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Feast of Plenty

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“What are you—oh fuck , Enji!” Keigo groans from deep in his chest as Enji’s tongue lashes against his clit, furiously flicking it and making Keigo’s thighs shake. As Keigo’s eyes roll back into his head and his fingers clench hard at the sheets, he desperately tries to remember how they got here. 

 It had been a pretty average day. Keigo had a short shift—something he and his assistant, Ryu, had agreed on since he’d gotten married—and was happily flitting around the kitchen when Enji got home. It wasn’t like he was making anything (Keigo was absolute shit at cooking) but he’d been heating leftovers from the meal that Enji had made the night before for a light lunch. 

The distant sound of a door opening made Keigo tilt his head in that direction and call out a happy little hello! 

He had no idea what was coming next. 

“Is the stove on?” Enji asked, voice gruff. He didn’t look worse for wear or anything, just a little feral. 

Blinking, Keigo shook his head and was about to say something about their toaster oven when Enji scooped him up in his arms and walked back to the bedroom without any preamble. 

And that’s how they got here with Keigo’s underwear hanging off his ankle and Enji eating him out like a man who hadn’t had a bite to eat in a month. 

“Mmh—Nn, fuck, Enji,” Keigo whines, unable to not make noise with every rapid exhale. His whole body is on fire and his muscles can’t stop trembling. “Oh fuck, oh f-fuck, I’m gonna—I’m gonna cum too fast, Enji!” 

He tries to look down at his husband, but the moment he lifts his head to do so, Enji spears his cunt with his tongue and fucks him with the thick, wet muscle. Keigo is so overwhelmed already. His release is stampeding towards him at an alarming rate. His legs are tensing hard around Enji’s head—or they would be if his husband’s huge hands weren’t holding them apart with mouth-watering strength. 

Keigo gives another groan as Enji slips his tongue free of his cunt and seals his mouth around his clit. There’s no hesitation, no pause, no relief. Enji just sucks hard at the thick jut of his clit and laps at it like an overeager puppy. 

When the tip of his tongue slips under the hood, Keigo’s entire body jumps and he slams one hand against Enji’s hair. Fingers tightening on the red strands, Keigo pants so hard and fast that he gets a little light-headed. 

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Right there, daddy, fuck, right there—” Keigo whines and bares his teeth. Pleasure is making his hips tighten, his stomach tense. An almost painful ache starts to build in his gut as he’s shoved so hard towards the edge. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, daddy, I’m cumming!” 

White bursts behind his eyes and Keigo thrashes against the bed. His thighs and hips are held firmly in place by Enji’s grip, fingertips bruising the skin as they hold firm against Keigo’s seizing body. Wet bursts against Enji’s chin as Keigo gushes through his release. A few strands of thick red hair are pulled free as Keigo’s hand tightens involuntarily and yanks.

“FUCK!” Keigo yelps as his other hand tightens on the sheets and the distinct sound of fabric tearing fills their bedroom. 

But Enji doesn’t stop. 

Even as Keigo’s body falls out of its dramatic arch, Enji doesn’t stop. 

Keigo heaves out a hard sob as Enji drags his tongue against his clit and sucks hard. The blinding white explosion in his mind is still lingering, making every thought fuzzy and incoherent. His lips tremble as they flap, gasping for air like a fish out of water. 

“D-Daddy, please.” Keigo’s hands fall limp at his sides only to clench as Enji dives in deep against his pussy and cleans his hole of the slick that had gushed free. Keigo’s cunt trembles and squeezes erratically, oversensitive from the orgasm it just struggled through. 

But still, Enji doesn’t stop. 

He fucks Keigo’s spasming hole with firm movements of his jaw. He licks inside, tasting every inch of that soft, slick skin. Keigo whines at the feeling and his legs automatically spread a little wider as if it’ll help with the pressure lingering in his gut. 

For a moment, all Keigo can do is lie there, staring at the ceiling and twitching as he’s voraciously tongue-fucked. The noises are sloppy and loud. When Enji sucks on the lips of his pussy, he’s not at all subtle about the noises. They fill the air, wet and nasty and—Keigo places the back of one hand against his lips as the tingling sensation of oversensitivity slowly starts turning to pleasure. 

