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Afternoon Break

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She comes into his office by climbing through his window.


Zhongli's work as the Wangsheng funeral parlor director never stops even after his retirement as the Geo Archon, but that has never deterred Lumine from getting her way. 


Zhongli couldn’t help but let a fond, amused smile quirk his lips up as Lumine brushes off the dust from her clothes, bounding towards him like an excited puppy. He remains seated at his desk, though the thought of standing up to receive her in his arms certainly crosses his mind.


Lumine, ever the minx, moves his paperwork aside and plops herself atop his desk. She leans over him, soft lips pressing a quick kiss against his brow.


“You could have easily sought my audience had you gone through the front door,” he says, his hand reaching up to cup her cheek. “My staff have been informed to grant you access whatever the occasion.” He’s not scolding her, and she knows this, cheekily molding herself further into his palm.


“But where’s the fun in that?” She bats her eyelashes and he smiles. Truly, she would not be Lumine without her tendency to scale the walls and buildings of Liyue. “I just...really wanted to see you as soon as possible, so this was the fastest method I could think of. Forgive me?” She presses a kiss into the palm of his hand, and though he couldn’t feel her lips through his glove, her warmth seeps through to his skin.


Zhongli puts his brush down, all thoughts of working discarded to the Abyss. He tilts his head up to gaze into her honey eyes, his undivided attention on her, waiting. A shiver of anticipation shoots through Lumine when her mind races thinking about all the things she could do to him, and subtly, she rubs her thighs together. 


She drops his hand from hers, instead wrapping her arms around his neck to pull him into a kiss. One tentative peck, two, until Zhongli starts kissing her back, slowly but surely. His arms reach out to wrap around her waist, pulling her body closer to him.


His lips are full, soft. Lumine presses her lips against his needily, reacting to every shift of his lips with her own. His eyes close, and so do hers, both letting their senses do the seeing for them. They find a rhythm of Zhongli catching, Lumine chasing, their lips breaking apart before coming together again and again. His hands roam her curves and her backside, and she curls deeper into him.


Lumine ventures with the tip of her tongue swiping against his plush lower lip, but Zhongli does not open. She lets out a soft whine, her hands carding through his hair and tugging gently. Her barrage of kisses continues. He keeps up with her kisses, responding in kind with his own, but he does not yield.


Their lips pull apart and Lumine gazes at him impatiently, flushed. Hungry .


Instead of giving her what she wants, Zhongli kisses the corner of her lips, her cheek, along her jaw, and down the milky column of her throat. He lingers, his kisses slow and steady, his affection for her permeating through her pores. Lumine closes her eyes to savor the feeling of his lips on her skin. Every inch of skin he gently caresses with his soft lips burn hot. Her quiet sounds of approval fuel his desire to draw out more from her, but Zhongli is a very patient man. He will be rewarded with her sweet cries in due time.


“Tease,” she gasps when he bites her gently at the sensitive spot on her neck. His bite isn’t hard enough to leave a mark, but archons above she wants it to. Greedily, she pulls him closer to her neck, pushing his head towards the spot she wants him to ravage. Steadfast, he does not comply, continuing his descent down her body. Her eyes crack open and she glares when he rests his chin atop her chest.


Zhongli’s amber eyes burn brightly, smugly, yet there’s a hint of mischief that causes her breath to hitch. He smirks and she’s so turned on, it’s unfair. He knows exactly what she wants but he’s choosing not to give her that pleasure.


“I’m not a mind reader, Lumine. Use those pretty lips to tell me what you want,” he all but purrs in that deep voice of his. He squeezes her hips and Lumine feels like she’s losing her mind.


Lumine slides off his desk to land in his lap. Her hands find purchase in the front of his coat, her grip creasing his smooth lapels. She tugs his tie, and with it, him, her hot breath sizzling over his smug smirk. She looks up at him, biting her lower lip, pleading.


