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The Pirate's Treasure

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      Patrick stands outside of the castle looking up at the large doors. The future of his kingdom relied on him finding a bride quickly. He takes a deep breath trying to calm his nerves and stop him from making a mistake. He needed to be a proper gentleman and win the king over.  'I know what I have to do... But it's harder than I anticipated'  He thought to himself as he entered into the castle with his companions following close behind him.   

                "The king is awaiting you in the Throne room. He wants to assess you before he allows you to meet the Princess" William, his guard told him. William was always keeping track of the things that went on around him. "To make sure I'm nothing like my father no doubt" Patrick replied. Since the death of his wife, Queen Patricia, he had become a different person, cold and tyrannical. He was no longer the beloved king he had once been. Patrick wished nothing more than to take his place as king and save the land that he loved so much.  

                "Patrick wait for me" A voice called out from behind them. Patrick stopped walking and looked back with a smile on his face as Ryan ran to catch up to him. The son of a duke; he was sent to live in the palace at a young age. Though they butted heads when Ryan first arrived the two quickly grew close. Patrick considered Ryan his dearest and most trusted friend. "Hurry up slow poke" He teases the out of breath man. Ryan smiles back at his friend. "I saw some pretty flowers..." He explains. It doesn't surprise Patrick; his friend can be a bit scatterbrained. He puts his hand on Ryan's head and ruffles his hair affectionately.   

                "There will be plenty of time to daydream after official business is cared for" Patrick said as he continued to walk. "We set sail again tomorrow morning"  

                "I really dislike that ship, my cabin isn't even the size of my closet back home."  

                "A little sacrifice of space won't kill you." Patrick chides with a shake of his head.  

                "You could have told me before we left home. I wouldn't have packed so much" Ryan crosses his arms and sticks his bottom lip out in a pout. Though twenty one he still had the tendencies of a child. "I hadn't expected you to come" Patrick reminds him. "Well I couldn't very well sit around the castle without you. It's such a bore as it is." Ryan says. ' And not very safe'  the thought brings a frown to Patrick's face before he can stop it. Recently the attempts against his life had increased and he feared for the safety of those around him. "Well I am glad that you came" He says snapping himself out of his thoughts.  

                They stop outside the door to the throne room. Patrick fixes his crown and attempts to compose himself. "I feel nervous" He says with a shaky voice.  

                "Hey" Ryan places his hands on the prince's shoulders. "Take a deep breath" He instructs. Patrick complies, taking several deep breaths. Ryan adjusts his friend’s clothes a bit then presses a kiss to his forehead. "You're ready" He tells him.   

                "Thank you" Patrick says with a smile. He is truly glad the younger man came along on this journey. He always had a way of calming Patrick down. Ryan removes his hands and steps out of the way as Patrick walks through the door to the elaborately decorated throne room.  

                King  Godefry  sits at the end of the long hall on a throne made of gold. The crown on his head hides most of his graying hair. To his left sits Queen Amelia on a slightly smaller throne with her hands folded delicately on her lap and a serene look on her face, she holds her head high as the lights from the chandeliers reflects off her jewelry. Taking one last breath Patrick makes the way across the room and drops to one knee before the throne. "Greetings" He speaks confidently refusing to let his nerves get the best of him. Ryan presses his ear to the door attempting to listen to the conversations.  

                "Prince Patrick I assume" The king says motioning for Patrick to stand. "Yes your majesty" He responds as he rises to his feet. "It has been a very long time since I have come to Sonia."  

                "You were just a small child the last time. Your mother traveled here with you to congratulate me on the birth of Sarah. Bless her soul" Queen Amelia states. The sound of her kind voice and then mention of his mother causes Patrick’s lips to turn up in a small smile.  

                "Yes she was always so thrilled about new life. I am glad her memory has not been tainted by my father's decisions."  

                "Of course not. She was a dear friend of mine. I see a lot of her in you" Amelia gives him a reassuring smile as the compliment makes his cheeks flush pink. "Thank you. I try to live how she wanted."  

                "I am glad for that" Amelia says.   

                "I understand you have come here for my daughters hand in marriage" the king says bringing the conversation back to the matter on hand.  

                "Yes your majesty. I believe she would be a wonderful queen of  Fenia  and it will keep peace between our lands, which is much needed."  

                "I cannot deny that. Your father, how does he feel about this union?" Patrick lets out a small chuckle. As if he would give away anything to that man. He had no definite proof but he believed that his father may have a part in the recent assassination attempts.  

                "I haven't told him." Patrick admitted.  

                "I am sure you can understand my concern when it comes to allowing her to travel to  Fenia ."  

                "Yes, I brought along security. I won't let anything happen to her." ' Not when everything is riding on this marriage'  he adds to himself.  

                "I ask that two trusted guards remain near her at all times until you are king. She is my only daughter and she is very dear to me." He king says, Patrick can see his love for his daughter clearly in the kings eyes. Patrick nods his head.  

