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“It’s not that running around this much is hard for me. It’s just that... I’m not used to having all my weight on my feet for this long. I had no idea they would get this sore just from standing on them.”

“I see. I find that a bit peculiar. If not on your feet, how else would you be getting around?” Zhongli asks, stroking his chin thoughtfully. “Hmm...”

“Don’t worry about it.” Lumine says, not really interested in having the ‘had wings but they got stolen’ conversation when she’s in such a good mood. “But could I trouble you for a chair?”

There aren’t any in the room, and she’s not so bold as to just shamelessly sit on someone else’s bed. Especially such a fancy one.

“Ah yes, of course, it’s no trouble.” Zhongli nods. “However, I’m afraid that in terms of chairs, I have none.”


“When furnishing my personal quarters, I ran out of mora before I could purchase any.” He elaborates at her baffled look. “Indeed, it was probably the gold-woven bedsheets... or perhaps the jasmine scented silk pillows? that drained the last of my allotted funds.”

“Oh, okay.” She tries really hard not to laugh, covering her face with one hand to hide her smile. “I’ll just sit on the floor.”

Zhongli misreads her covered expression as one of distress. “The floor? Come now, there’s no need for that. Please feel free to use the bed, so long as you take off your shoes first.”

Ah, it’s unfair. The casualness with which he just invited her to his bed, completely unaware of her enormous crush on him. There’s no way she could just sit on the bed where he sleeps... probably shirtless... like the statue of Rex Lapis. Besides, she’s been outside all day and her clothes would probably get it dirty.

“Thanks, but I can’t. I’d rather sit on the floor.”

Zhongli frowns. This is not going anywhere near as well as he had hoped when he suggested they go to his dwelling and discuss matters in private after the dinner he had treated her to. He’d imagined something far more romantic, and yet here she was, chosing the cold hard floor rather than his very nice, extremely comfortable, pleasant smelling bed.

Maybe she didn’t like him. Maybe he had misread what he had assumed to be the flirting advances of courtship, and she had just been being friendly.

“May I ask why?”

Lumine shifts uncomfortably under his gaze. “Well... it’s just a bit... I don’t know. I would be nervous. Besides, where would you sit?”

She is blushing. He smiles. Of course, she’s nervous. Any woman, alone with a man in his personal room would be wary of the implications of joining him on his bed.

“No need to feel shy.” He says. “I’ll gladly share my personal space with you. Rather than my bed, you can sit on me if you prefer.”

Zhongli takes off his shoes, hangs up his jacket, and goes to sit on his bed. He pats his thigh invitingly.

Lumine gingerly places her boots against the wall and hesitantly steps up in front of him.

“I don’t want to get your bed dirty.” She says, tugging at her skirt.

“Hmm. Take it off then.” He says.

“My dress?”

“I assume you have something on underneath. I assure you no one will barge in and see you in a state of undress, if you’re worried about that.”

“I- I do, but it would be awkward for me to be like that when you’re fully dressed.” Its the truth, Lumine would feel self conscious in the body-hugging one piece of innerwear she has under her dress but really, she would just like to see Zhongli without clothing.

She’s already got an idea of what his tall, muscular figure looks like.

“I suppose you’re right.” He says, rich voice filled with amusement. “Very well, I’ll divest myself of a few layers.”

Lumine watches happily as Zhongli takes off not only his vest, but his dress shirt as well. His skin is pale and she really appreciates the view of his broad chest and muscular stomach. How did she know he would have a six pack? Intuition... perhaps.

Feeling bolder now, she grips the hem of her skirt and lifts her dress up and over her head, discarding it on the floor beside her.

Zhongli’s amber eyes burn into her own.

“Come sit.” He says.

The bed creaks as she climbs up into his lap, pulse jumping as strong hands grip her waist and help her settle between his legs. He moves back a bit towards the center of the bed so that he can draw his legs up and cross them behind her.

His hands don’t leave their spot on her waist.

“There we go,” He says. “Much better.”

It’s not very relaxing. They’re in each other’s personal space, and Zhongli’s face is even more attractive up close. If he bent forward just a little he could..... His hands give her hips a squeeze, and she can read something in his gaze that makes her mouth go dry.

“Do you like this?” He asks.

“Yes.” She says.

“You’re so tense.” He murmurs, trailing his hands up her sides. They stop but an inch under the swell of her chest. His face is very close to hers and his gaze rests on her lips. “Let me... loosen you up.”

“Ple-please -ah-“ She meant to say ‘please do’ but his hands had shifted, thumbs rubbing her nipples over the thin fabric, and it stole her breath and sent an electric jolt to her core.

