks’ cock pressing against his thigh and how the other man couldn't help but helplessly rut against him.


“O-one, thank you, Sir.”


Dabi grinned. “My, my — what a good boy you are.” He let his free hand drag upwards Hawks back again and buried his fingers in his hairs, right above the nape at the back of his head. Holding him securely. — Another hit of the crop, this time harder than the light tap and Dabi could immediately feel the different reaction it earned him from the man underneath of him — the way his legs started to shudder and how his cock twitched in approval. 


“Two. — Thank you, Sir.”  Hawks was now actively rubbing his straining cock against Dabi’s thigh. The faint whimpers grew in volume and pitch and it went straight to Dabi’s own dick. He took a deep breath, exhaling a deep rumble and the faint hint of a growl escaping him. God — Hawks looked so fucking good it made his head spin. The way he twisted his hips, the faint quivering of his thighs — how his hands tried to find something to hold on as he clawed at the bed sheets. — The pull inside of him got stronger and with the pull, another hit came down on Hawks ass. 


“T-Three, thank you.” A gasp “Sir!” — Dabi immediately aimed another hit at him. 


“Four—” Hawks moved his hips faster, his voice was hoarse and desperate. “—thank you.”


Time to switch things up — Dabi let the crop fall to the side, pulling out the paddle instead. It would be a different sensation for the man, but Dabi needed to see what his reaction would be like. The erotic tension in the room was making him feel dizzy and he moved on autopilot. Grabbing the waistband of his pants tightly, almost clawing at the belt, to keep Hawks steady and pulling just so that the seam of his pants was pressing right against his cock — it made the man keen out, one arm trying to reach for Dabi somehow, while the other started to claw at one of the pillows instead — it was so good to watch. He tugged another time and this time a high-pitched yelp left Hawks lips and the look he gave Dabi over his shoulders made him weak in the knees. — He was blushing madly, eyes glistening with the faintest hint of tears and his face screaming utter desperation at him. 


“Please, Dabi — Sir, I want more, I—”


But before Hawks could finish that sentence the paddle came down on his ass with a loud thud — the impact of the toy made Hawks hips jump and the high pitched gasp was quickly followed by a deep, guttural moan . It was absolutely filthy and raspy and Dabi needed more—


He didn’t let Hawks catch his breath and instead delivered another hit—


Then another one—


Another, another, another—


It was as if he was in trance and Hawks was his drug — his moans, his movements, the sounds he made, everything was like smoke, curling up in the air and finding away inside of him with each heavy breath he took, making him feel even more dizzy and light-headed. The arousal was driving him wild and he needed more of Hawks, more of his reactions, more of all of it — he needed to see him break, needed to see him come undone and—


With another hit Hawks whole body suddenly froze up — and the most delicate and vulnerable moan ripped through the air and pulled Dabi out of his trance. It made the hairs at the back of his neck stand up, but in the most satisfying way possible. He could see how Hawks was breaking, how orgasm hit him and how it rolled through him — his knees and hips quivered violently — and then he collapsed forward onto Dabi’s lap, face completely pressed against the sheets as he tried to greedily pull in air through his mouth with heavy gasps. His eyes were disoriented and fogged up from exhaustion — there was a thin layer of sweat at his temples and his shirt was sticking against his back. 


God, he looked utterly beautiful and Dabi couldn’t help himself but crawl into bed next to him, pulling him up against his chest and Hawks went willingly. Dabi had to smile when he felt how the other man buried his nose against his neck, how his still shaking hands clutched onto the fabric of his shirt against his abdomen and how his legs curled around Dabi’s. 


It should make him panic at how good it felt and how this was supposed to be just another lesson — not a fucking scene, but he coudln’t be bothered. Not when Hawks made the sweetest noises while cuddling up close to him and held onto him as if his life depended on it. 


Dabi didn’t know how long they were just lying there, waiting for their breath to even out again, for their heart rates to calm down, but it didn’t matter. No one would need this room after them anyways and he didn’t have any lessons or anything planned for tonight, besides helping Kurogiri out at the bar — and that still had time. 


It was so cute to see how Hawks was slowly coming back to him — the way his dopey smile brightened and how his eyes cleared up. 


“Well, uh — this really was—” Hawks bit his lower lip “—something else.”


“Are you complaining?”


“Fuck no.” — Hawks snorted and curled up a bit more against Dabi’s chest, just for a moment. “Though I do have to ask — is this how lessons normally go for you? I do have to say, this was pretty intense .” 


“No, this is definitely not how my lessons usually go, I can promise you that.”


“Oh?” Dabi could feel how Hawks perked up at that. “Does that mean I am special?” 


The other man had leaned back so he could look Dabi in the eyes — and god, Dabi was weak. “Don’t get too full of yourself, you brat, but yes .” He worried his lower lip. “I haven’t done anything like that in years , let alone with a client . You can ask everyone around.” 


Another dopey grin. “Good. — I like that I have that effect on you. I would like to do that again sometime — if you are up for it.”


It would be so easy to just say yes to Hawks in that moment, it would be so easy to just throw all his fears and insecurities out of the windown, but fuck . He didn’t know what it was about that moment, but something inside of him started to shift, to panic . Dabi could feel the familiar pressure of it clawing at his insides and how his anxiety suddenly peaked up. But it was so contradicting to the ease he felt when looking at Hawks and—


“Though you don’t have to decide right away — we still have a few more lessons scheduled anyways, right?” — and just like that, Hawks was back to his cocky self. The sarcastic smirk back in place. “If I remember correctly I have at least six more lessons with you. — We can just see how things continue and by the end of it we decide, alright? No pressure.” 


Dabi wanted to say something — the change in the other man had happened fast, but then Hawks patted two times against his chest, a big smile tugging at his lips, and rolled off the bed. “I do have to admit, I was not prepared to come in my pants like a goddamn teenager, but you were right — the sensations are very different, but definitely not unpleasant. Though, if I would have known it would end like this I would have packed another set of underwear and pants.” 


— Dabi was still a bit starstruck and could only watch as the other man started to adjust his hair, combing it back with his fingers, and sorted out his rumpled appearance. His movements were so fluent — it was amazing to watch. Especially how elegantly he put on his jacket in one, swift movement. — Hawks stopped for a moment and turned around.

“You are awfully quiet right now, are you okay?”


“Huh?” — Dabi finally regained some sense of himself and what had just happened again. “Oh, yeah — just spaced for a moment.”


That seemed to please Hawks, because the worried expression melted away and the charming smile was back. “Good — by the way, the messy bedhead suits you. You look cute.” 


Now it was Dabi’s turn to blush — fuck. He never blushed. Not when a client was around.




“I have already scheduled my next appointment — at least Rumi said she has already set everything up for the next few lessons. Wait, lemme check—” Hawks lifted one finger, showing Dabi to wait as he pulled out his phone and typed away on it with one hand. The audacity — this man was too much. How could someone be so irresistible and submissive in one moment, and then be such a prickly little shit the next? 


“Our next appointment is in one and a half weeks — a Tuesday, this time. Well, I am definitely looking forward to that. — See you next time, Sir .”


And just like that, Hawks was out of the room — door closed behind him and Dabi was alone. — Fuck. The heaviness of the whole situation suddenly came crashing in — What the hell was he thinking?


God, he was screwed. So fucking screwed. — Shit. Fuck.

Dabi's face was burning — he knew it was, but he still tried to play it cool as he finally found the courage to go upstairs and face the others. Hawks must have left the club a while ago already and if anyone saw the state in which he has left in, ruffled hair and marks on his wrists and arms, Dabi just knew the others would give him shit. Fuck — he just hoped that most of the Dominants were busy with their own scenes and wouldn't be able to bother him. But then again word traveled fast in his club, and if Jin or Toga saw Hawks, the rest of the staff would know about it within the next five minutes. — Fuck that damn group chat Toga had set up for them and fuck Nemuri for hyping it up. 


He quickly made his way upstairs, helped himself out behind the bar with a drink and sat down in the booth closest to the bar. It was reserved for the staff and luckily everyone else seemed to be busy — Dabi could really use a moment for himself to cool off a bit. He had really made Hawks come in his pants. This was the first time they met and he had already thrown his boundaries out of the fucking window. What the hell was he thinking? — Nothing , it seemed, because his dick had done all the thinking. 


Fuck he was so screwed. 


"Seems like someone is finally done with their lesson. How was it? I must say, you and Hawks certainly took your time."


Dabi groaned. "Fuck off, Kai. I'm not in the mood." 


"Oh, then what are you in the mood for? — Maybe for a certain bird? I must say he did look a bit flustered when he came up the stairs. — Steamy lesson with a student, professor Dabi?" 


God, he hated that fucker sometimes. 


“Oh, fuck off . Why are you in such a good mood lately? It’s creeping me the fuck out. What happened to you? Finally found a Submissive that is actually a pain slut and loves getting degraded until they cry?”


 “Well, actually—” If Kai woudlnt be wearing his stupid face mask he always wore in the club he would definitely be grinning right now. Had that fucker actually found someone? The way Kai drawed out the words made Dabi gap.


“No way. Really?”


“Yes, way. — I only had two sessions with them so far, but honestly? I have never had a Submissive that well trained before. Whoever their former Dominant was — at least they were good with their training.” — Kai sat down in the booth, right in front of him.


“—at least? Bad experience?” 


Kai just shrugged. “We didn’t talk much, but apparently their Dominant once snapped and let their personal feelings seep into a scene. They had a fight before that and things got ugly — really ugly. But other than that, the Submissive said that their Dominant really had been amazing and that it had happened only that one time, but the Dominant immediately stopped being their Dominant after that issue, out of guilt. — Probably for the best.” 


Dabi bit his tongue — shit. He hated to hear when stuff like that happened to others. It also hit way too fucking close to home about what had happened to him, but he quickly pushed that thought aside. His mind was still preoccupied with the image of Hawks on his hands and knees and him standing above him. — It shouldn’t get to him as much as it did, but fuck


Hawks had looked exquisite. 


The way his cheeks had turned red, the squirming when Dabi had oh so casually placed the riding crop a bit too close to Hawks crotch, pressing down with the tip of the crop to feel how worked up he had already been just from that — and then the way he had moaned and looked up at him over his shoulder, completely debauched. — God, he really had broken several rules with Hawks today and he really needed to get his shit together. 


He was a professional . Shit, he was the owner of the club and what would the backlash be if the top Dominant of the club couldn’t keep it in his pants? — This was bad. Really bad. He would have to sit down and talk to Hawks during the next lesson — making it clear that this was a one time thing and that it would not happen again. — Definitely not. 


Another flash of arousal spread through him as he remembered how Hawks had desperately held onto the bed, burying his fingers in it to try to hold onto something while rutting away desperately. 


God, who was he kidding. He was already utterly and completely fucked. 


“—Oi, you listening to me at all?”


“Huh?” His head snapped back up again and Kai was looking at him with a shit-eating grin.


“Man, that Hawks guy really did a number on you, didn’t he?”


Dabi could feel his cheeks heating up again.


“Oh, fuck off .”


Chapter Text

Dabi couldn't get his head in the game for the rest of the night — whenever he had a moment of peace his thoughts would slip back to Hawks. It was bugging him, but at the same time thinking back to the other man was so incredibly delicious that Dabi was too weak to really fight it. 


He kept on replaying what had happened — and how soft Hawks had been after wards, curling up against his chest, cheeks tinted red and blotchy and a blissed out expression dancing on his face. 


At least he had talked about everything he had wanted to cover in the first lesson, so that was something. He had not completely lost his reputation as a good teacher just yet — Dabi had talked about the differences of safewords, how to use them, when to use them. Had talked about the first basics of impact play, though that usually was only talked about in the second lesson, because the first one was strictly for safewords and aftercare and—. 


A cold sense of dread washed through him. Hawks had left so abruptly that his still sexed up brain was too high on chemicals to register what had happened that he had completely forgotten to give Hawks the talk about aftercare , which was probably the most vital and most necessary part of a scene. Without aftercare things could get ugly, and while they hadn't really done something extreme like some of the other Dominants often did right off the bat, there still had been enough impact play involved for it to be too much afterwards for an inexperienced Submissive. 


Dabi nearly dropped the martini glass he was holding — fuck, he needed to contact Hawks as soon as possible. 


He ignored the definitely not sober customer who's martini he had just pushed aside and instead made a beeline for the staff room. — Kurogiri made a better martini than he did anyways. 


Dabi also ignored the bewildered look he was getting from Shota as he crashed into their staff room just like that and basically ran over to his locker and hastily pulled out his phone. 


To: Hawks [01:23]
Hey pretty bird, you left so fast I couldn't
tell you much about aftercare yet..
I feel like a jackass for not telling you,
but basically it can happen that after
what we did that you might feel down
or lonely, sad — whatever, everyone is 
a bit different. If that happens, please don't
hesitate to call me no matter what time.
— also, I recommend you using ointment
for your ass, otherwise sitting in your office
won't be a walk in the park for you for the
next few days. 

Dabi frowned. Would that be enough? He wasn't sure — they had cuddled and all that afterwards and Hawks had seemed content and happy when he had left, but that didn't mean anything. Sub Drops could happen just like that — just like Dom Drops and fuck, if he wouldn't get some sort of feedback from the other man soon he'd probably have an aneurysm. How could he have been so careless? 


He tried to reason with himself — Hawks had green lighted the whole thing and not once uttered yellow, let alone red and he had been into the scene as much as Dabi had been and everything had been fine . Why was he getting so worked up over this? — He shook his head. It was time to get back to work after all and Hawks was probably sound asleep in his bed by now anyways. He was worrying over nothing. 


"Dabs, you okay?" 


Shota was next to him within a moment — the calming presence of the other man making Dabi a little bit more at ease. 


"Uh, yeah sure. Just a bit — uh, you could say overwhelmed . I'm fine though." 


"Mhm." He knew that Shota was not buying any of his shit. "Sure. Whatever you say, kid." 


Dabi could still feel Shota's eyes on him — and he also knew that if he wouldn't throw the other man some kind of bone, he would not get any peace anytime soon. "Okay, you know what? How about you come over tomorrow evening — it's my day off tomorrow anyways and I think you only work the opening shift, right? Wanna hang out a bit and grab a beer or something?" 


The lazy smile was laced with pleasure, because Shota knew that Dabi knew that Shota had just definitely got what he had wanted. Meaning their casual hanging out would definitely turn into a therapy session — not like Dabi didn't have weekly appointments anyways, but this was different. Aizawa was good at putting his inner demons to rest when it came to anything BDSM related, all the fears, insecurities, and fuck ups that had happened. His therapy sessions were to help him cope with all that childhood trauma, or whatever else that was still dragging him down most of the time. 


"What, and you will actually stay at home and not come into work, even though it is your day off?” —  Dabi was too tired to let Shota tease him like that and only sent him a small glare. “Alright, alright. Sounds good to me — 8pm okay for you?" 


"Sure, and don't forget to bring some snacks. Last time you came over you demolished like half of my fridge within twenty minutes after we smoked some." 


Aizawa just snorted and flipped him off and Dabi couldn't help but grin, too. 


He felt a bit lighter around his chest. 


Ever since opening up his own club about five years ago, Dabi had the incredible luxury of
not having to set the alarm in the morning — literally the only times he had to set one was if he would have to go to his therapy sessions, or other important appointments that usually did not involve work. Honestly, that fact alone was the reason why Dabi would never wanna give up his job — all those years in school and university where he had to get up at ass crack of dawn only to go to classes he did not want to go to have traumatized him enough for that, thank you very much.


That sadly didn’t mean he was able to sleep peacefully every morning until he woke up by himself — more often than not was a claw in his thigh or a clawed slap in the face that woke him up. That, or Pretzel simply just laid down across his face and Dabi was nearly suffocated by all that fur. — He really didn’t get why some people like to get choked, but then again he was the one who liked to do the choking so who was he to complain.


The next morning though, he was not woken up by his cat but by someone nearly knocking down his front door, causing Dabi to almost have a heart attack when the loud doorbell started to chime up. — Within seconds he was awake. Pulse pumping, adrenaline rushing through his system and just for a moment he had no idea where he was, or what was happening. — Another loud thud against his front door and he was fully awake. 


Dabi could already feel a migraine setting in — who the fuck would bother him on his day off at, he had to squint at the clock in his living room since he had no idea where he had put his glasses and he certainly had not put in his contacts just yet, 10:03am? — God, whoever that was, was dead meat


He quickly made his way over to the front door, nearly tripping over Pretzel who thought it would be especially funny to play fetch with his legs, and nearly splitting his head open against the doorframe, before he finally yanked the door open —


Only to see the shit-eating grin of Toga and Kai staring back at him. 


God, he wanted to murder them. 


There was a moment of silence between them, before Kai broke it.


“Aren’t you going to let us in, loverboy ?” 


Dabi was tempted to smash the door in their faces.

“What the ever-loving fuck are you guys doing here?”


Toga’s wide smile suddenly dropped and so did Dabi’s heart. Oh no — had he forgotten something? It was not Toga’s birthday, nor any of the weird important dates you absolutely had to remember, Dabi! so what the hell was it?


“Dabs, you ass! You promised we would go to the mall today and go shopping! — You promised we could go see a movie and grab some food, too. You already missed our monthly get-together last time, because of god knows what, you have to make up for it!”

Ah, yes. Now he remembered — kind of. 


Ever since Toga had started to work part-time as a waitress in his club things had changed quite drastically. While he had always prided himself for having a harmonious work environment in his club, it got even more — homely —  after Toga started to work there. She was the one who had set up a group chat for all of them on discord, which proved to be incredibly annoying, but also useful, since they were all able to post their schedules and to see when special events were hosted at the club, or when a certain room would be booked. What definitely proved to be anything but useful was the amount of gossip Toga, Jin, Nemuri, Rumi and — Shota of all people spilled in their group chat. It was almost ridiculous. The only person who was not really participating in all of that gossip was Kai, but only because he liked to listen to all of them spill some tea and connect the dots between the lines only to drop an incredible and somehow frightening theory or analysis of what was actually going down at the club.


Dabi more often than not set his phone on silent. 


Another thing that now, well, was a thing in their club was that they all would come together once a month when the club was closed to just sit together, drink, play cards and just have a good time together. —  Dabi hated to admit it, but these weird get-togethers that often involved way too much alcohol and occasional weed-fueled shenanigans had become his monthly highlight. —  Especially when Kurogiri decided to join them, or when Shota would bring along his definitely not boyfriend, but only Submissive Hizashi. 


But yeah —  last time their little get together had been right after a big event for which Dabi had been slaving away for weeks straight and he had needed a break. Meaning going home, eating everything that he could find and then falling into his bed for the next sixteen hours straight. Meaning he completely overslept their little get-together and you just not simply overslept a get-together . Not on Toga’s watch — she had been up his ass about it for two weeks straight until he caved and promised her he would instead spend the day with her and go shopping and all that crap she wanted to do. Didn’t really explain why she was dragging Kai along as well, but their friendship was so incredibly weird, Dabi really did not want to know more about it. 


Dabi rubbed the sleep from his eyes. “Alright, alright — fine . Come in,” he yawned loudly “I am gonna take a shower though. Kai — you go feed the little gremlin before she continues to claw apart my legs and Toga — you know where the fridge is. There’s Capri Sun— oh and you know where the cornflakes are, too. Knock yourselves out.”


“Why do I have to feed the cat, while Toga gets to eat sweets?” — Kai continued to complain as they all walked back inside Dabi’s apartment, but Dabi was adamant to ignoring his friend. — He really needed a shower. And coffee. 


“—Toga, can you also make some coffee for me, please?”


“Already on it!”


There was more annoyed mumbling coming from Kai that no one asked if he wanted some coffee — he still did as he was told and fed Pretzel, who had already climbed up his pant-leg and was now clutching onto his shoulders. 


Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all that they had come over. 


Just when Dabi had turned around, ready to jump under the shower, he heard a loud crash coming from the kitchen, along with a screech coming from Toga, followed by a shrill “Everything’s okay! Don’t worry Dabi!” — He just ignored it. He was absolutely not awake enough to deal with their shit, especially if Toga had probably just accidentally smashed his favourite mug. 


Dabi had known that shit was about to go down when he had opened the door to a smiling Toga, but he always underestimated the sheer amount of chaos such a tiny person could radiate. The beginning of their little adventure had been a quick trip to the local game store — obviously Dabi had to pay because Toga’s birthday was coming up and he kind of still felt bad for not going to the last get-together so he indulged in whatever the petite blonde wanted to do. He also paid for some of the books Kai wanted as he dragged them to his favourite bookstore not even five minutes away from the gaming store — afterwards they also made a quick stop at the only trusted sex shop in the city, because why the hell not. 


While Dabi had already ordered more ropes for Kai and the rest of the team, he still got them some from the shop as well, just so he would finally shut up about it. Really — sometimes Dabi felt as if he was the adoptive parent of those two, who continuously sulked if the other person was getting more attention than the other and if there was something no one wanted to deal with then it was a pissed off Kai and/or a sulking Toga. There was no way Dabi could play favourites — he hated them both equally. 


At least that was what he told them and they all knew it was a lie. 


The chaotic part of the day was when Toga had the absolutely amazing idea for them to hit up the arcade — and for her to completely wreck them at skee ball and any other game there was. Dabi always forgot how competitive they all got whenever they played any of these mini games. It got only worse and worse — as soon as Dabi was leading by a few points, Kai and Toga would gang up on him and either scare him, push him, or do literally anything possible to sabotage him so he was not able to make a point, but as soon as someone else was leading the roles got reversed. 

It was stupid and ridiculous, but there was something so childishly entertaining about the whole thing that Dabi comepletely forgot about any of his worries for a couple of hours. It just was too entertaining to watch Kai absolutely getting his ass handed to him while playing DanceDanceRevolution, or the way Toga was absolutely losing it when she tried to win against Kai in Street Fighter, or Space Invaders. As much as Dabi hated to admit it so far he had not been able to beat Kai’s highscore — hell, no one who frequented the damn Arcade had been able to beat him to it in the past four years. Literally the only person who had managed to top his high score was Kai himself.


To say that it was an unwritten rule between them all to someday beat Kai in Space Invaders was the underestimation of the century — they all tried. Even Shota who always rolled his eyes at those childish little games they were all playing — only for him to kick the poor machine nearly to bits and pieces when Kai had managed to fuck him over once more. 


Really, it was entertaining as hell.


Toga was about to absolutely destroy Kai at DDR when Dabi’s phone vibrated in his back-pocket. He casted one last glance at his friends, telling them that he would go grab some snacks and drinks for them all, before he pulled out said phone and looked at the LCD screen to see who had texted him.


A stupid smile tugged at his lips when he saw that it was Hawks.


Hawks [02:52pm]
Hey there hot stuff, sorry for the late reply
Overslept and was in meetings all day long
and you were right, sitting definitely was a
pain today but I'm not complaining ;) 


Hawks [02:53pm]
And thanks for the heads up! Gonna read a
bit into that topic in a bit, but I'm feeling amazing
so far! Besides, I'm sure you'll cover that in our
next lesson, too.. Can't wait xx


The stupid smile only grew bigger as he read the messages. He was relieved to say the least that Hawks was doing good — while he had managed to take his mind off for the past few hours, it did feel good to know that the other man was fine. Dabi just knew that he would hate himself for leaving Hawks alone, letting him suffer through a Sub Drop on his own. 


To: Hawks [02:55pm]
Hey there, birdie..
good to hear that you are doing alright, I was really
worried that it might have been too much since you
have not been exposed to impact play before. 


He debated with himself for a moment if he should ask more about the meetings. 

It wouldn’t be very professional of him if he did, but he was curious. Besides, Rumi had said that Hawks was prone to overworking himself — not that he was any better — and in dire need of someone to take him down a notch or two. 


To: Hawks [02:57pm]
How were the meetings? Have you eaten yet? Rumi told
me you always work too much, are you able to catch a break?