                "I understand your majesty. I will make sure she is protected by our best." He reassures him. The king nods then motions for a maid to step forward. "Go and fetch the princess" He instructs her. The maid curtsies low to the ground before hurrying out of the room. Patrick watches her retreating form and tries not to look as nervous as he feels. It’s hard with the cold looks he is receiving from Prince Louis.  'Just calm down, you can do this. Guys meet girls all the time. Sure they may not be Princesses... But you're a prince, pull yourself together!'  He attempts to give himself a pep talk.  

                All of his nerves slip away when Sarah enters the room. Her black hair falls in waves down her back and her blue eyes sparkle like the water of the  Saurs  Sea. Her dress flows out as she walks giving her the appearance of gliding and the air is filled with the wonderful smell of roses. Patrick's cheeks flush a deeper shade of pink as she approaches her father’s throne and curtsies quickly before addressing him. "You called for me father?" She asks.  

                "Yes Sarah. I would like to introduce you to Prince Patrick of  Fenia ." Patrick snaps back to attention and bows. "It's an honor to meet you again Princess. You have blossomed into a very beautiful woman." Sarah turns to face Patrick and curtsies again. "Thank you Prince Patrick. The pleasure is all mine" She says with a smile. Patrick stands up straight a smile on his face.  

                "Prince Patrick has come to ask you a question" King  Godefry  tells his daughter. Sarah cocks her head to the side. Patrick's face turns red and he looks into Sarah's eyes. "Princess Sarah. I have come to ask for your hand in marriage." He says surprised that he managed to get the whole sentence out. Sarah quickly glances towards her father for approval.  

                "I approve the match. Prince Patrick is a good man and the peace that would come from your union is much needed." Sarah smiles her cheeks flushing pink as she turns back to Patrick. "W...Will you do me the honor of marrying me?" He asks his heart racing in his chest. Sarah smiles softly and nods her head. "Yes. Yes I would like that very much."  

                "Wonderful" Patrick says excitedly  'oh my gosh that was nerve wracking'  He thinks to himself.  

                "We shall have rooms prepared for you and your companions. Please stay for a few days so that we may celebrate your engagement" The queen says cheerfully as she envisions the party that she must now quickly plan.  

                "It would be my honor your highness"  

                "Wonderful. I shall start making preparations right away. How many men are with you?"  

                "Just three, the rest remained with my ship"  

                "I shall have their rooms prepared now." Amelia says as she stands. She nods to the maids then makes her way to the exit. "Come Sarah we have much to prepare"   

                "Yes Mother" Sarah says cheerfully. She curtsies once again then follows her mother. Patrick watches her leave with a smile on her face.  

                "A maid will bring you to your rooms when they are prepared. Feel free to wander about until then."  Godefry  says.  

                "Thank you, your majesty. I shall excuse myself now" Patrick bows and waits for the king to acknowledge him before leaving the throne room. He makes himself frown and looks down at the ground as William and Ryan look at him expectantly.   

                "What happened?" William asks his voice tinted with worry. Patrick shifts nervously before speaking. "They didn't like me" He says sadly. Williams jaw drops but Ryan's face remains the same as he crosses his arms. "I have to find someone else" Patrick says trying to lay it on thick. Ryan just rolls his eyes.  

                "You are such a liar Stump" He grins. Patrick lets out a laugh.  

                "Not falling for it huh?"  

                "You can't lie to me"  

                "I can lie to Billy"  

                "Billy doesn't know you like I do" Patrick ruffles his hair and smiles at his friend. "Maybe I should get rid of you" He teases.  

                "You'd be lost without me" Ryan says wrapping his arms around Patrick and nuzzling his head on his shoulder. "Are you sure it's not the other way around?" Patrick asks.  

                Ryan lets go of him and puts his hands on his hips. "I survived fifteen years without you I could do it again." He says confidently.  

                "I don't understand your friendship at all" William says with a shake of his head.  

                "Billy lost Jordan" Ryan accuses. William furrows his brow. "I did not" he defends himself.   

                "He'll come back when he's hungry" Patrick says not too worried. Their youngest companion is always wandering off. Ryan searches his pockets and takes out a piece of candy.  

                "Here Jordy. Here boy" He calls out. Patrick shoots him a look of disapproval. "What?" Ryan asks and Jordan snatches the candy from his hand.   

                "What the" Patrick doesn't finish his sentence as he tries to figure out where the boy materialized from. William is just as stumped. Jordan pops the candy into his mouth with a satisfied sound. Ryan pets his hair proudly. "I win" He announces.   

                Jordan makes a noise that resembles a cat’s purr as he moves his head towards Ryan's hand. Ryan feeds him another candy. "Let's look around" Patrick suggests.  

                "We shouldn't wander too far" William cautions.  

