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Sweet Love

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Eivor found herself at the bakery the next day. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it, she reasoned. After all, it wasn't her fault that Randvi's bakery just happened to be along the same path she ran every morning. And really, what was the harm in stopping in? The treat yesterday had been delicious, even if it had made her sick. What if she's just missed the gluten-free option on the menu? There was no way she could not double check. Besides, she could also just get a drink and say hi. There was nothing wrong with that. Randvi had been incredibly sweet and kind and funny, and there was no reason for Eivor not to be friendly in return. Absolutely none. 

She tied Mouse's leash around the lamp post outside, mostly just to make other people chill out. Eivor knew she wouldn't go anywhere. 

" Stay and be good." She grinned at the dog, ruffling her ears before stepping inside, the cute little bell above the door ringing with her entrance. It was such a classic touch, Eivor loved it. The smells that filled the bakery were absolutely mouthwatering.

Her steps paused, eyes blinking at the person behind the counter who certainly was not Randvi. It was a young man, couldn’t be any older than 20. He had a warm smile on his face as soon as he spotted Eivor. 

"Good morning!" he greeted cheerfully. 

Of course Randvi had employees. Why wouldn’t she? Oh god now what did she-no! She could normal. It's not like she just came here to see Randvi. No, she came here because she wanted to look at the menu again and maybe get a drink and because it smelled delicious in here and it reminded her a bit of home. 

Shit, she needed to say something still. 

"Good morning," Eivor replied, walking up to the counter. 

"What can I get for you?" 

"Umm…" Eivor cleared her throat, looking at the menu closely. There weren't any gluten-free options written anywhere. Maybe she could just ask? She should, it was fine to ask, she did it all the time. 

"Do you-"


Gods, even her voice was beautiful. Randvi came around the corner, dirtied apron covering her front, hair done in the same manner as before, one side pulled back and braided, the rest pulled back into a ponytail. And her smile was more enchanting than the northern lights. Eivor nearly forgot how to breathe. 

"Randvi," she managed to say, her voice nearly a whisper. It had to be illegal to be so attractive. 

"Nice to see you again so soon." There was a teasing smirk to the redhead’s lips that matched her voice. She walked over next to the young man, leaning both hands on the counter. 

Eivor swallowed, her mouth felt dry. "Yeah well, it was so good last time, I couldn't stay away." 

Randvi's eyes seemed to light up ever so slightly at the compliment. Making those gorgeous eyes of greens and blues even more hypnotic than before. It wasn’t even like Eivor lied. Despite the...after effects, it had been amazing. Now all she needed to do was ask-

"Oh I just finished making some muesli buns, would you like some?" 

No, she needed to say no. Ask if there was anything gluten-free, surely there was, there was rye buns on the menu, she could just ask for those instead. But gods her eyes sparkled and her smile was brighter than the damn sun. 

"I'd love some." Eivor felt her lips pulling up even as her mind yelled at her for being an idiot. 

"How many? We have a special if you get half a dozen."

"Half a dozen is perfect," Eivor forced a quiet, strained chuckle. "I can eat lots." 

The smirk that slowly pulled in Randvi's lips as her eyes scanned over Eivor in what could only be described as a languid motion, had the blonde's knees shaking. Fuck .

"Well, you need something to feed all those muscles."

Gods it was so hot in here. Her face especially. Eivor tried to not make a total ass of herself but there was no way Randvi missed her blush. Maybe she would think it was just from the run…but judging by that smirk which went from sultry to downright devilish, she didn't.

Randvi clearly possessed some form of mercy, since she gave a soft chuckle, and turned. Her grin didn't waver though. 

"Ceolbert can ring you up. I'll grab your buns," the baker said, disappearing to the back. 

The kid, Ceolbert she guessed, gave Eivor another smile as she paid. The fighter had to take a breath and try tonot be a total mess when Randvi came back. Gods, how did this woman fluster her so much? It wasn't like Eivor was some blushing maiden. 

"Did you want to stay?" Randvi's voice broke through Eivor's thoughts as the baker came back to the counter with a brown bag in hand. "They are still warm."

"I shouldn't." Eivor did her best to sound apologetic. She wouldn’t exactly turn down an invitation to spend more time with Randvi. But…"I don't want to leave her alone," she pointed her thumb over her shoulder to where Mouse lay on the ground outside, staring up at all the passing pedestrians.

Randvi's eyes followed her thumb, smile shining through the entire building. "Oh, may I say hello?" 

"Of course!" Eivor's response was immediate, barely aware of the excitement in her own voice. 

The moment Eivor opened the door, Mouse jumped to her feet, staring up happily at Eivor, her whole butt wagging with excitement as she let out a pleased bark. 

"I was gone for five minutes." Eivor grinned, crouching down and ruffling her friend's head. "Want to meet a friend?" She grinned up at Randvi. "Randvi, this is Mouse. Mouse, Randvi."

"Well aren't you the cutest." Randvi gave a quiet titter, crouching down to hold her hand to Mouse, a step that was not needed as the dog relentlessly began licking at her face.

