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"Ho-oly shit, Wade, Wade -"

"Mhm, talk to me, baby," Wade said, casual as could be, hooking Peter's legs over his shoulders and slowly pressing forward, moaning wantonly when Peter's body just kept giving, bending until his knees were flush with his torso. "God, that's so sexy, Petey, you're so ridiculously perfect, could fuck you for eternity, want to -"

Peter choked as Wade's cockhead pressed firmly against his prostate, his mind going blissfully blank and his jaw slack, gurgling something unintelligible as he stared down at where Wade's hips met his ass.

"Wade, don't you dare fucking stop, don't you -" he babbled, giving a frustrated huff that, embarrassingly, verged on a sob. "Feels so fuh-h-hucking good, just fucking pound me, just -"

"Mmm, love when you finally let loose, all dick drunk - how could I ever say no to that face?"

"Wade, I swear to fucking god, I'll -"

Wade finally began to move, hooking his palms just beneath the underside of Peter's knees to keep them pressed against Peter's chest as he slowly pulled out - only to snap fluidly back in, beginning a relentless, piston-like pace.

Peter gave a tiny, punched-out oh, his eyes crossing slightly as he resisted the urge for them to roll, desperately wanting to watch, enraptured by the view of Wade's cock disappearing into him. He could hardly breathe as his prostate was nailed mercilessly, his mouth agape and brow furrowed.

He felt a hand push into his hair, his right leg falling to the side as it was released, his neck so lax that his head easily tipped back with the movement. He was suddenly and unexpectedly grateful that he'd bought a plush headboard, as he now knocked against it with every harsh thrust.

Wade gazed down at him, entranced. "You're so cute, you kinky little voyeur. We should get mirrors on the ceiling; watch yourself come on my cock every day, like the sexiest pornstar ever fucked -"

Peter reached up to clutch the hand in his hair, weaving their fingers together. "Hmph - Wuh-ade - Wade, yes -"

"You like that, baby boy?" Wade asked softly, leaning in to press kisses and bites just under Peter's jaw. "Like the thought of me pinning you down every day, of watching yourself take it, over and over, like a good boy? Like you're getting paid for it?"

The visual made Peter's body feel like it was on fire and he gave up, his eyes rolling back as his orgasm coiled tightly in his gut, toes curling. "Come, Wade, gonna -"

"That's right, Petey, just like that, come all over my cock, huh?" Wade rasped, fingers tightening in Peter's hair and tugging his head back down. "Open your eyes and watch yourself fall apart for me."

And Peter did, watching through glassy eyes as he came all over himself, mouth open in a silent scream and free hand moving to grip Wade's wrist, vice-like. He shuddered, another wave of pleasure rolling through him as Wade pressed against his prostate one last time, the both of them moaning as Wade came deep inside of him.

"Fucking shit, Peter, so good for me, so fucking beautiful," Wade panted against his neck, stroking the underside of Peter's thigh with his fingertips as Peter continued to shake through the aftershocks. "Could watch you come on repeat for days."

Peter, trying to collect what he could of the brain that was currently melted in his skull, simply huffed a small, "Wade. Sensitive."

Wade hummed, and Peter could feel his pleased smile against his collarbone. "But you like keeping my cock warm."

Peter, despite the very filthy happenings of the last hour, felt embarrassed, finding it inside of himself to gather some strength in his arms and shove half-heartedly at Wade's shoulders. "Ass. Trusted you with that."

"Your first mistake, baby boy - never trust me with ammo. The gun kind or the word kind. Or your ass."

Peter's groan at the terribleness that was Wade's perpetual running commentary quickly morphed into a gasp as he slowly began to pull out, Peter's asshole giving a mortifying slurp of a noise as Wade's lubed-up cock was removed.

"Oh my god, do not say a damn thi -"

"God damn, Parker got that gorilla grip! Jesus fuck, you'd think after that railing you'd be loose as a hooker on Valentine's Da -"

The wrist in Peter's grip gave a satisfying crunch.

Wade didn't get laid for a week.