Dabi put his phone aside, walking over to get them all some absolutely not healthy snacks — Toga absolutely loved the blood-red strawberry slushies and for some reason Kai was absolutely obsessed with the black colored cotton candy. He had stopped questioning them for their food choices long ago and just rolled with it. — He was used to the weirdest food combinations, since his younger siblings all had terrible taste. — Especially Shouto. When they all had still lived under the same roof he had once caught his little brother making a good damn peanut butter and tuna sandwich in the middle of the night. 


He grabbed a few drinks for all of them, too for good measure and some nachos for himself and walked back towards a screaming Toga and a very stressed out looking Kai, when his phone vibrated again.


Hawks [03:04pm]
you are so sweet, getting all worried about
little ol’ me? xx I am actually on my break right
now, finally getting something to eat. I had a few
snacks during the meeting — my boss nearly killed
me, but me eating quietly was less of an issue than
my growling stomach was so he had to deal with it haha

Hawks [03:05 pm]
But really, I feel good. Really good. I don’t know what
exactly did the trick, but after our appointment my head
was pleasantly empty. I constantly have to worry about so
much stuff that is going on at work and all that switching my
brain off just like that was a very welcomed distraction. 


To: Hawks [03:06pm]
Your boss sounds like a prick..but I am glad I was able to help
you out a little bit. The thing you just said — switching your brain
off and all that — is actually part of the whole headspace topic.
If you want I can talk about it during our next lesson?


To: Hawks [03:07pm]
Also glad to hear you enjoyed it. Gonna keep that in mind for
future references. 


Before he could think twice, he had hit sent. — Only to regret it. What would he need to keep it in mind for? Hawks was not his Submissive and definitely would not be his Submissive any time soon. — But the more glimpses he could see of Hawks the more interested he got in the other man. Shit, he really needed to have that talk with Shota. The other man always knew what to do and picked him up when he was on his lowest and in return, Dabi let him pet his cat and eat all the stuff in his fridge and listen to him bitch about his not boyfriend Hizashi and how the other man was incredibly obnoxious and downright annoying and the biggest brat he had ever encountered, but also the best Submissive he ever had. 


Dabi could just roll his eyes at that — they were both obviously into each other, why did they make such a big deal out of it? Really, it was ridiculous. — He tried to really ignore the feeling of hypocrisy nagging at him, but for all he knew Hawks might not be interested in him like that anyways. Plus he had only met the man once . He never got attached to people quickly, so why the hell was Hawks special? — Hell, he didn’ even know the other man’s name.


Hawks [03:09pm]

He really can be a prick, but what can you do. At least he is not
ugly to look at, though I would much rather be looking at you ;)
And yes please! I wanna know more about this whole headspace
thing, because honestly, I could really use it. Work is stressing me
out and even when I am on vacation I rarely get to relax, but you
made me relax within minutes. 

Dabi tried not to get annoyed at the comment about Hawks' boss. Nope. He was not getting jealous about that.

Hawks [03:09pm]
—and that orgasm had me weak in the knees for the rest of
the night, too. You are a talented young man. ;))

Nevermind then. Hawks' boss had no chance in hell.


“Yo, Dabs. Why is your face so red? Did someone sext you?” 


Dabi had completely forgotten about where the hell he was and who he was out with — only to panic and quickly put his phone away, before Toga or Kai could snatch it away and read the messages. 

“No. — Here is your cavities drink, now leave me alone.”


“Aw, he is getting all prickly! It must mean that it is someone important — right Kai?”


“I bet it’s Hawks.” 


God he just wanted to go home already.

— and talk to Shota. And totally forget about today. 


“Oh, is that the guy he had that one-on-one lesson with? The one that lasted way longer than usually? — Hey, Dabs. What exactly did you and that Hawks guy talk about? Isn’t he best friends with Rumi?”

“Bet they didn’t do much talking.”


Dabi was pretty sure that the blood vessels in his cheeks were close to getting permanently damaged. “Will you two just shut it!? — Kai, eat your fucking weird cotton candy and Toga here is your fucked up slurpie. Don’t you have someone else to torture? Why do you guys have to torment me?”


“Because you never really give a shit about anyone and it is so much fun to see you getting all lovey-dovey with that Hawks guy. Which reminds me, — hey Kai! How about we hit up Rumi for a bit and ask her about that Hawks guy? I am sure she is more likely to spill information about what is going on than that guy.” — Toga absently pointed with her thumb towards Dabi as if he wasn’t even able to listen to them. The loud noises coming from the different arcade games around them were going wild as a bunch of kids flooded the room, taking over most of the machines. 


Dabi pinched the bridge of his nose. “Yeah, do whatever . — I think I will go home now. Shota is coming over later tonight and I really need some alone time.” 


“You mean time to jack off to Hawks? — Now, now Dabi. Didn’t think you would fall back into the old patterns of your teenage years!”


Oh, that was it. Dabi had enough. — Before he would completely lose it, he simply turned towards Toga who was now happily devouring her slurpee. There was a calm and collected smile on his lips as he spoke. “Hey, Toga?” — the blonde looked up from her drink, making a short “hm?” sound as he continued to slurp away. “Did you know that Kai over here has a new Submissive he is head over heels for? — he even said that he never had such a perfectly well trained Submissive before and we all know how picky that fucker is.”


The look of utter betrayal that spread across Kai’s face was visible even though he was wearing a facemask. — Oh, revenge indeed was sweet .


Toga was in front of Kai within seconds , asking about everything all at once and Dabi just walked away, chuckling to himself as he made his way home. 

Shota arrived just on time, like he usually did. This time, he came prepared with take out, extra pack of cigarettes and everything else they might need for another therapy session like evening together. — Dabi immediately wolfed down his portion of the food as he watched Shota play and cuddle Pretzel. The damn cat was such a traitor sometimes. Not wanting Dabi to pick her up and baby her, but as soon as Shota was around she got soft and sweet. — It was so unfair, but he knew it was because Shota continuously slipped her pieces of chicken and if there was something she absolutely loved, then it was KFC. 


He was still chewing on his own Chicken Wrap when he felt his phone vibrate again — the stupid smile back on his lips when he saw that it was Hawks again.


Hawks [08:47pm]
[image attached] 
Finally home, put on some ointment like
you told me to ;) Anything else I should do?
I feel so sore… xx


Dabi nearly threw his phone as he saw the attached picture — Hawks had seemingly just gotten out of the shower. His skin was still wet and glistening with water and his hair looked damp, but what really threw Dabi off was — well, the whole fucking picture itself. 

Hawks was standing with his back to a full length mirror, taking the picture with his phone over his shoulder with one hand, while the other one was holding a fluffy looking towel in front of his crotch. — Fuck, he had seen how amazing it had looked in dress pants, but seeing his naked ass for the first time was a shock. 


There were deep red bruises on his cheeks, some even a slight shade of purple and god, Dabi wanted to run his hands over those full cheeks. He wanted to feel the heated skin where the bruises had formed in his own hands, caress them. 


It took him a moment to fully take in the full picture though — he had been so focused on Hawks ass that he almost didn't pay attention to the rest. Almost. Hawks had a slim build, but at the same time he had the perfect amount of muscles and just looked so fucking delicious it was unreal. Plus the contrast between the relatively broad shoulders for his frame and the slim waist did things to Dabi he really did not want to say out loud. Hawks had a slim build, but at the same time he had the perfect amount of muscles and just looked so fucking delicious it was unreal. and that ass. The most perfect one Dabi had ever seen, but there was something else that caught his attention: the absolutely breathtaking red wings Hawks had tattooed on his back. They were elegant and unique in a way — whoever the artist had been had paid a lot of attention to detail, taking their time to complete the masterpiece. It complemented Hawks back so amazingly well, Dabi couldn't help but stare. 


He bit his lower lip, fingers twitching. God, he wanted to feel that tan skin under his fingertips. 

To: Hawks [08:48pm]
Lucky you that I have a friend over otherwise
I would make you pay for sending me these
pictures of yourself — shit, look
so good for me, you took that spanking so well


He really should not get all worked up when Shota was around — he really should not get worked up when Shota was around. He really should not get worked up like this when Shota was around and—


To: Hawks [08:49pm]
Now I really can’t wait for our next lesson.
The bruises will have faded until then though,
such a shame. Would have loved to see them
in person .. xx


Dabi looked up to Shota — who was still occupied with Pretzel. Thankfully — it gave him enough time to cool down a little bit again. Besides, he would see Hawks again soon. Just one and a half weeks, how bad could that be?


His phone vibrated again. 


Hawks [08:52pm]
If you want, you can always spank me
some more and see those bruises form
on my skin ;) I wouldn’t mind to feel your
toys and your hands on my own skin..


Hawks [08:53pm]
I am gonna head to bed now, definitely
not thinking about you and your hands..
goodnight, hot stuff xx 


Dabi was weak — way too fucking weak for Hawks. 

God, he didn’t have a chance at all — did he?


One quick glance to Shota who had started to look at him with a sharp look. He quickly typed his response to Hawk, before putting aside his phone for the rest of the evening. Dabi was pretty sure that anything he and Hawks could possibly end up talking after those texts would involve sexting and as much as he appreachiated Shota as a friend and Dominant, he really did not want to share any experiences he had with Hawks. — He didn’t like to share.

To: Hawks [08:53pm]
can’t wait for that either
sleep well xx


Chapter Text

"I don't think I've ever seen you smile like that — was it Hawks that you've been texting with?" 


It shouldn't feel as if Dabi was a teenager again and he got caught doing something naughty by a parent, but that was pretty much how he felt right now. His eyes snapped up, only to see Shota smirking at him, with Pretzel curled up like a, well, pretzel, in his lap. 


Dabi clicked his tongue. "How's your boyfriend doing? You guys have been awfully chummy again these days. He's visited quite a lot during club hours, hasn't he?" 


Shota just raised an unimpressed eyebrow at him. "Things are actually fine, thank you very much and now stop dodging the question. Was that Hawks? Is he the reason you had a mini breakdown in the break room yesterday? — must say, you chose a fitting scenery for that."


Dabi sighed — he knew better than to bitch back at the other man. Besides, this was the reason why he had asked Shota over, right? To get some of the guilt of his chest and to see if it would be okay for him to want more from Hawks than simple lessons? 


"Yeah, that was Hawks. You see — yesterday we had our first lesson, right? Well, things got.. a little bit out of hand, I'd say."


"How so?" 


"I was teaching him about the basics and everything, as I usually do and then asked him if there was something he'd be interested in. Something he'd wanna talk about — he chose impact play. Normally it wouldn't really be an issue, but since it was only him and me, things were tense. I showed him how to use some toys, he used them and he looked so fucking happy and fascinated and he had been looking at me with this hungry look in his eyes ever since he had stepped into the room and, I don't know. I just snapped."


"Did you hurt him?" 


"Only the way he liked it, I promise. Asked him what color — he said ' Green, Sir ' and even went so far to basically beg me to spank him. He wanted to know what it would feel like — so I did." 


"So, he green-lit the scene?" 


"Well, yeah?" 


"Then what are you worried about? — I know, I know. He is not your Submissive and all that, but still. We work at a BDSM club. Not every Submissive I have is mine , or even collared. You know that — some of my Submissive sometimes have hours scheduled with Rumi, or Kai or whoever else they fancy, simply because they want to see what other Dominants have to offer and that's totally fine. — We are all consenting adults, aren't we?"


"Yes, I know, but this was only meant to be a lesson , not a scene and—" 


"Did he want it?" 




"The scene, the spanking — did he want it?" 




"Then I don't see a single issue here. You both went into the lesson either wanting to teach, or to learn something. Demonstrations are part of lessons and since it was a one-on-one session it was bound to be a bit more personal . — I know you have your issues with being someone's Dominant, be it permanently, or just for one scene — but I don't think you should shy away from this opportunity."


"But what if—" 


"You are not the person you were in your early 20s, Dabi. — You might not realize it yourself, but you are much calmer and more approachable than you were five years ago. You go to your weekly appointments with your therapist, you have taken anger management classes and even your therapist says she's proud of you."


Dabi needed a moment for that all to sink in. — It always seemed so fake whenever someone was complimenting him for his achievements, as if Dabi had managed to convince everyone that he was someone kind, someone giving, when in reality he really was not. 


"You spend too much time in your head, Dabi. You have this image of yourself still stuck in your head, how you used to be years ago, but you are not the same person anymore. — When we first started to work together you would have never just let me hang out with you and talk with you so openly about all of this, and now look at you."


More silence. 


"Your past and your actions do not define your future and who you are as a person now , Dabi. — The way you handle them, learn from them, and how you act when the same action arises, define you. I know the things that happened once with Tenko are painful . — It was wrong, yes. But you were also in an emotional situation."


"Are you trying to justify my actions?" 


"No, I'm explaining the reason why you reacted the way you did — Tenko started the whole event by accident, your father freaked out, threw you into a fucking glass table and kicked you out. Obviously your emotions were all over the place and it was definitely not the time for a scene that shortly after what happened. It's not an excuse, but a reason — and now you know better. Now you know when you are in the right headspace for a scene, now you know the signs and triggers for when you are in no shape to do a scene. You also have been working on that bottled up anger for five years now and you have learned that no matter what, you won't  just behave the way you did with Tenko."


Shota stopped for a moment, petting Pretzels head again. 


"I think Hawks could be a good way for you to see that you are not as much of the monster you think you are. — You had a small scene with him, he enjoyed it. You enjoyed it. — That's a start. Isn't it?" 


"You make it sound so easy." 


"Because it is. — You are stuck in your head way too much again. Don't overthink this. Look at it from a logical point of view. Hawks wants to learn about BDSM, you are an excellent teacher. There are six more lessons with him and he seems to be very much into you and what you have to offer so why not mindlessly self indulge for a bit? It's been years since you last had a Submissive, why not try with this one? — I am not talking about you collaring him and making him completely yours, or even starting a relationship, but just for the next six lessons. — By the end of it, you'll see if you guys really are compatible or not. Worst case is, he has a piss kink or something and you guys are not compatible in the least — best case scenario is you guys are compatible and he wants more from you and you from him. New relationships of any kind are scary, I know that, why else do you think I'm still not comfortable with the idea of dating Hizashi? — But I really think that Hawks could be good for you, and you truly deserve to have someone in your life who cares for you, Dabi." 


The other man could only nod. This was a lot to take in after all and he always got a bit emotional whenever someone close thim talked to him like that — about him deserving something good in life. About him being too harsh on himself. About how much his father had actually fucked him up and that the way he saw himself was definitely not the way others saw him. — Dabi could feel the lump in his throat, even after he cleared his throat. 


Instead, he reached for the beer bottle he had placed on the table when Shota had dumped the KFC on it, taking a big gulp and took another bite of his now cold chicken wrap.


“I know.” Another sip of beer. “It’s just hard to accept sometimes, y’know?”


Shota gave him a sympathetic smile. 


“Now — how are things with Hizashi going?”


Dabi woke up the next day with the worst hangover he had in a very long time, Pretzel had puked onto the bathroom floor nearly causing him to slip head-first into the bathtub as he tried to take a shower, and Shota was still snoring loudly on his couch. — They had certainly overdone it a little bit the night before, but honestly it had been a long time coming for them to meet up and just get piss drunk. — Shota had whined and complained about Hizashi, about his own fears regarding relationships and that he had no idea how to tell the other man that he was head over heels for him, because affection was not something he was used to giving — or receiving. Dabi could sympathize with that. Growing up the way he did, accepting any sort of affection was hard — he still inwardly cringed whenever Toga would run up to him, hug him and tell him how much she loved him and that he was the coolest older brother anyone could ever ask for. He had gotten better over the time, not downright pushing her away, but instead smiling awkwardly and petting her head. 


It was a small step, but it was huge for Dabi. — Same thing with his situation with Hawks.


His life seemed to be full of little steps these days, but these little steps all changed the greater picture of how things were going down in his life. 


Shota and he had also talked about Hawks a little bit more — about how affected Dabi was already by the other man and about the advantages and disadvantages of that whole situation. For one thing, it was amazing that Dabi finally had someone he was interested in after so long — he had had several one night stands and so on, but never something that was akin to being remotely serious. It was good to see that Hawks seemed to be into Dabi as well — but there were obviously also fears involved. What if Dabi wanted Hawks to be his Submissive? What if Dabi wanted Hawks to be exclusive and to be his outside of a Dominant/Submissive relationship? — Shota had sent him a dirty look for that. Telling him he was overthinking again and that he should take one step at a time, meaning talking to Hawks when he saw him the next time and explaining that yes, he indeed was open to trying having scenes with the other men for the next couple of lessons and teaching him about BDSM that way. — and that he did not like to share. 


If Hawks would be okay with all of these things, then they wouldn’t have a problem — if Hawks did see an issue with any of that, then it was clear that things would not work out well between them. 


It was simple. — Hard and soft limits so to say. They also applied to anything else when it came to relationships, not only BDSM ones. You always had certain limits you did not want to pass for your partner — otherwise you would continously hurt yourself just for the sake of the other person and absolutely kill yourself that way.


Dabi didn’t want to acknowledge how fucking nervous he was about their next meeting — he really did not , but then he really did want to talk to Hawks. 


But how would he strike up a casual sounding conversation that did not border on creepy or him overstepping boundaries? Sure, Hawks had said that he would want to have more lessons like they had last time, but that didn’t mean he would want to have more contact with Dabi per se. Some Submissives were fine with having an appointment once a month and only calling to set up the next appointment. Some were more high-maintenance and needed phone-calls, because they were close to dropping or simply needed reassurance that they were alright and everything was fine. 


Time passed and the pull inside Dabi’s stomach got worse. — Until he coudln’t take it anymore and decided to just say fuck it and shoot Hawks a messagen.


What did he have to lose?


To: Hawks [08:21am]
Hey there pretty bird, wanted to
check up on you. How are you feeling?
Everything okay? Your boss is not being
a jerk again is he?

He decided that that was normal enough — right? It could be chalked up as a Dominant just checking up on someone who was new to all of this, right?

What he didn’t expect though was for Hawks to reply as fast as he did. — It was friday morning after all and that meant that he would probably be in his office and overworking himself as usual. Maybe he had a moment to spare because he was not in a meeting?


Hawks [08:22am]
Hey there hot stuff xx
yes, I am fine though it is sad to see
that most of the bruises are already gone :((
hope you make sure that I will get them again
next time, I am looking forward to whatever you
have planned. I am already starting to go through
withdrawls, you know ..


To: Hawks [08:22am]
Oh, is that say? Well, might wanna schedule a 
weekly appointment with me in that case. Can’t
lie and say that I am not looking forward to seeing
your bratty ass again and give you the spanking
you deserve. You have been working too much again,
haven’t you?


It was quiet for a few minutes, before his phone vibrated again and Dabi had to smirk.


Hawks [08:30am]
God, you are evil you know that, right? It's only half an
hour into my shift and you are already making me horny,
do you know how terrible it is to try working through
paperwork and sorting out taxes and the like and working
on analyses when you have a hard-on?


Hawks [08:31am]
..and okay, I have been working overtime again, but we 
just landed a huge deal and big boss needs my help
with that because I am the best on the team, hell, in the
whole firm so I can’t really say no to that. 


To: Hawks [08:32am]
hmm what a nice mental image, cute little birdie sitting
all flustered in your chair with a hard-on and not being
able to touch yourself. How about you take a short
break later for some stress relief? Might even help
you with that and I will definitely help you forget about
your stupid boss and assignments for a bit.


Hawks [08:34am]
God, don’t tempt me like that, pretty boy
It’s so unfair that you don’t wanna take in a Submissive
I would be on my knees so fast, I’d give you whiplash


Now Dabi not only struggled with holding back a grin, but also the stupid and dopey smile and warm feeling that bubbled up inside of him — Hawks really seemed to like the idea of being his Submissive. Maybe he really was overthinking everything?


To: Hawks [08:35am]
Well, lucky you — I have some news for you regarding
the whole Dominant/Submissive thing. I talked a lot to
a fellow Dominant and he gave me advice and my rule
when it comes to Submissives might or might not change.
Let’s just say we have a lot to discuss during our next lesson.


The reply was instant. 


Hawks [08:35am]
Wait, REALLY?!


Hawks [08:35am]
Oh my god 


Hawks [08:35am]
Now I really won’t get any work done today oh god


Hawks [08:35am]
Can we talk about it now??
I really want to
pretty please?


To: Hawks [08:37am]
Easy there you brat — I do want us to talk about this in person.
When we talk about this next time, we will take our time and also
talk about everything else that is critical for us.
— there can be many misunderstandings while texting..


Hawks [08:38am]
I know you are right, but god. Now I am getting so hard just
thinking about you and what he could possibly do. You are
impossible. I should not get this riled up this easily.

The thought of Hawks sitting in his office, all proper wearing an expensive suit and hair probably combed back and all, but fighting a raging hard-on, desperate to touch himself made Dabi hard. — He was still in his bed, old band shirt on and grey sweatpants. Pretzel was off eating all of his plants most likely and he would not have to leave his bed for at least another couple of hours, either. Living on his own and not having anyone over certainly had its perks — especially if said perks involved a very horny little bird and him getting off on said impatient bird.


To: Hawks [08:38am]
Oh? — Something specific you want me to do to you?


Hawks [08:39am]
So many things god, I want you to tie me up and spank
me again like you did last time. I really liked that and,,
the way you yanked my hair — never thought I would
like that but you made me like it, made me want to scream
out loud and couldn’t get the image out of my head of you
fucking my mouth.. Do you also have piercings down there?


Now Dabi could really feel how his dick was swelling up and his hand immediately snaked down to his hard-on, groping it through the thin material of the joggers and grinning when he had an idea. — He was not wearing underwear so the outlines of his erection were clear to see, especially when he pushed his hand down just like that and — Dabi snapped a quick picture, already feeling giddy. — God, the idea of Hawks on his knees in front of him, sucking him off made him throb . He couldn’t wait to have his pretty little bird all for himself.


To: Hawks [08:41am]
[image attached]
You mean you want a taste of this? — to answer your
question, yes I do have more piercings than the ones
in my face and on my ears (;


Hawks [08:41am]


Hawks [08:41am]


Hawks [08:41am]
God, I just want to go down on you so bad


Hawks [08:41am]
[image attached]
You are playing so, so dirty Dabi 


Dabi started to move his hand — Hawks had sent him a selfie of him pouting. His cheeks were an adorable shade of red and he looked so incredibly flustered, Dabi just wanted to devour him. There were equal parts of frustration as there were arousal spread over the other man’s face and Dabi could imagine all too well what it would be like for Hawks to

suck him off.


He quickly pulled out his cock — tip already red and glisteing with pre-cum. Just knowing his little bird was getting this desperate just from a few words was driving him mad with hunger. 


Dabi took another picture — making sure to pull up his shirt a little bit, revealing the faint outlines of abs and the short trimmed patch of white hair that was just at the base of his cock. He held his cock in one hand, angling it towards his stomach to take a picture from below — Hawks wanted piercing and he should get them. The Jacob's ladder had a total of five slightly curved barbells, on each side of the tiny bar there was a small silver ball and it started at the underside and base of his cock, wandering upwards in even gaps until it reached the top — there he had another one. Prince Albert — pretty cliché, but still. Dabi certainly knew the appeal of having a piercing placed through your urethra and glans. He had been a bit skeptical at first, but since even Shota had said it was a good type of piercing he had rolled with it and certainly not regretted it. 


He hit sent. — His hand now finally moving up and down his aching shaft, letting his mind wander, imagining what he will do to Hawks next time he sees him. Dabi had promised to give him another good spanking and who was he to deny that? But this time, he would make sure that Hawks would lose his damn pants — the image of Hawks naked butt was still imprinted into his mind. He wanted to see how his skin would turn red, how there would be deep, red stripes of where the flogger would hit him — would Hawks like the cane, too? Shit, just imagining the other man withering in pain and pleasure, trying to feel some pressure against his own erection was exquisite.


His phone vibrated again — Hawks was calling him. 


A wave of adrenaline rushed through him. 


“Hey there, little bird. — Working hard?”