“Mmh, fuck… shit,” Keigo curses against his skin. He can feel Enji’s saliva dripping down his perineum, wetting his asshole, and dampening the down of his tail feathers. Said tail feathers flex with every particularly nasty lick, brushing up against Enji’s throat before pressing against the bed again. There’s no way in hell that he can control them right now—his wings aren’t too much better. They keep flapping erratically and smacking against the wall. He’s pretty sure whatever was on their end tables is lost to the floor of their bedroom now. 

And then Enji wraps his lips around Keigo’s clit again and bobs his head in time with his harsh, relentless sucks. Without his permission, Keigo’s spine arches and his wings slam against the wall again. 

Mmm!” Keigo’s lips press together hard as he moans. “Daddy, please, I can’t—” Enji just sucks harder and grinds his tongue against the swollen end of Keigo’s clit. Lightning strikes through Keigo’s body and he instinctively tries to pull himself away, hands skidding across the bedsheets. Enji holds him so tightly that there’s no chance of even getting an inch away. 

“Please—God—Please, fuck!” Keigo doesn’t know what he’s begging for. His fingers dig into the sheets again and his feet slap against Enji’s still clothed back. Both wings flap hard, trying to get away but unable to get any traction with the wall directly behind him and pleasure making them ruffle wildly. 

Enji breathes hard out through his nose, hot air blooming across Keigo’s furry mound and lower belly. Somehow, that just makes it even worse. Keigo gasps and slaps one hand back against the wood of the short headboard to their bed. The wood creaks ominously as his grip tightens. 

“I’m gonna—” Keigo is once again cut off as Enji flutters his tongue against his tip. That same lightning chokes off any moan that Keigo hopes to give as he cums for the second time that night. 

This one is drier but dry lightning burns the hottest, right? Keigo’s entire body tightens. His spine arches, his wings spread up the walls, his mouth hangs open, and his eyes are squeezed tightly together. The muscles in his calves and arms are so tightly clenched that he can feel them start to knot up—but he can’t relax them. Not as pleasure is stabbing him so fiercely in the gut. 

Every noise is squeezed out of his throat until nothing is left. And then, as Enji pulls away from his clit to swallow excess saliva, a loud groan burst from Keigo’s chest as he collapses against the bed again. 

Each muscle in his body is twitching. His knotted calves painfully spasm in time with his forearms that ache just as much. His hips twitch upwards and then relax randomly. Even his muscles in his neck are trembling. 

“I c-can’t—No more, I can’t…” Keigo begs, jaw barely being able to move with how much he’s shaking. 



Keigo gasps for air and slowly lifts his head to look at his husband. Enji looks completely debauched. His beard is wet and his lips are swollen. That wild look in his eyes is still there. 

“Wh-What?” Keigo breathes. 

“No,” Enji replies before he gets onto his knees, lets go of Keigo’s thighs, and wraps his arms around his abdomen. Keigo yelps as he’s dragged up against Enji’s chest, hanging upside down against his husband’s body. 

Automatically, both of his legs hook over Enji’s huge shoulders even though Keigo knows the man wouldn’t drop him. Keigo’s trembling hands hook over Enji’s arms, hanging on for dear life as Enji noses against his pussy again and licks between the fluttering, sloppy lips. 

“Noooo,” Keigo whines and tightens his grip hard on Enji’s arms. His nails dig into the bulging muscles there, literally unable to do anything but hang on. 

Enji sucks at the lips of his pussy, pulling them tight with his lips before letting them pop back into place. His tongue lashes at the now loose opening of his entrance, lapping at the rim and tugging the skin tight with every lick. Keigo’s body thrums and twitches with every harsh push of Enji’s tongue. 

The shaking muscles of Keigo’s abdomen tense as he pulls himself up just enough to watch as Enji wraps his mouth around the now completely swollen nub of his clit and sucks noisily. Tears readily fall from Keigo’s eyes, overstimulation and painful pleasure making everything just too much. Drool spills from the corner of his gaping mouth. 