A pleased hum rumbles deeply in Zhongli’s throat at her expression and he presses a deep, romantic kiss against her lips. He moves them firmly against hers in an addicting slow motion, and she cranes her neck forward to press them harder together. Her nipples peak against his thumbs and grow sensitive from the touching, heat pooling wetly in her core.

They kiss for a long time, and by the moment he breaks free to give them air, they are both breathless and hot. The fabric of Zhongli’s slacks is tented between his legs, straining up towards his bare stomach.

Zhongli gives her a hot look and shifts her to the side on his lap, her crotch over his thigh. Then he begins to gently rock her on it. Thrilled, she moves her hips back and forth, pressing her core down hard as she grinds her sex on his leg. There’s gonna be a wet spot on his trousers.

He starts kissing her again, and this time, his tongue prods mischeviously into her mouth to stroke at her own. An aroused moan has him stiffening against her. She can’t keep up with these deep, intense kisses, and she breaks free to gasp for air.

“Just -ha- a second- Zhongli.”

“Mmhm.” He strokes the sensitive shell of her ear as he waits. She leans into his touch.

After a minute, he gently lifts her chin. “May I?”

She nods, and he’s back at her lips, kissing, licking, and gently biting and he coaxes her back down into the mindless haze of seduction. The friction of her grinding is tantalizing, but just a tease, and nowhere near the amount of pressure she would like. She squirms in his lap and whines into his mouth.

He chuckles in his deep baritone, a fond sound, and grasps her hips to shift her over and drag her sex up and down his clothed erection instead. It feels even better, and the pressed silhouette of his cock has her mind reeling at the size.

“Let me inside you, my love.” He says, breaking the kiss, and her heart soars at the endearment. “You will feel much better.”

“Okay.” She says bravely. “Just be gentle... go-go easy on me.”

“Of course.” He says, and unzips his pants, freeing his erection from its confines. It’s kind of hot how he keeps his pants on, somehow still elegant and refined even in such a lewd state. His cock is just as pale as the rest of his beautiful skin, but smooth and thick where it juts up from between his legs. The tip of it glistens with pre.

Zhongli helps her out of her undergarment, balancing her weight as she shrugs out of it and shimmies it down to slide off her legs. Now fully bare, he draws her into his arms in a tight embrace. Big man as he is, the hug almost completely envelops her.

“You are very, very beautiful.” He says sweetly into her ear, and she shivers at his deep voice. “I have dreamed of this...”

He lowers her down slowly, pressing the head of his member against her opening until her slick folds yield. She bites her lip at the stretch, making a distressed sound.

Zhongli licks two of his fingers and then reaches down to the apex of her sex and swirls them in circles over her bud, soothing her as he presses her down inch by inch. When he is hilted to the base, he gives her a moment to adjust to his girth, toying with her clit in rubbing motions. Every motion strokes the flames of fire growing in her stomach, and her pussy clenches down around him with an aroused squeeze.

“That’s it.” He murmurs, beginning to thrust shallowly. “Relax for me.”

When her walls no longer have so much give and his shaft slides easily in and out, he picks up the pace, hilting himself completely with each thrust now.

Lumine watches his length disappear inside her again and again, mesmerized. It starts to feel amazing when he hits a spot deep inside her, and she shivers at the sensation of it like it’s in her head. Unwittingly, she starts dropping her weight down on him, wanting to feel it more. But true to his promise to be gentle with her, it’s not quite hard enough.

“Go rougher.” She says, clutching his shoulders. “Please.”

He does, shifting his hands to palm her ass so that he can lift her up and down with more ease, and there’s a slapping sound at each contact. It’s stimulating that spot so well, and she moans out at the intense pleasure.

“Mo-more!” She pleads, pressure in her stomach coiling tighter.

Zhongli complies, slamming her down hard on his cock, grunting with the effort but barely breaking a sweat. She is shuddering and moaning in sweet pleasure, and he wants nothing more than to see her come apart on his dick.

Lumine withstands but five minutes of this, and she gasps and snaps her hips forward when she hits her climax, trembling all over as she lets out a weak moan. Her eyelids flutter, and drool leaks from the corner of her parted lips as the ecstasy steals her strength and coherence, leaving her body limp.

Zhongli pulls out of her and strokes himself to completion, pearly white streaks of cum dripping onto his spent lover’s stomach. He brushes the blonde bangs from Lumine’s damp forehead with a tender gesture.

“Come,” He says after a moment. “Let us bathe and take a rest.”

“You’ll have to carry me there.” Lumine says with a breathless smile. “I don’t think I can stand right now... and it has nothing to do with my aching feet.”

“Ah, yes.” He nods, looking the most chagrined she’s seen him yet. “I -ahem- can absolutely take care of that.”