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Blinded Obscurity

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Before Emma had the opportunity to ask one of the millions of questions running through her head, like who the hell Mal Von Eficent was? Why was she trying to hurt Regina? Did Regina hurt her first? Was she a lover, business partner, some random psycho woman off the street hopped up on heroin or PCP that Regina looked at the wrong way? Before she had the chance to voice any of these things, they were reminded of Ruby’s presence in the house by loud not so discreet stomping making its way toward the study. Despite the tension they both felt Regina and Emma both laughed softly at the other woman’s antics.

“Real smooth Rubes,” Emma teased once red streaked locks entered the room.

Ruby’s grin could only be described as wolf like, “Didn’t wanna interrupt.”

“While we certainly don’t mind Miss Lucas, you have yet to inform us as to the nature of your visit,” Regina reminded her.

Ruby looked abashedly for a moment before huffing and digging a letter out of her pocket. Handing it to Regina she shrugged, “Received that yesterday.”

Regina glanced at Emma, who looked equally as confused before opening the envelope and pulling out a wrinkled sheet of paper. Glancing once more at Ruby, she began to read it out loud, “Hello Ruby, you don’t know me but If you want to protect your friend,” Regina hesitated then continued with a furrowed brow, “You should probably get her away from the evilness that is Regina Mills. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. A friend.”

“I know you’re not evil Regina,” Ruby assured the crestfallen woman as she resealed the letter, “I just came to make sure you guys were okay. Both of you.”

“You could have called Rubes,” Emma stated and smiled to let her friend know she wasn’t upset, even as she moved closer to Regina and kissed her temple, “Hey, we’ll figure this out, okay?” Regina hummed and nodded as she leaned into her girlfriend’s neck and exhaled a shaky breath.

“Hey Em, if you want, I can cover the B&B tonight so that you guys can talk some more.”

“Really? That would be great. You still remember everything?”

“Like riding a bike,” Ruby grinned, “I still have my keys too.”

“Thanks Ruby,” Emma sighed as her friend rose to head out.

“Don’t get up,” Ruby placed a hand on her shoulder and kissed her head, then shockingly Regina’s also, “I know the way out. I’ll just crash at the B&B and see you guys tomorrow.”

Regina still hadn’t spoken as Emma nodded and listened to Ruby make her way out of the house. Once the front door closed, she leaned her head on top of chestnut locks and sighed, “You okay?” Regina shook her head against the blonde’s neck, “Anything I can do?” Another head shake, “Want some water?” Shake, “Some wine?” Shake, “Want to watch TV?” Shake, “Want a blow job?”

This got her a boisterous laugh against the smooth column of her throat followed a pinch to her side and sniffles, “Idiot,” Regina breathed as her fingers began lazy circles across the blonde’s stomach.

Emma was quiet for a few minutes before she had to ask, “Who’s Mal?”

Regina sighed refusing to leave the sanctity of Emma’s neck, “About eight years ago, around the time my company was just reaching its prime, Mal and I met at a mixer. We became instant friends and there was always this tension, not like you and I, but tension none the less. One evening she made a move and I rejected her, not because I wanted to but because I was afraid of being rejected myself. Anyway, our friendship was filled with a different kind of tension after that night and it only proceeded to get worse when I began seeing a woman that Mal apparently had her eye on as well. Then the thing with Kathryn happened-.”

“What thing with Kathryn?”

“How would you like to be the head of Legal at Mills Corporation?” Regina offered leaning against the blonde lawyer’s desk.

 Kathryn looked up and furrowed her brow, “I work for Mal,” Regina shrugged, “She’s your friend,” she added.

Regina hummed, “This is business, dear. It has nothing to do with friendship. If you want to continue to work your way up from the ground floor then by all means stay here. But I’ve been watching you, I see what you can do and I think that you would thrive at my company. I’m offering you the chance of a lifetime here, you come work for me and you call the shots. The only person you have to answer to is me, you have full use of the company and its contacts.”

“I have my own contacts,” Kat informed her.

“Hmm, yes I know all about your contacts dear,” Regina smirked looking back over her shoulder before lowering her voice, “Mal does like to play it close to the fence, doesn’t she? Of course, you’ll have to cut those strings if you want to play on my court. I can’t have that kind of publicity.”

“Are you trying to take my top arbitrator right under my nose, Regina?” Mal asked walking up on the duo with narrowed eyes.

“Of course not, dear,” Regina lied standing to her full height, “Kathryn and I were just talking. Weren’t we?” She asked looking back at the lawyer.

“Yes, Miss Von Eficent,” Kat confirmed, “It was just idle chat.”

Mal didn’t believe them for one second but without proof she couldn’t question it further, “Shall we go to lunch, Regina?”

“Of course, dear,” Regina smiled widely as she shouldered her purse to follow the taller blonde out but not before slipping a card onto Kathryn’s desk once Mal’s back was turned, “Hope to speak with you again soon,” she added before striding away.

“So, you rejected her advances, dated the girl she wanted, and took her best lawyer...that doesn’t sound like something to ruin your life over,” Emma sighed leaning against Regina as she sat back on the couch.

Regina snorted a laugh, “I have to admit she never seemed like the type to do something so petty, hold a grudge yes, but not this business of ruining my love life.”

“Has all the signs of a scorned lover,” Emma offered.

“Yes, well, I can’t say I have a shortage of those,” Regina shook her head, “Although I never intended to hurt any of them. If anything, it was I who got hurt. What could they possibly be angry about?”

“Deception is a big deal to a woman.”

“Hmm,” Regina hummed, “I know.”

They were silent for a couple more minutes, “How is it that your mom’s guy could find something but Kat couldn’t? Didn’t you say she was the best?”

“I don’t know,” Regina sighed, “And she is, in her field. I don’t know anything about this George Spencer that my mother employees.”

“Do you think it’s very smart that your mother has the photos?”

“No, but there’s nothing that I can do about it right now.”

“Who do you think wrote that letter to Ruby?”

Regina chuckled, “My love you are asking a lot of questions that I don’t know the answer to. I’m sorry.”

“What do we do next?”

Regina tightened her hold on her girlfriend, “Well right now, I just want to sit here and hold you a little longer,” Emma hummed her contentment and snuggled deeper into the brunette’s arms, “Then after a while I will go and contact Kat with this latest bit of information and see if she’s got anything new for us and maybe later you’ll still feel like that blow job,” Regina whispered earning her a smack to the arm from her lover, “Hey, you offered,” she laughed as Emma flushed red.

“I did, didn’t I,” Emma grinned, “We’ll see,” she teased kissing plush lips sweetly.