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You Can Be My Wingman Anytime, Venti

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Zhongli felt unlike himself, perhaps this was what people considered being under the weather. A burning itch, how peculiar. He began to take in sharp gasps, and a deep unsettling panic twisted his insides. Suddenly being around so many people made him burn.

His once leisure steps quickened as he made haste towards the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor.

Hua Tao merely peeks at him curiously as he rushed right passed her without his typical greeting.

“How peculiar.” She murmured to herself.

Now finally alone, Zhongli began to loosen his clothes with clumsy fingers. He slumped against the door and panted out in short huffs. Zhongli could not help but slightly curl into himself.

It has been 3,700 years since he has ever had to experience a heat. One of the powers gifted by the gnosis was to ignore the weakness of one’s presentation, to regulate one’s own energy and remain neutral to it’s affects. Having such base animalistic desires take over his senses was below him.

Zhongli shuttered, already feeling himself leak slightly, his hole already loosening and preparing him for a mate. He had to at least prepare a nest for himself, one that he was prepared to face alone. Whom could he call on for assistance in such short notice with his current condition?

Childe’s face flashed in his mind for a moment, and a heat burned in his belly, slick starting to fall down his thighs. Chastising himself for the thought, he quickly removed his pants and outer coat and gathers them in his arms to place them neatly onto his bed covers. Zhongli decides to keep his shirt on just for some feeling of modesty.

Zhongli sprawled himself on his bed, one that rarely used for the most part and just for appearances. For once, it would have its uses. Laying on his side, he began to trail a hand down to his wet entrance, already slick and ready. Impatient for something bigger, he quickly thrust three fingers and moaned softly at the feeling. “Not…enough.”

Zhongli’s eyes began to mist over. He quickly did a look over for anything that could help him.

He spots one of Childe’s shirts laying folded over one of his chairs, remembering how it got wet on one of their adventures and having failed to return it to him. Zhongli lifts himself slightly on his arms, thighs still parted and back arched and he fingered himself to thoughts of Childe being near, his scent…his scent would still linger on his shirt, perhaps?

Zhongli crawled slightly at first, and then picked himself up on trembling legs, making way to grab the shirt. Clutched with both hands, he nuzzled into it with his face.

“It still smells of you.” Zhongli softly murmured, face turning fond at the thoughts of Childe.

Childe isn’t here though. No, not since their estrangement since his intended omission concerning his gnosis. The sudden thought brought a passing sense of emptiness and panic.

“Childe won’t come…and the corner of his eyes fluttered back tears.”

Ah, the emotional weakness was another thing he did not miss. In the past he could not afford such sentimentalities, especially during the war of gods where any weakness could cost you your life or dignity.

Zhongli makes his way back to his bed, feeling more melancholic than anything. He lays the shirt down to his side and gazes at it for maybe too long.

Zhongli could not believe his wantonness of the moment, but he decided to shed himself of his shirt and done on Childe’s instead. Feeling the scent of Childe surrounding him brought some sense of peace to his tumultuous state of mind.

Zhongli leans himself back and tries to regain some control over his body through meditation, but the itch of needing to be filled ached between his legs, and his mind muddled with time. Perhaps the traveler and his flying companion could run him an errand to Bubu Pharmacy and get some represents.

No…it wouldn’t arrive fast enough. Zhongli clenched his thighs together and bit into his arm. It was no good, he was losing himself too quickly. He ruts his front against the silken sheets, his nipples feeling raw from the thick material of Childe’s shirt.

A sudden knock from his window gave him some clarity, and the vision of his dear unchanged friend Barbatos came into view. Barbatos was one of the few who still remembered that he was an Omega, being one who actually helped him through it in the past, mostly out of necessity. The sudden memory brings an embarrassed flush to his face. Definitely not his first choice, but if he was willing, he’d take his help.

Zhongli opened the window and allowed a perky Venti to fly himself in.

“What brings you here, Barbatos? It’s good to see you, but you have come at a bad time.”

“It’s Venti now.”

Venti does an obvious full body look over and circles Zhongli with a cheeky grin on his lips. He taps a finger on his lips and says, “I think I couldn’t have found you at a better time actually. You’re quite lucky I tagged along the traveler’s party; I could smell your scent a mile away.”

“Only you could say something like that…Venti. If you are agreeable to helping me once more with my affliction, I will not be opposed to it.”

Venti threw himself on the bed, fingers splayed playfully on its surface and threw his head back to reply, “That was the plan. A horny Morax is an angry one. It took forever to convince you to let me help the first time, what changed? Has age mellowed you out?”

“Zhongli is the name I am going by now; I would appreciate if we communicated as such. And perhaps asking for your help was a mistake. You tend to draw things out too much.”

Venti couldn’t help but pout at this.

