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“Father! Please wake up! Father!”

“Somebody help!”

Many incarnations who didn’t have the know-how yet couldn’t resist the 6th grade monsters. There were those who suffered severe trauma from the heavy hound’s paws or had their internal organs burst. Most of them were new incarnations.

[* Current number of incarnations: 90,531 people.]

It was only the first wave and one-tenth of Seoul Dome had died. A little further away, Yoo Jonghyuk was watching the incarnations. Kim Dokja became a bit nervous as he watched Yoo Jonghyuk.

The dokkaebi stated that the sacrifice of the strongest incarnation would save all the incarnations in Seoul Dome.

After the dokkaebi announced the automatic scenario, Kim Dokja knew he had to take care of this depressed regressor. Under no circumstances was Yoo Jonghyuk allowed to die.

“Hey, Yoo Jonghyuk.”

Yoo Jonghyuk turned to look at him. He didn’t know exactly what scenery held value for Yoo Jonghyuk.

Kim Dokja might have read Ways of Survival for over 10 years, but despite all the time he had dedicated to the ‘character Yoo Jonghyuk’, it didn’t mean he understood the Yoo Jonghyuk he was looking at right now; especially not this weird version of him that couldn’t seem to keep his hands to himself. After all, he was only understanding the text, which had been processed and transmitted to him. Some things couldn’t be read because they were unreadable.

“Let me talk to you for a bit.”

They went to the rooftop of a high rise building. Kim Dokja had told the party to rest and that they would come back later, but Lee Jihye suddenly had a strange sparkle in her eyes when he told her they wanted some time alone to talk. Perhaps she was hanging around Uriel too much...

“…Is your injury okay?”

Kim Dokja was a bit surprised at the question. He had expected Yoo Jonghyuk to ask about Nirvana, but he put Kim Dokja’s health above his impatience to kill the reincarnator.

“It’s fine. You didn’t hit me that hard, you know.” He laughed a bit before quickly adding. “Not that you need to hit me any harder, okay? You told me you’d only hit me once.”

Yoo Jonghyuk scowled at him, but even he seemed to know it was half-hearted at best since he dropped the expression in favor of a blank one quite quickly. Kim Dokja didn’t need to activate his skill to know that Yoo Jonghyuk’s mind wasn’t in its happiest state.

“Before that, let’s take a moment to breathe. The view is great.” Kim Dokja said while sitting on the roof railing.

Yoo Jonghyuk asked him, “What are you up to?”

“I’m just looking at the world. Isn’t it beautiful?” The city of Seoul was destroyed by the monsters. He quickly added, “It was originally a beautiful place.”

The other man barely spared a look at the skyline, instead choosing to stare at Kim Dokja again. “I don’t like landscapes.”


“They are things that will disappear someday.” Like you, was the unspoken end to that sentence. Kim Dokja swallowed an invisible lump in his throat, and then swallowed again when he saw Yoo Jonghyuk’s eyes follow the motion.

Kim Dokja thought he had a bit more understanding of the third regression Yoo Jonghyuk after fighting against Shin Yoosung. He wanted to believe he was a person who could love this world without giving up or feeling despair. But today’s unusual events made him wonder if he knew this Yoo Jonghyuk at all. No, perhaps he had always known about Yoo Jonghyuk’s feelings towards him before Yoo Jonghyuk himself realized it, but pushed away the thoughts in an effort to protect his own heart from being hurt. But there was always the lingering ‘what if’ in his mind whenever he caught Yoo Jonghyuk staring at him with his eyes fonder than they should have been.

[Your understanding of the character ‘Yoo Jonghyuk’ has increased.]

He ignored the new message and told him, “However, we need to protect these things.”

“Kim Dokja, you don’t know.”

“No, I know,” he replied.


“The fact that you can regress at any time means that death is meaningless.” Whatever was going on between them could wait; the world was still going to shit and he needed to convince this sunfish to not regress. “If there is no sense of death then the value of life also disappears.”

“What do you know…”

“Yoo Jonghyuk, wake up. Don’t think things will improve if you repeat them a few times.”

Yoo Jonghyuk remained silent like he was surprised by the hard words.

“There is a chance that you can do better in the fourth regression. However, there is also a chance that won’t happen. I can’t count how many times I’ve had to help you from dying already, and we haven’t even reached the 10th scenario yet. Did you forget the Theatre Dungeon? Or when I died for you during the Disaster of Floods?”