“Dabi, I—” All fears of maybe having overstepped would have at latest disappeared now . Hawks' voice was raspy and low — but also sweet as dripping honey, there was a whine in the way he said his name and Dabi felt another wave of arousal crash into him so hard it made his cock twitch. 

“What is it, baby? Are you touching yourself?”


Instead of an answer, he got a whimper that ended in a sob. — He listened closely and Dabi could hear the slick sounds of Hawks desperately touching himself. The way his own hand was probably jacking up and down, faster and faster and how incredibly wet he must be. Oh what a pretty picture that would make. 


“Answer with words, little bird. —Are you touching yourself?”


“Y-Yes, Sir.” — Another whimper. 

“Did I give you permission to do so?” This time, Hawks’ whimpers sounded painful and the slick sounds stopped for a moment. The only thing Dabi could hear was the heavy intakes of breath.


“No, Sir. But please . You have been teasing me so much and I need to come, please I—”


“Do you deserve it? Have you been looking after yourself? No overtime?”


N-No, but —”


“Then no — you don’t deserve it at all. What you do deserve is getting bent over my lap like last time. I do have a few more toys I want to use on you — you were still way too bratty afterwards and I will make sure to put you in your place where you belong. Maybe I will even let you suck me off and fuck that pretty face of yours.” — Dabi tried to keep his voice steady, but it was getting increasingly harder to not let the heat that was curling up inside of him take over. He could feel how his head started to spin as he closed his eyes, imagining Hawks. Every sound around him turned into white noises, save for the sweet sounds that were coming from the other end of the line. He could tell that Hawks was losing it — it almost sounded like he was close to tears, frustrated about not being able to touch himself at all.


“Maybe I should just not allow you to touch yourself at all until we see each other in a couple of days, hm ? Would that make you behave? — Don’t you want to be a good boy? Don’t you want to get praised ?” 


pleasepleaseplease —”


“Begging already? You are so easy. — You like me that much, huh?”


Yes! Dabi, please —”


Oh, that definitely stroke his ego. “You know I am touching myself right now, too. — Imagining all the things I will do to you. Tying you up real good so you won’t be able to get away from me — cannot wait to get my hands on your naked skin. I bet you taste so good.” Dabi was positively breathless by now — Hawks* whimpers and small curses were getting to him and there was no denying that he wasn’t close. He was so fucking close. 


This time, he didn’t try to conceal the noises he was making — instead a deep groan rolled from his lips, accompanied by a growl, moaning out Hawks’ name as he picked up the pace of his hand. — He could feel the piercings moving along his shaft with every move, the way it tugged roughly at him just the way he liked it and he couldn't stop himself from twisting his wrist just so that he also tugged at the piercing at the tip of his cock. — Another sharp bolt of pleasure hit him when there was suddenly a loud, high-pitched moan at the other end of the line that faded into a silent scream and ended with a deep groan. Hawks sounded so delicious, so incredibly wrecked and the mental image Dabi had of him right now was enough to send him tumbling over the edge. Thick ropes of cum splattered against his stomach and pecs as he continued to pump himself through his orgasm — only stopping when the last wave of pleasure had rolled through his body, followed by the sharp feeling of overstimulation. — He pumped his cock two, three times more before he fell back onto the mattress, panting heavily. 


Shit, that had been good. — His legs were pleasantly numb and tingly at the same time and he knew he would stay in bed a while longer for sure. — Hawks was still on the other side of the line, panting just as hard as Dabi did. 


He quickly composed himself, slipping back into his Dominant role he loved to play.


“Did I tell you to touch yourself, Hawks?”


There was sharp intake of breath, a gasp. “N-No, Sir.”


Hawks sounded frightened — but this was not the bad type of frightened and Dabi could tell. This was the typical behaviour of a Submissive who had just fucked up, royally. God, he had way too much fun with his little bird already.


“Did I allow you to come?”


“No, Sir.” 


“You do know what that means, right?”


There was a moment of silence that passed between them — Hawks was most likely trying to find a way to get out of this situation, avoiding punishment. They always did, but there was no running away from Dabi. — “I will get punished?”


“That’s correct little bird and I think I already know how.” He couldn’t help but chuckle darkly. “I have so many ideas for you — just for you and you better behave when we see each other next week, alright? No more all-nighters.”


Another intake of breath, but this one ended with a lazy chuckle. “Yes, Sir. I will try my best to please you, I promise.” — This time, Hawks didn’t sound cheeky at all, but mellow and soft and it made Dabi’s heart skip a beat.


“That’s what I want to hear — maybe you are a good boy after all, hm? Though, I do have to ask, aren’t you at work right now?”


This time Hawks really did laugh and it was adorable . God, he would have to punch a wall or something to feel manly again after almost swooning over the way Hawks laughed .


“Yes, I am — and I also just totally postponed a meeting I would have had with my boss until later this afternoon because of you . Bet you like that, don’t you?”


“I do have to admit that yes, I like it. Especially the idea of you getting all flustered while you are in your office — you look good, by the way. The suit and tie look suits you. Especially when you are blushing such a pretty pink for me.”


Hawks giggled — he fucking giggled . Oh god, Dabi had it bad if he thought this was the cutest shit he had ever heard. 


“Oh, please! It’s not like I have a choice! You are insanely attractive and your voice should be illegal and — God, your cock. I will absolutely end up taking another long break during the day, disappearing into my office and locking up the door so I can have another look at the pictures you sent. — How are you even real? This is ridiculous!”


How was he real? — Was Hawks kidding? Even if he was, Dabi didn’t care. He had to slap a hand over his own mouth, because he was grinning so hard. 


“I think you got it wrong, birdie. You are the one who looks like they stepped out of a fashion magazine, I look like a Tim Burton character.”


Another snort and Dabi felt his heart squeeze. “—Jokes on you, I am into that shit!”


Dabi ignored the unpleasant feeling of drying cum on his abdomen, he was too occupied with cackling his butt off. Oh god, he couldn't remember the last time he had laughed like that and the situation wasn’t even funny! But something inside of him thought that it was hilarious — no, not hilarious, but just — good.


So good.

Hawks made him feel so good. 


It had been a long time since he had felt this at ease and not just after having sex or doing a scene — this ran deeper. 


“Good to know then.” He bit his lip. “But if you do end up looking up at my pictures I sent you, why not give me another call? I really enjoyed this, you know.”


“So did I — and uh, I will definitely take you up on your offer, Dabi .” — Now, there was a little bit of the bite again that Dabi had grown accustomed to already. It was cute to see how Hawks still pulled the brat card, even if he had already been begging for Dabi. 


“Good.” He bit his lower lip — one of his piercings brushing against his teeth. “Can’t wait.”


Hawks was just about to say something else, when Dabi could hear a ruckus in the back on the other line of the phone and Hawks cursed loudly — “Oh, fuck. Dabs, I will have to call you back. My boss is about to knock my damn door down, I just know it. I will talk to you later again! Hope you have a nice day — see ya!” 


Dabi was still feeling the high of sex and one of the best orgasms he had had in a long time so the whole thing just was fucking hilarious to him. He could basically see what had just happened on the other line — Hawks probably had still been sitting in his office, door locked, with his pants down and dick out. Maybe even had gotten some cum on his nice dress shirt and his hair and face still a mess. — He still remembered how long it had taken for the blush on Hawks cheeks to fade after their last lesson, it was so incredibly adorable.

Dabi chuckled again. 


He would make sure to give Hawks a call tonight, to see if he hadn’t gotten in too much trouble. But still — he would absolutely tease him about getting caught jacking off by his own goddamn boss . A classic. — Really. 


God, he couldn't wait for their next lesson. 



Chapter Text

Dabi felt incredibly giddy . God, he never thought he'd say that — but he was downright euphoric and he couldn't help but walk into his bar the next day with the brightest smile on his lips. 


Hawks had stayed true to his words, clocked out at a reasonable time, got home, made himself a good meal, showered and then called Dabi again — only to ask Dabi if he was taking care of himself, too, because this goes both ways, right


It had been a long time since someone had been concerned about his well being — okay, not true. His colleagues and friends continuously bothered him that he was working too much, but Hawks was the first person in years Dabi actually let take care of him. Somehow. It was only small things, but Hawks asking if he had already eaten a proper meal and if he was doing okay and not working too much himself left him with a warm feeling in his chest. 


So much that it was still there the next day and he had a hard time fighting off that ridiculous smile on his lips. 


He knew the second he'd step into his club, his friends would give him shit, and he was right . The first one to say something was Jin — setting up the security for the night right at the front door and checking everything twice, but then he spotted Dabi and his eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets. 


"Well, someone got laid, didn't you? Congrats boss, you deserve it!" 


"Shut it, Jin. — and don't spread rumors." Dabi just rolled his eyes. He knew it was a lost cause, because he could see how Jin whipped out his phone from the corner of his eyes and then his phone was vibrating and their discord chat was on fire. 


Oh God, Kai and Toga would be having a field trip. Rumi, too. — God, he just wanted this day to be over. 


"Well, look who graced us with their presence today — our smiling sunshine! What happened? Did Kai trip and break his nose?" 


Dabi snorted as he joined Kurogiri behind the bar, putting his jacket, wallet and phone aside, getting ready for another shift. "While that would be entertaining, it would cut in with my business. As much of a prick he is, he attracts a lot of customers — well paying customers so him breaking his nose would be a shame."


"Aww, Dabi. Didn't know you cared about my well-being." — Speak of the devil and he shall appear. Dabi could only roll his eyes as he turned towards Kai, who had just emerged back into the room, coming from the staff room. — Dabi loved to annoy his friend and couldn't help himself but throw a peanut that were put up as snacks at the bar right at him. 


Kai glared daggers at him — but that dropped soon and instead his eyes narrowed in suspicion. "Did you get laid?" 


"Who got laid?" 


Great, now Rumi showed up, too. 


"Dabi — apparently. Look at his face, he might be trying to hide it, but do you see that stupid smile on his face? I don't think I've ever seen him like that. He must have gotten laid." 


Rumi walked towards the bar, her eyes narrowing to slits. Within seconds she basically stood in front of Dabi — if it wasn't for the bar between them she would have probably stepped on his toes by now. 


"You're right — he does look kinda stupid." 


"Oi, shut your trap—" 


"Already pushed Hawks aside and found a new toy?" 


Dabi closed his mouth, before he could speak up. What? His brows twisted in confusion. Why would she think that? 


"Not that it's any of your business, but no . I have not found ' a new toy ' as how you put it oh so eloquently. — Why even bring up Hawks? Has he said something to you?" 


Rumi's tensed shoulders dropped and her scowl turned into a smirk. "So, is Hawks the reason why you are such a smiley face today? — He may have hinted that he's pretty into someone right now. But he also said it's really new and that he doesn't know if it's okay for him to like the person, giving it was originally based on a professional relationship."


Dabi could feel all eyes on him and how his face flushed. God, he hated this. 


"Oh my God — Kurogiri, quick, pinch me. Is Dabi really blushing ?" 


Okay, enough was enough — Dabi growled in frustration and hoped over the bar, grabbing Rumi by her upper arm and dragged her into the staff room, shutting the door violently behind them. He knew that she would leak everything to the rest of them the second she stepped out of the room and that the rest of them was most likely eavesdropping anyways, but the pretended privacy was way more tolerable than everyone staring at him. 


Besides, Dabi needed to know if Hawks was hinting in his direction and not the hot piece of ass his boss apparently was. It was probably ridiculous, especially because Hawks has said before that he much rather would look at him, than his boss, but Dabi's insecurities ran deep


"What did he say exactly?" 


"Whoa there, Big Boss. You're certainly not wasting any time, huh?" — Dabi could only glare at her. God, why was she just as irritating as Hawks was? 


"Alright, alright, but only because you asked so nicely —" the sarcasm was thick in her voice, "Basically what I just said before. Obviously I can't spill everything to you, because best bro codex and because Hawks would probably chop me into pieces if I told you everything. — But if you are as much into him as you seem to be, with all that adorable blushing and lopey smiles and all, then I can assure you that it's mutual . Ever since I introduced you two he has had his head in the clouds, which is completely out of character for him. 

   "He told me that even his boss had noticed, and his boss is as dense as a brick — no shred of sympathy or empathy in the dude and can't read people at all so you can only imagine how bad Hawks has it for you." 


Dabi knew he was grinning again. God, he knew it, but he couldn't stop it — all he managed was to clear his throat and sheepishly rub the back of his neck. "That's, uh, good to hear." Another attempt at clearing his throat. "I mean, not that even his boss noticed, but that, uh, well. That this could be mutual, because I think that— it's mutual. Very." 


The tips of his Doc Martens suddenly were very interesting. — His hand on the back of his head only stopped to anxiously rub, when he heard a soft laugh coming from Rumi. It wasn't cutting, or laced with sarcasm like her tone usually was, but genuine. — Dabi looked up. 


"Honestly, I kind of had a feeling that the two of you would click, but I didn't think it would go this well. Both of you had shitty experiences in the past, or like, hadn't had too many happy moments in your lives up until now so I hope it's gonna work out." — Dabi wasn't sure if she was talking about the few facts she knew of his own life, or if she was hinting at something regarding Hawks, but it made his stomach feel heavy. Equally good and anxious, did this mean Hawks had had a hard life up until now, too? — it sounded morbid, probably, but in a way Dabi couldn't wait to learn about it from the other man. 

He wanted to know the good and the bad things Hawks has lived through — he wanted to know it all. 


It made him happy to hear that one of Hawks' closest friends also wanted them to work out — a friend's blessings were worth a thousand suns. 


"—that being said, I hope you also know that in case you ever break his heart, or fuck up , I will castradr you, got it?" 


And there it was. 


The tensed feeling in his stomach disappeared. — This was the Rumi he knew and that once again proved her strength as an amazing friend. 


"I don't think that will happen, but yeah. I'll give my best to make him happy." 


"Good," the cheeky smile back in place "but also tell me when he's being a dick head. I always love a good opportunity to kick his butt." 


Dabi snorted. "I can definitely see that. So far he's done nothing wrong, but has been incredible. His ass is safe."


"You only say that, because you guys haven't had your second session yet. Don't think his ass will be safe much longer."


"Oh God, get out ." — Dabi was now positively wheezing. Why were his co-workers all over grown children? Then again, they were working at a BDSM club so most of them were odd in their own ways. 


Rumi snorted too and walked towards the exit of the room — "Alright, alright. I gotta get ready now anyways. Oh and Dabi? I think you'll really like tonight's shift . A little birdie told me he might come by for a drink or two later tonight."


She actually had the audacity to figure gun at him, before she turned around, cackling at the face he was making right now and left him alone with his thoughts. 




Hawks was coming over today?! 


Dabi tried not to panic, but immediately rushed over to the full length mirror at the other end of the staff room. 


Great, his hair was an uncoordinated mess as always and shit, why had he not put on his good pair of pants? Why did he choose a more casual outfit today that only consisted of ripped grey jeans, docs and the ratty, old Misfits shirt he had since middle school? 


He knew why — there were no lessons scheduled for today and neither was there a theme today at the club either. It was a relaxed day, nothing special, but especially those nights at the club were the ones he liked most, because so many of the people that frequented his club would end up talking to him about the most random things and it was always entertaining. 


When there was an event at the club, or a theme, it was often more disciplined in a way. Not strict, not at all, but the atmosphere was different. — Today was mostly for propel coming to the club and having a good time, maybe even finding someone for themselves, or finding someone to join them and their partner. 


That's why Dabi had chosen a more casual outfit today. — and now he regretted it. But he had forgotten his second set of clothes at home — Pretzel had puked all over it — and there was no time left for him to drive home and get new clothes, and there was no way he'd ask Kai or Shouta. Absolutely not. He'd rather be crucified. 


He glanced one last time at his reflection on the mirror — he just hoped that Hawks would like what he saw today, too. 


As soon as they opened the club, people started to absolutely flood the place. They were often absolutely packed when there were certain events, but sometimes, every blue moon the club would be full with a huge amount of patreons, even if it was just a usual evening. Today was one of those nights and Dabi was busy — he really regretted telling Toga that she wouldn’t have to be there tonight until 10:30pm, because it was only a bit after 9pm and he already had to basically bend over backwards. The only thing helping him keeping it together was the fact that Shouta had dragged along Hizashi today again and that man absolutely loved to help out behind the bar. Plus, Toga was possibly worth five waiters alone so only about one and a half hours before Dabi could take a break.


At the back of his head he had to think of Hawks, though. The club was pretty full — would he be able to find him? Though, the other man probably knew that Dabi would be tending the bar, right? If there were no lessons? — Had Rumi told him?


Maybe it was also thanks to Hawks and Dabi not paying as much attention as he probably should to his job that everything seemed a little bit too much and he felt bad that Kurogiri was probably making double the amount of drinks right now. — Though Kurogiri was incredibly fast when mixing drinks, it was almost a bit unfair. 


It was only at 10.10pm that things calmed down a little bit, which was odd, because normally that was the time when things started to get heated, but who was Dabi to complain? — The music was loud as always and the neon-lights flashed over from the dancefloor every now and then, while Dabi was making the last few drinks. — People were being a bit too friendly with him again today. Meaning, they were continously hitting on him and while he just wanted to bark at them and tell them to fuck off, all he could do was smile at them and brush them off. — As long as they weren’t overstepping any boundaries, because as soon someone got a bit too hands on with him, or flirty, he had no qualms about throwing them out. 


Dabi could feel the tension between his shoulder blades — god, he couldn't wait to fall into his bed later tonight, maybe even take a hot bath or something, too. 


“Hey there, hot stuff. The prices for the drinks are all here, but how much for you?” 


Dabi nearly dropped the tequila bottle. — Normally, he would have not hesitated to punch whoever had said that in the face, but sadly, he already recognized that all too familiar voice with ease already. — He turned around, trying to hide the smile tugging at his lips, miserably failing. “Too much for a pigeon like you, I am sure.”


Hawks looked fucking amazing. — This time he had foregone the turtleneck and had instead put on a tight fitting, wine red, button up shirt. The sleeves were rolled up and there were a few rings attached to his fingers. Dabi could also see that he was wearing his ear-rings again and — was he wearing tight pants with suspenders hanging down from his hips? He couldn't tell, because Hawks was standing too close to the bar — leaning onto it with his elbows and face in his hands, but frankly, he didn’t care. Hawks looked mouth-watering good and Dabi was mentally kicking himself for not asking Kai to at least trade him one of his dress-shirts. 


Hawks' smiles was also distracting. “Too bad, I would have loved to get a taste of you.” 


The cocky smirk was there again, taunting him, and Dabi hated that he was weak for that, he was so weak . Hawks had him already wrapped around his little finger, but two could play the game. He might not know much about Hawks as a person yet, but he had an idea what Hawks liked . The cocky little shit loved to get pushed around, for someone to dominate him — and if there was one thing Dabi could do then it was that. 


Within an instant, Dabi put aside the bottle he was holding down rather loudly onto the bar, and grabbed Hawks’ face with both hands, pulling him forward into a bruising kiss. — His tongue immediately pushed into Hawks’ mouth and his hands slipped from his chin, to the side of his  face and to his neck, pulling him in even more. Dabi let out a surprised gasp himself when he realized that Hawks had a tongue piercing. God, he just wanted to devour this man. — He could feel how Hawks’ cocky attitude dropped immediately, a way too high surprised noise left his lips as Dabi kissed him, followed by the sweetest moan when Dabi let his teeth graze over Hawks’ bottom lip, pulling it between his teeth as he slowly retreated from the kiss, only letting it go at the very least. 


Acting as if nothing at all had happened, Dabi went back to preparing the shot of tequila — lemon quickly sliced up then he already handed it over to one of the other guests, who was staring at him with an open mouth. — He tried not to pay too much mind to how everyone at the bar had suddenly stopped talking when he had kissed Hawks just like that. Instead, he walked back to the man who was blushing brightly, one hand clasped over his mouth. 


“That enough of a taste for you?” 


Hawks’ eyes darted up, blush deepend, but his eyes held a taunting spark. Almost as if something had awakened inside the other man and Dabi was here for it. — He slowly let his hand drop from his mouth, revealing the cocky smirk again. It only was half as effective as the previous ones, because of the prominent blush plastered onto Hawks’ cheeks, but it still managed to rile up Dabi enough to want to drag Hawks behind the bar and kiss him senseless. 


“Oh, I don’t know. Might have to get a refill.” 


Dabi now positively wanted to drag Hawks away from the public eye — or maybe bend him over the bar and spank him for everyone to see? That little bastard probably was even into that.


“Oi, Dabi! Stop flirting — you have a job to finish!” 


Their eye contact broke as Dabi’s eyes snapped over to Kurogiri, who was actively glaring at him and Dabi only now realized the hoards of people that were now at the bar, watching them. Some of them were ordering drinks, but Dabi had a feeling that they were partly only here because of Hawks and him. — Dabi did have the reputation of not being interested in anyone in the club after all and not taking in any Submissives. Oops.


“I’ll be off the clock in about ten minutes,” he quickly made another shot of tequila and put it in front of Hawks, “—why don’t you grab a seat over there in the VIP lounge and I join you in a bit, hm?” 

Hawks was chewing on his lower lip, smile tugging at his lips — and then Dabi was the one getting dragged into a seething kiss, eyes closing immediately and only opening again when Hawks pulled away. “Alright, don’t take too long, babe .” — and then that fucker winked at him. — Dabi was a goner. 


“Dabi! Your job!” 


“I am on it!” — He immediately turned around and helped prepare drinks, ignoring how Hawks was laughing behind him as he walked off to the VIP lounge, his drink in hands. 


It was twenty minutes later when Dabi was finally released from his shift, but only after Toga and Kurogiri had given him shit for being absolutely useless. Toga was absolutely relentless in her teasing when she figured out it was because of Hawks — Hizashi was definitely not helpful either, because as soon as that loud blonde had joined them behind the bar, things went south .


Dabi grabbed a tray full of drinks for Hawks and himself and quickly made his way over to the VIP lounge. He had been held up long enough and he really wanted to talk to Hawks now and— Dabi stopped dead in his tracks. 


Hawks had done as he had been told and taken a seat in the VIP lounge, but he was not alone and it made Dabi’s blood boil as he saw how close the man was sitting to Hawks. The guy even had the decency to put his arm on the back of Hawks’ seat — nearly putting his arm around him and Dabi loathed that. — While he and Hawks had not talked about anything yet, he still felt a twinge of jealousy as soon as he saw someone getting this close to him. — He didn’t share. Ever. 


With quick, purposeful steps he strode over the VIP lounge and promptly put down the tray with a loud clatter — Hawks’ eyes immediately snapped up to him, while the guy next to him only looked up at him with mild annoyance. Hawks opened his mouth to say something, but immediately shut it when he saw the look on Dabi’s face — his eyes widened almost as if in shock, but at the same time his eyes filled with such a potent emotion it nearly made Dabi weak in the knees. Had Hawks thought he had forgotten about him? That he would just make him wait?


“Oi, waiter. I didn’t order these drinks — how about you get your rude ass back to the bar, and do your job? — As you can see, I am rather busy here.” As if to prove a point, the man tried to put his arm around Hawks, but Hawks immediately pushed the man away, glaring at him and that was enough for Dabi to react. 


“How about you shut your trap — I am the owner of this place and you are currently trying to make moves onto my Submissive, so I advise you to get lost. ” — His blood was actively boiling now. Oh, how he just wanted to punch that guy and kick him out of his club. 


“Oh, he is yours? Then why does he not wear a collar? What type of shitty Dominant doesn’t put a claim on their Submissive, huh?”


