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Blinded Obscurity

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It was inevitable really with the way things had been going the last couple of weeks. Although the two had  made up in a sense and were happy being in each other presence once again, this time learning things about each other more so than before, there was still that tension. That fog that hung low over them and made it hard to breathe at times. The kind of tension that gripped at their stomachs and clenched in their chests. The sharp pain, kind of like falling asleep on a limb and then trying to wake it up later, which made the back of their heads tingle.

 Emma moved in, well Regina moved her in because she wouldn’t let the blonde lift, push or pull anything. No matter how many times Emma muttered the phrase, “I’m pregnant Regina, not an invalid,” she was still gently nudged out of the way so that Regina and Graham could unload another box. You would have thought that Regina Mills hired people to do these things for her, but the brunette preferred to get her hands dirty every now and again besides Emma didn’t have a lot of things, mostly clothes and keepsakes, and it didn’t really take three people to move it all.

“Put. It. Down.” Regina stood with her hands on her hips staring at Emma as she picked up a small milk crate of DVD’s.

“Regina….” Emma groaned.

The brunette huffed as she stepped closer to her, “Why do you have to be so stubborn?”

“I just want to help,” The blonde pouted and actually stomped her foot.

“I’ll take that,” Graham said as he deftly removed the crate from her grasp with his signature grin, “Take a load off Em’s.”

Repressing another groan, Emma slumped against the side of Graham’s truck with a mumbled, “Besides work that’s all I’m allowed to do lately.”

“Emma,” Regina sighed as she leaned beside the sulking woman, “I’m just trying to take -.”

“I know,” Emma interrupted, “I know Gina. I’m just not used to people taking care of me,”

Emma allowed her eyes to flutter closed as Regina pushed an errant strand of blonde hair from her face, “Get used to it because I’m going to take care of you as long as you let me.” Regina was caught slightly off guard as Emma pulled her by the front of her tee shirt, a rarity for the brunette, and claimed her lips in a fierce kiss. It was instantaneous, that burn in the pit of their stomachs, the tingling in extremities and the clearing of Graham’s throat. Regina swallowed her groan as she pulled back and returned Emma’s small smile, “Let’s get this finished and I’ll make us all lunch,”

Emma nodded her head and watched as Regina stepped away to lift a cardboard box that was home to old photographs, papers, and other random things. Running her fingers through her hair she exhaled a breath and titled her head back against the truck with a small thump as she willed her body to stop humming.

The following week the duo had a surprise visit from Ruby and at the same time life seemed to intensify ten-fold. Not only was Emma frustrated with being treated like a child and suddenly down a person at the Bed and Breakfast, but Regina had a mini crisis back in New York that couldn’t be handled from within the confines of her lair, as Emma liked to call it. She was on an immediate flight out leaving Emma to the care of her leggy best friend with a promise that she would not let the blonde overexert herself. Needless to say, if you want something done in business or in life, Regina realized she had to do it herself.

“Rubes!” Emma whined as her cell started blaring Regina’s ring tone, “Whyyyyy?”

“I had to take you to the hospital Emma, she deserved to know.”

Emma groaned before swiping her screen, “Hi baby,” she grimaced at the pitch of her voice knowing Regina would not be fooled by her overly sweet tenor, “What’s up?”

“Emma Swan!” Regina shrieked, “You could have seriously injured yourself or our child! What were you thinking?”

“I’m fine, Ruby overreacted,” Emma huffed leaning back against the couch she’d been resting on and ignored her friend’s scoff, “I was just a little winded and dizzy.”

Winded and dizzy,” Regina parroted, “You thought waking up and going jogging in the middle of nowhere Maine with snow on the ground was an acceptable thing for a pregnant woman to do?!”

Emma rolled her eyes, she knew it was dumb after the fact, hindsight being 20/20 and all. She’d only wanted a little freedom and Ruby was turning into a mini Regina while the brunette was away. Making Emma relax and eat and…relax. Okay, so she knew she was being petulant but from an independent woman standpoint, someone who had always had to take care of herself, she was suffocating, “I don’t know what you want me to say.”

“I want you to be more responsible!”

“Okay, I get it. I’m sorry.” Emma paused as she heard a quiet sniffle, “Are…are you crying?”

Regina thought to deny it, to tell Emma not to be absurd, instead she relented with the truth, “I was so worried,” she sighed wiping under her eyes, “I was in a meeting and missed Ruby’s call. On the voicemail she sounded frightened and only said she’d had to take you to the hospital, and I didn’t know I…God, Emma please be careful.”

Well shit, Emma thought as she listened to how upset her girlfriend was, she hadn’t meant to worry or scare anyone. She had only wanted to feel normal again, it had been a long and trying few months and she craved the normalcy that had seemed so tangible that morning. Emma felt tears well up in her own eyes, blinking them back she exhaled a shaky breath, “I will. I promise,” she whispered through the line, “I’m sorry baby.”

“I know,” Regina exhaled, “I promise to try and be a little less controlling, but Emma I love you and I only want to take care of you. Once the baby is born, you can go sky diving for all I care, just please right now be cautious.”

“Sky diving, really?”

Regina couldn’t hide her grin at the amusement in the blonde’s voice, “Okay, maybe not that.”

“I didn’t think so,” Emma laughed, “I promise to be a little less bratty.”

It was Regina’s turn to laugh, “I doubt it,”


Glancing up as her office door opened Regina held up a finger, “I have to go but I love and miss you terribly.”

Emma grinned like an idiot, “I love and miss you terribly too.”

