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Blinded Obscurity

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“I’m not even going to justify that with a response.” Regina shot her best friend Graham a glare that could kill as he erupted with laughter while they approached the coat check room for the latest event they were obligated to attend. She tried not to give into his contagious laugher, considering it was at her expense, but she was finding it difficult not to smile.

“Come on Regina!” his Scottish accent was clearly defined as they stood in line behind a few other guests, “Tell me there isn’t the least bit of a spark.”

“Graham, while I’m not even remotely sure what could have possessed you to hint at the fact that I might be romantically interested in Mary Margaret Blanchard,” the name dripped from her lips with contempt, “Know that the only spark there will ever be between us is the one from the match I use to set myself on fire the next time I have to be in her presence.”

He erupted in laughter again, “Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.”

“Oh for the love of…” Regina trailed off as she caught sight of the most beautiful woman standing behind the coat check desk. Blonde hair that fell in waves, thin pink lips that were pursed in annoyance and from what Regina could see of her body, she was stunning.

Graham followed her line of sight and let out a low wolf whistle, “Now there’s a spark.”

“She’s the whole damn flame,” Regina breathed before she thought better of it. Graham’s snicker brought her back to reality, shooting him another glare she amended, “She’s beautiful is all I meant.”

“Ask her out.”

“What, no! I can’t just go around asking people out.”

Graham sighed at his friend, “Not people, Regina, just her.”

Glancing back at the beautiful blonde Regina sighed, “Even if I wanted to, I can’t, you know that.”

“Oh hell Regina!” he screeched garnering a few glances their way so he lowered his voice, “Are you going to let it run your life. You’re young, you’re beautiful, and you’re bloody fucking rich -.”

“Exactly,” Regina interrupted, “I’m all those things and more, which is why I have the worst time dating. They either want me as some damn arm candy or for my money. Then when they find out the whole package it’s so long Regina and hello gag order. God, Graham I give up.”

“Regina, I -.” Graham started.

“Hi, Can I help you?” He was interrupted by a sweet voice that held a touch of irritation underneath it. Regina hadn’t realized they had been moving until she turned and stared straight into sea foam green eyes, “Are you checking in your coats or picking up?” the voice asked again as Regina continued to stare at her.

It was Graham who spoke up as he leaned against the table, “We’re checking in doll.” He winked, if Regina wasn’t going to make a move he sure as hell was.

The blonde rolled her eyes, “Can I have your coats please?” Her gaze traveled back to the stunning brunette that had yet to speak and realized she was still staring at her. Against her will her cheeks began to flush and tinge pink, clearing her throat she accepted the man’s coat and watched as he nudged the brunette none too subtlety.

Regina snapped her gaze to Graham after the painful jab to her ribs only for him to nod towards the direction she had been facing. Turning her gaze she locked eyes with the blonde again and smiled as she removed her coat, “I apologize.” Regina breathed as she handed over her jacket.

The blonde was taken aback by the smooth sultry voice that escaped from between plump red lips, “That’s uh, that’s okay.” she smiled shyly in return then looked away for her coat log.

Regina looked at Graham as he nudged her again while mouthing “What the hell was that?” She shook her head uncertainly only to have her attention garnered once again by the beautiful blonde behind the desk.

“Can I have your names please for the log book?” the blonde asked.

“I’ll tell you mine, if you tell me yours.” Graham flirted as he leaned further across the desk.

Regina spoke up as she rolled her eyes, “Really, Graham?” she directed toward him then turned her gaze back forward, “I do apologize dear. This imbecile’s name is Graham Humbert.” She paused as Emma wrote.

“And what’s your name?” the beauty behind the desk asked allowing her eyes to travel down to succulent cleavage and back without restraint.

Regina cocked a knowing eyebrow, “Regina Mills, dear.”

“Pretty.” she smiled as she wrote down their names and made out the coat tickets.

Regina was somewhat caught off guard by the lack of recognition to her name but it was Graham who spoke again, “You don’t know who she is?”