                "Yes, yes. I know this" Patrick says as he heads to the exit. Jordan hurries after him pulling Ryan along by his hand. William lets out a sigh and follows the trio, keeping his hand on his sword.  

                "Let's look for somewhere fun" Jordan says when the get outside.  

                "Do not disappear again or I will tie you up with Ryan's scarf" William warns him. Ryan looks greatly offended. "You will not touch my scarf. It is made from the finest silk in  Fenia  and will not be used in such an inappropriate way."  

                "Patrick, Billy is threatening me again" Jordan cries to the prince. Patrick lets out a big sigh as he heads towards the town. "I need a mute machine" He muses to himself. " Patriiiick " Jordan whines drawing out the 'I'. He runs after him.  

                "So how do you feel? You'll be a married man soon" Ryan asks as they ignore the two attempting to catch up to them.  

                "I don't know... She's more beautiful than I thought. Not that I didn't expect her to be beautiful... But she was just... Stunning" Patrick says his mind drifting back to his brief meeting with the princess, his fiancée.  

                "You're in love" Ryan sings with a smile on his face. Patrick’s cheeks flush red. "Am not... I don't think. Maybe... Shut up"  

                " Aaaaw  Patty's in love!" Jordan yells with a laugh as he catches up.   

                "You're at least attracted to her. I'm sure the castle will be filled with the pitter patter of little feet soon." William says. Patrick's face turns even redder at the idea. "Don't be ridiculous!" he yells at his guard.  

                "He's not. You'll need and heir and Princess Sarah is at her prime right now." Ryan pipes in.  

                "Can we please talk of something else" Patrick begs having enough embarrassment for one day.  

                "Have you had the sex talk? Birds and the bees Patty, birds and bees" Jordan asks. Patrick covers his ears. " Lalala  I'm not listening to this conversation anymore" He says loudly. Ryan pats his back gently. Jordan gets distracted by something sparkling at a merchant’s stand and goes to wander off. Patrick notices him and grabs onto the back of his vest. "Aw" He says disappointed that he can't check it out.  

                "Stay still for once Jordan" Ryan scolds him. "Okay, okay." He sighs. Patrick looks around the area thoughtfully. "What is it your highness?" William asks. Patrick smiles innocently at his guard. "I think I got us lost" he admits. William lets out a small chuckle.  

                "I've been paying attention. It won’t be a problem to guide us back to the castle. We should return I am sure that our rooms are ready by now." William reassures him.  

                "I could definitely use a bath" Ryan says thinking about the weeks spent on the ship with no way of bathing with a shudder. Patrick nods his head, "Alright"  

                "But the shiny..." Jordan whines. Patrick takes his crown off his head and places it carefully on Jordan's. The boy squeals happily as they all follow William back to the castle.  

                A maid is already waiting for them when they arrive back. She greets them with a curtsy. "Welcome back milords. Your rooms have been prepared. I can show you to them now." She says.  

                "Thank you, please lead the way" Patrick says through a yawn. He stretches as they follow her,  'I need some sleep'  He tells himself. The maid opens the first door revealing a large suite. "This shall be your quarters your highness"   

                Patrick takes his crown back from Jordan. "Bye boys, try not to destroy anything." He says before going inside and sitting down on the bed.  

                "Aw I’m not a prince anymore" Jordan pouts. Ryan kisses his cheek and takes his hand. "Come on I'll make you a crown." He promises him. Jordan grins and nods his head. "Okay!" The boys follow the maid to their rooms as William stands guard outside of Patrick's room.  

                Patrick takes his shoes off and lies down on the bed. He pulls the blanket over himself and starts to doze.  'I'll just rest my eyes for a bit...'  He thinks before falling to sleep.  

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                It's early the next morning when a maid knocks on the door to Patrick's chambers. The tired prince barely awakens long enough to pull his blanket over his head and mumble a senseless response. "Your highness the King requests your presence at breakfast" The maid called out worried about upsetting him. It didn't matter. The Prince was soundly asleep again. Bill stood up straight from where he had been leaning against the wall. He was exhausted and wished that the prince has brought another guard a long so that they could work in shifts. He entered into the prince's room and walked to the bed whisking the blankets off of him. "Prince if you don't awaken I'll let Ryan into your bed." William warned.

                "Billy... No... Sleepy time" Patrick mumbled as he tried to pull the blanket from the guard’s strong grip.

                "King Godefry is requesting your presence. You do not want to anger your new father-in-law do you?"

                "Billlyyyyyy" Patrick whined pressing his face into the pillow and trying to wish away the troublesome man.

                "As you wish" William said, his voice laced with annoyance. He quickly strode out of the prince's room and made his way to Ryan's room down the hall. He put his hand on the sleeping man's shoulder and shook him from his sleep. "Lord Ross your assistance is required."

                "No" Ryan mumbled.

                "I need you to wake the prince up. The king wants him to join them for breakfast."