“Well, it’s the only time you were somewhat cute. I was so scared you were going to beat me up if I didn’t hurry. And dragging things out is the fun part!”

Zhongli merely sighed, “Lets merely leave it at that. If you wish to assist me, do prepare me properly.”

Venti perked up at that and gently patted both hands against his legs. “Lay yourself here if you would~”

Zhongli crawled towards Venti, allowing Venti access to his backside. Venti licked his fingers and teased his fingers at the slick opening, and then suddenly slammed his entire hand into the opening.

The sudden intrusion caused Zhongli to push his sensitive chest into the sheets, mouth biting his lips rogue.

“Faster…please faster.”

“Will do, it’s just unfortunate this form is so tiny. I’d love to hold you down, Zhongli. You’re so beautiful when you are not trying to be strong. Just let all desires come through. Venti kissed playfully behind Zhongli’s ear, gently tugging his earing with his mouth, and then trailed down his back, making purposeful wet kisses down his arched spine.

“You’re still so soft here to…” Venti trailed off while admiring the very full globes of Zhongli’s ass and coping a couple soft squeezes. “I could lay myself to sleep on these for quite some while.”

“As much as I appreciate you admiring my physical assets, would you please assist me in my predicament?” Zhongli drawled with a deadpan.

“Ah-Ah~, still Mr. No Fun. I hope you’re not going to be as stingy if you plan on having a lover in the future. So un-cute.” Venti huffed out.

Venti decided to test his luck and took one more feel of the voluptuous globe, giving it a gentle kiss that trailed down to Zhongli’s toned, slender thighs.

Giving a playful slap to Zhongli’s ass, Venti quipped, “That’s enough prep, now turn towards me, I want to see you!” Venti always knew how to keep things lighthearted at least, making grabby motions with his hands.

Zhongli sat ramrod straight at attention as Venti did a look over.“Your nipples are still so perky and sensitive” Venti pressed lightly through his shirt, and then continued to massage and pinch at them until he decided to pull roughly.”

“Ahhh, ahh…” Zhongli panted out.

“Finally, a reaction, you always did like things a little too rough for my tastes. Now get this shirt off you, it clashes with your aesthetics!” Venti pulled at the clasp and let the shirt fall open to reveal a chest of milky white and red nubs.

Venti continues to rub the nubs until they were swollen and leaking a sweet milk. Venti could not help himself and suckled his chest until he was pleased. Zhongli for the most part felt he was getting less out of this than his mischievous friend.

“Pa-ah still so sweet. Maybe even more so since it’s aged like fine wine.” Venti could not help but giggle out.

“Can I kiss you?” murmured Venti into Zhongli’s ear, letting a playful wisp of cold air tease it.Venti’s delicate hand traced over Zhongli’s scent gland, watching Zhongli shutter at the touch. Hugging him suddenly, he nosed at it playfully and kissed it.

Zhongli pushed at Venti, and angrily stated, “That place it out of bounds.”

“Ok, ok. I just wanted to get a good smell of you. Seems someone has been trying to stake their claim on you. I smell you, but with a hint of a stormy ocean along your coasts, ready to ravage you~.”

Zhongli huffed, and turned his face slightly with a blush overtaking him. “I have a mortal in mind, but I doubt that he’ll ever return my feelings now knowing that I’ve been keeping secrets from him.”

“Ah, is it that angsty ginger that keeps circling this place?” Venti surmised.

“Childe is here?”

“Yeah, he’s got quite the look on him. If anything, did you ever tell him your presentation? Your smell is quite strong, and he might get the wrong idea…” Venti trailed off.

“You surmise he believes that I have taken in a lover.”

Venti’s stare was quite disbelieving, and it made the uncomfortable itch in his belly ache to his chest.

Suddenly scenting Zhongli’s distress, Venti jumps up and runs out the door yelling, “I’ll go get your man, and you guys talk it out.”

Zhongli resigned himself to whatever occurred next.
Childe was enraged, no he was furious. He was prepared to put everything that happened behind them, and Zhongli had the nerve to have some omega in heat. The smell that permeated the place was sweet and calming, very suiting to the tastes of one like Zhongli. Nothing like him, Childe huffed. Childe was sure that he had made his advances towards the pebble-brain of an archon obvious, but apparently Zhongli found pleasure in something softer. That in itself was a grating thought.

His pacing suddenly came to a halt when a whirlwind of green jumped down from one of the balconies.

“Hello there, do you happen to know a Zhongli? Tall, dark, and handsome with a pebble for a brain.”

Childe gave one of his winning fake smiles, “Yes, I do. But if you are looking for him, I think he’ll be preoccupied.”

“Well, good sir. I am formally inviting you to help my dear friend Zhongli through his heat and you better help this misunderstanding between the two of you. Rarely does he get emotional, and I think he misses you dearly.” Venti’s playful tone simmers down as he stares intently at Childe’s reaction.

