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Childe was not used to sharing.

He was one of the Tsaritsa’s Chosen, The Eleventh Harbinger, the youngest in history to be initiated into their ranks. His name was feared throughout the entirety of Teyvat, and not even the hardiest of fools dared cross him.

Yet, his gaze tilts down to see the form of his brother, Niccolo, and his lover crammed together on the bed, his bed. Sharing Zhongli, unclothed and eyes darkened with lust for someone other than himself. The thought rankled him like nothing else.

Moonlight spilled in from the window, bathing their naked bodies in its white-silver glow. Were they alone, Childe would have worshipped Zhongli like the treasure he was, offering himself to the other man in humble supplication. Childe had always been sweet and gentle with Zhongli, so to cage him in their arms the way they are feels indecent, sending a sick thrill of pleasure coursing through his body. Niccolo lays a large, warm hand on the back of Zhongli’s neck and tilts his head up to drag him into an open-mouthed kiss, taking his time to explore the brunette’s mouth thoroughly.

With only a week left to go before they depart back to Liyue, Childe had let himself get comfortable, relieved by the easy familiarity his brother and Zhongli had developed. He should have known better than to let his guard down around Niccolo Ivanov, master tactician of the Fatui and second of the Fatui Harbingers.

So when Zhongli approached him with Niccolo on his heels with a proposition (and would Childe please join them so Zhongli could fulfill his promise), the younger harbinger naively agreed. After hearing the contents of his proposal, Childe couldn't help but sputter, a warbling protest automatically rising its way past his lips.

Still, Childe had always found it impossible to deny his family anything, and when Zhongli insisted on seeing through with their agreement, Childe could only sulkily follow behind as Niccolo dragged the ex-Archon to the bed, lamenting over not warning Zhongli earlier of Niccolo’s scheming ways.

His attention snaps back to the present, with his lover’s attention occupied by his brother, of all people. Niccolo tears himself away from Zhongli’s mouth,

“I want to see your lips around my cock.”

“He’s not yours to command,” Childe snaps at his brother, placing a possessive hand on Zhongli’s waist.

Zhongli rests a reassuring hand of his own over Childe’s, “I want to show my appreciation for your hospitality over the past few weeks. For you and your brother.” He looks back, a fond but determined look in his eyes.

“Then get to it,” interrupting the touching moment, Niccolo pushes Zhongli down so he’s lying on his back, their bodies on full display for Childe. He tilts Zhongli’s head until his nose brushes against the thick curls at the base of the elder harbinger's cock, long and girthy with a slight tilt to the left, precum already dripping from the head. Thrusts his hips up, the tip smacking wetly against Zhongli’s cheek.

Without hesitation, Zhongli opens his mouth wide and takes him to the base in one smooth motion, cock hitting the back of his throat and easily sliding into the tight channel. Surprised, Niccolo lets out a low groan as his hand involuntarily takes a fistful of Zhongli’s hair.

“No gag reflex? Or was it fucked out of you?,” he loosened his grip and pats Zhongli’s head condescendingly. "I’ve spent the past few nights imagining you on your knees."

"But in my fantasies, you were always choking on my cock," a hand slides down to Zhongli’s neck, fingers tightening around his throat. “Mmph,” Zhongli moans softly, the pressure unexpected but welcome nonetheless.

“You’ll fulfill my fantasy, won’t you?” the pressure from Niccolo’s fingers is like a vice, and Zhongli can’t help the way his throat constricts around the shaft. He’d grown accustomed to the feel of Childe’s cock after months of practice, but this brings him back to his first time (so sloppy and overeager, he gagged himself and had to pull off).

Zhongli tries to draw back to regain his composure, but Niccolo’s grip on his hair holds him tight to his cock, and as Zhongli’s glazed, watery eyes desperately peer up at him, Niccolo can see distressed tears starting to gather at the corners, smudging his eyeliner as they spill down his cheeks.

"Such a good boy, you’ve trained him so well," Niccolo breathes out, pupils blown wide as he stares down. "I can see why Childe likes you so much. What an obedient шлюха." Zhongli doesn’t know what the man just called him, but he doesn’t need to understand to sense its demeaning tone. He feels his hole twitch, the shame he feels somehow inexplicably sending waves of heat coursing through his body.