Looking up as she handed him his coat ticket and turned to hand Regina hers she replied, “Besides a very beautiful woman who just told me her name was Regina Mills, no, should I?”

Regina smiled genuinely, taking the girls breath away in the process, as she took her coat ticket, “No, dear you shouldn’t.” she turned to Graham as he scoffed beside her and glared. Turning her attention back where it was wanted she asked, “If you don’t mind me asking your name as well?”

“I don’t mind at all.” She added sticking her hand out towards Regina, “Emma. Emma Swan.”

Regina grasped her hand and kissed the back of it, “A pleasure, Miss Swan.” She smiled releasing Emma’s hand, who stood there gaping, before she turned to Graham and spoke again, “Shall we?” She motioned ahead of her and followed as he walked away.

“B-bye.” Emma whispered to Regina’s retreating back.

A pleasure Miss Swan,” Graham mocked for the fifty-thousandth time in the last hour as they mingled with other corporate big wigs, “You were practically drooling.”

Regina growled softly, “Will you give it a rest already!” she already couldn’t get the blonde off her mind, she didn’t need his constant reminder as well, “I was being polite.”

“You were damn right gentlemanly,” he teased again, “Truth or dare.” He vibrated with excitement at the game they played to pass the time at these events.

“I’m not in the mood Graham.” Regina bristled as she noticed Mary Margaret Blanchard crossing the room toward them, “On second thought, dare, make it a good one.”

“I dare you to go back and talk to her.”


“You have to stay there for at least fifteen minutes. No hiding out in the bathroom either.”

Regina smiled as Mary Margaret stopped in front of them, “Fine.” She directed toward Graham, then added, “Hello Mary Margaret, Graham was just saying how he wished to run into you here. If you’ll excuse me a moment.” With that Regina turned on her Armani heels and walked away leaving a sputtering Graham and grinning Mary Margaret. Regina grabbed two glasses of champagne from a passing waiter and walked toward the coat check. She paused catching a glimpse of Emma talking with a member of her staff, Killian jones, took a deep breath and approached them.

“I already told you, Killian was it, I’m not interested.” Emma was tired of this conversation.

“Come on love. We would make beautiful music together.” Killian leered, his eyes raking down Emma’s body in blatant disregard for anything else.

Emma was about to respond when a throat cleared behind them. Turning on her heels she came face to face with Regina Mills. Emma took the seconds before speaking to take in the woman’s dress, she had failed to notice earlier in the evening. It was a floor length deep purple that hugged her chest and curves then flared out at the hips, it was gorgeous and she looked absolutely breathtaking. The fact that it was strapless gave way to a deep plunging neckline that was almost obscene with the amount of tanned skin on display, which caused Emma to have to pick up her jaw.

“Miss Mills.”


Emma and Killian addressed her at the same time then paused to look at one another.

“You know her?” they said also in unison. Regina had to stifle a laugh as she watched the two.

“Miss Swan?” Regina’s sultry voice brought Emma’s attention back to her, “Would you like to join me for a drink?” she asked extending the champagne flute.

Emma hesitated looking around her, “Oh, I uh.” She swallowed clearing her throat, “I would love to but I can’t leave my post.”

“I’m sure Mr. Jones wouldn’t mind standing in for a few minutes.” Regina directed her stare to the man in question, “Isn’t that right Killian?”

The way she said his name caused the hair on the back of his neck to stand on end, “Of course Miss Mills.”

“Oh, uh no thanks.” Emma interrupted, “I better stay here.”

Killian gawked at her, while Regina smiled at her dismissal, “Well then dear, may I join you?”

“Um…sure if you want.” Emma wasn’t sure what was going on but she was kind of flattered that Regina would want to spend time with her, “You can sit in my chair.” Emma smiled goofily.

Regina chuckled and Emma felt her knees buckle, “No, no. You sit. I’ll stand dear.” She waited until Emma took the champagne flute and sat before turning back to their third wheel, “Goodbye Mr. Jones.”