                "I guess I can..." Ryan says sitting up and rubbing his eyes. William is thankful that Ryan would do anything for Patrick. Ryan rolls out of his bed and then pulls on a clean shirt before he heads to Patrick's room. He lets himself in and closes the door before making his way to the bed and climbing in next to the sleeping prince. "Patrick" He sings his name.

                "Go away" Patrick grumbles as he shoots Ryan a glare that has very little effect.

                "But it’s time to wake up” He says in the nicest voice he can muster. Patrick pushes his face away. "No” Ryan wraps his arms around the prince and cuddles close to him. "Don't you want to impress your bride?" He asks.

                "Can I do that when it's not early?"

                "She'll be disappointed if she doesn't see you at breakfast" Ryan tells him. He presses his face against Patrick’s neck and kisses the sensitive skin. Patrick's cheeks flush pink and he moves from Ryan's embrace. "I'm up, I'm up. You can go tell the evil that sent you his evil plan worked."

                "I shall" Ryan says with a triumphant grin. He gets out of the bed and turns towards the door. A thought crosses his mind and he looks back at the prince. "No going back to sleep or I'll kiss you" He warns. “Okay, okay goodness" The prince says as he goes to the en suite and ready’s the bath. Ryan walks to the door and peeks out informing William and the Maid that Patrick is awake and getting ready for breakfast. When they're both satisfied he closes the door and goes to Patrick’s luggage to choose his outfit for the day. Patrick gets undressed and gets in the bath. It feels good to bath in the warm water after weeks on the ship being unable to bathe.

                Ryan enters the bathroom and lays out the clothing he chose on a counter. "Are you excited?" He asks. Patrick looks at him curiously. "For?" he asks.

                "To see Sarah, silly" He teases. Patrick blushes and looks at the water. "Oh, of course I am. She smelled really good yesterday. I probably reeked of salt water" He allows himself to sink further into the water. Ryan scans his eyes over the bottles of bath oils that are set out on the counter. He selects one and goes to the bath pouring it in. Patrick mixes it in as best he can. Ryan seats himself on the edge of the tub and picks up some soap beginning to wash the prince's hair. "Well you'll have to work extra hard to impress her today. Of course just being yourself will make her fall in love with you"

                Patrick closes his eyes and let’s himself enjoy the feel of the other man's long fingers massaging his scalp. 'I hope...' He thinks nervously. Ryan pours some water over his head to rinse out his hair. Patrick sits up suddenly and looks at his friend. "What if I do something stupid?" He asks his voice laced with worry. Ryan smiles softly at him. "She won't be able to resist that cute baby face of yours and will find it endearing"

                "You think so?"

                "I do. None of the girls in Fenia can resist you"

                "But we're in Sonia" Patrick cries out his panic rising. Ryan just laughs. "And the same is still true. Did you not see the way the girls in town looked at you yesterday?"

                "I wasn't paying attention" Patrick admits embarrassed. "Get me a towel will you" He asks hoping to distract Ryan. Ryan obliges him and brings over a towel holding it up for him. "All of the girls and some boys swoon when they see you."

                "Liar" Patrick says as he stands up and steps out of the tub. Ryan wraps the towel around his waist then uses another to dry him off. "I am not" He insists. Patrick closes his eyes, a light blush painting his cheeks. "I suppose" He murmurs. "It is the truth. All the girls want a piece of the prince." He insists as he dries Patrick's hair. Patrick lets out a small laugh.

                 "I'm afraid there's a small supply and demand problem."

                "Well Sarah is a very lucky Lady. She will see how amazing you are." Patrick eyes his friend suspiciously. "What are you buttering me up for hmm?"

                "I'm not up to anything this time" He says putting his hands on Patrick's shoulders. "You doubt yourself. You are the greatest man I've ever known. You need to be confident" Patrick stares at Ryan the blush on his cheeks becoming more obvious. "Really?" He asks.

                "Yes really. You are my precious friend" Ryan says with a smile, "You should feel lucky"

                "Careful, if your head gets any bigger you won't be able to wear any hats" Patrick teases with a roll of his eyes. Ryan's looks shocked. "That would be a tragedy!" He exclaims. Patrick walks to the counter and begins to get dressed, he can feel his friend’s eyes on him but he says nothing about it. "Wouldn't it?" He asks instead. "It would. I look good in hats."

                "There goes another hat size" Patrick says. Ryan lets out a laugh and leans on the counter. "That’s okay. I just got this great hat that was to big" Patrick smiles and finishes the last buttons on his shirt before turning to his friend. "How do I look?"  He asks. Ryan steps closer to the prince and fixes a small piece of hair that stuck up. "Amazing" He says softly.

                "Thank you, I should go to breakfast. I'll see you later. Don't get in trouble" Patrick teases before heading for the door. "Remember just be yourself" Ryan calls after him. "Got it" Patrick adjusts the crown on his head and nods in satisfaction before leaving Ryan alone in the room.