That caused Yoo Jonghyuk to flinch. He was correct to assume it to be a sore spot for him. That was funny since it was actually Kim Dokja who died then but it seemed to have affected Yoo Jonghyuk more than himself. Maybe this could be a good blackmail card… like a ‘cook me dinner, don’t you remember that I died for you?’ sort of thing.

“There were a lot of unexpected things in this round, but the next round we can be more prepared.”

“We?” Kim Dokja shook his head. “I most likely will not be in your next regressions, Yoo Jonghyuk.” This wasn’t confirmed, but he just knew that this was true.

His eyes widened in shock, pupils visibly shaking. Kim Dokja was confused as to why Yoo Jonghyuk seemed so surprised; shouldn’t he have suspected this already? It was his third regression yet this was the first time Kim Dokja had shown up in front of him. “You were in the next compartment, Kim Dokja.”

“I was in this round.”

“You said you survived because of the explosion.”

“Ah… Right.” He’d forgotten the excuses he made when he was being dangled above the bridge in a chokehold. Did Yoo Jonghyuk still believe Kim Dokja was a prophet? It might be even better for Kim Dokja if he did; then he could keep the existence of Ways of Survival a secret. “Still, I don’t have any memories of the previous rounds. If I were like Anna Croft, shouldn’t I have my past memories, even if I died quickly?”

There is silence. “That doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be in the next turn.”

「 If the next turn didn’t have Kim Dokja… Would I want to live in that world? 」

Kim Dokja eagerly waited for Yoo Jonghyuk’s thoughts to continue, but it stopped there. So instead he nodded, “That’s true, but I’d rather not take that chance. Maybe if you repeat it 10 or 20 times then it will surely get better. You’ll be exposed to more scenarios and see more of the future. The real problem is when you someday save the world in this manner.”

“What does this mean?”

“At that time, do you really think you saved this world?”


“Do you think you will be able to keep the same mindset after repeating it 100 or 200 times?”

“I won’t regress that many times.”

He silently stared at Yoo Jonghyuk.

「 …Don’t tell me? 」 Yoo Jonghyuk’s eyes slowly widened.

He kept speaking, “Are you having nightmares these days?”


Though Yoo Jonghyuk didn’t reply, Kim Dokja was still peeking into his mind, and flashes of the recent scenarios entered along with the most prominent memory: Kim Dokja’s death during the Disaster of Floods. Wow, it seemed that he really felt bad about it… This would be very good for guilt tripping the man for good food later. He might even get to add some of his own requests for any cravings.

“You won’t be saved, even if you save the world. The moment you save the world, the worlds you have forsaken will come to you. Despite saving one world, all the other worlds you abandoned will drag you to hell.” If you abandon me in this world, I’ll track you down and beat you up like no one has ever done before. He tried to portray this message with his mind. Bastard.

Yoo Jonghyuk’s eyes shook. He seemed to have gotten the message. Perhaps it was something he was already dimly aware of. Damn sunfish.

“That’s why, survive this regression. Shin Yoosung was destroyed after wandering for countless years. You will be more than that. The more you repeat the turns, the more out of control you will become. Ask yourself. How different are you now from the beginning?”

“That…” Yoo Jonghyuk’s expression hardened. His eyes were shaking violently. The Yoo Jonghyuk from the beginning couldn’t have done this.

“Don’t imagine that you will get better if you throw away this round. Maybe this is the round where you will see the end of this world as a ‘human.’” With me. With all of us.


Yoo Jonghyuk closed his mouth. He wanted to say something but the words didn’t come out. There was an intense conflict on his face.

Yes, Yoo Jonghyuk. Feel conflicted. What would happen to him if Yoo Jonghyuk regressed?

[The mental state of the character ‘Yoo Jonghyuk’ is slightly restored.]

He could see a faint light of determination in Yoo Jonghyuk’s face. Every world was goddamn hard. It was the same for this world. Every time you restart, live with all your strength.

A cool wind blew and they looked down at the ruined city together.

「 If what Kim Dokja says is true, if I regress I may never have him as my companion again. That absolutely cannot happen. 」 

A faint blush started to rise in his cheeks, and he instantly turned off Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint. That was enough knowledge for one day for him, he thought. Now wasn’t the time to try and work through his feelings or the years upon years of pining he did; not that it counted since Yoo Jonghyuk from back then was a purely fictional character, and never did he ever think he would one day have the real Yoo Jonghyuk touch him like he did earlier. Speaking of touching…

“What was with the cheek pinching earlier?” Kim Dokja tried to ask casually.