It was the second time that evening that he simply grabbed Hawks and bodily moved him closer to him, but instead of going for his lips, he went straight for his neck. Lips and tongue sucking and licking against his skin, nibbling and pulling it between his lips and teeth and Hawks’ reactions where immediate. — He threw his arms around Dabi’s neck, pulling himself up a little bit more — their height difference was another thing Dabi loved. Hawks’ wasn’t exactly tiny, but a good few inches shorter than he was and he loved it . He wrapped one arm around Hawks’s waist, pulling their hips flush together, while the other one reached up into his hair and tugged


Hawks breath rattled, laced with a desperate moan as he clutched onto Dabi. His nails were scrambling at his shoulders, trying to hold onto Dabi as his own knees seemed to weaken and god, Dabi could feel how Hawks was desperately pushing forward his hips and his forming erection. — With one last lick and suck he made Hawks moan out for good. His hand was still buried in Hawks hair, and around Hawks’ waist as he looked down at the guy still sitting there. 


“Claimed him now , so fuck off before I call security over and kick you out.


Hawks was panting right in his ear, grip tightening around his neck with his arms as Dabi watched the man disappear without another word. — A few more seconds and they were finally alone. He could feel how Hawks was still breathing heavily, moving his face to Dabi’s neck and nuzzling into it — his lips pulling into a smile. “ Your Submissive, huh?”

Dabi felt a faint flush rise to his cheeks again. He pressed a kiss to Hawks’ temple that seemed so incredibly out of space for how things had gone between them up until now but then Hawks’ smile widened and Dabi felt that flutter in his stomach again.


“Well, I don’t like to share.”


“Does that mean you are my Dominant? Because I don’t like to share either.”


“That only seems fair—” Dabi hadn’t even finished the sentence and lips and teeth already attacked his neck, licking and sucking on his skin, much like Dabi had done to Hawks just a few moments ago. — Hawks caught Dabi so off guard, that the sudden movement caused him to trip backwards onto the bench where Hawks had been sitting and within seconds his back pressed against the back of the seat and he had a lap full of Hawks and who was he to complain. — He let the other man have his fun, even tilted his neck a bit for him to have more room to work with, while he let his own hands wander down to Hawks’ ass. His hands slipped into the back pockets of the pants Hawks was wearing, squeezing his cheeks tightly and tilting his hips downwards, making Hawks gasp when their building erections pressed against one another. 

Dabi had to grin. God, how he had missed this feeling of having someone sit on his lap, to have someone at his complete mercy? To have someone respond to him the way Hawks did? The again, Dabi was absolutely sure that he had never heard nor seen someone as erotic as Hawks. The way he moved, the way he moaned, how responsive he was to Dabi was divine. 


A low groan escaped his lips when Hawks let his teeth run over the soft skin on the side of his throat and his hand immediately reached up to Hawks’ hair again — yanking his head back by his hair and grinning even wider when he saw how Hawks’ lower lip trembled and when he felt the tremor running through the man’s body. Could this man get any more perfect? — Dabi doubted it. 


“Getting a bit carried away, aren’t we — babe ?”


Hawks’ didn’t miss a beat, instead he tilted his head down and looked Dabi straight in the eyes. “Missed you, wanted to see you.” — his voice was rough and low and Dabi felt his breath hitch. Hawks’ eyes were so incredibly expressive — he could see the longing, the desire he had for him. He could see so much more, but it was hard to pin down just yet. 


His grin softened into a smile. “Missed you, too, pretty bird.” He let his grip in Hawks’ hair soften and instead caressed the side of his face. “I neglected you a bit too long today, didn’t I? — Can’t leave you alone without getting hit on by other Dominants. How do I know you won’t run off to someone else, hm?” His voice was still soft. 


“I thought you maybe didn’t want to have me here and that's why you were taking your time. I know we haven’t really talked yet, but I really do want this. With you. — Obviously we have to talk about a lot more than that, about everything you still have to teach me, but I am not blind to how much I am attracted to you and that I want to know more about you and spend time with you. — If I am overstepping some boundaries, because I showed up without us having a lesson today, then I apologize. I don’t exactly know what’s okay and what’s too much, yet.” 


Dabi felt how the last bits of jealousy left his system. — Hawks was probably just as insecure about a lot of things as he was. He let his thumb carefully caress Hawks’ cheek. 


“I am sorry it took so long — today is just really busy here and Toga was late for her shift. Didn’t mean to make you wait — plus, I made us a few drinks because I thought now would be a good time to get to know each other a little bit more, hm?” Dabi pushed one lose strand of hair behind Hawks’ ear, thumb brushing against his ear-ring. “—and you are not overstepping. I thought maybe I was pushing it, by sending you all these messages during the past few days — next time just shoot me a message and I will let you know if it's a slow evening or not. In case it is as busy as today I will probably need a bit to have a moment for myself, but on slow days you can always come and join me at the bar while I prepare drinks and we can talk and, uh, get to know each other a bit and all that.”


It made Dabi blush to talk about this — hell, he had Hawks bend over his lap already and making him come in his pants, but this was making him blush and stutter like an idiot? — The emotional trauma was definitely showing. 


Instead of answering, Hawks smiled brightly — making his eyes sparkle and then he was leaning in and kissing Dabi again and Dabi let it happen, because how could he say no to those soft and amazing tasting lips? He already knew that he was absolutely obsessed with Hawks’ tongue piercing — couldn’t help but play with it with his own tongue, making Hawks giggle.


Hawks sighed happily as he pulled back from the kiss, his forehead touching against Dabi’s and his eyes still more closed than open. “I like the getting to know each other idea.” His head tilted to his side, eyes now fully open, and he reached for one of the drinks Dabi had prepared and handed it to him, before he took one for himself and scooted off Dabi’s lap. — Not entirely though, one leg was thrown over Dabi’s thigh, dangling between his legs and Hawks’ basically plastered himself to his side, while simultaneously pulling one of Dabi’s arms actively around his shoulder. 


Dabi settled in quickly, pulling Hawk’s body a bit closer and placing another kiss to his temple as he brought together their drinks. “Well then, should we start with favourite music genres and movies, or start right off with the childhood traumas we went through?” His voice was teasing and playful and Hawks was eating it up. — Bright laughter filled his ears.


“Depends, is your favourite movie Shrek 3? Because then I might have to rethink this whole thing.”


Dabi fake gasped. “Do you not like Shrek 3? How dare you, that movie is a masterpiece!” but he was already joining Hawks, laughing along. “But to answer your question, you can never be wrong with Some Like It Hot . A classic.”


Hawks raised one suspicious eyebrow at him. “Let me guess. Tony Curtis in drag?”


Dabi nodded, snorting as he took the first sip of his drink. “Tony Curtis in drag.”



Chapter Text

“So, Dabi — tell me. How have you been? I have to say you seem a lot more relaxed than you were last week. Did something good happen?”


Dabi had that nervous tick that when he was getting uncomfortable about something that he wouldn’t be able to stop bouncing his leg and if it got really bad he would kind of fold his hands in front of his face and lean down, over his knees. — Now, he wasn’t uncomfortable, but he was nervous . Because talking to your therapist about someone new in your life was always a 50/50 chance of them being super supportive, or calling you out on your own toxic bullshit behaviour and that you were falling into old patterns again. 


Though, he had mentioned that there was the possibility of him maybe taking in a Submissive and his therapist had learned enough about him during the past five years to understand what that meant for him. — “Well, me and Hawks. We, uh, we got to talk.”


There was a faint smile tugging at the corner of her mouth — her hair was already a bit grey and she generally had the typical middle aged mom that would soon become grandmother aura to her. Very calming, but she never held back to kick Dabi’s ass which he was more than grateful for. Mrs. Lee really was a blessing.


“Well, not talk talk about the whole possibility of him becoming my Submissive — we will actually talk about that today — but we did talk a lot the other day when he came over to the bar for a drink or two. Just to get to know each other a bit better.” — Dabi knew he had that stupid smile on his lips again, besides — he could feel how his stomach was in knots. But the good type of knots. The ones that were close to butterflies.


“Oh, really? What did you two talk about?”


Dabi sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck. “Everything? — Nothing? I don’t know we just jumped from one topic to another. We started to talk about our favorite movies and he is absolutely garbage when it comes to the old classics by the way, but he was so eager to know more about the movies I recommended. We also talked a lot about music and that when he was a kid he tried to teach himself how to play the guitar and the drums to get rid of all the nervous energy he had, but it never really worked out and I kind of promised him that I would teach him a bit. — Still have all of my guitars and play regularly, you know that. To calm down and just write a few melodies and stuff and he— he was so. I don’t know. He was so amazed by that? When in reality this isn’t anything special and—”

“I gotta stop you right there, Dabi. You are doing it again.” The kind smile still in place, reaching her warm eyes. “You are an incredibly talented young man, and you know that deep down, but you are still fighting with the image you have of yourself in your head and how you really are and that is totally fine . But, I am really glad to hear that Hawks seems to see you for how you really are and that you two have hit it off so well.” 


Dabi didn’t really know what to say. It was weird to get praised like that for him still. It has been years since he had been working with Mrs.Lee and she is probably next to Shota, one of the very few people who have seen him bawling his eyes out and who also managed to pick him up again afterwards. — His left leg started to bounce.

“Yeah, I am really glad, too.”


There was a moment of silence between. 


“Have you had any anxiety or panic attacks because of getting to know Hawks and letting him in like that? — We both know you heavily suffered under how your father used to set up your friends for you and then later on with Tenko, too. — You needed a long time to let Shota close, even a longer time for Kai and Toga. How are things with Hawks?”


“It’s — different.” Dabi tried not to think about all the times when he had been a child how his father would present him with kids his own age that would be suited to be his friends. It had gone on for years until Dabi had been sick of the fakeness and he had told everyone to fuck off — only then he had started to make friends, only for them to be set up by his father in the end, too so him having trust issues didn’t came out of the blue. “I don’t know how to explain it, really, but I feel comfortable with Hawks. I know we have only met up twice now, but he is something different. I can tell. — And I really think that this could be good. It scares the crap out of me, but I have been following your advice of following my mantra, saying to not get caught up in my head too much. I have also started to meditate again and it helps.”


Rumi had given him shit for it when he had showed up in jogging pants the other day at work, teasing him about doing yoga and all that stuff, only for him to implode into her face saying it was not fucking yoga, but meditation for which he earned another shit-eating grin and snarky side comment. He had flipped her off, but he was not ashamed, no matter how much he got teased for it. Dabi knew that Rumi and the other’s didn’t mean any harm — even though Kai had looked at him as if he had spit on his dead grandmother’s grave. 


Whatever — that weirdo was one to talk. 


“I try not to think too much about it and just, yknow, live in the moment and enjoy it? You always tell me that I should do that, right?” 


This time, her smile was bigger than any he had seen in a long time.

“Yes, it’s true and I am very happy to hear that you are trying to stick to it.”


The moment he stepped into his club, his stomach was going crazy. Dabi’s hands were trembling and all the pent up nervous energy that had been bottling up since he kissed Hawks goodbye the other day when he left the club was now exploding. They had texted — a lot even. Small stuff. Hawks sent a selfie while he was stuck at work, completely bored because he was suffering through another marketing meeting and Dabi would send him one when he was lounging on his couch with Pretzel curled up on his chest. — There were short good morning texts, a few ‘hope your day is going great’ messages, and sometimes when Dabi got off work earlier or didn’t have to go to the club even late night phone calls.

The meditation really helped and Dabi was once again really glad that he was taking antidepressants as well as medication for his anxiety that sometimes still crept up on him, because at the back of his head, he was freaking out. — Though, the voice that usually told him to freak out got significantly smaller the more he learned about Hawks. 


Today would be their second lesson and they would talk about everything, to lay out some ground rules and Dabi just wanted to have Hawks on his knees for him and kiss him stupid and have his way with him. — He couldn't remember the last time someone was able to rile him up as much as Hawks did.


When walking into his club, his eyes immediately darted to the bar and where he could see a familiar figure with ash-blonde hair, wearing a wine red button up and skin-tight leather pants. — Dabi positively whined at that sight. How was that even legal? His heart immediately went crazy and he couldn’t help but sneak up on Hawks. Within seconds he was behind him, chest pressed against his back, pelvis pressing against his ass and one hand coming up around him, grabbing him at his throat and he felt Hawks tense up. — He stopped moving completely, the drink he had been directing to his mouth hovered mid air. 

“Looks like someone is in dire need of some attention?” — Dabi could feel the shiver that ran through Hawks as he dropped his voice, whispering lowly into his right ear. One hand remained on his throat and he could feel how Hawks swallowed thickly — while Dabi’s other hand reached around his side and ran down from his collar bones, over his pecs and chest, down to the hem of his tugged in shirt and grabbed him at the belt that secured his tight pants around his hips. He also let his fingertips run oh so softly over Hawks’ crotch, just to give him a little bit of a taste of what was about to come. 


“Cat got your tongue?” — This time, Hawks let out a gasp as Dabi leaned down and started to kiss up and down the side of his neck. Trailing down his pulse with his tongue and letting his teeth scrap over Hawks’ sensitive skin just underneath his ear. There was a low clack noise as Hawks set down his drink with a little bit too much force, but the next moment his head lolled back onto Dabi’s shoulder, granting him more access to his neck. 


“It’s good to see you again.” — Hawks’ voice was low, barely above a whisper and Dabi pulled away from his neck, only to start kissing up on the side of his face. 


“Good to see you, too. How are you feeling tonight?” Instead of answering, Hawks turned around in their tight embrace and pulled Dabi into a searing kiss — lips pressing harshly against lips, but just staying like that for a moment or two, before Hawks sucked his lower lip between his own and kissed him more deeply. Dabi’s hands immediately reached around Hawks’ hips, his hands shoving into the tight back pockets, grabbing the globes of his ass and pushing him even closer against himself. — Hawks let out a satisfied groan and Dabi could feel how the arms were thrown around his neck and Hawks pulled him a little bit down. He hadn’t even realized it, but Hawks had to stand on his tip-toes to properly kiss Dabi if he was standing his full height. It was a small detail, but it made Dabi’s head spin. 


After another moment, or two, they slowly seperated and Dabi could basically feel himself getting lost in the other man’s golden eyes — like warm caramel and honey mixed together. 


“Good, now that you are here.” 


Dabi pressed another quick kiss onto Hawks’ lips. “Wanna go down to our room?”


“Yes please.” — The red tinted cheeks of Hawks’ looked so cute. Dabi couldn't resist and pressed another kiss to the side of his mouth, laughing softly as Hawks’ made a sound that sounded too close to a squeak. — Dabi pointedly ignored everyone in the club staring at them when he took Hawks’ hand and walked them down the stairs. He knew he would be getting an ear-full later by Kurogiri. Even though they were in a BDSM club, the other man absolutely loathed it when people started to make out at his bar. One time, someone got a bit too excited and came all over the bar — hence the not making out at the bar rule. 


His heart was in his throat as he opened the door and held it open for Hawks to walk past him — he let go of Hawks hand, closing the door and switching on the lights. 


“So—”, Hawks drew out the ‘o’ as if not really knowing how to start the conversation just yet. He even did that adorable thing where he dragged the tip of his shoe across the floor. “We have a few things to talk about, don’t we?” 


Dabi grinned. “We have — come on, sit down for a bit and get comfortable.” He moved quickly, dragging the two armchairs in front of each other so they could talk, facing each other and Hawks followed suit. 


“Alright—” Dabi sat down, joining Hawks on the armchairs and got comfortable. He swallowed thickly, trying to get rid of the nervous feeling bubbling up his stomach and throat and made his hands jitter a bit. Talking about boundaries was always frightening — god, he hoped Hawks would not reject him. 


“I think the first thing we should talk about is what we want from each other — and I want you to tell me exactly what you want. I know you are not as experienced yet, but that exactly is why I let you choose what we are gonna be. I am allowed to say no or yes to your proposition, but ultimately you are the one calling the shots. The reason why is the following: If I simply tell you what I want there is a high chance of you not knowing what you are saying yes to and a lot of Dominants take advantage of that. — I am not saying I am one of those Dominants, but I would still prefer if you would lay out what you want. If you have questions about anything or about certain possibilities or dynamics, please ask me and I will explain them all to you.”


Hawks listened carefully —  it was almost cute. His cheeks were still flushed a bit but there was also that look of concentration on his face now, thinking hard about everything. He opened his mouth a few times only to close it again, struggling to find the courage or the words to say what he wanted to say, but Dabi could see how he got frustrated with himself and decided to just go for it.


“Okay, uh— “ his voice was shaking a bit and Dabi probably had never seen or heard anything as cute as that. “— I want you to be my Dominant. Obviously. — I also don’t want to share. I talked to Rumi a bit and she said that polymarous relationships are not that uncommon in the BDSM scene and while I can definitely see the appeal, I would prefer it if it was just us. — Eventually I wouldn’t be opposed to playing with others with you, but I really do not like to share so we would have to do a lot of talking before that.” Hawks' hands were shaking —  it was a faint tremor, but Dabi saw it. Hawks was nervous as well. 


“I would want to get to know you a bit more —  just like the other day when I came over to the bar and we had a couple of drinks and just made out like a bunch of horny teenagers.” The adorable flush was back in full force as Hawks chuckled, stroking the side of his face in embarrassment. “I am not sure if it would be a romantic relationship in the end, I have no idea if you would be open for something like that, plus we don’t know each other that well just yet, but— I think we can’t deny that there is a sexual attraction and I would like to see where this could go beyond that, too. I want to be able to come here to your club and make it a routine to have scenes here with you. But I also want to talk to you outside of these sessions — fuck, this sounds so cheesy, but I would really wanna take you out on a date.”


God, his insides were melting. — Who the hell was Hawks and how was he able to make Dabi feel this breathless within under two minutes?

“You would wanna date me?” —  Dabi couldn't help but ask. He understood that he seemed appealing to Submissives, that he fit the stereotype of the bad boy heart-throb, but that was mostly what it all was he was to people. A fantasy they liked to live with for a night and then go back to their normal life where things were safe and no one had mental illnesses like he did. Or tons of scars from growing up in an abusive household. Or trauma from growing up there. 


A nervous laugh escaped Hawks’ lips. “Don’t act so surprised. —  Have you seen yourself? Have you met yourself? I mean, obviously you are smoking hot, but you are also really adorable and—”


Dabi needed a moment to register what Hawks had said, then blinking confused. “You think I am adorable?” —  and then Hawks was biting his lower lip and looking at him with such a soft expression that Dabi was even more confused, and then Hawks stood up from where he was sitting, only to attack Dabi’s lips, kissing him hotly on his mouth while kneeling between his legs. One of his hands rested on Dabi’s thigh — while the other one snaked itself into Dabi’s messy black hair and pulled him closer and all Dabi could do was groan and return the kiss. His hands carefully cupped Hawks’ face, pulling him closer as well and putting his arms around his middle so they were as close as they could. 


“Alone the way you reacted to me saying you are adorable was adorable.” Hawks cheeks were flushed, eyes lidded and the warmest and kindest smile on his lips and Dabi felt his own cheeks burn. God, he was a Dominant for god’s sake, but this man made him feel like his teenager self who experienced his first crush again.


“Shut up.” The frown was back in place, but then Hawks kissed him again and Dabi just had to smile. 


“So, is that a yes to my proposition?”


Dabi started to nibble on the exposed skin of Hawks’ neck. Hot breath ghosting over sensitive skin and sucking it between his lips. “Mhm—” the low rumble of his voice sent a shiver down Hawks’ spine and Dabi duly noted it for later. Seemed like his handsome bird had a thing for his voice. — Probably also liked dirty talk. He would have to make good use of that information. 


He gently buried his head in Hawks’ shoulder, taking one deep breath before pushing Hawks a little bit away so he was sitting comfortably on the ground, still between Dabi’s legs. “Before I can accept that, I want you to know a few things about me. Personal things. I haven’t dated a lot in the past to be honest, and that is mostly to me being kind of a wreck. I’m gonna say how it is — I have been taking antidepressants for a couple of years now, some meds against anxiety and I have been through some shit in my life. I don’t want to go too much into detail right away, but it wasn’t pretty and it has left some marks. Figurefly speaking and literally. — I sometimes act like an asshole without realizing it and if you still want me, I also want you to call me out on my bullshit behaviour. — I have a shit relationship with basically all of my family since I got kicked out, haven’t seen them in years, actually so I am always really awkward when it comes to meeting someone’s family and it freaks me out, relationship as a whole freak me out, but I am working on that and it has gotten better. — Especially because you don’t make me feel like running away, and instead take you up on your date offer.” 


Dabi nervously held Hawks’ hand as he talked, his fingers fidgeting and tracing the muscles and bones he could feel and see in the other man’s arm and hand. He sometimes dared to look down at Hawks’, into his eyes, but quickly averted them again. He had trouble talking to people when he was talking directly at them sometimes. 


When he stopped talking though, he forced himself to look Hawks in the eye and was prepared to see the other man pull away. Most people didn’t dare to fuck with someone who was as broken as he was. Most people already freaked out when they heard he was taking antidepressants or was in therapy. Most people— 


“My mom tried to sell me when I was a kid so she would be able to fuel her heroin addiction.” Hawks’ hands that were still placed on Dabi’s thighs at that moment, started to draw small patterns into them. “My father walked out on me a year prior to that. Not like I missed him —  that bastard always only beat me black and blue.” He worried at his lower lip, his eyes getting distracted for a moment, lingering at one spot right in front of him, before he looked up again, meeting Dabi’s gaze. “What I am trying to say is that I don’t think you are broken. I think we both have just been through some shit.” He moved, slowly at first, but then all of a sudden there were lips on his own again and melted into another kiss. “— and I really wanna take you out on a date. What do you say, hot stuff ?”


The way Hawks had just accepted him and even offered a glimpse into his own past made Dabi’s heart swell and feel heavy at the same time. It hurt him to hear that the other man had suffered a lot in his childhood, but it also made him feel less of a broken piece of shit. There was so much he wanted to say right now, but nothing came out. His throat was tight with emotions and he needed a moment to collect himself — and then the Dominant mask shifted into place. —  Hawks wanted him as his Dominant, possibly more, but right now they were in his club, in his room, which meant another lesson for the other man — another session

The smirk spread over his lips as his fingers trailed along the sharp edge of Hawks’ jaw. —  and then he promptly took his face into one hand, glaring down at his Submissive. He didn’t even have to say anything, but the dynamic between them shifted instantly. Hawks took in a sharp breath, eyes widening slightly and flashing, understanding what this little gesture alone meant. 


“Look at you, kneeling between my legs. I do have to say you look delicious down there — say, have you been a good boy this week, Hawks? Have you been listening to what I have been telling you?” 


Hawks’ tried to nod, but his face was still being held by Dabi. 


“Use your words, birdie. Like I taught you to.”


“Yes, Sir.” 


“Oh, really?”

“Y-yes.” His voice had dropped and god, the way he looked up at Dabi made him feel weak in the knees. So excited for what was about to happen, so eager to please. He could see how Hawks’ wet his lips with the tip of his tongue and swallowed hard in anticipation. “I have cut back on working overtime, the only times I stay behind is when there is an emergency. I also have told my boss that I am no longer available whenever he needs something. —  I-it was hard to stand my ground, but I managed. — And you know I have also been eating regularly and—” Dabi suddenly lifted one of his booted legs and pressed the tip of it against Hawks’ crotch, smiling darkly as he felt how Hawk’s cock was already swelling up. The other man gasped, moving his hips forward, trying to get a bit more friction of Dabi’s boot against his aching cock.


“—and? What else did you do to make you worthy of a reward? Or to be more precisely what did you not do. If I remember right, there was something I asked you not to do until we see each other again when you left my club the other day — isn’t that right, little bird?” —  Hawks let out a breathy whine . Tongue flickering out of his mouth again to wet his lips and eyes getting wet. Hawks’ was getting desperate.

“I didn’t touch myself, Sir. I didn’t — I wanted to when I looked at the pictures of your cock you sent me before, but I didn’t. God, it was so hard— I was so hard . It hurt , but I wanted to be good for you, I want to be good for you so please .” The last word ended in a high-pitched moan as Dabi moved his ankle, twisting his foot just so and made Hawks keen out. His hands and short nails dug into Dabi’s thighs and Dabi felt how his own cock was swelling up rapidly — he could feel how his own pants were growing too tight to be comfortable and he needed to seriously hold himself not to just grab Hawks by his hair and push those delicious looking lips onto his dick. — He wanted to tease his Submissive a little bit more.


