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“I'm sorry ‘Zuku,” Katsuki says, kicking a pebble. Currently, the two boys were sitting in the park while the younger of the two cries into his friend’s shoulder. 

Surprisingly, Katsuki let him, not having the heart to push him away.

Especially when he just broke the news about his new Hero Commission training. Well, he didn’t exactly say that. Izuku was simply told that Katsuki would be attending a private boarding school from now on, and if you look at it from a different perspective, it wasn’t far from the truth.

Still, Katsuki didn’t blame him for his crying, the two had been friends basically since they’ve been able to walk.

Well, if you asked Katsuki it was more like Izuku just followed him around until he was forced to accept him as his friend and not a flea, but it works either way.

“K-Kaachan, if this is a joke,” Izuku sniffles, raising his head from Katsuki’s shoulder. “Y-You better tell me n-now...because this isn’t funny.”

Katsuki can’t find it in himself to look at the younger, there was a tiny chance that if he’d make any sort of eye-contact, he’d end up being a crybaby like Deku, “It’s not, my mom’s making me.”

“W-Will you be able to visit?” Izuku says, and whether or not Bakugou sees it, there’s a sliver of hope in his eyes.

That hope expands into joy when Katsuki nods, “I told you this already, I can come home for holidays, but only for shorts amount of time.”

“Kaachan,” Izuku whines. “What am I gonna do? I’m not gonna survive without you. What if they keep bullying me? Oh god. You need to train me. When do you leave? Next week, right? Okay, so we can work 10 hours a-”


The young boy stop his rambling, letting his teary eyes look up at his friend who’s unexpectedly staring up into the sky, “Yes, Kaachan?”

“You know I can still call you, right?”


“And I can still text you, right?”


“So what’s really changing?”

“You! Y-You’re leaving me! A-and the bullies! What if I get bullied at school for being quirkless?”

“Well then you look those bullies straight into the eyes, and tell ‘em to fuck off!”

“Kaachan, I can’t do that!” Izuku whines, once more. “That’s mean!”

“Well you’re gonna have to. I can’t do as much protection long-distance.”

Izuku sighs, wiping away the tears at his eyes again, “You have to text me everyday, okay?”

“Goddammit Deku-”

“I thought you said you’d stop calling me that!”

“Sorry, sorry.”

“Now, promise!” Izuku says sternly.

“I promise, I’ll text you everyday.” 

“And you have to call at least every 3 days. You’ll probably be busy more, so that means you probably won’t be able to call as much, even though it’s the same as regular school. So that’s why you don’t have to call as much as you have to text and that way-”

“Oh my god.”

“Sorry!” Izuku squeaks. It’s not long before tears start gathering in his eyes again from his next sentence, gripping onto the older’s forearm, “I’m gonna miss you Kaachan.” 

Katsuki sighs, “‘M gonna miss you too ‘Zuku.”


It's been three weeks since Katsuki last saw Izuku, and two since he’s started his new training. It’s safe to say he’s adjusted well, and making a large amount of progress. The adults in the facility were quick to praise him on his fast-paced learning abilities, and he’d receive more once they saw his quirk in action. So, yeah, he thinks he’s starting to make a nice impression.

Plus, being the youngest in the agency gave him an even larger boost. Though, it was a bit overwhelming at times. He knew that he was given this opportunity because his quirk was strong, but that also meant that he had to work 2x as hard to prove he deserved the position. 

And even though several of the agents continuously praised him on his work, he knew it was only the beginning. The agents, of course, knew that as well, however it was just natural to praise someone when they’re doing good. But, of course, no one would push Katsuki out of the mentality he already placed himself in, even at 9 years old. 

“Katsuki,” Akihiko says, alerting the younger of his presence as he steps in the room. “Come on, we’re starting a bit early today.”

The younger grunts, hopping out of his chair to follow Akihiko to the training room. He shivers as he steps outside of his room, “Hey, are you cold?”

Akihido raises his eyebrow, “No? Are you?”

“Yeah,” Katuski nods. “It’s probably an effect of my quirk, I’ll be fine.”

“I’ll see if we can get you a sweater or something.”


Though, maybe it was just a heating problem. The day before his room was hot as a bitch, and if he didn’t leave the room 5 seconds before he did, he’d definitely blow up his bed. But it wouldn’t technically be his fault, it’d be whoever set up the temperature system for the building. And whoever it was, Katsuki had a great mind to tell them how much of a shitty job they-

Katsuki is pulled out of his mental tirade as he bumps into a whir of red, falling onto his backside, “What the hell?”

The man, no, the teen, turns around already having apologies spewing out of his mouth before he realizes who exactly he bumped into, “Oh Akihiko! Is this the newbie?”