“Yoo Jonghyuk?”


“Oi, can you hear me?”

“... That is not important. Take off your shirt.”

“Absolutely not—” It was an instantaneous rejection, and yet here Kim Dokja stood, shirt open, with a very smug looking Yoo Jonghyuk grasping a handful of torn-off buttons standing in front of him. 

“It’s funny how you tried to fight me.”

“It’s funny how I clearly said no and you tore my shirt anyway.” He shot back, slightly irritated and shivering at the cool breeze. With half of his buttons having moved to their new home in Yoo Jonghyuk’s hand, he had no option of buttoning himself back up, so he instead wrapped his coat tighter around his torso.

“You said ‘behind closed doors’. So I continued where we left off.”

“This isn’t ‘behind closed doors’! We are literally standing on an open rooftop!”

In response to that, Yoo Jonghyuk just stared at the door they closed when they walked here and raised an eyebrow.

“That’s not what I meant and you know it,” Kim Dokja scowled as he crossed his arms in an attempt to keep the chill away. They were high enough for the wind to be a tad too strong for him to be comfortable in. “Hurry up and give me the salve, it’s freezing.”

Yoo Jonghyuk seemed to notice then the uncomfortable face Kim Dokja was making, and instead of hurrying up or giving him the salve, the poor buttons he held captive in his palm were evicted from their house to their new one on the ground floor. Yoo Jonghyuk grabbed his arm and half-dragged the stubborn man closer to the door and away from the edge of the rooftop; the wind strength dramatically lessened. Kim Dokja was about to thank him for the consideration when the other man pulled and he stumbled forward, mouth open in a sound of surprise, arms reaching out to grasp anything around him for support.

There was a flurry of movement and cloth, and when everything settled down, he had somehow ended up sitting sideways in someone’s lap. It took him about 2 seconds to realize that Yoo Jonghyuk was somehow able to both sit down criss-crossed, and maneuver Kim Dokja—whose hands had grabbed onto his shoulders—to sit down on top of him so he was seated comfortably in the nest of his legs. There is a moment of shocked denial... and then his face turned flaming red. “Y-Yoo Jonghyuk!”

“Hm?” Though he responded calmly, Kim Dokja could spot the smirk that threatened to break across his handsome face. “It’s easier this way.”

Kim Dokja sputtered in both anger and embarrassment. “Y-you! How is this position easier? I could have just— ah!”

He let out a surprised moan that caused them both to freeze in their movements—Yoo Jonghyuk in the middle of softly smearing the salve across his bare and bruised stomach. It felt so unexpectedly good that Kim Dokja had embarrassingly let out an involuntary noise at the instant soothing feeling that spread across his skin the moment Yoo Jonghyuk touched him. “Kim Dokja.” Yoo Jonghyuk growled ( growled! ).

Embarrassed beyond belief, Kim Dokja squirmed uncomfortably in his lap, but the arm that was wrapped behind his back was like an iron band. “I-I can do this myself, thanks.”

The arm tightened, and Yoo Jonghyuk growled again, “ No.

“But why?” He was whining, he knew this, but he was just so scared of what this could mean if he willingly stayed in Yoo Jonghyuk’s arms, if he was led away in the moment. 

“No.” And that was the end of that conversation. Yoo Jonghyuk continued his ministrations, and Kim Dokja squeezed his lips shut lest he accidentally made another sound. He also realized he still had an arm around the other’s broad shoulders, but it was a little too late to remove it without it being incredibly obvious, so he left it there. It was quiet until Yoo Jonghyuk pressed against the fist-shaped red imprint, and Kim Dokja let out a soft hiss of pain. “Does it hurt?”

“N-no,” Kim Dokja shook his head adamantly, but then Yoo Jonghyuk pressed that spot again and he gasped out a “Y-yes! Ow, bastard, that hurts! Don’t do it so hard!”

He got a grunt as a response, but he did go softer. “Still hurt?”

“No, just go softly, okay?” He used the arm that wasn’t around his shoulders and wrapped his hand around Yoo Jonghyuk’s wrist, moving the salve-covered appendage like a puppet. “Like this.”