Childe’s face was quite hilarious, but Venti had to pull this off! Serious face, Venti.

“Wait, wait, wait now….” Childe trailed off.

Childe made an angry growl and dropped to a crouch, fingers curling roughly into his hair. “You’re saying this entire time, Zhongli was an omega, and it’s his heat that smells…really nice…Childe mumbles. Knowing now that it was Zhongli, Childe shot straight up and made a quick run towards Zhongli’s location.

Venti merely giggled to himself. “Don’t say I never helped you, dear friend.”
Zhongli couldn’t help himself but worry in the silence of his room. Without Venti’s nonsensical banter, it was getting harder to ground his thoughts and focus more on the feeling of gushing slick gather inside. It was getting increasingly hotter and the ache between his legs was unbearable. Clenching his hole did little to stop the dribble down his thighs. If Childe was coming, would he be agreeable to sharing his heat? Zhongli’s gut fluttered at the thought and he couldn’t help but moan as more slick was definitely produced.

Thoughts of his modesty came to mind, but it was far to late to make any difference. His smell was everywhere, and his mind was far too gone. He allowed his hand to trail down his front, pressing on the small bruises Venti kissed onto his thighs and pressed on them roughly, imagining a stronger bite and a more eager tongue. His cock was twitching, flushed pink and oversensitive from rubbing too insistently against the sheets with no way of release. Venti had playfully played with his nipples, but the thought of much larger, calloused hands encased in black leather gloves…

His mind was gone. Zhongli detested himself like this, but he reached for his nipples and pulled at them roughly. They were still swollen and filled with milk, leaking slightly down his abdomen.

His fantasy clouded any reason over, and he splayed his front onto the silken sheets, arching his back and raised his hips up for easier access. He thrusted four fingers easily, weeping that still, he felt too empty.

A sudden bang should have alarmed him, but his ache took precedence.
Childe opened Zhongli’s room only to fund him mewling out his name as he presented himself on all fours. Zhongli was naked except for Childe’s shirt that hanged off his shoulders. He was dumbfounded and very aroused at the sight of him in his clothes.


Until the sight of kiss marks along his chest and thighs caused a feral growl to rip from his throat.
Childe prowled towards where Zhongli presented himself to assess the damage. Luckily not much.
One of his palms grabbed Zhongli’s ass, squeezing it roughly. Zhongli shuttered and halted his hand from thrusting inside himself.

“Look at you, all messed up. Did you have fun with someone thinking they could give you what you want? These marks are too soft.” Childe lowered himself and allowed both his hands to grab onto Zhongli’s thighs as he pressed his mouth against the sopping entrance.

Zhongli moaned loudly into the sheets, trying to struggle out of the vice grip of Childe’s hands. It was too much at once. Childe licked into him with zealous fervor, drawing out the glops of slick and pushing it back in with each trust of his tongue.

“You taste so sweet Sensei, tell me, how many has gotten this chance to taste you?”

Suddenly Childe’s hands moved to his ass to spread him, pushing his mouth more fervently inside, as if trying to reach his core.

Zhongli was unintelligible at this point, hoarsely calling out Childe’s name between bitten lips. Childe pulled away for a moment, one hand wiping the slick from his chin to get a proper look at Zhongli. They really needed to have a talk, but looking at him now, getting him through his heat took precedence. And maybe a little revenge was in order.

Apparently stopping his ministrations caused Zhongli to snap, because an inhuman growl suddenly ripped from his throat, and the eyes of a predator turned towards him. Zhongli’s eyes are half lidded and glowing, open mouth so red and slick. He suddenly pounces Childe before he could get a word in.

“Childe, you really did come back.” Zhongli murmured into his neck, hands seeking his own.

“I haven’t left at all; I just had some loose ends to take care of and I planned on getting an apology from you.”

“Childe, I’m sorry for hurting you, just please don’t leave me.” Zhongli murmured into Childe’s ear. The longing was palpable and caused Childe to stiffen and harden slightly. Zhongli felt the sudden hint of desire and took it to his advantage, allowing Child’s clothed erection to enter him. He moaned at the feeling, shifting his hips and grinding it deeper and deeper.

“Hey now, don’t get ahead of yourself.”

Childe pushed Zhongli back so he could shed himself of his pants. His pants were just half off before a needy Zhongli decided to paw at him on the ground.

“Childe, will you be mine?”

The devastatingly beautiful look on Zhongli’s face made Childe’s heart stutter.

“Only if you’ll be mine also. And I don’t share by the way. A grin made it’s way to Childe’s face as he squeezed at Zhongli’s hip.

“Then it’s agreed upon.” Zhongli quirked his lips up slightly, and Childe didn’t know how much more of this smiley Zhongli he could take. He was positively glowing, and Childe wondered if he could even stay mad at him at this point.