Kiss me. Hard ,” she breathes, and he smiles. She feels heat pool in her chest.


“As you wish.”


And kiss her hard he does. She has no chance to open her mouth before Zhongli is upon her, his tongue prying her lips open himself. Her eyes close and she lets him lead. One of his hands slides up along her spine until it rests at the back of her neck. He pulls her head in, deepening the kiss and Lumine lets out a moan. His tongue sweeps everything in its wake, her own standing no chance against the hard, wet muscle.


Zhongli’s lips eclipse hers completely as her tongue glides against his. He flicks his tongue, sucking and coaxing her in small circles. Lumine tries her best to keep up with his fierce kisses, and she can already feel the telltale sign of her lips swelling from his vigorous attack. Her hands abandon their position at his chest, once again snaking around his neck to kiss him deeper, harder. Every now and then, she tugs at his hair, pleased when he groans and kisses her furiously.


Although Zhongli appears immovable, like his statues she sees throughout Liyue, he is anything but cold. Even through their clothes, she can feel the heat he radiates. Lumine pushes her body against him, rolling her hips against his crotch, desperate to appease the beginnings of the lust pooling below. The angle of their makeout changes and she lets out a gasp when his hand at her rear squeezes and pulls her hips into his again. The rumble of his chest lets her know he’s seeking out the delicious friction like she was.


Finally, his lips pull away from hers with a wet pop and he drinks in her flushed expression, her kiss-swollen lips, her heaving chest. Rich amber meets gold as they take a moment to stare at each other, tense. Neither can break the other’s gaze, anticipating the next move. Zhongli licks his lips as if he were satisfied.


“If that’s all you wanted, Lumine, I’d best get back to work.” He’s bluffing, and she knows it. Tease , she grumbles again.


Far from satisfied, Lumine tilts up to kiss his jaw and his neck, nose brushing against his Adam’s apple. The desire to leave red, red marks on his fair skin pulses inside her, but she refrains. No matter how much she wants to, it would not do for the Wangsheng funeral parlor director to look anything but unprofessional. Instead, she lets out a whine, fervently placing hot, open mouthed kisses on every inch of visible skin. 


Zhongli closes his eyes, soaking up her attention. His deep voice comes out in sighs under her fluttery kisses, as if he could read her mind. As if he wanted her mark on him.


She pulls him down into another heated kiss, her hand stroking his clothed chest. How she wanted his clothes off, wanted to see him come undone under touch. But that would come later. Lumine’s hand stops at the top of his bulge and he stills. His lids open halfway, blazing eyes curious to see what she was up to.




She smiles and lightly applies pressure as she slowly strokes up and down his hardening length. Her bright eyes never leave his.


“Don’t worry about work. Let me take care of it,” she says, licking her lips. Oh his clever, clever girl, he knows exactly what she meant by that. Zhongli waits on her with his gaze, but she hops off his lap. Immediately, he feels bereft of her warmth.


Lumine crawls under his desk and between his legs, her hot palms pushing against his inner thighs. He hears the clinking of his belt clasp, and the idea of what’s to come causes his thighs to clench. Zhongli tilts her head up, thumbing her soft lips. Her tongue darts out and licks it. Cute.


Instead of freeing his dick from its clothed confines, Lumine opts to stroke his clothed erection with her hand, moving outward to rub gentle circles on his inner thigh. Zhongli continues to watch her, letting out quiet sighs of pleasure at her touches. She looks up at him, and kisses the part of his pants she assumed was the tip of his dick. Without breaking eye contact, she continues to mouth him over his clothing, teasing him. He lets out a quiet groan. His hands find a home at the top of her head, fingers sliding through her silky strands.


Zhongli was a patient man and he was willing to play whatever game she was going to throw at him. He didn’t win a war over 2000 years ago by being recklessly charging ahead, after all.