Yoo Jonghyuk nodded obediently, and the quiet self-diagnosed treatment continued. It was really too much salve for a non-major injury, but the feel of it was so soothing that Kim Dokja didn’t mind. It was Yoo Jonghyuk who paid for the item, so he should be the one to decide what to do with it. Besides, it wasn’t often that his protagonist spent so much time alone with him without attempting to throttle him. The change of pace was… nice. Yeah, it was nice…

He let out a pleased sigh when Yoo Jonghyuk’s movements started to feel more like a massage than a medical examination. Without conscious input, Kim Dokja’s eyelids started to droop, the lazy atmosphere making his brain realize just how tired he was this whole time. When was the last time he was able to sleep properly? When Han Sooyoung pretended to die and fed him the powdered stem of the yanaspleta? He didn’t get to rest at all during the training with Kyrgios, and the scenarios were just coming and coming without an end in sight. He was just so, so tired… How could Yoo Jonghyuk do this for so many regressions? When he didn’t even have the knowledge of Ways of Survival like he did?

“Yoo Jonghyuk…” He groggily murmured.


“You… I will help you get to the ending. No, I will get you to the ending…” His bones felt so heavy all of a sudden; maybe a quick nap before the next wave of monsters showed up would be good for him. With some unknown burst of courage, he slowly titled to the side to rest his head on Yoo Jonghyuk’s shoulder, giving the other man enough time to shake him off if need be (he would be bitter about it later if Yoo Jonghyuk really shook him off though), but Yoo Jonghyuk stayed silent. “Just survive, that’s all you have to do, okay?”

“...” There was no verbal reply, but Kim Dokja felt him adjusting his position so Kim Dokja was more comfortable, and the hand that was applying the medical salve had begun rubbing soothing circles on his now-healed stomach. Huh, this sunfish bastard could be really nice if he wanted to be. He spared a thought to wonder why Yoo Jonghyuk’s treatment of him did such a sudden 180 before deciding it was a problem for another time.


Kim Dokja was unconscious in his arms again, but this time it was a good thing. The man was safe and uninjured, sleeping as peacefully as a baby in the arms of their mother or like a person in the arms of their lover . Despite all the time he spent looking at Kim Dokja’s face earlier, Yoo Jonghyuk couldn’t help himself from staring again.

He really did have long eyelashes. This close to Kim Dokja, he could count each individual strand if he wanted to, and he wanted to. Oh, he really wanted to. He would count every strand on this fool’s head if he could.

His hand continued to rub small circles on Kim Dokja’s stomach, noticing for the first time, now that any danger was gone, how toned his body was. While he wasn’t as built as Yoo Jonghyuk, there was a reasonable amount of muscle defining the slender frame. Since Yoo Jonghyuk had basically torn open his shirt, the pale torso was on full view for him. A small hardened nipple peeked out from underneath the black button-up.

[The constellation ‘Abyssal Black Flame Dragon’ is asking you what is so intriguing about Incarnation Kim Dokja’s face.]

Yoo Jonghyuk’s growing arousal was instantly halted at the indirect message.

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ is frowning disapprovingly at the constellation ‘Abyssal Black Flame Dragon’.]

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ says that he should not have broken the silence all the viewers painstakingly held together.]

[The constellation ‘Prisoner of the Golden Headband’ is still shivering in fright at the private message he was sent by the constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ telling him to be quiet.]

[The constellation ‘Secretive Plotter’ asks how long you plan on staring.]

The rapid influx of notifications blocked his view. Yoo Jonghyuk frowned deeply before dismissing them all. So it was because of Uriel that there weren’t any indirect messages from the constellations for a while; perhaps he should thank her because he doubted Kim Dokja would have so easily given into him if he was constantly reminded of the ever-watching eyes of the constellations in the Star Stream.

When he asked about the cheek pinching earlier, Yoo Jonghyuk wasn’t sure what to say. He himself didn’t know why he grabbed Kim Dokja’s face like he did. At first, it was pure curiosity: maybe there was a mask or some filter over Kim Dokja’s face that made him appear differently to others, therefore being the “Ugliest King”. But he found nothing unusual with his companion’s face other than his supple skin.

He sighed softly before leaning back until his spine touched the wall behind him. With the cool breeze and the warmth of the man in his lap, it was comfortable enough to fall asleep, but first… “Until when will you hide behind the door like children?”

At this moment, the door of the rooftop slammed open with a loud sound and people fell down. The first one who fell down was Gong Pildu and Lee Jihye and the children were on top of him.