“Liar,” Regina teased.

“Ass,” Emma giggled.

“Goodbye my love.”


It was inevitable. Looking back, both women should have realized why it was becoming increasingly hard. Emma was coiled tighter than a rubber band, ready to pop. Every time Regina insisted on doing something she was more than capable of doing, like getting tea, she found it necessary to bite her tongue. Regina, while loosening the reigns a bit and remembering that Emma was an adult and could make her own decisions, still found herself tense and lashing out at the blonde for little things. Things like walking around the house in her underwear and a tank top in the dead of a Maine winter, even though the heat was on and she wore socks on her feet.

“How could you be so asinine,” the brunette growled as she threw a blanket over the blonde on the living room couch, “Are you trying to catch pneumonia?”

Emma groaned pulling the blanked over her head, “Regina!” she grunted, “It’s like eighty-five degrees in here!”

“I don’t care Emma! Your immune system is already weak because of the baby. You need to take better care of yourself!”

“I’m hot!” The blonde yelled throwing the blanket off and standing to her feet.

“You’re being childish!” Regina screamed back.

“And you’re being a bitch!”

They stood inches apart, chests heaving with labored breaths, hands clenched at their sides and stared at one another. The fog thickened, the tension hummed, the tingling in the back of their heads increased and that tightly coiled rubber band - snapped. They both lunged. Who lunged first? No one cared honestly, it was the after effect, the coming together in a clash of lips and teeth and tongues that they were concerned with. Fingers wove into hair, clutched at necks, and cupped cheeks. They were moving, once again neither woman knowing who initiated the first step, but before they could really think about it they’d made their way up the stairs and into the bedroom. Clothing stood no chance as it was stripped in haste and left wherever it landed before two bodies fell together on the bed in a tangle of limbs and lust.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” Regina panted against pink lips before attaching them to a slender neck.

“Regina, I swear to god…” Emma groaned as the brunette nipped a particularly sensitive spot on her neck and entered her at the same time, “Fuck yessss!”

Regina grunted in her ear and Emma’s own throat made a sound she hadn’t made in what felt like forever. She wasn’t delusional, no one knew her body like Regina did and right now the brunette was reminding her how much she loved that fact.

“Are you okay?” Regina breathed as she began slow and shallow thrusts.

“Almost,” Emma managed as she hooked her leg and rolled them over resulting in a startled gasp from Regina and her being on top, “Much better.”

“Shit, shit, shit.” Regina whimpered as Emma began to move. It wasn’t slow or sweet, they weren’t making love. This was hard and fast, and it was by the very definition of the word fucking, “Em…Emma,” Regina moaned as she latched onto the blonde’s hips to help guide her movements.

Emma’s head thrown back with her hair sweeping the middle of her back and her chest pushed out as her nipples strained in ecstasy was by far the sexiest thing Regina has ever seen. Allowing her eyes to sweep the blonde’s body she couldn’t contain her smile as she brought her hands up to caress a swollen belly, noting the shiver that rushed through her girlfriend’s body. Leaning forward she placed kisses on that stomach and was rewarded with a happy sigh from above before turning her attention to sensitive breasts. Emma lurched forward, bracing herself on a tanned shoulder as warm heat gently engulfed her nipple, “Mm,” she whimpered rolling her hips in tune with Regina’s suckling before whispering a wanton, “Baby?”

“Hmm?” Regina asked around her neglected nipple, looking up and locking eyes with the love of her life.

Emma continued to roll her hips as she stared into darkened brown eyes and breathed out, “I need you to fuck me, hard.”

Regina’s breath caught in her throat and as that familiar heat coiled low in her stomach, she couldn’t stop the words from tumbling out of her mouth, “I love you.”

Emma gasped as she was gently flipped back onto her back but responded with a definite, “I love you too.”

Regina was still skeptical about doing what she knew Emma’s definition of fuck was. She didn’t want to hurt the blonde or their unborn child, still she understood Emma’s need, it was as strong if not stronger than her own at the moment so she gave half of what she normally would and began fast and shallow thrusts.

Emma could feel the hesitation as she clutched the brunette’s hips, “Regina, you won’t hurt me and can’t hurt him…” she trailed off with a deep moan as Regina nodded and doubled her efforts. With a few more thrusts and the right angle her breath caught in her throat as the orgasm she’d been on the edge of for the past ten minutes ripped through her, “Oh god…oh god…ohhhhh god!”

Emma’s body quaked causing the brunette to clench with her own intense climax, “Fuck…” Regina grunted as her hand, the one previously tangled in the sheet, slammed against the wall above the blonde’s head, while the other gripped the thigh she was holding tightly as she continued to ride out their joint release. Her head fell to a pale shoulder when their bodies finally calmed and she exhaled near Emma’s ear, “I love being inside you.”

Emma giggled, something she rarely ever did and if asked she’d blame it on the lack of oxygen to her brain, “I missed you.”

Regina hummed as she pulled out and fell beside her, “I have missed you too.”

It was obvious now that no matter how much they tried to work on their relationship, get to know one another and focus on the baby, they couldn’t ignore the elephant in the room. There was nothing wrong with having an active sex life. It was trying to forget that they had an active sex life, and that they enjoyed ripping each other’s clothes off and fucking until they could hardly move, that posed the threat. There was need and lust and tension built up and if they didn’t release it, in the way they knew best, it would fester and boil and eventually erupt.

“I love you,” Emma breathed.

Regina hummed again as she nuzzled into Emma’s shoulder, “I love you too.”