“Hmm, it does sound like you have been a good boy, haven’t you? Listening to everything I told you to and waiting for me to touch you.” He slowly tilted Hawks’ head in his hand from side to side, looking at him with a piercing gaze and Hawks whimpered. He could see how Hawks’ was slowly losing it — the way his chest raised quicker as he drew in fresh air, panting faintly already. He could see the outline of Hawks’ hard cock in his pants and how he tried to press his thighs together to get a bit more friction, to get some relief. 


God, he really was a wet dream. 


“Tell me what you want as your reward, baby.”


Hawks took in another sharp breath, another and another. Quicker again now as his whole face heated up, the blush creeping down his neck and the embarrassment clear to see on his face. “I— I want your cock. Please, I wanna suck your cock, Sir. Ever since you sent me that picture of yourself I wanted to taste you, please.” His hands were still drawing patterns into his thighs, his nails scratching faintly over the fabric of the pants Dabi was wearing and he would be lying if he said those sensations didn’t go straight to his own cock. He could feel how his dick twitched in agreement and he could also see that Hawks’ had seen it. 


Another lick over his lips and a pleading look coming from Hawks.


“Do it, birdie. You deserve it. Be a good boy and make daddy feel good.” 


Dabi had never seen Hawks move that fast before. His greedy fingers immediately reached for Dabi’s belt, tugging at it, pulling down the zipper and moving his pants as low as he could, before he moved on to pulling down the briefs Dabi was wearing. There already was a damp spot where pre-cum was leaking from the tip and then Hawks pulled out his dick from the coffins of his underwear and instantly licked the shaft from balls to the tip and Dabi’s eyes flickered close for a second before they snapped back to Hawks, just in time to how his perfect boy was sucking the tip of his achingly hard cock into his mouth. He could feel how Hawks was playing with his Prince Albert piercing, twirling his tongue and sucking it between his lips. 


Dabi groaned loudly. “My baby boy knows how to suck a cock —  you are being so good to me. The way you look —  God, if only you could see yourself right now. Come on, swallow my cock, I know you can take more.” He didn’t have to wait long, because one when Hawks looked up at him, batting his wet eyelashes, he opened his mouth wider and never breaking eye contact as he took Dabi’s cock deeper into his mouth. His hot tongue swirled around the sensitive spot right underneath the head of Dabi’s cock, making his own hips jump and Hawks gagged. But only for a moment and Dabi could feel how Hawks dick had twitched at that. 


“Oh? — Do you like to choke on Daddy’s cock? Is that it?” Hawks took another sharp, swallowing around Dabi’s cock and fuck that felt mindblowing. He also took that as a yes and grabbed Hawks’ at his hair. His fingertips pressed against Hawks scalp and then he grabbed the hair at the back of his head, tugging sharply and pushing Hawks’ mouth further down his dick.  


He could feel how Hawks started to relax his throat, how he tongued at each piercing of his Jacob’s ladder and how he whimpered when Dabi tugged at his hair. He used his grip again, moving his head up and down — up and down, up and down, making Hawks breath heavily through his nose as pathetic whimpers spilled from his stuffed mouth. It was muffled and the slick sound of Hawks saliva covering Dabi’s cock and filthy sucking noises filled the room and Dabi had never heard something as erotic as that. He moved his leg again, telling Hawks to silently rut against his foot — god he could feel every twitch, every move of the other man’s cock. 


Hands moved from his thighs to the back of his waist, dipping down between Dabi’s ass and the soft material of the armchair and then Hawks pushed — making himself gag on Dabi’s cock and Dabi understood immediately. He gripped Hawks hair tighter, forcing him to look up at him one last time. 


“If you want this to stop, tap my thigh two times since you cannot use your safe word right now. Got it?” —  Hawks tried to nod again, but the cock in his mouth stopped him from moving too much and fuck , Dabi needed to use that mouth now.


He pushed Hawks down, not caring as the other man choked again — instead he pulled him up by his hair and slamming him down again while he simultaneously fucked up into his mouth. “God, baby. — Your mouth feels so good.” His own voice was getting breathless —  fuck, he himself was getting breathless. Hawks’ tongue was so fucking soft and the way his tongue piercing felt against his own piercings and the hot skin of his rock hard cock made his head spin. He couldn't help but pick up the pace, move faster and pushing Hawks down harder. Dabi wasn’t sure if the pathetic whimpers only came from Hawks at this point because he could feel how is own legs started to shake — how he coudln’t help himself but fuck into that mouth, into that tight throat and make Hawks gag whenever he hit the back of it. 


Blood was rushing through his veins and he was feeling dizzy as the familiar pull got stronger and stronger in his lower abdomen, his loins — fuck this one was gonna be a strong one, Dabi could already tell as he felt how his eyes shifted close and rolled back in his head. 


He pushed Hawks down a few more times, burying his cock deep in his throat as he came —  pumping his seeds into the other man’s mouth and making him swallow every last drop, only pulling out when he was coming down from his high and his body stopped shaking. 


Dabi opened his eyes, looking down at Hawks who looked utterly fucked . His hair was a fucking mess, tears were still streaming down his face, cheeks flushed and cum and saliva trickling down at the side of his mouth. — He was breathing heavily, finally being able to breathe normally again as Dabi had pulled out his softening cock.


He couldn't help but appreciate Hawks like that for a moment — grabbed his face in his hand again, pushing his thumb between parted, swollen lips. “You’ve been such a good boy, baby. You made me feel so, so good. Daddy is proud of you.” —  Dabi leaned forward, cupping Hawks’ face gently between his hands again and started to leave kisses on his face; the sides of his face, his chin, the tip of his nose, his forehead —  and eventually his lips. 


Hawks melted immediately, another whimper escaped him and Dabi moved quickly. Pulling his pants back up enough, so he could pull up Hawks into his lap. The other man all but poured himself into his lap, each leg on each side, arms thrown around Dabi’s neck as he kissed him again. Hands getting buried in Dabi’s hair and he could taste himself on Hawks’ tongue. —  He liked it. It marked Hawks’ as his. If someone even dared to kiss him, they would taste Dabi on his lips, on his tongue, in the back of his throat and Dabi couldn’t help but groan happily at that thought. 


His hands moved down to the fly of Hawks’ pants. —  His Submissive had been so good to him, he deserved to cum, too. Dabi was just about to pull down the zipper and grab Hawks’ hard cock when Hawks himself reached for Dabi’s hand, stopping him from touching him.


Dabi couldn't help but look up in confusion and was met with a very embarrassed looking Hawks who refused to look at him. He even tried to hide his face in Dabi’s neck, but Dabi was having none of that. A knowing smirk spread over his lips as he reached for Hawks’ softening cock, drenched in his own cum. 


“Oh? —  What is that? Did my little birdie come in his pants from getting his pretty little mouth fucked? Is that it?” 


Hawks let out a weak, embarrassed noise —  something between a protesting grunt and a high groan and Dabi couldn't help but chuckle. Hawks was so fucking adorable, especially as he hit Dabi against his chest weakly. 


He reached for Hawks face again, cupping his cheeks and kissing him again. 


Dabi really had lucked out.




Chapter Text

“You know, I actually had some teaching planned to get done today.” 


“Oh, really?” — Hawks voice was a low rasp and made the hair at Dabi’s back of the neck stand up. It felt so good to just enjoy the moment of basking in an afterglow, with having Hawks draped over his chest. They had moved from the armchairs to the bed — Hawks had lost his pants and soiled underwear and just curled up at Dabi’s side, face smashed against his throat and the hand that was thrown over Dabi’s chest was drawing patterns onto the side of his abdomen. Hawks didn’t seem to mind that he was basically naked, save for his wine-red dress shirt, not that Dabi minded. He didn’t mind at all, actually. Though he would prefer to have Hawks completely naked so he could marvel at Hawks’ tattoos. 


“Yeah, but we got a bit distracted.” Dabi nuzzled against the side of Hawks’ face. 


“We can still talk about it, as far as I know we still have some time left before you have to help out at the bar, right?” Hawks' breath was warm against his neck and Dabi hummed, a pleased smile on his lips. 


“Alright, but are you in the right mind to actually listen and also remember what I am telling you? Otherwise we can always talk about that next time.”


“You underestimate my ability to multitask, Sir. I am a very good student, you know?” As if to underline his words, to highlight them, he rubbed his face against Dabi’s throat. The stubbles on his chin scratching over his skin with just the right amount of pain for it to feel absolutely fantastic. — Dabi couldn't help but chuckle. 


“Alright, worst case scenario is you just ask me — okay?” Another slow kiss pressed against Hawks’ temple. 




“Good.” Dabi’s arms curled around Hawks’ body a bit tighter and his legs curled up with his. “The last time we didn’t get to talk too much about aftercare and it is a very important part of BDSM actually — it is probably the most important one, next to safe words. — You mentioned that you were gonna read a little bit about it, did you?” 


“Yeah, I did. Quite a bit actually, because I was curious. It’s basically the down time after a scene where the Dominant makes sure the Submissive is alright — physically and mentally, right?”

“Right — but it’s not only for the Submissive you know. It is also for the Dominant. Sometimes, during a scene things get really intense. Especially if degradation is part of the scene or cnc type of plays. While those things most of the time feel amazing during a scene, they can definitely leave a bitter taste in your mouth after . — The after care is to look after both. While sometimes Submissives don’t need after care at all after an intense play, some Dominants do. — While they know they didn’t do anything wrong, they still feel guilty and are very likely to drop after sometime. During after care the Dominant often takes care of the Submissive — for one, to make sure the Submissive is alright, for another, to make sure everything was consensual and that everything indeed is alright for their mental well-being.”

“Makes sense to me, not everyone is really comfortable with heavy stuff.” Hawks hummed for a moment, as if processing what Dabi had just told him. “One thing I didn’t know though — what does cnc mean? — and I also wanna know how I can make you feel better after a scene, too. I know last time I just up and left after we cuddled, but I didn’t really know if it was okay for me to stay or not and it had also freaked me out a little bit how much I liked you so I thought it would be better to just leave as fast as I can.”


Dabi chuckled, pressing another kiss to Hawks’ temple. “You are adorable — but to answer your first question; cnc means consensual non-consensual . Basically, the Dominant is fully in charge and often will force the Submissive to anything the Dominant wants. It’s also often part of a rape play scene — the safewords ware obviously still allowed to use, especially during those scenes actually, but it is kind of a show for both, too. The Submissive will pretend to not like something, will try to get away, even scream no and all that, but the Dominant won’t stop — not unless the safeword is being used.” 


He suddenly felt how teeth nipped at the side of his neck and Dabi buried his fingers in Hawks’ hair. — “Is that something you like, or why are you trying to mark me up again, pretty bird.”


Hawks’ teeth stilled where they were and a tongue lapped at the small patch of skin he had nibbled on. “Can’t say I am not curious about it. I liked how you pushed me around the last time and how you just punished me how you saw fit. — Not saying we should try it right away, but the curiosity is definitely there." Hawks was fiddling with the collar of the dress shirt Dabi was wearing — something he seemingly did whenever he was nervous or embarrassed about something. Dabi had to smile when he realized he was slowly noticing small patterns of things Hawks did. It made the anxious voice at the back of his head become a little less frightening. 


It was only fair if Hawks would get to know him like that, too. — "I'll definitely keep that in mind, because I think I'd like it too. I've never tried it before, but the way you reacted last time was too good for me not to be curious about what else we could do — but you'll definitely have to stick around for after care then. Last time I felt overwhelmed when you just up and left—" he could feel how Hawks tensed up in his arms and moved his head to look up at him, "—and I actually talked to another Dominant about it, to make sure if I went too far, or if it was okay to do the things I've done. It maybe sounds ridiculous, because BDSM is such a big part of my life, but I've not participated actively in it for a long time so I actually felt as if I had done something wrong, as if I had done something you didn't want and that freaked me out."

 Dabi had barely finished his sentence when Hawks already climbed into his lap, pulling the thin fleece blanket around them and kissed Dabi full on his lips, cradling his face and pressing his whole body against him. — it was a slow kiss, sensual and the way Hawks slowly drew patterns into the base of Dabi's head felt like magic and he relaxed back into the mattress. He hadn't even noticed how much he had tensed up when Hawks had moved, but now there was no trace of said tension left in him as Hawks cuddled closer, still kissing him. 


He once more put his arms around Hawks' waist, let them wander under the blanket and took two handfuls of ass and smiled when Hawks' playfully pulled his lower lip between his teeth. 


They were both breathing heavily when they parted. "Next time I won't just get up and leave so suddenly, I promise. But I also want you to reach out to me when something feels off, alright? — You teach me how important it is to look after each other and that I should know about everything a Submissive should know about, but I feel like you often just deflect from that care if it is directed at you. You deserve to be taken care of, too you know."


This was probably the first time someone made Dabi feel as speechless as he was right now and all he could do was stare up at the man who was still straddling his waist, carefully combing through his hair. Hawks eyes were soft and felt so warm — but they suddenly shifted to concern and panic and Dabi didn't know what was happening, until Hawks started to stroke over his wet cheeks. 


"Sshh, hey Dabi. It's alright — I got you. Everything is fine and I'm here and you did everything right ." 






He only noticed now that Hawks was brushing away the tears that were rolling down Dabi's face. When had he started to cry? He hadn't even noticed it, but now it started to rock through his body and he needed a moment or two before the tears finally stopped again. 


Hawks was still smiling warmly at him, pressing his forehead against his own and humming a soft melody and Dabi couldn't help but close his eyes and hug Hawks closer to him. 


Another moment passed. 


"Thank you, Hawks." 


Dabi could feel how his lips stretched into a warm smile, a quick peck to his lips. 


"Anytime, hot stuff." 


“I am pretty sure he finally lost his last marble. Maybe he got hit in the head?”


Toga tilted her head to the side, inspecting the scene that was unfolding in front of her at the given moment skeptically — one finger tapping against her chin as she seemingly thought long and hard about what to say next. 


“You are right. This really is strange.” 


Kai was standing right next to her — Pretzel sitting on his shoulders, purring loudly as he watched as well, absently petting the cat’s head and scratching behind its ear. “I mean, we all saw it coming that he would absolutely lose his mind one way or another. — It was bound to happen with the amount of coffee and cigarettes he is always consuming. I am still surprised by how someone who lives like him can actually build up decent muscles.”


Another thoughtful “ hmmm ” coming from Toga. 


Soft purring from the cat.


And Dabi was this close to kicking them both out and screaming at them from the top of his lungs, but no. He would  not waste his time like that! Not when he had a date to attend in less than three hours and he still needed to pick an outfit to wear. God, why did he think that asking Toga for advice would be a good idea? He knew that she would immediately drag Kai along, but still — he had hoped the petite blonde would show up alone, but as soon as he had opened the door, said sadistic moron was there as well and Dabi had been close to crying. — He was close to crying again, but mostly to the fact that he had nothing to wear




How did this happen? — He had taken a shower right before his two friends decided to bother him, had also freshly dyed his hair that morning, painted his nails black again, because the deep red nail polish he had painted his nails with before had already been coming off and if there was one thing Dabi hated then it was how unkempt nails looked like if the nail polish was coming off. — Anyways. 


Hawks had asked him out on a date after their second session — they had gone up to the bar to talk a little bit more, before Dabi had to help Kurogiri out a bit as much as Dabi just wanted to spend more time with Hawks. — That was another thing that was new. He was getting kind of clingy . He had never been like that before, but Hawks didn’t seem to mind. The other man had laughed bashfully as Dabi had leaned in for another kiss, and another and please one more kiss then you can go, just one more . So Dabi was pretty sure that Hawks didn’t mind at all . — They had kissed goodbye in front of the club again, much like the time before and just like last time, Dabi was met with low wolf-whistles coming from Jin and Kai who were both standing close to the entrance of the club, smirking broadly at him.


Dabi had flipped them off. — Only to blush a bit when he thought about going on a date with Hawks, which would happen now . Today — it was Saturday evening and normally Dabi worked double shifts that night, but he had worked every other day of the week and had already finished looking over the schedule for next week and already finished most of the preparations for next month’s event, that Kurogiri had told him to fuck off and get some rest . Joined by Shota and Rumi — Shota, because he was a good friend and also knew that Hawks would probably be the one who would be spending the free time with him and Rumi, well, probably for the same reason. She had walked up to him just the other day, patted him on the left shoulder, congratulated him for being a decent human being, and then thanked him how Hawks had finally started to take a little bit more care of himself. 


It had made him smile stupidly for the rest of the night — even more so when he shot a quick message to Hawks, snitching to him what Rumi had told him. Hawks had been embarrassed, but couldn’t deny the effect Dabi was having on him and Dabi had felt how his chest had swelled up in pride. — No one had ever told him that before, that he had influenced them positively and it was a feeling he couldn't describe and he was insanely happy that Hawks was the one who he had such a good influence on.


That didn’t stop him from freaking out completely about their first date though. — Hawks had told him to wear something casual . He had to walk around in his office all day long in stuffy suits and annoyingly tight ties that he really wanted their date to be something casual, something fun . Hawks hadn’t said what he had planned for them, just that he should wear something he was comfortable in — and Dabi instantly forgot all the different outfits he had ever worn in his entire life that he wore in that moment. 


Which was how he ended up in his current position — ripping apart his whole wardrobe, all of his clothes scattered around the floor in his bedroom, as well as parts of his living room as he tried to put a few pieces together, trying to find the perfect outfit and failing miserably. Toga and Kai weren’t much of a help — just standing there, judging him as he ran around in only his underwear like a headless chicken and laughing at him. 


A quick glance at the clock — 05.59pm. 


Shit — he only had about one hour before Hawks would come pick him up downstairs. Fuck.


“Alright, big guy — move aside and let me help you.” Toga finally had mercy on him and started to shuffle through the room. “Okay, he said to wear something casual, something that you are comfortable in so we are definitely putting aside all of your dress-shirts and those slacks, too. — Oh and those pants, too they look way too formal.” All Dabi could do was sit down on his bed as he watched Toga put away a few things, sorting out his clothes. 


“If I remember correctly the last time he saw you in casual stuff you wore that one pair of ripped jeans along with the— what was it, Black Sabbath shirt? Ugh, whatever, not important, but we will definitely will go for something different this time! — Oh! I already have an idea.” 


Within seconds, all the stuff Dabi had pulled out from his closet was being shoved into it again and only a bunch of things remained. Kai, who joined them finally, was still smirking, but watching the scene with amusement in his eyes. 


“Alright Dabs, here is what you will wear — the weather is still nice out and all, but you guys will probably stay out there for a while so you totally have to bring a jacket with you and you know how much you rock that patchwork biker jacket!” Said biker jacket had been at his side since he was fifteen and had seen a lot of shit, which was why it was a little bit torn on the edges where the leather was a bit brittle, but otherwise it was still in a good condition. Patchy got its name from, well, the patches he had sewed onto. Most of them were band-labels from old shirts or whatever he had gotten his hands on as a kid, but some were also just slogans, pride flags and fuck off if you are a fashist pig . In more recent days he had also added a get fucked Trump one. Really — he was keeping the jacket up to date. 

“Since you have mostly been wearing slacks, or that one pair of ripped jeans, I think we should definitely go with something different this time!” — Dabi was only half listening as she continued to talk about her fashion choices, thoughts too preoccupied by Hawks. What would the other man wear? Would it be okay to dress this punk-ish? 


He got pulled from his thoughts when Toga suddenly dumped a whole bunch of clothes onto him and shoved him into the bathroom to get dressed. It was 6.24pm. — Time to get ready. 



If Dabi was nervous when he nearly tripped down the stairs of his apartment-complex he totally forgot about it as soon as he saw Hawks. He was also sure that his jaw nearly hit the floor, because he had expected a lot, but not this . — This being Hawks sitting on a fucking motorcycle, hair tossled oh so perfectly from the wind and god, he was wearing tight, black leather pants and those boots . Dabi couldn't see what type of shirt he was wearing, but he could see that Hawks was wearing one of the typical motorcycle jackets — mixture of red, black and white. He was also wearing fingerless leather gloves and the most breathtaking smile he had ever seen. 


“Hey there, hot stuff.” 


“Hey there, pretty bird.” — He could only walk somewhat slowly towards Hawks, taking in how the other man looked.  Didn’t stop him from leaning down and kissing him on the lips though. “You look amazing, didn’t know you know how to ride a bike.”


The cocky smirk was back in place. “Oh, I know how to ride a lot of stuff. Especially hot stuff .” He even winked and Dabi smothered him with another kiss as Hawks giggled like a little kid, way too pleased with himself and his terrible sense of humor that Dabi was growing so fond of. 


“Hope you are hungry and like KFC, big guy.” Hawks patted the empty space on the bike right behind him. Dabi only smirked and climbed onto the bike, pressing his front as close as possible to Hawks back and letting his hands drop a bit too low on his hips, seemingly holding on not to fall off the bike — but they both knew that was not the case and Hawks laughed again. God, his laughter felt like sunshine. 


“Come on, birdie. Lead the way, I am starving.” 


Dabi hadn’t been on many dates in his life before, but even with all of the experiences his friends always talked about and shared with him, he was pretty sure that they never had experienced a date quite like this


“Are you sure we are in the right place? If you need money and want to sell one of my kidneys you know I can help you out, right?” Dabi was obviously joking, but he did wonder why the hell they had driven all the way out here. It was in the worst parts of the city, on the outskirts and there were mostly only warehouses and factories — the place was like a ghost town after 5pm and now it was 7.14pm meaning no one was around, but them. 


Hawks had parked his bike down the street, before he had started to drag Dabi into one of the old warehouses and up the stairs. — Dabi had been in some fucked up places while being a teenager, running away from home more often than not, but this place certainly wasn’t one of the better ones. 


“Oh, please! I am pretty sure we both make enough money — and come on, don’t you trust me?” Hawks whirled around, spreading his arms as if presenting himself with the biggest and warmest smile — and looking at him with such a bratty attitude that Dabi felt the all familiar twitch to just grab him and make him kneel deep in his bones. — But they weren’t in a scene right now, but on a date so he grinned widely, biting his lower lip as he walked up to Hawks and kissed his nose. 


“Alright, Mr.I-am-not-a-murderer , lead the way.”


Hawks grabbed Dabi by his hand and dragged him to the far end of the kinda rusty looking rooftop — there were broken machines, random metal pipes and other things that made it look as if no one had been here in a very long time. Dabi was really wondering why they were here — but then Hawks came to a stop and dropped the duffle bag on the ground, digging into it and pulling out a fluffy looking blanket he spread on the ground and put down the other bag filled with their food from KFC. He also pulled out speakers. 


“You got music on your phone?” 


Dabi looked at Hawks a bit strangely. “Who doesn’t have music on their phone?”


“Boring people like me, and I wanna know more of the music you like because honestly, I have no clue about music and I like what you play at the club so? Wanna plug in your phone? I got the AUX cable here hold on — they also have bluetooth, but the speakers often act up a little bit so better use the cable.” Dabi just chuckled and sat down next to Hawks, taking the speakers and the AUX from him and plugged it in. He scrolled through his music library, trying to find something, well, a bit tame to not make Hawks run away immediately. 


Good old Bad Religion and Punk Rock Song seemed like a good idea so why not. He set the playlist on shuffle and put his phone aside and watched as Hawks set up their food and pulled out their drinks from the duffle bag, too. — He still had not expected this for a date. Not that he complained, not at all actually. It only showed that Hawks was not like the typical stuck up office guys that would shriek at the thought of going to a pup or going on concerts or getting a bit dirty here and there in every sense of the saying. — He had to smile when he saw how Hawks started to move along the fast beats of the drums, humming along the chorus as he started to pick up it’s pace. 


“So,” Hawks scooted a bit closer to Dabi, bumping their knees together and sending him another brilliant smile, “—you are most likely wondering why I brought you to such a shitty location for a first date, right?” 