Seeing how she wasn’t going to get a larger reaction from him, Lumine ceases her teasing, finally lowering the waistband of his pants and underwear in one tug. His thick cock springs free and she can feel her panties dampening in anticipation. His heady scent of sandalwood, musk, and arousal hits her. The length and girth of his dick is perfect, and it’s all hers. 


Lumine tucks a strand of hair behind her ear and leans down, taking his tip into her mouth. He can feel more heat radiating from his dick at her touch. Upon feeling her hotter, wetter mouth gently suck at his tip, Zhongli’s eyes slide shut, relishing in her hot little tongue lapping at his length. 


Slowly, oh so slowly, Lumine takes about half his cock into her mouth, her hand coming up to stroke the remaining length and his balls. She begins bobbing slowly, letting her moans reverberate through him. In turn, he reacts kindly, his hips pushing up from his chair to thrust into her eager mouth.


Lumine alternates between licking and sucking, tongue sliding up and down his vein on the underside of his penis, kissing his tip before repeating the motions again and again. Zhongli twitches, gripping her head and guiding her motions. When his half-lidded eyes open to look down at her, he meets her burning gaze, her golden eyes glowing. Knowing exactly what he wants, Lumine picks up her speed, hollowing out her cheeks to suck him harder, faster.


All of a sudden, she stops, letting his dick pop out of her wet mouth, and he nearly growls out in frustration. Lumine giggles, her tongue trailing the side of his member, moving lower to suck at his balls. Zhongli lets out more quiet moans, feeling so good as she pumps him with her hand and lavishes attention on his balls, and he lets her know exactly that. She continues to stroke him, twisting her wrist and watching his eyebrows scrunch up cutely with rapt attention. Faster, faster, then slowly. His back arches from his seat when she gives him a particularly strong tug.


The articulate Zhongli turning into a quiet mess at her hands only serves to turn Lumine on further. Quietly, she slips her free hand past the waistband of her shorts, feeling up her slick folds through her panties. Lumine imagines him coming all over her, inside of her, marking her up with his sticky cum and she moans.


Lumine takes him back into her mouth, going as far as she can until his tip nudges the back of her throat. She bobs, Zhongli’s fingers grasping at her head, and his hips meet her in thrusts, yet carefully as to not make her choke. Her fingers just barely slip into her entrance, timing with his thrusts, and heat coils in her lower belly. Just as she’s about to help finish him off, a solid knock resounds at the door.


“Sir, I have a question regarding these recent purchases footed by the parlor. May I come in?”


The deep growl tears at Zhongli’s throat upon the interruption. Desire rips through Lumine’s core when she hears his deep voice, his sexual frustration. Unfortunately, Zhongli cannot ignore his duties. Composing himself, he shoots Lumine a look. Behave .


“You may enter.”


Lumine can’t see anything aside from Zhongli’s erection and his composed yet mildly strained expression, but she can hear the door open and the footsteps of the staffmember enter his office.


“About these purchases, the cor lapis and...slime concoctions? That you…” 


Lumine tunes her out. An idea strikes and she smirks impishly. She pulls her hand from her pants, and instead, focuses on touching Zhongli. She pumps him once, twice coating his dick with her sticky fluids. Slowly and quietly, she runs her tongue up and down his shaft. The taste of her arousal mixed with his own pre-cum sends a thrill through her.


“Yes, about that I, ah, have the receipts here.” His speech stutters for a second, but his slip up goes unnoticed by everyone but the staff member.


Lumine quietly kisses him from tip to base, once again taking him into her mouth and pumping slowly. Zhongli glances down briefly at her with a warning look. As poor as he is with mora, Lumine knows Zhongli will pay her back tenfold with his actions. Imagining him taking her over his desk, pounding in her frrom behind, being mercilessly teased by his long, slender fingers and every inch of his dick fuels her further. She strokes his balls and picks up her pace, taking more and more of his length into her eager mouth. Zhongli’s grip on her head tightens. Her second warning.