“You’re such a fucking cockslut, you’d even want a taste of my brother’s cock, huh?” Gnashing his teeth, Childe raises a hand and sends a harsh smack right onto Zhongli’s ass. Seeing the other man so eagerly accepting someone other than himself sends a dark current of jealousy rushing through him.

Niccolo chuckles, giving Childe an amused look. “Don’t tell me you never knew about this side of him. Look at how happy he is. How much he loves being used as nothing more than a cocksleeve,” his fingernails dig into Zhongli’s throat, leaving red crescent marks that contrast beautifully against the milky white expanse of his throat.

“This is what you want, isn’t it?” When Zhongli doesn’t respond, Niccolo harshly yanks at the brunette’s hair, pulling him off of his shaft, and Zhongli moans in protest, fighting against the grip to get his mouth back on Niccolo’s cock.

Childe growls, indignant, “You know nothing about—”

“Please,” his brother interrupts, dismissing Childe’s rage with a casual wave of his hand. “You might have known him for longer, but you clearly know nothing about his body. Do you think you’re Fontaine’s Archon? All this time, you were pretending to be so virtuous, it’s pitiful.”

Niccolo slides one hand down to cup Zhongli’s face, wiping the tears off his cheeks and spreading streaks across his face, “You’ve wanted to do this from the first time you fucked him, you just never had the guts to admit it.” Although Childe wants to deny it, Niccolo is right, the sight of Zhongli forced to helplessness and gagging for his brother cock making his breath catch in his throat. He imagines himself in his brother’s place, him handling Zhongli so roughly, single-minded in chasing his own pleasure, and oh, Childe is helpless to stop the surge of blood rushing to his dick.

A teasing glint in his eyes, Niccolo says, “Don’t just take care of me now. My brother’s feeling quite neglected,” and he reaches over Zhongli to nudge apart his thighs. The ex-Archon docilely spreads his legs and Niccolo lets out a breathy chuckle. “So obedient, just like a doll. Brother, why don’t you give him what he wants?”

Childe grits his teeth, unwilling to fuck Zhongli while he’s still entangled with his brother. Noticing his uncertainty, Niccolo growls, “Tartaglia, do not disobey me.”

It chafes deep at Childe for Niccolo to pull rank on him like this, but his training to obey his superiors is ingrained even deeper. Though Childe may be the youngest ever to become a harbinger, Niccolo was the strongest, and his word is law. Niccolo reaches over to the nightstand and throws the conveniently placed bottle of lube (the lube I was planning to fuck Zhongli with alone, Childe thinks bitterly) over to him. The younger harbinger snaps open the cap, squeezing the bottle directly over Zhongli’s ass.

Zhongli feels a chill when the cold lube hits his skin, dripping over his hole, and he tilts his hips up accommodatingly. He squirms at the sensation, but Childe holds him still and presses a finger into the tight heat, opening him up and sliding a finger in next to the first. Jolting, the brunette bucks up when Childe finds his prostate with an ease that reveals his familiarity with his body.

The younger harbinger lubes up his cock before entering Zhongli with a groan, Niccolo slowly feeding his own cock back into Zhongli’s mouth in tandem until they’re both buried to the hilt inside Zhongli’s body. He fists both hands in the ex-Archon’s hair to keep him in place, and when Childe thrusts, Zhongli is forced to swallow Niccolo deeper, nose brushing against the hairs at the base of his cock.

“You like that? Excited to be filled up on both ends?”, Niccolo toys with the end of Zhongli’s ponytail, and Zhongli wants to deny it but his body is betraying him. He does like it, surrounded by the warmth of their bodies, scorched inside out by the heat of their cocks, his own throbbing in pleasure. He moans shamelessly around the girth fucking his throat, hollowing his cheeks as Niccolo starts fucking that pink, plush mouth with vigor, Childe matching his pace with brutal thrusts of his own.

Niccolo closes his eyes to savor the feel of that silky heat around his cock, and when he reopens them, the visual of Zhongli’s red-rimmed eyes, eyeliner ruined as it streaked down his cheeks along with his desperate whimpers is almost enough for Niccolo to cum on the spot, and he roughly pulls Zhongli off his cock, the brunette whining at the loss.