                Patrick follows the maid through the large castle, taking in the detailed murals painted on the walls. They depict beautiful scenes from the country’s history, hundreds of years of the country all painted with brilliant colors. The maid stops at the entrance of the dining room and curtsies. "Here you are your highness" She says before hurrying off. Patrick enters the room where the meal has already begun. "Good marrow everyone. I apologize for the wait" He announces. Sarah raises her eyes from her plate for a moment and smiles at him; he meets her gaze with a smile of his own.

                "How nice of you to join us" Louis grumbles. Clearly Patrick is going to have try harder to impress him. "Louis" Queen Amelia warns him. "It's alright, I have trouble waking in the morning"  'Mostly because I'm up all night making sure no one kills me in my sleep'  "I don't sleep well at night these days"

                "Well let us hope that you can soon put that behind you." King Godefry spoke up. Patrick smiles at him. "I am sure I will with such a stunning woman to brighten the castle." Sarah's cheeks flush red at the mention of her. "You flatter me" she says softly.

                "I speak the truth" He tells her "I am very lucky"

                "Amelia has planned an extravagant ball for this evening. Do you have a suit to wear?" Godefry asks.

                "Surprisingly I do. Ryan made me pack for every possible event."

                "Wonderful. The guests will begin to arrive at seven. Until then I have arranged for lessons for you. My country has some traditions that I would like you to be aware of. It is my wish that my daughter continue these traditions even though she is no longer living here."

                "Sounds good to me your majesty" Patrick tells him with a nod. Obviously he can't say no, the engagement has not been formally announced and the king could still take back his approval. "The tutor will meet you in the library at noon."

                "Noon, I can remember that" Patrick says as he eyes the plate of unfamiliar foods that a maid has just set in front of him. "Thank you. It smells delicious" He says as raises his fork to his mouth trying a bite. "And it tastes even more delicious."

                "It's my favorite" Sarah says quietly. Patrick looks at her then shifts his gaze to her Mother. "Do you think it would be possible for me to get the recipe?"

                "Sarah's maid will have it I am sure" She responds. Patrick nods and continues to eat the food. "Of course Sarah will be bringing her own staff" She adds after a thought. Patrick hadn't thought about that, 'I guess I do have to get rid of some of the people tainted by my father. How much extra room is there on Dean's ship? We may have to charter a second'.

                "I'm not sure I need all of my staff. I am sure that Prince Patrick has a fine staff. However... I would feel terrible leaving Penny behind." She says.  Patrick has a feeling that she's been looking for a way to bring that into the conversation for a while. "Penny?" King Godefry asks, clearly trying to remember who that is. "It would be her Parents decision" He adds. A smile lights up Sarah's face at the prospect of having her friend with her. "I am going to ask them" She says resolutely.

                "I'll be more than happy to accommodate her. There are plenty of rooms in the palace" Patrick's words make Sarah even happier. "Don't fidget darling" Amelia chides her daughter. "If you've finished eating you may go find her. Do not forget our appointment.

                Sarah rises from her chair. "Do not fret mother I will not." She says before hurrying out of the dining room. Patrick finishes eating shortly after she leaves and excuses himself to go check on his companions. He goes to Jordan's room first to see how he is doing. When he enters the room he is confused by the sight before him.

                Jordan is lying on the bed with Ryan sitting beside him and folding paper into crowns, at least twenty are already burying the small boy. "Do I even want to know?" Patrick asks cautiously. He often fails to understand Ryan's reasoning on many things. "Help me" Jordan begs from beneath his blanket of crowns. "He wanted to be a prince" Ryan says as he finishes yet another crown and puts it on top of the pile. "I asked the maid for paper and she brought me many more than I needed." Patrick can do nothing but shake his head.

                "I have lessons at noon. I'm going to try and get some more sleep. You... Don't suffocate Jordan with the crowns" Patrick tells his friends. Ryan pretends to consider it. "Be good" Patrick warns before leaving the room. 

                It only takes a few more minutes for Ryan to get bored of his game so he begins to toss the crowns aside in an attempt to find Jordan. "There's a little boy in here somewhere" He says.

                "I died." Jordan says dryly. Ryan finds his head and grins down at him. "Maybe I'll have to kiss him back to life." He teases. To his surprise Jordan responds with a simple "Maybe" Ryan pushes the last of the crowns onto the floor and starts to give the younger man numerous kisses. Jordan begins to laugh and tries to get free, which only causes Ryan to hold him tighter and continue to kiss all over his face. "Nooo too many kisses!" Jordan yells. Ryan presses one last kiss to his forehead, "There's no such thing as to many kisses" He states matter-of-factly before releasing Jordan.