“Thank you very much, sir. Now, regarding your bulk purchase of glaze lilies, how would you like to receive them?”


Lumine slows down and speeds up, bringing him to the edge but never giving him the sweet ache of release. Zhongli never lets his frustration or arousal show on his face, but by the twitching of his cock and how hard he’s grapsing her, Lumine knows this situation turns him on too. With his next line, she can’t help but grin.


“Leave them in my bedroom. I will be bundling them up personally .”


Lumine shivers.


“Very well, sir.”


“One more thing? If you could kindly tell the others that I am not to be disturbed for the remainder of the day.” He does not need to finish his sentence for everyone to know.


A pause. “Yes, sir. Thank you for your time. Please allow me to take my leave.”


Upon hearing affirmations and the click of the door closing, Lumine looks up innocently at Zhongli. She meets heady, viscous, burning ochre, glazed in pure want . Biting her lower lip draws that hot, sticky gaze to her lips.


“Come up here,” Zhongli commands, and she slides up, her chest and the fabric of her dress purposely brushing against his hard on. Oh that little devil .


Lumine settles comfortably back on his lap, feeling his flushed, hard dick pressing against her crotch and stomach. She grinds against him once, twice, and he frowns.


“I can’t read your mind, Zhongli. Use those pretty lips of yours to tell me what you want, sir, ” she mimics, punctuating her last word with a moan and a roll of her hips.


Zhongli is a patient man, he reminds himself. He does not rise to her provocation, instead latching his lips onto her neck, giving a hard suck. Lumine cries out in surprise, gripping his coat.


“Never in my years of being have I taken an interest in such an impertinent thing,” Zhongli murmurs, his hot breath washing over her skin. There is no malice in his words. His quiet voice causes her skin to break out into goosebumps and she inhales sharply. “Tell me, my dear, do you enjoy the idea of voyeuring? For everyone to see just what kind of salacious acts I am capable of?” Her scarf falls to the ground. When did he undo it?


Zhongli kisses and sucks down the line of her cleavage, leaving little love bites in his wake. 


“Shall we let everyone know just who amorously beds the hero of Mondstadt and Liyue night after night?” His hand cups the underside of her breast as the front of her dress falls, squeezing gently. She shivers at the cool touch of leather. His other hand moves behind her, undoing her bodice. Lumine whimpers, brazenly pushing her naked chest into his clothed one. She rubs against him, biting her lip, feeling the rough fabric of his jacket catch against her nipples.


“If you behave, perhaps I shall grant you what you’re craving. You want me to finger you, fill you up, make a mess of you over my desk, yes?”


Lumine wiggles against him, itching to feel more of his touches, a breathless yes breezing past her lips. Like a boulder, he is steadfast and hard against her, yielding nothing despite her thighs squeezing his, her hips rocking against his, her hands pulling his face in for more kisses.


“Unless...You’re looking for a fast and hard fucking?” came his rich, velvet voice. “Are you imagining me as I take you from behind, frantically pounding into you…” Lumine’s insides clench. She reaches down between them to stroke his cock.


Zhongli stops her and puts a finger against her lips. Instinctively, Lumine bites, yanking off his glove off his hands in one swift motion. He watches her, watches her suck and nibble his fingers adoringly.


“Or...Are you imagining a slow, sensual fucking that leaves us both breathless…? Lumine…” The way he calls her name leaves her trembling. Just what is his voice so sexy for?!


“Touch me, touch me, touch me, ” Lumine begs. She is dripping wet, and she knows he can feel her slick heat through her shorts.


“Anything you want, my gem,” he whispers, lifting her off his lap and laying her down on his desk.


The skirt of her dress pools at her waist as she spreads her legs for him. For a moment, neither move, the tension between them thickening as they look at each other. Zhongli eyes her partially naked form calculatingly, appreciatively, and Lumine trembles in anticipation. Her thighs squeeze together in an attempt to relieve the tension in her nether regions.