Childe tries to support himself on two elbows, leaning up to come face to face with a Zhongli who is hovering over him with clear intent in his eyes. With Childe’s length now bare, Zhongli presses his sloppy opening down to take him inside in one thrust, and then clenches tightly in a vice grip. Both flinch at the feeling, the pain and pleasure at finally becoming one pleased Zhongli to his core.

Zhongli pushed Childe’s back onto his ground, hands acting as shackles to Childes so he could take what he needed. He bounced on Childe’s cock with reckless abandon, allowing only the occasional soft gasp and the call of his name on his lips.

Childe was mesmerized. Frustrated that he was unable to break free of Zhongli’s grip, tried to outmatch him with the fervent push of his hips. “I want to hear you, say my name!”

“Hnng, Childe,Childe… Ah ha.”

The visage of a teary Zhongli, rosy mouth agape with drool really did Childe in, and a deep desire entered his mind to see Zhongli filled to the breaking point. To see the normally controlled appearance completely shattered and tainted in his colors. Electric sparks encased Childe’s body, and his body stretched to monstrous proportions. The feel of Childe’s cock stretching him made Zhongli see stars and he whited out a moment from the sheer pleasure of it.

Zhongli let his gaze fall to where their body connected. His stomach now bulged, and Childe’s signature riptide mark glowed from where he had pressed his palm.

“How does it feel to be marked by a mere mortal, to be owned by one?” Childe punches out hotly into his ear. The taloned grip on his hips is gentle, but just firm enough to leave purple bruises into his skin.

Zhongli relished the feeling of being marked and claimed by one he could call his own. Zhongli wrapped both arms around Childe’s too broad shoulders, nudging his face against the mask.

“If you do intend to claim me, let me be able to feel you even in your absence. Can you manage?”

Childe did not believe Zhongli capable of such purposeful words of seduction, but a growl of approval emanated from him, and those talons did indeed grip him just right. Childe pushed Zhongli down on length a couple times slowly at first for him to get used to the size. The slow drag pushed against Zhongli’s walls and was such a tight fit, that his mind was getting spotty. Zhongli was already so full of his slick and Childe’s pre-cum, that he wondered what space could there be for his seed.

Despite Childe’s gentleness, his length did not get the memo, and Zhongli’s squirming has caused the already colossal length to inflate further. A knot began to form, and Childe began to relish the idea of breeding his precious omega.

“You take me so well.” Childe murmured into Zhongli’s ear, gently brushing his long locks that cascaded out of its usual clasp. “You’re so beautiful like this.”

Childe’s hands trailed from his sides to the leaking nipples. The taloned fingers were so big against his chest, that his palms covered his entire chest. The feeling of cool metal against his hot leaking nipples caused them to twitch in over-sensitivity. Zhongli hiccupped at the feeling. Tears gathering in the corner. It was all beginning to be too much.

“Shh, shhh, now. Is it painful here? Or maybe here as well?”

Childe’s hand finally reached to his leaking cock, putting on a strong grip that startled him. His hand covered his entire length in a vice grip, like a cage.

“Ahhh! Ahh? Hnng, Childe…”

Childe hunched his body over, looming over so he was face to face with the intimidating mask. “I’ll let you come in a bit, but I want to see you work for it. Show me how much you want my cock, darling.”

Zhongli nodded softly in agreement, the daze of his heat has softened his face to almost a childlike innocence, if it wasn’t for that heated gaze and open slick mouth.

Zhongli leaned his arms back onto Childe’s thighs as he started to push his body up and down the engorged length. His breaths were still too controlled for Childe’s liking, so he gave the occasional push of his hips, slow and methodical.

“What did I say earlier, darling? I wanted to hear your cute little noises. And here I thought you were desperate. Did you want me to do all the work?”

Zhongli looked down and pressed on the bulge in his belly, where Childe’s claim mark lay.

“I merely want to remember this…I want to remember our claim to each other. The haze of a heat may enhance the sexual pleasure in the moment, but this is our first time together, and I want to keep this in mind when you are away on long missions.”

Childe’s heart expanded three sizes in that instance, and so did his dick. This sentimental, beautiful angel that for the most part used him as a mora dispenser could take all of it if he would remain his alone.
“Haha…you really have a way with words, Sensei. If you do give me a family, perhaps I’ll retire early and keep you in my chambers all day and night. You’ll keep me busy, maybe even get sick of me. But it’ll be too late!”

Zhongli removed the mask to see his face. And just as he expected, a toothy grin with the most beautiful noctilucous jade eyes stared back at him with a promise. With a light that was normally not present. A future where two braincells became one. They may become dumber when together, but that’s because they can’t see anything outside of each other.

And not so far from them, a certain bard sings a song about the call from the ocean that reached the lonely high peaks of Liyue.