                Jordan leaps out of bed with a shout of "Too many" before fleeing the room. Ryan chases after him with a mischievous grin. Noticing his pursuer Jordan runs quickly to William and hides behind the guard. "Billy, help me!" He begs drawing out the words. "It’s not in my job description." William says with a shrug of his shoulders. "Please" Jordan begs again. "Perhaps I would be more willing if you weren't a tattle tale." Is all William has to say.

                "I won't tell anymore I promise"

                "Fine" William says he catches Ryan and tosses him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and holds his legs to keep him from kicking.

                "Unhand me you brute" Ryan orders. William just shakes his head and watches Jordan as he catches his breath. "I'm telling Patrick on both of you" Ryan pouts. Jordan just sticks his tongue out at him. Ryan wiggles in an attempt to get free from his captor. "Come on Billy there's going to a ball. I want to take Jordy into town and get new outfits."

                "Can you be nice to Jordan?" Bill asks.

                "I was being nice"

                "To nice" Jordan clarifies.

                "Alright, alright be less nice"

                "Fine, fine just unhand me" William drops him back onto the ground. Ryan composes himself then takes ahold of Jordan's hand. "Come along Jordan it's shopping time. I am going to buy you a new hat." Ryan says heading towards the exit. "Not made out of paper?" Jordan asks with a shudder. "Not made out of paper. I'll buy you a coronet if you are good" Jordan's jaw drops in excitement. "Really?! You promise?" He asks. Ryan nods at the younger man. "You are so cute I cannot resist spoiling you." Jordan cheers and hugs Ryan tightly. "Let's go! We’ve no time to lose!" He yells as he pulls Ryan out of the castle. William shakes his head at their retreating forms and returns to his watch.