Gently, he pries her legs apart and slots himself between them, fitting between her perfectly. Zhongli bends down and kisses her thoroughly, as if in apology for abandoning her earlier. Lumine responds, eager to accept his affections. His tongue dances with hers and when he pulls away, a thin string of saliva connects their lips as a reminder of their kisses.


Lumine’s eyes never leave his figure as he stands before her. Wordlessly, Zhongli brings his other gloved hand to his mouth and slowly tugs the glove off. The movement was so, so extra but as hot as when he kicks his polearm in battle. So needlessly sexy.


Zhongli’s hands roam her sides, her chest. His burning hands, a contrast to the cool gloves, ignite her skin and she arches when his hot mouth dutifully takes in a perky nipple. He suckles gently, amping up the pressure when she moans and wiggles against him.


Her other breast is not neglected, fondled and kneaded by one hand while the other slithers down to caress her inner thigh. Satisfied with one side, Zhongli switches, sucking harshly on the other nipple and Lumine lets out a whine, a jolt of pleasure shooting through her nipple.


Zhongli kisses downward, and his hands continue roaming her body, tugging her shorts and panties down. Lumine assists, moving her legs so that they could come off completely. She props herself up on her elbows and watches him as he kneels before her.


His nose brushes against her curls and the smell of her musky sex meets his tongue. Slowly, the wet, hard appendage Lumine felt earlier flattens against her bud. Her hips jerk up but he pins her in place on the desk. Unconsciously, she spreads her legs further to give him further access.


“Z-Zhongli, more, please, want, ahn-!” 


Her cries become less coherent as he picks up his pace, lapping up the juices dripping from her labia lips. Zhongli inserts one slender finger into her vagina, immediately slipping in a second one upon finding her more than wet for him.


“My, you’re so wet. Apologies for making you wait so long, my darling, but those who misbehave must face their due retribution, should they not?” He simply smiles and Lumine screws her eyes shut, pushing her hips further into his hand. The heel of his palm barely grazes her clitoris and chasing after the promise of more friction, she grinds against his hand, but to no avail.


“Zhongli, ah-! Please, please…!”


He strokes her inner walls with a come-hither motion, pushing his fingers in and out of her slowly. She gasps at each slow thrust, writhing when he kisses her clitoris and sucks gently. Zhongli continues to edge her, adding a third finger to her wet entrance. Over and over again, his tongue flattens itself against her sensitive nub. 


The obscene sounds of wet sucking and her slick hole being filled and unfilled by his fingers fills his office along with her increasing moans. Faster, faster, his fingers push into her, her walls clenching around his fingers. The stimulation his mouth provides her brings her closer to orgasming, and she closes her eyes, so close, so close…!


Then he stops. He pulls his fingers out. She nearly screams.


The pressure building up below begins to die down and Lumine chokes back a sob. She arches her back to grind her hips against anything, desperate to feel, to make that coil in her snap.


“Haven’t you teased me enough? Don’t you feel bad for me?” She was being a brat, but Zhongli loved that sassy side of hers.


“Release will feel all the more better after enduring hardships,” he advises her, kissing the soft skin of her inner thigh. Bullshit.


One more time, he begins thrusting his very slick fingers, thoroughly coated in her almost-release, into her heat. He picks up his pace, the wet slap of her folds against his palm spurring him on. Zhongli watches her as her thighs tremble from the build up of her orgasm. He laps at her sensitive spot for good measure.


“Zhongli, Zhongli, Zhongli ,” she moans, praying, begging him to give her sweet release.


Silently, he acknowledges her prayers and slowly fingers her again, kisses her clit again, and Lumine shakes her hips desperately to meet each pump of his fingers. She moans cutely in hopes of gaining his pity. To let her cum all over his fingers and desk.