Emma laughed quietly as Killian fled then turned her attention back to Regina, “He’s afraid of you.” She stated matter-of-factly.

“Mm, a lot of people are dear.” Regina said after sipping her drink.

Emma tilted her head as she studied the brunette, “Why?”

Regina opened her mouth to speak than closed it again. She didn’t really know how to answer that question. Money, power, it could be a many different things that strike fear into others around her, “I’m not quite sure actually.”

Emma smiled brightly, “I’m not.”

Regina leaned her back against the desk and crossed her arms while holding the blonde’s gaze, “You’re not what?”

“Afraid of you.” Emma smiled as she emptied her glass in one go, “You’re too beautiful to be frightening.”

Regina leaned into Emma’s personal space, “That’s a common misconception.” She whispered.

“Not for me.” Emma breathed back as her gaze dropped to the brunette’s lips then cleavage then met her eyes again.

Regina laughed as she leaned back against the desk, “Hmm, I like you Emma Swan.” Emma gave her a dazzling smile that took Regina’s breath away, “Where did you come from?” Regina asked after she found her voice again.

“Excuse me?” Emma asked.

“I haven’t see you here before.” Regina clarified.

“Oh, that’s because I don’t really work here,” Regina raised a perfectly sculpted eyebrow which caused the blonde to laugh, “I’m covering for a friend, Ruby.”

“Ah, Miss Lucas. I know her well.” Regina laughed as Emma raised her eyebrow in return, “Not that well, dear.”

Emma blushed slightly, “Oh. Yeah well she had a hot date tonight and I didn’t so here I am.”

Regina hummed her understanding as she let her eyes trail down the form in front of her, “Lucky me.” She whispered under her breath. She was about to ask how Emma knew Ruby when her name was called from behind her. Adjusting her gaze she noticed a pissed off Graham, “That would be my cue,” Regina smiled turning back to Emma, “Seems as though I am needed elsewhere dear, do have a pleasant rest of the evening.” She added walking around to the other side of the desk.

“Bye Regina.” Emma smiled shaking her head as Regina looked over her shoulder at her and winked.

“I never said the merger wa -.” Regina stopped in the middle of her sentence for the second time that evening. She and Graham had reached their limit when it came to social courtesies and were calling it a night. It couldn’t have come a moment too soon as Regina found herself in an argument with Jefferson Hatter Corporations about his upcoming merger with Alice Teas. Regina felt it would only have him falling deeper into a hole but the man was absolutely mad and wouldn’t listen to reason.

“Regina?” Jefferson asked as the silence dragged on.

Turning her gaze back to him Regina smiled politely, “I apologize Jefferson. As I was saying, the merger won’t go belly up but you are going to see a significant decline before any real profit can be made. Now if you have the resources stockpiled to make it through the upcoming months then good luck to you. If you’ll excuse me.” With that she made her way deeper into the lobby and toward the coat check where she noticed moments ago Emma Swan was not.

“Good evening Miss Mills.”

“Good evening, Archie.” Regina genuinely smiled at the balding man in glasses that stood behind the desk. He’d been with the company for years now and she’d always liked him, “I am just picking up our coats please.” She added handing him her and Graham’s coat tickets as he walked up beside her.

“Yes ma’am.” Archie said heading to the back to return moments later with their jackets.

“Thank you.” Regina smiled as she draped it over her arm, “Archie, what happened to the young lady that was here earlier.” Graham snorted at Regina’s attempt at nonchalance but she ignored him.

“Oh, Emma.” Archie smiled, “She left about fifteen minutes ago.”

“I see. Thank you.” Regina turned on her heel and walked toward the exit with Graham in tow. Shrugging on her jacket while they waited for the car to come around Regina felt an unfamiliar item in her pocket. Pulling it out she smirked as she unfolded it, chuckling lightly.

“What’s that?” Graham asked leaning over her shoulder. She handed him the paper with a broad smile and watched as he read:

I would really like to see you again, soon.



“You’re going to call her right,” Graham exclaimed handing her back the paper, “Regina!” he called as she climbed into the town car.