Chapter Text

Sarah knocks lightly on the door of her friend’s room, excited to tell her the news. For years she's known that one day she would marry a prince. After all that was the duty of a princess, one of her things to do as a child was to imagine what it would be like when she finally met her prince. She and Penny would sit side by side and discuss how the second they laid eyes on each other they would fall deeply in love. How he would sweep her off her feet and bring here to his kingdom so they could live happily ever after. Now it was coming true.
"Good marrow princess" Penny says with a curtsy. Her name is actually Spencer, her parents greatly wanted a son but they got her instead. She and Sarah never spoke of her real name. To Sarah she would always be Penny. The sweet girl that had always been there for her and that she would give up everything to take care of. Sarah grins at her friend and takes a hold of her hands. "Guess what" She says excitedly.
"You know I'm not very good at guessing." Penny reminds her.
"The ball tonight. It is to announce my engagement!"
"You're getting married?" She exclaims her mouth falling open. "To who?" She asks.
"Patrick Stump, the Prince of Fenia" Sarah smiles, "I am going to be a queen"
"How exciting, oh Sarah you'll make an amazing queen and I have heard the talk about how handsome he is. So lucky" Penny gives her hands a squeeze with a big smile on her face.
"Oh Penny, he is even more handsome than the rumors make him to be and according to the maids so are the courtiers he brought with him. Perhaps we could both get husbands" Penny's cheeks flush red at the prospect of finding a husband. "I think one of us is good enough for now. You know I can't talk to men... I can barely talk to women. Except those that are close to me" Penny says quietly. She's always been extremely shy.
"Please come to Fenia with me Penny" Sarah says hopefully.
"Would that really be okay?" She asks.
"Patrick has already agreed and it would be so lonely to go alone"
"I would love to go"
"We shall have so much fun!" Sarah exclaims hugging her friend.
"Yes! I can't wait"
"Mother is taking me into the town to see the tailor about a new dress for the ball tonight. Would you like to join us?
"Of course. I should probably get a new dress too" Penny goes back into the room and puts on a pair of boots doing up the buckles before quickly running a comb through her hair. She returns to Sarah and closes the door behind her as she leaves. "Let us go. Mother will be waiting by now" Sarah says as the two girls link arms and make their way out of the castle, continuing to chat idly about the Prince.
“There you are girls.” Amelia says when the girls reach the foyer. Though she speaks with a scolding tone her fondness for both of them can be seen in her eyes. She was overjoyed when the two became friends. She believes that Penny is a good influence on Sarah and that she keeps her grounded. “The carriage is waiting” She informs them.
“Hello your highness…” Penny says with a curtsy, “My apologies for the wait”
“Don’t fret my dear” Amelia says with a nod of her head. The doorman holds the door open for the three of them as they make their way out to the carriage. Sarah considers going to pet the horses but decides against it. They have much to do to prepare for the ball and no time to waste. She takes the drivers proffered hand and steps into the carriage.
“I am so excited” Sarah tells them when they’re all seated. The carriage rolls forward with a quick jerk and she almost slides off of her seat.
“I bet. Betrothed to a prince charming” Penny teases.
“He is a very sweet boy” Amelia confirms as she watches out the window.
“There are not too many of those these days” Penny muses.
“Indeed Penny. I look forward to our future together.”
“Make sure to have a lot of babies” Penny say making Sarah blush. “Oh goodness”
“Royalty do like their heirs” Penny continues, smiling at her friends embarrassment. Sarah hides her face behind her fan as Penny keeps teasing.
“Blushing brides are always the prettiest”
“You are never going to hear the end of it when you find a husband” Sarah threatens. Penny puffs her cheeks out in a pout. Sarah sticks her tongue out at the younger girl.
“Sarah that is not lady like” Amelia scolds. Sarah drops her eyes to her lap. “My apologies mother” She says, trying to ignore Penny’s giggles. When Amelia turns her gaze back out the window the two girls make faces at each other, using their fans to shield them from Amelia’s sight.
“You are not children anymore” Amelia says suddenly making both girls jump a bit.
“Sorry mother” Sarah apologizes again.
“You are about to be married. You need to act like an adult now Sarah”
“Yes mother” Sarah says softly as the carriage pulls to a stop. The driver opens the door and holds out his hand helping the ladies out of the carriage.
“Come along ladies” Amelia instructs as she walks into the tailors shop with Sarah and Penny falling closely behind her.
Ryan and Jordan are already in the shop. Ryan speaks with a tailor discussing ideas for Jordan’s suit. Jordan listens for a few seconds then wanders across the room to look at some jewelry on display. “Come here Jordy” Ryan calls out as the Tailor offers him two different materials. “Yes?” Jordan asks, drawing out the word as he walks back over. Ryan holds the two up to him and considers them. “They both look good. What do you…” He glances up and notices the three women that have just entered the store. “Your Majesty” He says before bowing and pulling Jordan down with him. Jordan blinks at him in surprise. “It’s the queen” Ryan whispers to him. “Oh!” Jordan exclaims before bowing properly.
“You may rise” Amelia tells them. The boys stand up straight and smile at them. Penny blushes slightly when she sets eyes on them and hides behind Sarah shyly.
“I don’t believe we have met before” Amelia muses for a moment after trying to remember them.
“We have not your Majesty. I am George Ryan Ross the third, Duke of Fenia. My companion is Lord Jordan Witzigreuter also of Fenia. We travelled here with Prince Patrick.” Ryan explains.
“I see. I apologize for not having time to greet you when you arrived. This is my daughter, Princess Sarah, and her friend Lady Penny”
“It is a pleasure to meet all of you” Ryan says with a charming smile on his face.
“Nice to meet you” Jordan sings. Ryan holds up the fabrics against Jordan again and looks at them. “Which do you think would look best?” He asks his eyes resting on Penny. She peeks from behind Sarah’s shoulder and points to the fabric on the left. Ryan gives her a soft smile then hands it to the tailor. “You are right Milady” Penny’s cheeks flush red and she hides once again.
“I told you they were good looking” Sarah whispers. Penny nods her head. Amelia steps aside to speak with the tailor as the three young adults turn their attention to Ryan as he makes a show of trying on all the hats on display and making faces to go along with each one. Penny opens her fan holding it in front of her face and giggles as she starts to look at fabric. Amelia calls to Sarah and the princess goes to see what she needs.
Ryan picks up a large hat that falls in front of his face when he puts it on. “Look Jordan, a hat that would fit Dallon’s head” He jokes. Jordan laughs.
“It’ll actually be a little tight on him.”
“You’re right” Ryan says with a grin as he puts it down. He meets Penny’s gaze once again and wiggles his eyebrows at her. Penny’s face turns bright red and she holds her fan so it can’t be seen.
“Hey Jordan” Ryan calls out with a smile on his face.
“Hey Ryan” The boy responds.
“Do you prefer Silver or gold?”
“Hmm gold”
“Alright we can go to the jewelers next” Ryan tells him. Jordan gets an excited look on his face and hurries over to stand beside Ryan. “Do I get my coronet?” He asks. Ryan nods his head. “Of course. You’ve been a very good boy” He says petting his head. Jordan grins and attempts to purr again as he nuzzles his head against Ryan’s hand. Sarah returns to the room and watches the way the two men interact curiously. It was not custom for men to show so much affection for each other in Sonia.
“I’m going to try my suit on.” Ryan says before pressing a kiss to Jordan’s forehead. “Don’t wander off” he heads to the dressing rooms in the back of the store with the tailor as Jordan takes a seat in a chair and sways a bit humming a lively song. Sarah stands beside Penny and whispers to her.
“They seem close. Do you think…” She wants to ask but she is unsure how to word it properly.
“Think what?” Penny asks with a tilt of her head. Sarah considers her words carefully before speaking again. “Well I’ve heard that people in Fenia are more open about things… Like relationships… between men.” She whispers. Penny’s face is now the color of a tomato and she fans herself quickly. “Y…you think… Oh gosh…” She manages to stutter out.
After a few minutes Ryan calls Jordan to the dressing room to see what he thinks and the girls feel more comfortable speaking once again. “I can’t wait to travel” Sarah says hoping to start a conversation.
“I hear the Saurs sea is dangerous… Papa always complains about pirates.” Penny says, cautious as always.
“I am sure that Patrick’s ship has guards and weapons. They travelled here safely.” She assures her.
“You’re right” Penny peeks over the tip of her fan as Ryan returns from the dressing room. “I’m just being a nervous sailor”
“I’m sure you’ll meet plenty of sailors that can help you with that” Sarah giggles.
“W…what do you mean by that?” Penny’s reaction only makes sarah laugh more. “Don’t… Don’t tease me like that!” Her raised voice draws Ryan’s attention and he watches the girls with a small chuckle. He tells Jordan to go try on his own outfit then wanders over to the jewelry and examines a few necklaces.
“I… I am going out for air” Penny says quickly before rushing outside. Sarah watches Ryan as he picks out a necklace with a silver chain and bright blue gemstones. He notices her gaze and gives her a smile. “Patrick is very excited about your engagement” He tells her.
“As am I” She responds fanning herself a bit.
“He’ll take good care of you” Ryan promises as he pays for the necklace along with the suits. Jordan comes back out and stands next to him. “Ready to go?” Ryan asks. Jordan nods his head then pulls Ryan out of the store barely giving him time to say farewell to Sarah and queen Amelia. When they get outside he notices Penny standing off to the side fanning herself and trying to calm down. He walks over to her with a smile on his face.
“Have a wonderful day Lady Penny. I hope that you will save a few dances for us at the ball tonight” He tells her. Penny nods her head unable to respond coherently. Ryan takes her free hand and bows pressing a kiss to her knuckles. “Farewell for now milady” He says before walking off, “Come along Jordan.” Penny holds her hand over her heart and watches them walk away. “Oh my dear Goodness” She says to herself.