Dabi just shrugged, bumping their knees together again playfully. 


Hawks smiled for a moment longer, but then it turned into a smaller smile. One that was incredibly soft and his eyes were shining brightly in the light of the setting sun. “I know this place doesn’t scream romance or anything, but it is special to me. — When I was a kid, I often ran away from home, and later on from the orphanage after child protective service got me away from my mom and— I always came here.” Hawks shily grabbed Dabi’s hand. Slowly playing with his bigger hand and fingers. “You told me a little bit about your own past and I wanted to show you a little bit of mine as well. — You said relationships are hard for you and the truth is I am often terrified as well. Not about starting a relationship, but about people leaving me — but I am trying to work on that. I am working on that.” 


Dabi scooted closer, eyes never leaving Hawks’ who was currently looking down to their intertwined fingers. “People often look at me and only see the hard working business guy and they expect me to have everything under control all the time, but that is so far from the truth it is ridiculous. — I get stuck in my head too much and when things just, when things just get too much I come here. It might not look like much, but it is my safe place. I came here as a kid to get away from the abuse, from being screamed at, and I even slept here during summer months, just to be away from home — and I liked it. I liked how quiet it was during the night and that no one bothered me. When I grew up and started to work, this was the only place where no one expected shit from me. I could just come here and look at the sun setting and everything would be quiet — no phone calls, no meetings, no annoying boss, no schedule. Just me and a few rats that live here somewhere.” 


Hawks squeezed his hand and Dabi squeezed back. “Something that is really new for me with you is that I don’t feel the need to pretend to be perfect. — I don’t have to be that perfect business man, I can just be myself and to be honest today is the first time in a very long time I came here, because ever since I started my new job two years ago I felt like I should be ashamed of where I came from or that I used this as a hiding place.” He finally looked up, head lolling onto Dabi’s shoulder and he could feel his heart-strings pull tightly. 

“I didn’t know I had lost myself like that, but you make me feel like I can be my old self. Like I can be just like myself and how I am — I don’t have to pretend and I am really grateful for that.” 


Dabi couldn’t help but melt — he leaned forward, gently head-butting Hawks like Pretzel always did with him, and kissed him gently on the lips. He pulled back for a moment, to properly look at Hawks, who was blushing again. But he also looked really fragile, almost as if one word from Dabi’s lips could shatter him into a million pieces. 


“To be honest, I was so nervous all day long about our date—” he raised their still intertwined fingers, kissing Hawks’ knuckles “—I feared that you wouldn’t like me for who I am outside of the club.” More soft kisses. “—but now you showed me this , a bit more of you.” 


He placed one last kiss on Hawks’ knuckles. “Thank you for trusting me and telling me. I am not always good with words, but I really appreciate you telling and showing me this.”


Dabi could feel how Hawks let out a wet sounding sigh, as if he was holding back tears and it looked like he tried to. But they weren’t tears of heart-ache, because Hawks was smiling again. He looked intensely at Dabi — once more playing with his dark hair, before closing his eyes and kissing him. — Hawks pushed his tongue into Dabi’s mouth and Dabi pushed back against him, wanting to taste him as well. It might seem rushed and desperate in theory, but their kiss was still gentle — they were taking their time as another started to play in the background. 


He couldn't help but growl when Hawks pulled back, making him laugh again. “Oh come on! I gotta show you something else — get up!” Hawks was already up on his legs, holding out his hand and tugging at his hand. 


“What do you want to show me? — One rat you befriended years ago and that you now consider family?” — Hawks actually snorted at that, shaking his head in amusement. 


“Good guess, but nope you will meet Richard the Sixth some other time —” he let go of Dabi’s hand and instead disappeared behind a few pipes and something that looked like a very old AC. “Aha—! It’s still there!” There was the sound of metal falling onto metal, stuff being pushed aside and suddenly Hawks emerged back in front of him with a boyish smile and a bucket full of — golf balls? Okay, now he had completely lost Dabi and apparently it was very apparent on his face, because Hawks cackled like a maniac, dragging along two rusty looking golf clubs and walked towards the edge of the roof where the railings had already been broken off. 


Hawks put down the bucket and looked up at Dabi with expecting eyes. “Come on — this is fun! It’s already dark and not a single soul is here — perfect time to let off some steam by playing golf and damaging some government property.” 


Dabi snorted so hard it almost hurt — he also immediately grabbed a golf club and stepped in front of Hawks, grabbing a small golf ball from the bucket, placed it on the ground and got into position. “I have no idea how to actually play golf—”


“I can see that .” The amusement was clear in Hawks eyes and Dabi let out an almost offended sounding puff of breath, but he was still smiling and just shook his head in disbelief. “—Oh, I will show you !” but easier said than done, because he completely missed the ball the first time he tried to hit it and Hawks literally broke down cackling. Dabi could already feel the blush raising on his cheeks as he tried to hit it again — this time, he actually managed but he hit it the wrong way and it only flew a pathetic three meters, before it crashed against a window of the opposite building. — Hawks was now positively wheezing on the ground, wiping away tears and Dabi couldn't help but pout. 


“Come on, lemme— lemme help you!” Hawks was still cackling as he tried to get up from the floor and Dabi could only glare some more, which made Hawks giggle even more as he walked up behind him. “Oh come on, don’t be like that — I will show you how to properly move your hips and hit home!” 


God he wanted to strangle him so badly, but he tried so hard to hold back the laughter — he knew he was being ridiculous, but he couldn't just cave like that. Hawks was now behind him, wrapping his arms around his hips, pushing his front and pelvis right against Dabi’s back and ass and even had the nerve to grind on him as he showed him how to move. But two could play the game — Dabi widened his stance a little, accidentally grinding back with his ass onto Hawks dick and leaned a bit forward with his upper body. 


If the sharp intake of breath coming from behind him was anything to go by he was doing everything right . — This time, he definitely hit home and the smirk stretched widely on his lips, grinding back onto Hawks already swelling dick a bit more, before pulling away completely with a tempting smirk on his lips. 


“How was that? Good enough?”


Hawks still looked a bit flustered and there was no denying that he was sporting a hard on. “God, you are such a little shit lemme kiss you—” and Hawks tried, really tried. He even dropped the gold club and was already clinging onto Dabi, pushing up on his tippy-toes, when the other song came on that definitely was very different from all the other grunge and hard rock gerned songs. 


Dabi just wanted to crawl under the nearest object and never come out.


Something he completely forgot about was that he had picked his entire library and put it on shuffle — which meant that there was also stuff that definitely was not any type of alternative music , which was mostly Toga’s fault, because she often just picked up his phone and put a shit ton of her favourite music on it and at first Dabi had hated it . He had loathed the bubble gum like music, the upbeat chorus’ and everything . But the problem was that these songs were so damn catchy and that he often had them stuck in his head for days and god, did he mention he wanted to die? because now it was blasting Russian Roulette by Red Velvet and Hawks broke out into almost maniacal laughter — Dabi’s cheeks were beet red. He felt the embarrassment in his bones and how the hell did some people get off on that? This was terrible and now Hawks was still laughing and his whole reputation was down the drain. 


He looked down to where Hawks was desperately holding onto his arms and the embarrassment slowly started to fade and morphed into something else. — Hawks looked so fucking happy right now. Laughing so hard there were tears in his eyes, smiling brightly as they were standing on the rooftop of a beat-up, shitty warehouse that at the same time held so much meaning for Hawks and — it was perfect. 


Hawks' laughter slowly died down, the amusement still clear on his face as he wiped away a few tears and Dabi felt so happy that he could burst. It had been ages, if not forever since he felt this carefree and at home with someone where he could just be himself as he did with Hawks. 


He smiled into their kiss as he pulled Hawks to his lips again, marveling at how warm and soft those lips were and how much he loved the taste of Hawks on his tongue. 



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“I had a lot of fun tonight.” — They were back in front of his apartment again; Hawks sitting on his bike, looking up at Dabi and holding onto the loops of his belt as if he wasn’t quite ready to let go just yet and it nearly caused Dabi’s heart to leap out of his chest. — Hawks really enjoyed spending time with him. He liked to be around him and act like stupid teenagers again. It still felt a little bit odd that someone could actually like him like that. There had been too many situations in his life where people only pretended to be his friend that it had left him with too many trust issues — but the way Hawks looked at him right now; you couldn't fake that. At least Dabi hoped no one could and even if he faked it, he didn’t want to know. He’d much rather live in this little fantasy of his where Hawks was into him as much as he was into Hawks. — Insecurities were a bitch and not something you just got rid off over night. 


“I had, too. Thank you again for showing me your hideout . — We can definitely go there again whenever you want. Besides, I need to get better and kick your ass at golfing.” Dabi curled his fingers into Hawks’ jacket, playing with the soft hair at the back of his head. He worried his lower lip between his teeth. — He didn’t want to let go of Hawks’ just yet, he wanted to spend more time with him, but it was nearly past midnight already and he could tell that both of them were getting tired. Fuck it, might as well ask him. 


“I don’t know about you, but I want you to sleep over. — We will probably just curl up in bed and sleep, because I am pretty tired, but I do make pretty decent pancakes in the morning and my coffee is amazing, too.”


“Trying to bribe me into staying the night with you, huh?” — Hawks’ fingers curled tighter around the loops, pulling Dabi a bit closer again. “You know you don’t have to convince me to stay over, all you have to do is ask.” This time, a flustered chuckle left his lips.


“Well then, come on. — Pretzel is already dying to get to know you.” 


Hawks immediately jumped off his bike, grabbing the duffle bag that was thrown over his shoulder and followed Dabi suit, just a few steps behind him, before he reached him and grabbed his hand again, holding it tightly. “Pretzel?” 


“You will see.” 



“Oh my god, you have a cat ? Of course you do! — Is he a rescue? God you are such a softie — and look at you! What a fine gentleman you are and your fur is so soft .” — Dabi had to chuckle as he watched Hawks coo and cuddle Pretzel. They had so much as walked into the apartment and toed off their shoes before the little furball already came running up to them, whiskers a little bit crooked — Pretzel had apparently been taking a nap which caused Hawks to coo even more at the cat. It was so sweet to watch and how easily Pretzel trusted the other man was heart-warming. Then again, Pretzel was relatively easy when it came to that — a little bit of affection, some pats on the head and he was already wrapped around your little finger. — Much like how Dabi was with Hawks. 

“I see, Pretzel already took my spot — what a traitor.” 


“Jealous?” Hawks sat up, with Pretzel in his arms as he grinned at Dabi. He knew full well what he was doing and that he was teasing Dabi. “Extremely, now shoo gotta feed the little gremlin before he starts clawing my eyeballs out and I can promise you that that is not a pleasant sensation.”


They walked further into Dabi’s apartment and Dabi was so relieved to see that Toga had apparently taken it upon herself to put away all the clothes Dabi had scattered around and even cleaned up a bit. — Either it was because she kinda sensed that Hawks might be coming over, or it was because Kai was having one of his OCD moments where he just had to clean Dabi’s apartment. — Not that he minded. While he wasn’t particularly messy, having Kai over once or twice a month who kind of deep-cleaned his whole apartment was definitely helping. — Plus it wasn’t as if he invited Kai over just so the other man would clean, it was almost always just planned as a little get-together that ended up with Kai and Tequila and him not going to sleep unless he at least cleaned half the apartment the way he saw fit.


Whatever the reason was that his apartment was now not a complete disaster, he was happy for that. — Especially with how Hawks started to look around the place with Pretzel cradled to his chest and marveling at the tons of pictures and posters stuck onto the wall. There were tons of concert tickets as well — polaroid pictures of their monthly get-togethers. Dabi also had a thing to collect basically everything that was, well, old . He had way too many vinyls he had picked up whenever he passed that one beat-up second hand shop, owned by a lovely old lady who ironically had a thing for death metal and punk. It was so cute to see her smile really big whenever he came over — already having stacked a few records onto the side which she knew he would like. She also had helped him pick out a  phonograph and Dabi was still thankful for that one — it was about time he visited her again. Usually he tried to visit at least twice a month — maybe he should just take Hawks along the next time he visited, would be a good date idea probably and he could also show Hawks some more music. — He would definitely do that. 


“Hey, uhh — do you maybe have a shirt or something you could lend me? I didn’t exactly plan to sleep over so I didn’t come prepared.”  — They had just fed the little gremlin and Dabi could see how exhausted Hawks was as well. A part of him was even more relieved that he had asked him to spend the night — driving on a motorcycle that tired was definitely not a good idea. 


“Sure, hold on — you can pick one out if you want.” Truth was, Dabi also had a faint obsession with collecting as many band shirts as possible. To the point where all of his friends always tried to outdo each other with their presents for his birthday and sometimes christmas — who could find the rarest type of band shirt, the most ridiculous one, the one that was the most limited. It was an old tradition by now and honestly, Dabi was not gonna complain about it at all. 


He quickly opened the door to his closet and stepped aside. "You can really pick whatever you want, truth be told I most of the time just sleep in underwear and a random band shirt that has one too many holes in it to wear out in public." Dabi quickly picked a shirt for himself, just in time for Pretzel to claw into his leg apparently thinking now was the perfect time to play with his foot. — Pretzel often got restless at night meaning he wanted to get out onto the balcony to watch over the night. Dabi sighed. "Give me a minute, you can change in peace while I let the gremlin out — and make yourself comfortable." 


He pressed one more kiss to Hawks' lips when Hawks spoke. "So, should I take the couch or—?" 


Dabi halted. "You had my dick in your mouth and you came in your pants while bent over my lap, I think it's fine if we sleep in the same bed." He couldn't help but feel amused, especially when he saw how flustered Hawks got. 


"Just, making sure. Is all." 


"I'll be right back." Dabi couldn't stop himself from slapping Hawks' lightly on his ass, causing him to jump and let out a tiny squeak — but it definitely helped to ease the faint tension that had built up a moment before. Hawks pouted at him, but joined Dabi when he started to laugh. 


Two minutes later and Dabi walked back into his bedroom — lights already dimmed and Hawks curled up on the left right side on the bed, closer to the window. He was already changed and the blanket covered his front, cradling it closer to his chest. Dabi tried to be not too disappointed, but he couldn't lie and say he didn't crave to see more of Hawks naked skin. 


He walked over to the other side of the bed, stopping next to the dresser as he let his pants pool around his ankles and stepped out — he was about to reach for his shirt and pull it up, when he stopped. Most of his scars were on his upper body — one shoulder was covered completely in scars and burned skin and he never felt comfortable showing those parts of his body to anyone. Dabi glanced back at Hawks who was sleepily looking up at him with a warm smile on his lips and Dabi had to think. — Hawks so far had been nothing but open and sweet to him. Sure, cocky attitude and a brat, but he was kind and he didn't strike him as someone who would judge Dabi for scars he got from his abusive father. 


Learning to trust was hard, but it was something he had to learn. Dabi tried not to think twice about how Hawks would react to seeing his scars, he didn't want to think about the look of disgust on his face and simply pulled his shirt over his head and threw it in the general direction of the dirty laundry basket. He deliberately took his time changing his shirts — mainly, because he didn't want to seem too rushed while doing so, and because he also wanted to learn that showing others his scars was not something to be ashamed of. Didn't mean he wasn't blushing like mad the whole time and that his heart wasn't in his throat. 


A few moments later he was changed, turning around with slightly red cheeks and crawled into bed with Hawks. There was no trace of disgust on his face — his eyes were sleepy, but happy and Dabi pushed aside all the bad thoughts that tried to haunt him as Hawks pulled him into a tight hug. 


Hawks reached around him and shut off the lights and it was the first time in a very long time that Dabi felt completely safe sleeping in someone else's tight embrace. 



There are many things you forget about when you haven't been with anyone in a long time — like what it feels like to fall asleep with a lover wrapped around you, how there is suddenly movement next to you throughout the night, heat that is not coming from your own body and all those other small things. Something Dabi certainly had forgotten about was what it was like to wake up with someone nestled onto your chest — how the soft puffs of breath tickled your chest and chin and how messy hair would most likely end up in your mouth by accident. But it wasn't bad, not at all — Hawks looked so cute and peaceful while he slept and his relaxed features were almost angelic. 


Something else Dabi had forgotten was what it was like to wake up with a hard on next to someone in the morning and how the person next to you most likely also had a hard on. — Hawks was sleeping on his chest, half of his body draped over Dabi's and Dabi could feel the heat coming off Hawks' body and how incredibly hard the other man was. Their limbs were almost completely intertwined and fuck , Dabi had to shift his hips a tiny bit to get more comfortable, but the small movement caused Hawks' swollen cock to rub against his own and he had to bite his tongue not to make a single sound. 


God, this was torture, but he slowly moved his hips again, dragging their swollen dicks against one another just one more time and—


Dabi lensed down as he heard a small hitch coming from Hawks and was meant with a shit eating, cocky grin. God, what a bastard. "Well, it seems like someone is up early. — Enjoying yourself, hot stuff?" — Dabi just grumbled something incoherent. It was too early and he was too horny to really deal with Hawks being a brat like that so there really was only one option here — flip them both over so that he was looming over the other man and kiss him stupid. 


It was way too adorable when Hawks squeaked in surprise, as if he hadn’t seen it coming that little shit — but Dabi only got profen his point when Hawks had the nerve to smirk into the kiss and wrap his arms tightly around Dabi’s neck, pulling him closer. 


Hawks’ body felt incredibly warm underneath his fingertips — Dabi was only massaging his thighs that slowly started to wrap around his hips, but even they were warm to touch. His skin was soft, but Dabi could definitely feel the strong muscles shift underneath with every move he made and it made his mouth water. — He wanted to see more, to touch more of Hawks. He wanted to see that tattoo on his back and trace it with his tongue, he wanted to see Hawks’ chest and play with his nipples and leave bite marks on the insides of his thighs. 


Within seconds, Dabi let his hand slip underneath the band shirt Hawks’ was wearing — he was about to move his hand further up when Hawks’ suddenly tensed up. All of his muscles stiffened and Dabi could feel how the other man was holding his breath — he pulled back from him, pulled away his hand and sat back on his legs to take a closer look at Hawks. What had just happened?


“Hawks? Are you okay?” — it was as if the other man was in trance or something. His eyes were distant, but not in the “clouded from arousal” type of way, but in the way of spacing out when something happened and it felt as if someone had shoved ice down Dabi’s pants. He carefully lifted his hands, not entirely sure where he was allowed to touch Hawks right now and simply settled for his cheek, stroking over it carefully with his thumb to coax the other man back to him. “—Hawks?” 


His eyes finally snapped up to Dabi again, breath leaving his lungs rapidly, taking in a few deep breaths until he was breathing regularly again, blinking his eyes a couple of times until the cloudiness was gone. — Hawks looked flustered. 


“I—I’m, sorry.” He averted his gaze and it made Dabi feel even more like shit. 


“Hey—” he kept his voice as soft as possible. “—talk to me. What just happened?”


He could see how tears were forming in Hawks eyes, how he tried to blink them away — fuck he needed to do something. Dabi quickly, but as carefully as he could, took Hawks by his hips, rolled them around again so Hawks was sitting in his lap and leaned back. This way Hawks could move freely, without feeling caged — at least he hoped it would help him.


Something he did notice though was how Hawks immediately crossed his arms in front of his chest — it was a fluid motion, something natural, and if Dabi wouldn’t be doing the same from time to time he would have probably missed it, but Hawks was embarrassed. Insecure — flustered, and tried to hide his abdomen behind his arms that way. Dabi had already found it a little bit out of character that the other man had changed that quickly and had hidden himself underneath the sheets the other day, but now it clicked. 


“It’s —” Hawks sighed, psyching himself up a bit. “You know how I told you that my father used to beat me black and blue and how my mother wanted to sell me for drugs?” It was a rhetorical question, but Dabi still nodded. “Well, they weren’t loving parents for sure and well , it left — marks. My parents both smoked and —” he could see how Hawks’ cheeks were glowing red from embarrassment. “—whenever I did something bad, or I don’t know, whenever they felt like it, they would use my chest as an ashtray. The scars have healed up nicely by now, but it still — it looks ugly . Well, I don’t really care about how it looks, but — but sometimes I feel like I can still feel how they press cigarettes into my skin whenever someone else tries to touch my chest. — most of the sex I had so far was with my face being buried in the bed, ass up, or with me topping and the bottom face-down in the mattress, because I don’t want anyone to touch me there.” 


Dabi couldn't help but think back to every encounter between them so far and he could see a pattern. How things had been during their first lesson, how he had pushed Hawks face first into the bed to spank him — no chest touching. How during their little drinking session at the bar had gone — no chest touching. Their second session with Hawks on his knees sucking his dick — no chest touching. Even last night when they had cuddled, Hawks had been the one who had his head against Dabi’s chest, not the other way around. It had been so subtle that he hadn’t even realized it at all. — He wanted to kick his own ass, he should have asked.


“—but, with you. I want — I want to try. I want to try to see what it would feel like — I am sick of trying to hide my chest and last night, you didn’t seem phased at all when you pulled off your own shirt and showed me your scars. It — it showed me it was alright to be open with you. — I could tell that you were nervous about it, though. Your cheeks were so red and your heart was beating so fast, but you still did it and I didn’t want to mention it, but now I am and — thank you. For trusting me with this. We both had shitty experiences and seeing you trusting me, helps. — Immensely even.” 


It was now the second time Dabi didn’t know what he should say — Hawks really did have that effect on him, god. All he could do was look up at Hawks and his tousled hair and his soft smile how he nervously reached for the hem of his shirt with trembling hands and pulled it up over his own head and let it drop to the floor and Dabi gulped — sure, there were still a few scars here and there, but like Hawks had said most of them had healed up nicely by now and all Dabi could see was the most glorious chest he had ever seen. Hawks’ shoulders were strong and his chest was well defined and those honey abs — god, his fingers twitched, he wanted to touch the other man so bad, he wanted to taste him. 


He swallowed thickly. — “Can I touch you?” 


Dabi had to ask. With everything Hawks had gone through as a kid it was only normal for him to feel stressed when someone was getting close to his chest — but god, he hoped the other man would say yes. — Instead of properly answering, Hawks carefully reached for Dabi’s hand and placed it tenderly on his own chest. Dabi felt how Hawks’ pulse was going wild, he could feel the strong beating of his heart and he had to hold back a moan as he squeezed one pec between his hands and damn, that sensation went straight to his dick. 


Hawks seemingly had picked up on the twitch of his dick, because the tension started to bleed out of his shoulders — he was still nervous, Dabi could tell, but he was much more relaxed now so he simply continued his gentle touches. He caressed his chest with one hand, warm fingers stroking over every millimeter he could reach, tips of his fingers gently drawing patterns over tightly drawn nipples, making Hawks shudder. — It was erotic and incredibly intimate. It felt more intimate than anything Dabi had ever done in his life before and it made his head spin. — Hawks trusted him so much, offering himself up like this just for him. — Dabi felt like he needed to show Hawks that he trusted him, too. 


His hands dropped down to the hem of his own shirt and just like last night he quickly discarded his own shirt — but unlike last night, it was bright now. There was no way he would be able to hide his scars, there was no darkness he could confide in and just like last night it shot heat into his face, his nerves getting the better of him and his hands slightly trembling again — but Hawks was here again. Kind eyes, warm hands hovering over his chest. 


“Can I touch you?” 


Dabi could only squirm a little bit at that question — it felt so natural to ask someone else if they were okay with this, if they wanted this, but being the one the question was directed at? Scary — incredibly scary. He still nodded his head and Hawks dived in as if he was starving . His hands felt warm and rough, but it felt so incredibly good, too. The way he carefully massaged his chest, just like Dabi had done to him just a few moments ago — he couldn't help but return the favor again and soon their bodies were pressed against one another from head to toe, kissing deeply while their hands carefully explored their bodies. — He could feel the scars on Hawks’ body and he was sure that Hawks could feel his own, too. But it didn’t feel painful like it always had before — Hawks was so gentle and careful with him it was overwhelming but addicting at the same time. 