“Please, more, I need—”, Zhongli breaks off into a wordless cry as he desperately reaches for Childe’s arm, latching onto it tightly, “Childe, hng, I, I want

It’s his name Zhongli is calling out, and the burst of victory that thrums through Childe might be petty, but he relishes in it nonetheless.

Niccolo’s hold on Zhongli’s hair imperceptibly stiffens, and he abruptly lets go. “So slutty, well, who are we to deny your whorish body,” Niccolo purrs, lifting Zhongli’s body up until he’s kneeling on the bed.

“If one cock isn’t enough, sounds like we should give you two.”

Childe’s eyes light up in realization of Niccolo’s meaning, and he receptively lets go of his grip on Zhongli’s hips. The older sibling pulls Zhongli up until the ex-Archon is sitting face to face with the younger man, arranging him to lay on Childe’s lap while Niccolo bears down on Zhongli’s back. Zhongli’s cock twitches, his hole tenses as he grasps the elder harbinger’s intent. Zhongli is trapped between desire and fear, his body greedy at the prospect of another cock yet his mind fears it’ll break.

“I— I don’t think I can”

“You can,” Childe hushes him, pressing a soothing kiss into Zhongli’s hair, “Relax for me, дорогой.”

And Zhongli does relax, if somewhat minutely. He tries to loosen his tense body and one of Childe’s fingers slips past the ring of muscles, sliding in alongside his cock. Zhongli gets lost in the feeling as time starts to slip away, one finger turns into two into four, and Zhongli is spreading his legs wider to accommodate the stretch.

“You should be ready now,” Childe murmurs, slipping his fingers out and lifting Zhongli’s hips up until only the head of his cock is still inside.

Resting his chin at the crook of Zhongli’s neck, Niccolo lines up his cock and watches as the fat head slowly enters the tight heat alongside his brother’s, slowly working their way into the ex-Archon. Zhongli feels like he’s going to break, he’s stretched so wide, so open. They just keep going. Breath caught in his throat, his mind grows hazy as dark spots bloom across his vision. Niccolo forces his fingers into Zhongli’s mouth, pressing the pads of his fingers into Zhongli’s tongue and the feeling grounds him, the brunette taking deep, gasping breaths as he breaks out of his daze.

The elder harbringer thumbs at Zhongli’s rim, watching it flutter miserably as it tries to close, and Childe places soft kisses against pale skin, “You’re doing so well. So good for us.”

The two cocks spear him open inch by agonizing inch, and he shivers violently, the stretch too much for his body to handle, fingers clenching against the white sheets. Bending down, Childe noses along the side of Zhongli’s face reverently, “You take the both of us so well.”

Childe is visibly shaking, straining under the effort of keeping his hips from bucking into that tight heat when—

“I think he’s had enough time to adjust,” Niccolo, who had stayed silent until now, experimentally rolls his hips a few times, making Zhongli groan loudly. He begins thrusting into the tight heat in long, slow drags, tearing ragged gasps from the brunette’s open mouth. Childe, not one to be left out, soon joins him in movement. Niccolo sends a wicked smile at Zhongli and wraps a hand possessively around his waist. “You don’t even know how pretty you look. Fucked sloppy, stretched between our cocks.”

“If I knew all that was needed to subdue the venerable Rex Lapis was a Fatui dick, I would have gone to retrieve the gnosis myself.”

“But you didn’t. And now Zhongli is mine,” Childe cuts in, not even trying to hide his smug smile.

“Tch, brat,” Niccolo sends a reproving glare at Childe. Zhongli can feel him dip his head down, breath ghosting over his neck, and the feel of his rough stubble is a delicious drag against his skin.

“What’s that, can’t hear you over the sound of my cock destroying this hole,” Childe throws a cocky grin at his brother over Zhongli’s shoulder and leans in to mouth along the other side of Zhongli’s neck, “So whose dick feels better, hmm?”

Zhongli can’t respond, even if Niccolo’s fingers weren’t in his mouth, he can’t even breathe, choking on his moans, drool leaking out of the corner of his lips.

“Obviously it’s mine,” Niccolo feels a hot curl of possessiveness in his gut as the sight of his cock disappearing between Zhongli’s cheeks. He proposed this arrangement just to mess with his brother, but...he wouldn’t mind doing this again.