“St-Stuh… Fuck—Mmh, fuck, Daddy, please—Please—” Keigo pleads with his husband, voice hoarse with desperation and pleasure and pain and being absolutely overwhelmed. He knows, somewhere in his mind, that he could safeword out of this. But the thought doesn’t even occur to him even as he sobs hard as Enji tortures his pussy. 

Keigo can see how swollen he is. The redness of his labia is obvious even beneath his fluffy blonde pubes and Enji’s overeager mouth. The swollen skin puffs up and presses against Enji’s face. The hair on it is wet and matted with Enji’s saliva and his own cum. 

“I can’t cum again, I can’t, daddy, please, it hurts!” Keigo openly sobs. All Enji does is open his eyes and look down at his desperate husband. There’s no remorse in his eyes as he jabs his tongue against that sensitive part of Keigo’s clit and flicks it with pointed cruelty.

Keigo screams and his head falls back against Enji’s thighs as he once again gets lost in the painful pleasure of his husband’s relentless mouth. All the blood is rushing to his head. It’s making him so light-headed and wild. 

It’s all over when Enji closes his teeth around Keigo’s clit and tugs.

It’s kind of embarrassing how much Keigo squirts. He doesn’t even know it’s coming. Sometimes he can feel the pressure building inside of him after a particularly good fuck or fingering session. But everything is different this time.

This time, his body jerks in Enji’s grip and he gushes hard and wet against Enji’s face. It splashes against his husband’s chin and drips down Keigo’s ass. He can feel how it soaks into his tail feathers and even goes through. A small bead of it drips down his spine and gets caught where his back is pressed against Enji’s chest. 

Keigo would be embarrassed or impressed—if he was fully conscious that is. 

He’s still kind of there. He can feel it when Enji gently places him back down onto his back. careful to rearrange his wings so they weren’t sitting awkwardly under him. He can feel it when Enji drags a cool washcloth over his swollen, heated pussy lips, cleaning him up with gentle strokes. He can even hear Enji do the same to his own face, the washcloth scraping against his beard. 

But he isn’t actually able to think until an indeterminate amount of time later, where he’s curled up against Enji’s now naked chest with his husband’s big hand stroking between his wings. 

Full consciousness comes back to him in starts and stops. Keigo’s eyes flutter a little before fully opening to the beautiful, hairy expanse of Enji’s chest. Keigo says the first thing that comes to his mind. 

“What the fuck?” 

Above him, Enji chokes on a chuckle, as if he’s not sure if he’s allowed to laugh or not. Normally, Keigo would encourage him to laugh freely. Right now, though? Keigo twists his nipple between his knuckles, and not in a nice way. 

Enji twitches back and tugs at Keigo’s down feathers with a firm grasp. Too tired to turn this into a full-on wrestling match, Keigo just gives him a gentle smack to the chest and flops against it again, conceding. 

“Seriously, though. What got into you?” Keigo rasps and nuzzles against his husband’s fuzzy chest. 

“Mm,” Enji hums in consideration. “Nothing. I just wanted to.” 

“Wanted to eat me out until I literally blacked out?” Keigo tilts his head to look up at Enji. This time, Enji’s laugh isn’t held back. 

“The blacking out was just an added benefit.” Enji chuckles and looks down at Keigo. The hand that isn’t still tangled up in Keigo’s feathers comes to rest on the curve of his jaw. His wedding ring is warm against Keigo’s skin. 

“So… You did just want to go down on me?” Keigo asks, eyebrows lowering a little in confusion. 

Enji purses his lips a bit and then shrugs. “I realized that I didn’t quite remember what you tasted like. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.” 

That makes Keigo’s cheeks light up bright. I didn’t quite remember what you tasted like? Oh god. That’s. That’s sexy and embarrassing all at once. 

Tilting his face into Enji’s palm more so he can hide his expression, Keigo mumbles, “Was it good? My… My taste?” 

A deep rumble makes Keigo’s soul shake. Enji leans down and kisses at the long length of Keigo’s neck. And again. And again, and again. Kisses trail from the curve at the base of Keigo’s neck up to his pierced earlobe. Enji gives the red stud there one kiss before murmuring into Keigo’s ear, so close that Keigo feels his voice against the back of his eyes. 

“You are delicious.”