Katsuki, still on the floor, squints at the boy, “I’m right here, bird for brains.”

“Feisty, I like you already.” The teen chuckles, letting his left hand roam through the mess Katsuki had the audacity to call his hair once the younger finally stands up. 

“I don’t.”

The teen places his hand over his heart, “Shrimpy, that stung .”

“Well it’ll sting more when I shove my foot up your ass if you call me Shrimpy again.”

Hawks gasps, “That language is not very heroic of you, Spitfire.”

“And neither is cosplaying as a chicken wing, but here we are.” Katsuki retorts, raising his eyebrow in challenge.

The teen stares in awe before looking back up at Akihiko, who is currently finding a sense of amusement in the entire situation, “Can we keep him?”

Akihido chuckles, “Technically, we already have him.”

It’s Katsuki’s turn to speak up, placing his arms across his chest, “Are you two going to continue talking like I’m not here.”

“Sweet! I will totally make this kid my child by the end of the week.”

“You’re still doing it. Do you choose death?”

The teen laughs once more, “Oh kid, you’re great. I’m Hawks, by the way.”

Katsuki grunts, “Bakugou Katsuki.”

Hawks places his hand onto Katsuki’s head once more, ruffling his hair, “Katsuki, we are going to be great friends.”

“I doubt it.”

“Harsh talk for someone who’s only 4ft,” Hawks says, placing his elbow on top of Katsuki’s head as if he was an armrest. Katsuki, in retaliation, kicks Hawks in his shin, and he kicks him hard.

“Ouch! I guess I deserved that,” Hawks winces, reaching down to massage the muscle. “What the hell is your leg made out of? Metal? That kick hurt like a bitch.”

“Who’s the one using not so heroic language now!”

“Oh, you little-”

Akihido, who was enjoying the situation, but has now realized the time interrupts their conversation, “Katsuki. Hawks. If you two are done I’d like to get to training now.” 

“Oh, that completely reminds me of what I came here to do in the first place.” Hawks says. “Go without me, I’ll be there soon anyways.”

As Hawks makes his way down the hallway, Katsuki turns to Akihido, “Since when did he join the classes?”

“He’s always been here,” Akihido says, turning on his heel to continue walking. “He’s just been off working with different pro-heroes.”

Katsuki nods, and even though he wouldn’t admit it, he’s slightly intrigued by Hawks. Honestly, the boy doesn't seem to be that much older than Katsuki, but he’s already working with other heroes. Though, he was slightly annoying, so he’d silently pray for the heroes that had to work with him. 

“Katsuki! You’re here!” a loud voice yells cheerfully once Katsuki and Akihido enter the room. It’s Maiko, another agent he’s taken a liking to, mostly because of her quirk “Breakdown.” And no, it was not about dancing. Her quirk allowed to break down the physical strengths of an individual just from one glance, making her job as one of his trainers extremely helpful. 

Though, when they first met Katsuki almost blew her foot off, mostly because she sneaked up on him on his second day at the facility. The pink-haired girl had introduced herself as Hatsume Maiko, instantly telling Katsuki to call her Maiko instead of her family name, and Katsuki had figured out then that she talked a lot . But he did slightly admire her in a sense, she disclosed to Katsuki that she was only 18, and here she was, already being a mentor figure to Katsuki. And, besides, she was an excellent person to have as someone to guide him, plus she’d bought him tempura the other day, so succumbed to his loss and put up with her. 

Although, it’s not like he’d have a choice, she was one of his trainers after all. Plus, whenever she was in one of her loud, and cheerful moods, which Katsuki hated, she always had good news to share.

“You’re as loud as ever,” Katsuki grunts, hands in his pockets as he makes his way to the excited teacher. 

“Yes, I am, but I have great reasoning, I promise.” she says, pulling the boy into a hug as soon as he’s close enough. Katsuki, of course, tries to escape as soon as her arms wrap around him, however he’s unsuccessful and curses under his breath as Maiko squeezes him once more. 

“Kats, we’ve got so much planned, you have no idea.” she says once she’s removed her hands from him, and he’s finally able to breathe again. “But first things first, how are your hands?” 

Oh right, he had totally forgotten. He looks down at the limbs, before looking back up at Maiko, “They’re fine? They’re just a little numb since I slept in fucking Anartica last night. ”

“You’re overexaggerating, and plus it was apart of a very important experiment.”


“Ah yes,” Maiko says, looking up at Katsuki before jotting a few things down in her notepad. “2 days ago, didn’t you realize a change in the temperature of your room?”

“Uh yeah? I complained to you how it was like I slept in Hell.”