Tense heat continues to coil in her belly, and Zhongli brings her to the brink again before stopping. But with no reprieve in sight, Lumine tears up in frustration, glaring at him. Without breaking eye contact with her, Zhongli brings his wet fingers to his lips and sucks .


Lumine flushes redder. The way his tongue wrapped itself around his fingers, the way he sucked her juices clean off them...This lewd man!


Zhongli stands up and slots himself between her legs. The tip of his erection, unforgotten, presses against her clit and she gasps, her mind foggying up with promises of being filled up, of finally getting release.


“Hurry, Zhongli, inside- mmph-!”


Still, he refuses to give Lumine what she wants, taking his time in teasing her. Zhongli rubs his tip against her labia, sliding his length back and forth between her folds but never penetrating. 


“What goes inside, my dear Lumine?” She swears she’s screaming, and based on the slight twitch of the corner of his lips, she did out loud.


Zhongli builds a steady rhythm, his cock glistens in her sticky wetness as he nudges his hip against hers.


“Please, I can’t take it anymore! I want your dick inside of me! Zhongli…!” Lumine reaches up for him, desperately nuzzling her face into his chest. “Make me yours, make me cum, do anything but please! Don’t tease me anymore!”


Zhongli couldn’t help but smile at her admission.


“Your patience will be rewarded, my darling.” He presses a kiss to her pouting lips. She didn’t know how he could be so patient when she was still burning from his ministrations.


Finding his cock sufficiently wet by her natural lubricant, Zhongli slides into her wet entrance, his thick tip prying the two lips apart. Slowly, gently, he pushes himself into her until he is fully sheathed, kissing and cooing sweet words to Lumine all the while.


Lumine’s walls immediately clench down on his penis, and she arches up from the desk with a cry as he stretches her out fully. Zhongli hisses at the hot, tight pressure, his cock aching, wanting to move but waiting until his darling was ready for him to do so.


“So good, so big, love you,” she babbles, pulling Zhongli into a sloppy kiss. The moment Lumine feels accustomed to his girth, she shifts her hips to thrust. A chuckle falls from Zhongli’s lips as he leans over her, his palms flat on his desk at her sides.


“So impatient,” he chides, but his hips snap forward to meet hers. He kisses the corner of her teary eyes. 


Lumine moans deeply when he angles his hips and thrusts, hitting her sensitive spot.


“Again,” she breathlessly gasps, hands tearing at his jacket and shirt. Why must this impeccably dressed man have so many buttons and layers?


Zhongli complies, keeping in rhythm with her undulating hips with his. He grunts, making sure to give her a particularly good thrust, leaving her quivering. With a loud moan, Lumine rips open his shirt, kissing, sucking, biting, feeling up his firm chest. If she couldn’t leave marks on his neck, she could certainly leave them along his collarbone and chest as a reminder of their love affair.


Lumine latches on his darkened nipple, sucking and nibbling. Her hand snakes back and wraps around his torso, scratching at his back as he pounds into her. Zhongli rests his head atop her shoulder, hot breath puffing directly into her ear as she teases his nipple between her fingers.


“Ah-!” He gasps into her ear, his deep moan reverberating through her. Oh, she liked that.


Zhongli’s thrusting becomes more frenzied. Lumine watches as Zhongli’s body moves in and out of her, his abs rippling with the motion. Gods, his statues did not do him justice, clearly. 


The heat in her belly coils and tightens as Zhongli’s dick drags against her inner walls, and she cries out at her imminent release.


“Zhongli, soon, coming…!”


He pulls out and she whines when he picks her up from his desk.


“No! What are you- Ahn!”


Lumine has no chance to complain when Zhongli flips her over, her breasts squishing against the surface of his cherrywood desk, and pierces her from behind. Mercilessly, he pounds into her, fulfilling her earlier fantasy.


“Ah, ah…! Z-Zhongli, more, harder, nngh!” Lumine’s walls tighten around him and she swears he’s bigger, hotter, and harder than before. He must have thought about banging her on his desk before too.