“Waaah! Don’t push!”

“Ah, I wonder what they’re talking about. Ahjussi, why did you do that?”

Lee Jihye’s face was especially bright, face flushed with excitement from some unknown knowledge. And Yoo Jonghyuk didn’t want to know. He still vividly remembered waking up in Cheungmuro station with his student asking him with an expectant face how he managed to get Kim Dokja pregnant, and despite him clearly glaring at her to stop speaking bullshit, she still had the audacity to ask him to allow her name their next child. A vein popped in his temple just thinking about it.

“A man shouldn’t interfere with a person’s conversation.”

“It’s alright, I already heard everything I needed to.” Lee Jihye proudly responded.

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’s eyes are shining.]

Another vein popped in his temple. Perhaps he should find a different student.


Lee Jihye was having the time of her life. Ever since the Theater Dungeon, she had been paying extra close attention to the way her master and that ugly Ahjussi interacted with each other, and she was certain they were dating. Or married. Or they were once dating. Or they were once married. Whatever they were, there was just no doubt in her mind that they had slept together before, and listening through the door of the rooftop was just confirming her suspicions.

At first, she only came up here out of curiosity, not really expecting anything to come from it. They were too far away from the door where she was crouched behind. It wasn’t until she heard her master dragging Ahjussi towards her that she started to listen carefully.

“It’s easier this way.”

“Y-you! How is this position easier? I could have just— ah!”

There was instant silence. Lee Jihye’s jaw was on the floor. Did Ahjussi just moan?

“Kim Dokja.” Master’s voice was deep, as if he was growling.

“I-I can do this myself, thanks.” 

Do what?! She pressed herself so hard into the door she was sure she would leave an ear-shaped indent. What are they doing out there?


“But why?” Ahjussi’s voice was high, and it sounded embarrassed and needy to her.

“No.” Then Ahjussi stops complaining. Ah, as expected of her master to get what he wanted.

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ tells you to be quiet.]

Lee Jihye nods furiously, and held a finger to her lips to show she understood. She didn’t want to get in between them either. During the scenarios, they had been separated more than they had been together, and the only times they were together were usually reserved for fights, or there were more people with them. They probably hadn’t been able to…... 

She blushed.

The two on the roof were quiet for some time, and Lee Jihye was wondering what they were doing. The only knowledge she had of male relationships were from doujins and manga, so she racked through her mind to try and remember what normally happened in these situations. Foreplay was important for men, right? Lee Jihye recalled the gel-like substance in a glass bottle that Master was holding when they first met before putting it away, so right now wouldn’t they be—?

There was a gasp of pain (or of pleasure?) from outside the door, and Lee Jihye snapped her attention back to reality.

“Does it hurt?”

“N-no,” Ahjussi replied, but then Master must have done something because quickly after that he exclaimed, “Y-yes! Ow, bastard, that hurts! Don’t do it so hard!”

Lee Jihye’s face could not get any redder. So she was right!! Maybe? Shouldn’t loosening the other person not hurt that much? Or, maybe Master wasn’t that good at it?

Master grunted (in pleasure?) “Still hurt?”

“No, just go softly, okay? Like this.”

Oh my god!!! OH MY GOD!!! Jihye’s nose turned into a waterfall of blood as she collapsed on the floor, trying very hard not to scream while she covered her ears in embarrassment. They moved too fast!!!!!! She was planning on running before any… inserting happened! She just wanted to make sure that they weren’t going off to go plan a suicide mission again!! Oh god, oh Lord, oh dear GOD. Forgive me, for I have sinned, I promise I didn’t mean to stay this long… Forgive me, Uriel!!!

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ smiles gently down at you.]

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ is honored to receive your confession.]

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ says you are forgiven.]

Thank you, she mouthed into the air, thank you. It felt like the archangel herself had incarnated in front of her, and was holding her as gently as the Virgin Mary did to her newborn baby Jesus. Tears formed in her eyes and spilled down her cheeks. 

“Noona, what’s wrong?”

“Jihye-unnie, are you okay?”

The two kids popped up at the bottom of the stairs and Lee Jihye stood up so fast she felt dizzy. No way could these kids be allowed to hear what their father-figure was doing behind closed doors!!! “Shhh! Why are you here?!”

She rushed them away from the door despite the protests. “We wanna see Dokja-hyung!”