"Well, somebody knows what she wants," Randvi laughed, scratching at Mouse's ears, fingers running through her fur. Eivor couldn't believe she was jealous of her dog. 

"And even cuter than your mum," Randvi winked at the blonde, eliciting another damn blush. Randvi thought she was cute? Nobody...well that was a first. Eivor didn't even realize she was smiling until she felt the strain of a wide smile on her cheeks. Gods, this woman…

"Well, I shouldn't keep you both too long," Randvi gave Mouse's ears a final scratch before standing, smiling up at the blonde. "I do hope you'll both visit again though."

"We will." Eivor didn't even think or hesitate before answering. Randvi really wanted her to come by again? Okay, no reason to read too much into it, she was probably just being polite. 

"Good." How could that smile get even more dazzling? "Oh and let me know what you think of the buns." 

"Of course." Eivor didn't even balk at the idea of eating all of them, not in the face of Randvi's brilliant smile, with the sun shining on her face and lighting up her golden red hair.

"Bye Mouse," she smiled down at the dog and stared back up at the blonde, smile shifting into a smirk that had Eivor's heart thudding loudly in her ears. "Bye, Eivor. Don't keep me waiting too long."

Eivor's throat felt dry. How...gods was Randvi magic or something? How could just a stare and a few simple words…

"I won’t," Eivor rasped, watching Randvi as she walked back into the bakery. Yup, it was official. She was an absolute gay disaster for Randvi and didn't mind one bit. 

"What's got you so happy?" Ceolbert asked, looking over at Randvi as she moved behind the counter. Her eyes finally moved from where the tall, gorgeous, adorable, tattooed, and oh so muscular blonde had disappeared from view. 

Randvi chuckled, shaking her head and turning at least some of her attention to looking over their stock. "Oh she's just adorable."

"Adorable? I wouldn't think...I mean, I think most people would be pretty intimidated by her. I was." 

Randvi laughed fully this time, moving to the back to get to work on a few things, Ceolbert following. "Oh she's just a big puppy dog."

"How do you know her?" Ceolbert took his position beside her, eagerly awaiting instructions. 

"That dough still needs a good workover." She nodded to the sealed bowl nearby. "And I just met her yesterday, her and her brother stopped by after their run. They're both from Norway, too." Meeting the siblings had definitely been a treat. Although Eivor was turning out to be a whole meal. 

"She looks familiar." Ceolbert hummed, looking deeply thoughtful as he got to work. "Her name was Eivor?" 

Randvi hummed in acknowledgement, prepping a tray of muffins. "They've never been in before."

"I swear I've seen her...or maybe heard her name?" The kid looked genuinely distressed for a moment before he smiled. "Randvi, can I use my phone for a moment?"

"Ceolbert, you don't need to ask." Randvi smiled at the young man. He was such a sweet boy, and a hard worker. She'd lucked out the day he nervously stopped by and asked about a job. 

He smiled bashfully, wiping his hands on a towel and grabbing his phone, fingers moving rapidly as they typed. It only took a second. 

"Yes! I knew I recognized her. One of my father’s friends talks about her lots. She's a fighter."

"She what?" Randvi abandoned her work, hurrying over to Ceolbert, looking over his shoulder at the device. 

Sure enough, there was Eivor all over the screen. Eivor Varinsdoughtter. Links to her bio in Wikipedia, social medias, and plenty of pictures. Well, that certainly explained all the muscles. 

"She's really good. Current champion actually." 

"I didn't take you for being a fan of fighting."

"I'm not. But my father and his friends...sometimes I had to socialize." 

Randvi nodded in understanding. She'd come from a similar situation. But at least Ceolbert's father seemed somewhat more supportive of his son's independence than Randvi's parents had been. 

On a whim, Randvi reached out and clicked the link to Eivor's instagram. Oh. Oh . Well then. Wow. Apparently Eivor liked to post a great many pictures and videos of herself working out. Which at first struck Randvi as odd, the blonde hadn't struck her as vain. But a quick look through a few posts answered that. It seems she mostly did it for instructional purposes. Not that Randvi would complain either way. Nor it seemed would the hordes of very thirsty fans. 

"Ummm...Randvi? The muffins are done…"

Randvi blinked, turning to the oven just as it chimed. Gods, how long had she been…well, that was a little embarrassing. 

"Sorry about that, Ceolbert. I suppose I got carried away." 

"It's ok." He smiled at her, not a hint of judgement. Such a good kid. "She's very nice." 

"Yes," Randvi chuckled, stepping back and doing her best to put thoughts of a tall, muscular and utterly adorable blonde from her mind. For now. 

Once they finished and Ceolbert was leaving for the day, heading off to his afternoon classes, Randvi allowed herself to indulge a little more. She used her phone to pull up Eivor's social media again, making sure to follow her instagram before looking at her twitter. When her eyes saw the latest tweet, Randvi's grin was so large it hurt. Oh this was going to be fun.