Zhongli picks up his pace, grunting as he chases release. One hand grasps her hips, pulling her into his pelvis as he snaps up. The other hand toys with her clit, circling and rubbing her sensitive bundle as if he were polishing a pearl. His thrusts are deep, and he swears he’s hitting her cervix with each push.


She cries out louder, her walls closing and twitching harder on his cock. She’s close.


Zhongli leans over her sweat-glistening back, and he presses kisses into her shoulder blade, the junction where her slender neck meets her toned shoulders. Lumine moans loudly, clenching hard around him. Interesting, she’s sensitive there. He files that tidbit away for future reference.


“Coming, Zhongli, coming…! Ah, ahn…! Kiss,” she gasps, twisting and turning her head up to meet his lips. Zhongli acquiesces, their messy kiss smearing saliva all over his lips and hers.


After being denied release so many times, the taut string inside her snaps. One hard thrust from Zhongli pushes Lumine over the edge and finally, finally she sobs and orgasms. Hard.


Her eyes are blinded with white stars. She scrunches her eyes closed tight and moans, unable to feel anything but searing heat. Zhongli, ever the gentleman, slows his thrusts to match with the twitching of her walls. With Lumine’s walls still spasming and sucking in his cock deeper and deeper, Zhongli finds himself very close to release.


“Lumine...I’m going to...Hah, ah…!”


Lumine muffles a moan and has him pull out. His look of confusion and desperation almost makes her heart ache but she turns around and kisses his jawline. Once again, she’s on her back, her skirt pushed all the way up under her chest. She opens her legs and arms, inviting him in.


“Inside, cum inside me Zhongli. I want you…”


Oh, his sweet, darling Lumine. Zhongli’s chest pangs with desire and he wastes no time settling back into her arms, her warmth. He peppers her face in kisses as he speeds up, his hips rolling shamelessly into hers. Despite how stimulated she felt from her earlier high, she responds in kind, meeting him thrust for thrust. He pants into her ear, nibbling, kissing.


Soon, the long, aching pressure in his pelvis bursts and he lets out a deep, gutteral groan. His eyes flutter shut and he spills his hot, sticky seed inside her womb. Lumine whimpers, feeling every pulse of his cock against her walls. And greedily, her walls twitch, sucking up every last drop from him.


Zhongli moves to pull out of her, but she clings onto him, keeping in place.


“Stay,” Lumine commands, and Zhongli smiles tiredly, kissing her sweaty forehead adoringly. He casts his simmering gaze over her disheveled form. Strands of her sunlight-colored hair cling onto her face, and her pouty lips look thoroughly kissed. Her naked chest heaves with exertion, slowing down as they both come down from their high. Even when she’s a mess, she looks adorable, he thinks. Wordlessly, he takes her smaller hand in his and kisses the inside of her wrist.


Zhongli knows that he’s in no better condition. He didn’t realize his ponytail hung loosely on his shoulder. His clothes are wrinkled, buttons unceremoniously forgotten on the ground. Ah, his little spitfire ripped open his dress shirt, after all. The smattering of red marks, scratch lines, and bite marks along his chest and back will remain for the next few days. It is impermanent, but it is proof of her love.


Zhongli glances between her legs, chest swelling with pride when he sees his milky white fluid dribble down her leg and on the dark, polished desk. Mine.


Lumine sits upright and kisses his lips softly, gently. She smiles radiantly at him.


“Yours,” she whispers, resting her forehead against his. Zhongli hums in contentment, his eyelids fluttering shut. When she speaks, his eyes open to answer her inquiry.


“So...about what you said earlier, Zhongli...about the glaze lilies, your bedroom, and bundling…?” Her hopeful eyes bore into his amused ones.


Patience, my Lumine. All good things come to those who wait.


His paperwork scatters quietly to the ground as they kiss again.