“He’s busy with Master, we should leave them alone.”

“But you were just listening though?” Shin Yoosung questioned her.

“I’m older, so it’s fine.”

“That doesn’t make any sense.”

The children continued to fight her, and then Gong Pildu also showed up, and the rest is history. Kim Dokja, who had woken up due to the commotion, blushed furiously once he realized they were all witnessing the sight of him looking very disheveled in a ripped open shirt taking a nap in Yoo Jonghyuk’s lap. 

After spotting Lee Jihye’s excited face, he blurted out something without thinking, “It’s not what it looks like!” Which only made Lee Jihye even more excited.

“You are aware that the worst way to respond to anything is ‘it’s not what it looks like’?” Gong Pildu huffed.

Kim Dokja scowled at him before trying to close his shirt, then realized that he was still missing half of his buttons, so he scowled at Yoo Jonghyuk instead. “How are you going to take responsibility for this?”

Yoo Jonghyuk looked at the unfortunate shirt. “This isn’t my fault.”

“Wah, Master, you are too cruel… At least get him a new shirt…” Lee Jihye shook her head disapprovingly, and she was joined by Min Jiwon.

“Supreme King, I’m sure you could lend him a spare shirt. It’s only polite.”

“Yeah! Hyung is going to be cold!”

“Ahjussi, how did you get into this situation anyway?” Shin Yoosung asked the question that was on everyone’s minds. They all looked at him attentively, waiting for Kim Dokja to either confirm or deny their own personal theories. 

He coughed and tried to stand up from Yoo Jonghyuk’s lap, only to find the man refusing to let him go. “Oi, let go of me for a minute.”

He got a frown for his troubles, but he does manage to stand up. Kim Dokja regretted leaving the warm embrace almost immediately once the cool breeze blew across his bare torso, the salve creating an even colder feeling where it hadn’t dried yet. He quickly tied his coat closed; he’d just find another shirt from somewhere else later. Completely disregarding his incarnation’s question, he instead asked his own, “Didn’t I tell you all to rest? Did something happen?”

“We just wanted to find Dokja-hyung, but Jihye-noona kept trying to get us to go away.” Lee Gilyoung pouted as he dashed towards the man, but before he could make it he was elbowed away by Shin Yoosung. The victorious Shin Yoosung ran and wrapped her arms around his previously wounded stomach and buried her face there, mumbling something about how she missed him. It was so cute that Kim Dokja couldn’t help but pat her head.

There was a looming presence behind him, and he didn’t need to turn around to know that Yoo Jonghyuk was the one standing there. “Don’t hug him, he’s hurt.”

Kim Dokja rolled his eyes. “I’m fine, Yoo Jonghyuk.” The salve worked perfectly, and there was no pain at all.

“Ahjussi is hurt?!” Shin Yoosung sprung away instantly, worry evident in her face. “Where?”

“Nowhere—” He began to say, but Yoo Jonghyuk pointed at his stomach without hesitation. He smacked the hand away and glared at him before saying again, “I’m fine. I’m not hurt.”

“You shouldn’t hide it even if it hurts.” Min Jiwon spoke up firmly, but he noticed she couldn’t meet their eyes. Her irises were darting in every direction except at them; Kim Dokja believed that if she were facing Medusa, she would surely win. “I knew some people in the same situation, and they always told me that honest communication is best.”

Same situation? Were they also punched really hard by an OP regressor? He felt like there was a growing misunderstanding. “I’m really alright though; Yoo Jonghyuk took care of me.”

“Master did…! Master, you are too kind.” Lee Jihye nodded approvingly, face growing red with excitement. Was Yoo Jonghyuk being nice that big of a deal? Well, it’s true the man was normally stone-faced, so he understood where Lee Jihye was coming from.

Gong Pildu scoffed. “If he wasn’t nice enough to do even that, he can’t be considered a man.”


While the adults and Lee Jihye seem to have their own opinion on what the situation was, the kids looked about as confused as Kim Dokja felt, but he decided he didn’t care anymore. “Anyway, we should talk about a plan for this new scenario. Yoo Jonghyuk?”

He turned his head around to look at the man behind him and—oh he was much closer than he expected. He needed to strain his neck to look above him even though they weren’t that far apart in age. He frowned. Damn this tall protagonist bastard... 

Yoo Jonghyuk looked down at him as well, smirking at him as if he could understand his inner lamentations. “I do have an idea.”