“Right, now okay. Look at this.” She says flipping the notebook towards Katsuki, a wide grin on her face. 

In the notebook, which Katsuki realized had “Bakugou” written on the front in big, bold letters revealed a number of notes that Maiko had been taking on him. Katsuki looks up, his face scrunched up, “So you’re admitting that you’ve been stalking me?”

“No, no.” Maiko giggles, moving closer to Katsuki so she can flip the notebook to the exact page she’d wanted him to look at. “And it’s research.”




“Just read the notebook, kid.”

Katsuki sighs, but looks back down at the notebook nonetheless. There are two dates, today and yesterday, and the page is filled with numbers. Though, there’s something rather familiar about the numbers, and before he can even question Maiko she’s already speaking.

“They’re your stats.”

“My stats?”

“Yes, yes, allow me to explain.” Maiko says, clasping her hands together. “I wanted to see how the Nitroglycerin in your body would react to different temperature levels.”

“So I almost blew up my bed because of your experiment?”


“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me-”

“No, no kid, listen. This is only going to help us with your training, I swear.”


“Okay, so I think we’ve established that your quirk works better in warmer weather rather than in the cold. And it’s not because it’s weaker, but because it requires a slightly longer time to detonate, as opposed to warm weather, where conditions are optimal for ignition.”

Katsuki nods, “Okay, so what am I supposed to do? Walk around with a fucking heater attached to my hip?”

Maiko giggles, “Funny, but no. I’m going to call some support companies and see if I can come up with a way to store your sweat. Maybe Mei can help, I’m sure she’s thought of something already-”

“Wait a minute, storing my sweat?”

“Yes, I know it’s weird, but-”

“No, no you say a lot of weird things but this isn’t one of them-”

“Aw, Katsuki! Was that a compliment?” Maiko gushes, pinching Katsuki’s cheeks between her index and middle finger. “How sweet of you, ya little gremlin.” 

“No, shut up demon,” Katsuki says successfully getting out of Maiko’s grip, this time. “But I kind of already thought of a support item like that.”

"No way!”

Katsuki nods, “About a year ago, during winter I was trying to blast a kid and it took way longer than usual.”

“Did you just say you tried to blast a-”

“They were bullying my friend.”

“Hm, I guess that’s fair.” Maiko tilts her head to the side, even placing her index finger on her chin as if she was genuinely thinking about the situation, before looking back at Katsuki. “Slide those designs my way later, ya little genius.”

“Will the temperature in my room go back to normal now?” Katsuki says, following Maiko as she leads them to the actual training room. 

Maiko nods, “Yeah, I’m sorry about that by the way, but hey! Look how much it’s going to help us out.”

“I already knew thou-”

“Shh, my child.”

Katsuki rolls his eyes, but stops dead in his tracks at the sight in front of him. Settled upon a rock, an energetic Hawks is settled upon a large rock, waving enthusiastically at Katsuki.

“You’ve got to be shitting me-”

“Katsuki! What took you so long, kiddo?” Hawks says, flying down from the rock towards Katsuki to ruffle his hair for the third time that day. 

Katsuki chooses to not respond, glancing at Maiko as a silent plea for help, Maiko, of course, chooses not to does not see, turning to Hawks, “I didn’t know you two met yet.”

“This is my newest best friend, of course we’ve already met.” Hawks says, still not removing his hand from Katsuki’s hair. “He’s adorable, I’ve chosen to adopt him as my son now.”

“What?” Katsuki speaks up, looking up at Hawks. “I never gave permission for that.”

“Uh-uh,” Maiko says, ignoring Katsuki. “Get your own, I’ve had custody over him since he’s gotten here. Plus I’ve known him longer.”

“You’ve known him for like 11 days.”

“It’s still more than the 11 minutes that you’ve known him for.”

Katsuki, instead of blowing up both of their faces, sighs walking away from the pair as they continue to argue. He could already feel that it was going to be a long day. 


And a long day it was. 

Katsuki pants as he stands on top of a rock, Hawks directly opposite of him. The winged teen has been looking back and forth between Katsuki and the pile of knives for the past minute, with a blank expression. He eventually turns to Maiko after a few seconds, “Are you not gonna say anything about it?”

Maiko, who’s been supervising the entire training session, tilts her head to the side, before pointing to a red handled knife, “Is that blade a drop point?”

Katsuki brightens up, “Yeah, I got it as a gift.”

Hawks speaks up once more, “A gift?”

Katsuki nods, finally catching his breath again, “I read the rule book, there was nothing wrong with carrying knives.”

“Wait, we have a rule book?” Hawks asks, turning to Maiko who shrugs then turning back to Katsuki. “Forget that, do you just carry knives on you?”

