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The portal opened. She felt true joy for the first time in many years, when she looked at her brother she saw his face in the same teary-eyed joy. This world was a cold world, everyone was blank, they had made no friends and ended up in the middle of a monthly war. She reached out, Lumine could feel the warmth of the portal radiating through her. She looked on with hope. “This one will be different, maybe like Dayki” she laughed to Ather. He laughed along with her and they looked upon the world they had now entered. Her tears weren’t coming from happiness now. Dragons and cranes the size of small mountains crashed in a blood red sky. A hurricane with millions of people, half burned and crackling with electricity. She saw a five headed sea monster fighting with a half dragon god.

No. no. no no no no. the portal is closed we should have stayed.

Aether looked to his sister. “Hey look, light its not red, come on we might be able to leave if we ask these-” he paused “-rulers nicely”. It was the best chance they had, they flew like stars, going and going until to their luck blessed them. Another portal. They flew to the door the only pure thing in the war-torn world. Three red stars. Fuck, a god. Why is she familiar. “Outlanders your journey ends here”. The god had amber eyes and her gloves glitched in ways that made Lumine’s mind twist in ways it shouldn’t.

“Who are you” it came out before she could think.

“The sustainer of heavenly principles, the arrogation of mankind ends now” the god made a cube, first red as she planted the weapon, the turning black as it grew three times taller then Lumine. Ooohh right I saw you sucking hundreds of people into the cubes, that’s why your familiar. She internally kicked herself as she grew her wings. Not now, I need to focus on the fight at hand. As the twins drew their swords, the glitched goddess, as Lumine mentally christened her, sent a wave of engulfing cubes. She dodged the geometric homing tentacles easily. Ha I could do this in my sleep, I was that worked up pfft-. They came in for the attack but Ms.Glitch had a shield. She saw the goddess look at her brother in a telling sign. He jumped back from another wave of cubes but she was to late. It crept up her sword but she couldn’t let go of the thing that kept her memories of home. She looked to her brother for help as her arms gave in. For a moment she could only focus on him and the pain of seeing his sister be torn away forever in his eyes. She had to keep strong so he wouldn’t worry but she could only feel worry coursing through her body. The worry and cubes engulfed her body as she her vision was obscured. “LUMINE” the muffled voice of her brother rang in her ears.



She heard an explosion go off but she couldn’t be bothered to open her eyes. They were safe in an emotionless world. Another noise but it sounded like an eagle’s cry. Weird I thought they didn’t have eagles in this dead place. “I told you, she has the powers of a god” said a quivery voice, “Although she should be awake by now-”. Wait, shouldn’t they mention Aether too? Oh shit, the glitchy goddess, right. It hit her like a ton of bricks and her eyes overflowed. “Miss? Are you awake? Miss?” the voice said again. She opened her eyes to see a little fluff ball of a creature with a white mask, blue fur and a wand. “Sorry, yes I’m awake, and thank you for watching over me”. There was two other fluff balls, though one was red and the other was an icey white. “Oh good” said the white one in the same quivering voice although it seemed more rational, “We thought you were dead like everyone on the surface”.

“Where, am I?” she asked the obvious question

“Welcome to the Abyss, ma’am the twelve floor to be exact” the red one giggled

“This is the our home, but we haven’t left this floor once. We want to travel” the blue one said with a tone that made it clear he was conflicted on leaving his home.

“Wait wait wait. First how do you know about the war if you can't leave?" She asked trying to get her mind in working order.

“We send messages through the bars, look!” said the blue one seeming a bit more enthusiastic

He waved his wand and a symbol appeared on the floor, it was blue and reminded her of a wave for some reason. Bubbles started to come from the symbol as it blinked in a pattern. Quickly after a new symbol this one looking like a snowflake, flashed a message.

“The other mages wish to meet you” smiled the blue fluffball

“Wow, I- umm” she was confused, but grateful, these mages (?) let her into their home and were the nicest thing to happen to her since entering the world.

“What are your names, I don’t want to be rude-” she was cut off by the white one

“We don’t have one, we are prisoners of the gods despite our abilities being far less powerful, although we call ourselves mages”

“Oh, ok can I give you some? I don’t want to call you “White mage”

“Do me first” exclaimed the blue one

“Hmm what can you do?” She wanted to give her new friends (and possibly family) good names to repay them even if it was a little thing she did.

“Well I have hydro powers I can make bubbles that trap people and I can create and manipulate water” said the blue one

“Well how is Mar” Lumine thought back to her home world, Mar meant sea in a language she couldn’t remember.

The mage, now-named Mar smiled so brightly it could light a room.

“Pick one for me, I can make heads the spew fire at you and I can chuck fireballs at you.” exclaimed the red fluffball

“They’re a real trickster unlike the cryo mage” warned Mar

“Yes, I am cryo mage, I mostly manipulate ice, I can also make a flower that traps the person for quite a bit” the white mage said

“Ignis the pyro mage and Nix the ice one, how’s that?”

Ignis just laughed mischievously while Nix warmly nodded.

She was happy with her new friends, but remembered something. “Are you sure you want to leave your home?”