Their touches grew more impatient the longer they touched each other — Dabi could feel how they were both getting hard again, very quickly . Hawks was squirming on top of him, trying to get more friction as he moved his hips, thrusts getting uncoordinated as he lost himself in his own need and it was breathtaking to watch. — The other man had come two times now while Dabi was with him and both times he had not been able to fully admire the view of Hawks coming apart. The first time he had his face buried in the comforter, the second time Dabi had been too blissed out to really see it himself, but now Hawks was sitting on top of him, in his lap — Dabi could see how turned on Hawks was and how desperate he was getting for relief. His face was blushing the prettiest shade of pink and there was sweat forming on his temples and his mouth was falling open — he looked like he belonged in the Louvre on one of the paintings drawn by the old masters, Dabi could almost see how Hawks would look like as an angel, wings spread wide as he threw back his head in pure ecstasy as he fucked himself against Dabi’s dick and came with the purest and most erotic look on his face — and Dabi followed suit. The orgasm hit him by surprise, he hadn’t even realized it had built up, he had been too preoccupied by watching Hawks and to concentrate how hot Hawks’ skin was and how he couldn't stop himself from touching Hawks and then it had already crashed down on him. 


Fuck. ” — Dabi didn’t know who of them had said it, but Hawks crashed down on him. His chest was covered in a thin sheen of sweat and it should feel as if the other man was crushing him with how heavily they were both breathing, but it felt grounding instead. His head felt dizzy and his limbs were tingling and he could feel how sticky they were now covered in their own cum — again. It should feel kinda gross, but it wasn’t. Absolutely not. Instead, Dabi pulled Hawks into a tight embrace, kissing the side of his head, his face, his neck, everywhere where he could reach him. 


They remained in their little world for god knows how long and Dabi relished in it. God, he could get lost in Hawks’ arms like that — the other man smelled so good. Like freshly brewed coffee, oranges and cinnamon buns. It sounded like a weird combination of things, but to Dabi they smelled like coming home after a long day and made his stomach do flips and made his cheeks tingle and he couldn't stop grinning. — Was this what falling in love felt like? God, he wouldn't know. Not really — he rarely got attracted to people like this, let alone developed a crush on them and he and his last Submissive were not romantically involved, but Hawks. — Hawks was something else. He nuzzled his head closer to Hawks, never stopping the kisses and he could feel the shudder running up and down Hawks’ back and the faint huffs of air that left his mouth as he giggled breathlessly and started to leave kisses up and down the side of Dabi’s neck as well. 


Dabi couldn't deny that he was definitely crushing on Hawks. — The other man made him feel light in a way no one had before. Made him forget about the people that had wronged him in his life, made him want to work harder on himself to get better so he could be someone Hawks could trust, who could be there for Hawks and his needs and not push him away like he always did. — Those were dangerous thoughts, because as nice as things were right now, things could always go down south within the matter of seconds, but god, he just hoped this would not happen. — Or even if it happened that they would make it work somehow, because Hawks made him wonder about what it would be like to have someone in your life permanently. What it would be like to wake up next to him every morning, to brush their teeth in the morning, make coffee and eat breakfast. What it would be like to come home to each other — to hang out with each other’s friends and go on dates like the one they had gone to the night before. 


“Well,” Hawks’ voice was raspy and still full of sleep but it still sent another shiver down Dabi’s back — god he had it bad for this man. “—this is what I call a good morning , don’t you think so hot stuff?”


Dabi just snorted. “What time is it anyways — I am surprised Pretzel hasn’t come into the bedroom just yet and clawed at us. The little prick always wants to have his breakfast at 7am sharp and if I don’t get up and feed him I will be on his shit-list for the rest of the week.”


“Oh, don’t worry — I already fed him this morning when I got up to pee. It’s half past ten now and I think he is napping on the couch or something.” 


“You fed him already?”


“Yes, I did.”


“This morning?”




Dabi chuckled and cuddled Hawks closer to his chest. “God, you are perfect. I definitely owe you pancakes and coffee now, don’t I? — How do you like your coffee anyways? Sugar and Cream?”


“—black, actually! But coffee would be lovely for sure. Mind if I take a quick shower before that, though? I am all sweaty and — uh, sticky.” It was adorable how much Hawks blushed at that as if Dabi didn’t just come in his pants too. — But Pretzel had another idea. The cat had apparently heard them talk and promptly waltzed into the room and laid jumped onto the bed without a care in the world and plopped down onto Dabi’s chest, nearly choking him in the process, and cuddled up against Hawks. 


“Seems like he likes you more now simply because you fed him — what a traitor.” 


“Well, I am irresistible. Can’t blame him — besides, aren’t pets much like their owners? It shouldn't come as a surprise to you that little Pretzel baby here likes me if I was the one who got to break a little bit of the facade of the big, bad Dominant that would never ever consider taking in a Submissive, right?” — This time, Hawks got smothered by a pillow. The little shit had been teasing him for days now, would only be fair to give him what he deserved — but sadly Hawks was quick and before Dabi could snarl at him he had a pillow thrown at his face as well and heard Hawks’ chuckles rumbling through the room.


Their eyes locked. 


“Oh, you are so dead.” — and then Dabi jumped, pillow in his hand and threw it straight at Hawks, who doubled over in laughter, grabbing a pillow for his defense before he rolled onto the ground, trying to run away from Dabi as fast as possible, but easier said than done, because the other man was laughing too hard to see straight — and Dabi loved it. Within seconds he picked up another pillow and ran after Hawks and the fight was on . He slapped Hawks’ but with a pillow as they both ran into the living room — Hawks’ still cackling, but moving quick and hitting Dabi at the back of his head with a soft thud as he aimed the pillow at him again and again. — They rounded another corner and Hawks tried to dive out of Dabi’s reach, but who was Dabi to give up that easily? — He could feel the dried cum in his pants tugging uncomfortably at his skin, but socking Hawks in the face with a fluffy pillow was much more important and Hawks’ laughter was contagious . He felt his own laughter bubbling up as Hawks grabbed Dabi’s pillow and tried to hit him, but failed miserably which ended with both of them on the floor, cackling like idiots and some loose feathers falling down around them softly. — One of the pillows had ripped apparently, but Dabi was having too much fun to really care about that right now. 


Instead, his hands reached for Hawks’ sides—


“Oh no, don’t you dare you piece of shit! I —”


—and started to tickle him relentlessly. Hawks nearly went ballistic; crying tears, feet kicking and clutching onto Dabi’s as he simultaneously tried to push him away. Hawks had probably hoped for a different type of punishment, but this was what he got for being a little shit when they were outside of a scene. Besides, Dabi loved to hear Hawks laugh like that.

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Dabi felt like a teenager again — not in the let's piss of everyone and just do what we want kind of way, but in the shit I think I have caught feelings for the first time in a very, very long time and don’t know how to handle those type of way. Because Dabi was not someone who easily fell in love with someone — up until now he wasn't even sure if he had ever felt anything akin to love before, because the way Hawks made him feel like was so incredibly new it was scaring the ever living shit out of him. — desperate times call for desperate measures. 


He knew he wouldn't be able to talk to Shouta about that topic though, because while he trusted the other man completely not to spill anything, he also knew how painfully private Aizawa was about his own private life so exchanging stories and giving advice based on that was not gonna happen. Any other topic? No problem, but love and affection? Nope. Rumi was out of the picture too — not because he thought he wouldn't be able to talk to her, but because she was Hawks’ best friend and she would definitely spill it to the other man and this was new to him, okay, so he really did not want Hawks to know just yet. — His next therapy session was two weeks away since his therapist was off on vacation so there was no way he could talk to her about it — maybe Kai? — NO. Big no. The other man probably didn’t even know what love would be like if you would throw it right into his face and Toga was way too interested in his love life for him to be comfortable to talk to her and Jin would definitely spill it to everyone in the group chat and that was something he wanted to avoid as best as possible. 


Maybe Kurogiri could help him out. The other man had been in a long relationship and was married for christs’ sake so he would obviously understand, right? 


Still felt weird asking the other man about it just like that. 


“Hey, uh — Kurogiri?” Dabi made sure that everyone else was busy in the club right now, preparing for opening in an hour so no one would come and snoop. The last thing he needed was one of his employees to hear about him not being entirely sure what love actually was and if he was in love and if maybe this is what a healthy relationship maybe looked like. — No thanks. 


“If you want to take over the bar tonight I will have to tell you to fuck off, sorry for being crude but you promised I would get more hours here and I am standing my ground.” 


None of his employees had a single shred of respect for him anymore — was he really getting that soft? Dabi scoffed. “No, you egg. I wanted to ask you something personal but if you are being a prick I can also just go ask Kai—” as if he was going to do that “—and not ask you for advice. I am sure that prick has some really good advice when it comes to love.”


Dabi couldn't even turn around before he heard Kurogiri gasp and grab his wrist, turning him back around again. — “You tell me everything right now, young man. Kai doesn’t know the tiniest bit about love — come and sit down. Do you want a drink? Of course you do — come on and talk to me while I prepare it for you.”


He got pulled back and into a seat by the bar, a drink thrusted into his hand before he could even say a single word, but he was oddly okay for him. It kinda felt nice for someone to be this hyped and happy about him possibly having someone in his life. 


"What do you wanna know? You know you can ask me anything you want — there is nothing you could ask that would be too much." 


Dabi nodded, twisting and turning the glass of scotch between his fingers, sheepishly rubbing the back of his head. How was he gonna start this? Ah, fuck it might as well rip it off like a bandaid and get it over and done with. 


"How do you know you're in love?"


Kurogiri came to a stop, turning fully towards Dabi with a warm smile on his lips. "Starting off with the big ones, huh? Well—" He wiped down the bar with a towel. "—it's different for everyone, but essentially you like to be around them. You like spending time with them, they give you a good feeling and sometimes you get Butterflies in your stomach and your heart rate goes up through the roof. — You miss them when they are not with you and you want to know everything about them. Even stupid small stuff that no one else probably cares about — you wanna know what makes a person tick and, yeah. It sometimes just creeks up on you because you have a person you hang out with a lot and then one day you suddenly feel all weird and it makes sense that you're in love with them, or sometimes it's instantly."


"So, feeling nervous and scared is not normal you'd say?" 


"Hmm, scared not necessarily, being nervous for sure. It's something new and you don't know if it will be something permanent or not , if you'll get hurt or if things will turn out well. You can't know that beforehand and that's part of the thrill. To see if you and this person are compatible or not. — but even if you're scared there is no shame in trying, you hear me? Even if feelings change and you realize it's love, or just friendship, it's definitely worth the risk."


Kurogiri was met with silence. 


"Was I any help at all?" 


"Huh? — Oh yeah, sure. It's just new and I'm not entirely sure yet how to handle this , but.. How long does it usually take until you fall in love?”


“Oh, that depends. Some fall in love at the drop of a hat, and for some it takes years to build trust and friendship before they can fall in love. — You just know that this person is your special someone and that you would do anything to protect them.”


“Special someone, huh?” — Dabi took a sip of his drinks. It fit — regarding Hawks. Definitely. Hawks was special to him and it was different than how any of his friends were special to him, he wanted to spend more time with him, he wanted to kiss him and hold his hand and wanted to ask how his day had been and if there was something he would wanna talk about or if there was something he could do to make him feel better. — That all sounded like Hawks was someone special to him, right?


—Ugh, who was he kidding. He was absolutely head over heels for Hawks and the sooner he accepted that fact, the sooner he could move on from his personal dilemma and work through it and actively enjoy his time with Hawks. People fell in love all the time, it was something normal, something good. There was no need to get all worked up about it, it was okay to feel love and affection and also to receive love and affection and Hawks seemingly was more willing to give and take. 


He was rudely interrupted by a wet towel to the face, thrown by none other than Kurogiri himself. “You done brooding about your own love life now, or are you gonna help out back here? We still gotta load of drying dishes we need to put away and I need to stock up on the scotch — that bit in your glass is the last one we have up here. You better get behind the bar and do the cleaning and everything done while I get a few more bottles from the basement.” 


Dabi just scoffed and threw the wet towel back at Kurogiri. — “You just wanna smoke one before your shift starts, be honest. I know we still have more than enough scotch stocked in the back and you always hated to clean up the dishes. — I am your boss, I could fire you for that, you know?”

“Please—” Kurogiri made a dismissive waving gesture with his hand. “I am way too valuable for the club. You wouldn’t dare to fire me — besides, you would be absolutely overwhelmed by being the only bartender now that you got yourself a little Submissive, aren’t I right?”


Touché. — Dabi just rolled his eyes, not being able to fight the small grin dancing on his lips. “Alright, alright — move your fat ass and get out of here.”

He was barely behind the counter when Kurogiri was gone and the low voice of Kai echoed in his ears. — “Yo, two glasses of scotch.” Followed by an impatient knocking of Kai’s knuckles rasping against the hardwood of the bar. If Dabi didn’t know any better he would say that Kai looked stressed out, nervous even, but this was Kai they were speaking about and Kai never got nervous about anything . The guy had the same level of chill when it came to literally everything on this planet than Aizawa — so it must be something else, right?


“What got your panties in a twist, huh? Did your pet turn out to have a massive dislike for narcissistic pricks like you?”


But instead of a sarcastic comment all he got was more nervous finger tapping from Kai — okay, something clearly was off. “—Kai? You okay, man?”


“No — Shigaraki, my potential Submissive you know the one I talked about, he is coming over for a drink or two and we decided to take things to another level.”


Dabi halted. “Another level as in he lets you tie him up high up the ceiling in the most complicated knots while you discipline him and degrade him, or as in you want him to be your Submissive and yours only?”


“The second one.” 


Now Dabi really was perplexed. He had known Kai for almost five years now, but with how picky the other man was it was definitely impossible for him to find someone he would like — let alone this much. So whoever that person was must be someone fucking special — maybe even Kai’s special person much like Hawks was to Dabi? It was kinda cute when Dabi thought about it like that. What if Kai was going through the same thing that was happening to Dabi right now with Hawks? — Kai certainly deserved someone like that in his life, too. While Dabi didn’t know all the details he knew that his friend for sure had gone through some shit that involved abusive family members and his little sister getting taken away from him and a lot of different drama. But that's besides the point now — Kai had someone special that was coming over and Dabi really couldn’t wait to see what that Shigaraki dude was like. — He tried to envious someone that would be Kai’s type; but then again Kai didn’t really have a type. — He prefered men over women, but that was literally it. Looks wise — personality and likes and dislikes was a totally different story. It must be someone that understood his OCD and that had the same kinks as he had which already was something near to impossible to find, but then also for Kai to actually like that person? 


Absolutely impossible.


Dabi turned around, reaching for two freshly washed glasses stacked on the counter behind the bar. — Kai definitely needed alcohol now to calm his nerves down a bit. “So, why don’t you tell me a little bit about that Shigaraki guy? — I have to say I am curious to see what he is like. It has been a while since you even considered someone to become your Submissive and you seem pretty hooked on that guy.”


His movements were smooth — quickly grabbing the ice cubs and dishing them into the glasses, adding two finger widths of that one scotch Dabi knew Kai liked best. If he couldn't do much for his friend right now he could at least serve him his favourite top notch brand of alcohol. — He was only half listening to what Kai was saying, because Kai was talking fast and obviously getting a bit worked up about what he was saying. — That Shigaraki guy was a couple years younger than Kai was. Kai was 28 and the guy was 26, one year younger than Dabi and one year older than Hawks. He was shorter than Kai, which made him also nearly the same height as Hawks and— 


Dabi couldn't help himself as he let his thoughts wander back to Hawks. 


Hawks wouldn’t come over today for a scene — too exhausted after a day filled with meetings, but he did hint that he might be able to come over for a drink. It was the day before weekend anyways so Hawks wouldn’t have to work tomorrow, which meant they could spend the night together and Hawks could stay over and all Dabi had to do this weekend was make sure everything was stocked and ready to go and if Jin had sent him the protocols and updates regarding the security of last month. So, really. Most of that could be done within a matter of a few hours in which Hawks could just stay at his place and play with Pretzel or whatever and that could mean they could maybe turn it into a long weekend? 


His thoughts were running again — but he finally managed to finish the drinks. “Alright, here you go—” Dabi looked up from the two glasses he was holding, stupid smile of thinking of Hawks still in place when it suddenly slipped — along with the two glasses of scotch he was holding, as his eyes drifted from the glasses to the person that had just walked into the club through the main entrance and was now walking towards the bar. — The person hadn’t noticed Dabi just yet, at least not until he had dropped the glasses and suddenly all eyes were on him — along with those piercing red orbs he had known nearly all of his life. 


“Yo, Dabs — You know I love all sorts of games, but licking alcohol off the floor when I am freaking out is not—” Kai stopped for a moment as he looked up at him “—you okay? What the fuck are you staring at?” 


Dabi’s thoughts were racing — Why the hell was Tenko here? How had he found this place? — Rationally speaking Dabi knew how Tenko must have found this place; they were both into BDSM, but the question was why was he here? Why was he looking into establishments like this? Did that mean he still participated in BDSM even after what Dabi had done to him? — He suddenly felt light-headed and dizzy, his fingers and hands were growing numb and his breath shortened in the most unpleasant way possible, while his heart rate went up, heart knocking almost painfully in his ribcage as he tried to pull himself together. 


There was no reason to freak out — no reason to have a panic attack. Tenko was probably only here because he had heard about the club doing well and wanting to see what all the fuss was about, there was no way it was anything more than that, right?


Dabi barely registered as Kai turned around, seemingly looking for what had caused Dabi to go into full on panic mode and Dabi knew Kai — he was far from being stupid, he was quick to read between the lines and to understand interpersonal tensions and situations that were going on. — Which also meant that he would definitely understand what was happening right now. 


Fuck — he needed to think quick, to do something


His hands were still shaking as he tore his eyes from Tenko, who was looking at him with the same amount of shock that must be written all over Dabi’s face right now. Fuck — he didn’t want to see that look on Tenko’s face — it was too similiar to the shocked expression he had worn the last time he had seen him. When he had tied him up and disciplined him and when he had gone too far, and—


Dabi quickly leaned down, picking up the shards of the broken glass with his bare hands, not caring at all right now if they cut into his fingers and the open of his balm or not. It even was a welcomed distraction from the waves of panic that flooded his system. He threw away the broken pieces, washing up the mess on the floor with a used up towel to make sure the worst of it was out of the way so Kurogiri could work in peace later.


Where the hell was Kurogiri at anyways? — How many cigarettes did that guy smoke? The whole package? — Dabi started to panic even more now, god he just wanted to get away from here as far as possible. He didn’t want to see Tenko, he didn’t want to see the damage he had caused—

“Hey, Touya.” Dabi nearly had a stroke just hearing that soft but raspy voice again after so many years. He quickly grabbed a random bottle, twisting and turning it between clammy hands, pretending to be busy while his eyes remained glued to the bar — twisting and turning, twisting and turning. 

“Been a while since I last saw you, how have you been?”


Dabi tried to swallow the lump in his throat to muster up the courage to open his mouth and to just speak to his old friend, to just say something , but he only managed to look up at Tenko who had an almost neutral seeming look on his face, but Dabi knew better. He could clearly see how fucking nervours Tenko was right now, he could see the light tremble of his hands and how tensed he was — god, he just wanted to get out of this situation. 


“Wait, you guys know each other?”


Please don’t ask, please don’t ask, Please don’t


“Uh, yeah.” Tenko cleared his throat once before he continued to speak. “We, uh, we were best friends growing up and he later on was my Dominant when we first got into BDSM. We broke things off and I haven’t seen him since, but—” 


Even if he would have seen the fist coming there was no way in hell he would have been able to doge Kai’s right hook. Tenko hadn’t even finished his sentence and Kai had already put two and two together — of course he would. Kai was fucking smart — and Dabi stumbled backwards and hit the floor so fast he nearly got whiplash. The pain on his eye rippled outwards, right up to his forehead and down his nose and it got worse when his eyes suddenly started to tear up. — Bodily reaction to being hit in the face with a fist so hard he nearly passed out, he could also feel how warm blood was tickling down at the side of his face — Had he hit his head on his way down?


You are the fucker that Shigaraki had a bad experience with? — Are you fucking kidding me ?” Dabi had barely managed to open his eyes and look up from the floor as he already saw Kai lunging over the bar, ready to hit him in the face again. — He could hear Tenko talking rapidly to Kai, but the words were too far away and his head was still spinning from the blow it had received. — Fuck it, if this was his punishment for what he had done to Tenko he would gladly take it, let Kai beat the shit out of him. Right now he didn’t care. 


He got grabbed rather roughly by the collar of his shirt, dragged up from the floor and he could already see Kai reaching back with his fist, ready to punch him in the face again when Kurogiri suddenly burst back into the room, nearly tackling Kai to the ground as well. Things happened so fast, Dabi could barely register what was happening. One second Kurogiri was trying to push Kai back and away from the bar, the next he felt Jin grab him by the scruff of his neck and drag him into the backroom. — He could faintly see how Tenko was still trying to talk to Kai, looking rather distraught himself. 


And then the door shut and everything was quiet. No more loud shouts and threats coming from Kai, no more pleas and cries coming from Tenko and no more curses from Kurogiri. No more shocked gasps coming from the other patrons in the club — just him and Jin sitting on the cold concrete floor, with blood dripping down from his left eyebrow bone. His heart was still beating a mile per hour and his hands were still shaking — god he felt like shit. He just wanted to drive home, crawl into his bed and never come out again. Preferably with Pretzel curled next to him and Hawks—


Fuck, Hawks. 


Suddenly the mere thought of Hawks next to him made his skin crawl. How could he possibly think that him having a Submissive would be a good idea? After what he had done? — God, no. He couldn’t do that to Hawks, too. What if he would snap? What would happen if he would snap like he did with Tenko? What if he would hurt Hawks, too? God, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he would do that again, shit, he could barely live with himself now after what he had done to Tenko. Fuck — Tenko . How come he suddenly showed up here? And the way Kai had reacted — was Tenko Kai’s new perfect Submissive?


He had said that Shigaraki had had training before — good training. 


Tenko had trained with Dabi. 


He had said that Shigaraki had had a bad experience with his last Dominant, but then broke things off immediately. 


Tenko had had a bad experience with Dabi and they had broken things off. 


Of course that would happen — of fucking course was Tenko Shigaraki. Shit, everything would come crumbling down now — Kai would hate him for fucking ever and tell everyone what Dabi had done and he would lose his reputation and the club and then Hawks would know about what he had done, and then Hawks would leave him, too and—


That scared him more than anything right now.


That, and the fact of facing Tenko. How would he be able to face Tenko? — He barely felt the throbbing pain at the side of his face, nor the gentle touch of Jin trying to break him out of it. He was too far in his head right now, too much was going on right now. How could this happen — Why did it have to be now? When he thought he had finally worked through everything that had happened with Tenko? When he had finally tried to move on, he had learned from his mistakes, hadn’t he? He had gone to therapy, he had taken his anger assignment classes so serious, he had gotten better, he had — but what if everything was just a lie and he was still an abusive prick just like his father—?


Fuck, the tight feeling in his chest and the shortness of breath were getting worse again — He could barely sit on his ass right now without feeling like falling over and the pounding in his head was making it hard to think besides the obvious. 


“—i, Dabi! Dude! Come on, snap out of it and look at me. What just happened? — Shit, are you hyperventilating? Dude, you are okay and safe. Kai is in the other room — everything is alright, no matter what just happened there we are gonna make it work out, okay? We all know Kai can be a prick, but I am sure we can talk this one out.” 


He knew that Jin only meant well, but his ongoing rambling was only making things worse right now — shit was alright and Kai hadn’t done anything wrong. Shit, he deserved it. His hands and arms started to clamp up again, tensing to the point where he couldn't properly move then anymore and his short clipped nails dug into the skin of his arms, nearly drawing blood by how hard he was scratching at them. 