“Yeah, you don't?”

“Uh, no? Obviously not. Where do you even keep them?”

“Depends, sometimes they’re stitched into my pants, but I always find places to put them.”

“I take back what I said, you are definitely the coolest 8 year old I know.”

“I’m 9, dipshit.”

“Dipshit? That’s a new one. Your vocabulary is expanding wonderfully my dear Katsuki.”

“For fucks sa-”

Katsuki stops himself once he hears Akihido enter, and he also stops himself from socking Hawks in the jaw when he snickers. Akihido eyes the two before moving to Maiko, “How’s everything going?”

Maiko focuses her eyes on the two before speaking, “Good. Katsuki is improving in both stamina and strength, and Hawks is improving in speed. They’re good for each other, however I think Katsuki should work with Akari sometime. It’d be good to help develop his technique”

Akihido nods, ready to praise the two before his eyes land on the pile of knives by Hawk’s feet.

Hawks, who had followed his gaze, immediately panics, “I swear, they’re not mine. They’re Katsukis.”

“Oh, I knew that.” Akihido responds. “I was just wondering why you had them.”

“You knew?” Hawks exclaims.

“Yes, they’re very efficient as support weapons.” He says before his eyes shift to Katsuki. “However, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t use then during training. Well, at least until you’ve mastered them.”

Katsuki nods, “That’s fair.”

“I will never understand this place.” Hawks blinks, before shaking his head with a sigh. “Are we done for today?”

Akihido nods, “That’s actually what I came here to say.”

“Great! Short-Stack, we’re going for dinner c’mon.”

“Hell no,” Katsuki says swiftly. “And I’ll kill you if you call me Short-Stack again.”

“Again with the not so heroic language!” Hawks clicks his tongue, shaking his head in mock disappointment. “But seriously, c’mon let's go, I’m hungry.

Katsuki sighs, closing his eyes before responding again, mostly realizing he’d be forced to whether or not he said yes,  “Where do you wanna go chicken wing?”

“Yes!” Hawks says, throwing his arm around a very annoyed Katsuki. “There’s this really good place that sells really good fried chicken, but Akihido said you liked spicy food. So I thought we could go to-”

“You guys are getting food?” Maiko says, and in a second she’s by their side. “I’m in, let’s go.”

“Kill me now.” Katsuki mutters under his breath as both teenagers by his side laugh. It even prompts Hawks to pinch Katsuki’s cheek, “Calm down dynamite, it’s not like we’ll eat you.”

“Next time you put your hands by my face, I’ll bite it off.” Katsuki says as the trio proceed to make their way out of the building. 

Katsuki’s words cause Hawks to remove his hand away from the child’s face, looking at him incredulously, “I don't know whether I should fear you or find you adorable.”

“You fear, Katsuki?” Maiko says, showing a security guard a card before they’re allowed to leave the building, Hawks does the same. “What is there to fear? He’s literally an exploding ball of fire.”

“Did you hear yourself when you described him?”

“Have you forgotten that I’m right here?”

Hawks grins, “Yeah, almost couldn’t see ya shrimpy.”

“I swear-”

Maiko interrupts the two, “While it’s always interesting to see these conversations, can I remind you two that we’re actually in public now? I’d rather not get a complaint before the two of you even become heroes.”


Hawks shrugs, placing his hand in Katsuki’s hair for the fourth time that day, “What do you mean Maiko? We’re besties, this is just our show of affection towards each other.”

“You seriously give me a headache.” Katsuki sighs, not even finding the energy to shrug Hawks’ hand away, which Hawks subconsciously views as Katsuki finally accepting his friendship. 

Maybe he is, maybe he’s not. He’s not telling Hawks, even if he finds the teen amusing. 

“Seeing you guys train was so cool though,” Maiko begins. “Like, I never thought I’d see you get whooped by a literal elementary schooler Hawks, but here we are.”

Katsuki snorts, as Hawks lets out a “Hey!” causing Maiko to giggle as well as they begin to cross the street’s busy intersection. 

“But, I meant what I told Akihido earlier. You two are weirdly perfect training partners, despite your quirks. I mean, of course Katsuki is gonna need more training, well a lot more training because like he just started, but-”

“Hey, uh Maiko?”

“-he’s probably gonna have to work on his technique a little more, he mentioned that he wanted to go to UA and-”


“-to be honest, he doesn't even need to go to UA. He can go straight into hero work-”


Maiko turns to Hawks, suddenly aware that she’s been rambling the entire time, “Oops, sorry what’s wrong?”

Hawks blinks at her, and she looks around before finally putting two and two together. 


“Yes, Maiko?”

“Where the fuck is Katsuki?”