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Let Me Belong

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Kageyama Tobio has never truly belonged in a pack. Kitagawa Daiichi never fully welcomed him with open arms.


He was rejected by alphas, finding his stoic character repugnant and his talent overwhelmingly impossible to succeed. He became the center of envy and was isolated by everyone else.


He was rejected by his pack members: Kindaichi, Kunimi, Futakuchi, Hanamaki, Matsukawa, everyone. Perhaps the only person who welcomed him was Iwaizumi, who he only had the pleasure of being with for one year before he went to Aoba Johsai. 


Rejected by the pack leader Oikawa, the person he looked up to, who had hit him on the face before he realized that he was unwanted... 


On top of his sister's move overseas, the only person he could rely on... 


On top of the death of his beloved grandfather, the one who had raised him and taught him everything he knew... 


And his presentation as an omega, the one secondary gender he had least wanted to present as... 


Tobio is now utterly alone. In despair. 


A packless omega. 


His whole middle school, no one had taught him anything regarding packs and his nature as an omega. 


Tobio is not utterly alone. Knowing nothing. 


'No one wants me...'




He opened the door to the court of his new volleyball team. Well, his supposed volleyball team, if they were going to accept him, which probably won't happen.


Still, he will try. Volleyball was his only lifeline now that he had lost everyone. Maybe he'll go crazy if he loses volleyball too.


"Woah!" A loud, child-like voice pierced through the court. "It's you!" 


Kageyama stared at the orange-haired boy and said nothing. He only stared, trying to remember who the boy was. And he stared and stared. Effectively scaring the boy with his piercing eyes, which he had not intended to. 


"I'm sorry," Kageyama bowed a full 90 degrees to the boy. ‘ I don't remember. I don't remember anything. I don't even remember anything from yesterday. I'm sorry. I'm  sorry. I didn't mean to forget... ‘


Hinata was flustered. The boy in front of him now and the boy he had met on the other side of the court -- he was different. Like he became a completely different person in a few months.


"Wh- Why are you bowing like that? I- It's okay! My name is Hinata. Hinata Shouyou. You're Kageyama from Kitagawa Daiichi, right? Your first name?" 


"Tobio," Kageyama mumbled as he straightened up, but kept his head down. "Kageyama Tobio..." 


"First, ;et's make this straight, Kageyama-kun!" Hinata said as he pointed at him. "Even though we're on the same team, I'm going to beat you!" 


Kageyama stared for a few seconds before giving a curt nod. 'He must have been someone I played against before... I'm sorry for not remembering... I can't remember anything…’ 


"Oh! Would you look at that! We have new recruits!" 


It was a bald guy with a voice so loud it shook him. A beta. 'I thought bald cuts were not allowed at school?'


"Pipe down, Tanaka! You're going to scare them away!" 


It was a silver-haired omega with a calming smell of sweet vanilla. ' He's like a mom... not like I ever knew what a mom is since I don't have one.'


"Oh! You must be Hinata and Kageyama!" 


'An alpha. The leader of the pack.' 


Kageyama started trembling and he hid his hand behind his back. ‘He's not Oikawa-san... he won't reject you... he won't hit you... He's not like the other alphas... he won't be hostile to you…’ His blank face was able to hide his fear from Hinata who hadn't presented and Tanaka who was a beta, but Sugawara and Daichi immediately sensed the spike in his pheromones. 


Sugawara immediately reached for Daichi's arm and released a calming scent. He shrunk his shoulders and smiled softly in an attempt to calm Kageyama down. "That loud one is Tanaka, one of our wing spikers. This is Daichi, the captain and the leader of the pack. My name is Sugawara, I'm the chaotic mom and setter." 


However, it did not work. Knowing that Sugawara was a setter made Kageyama panic more. 


'A setter. They already have a setter. It's like middle school all over again. I won't strive for a regular position. I'll be a spare setter. A bench warmer. Anything. As long as I can use the court.'




Kageyama, once again, bowed 90 degrees. "N- Nice to meet you, Tanaka-san, Sugawara-san, Daichi-san. I- I- I have to go." 


With that, Kageyama bolted out of the door without looking back. 


"Kageyama!" Hinata yelled after him, but he was already gone. 


"What happened to him?" Tanaka asked. "He wasn't like that before, right? Is he like that because he's in front of his senpai?" 


"He was also like that to me," Hinata mumbled. "It's like he became whole other person." 


Sugawara pulled Daichi to the side. "He was afraid of you." 


"Yeah, but you terrified him," Daichi told him. 


"He liked me until he found out I'm a setter." 


"He's a setter too. Maybe he was afraid because you were a third year and that he wasn't going to be a regular." 


"Are you an idiot? Have you forgotten that their captain setter was subbed out for him in a few games? He's more than capable of becoming a regular. I don't think that's it," Sugawara tried to figure things out. 


"What do we do? We have to tell him about the practice game with Tsukishima and Yamaguchi but he's terrified of us," Daichi sighed. 


"Let's have Hinata tell him instead. He seems to find him the non-threatening," Sugawara decided. 


"Yes. Very non-threatening," Daichi said as he was reminded of a tiny pomeranian that looked more of a ball of fluff than a dog. "Let's team them up with Tanaka then. Kaqeyama doesn't seem to mind him."


And so, their talk concluded.