"How could my small, inexperienced brother possibly be better than me? It’s my cock you’re crying out for, right?" He drawls, angling his hips to shove his cock even deeper. His thrusts are precise and controlled, so unlike Childe—sharp and wild in his frenzied movements, like he has something to prove. Overwhelmed, Zhongli could only throw his head back, gurgling cries ripped out of his throat as the two men relentlessly slam into him. Being fought over like this awakens a fire in Zhongli, cheeks flushing in embarrassment, and he bites his lips to keep in his pleased whine.

“I asked you a question.” Niccolo wraps his hand around the base of Zhongli’s ponytail and yanks, ripping a sob from his parted lips. Zhongli’s legs are shaking, straining under the effort of keeping himself upright. Both of them were in him and around him, one cock would slam against his prostate and as it retreated, the other would relentlessly approach to take its place, leaving the bundle of nerves constantly stimulated.

Zhongli could feel his orgasm rapidly approaching, nerve endings sparking as his whole body tenses up, and he goes rigid in the brothers’ arms, freezing before pleasure crashes over him and he shoots his release, thick ropes of cum spurting between their chests. Boneless and spent, Zhongli goes limp, falling against Childe, only able to roll his hips as the two fuck him through it, chasing their own release.

The younger harbinger kisses his sweaty forehead and whispers, “Just a little longer, okay?” Between them, Zhongli can only let out choked cries, overstimulated body screaming as the brothers continue to thrust into him.

The friction of Niccolo's cock dragging against his own sends a bolt of thrill jolting up Childe's spine, and his brother must feel it as well if the hiss he lets out is any indication. It isn’t long until Childe reaches climax, cumming into Zhongli with a low groan. Niccolo feels nothing but heat, pressure, the slick of Childe’s cum lubing his thrusts as Zhongli’s body convulses around his cock. His hips start to stutter and he comes not long after, stuffing the ex-Archon further. Childe moves to pull out, but Zhongli whines, unwilling to part from the feeling of fullness just yet. Still, the movement sends a trickle of cum dripping onto the bed and Niccolo huffs a laugh.

“Insatiable slut.”

Even though his words are humiliating, there is an undeniable undercurrent of fondness in his tone. He always was a sucker for a good lay.

“Why did you never show this side of you to me before? I could have been rough with you if I knew that was what you wanted,” Childe whispers in Zhongli’s hair, cradling the other man against him. He reaches over to the nightstand, picking up the towel they purposely placed there for their nightly activities, and gently wipes away the fluids starting to cool on his lover’s body. Looking down, he sees the sweat and cum darkening the smiling whales dotting the fabric, turning them from sky blue to a dark navy.

“Your dick clearly isn’t big enough for him.” Niccolo raises an eyebrow challengingly.

Seeing Niccolo sneer at him, Childe’s pride flares up in anger, “Zhongli loves my dick.” And in a softer tone of voice, he mutters, “Even if it wasn’t enough, I still have my Foul Legacy form…”

“If you say so,” Niccolo chuckles to himself and pulls out, moving to get off the bed and back to his own room. He had just begun to stand when Zhongli reaches out a hand to gently grab at his elbow, “Why don’t you stay with us tonight. You must be tired.”

Niccolo barks out a laugh, “You underestimate Fatui stamina.”

Still, never one to let go of a chance to rile up his brother, he climbs back onto the mattress and envelops Zhongli in his arms. Childe wraps his arms around Zhongli’s front, pressing their bodies together and away from Niccolo.

“Don’t get any ideas just because you conned your way into joining us once.” Childe puts heavy emphasis on the last word, eyes narrowing defiantly at the elder harbinger.

Tangling his feet between the two mens’, Zhongli hums noncommittally, sleep pulling at the edges of his mind.

“It’s fine, we’re all tired. Let’s stay like this for the night. It’s comfortable.”

Niccolo’s eyes soften, and fondness that he refuses to acknowledge curls inside of his chest. Impulsively, he blurts out, “If you two haven’t booked your tickets back yet, hold off on it. Save a seat for me.”

“Last I checked, all the missions in Liyue have been assigned to me.”

“And who do you think is in charge of assigning missions?”

Childe shouts something in reply, but the words themselves are lost to Zhongli as he basks in the warm afterglow, contentment radiating through his body as he’s cradled between two sets of strong arms.