“—bag.” Dabi pressed out, voice so low he would be surprised Jin had heard him, but somehow the other man seemed to know what he was referring to and immediately got up from the cool floor they were still sitting on and ran over to Dabi’s locker, pulling out his backpack and handed it over to Dabi. He dug into it, fishing out a small bottle he always carried with him in case he would ever suffer from another panic attack like right now — he barely managed to open the lid of the small bottle and shoke out a single pill and popped it into his and swallowed it dry. Probably the worst thing he could do right now by how fucking dry his throat already felt and the pill shoving itself down his throat made it so much worse for a moment, but shit, he needed the meds to calm down. 


Jin was next to him, holding out a bottle of water — Dabi had no idea where he had just pulled that out from, but he was too out of it to really question that right now. All he knew was that he was fucking thirsty and that he needed to get something liquid down his throat, because right now it felt as if he was choking to death on that usually so small pill. 


He didn’t know how long they sat there, it could have been five minutes, it could have been five hours. — Dabi had no clue at all. All he knew was that he was fucking tired — probably the xanax kicking in, he was feeling pliant and tired. Still fucking anxious, but mostly tired. God, how would he get home now? 


He was tired, so fucking tired, he just wanted to see Hawks and bury his face in his neck and sleep for a week straight. He just wanted to see the other man now . Dabi pulled out his phone and typed a quick message — well, as quick as his tired limbs allowed him. 


To: Hawks [21:02]
hey birdie, smth happened at work,,
I am pretty tired and done, would u mind
coming over now and picking me up? 


Hawks [21:03]
Dabi are you okay??


Hawks [21:03]
Already on my way, be there in 10


Hawks [21:03]
You are worrying me
pls tell me you are alright


To: Hawks [21:04]
I am fine,, mostly 
Can we talk about that tomorrow?
I just really wanna go home and sleep
and have you next to me right now
please drive safely 

Another ten minutes passed in which Kurogiri came into the room, checking on Dabi and the small wound that was now already forming on his eye — black eye and a broken vessel in his eye, but nothing too serious all in all. No need to hit up the hospital — just needed some icing to reduce the swelling and rest. Dabi could do that — sleep for a week sounded like a dream come true. 


Jin had left to get back to his working space — their little fight had attracted a few curious on-lookers who were being a bit too pushy. According to Kurogiri, Kai had already left with Tenko — down to the dungeon or somewhere else wasn’t clarified, but Dabi didn’t care; he just wanted to curl up in a ball and hide from the world.


His mind was pleasantly mushy when Hawks was finally in front of him — a worried look on his face and a careful hand stroking over his left cheek. “My god, what happened?” — but Dabi really didn’t have the energy to talk right now. He just face planted into Hawks’ neck and breathing him in — how could someone smell so good without even trying? Dabi put his arms around his neck, seeking out his lips and kissing him gently. He just needed this, needed Hawks and he nearly cried happy tears when he felt Hawks kiss him back. Soft and sweet and the way his arms curled around Dabi was so tender — he hadn’t known that that was what he needed right now, but he melted into the hug and the kiss. 


“Come on, big guy. Let’s get you home — you seem exhausted.” 


Again, all he did was nod — holding onto Hawks’ hand as he led them out of the club. He didn’t dare to look up, he was too fucking tired to deal with anything that anyone could potentially throw at him right now. He didn’t want to see Kai, he didn’t want to see Tenko. 


It felt like they were at his home within the blink of an eye — and he couldn't be happier about it. Pretzel was with them instantly, curling around their legs and Dabi only managed to pet his head half heartedly. They took off their shoes and then Hawks took Dabi by his hand again, dragging him into the bedroom and helping him out of his clothes. 


The last thing Dabi thought before falling asleep was how much he loved the feeling of Hawks warm body pressed against his own, to feel the strong beat of his heart and feel the faint press of kisses on his temple.

Chapter Text








His blood was boiling. So much that it felt as if molten metal was pumping through his veins instead of blood — he was so fucking angry. Two weeks ago things had been normal, his life had been normal, or as normal as one’s life can be with an abusive prick as a father. It hadn’t been perfect, but it had been manageable. Dabi had been working hard — finishing his degree, while working part-time as a bartender in the BDSM club where he met one of his closest friends by now; Aizawa Shota. He and Tenko had been really getting into that scene so it only felt natural for him to reach out to establishments like that — to learn more, to see what these clubs were like and maybe put his business major to a good use and not just slave away at his father’s firm. Dabi had learned a lot in the past few years and was finally planning the opening of his own club, something he did not want his family to know of just yet, especially his father, but just like always things had not played out the way they should have. 


Tenko and Dabi had been friends since elementary school — always getting into more trouble than anything but, but they were friends and they did everything together. Best friends who sometimes slept with each other and played out scenes with each other. It had been a mutual understanding, somehow. While they weren’t romantically attracted to each other, sex worked between them. They both had come from a home with a shitty parental figure, a mother that was too weak to protect her children and too many bottled up anger issues and other mental health issues they couldn't quite work on, but they found mutual understanding in BDSM. — Tenko could just give up and pretend to be someone else, to be at someone’s mercy who would know better and Dabi would be able to finally call the shots, to have control over his own decisions and not have his father mess shit up like usually


Things were going good. — They had also agreed that in case one of them decided to date someone romantically they would break their ‘friends with benefits’ situation, no hard feelings. — and that had worked, too. Until it hadn’t:


Tenko had been invited to another Todoroki family get together like usual — he was somehow already part of the family in a weird way so Dabi didn’t think twice when he brought him along. Something he hadn’t expected tho, was to accidentally come out to his father. He and Tenko had always been careful not to slip up — only doing scenes when they were at their dorm or when they knew for sure that no one would be around in Dabi’s old room. Just that shit hit the fence when his father started to rant about politics and how these liberal faggots were ruining their country . — The thing that had set Dabi off the most was how he had seen Shouto flinch — the kid was only ten back then, but Dabi had seen how Shouto had been looking at one of his male classmates. Puppy Love. — Really cute, but also unforgivable if your father was Todoroki Enji.


Something had snapped in him. “— Well, we are working hard on pissing pricks like you off .” 


His father had looked like he was about to have a stroke then and there when Tenko had said that in the most dry voice possible — under any other circumstances Dabi would have just snorted and brushed it off, but things didn’t stop there. Enji started to go on and on about biblical verses, about how it is supposed to be man and woman, about all that usual crap, and it only got worse from then on. — Dabi had to admit that Enji had somewhat tried to keep calm around Tenko for his comment, if Dabi would have said that he would have earned a smack across the face within seconds. 

But then the bashing for his degree started and how Dabi was just going to waste away if he was not going to work for Enji, but looking for another firm to work at. — He started to insult Dabi, as usual, to say he was just leeching off his father’s money, not doing any real work by being a fucking bartender, by hanging out with faggots like Tenko and Dabi had bit his tongue. He and Tenko knew all too well how Enji reacted all the damn time — it would be best to just stay put and let it happen, trying not to piss him off. 


Maybe it was the wine Tenko had drunken already that night, or maybe he had finally had enough, but Dabi felt his life crumble apart when Tenko tried to defend him.


Well, Enji, you know what’s funny? You are all about prestige and about reputation, forcing your own children to work for you to the point where all of them hate you besides, you should be fucking proud of Dabi. He is gonna open up his own BDSM club soon! It’s gonna be amazing with all those dirty faggots you hate so much! Your own son being one of them!” 


Dabi got a fist in the face so fast he toppled off the chair and hit the ground. — But things didn’t stop there; Enji was a big man with a shit ton of muscles and while Dabi worked out as well, his father was still easily a head taller than him and twice his size so it was easy as sin for him to pick him up and drag him into the living room by his hair, throwing him into the glass coffee table. — Dabi had faintly heard Tenko and Natsuo scream at Enji, trying to get him off Dabi, but Enji was all rage and fire. — To this day it had been the worst beating of his life — the scars still ran deep. 


He should have known better than to start a scene with Tenko two weeks later. 


He should have understood that what was done was done for and that Tenko had been drunk and had never meant to say those things to Enji, but Dabi had not been a good person back then. Instead, he had gagged and tied up Tenko, using all the toys he had at his disposal for impact play and bruised him up until he was crying and bloody. — It was as if he had been in trance and all the rage that he had bottled up over the years targeted at Enji suddenly got targeted at Tenko. There were cuts and bruises — not deep enough to be life threatening, but deep enough to draw blood and turn purple the next day and he only let down when he had put Tenko on his hands and knees and fucked him until he nearly passed out. 


The fog in his head had finally cleared up then, only to realize that Tenko was still crying and immediate panic flooded his system. Panic and shame — it got even worse when he finally removed the gag and all Tenko was saying was “ red ” over and over again. The look on his face had been distant, far off, staring into space and his body was shaking. — Dabi moved on autopilot, removing all the ropes and throwing them aside.


The moment Tenko reached for his wrist, trying to hold him gently, felt as if someone was trying to chop his hand off. It hurt, it burnt, it felt like dry ice being pressed against his skin — all at the same time and the panic had kicked in full-gear. He ripped his hand away, stumbling backwards and nearly hit his skull against the edge of the dresser when he fled the scene.


As soon as he was out of the door and out of the apartment complex he threw up into the nearest dumpster he could find — the regret making his skin crawl and stomach twist and turn in the most painful way possible. What had he done?


Become just like his abusive shit piece of a father, that was what he had done.


His thoughts were running wild — how Tenko had looked at him, how he had tried to say something, to say his name. Tenko who had already suffered from abuse so much in his life who now had gotten the same type of abuse from someone he was supposed to trust, from his best friend.


Dabi could still hear his friend’s voice echo in his head as the insecurities started to eat him up —







“Dabi —!


When Dabi woke up with a loud gasp and sweat running down his temples the next day, half of his face felt numb. — Somehow accompanied by a dull throbbing pain underneath his skin and he got reminded painfully of what had happened the day before. How things had been going so well and ended with Tenko walking into the club and Kai punching him in the face. He also remembered how fucking worried Hawks had looked the moment he had picked him up and how gentle he had been with him. It made his skin crawl even more now that the memories of what had happened the night before, what had happened all those years ago had haunted him in a dream. — It took him a while to regulate his breathing and to realize that Hawks was staring at him with big, worried eyes.


The nauseating feeling twisted in his stomach again. 

God. — Was this ever going to stop eating away at him?


“Dabi, are you okay? — Wait, lemme get some ice for your face. It swelled up quite a bit overnight.” Before he was able to react, Hawks was gone, but just as fast as he had ran off to the kitchen to get the ice, he had come back, pack of ice wrapped in a small towel and carefully held it up against Dabi’s swollen face. — Hawks was so careful with him. 


It made his stomach twist again and he had to hold back not to cry in that moment. He didn’t deserve someone like him, he didn’t deserve anyone. Not Hawks, not Tenko, not Kai—

Dabi tried to ignore the ache in his chest that told him that he had probably just lost a good friend for good — and Kai would definitely tell Toga and Jin so they would hate him, too. He just hoped that at least Aizawa would still be his friend — the other man knew about what had happened, but what if he decided that Dabi wasn’t worth the trouble?


What if Hawks realized he wasn’t worth the trouble? That he couldn't be trusted. 


“You’re shaking — god, Dabi. What happened last night? I mean, you don’t have to tell me if you aren’t comfortable sharing that, but you are scaring me a bit here.”


Might as well risk it all. 


“My old Submissive and friend Tenko showed up last night,” his throat felt dry as sandpaper. “—when we broke things off, things got ugly and it was my fault. I tied him up and punished him, gagged him even and only stopped when I saw fit. Didn’t realize he was muttering his safeword over and over again. He was crying so hard back then—” but once he opened his mouth he couldn't stop. “I knew he had struggled with abuse growing up, yet I still did it. I was so angry, I was so angry and took it all out on him.” 


Dabi tried to ignore how he could feel Hawks’ tensioning up, how the once gentle press of packed ice against his injury started to press harder against it, while his muscles tensed up. He tried to ignore it, but it felt like a punch in the stomach, like someone poured cold water on top of him — he could feel how Hawks was pulling away from him. Not physically, per se, but he knew what it looked like when someone had gone through abuse and feared that someone would leash out at them — he had seen that exact look too often on his own face after his father had beat the shit out of him and he had passed a mirror.


He had never really cared about that look — but now it was directed at him


Hawks’ voice sounded almost cold.


“Do you regret it?”


“Every single day.”


Hawks was quiet again, but the hard pressing against his wound stopped a bit. He relaxed, if only a little bit. Dabi could see how his shoulders were still drawn tight and how the edges of his mouth were twitching as if he was trying to fake a smile but failing miserably. He had never seen such a blank look on Hawks’ face and it scared the shit out of him.


“I was just a kid, but that is no excuse. I fucked up back then, big time. I regret it — hell, I dropped being a Dominant, because of that. There was not a day where I didn’t feel like shit about it, but I tried to learn from that. I read so much about headspaces, about how you need to be in a good mental state to do a scene, how you cannot just dive in head first, how you need to read your partner’s body language and if you feel anything is off, you have to talk to them. I visited so many other Dominants, listening to them teach everything about consent, about how to understand yourself, to see the signs that you can or cannot have a scene. — I went to anger management classes, I went to therapy, I did everything my therapist told me to do and they all said I was doing good, but what if it is all a lie? Seeing Tenko again made me feel like the piece of garbage I was back then and I don’t want to be like that anymore — but what if I haven’t changed at all? What if I am still—?”


He almost expected another hit in the face as Hawks pulled down the pack of ice.

What he did not expect was a carefully placed kiss on his dry, chapped lips and Hawks cupping his face gently. It was so unexpected, it made Dabi freeze, but Hawks didn’t pull away. He pressed his lips firmer against Dabi’s, as if trying to make a statement Dabi didn’t fully understand just yet, but eventually he just let his eyes slip close and enjoyed the kiss. 


It took a moment or two before Hawks pulled away — he looked conflicted and Dabi couldn't blame him. Not with what he had just told him. Not with what Hawks had gone through as a kid himself. "I didn't know you back then so I cannot tell you if you are different from back then or not, but I can tell you this—" Hawks shifted a bit, making himself a little but more comfortable on the bed next to Dabi. "You have been nothing but gentle and educational with me so far, you have always checked if I was alright, if I wanted this and teached me so much about consent and how to communicate, that a part of me just doesn't, no, can't believe you did that years ago. But then again, I don't know you that well yet — but I can tell that you are extremely careful with what you do and never once made me feel uncomfortable and you know I've had to deal with abuse, too." 


Hawks carefully combed a strand of hair out of Dabi's face. "Not gonna lie the thought of you doing something like that scares the shit out of me, but you also say that you deeply regret it, that you even dropped being a Dominant and instead started to teach others so they could detect when someone was overstepping and being an abusive asshole and I think that alone says a lot about you — I know too many people who have abusive tendencies and none of them would even think about doing what you did. They much rather continue their life, thinking they did nothing wrong and are in the right of behaving like abusive assholes and while you can be an asshole—" Hawks somewhat playfully nudged his side, a small smirk on his lips. "You are anything but abusive."


Dabi let out a breath he hadn't noticed he had been holding, it was as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulders and that made him crumble. This time, he could feel how tears shot to his eyes and ran down his face and how his hard surface just evaporated into thin air — Hawks hands were still gentle and calming and Dabi just couldn't help himself but bury his face in Hawks neck and cry. 


He couldn't remember the last time he cried like that — the sobs shook his whole body, rattling him to the core and he held onto Hawks as if he was drowning, but the other man just tightened his strong arms around him, pulling the blanket around them and they curled up a bit closer in the warm bed as Dabi cried it all out of his system. 

It was a bit later when he woke up again — he hadn't even noticed he had fallen asleep, but he woke up to the soft sound of purring next to his ear. Dabi's eyes were swollen and it was a bit painful to open them, but he nevertheless had to smile when he saw Pretzel curled up next to him, happily snuggling against his neck. 


There were sounds coming from the other room — someone was shifting around in the kitchen, moving pots and pans, music was flying softly too and there was humming. Dabi turned his head only to realize that Hawks wasn't there — was he in the kitchen? Pretzel seemed happy, which meant he was probably already fed so it would explain Hawks in the kitchen. 


He got up, still more groggy than awake and shuffled to where the noises were coming from and he felt his heart skip a beat. Hawks was making breakfast, wearing one of his too big shorts and happily singing along to a song on the radio. — Dabi hadn't even realized it, but Hawks had the most beautiful singing voice he had ever heard. More beautiful than any singing bird could ever be. God, he had it bad for this man — but wasn't that what he had concluded the other day as well? That he was in love—? 


"Oh, fuck ! Don't scare me like that just standing there! God, you look like a zombie — here, made some coffee and please drink something you must be dehydrated. Pretzel is already fed so now it's time for us to eat — hope some toast is alright with you, you really have to do some grocery shopping again by the way."




“Yeah?” — the other man had a piece of toast between his lips as he balanced two coffee mugs and their breakfast in his arms, trying to set everything down at the table and Dabi just wanted to smoosh him. 


“Could you — I mean, you can still use my nickname, but my name is Touya. I just — wanted you to know. You can call me either — Dabi, or Touya, when it’s just us. Most people at the club don’t know my real name, but I want you to know it so if you want to you can call me by my first name.” — Dabi didn’t know why he was being so awkward about it, but he could feel the heat shoot to his face as Hawks gaped at him as if he had just revealed the world’s biggest and darkest secret to him. Even now he looked adorable. 


He watched as Hawks opened his mouth, closed it again, his own cheeks dusted in the cutest pink, before he finally set everything down on the table. “Keigo— I call you Touya if you call me Keigo, when it’s just us. Uh—” Hawks— no, Keigo , rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly and Dabi felt how the butterflies in his stomach were going wild. How was a grown man this adorable? — The bashful smile back on his lips as he walked up to Keigo, placed his hands on the other man’s hips and pulled him close, chasing his lips with his own and sealed them in a kiss. — His lips were so incredibly warm and this time it really felt as if fireworks were going off somewhere, there was a pleasant tingling sensation on his lips, he could feel how his own breath halted for a moment and his head started to spin as Keigo pushed himself closer, burying his hands in his hair, tugging at the inky-black strands. 


Maybe not everything was down the drain just yet. 


“I think you should talk to Tenko.”


They were sitting curled up in front of the TV, binging yet another random show that had popped up on one of the many streaming apps — Dabi was only half paying attention to what was happening on the screen, too busy burying his head in Keigo’s neck and breathing him in. He had really thought he had lost the other man for good when everything had crashed down on him the day before, but now — at the end of the day — here he was, Keigo wrapped up in his arms and playing with his hands. 


He stopped nuzzling Keigo’s neck for a moment, not entirely sure how he should react to what he had just said. — Theoretically speaking he knew that Keigo was right, shit, he really did have to talk to Tenko at some point. He had even thought about it a lot during the past few years, but he had never dared to contact the other man. For all he knew, him contacting Tenko could trigger the other man again and bring back bad memories — but then now that he had seen Tenko again, and how he had reacted relatively okay — there might be hope of some sort. — But still, Keigo asking him to talk it out with Tenko strangely meant a lot to him. 


Dabi hadn’t known what he had expected right now — hell, he had never even thought about Tenko crashing his place, telling Keigo and everyone to know, but here he was. He also really needed to talk to Kai about what had happened, but he knew the other man would need a little bit of time cooling off before he could even consider doing that. Maybe talking to Tenko and settling things once and for all could actually also help his situation with Kai? 


“You are being awfully quiet.”


Dabi snapped back from his thoughts and looked at Keigo who had a concerned look on his face. “Sorry, just — spaced I guess, but you are right. I have been wanting to talk to him about everything for a long time now, but I just — I never knew how I should start that conversation, let alone find him, but now I guess that already happened.” Dabi couldn't help but gently rub his thumb over Keigo’s hand — it was so sweet to see how Keigo often played with his hands. Dabi’s hands weren’t that much bigger than Keigo’s, but there still was a notable difference and Keigo seemed to love his hands so Dabi always liked to watch. 


“I really wanna talk to him — he was my best friend for a long time, too and I can’t lie and say that I don’t also miss my friend.” Keigo squeezed his hand, Dabi squeezed back. “It’s gonna be painful, but anything is gonna be his decision. If he wants to talk, I am willing to talk, I need to apologize to him. — He doesn’t have to accept it or anything, I cannot change what I did and can’t decide for him how he should react to my apologie, but I need to do something and yeah, if he wants to talk we will talk. — If he doesn’t want to see me again after that, that is fine by me, if he doesn’t want to talk to me at all that is fine by me too. Like I said, it is up to him.” 


The faint sounds coming from the TV were hanging between them for a moment, accompanied by the sounds Pretzel was making as he currently played with one of his toys at the other side of the room. Dabi could see how Keigo swallowed hard. 

“What if he decides he wants to be in your life again?”


“Then I guess he will be my friend again.” — but as soon as he said that, he could tell that something was wrong with Keigo. His shoulders tensed a bit, but only for a moment, before he relaxed again and cuddled closer to Dabi, curling their hands up against his chest and pressing Dabi’s hand over his beating heart. — It was an intimate moment and Dabi couldn't resist but press a chaste kiss to Keigo’s temple.


Thinking of Tenko possibly becoming Dabi’s friend again made him feel awfully melancholic. He hadn’t dared to really think about the possibility of getting his old friend back at all during the past few years, it was too painful to think of because what if Tenko really didn’t want to see him ever again? — But now there was a possibility. Maybe they wouldn't be best friends anymore, hell, they most likely would never really be anymore, but the possibility of being friends with Tenko — Dabi couldn’t help but smile about that. 

Over the years they had been through so much together, shared so many stupid memories growing up, done the typical teenage rebellion bullshit, played pranks on teachers, set one or two dumpsters on fire, stole some liquor, got drunk underage — and so much more. They had more often than not spent their free sunday just sitting in one of the parks near their home, smoking some weed, talking about life and how much it had sucked back then and all that, but they also had so much fun . Carefree laughter, just being able to say and do whatever they wanted because they knew the other person didn’t judge them — it had been freeing to have a friendship like that. 


Then there also had been the sex and the BDSM scenes they had done every now and then. It had all started as a drunken one time thing, but somehow they sometimes had ended up watching porn together and one thing led to another and they were having this friends with benefits type of situation and back then, that was what Dabi had needed. He had needed a friend, and a way to cope with his depression and abuse and so had Tenko — and it had been good, but Dabi wasn’t like that anymore. 


Sure, the memories he had with Tenko were precious to him and he couldn't deny that he still held them close to his heart, but he had Keigo right here in front of him right now. Keigo, who made him realize a lot of things about himself already, Keigo who helped him work through some bullshit he had done years ago and who pushed him to talk things out instead of hiding away in his shell and getting lost in his own head. Keigo probably didn’t even realize how much he was doing for Dabi, but it was more than anyone had ever done for him. 


Dabi nuzzled his face back against Keigo’s neck — his scent alone was something Dabi was already addicted to. It helped him calm down and not freak out too much about the things that were happening right now. He had Keigo and that was all that mattered to him right now. 


“Thank you.” 


This time it was Keigo who looked at him, uncertainty on his face. “Why are you thanking me?”


Dabi bit his lower lip, pressing their noses together and smiled. “I don’t think you realize how much you are helping me simply by the way you are, Keigo.”


The uncertainty slipped from Keigo’s face and got replaced by a smug smirk. “Well, someone has to knock some sense into that thick skull of yours, right? — Good thing you have me, I am pretty and smart. Seems like you really lucked out with me, huh?”


“Modest, too. Don’t forget modest.”


“—charming, too and you do have to admit that I am really good with my mouth.”


This time, Dabi couldn't help but snort and nod. Keigo was right. “You do have one wickedly talented mouth, that is true, but sadly you use it more for lame one-liners and sarcastic comebacks than sucking me off so I can’t give you too much of a positive feedback for that.”


The last bit of tension slipped from Keigo’s shoulders and got replaced by the bratty body language Dabi was all too familiar with by now. “—want me to show you what I can do with that mouth, Sir?”


Dabi couldn't hide the hitch of breath as Keigo slipped between his parted thighs. 


“I certainly won’t stop you.”