Chapter Text

Ryan watches his young companion flit about the jewelry store with amusement. Since they arrived nearly ten minutes ago the boy had barely stood still, a new item catching his attention each time it caught the light in the right way. Ryan didn't mind waiting, the joy in Jordan's eyes made him happy. The day they met, Ryan had become fond of the small blue eyed child. His smile warmed Ryan's heart.   
Jordan was one of the most important people in his life. He loved him deeply and regarded him as a younger brother. This often made him fiercely protective. Jordan pressed his face against the glass of a case displaying rings with awe. After a quick glance at the time on his pocket watch he decided it was time to get Jordan back on track. He scanned his eyes over a display, his eyes coming to rest on a coronet that he thought suited the lord.   
He picked up the head peace testing the weight and admiring the craftsmanship. The coronet was gold and designed to look like leaves and vines in the center sat a small oval shaped ruby. "What do you think of this one Jordan?" He called out drawing the boy’s attention. Jordan smiled and hurried over "oooh yes." he said excitedly.   
"Let's see if it fits." Ryan said putting it on Jordan's head gently. "How does it feel?"    
"Perfect" Jordan had a large grin on his face.   
"I'm glad" Ryan gave his shoulder a gentle pat as he went to discuss the payment. Jordan hurried to a minor to examine his new accessory. "It's like it was made just for me." He told Ryan when he returned to his side a few moments later, his coin purse severely lighter than it had previously been.   
"It looks good on you." Ryan said with a soft smile on his lips. Jordan felt his cheeks warm as he gazed up at Ryan.   
 "Thank you Ryan" he said sincerely.   
"You're very welcome Jordy." Ryan says. Just like that Jordan loses his serious composure and hops around the shop singing about his coronet. Ryan's gaze follows him.  
Jordan jumps too far and runs into Ryan knocking both men to the ground. Ryan blinks in surprise from underneath Jordan. "Oopsie... are you okay?" Jordan asks sheepishly.   
"Yes, are you?" Ryan sits up and checks Jordan for any injuries.    
"You broke most of my fall" Jordan says. Ryan isn't sure if that's true, he knows he's mostly bone and not very soft to land on. "I'm glad" hey says when he's sure there was no injury. He straightens Jordan's coronet out a bit and smiles at him. Jordan presses a kiss to his cheek before getting back on his feet. He grasps Ryan's hands and helps him up. Ryan dusts himself off when he regains his balance.   
"No more craziness okay Jordy," he tells him. Jordan nods his head and hums his agreement.   
"Are you ready to head back now?"   
"Yes I am," Ryan gets to the door and holds it open. Despite Ryan's warning Jordan hops out the door with a smile on his face. Ryan follows him out and makes his way back towards the castle.    
"I can't wait to party" Jordan says trying to keep in step with Ryan's long legs.   
"We shall dance all night with all the beautiful ladies."   
"Lucky us." Jordan smiles.   
"Indeed" Ryan returns his smile and pulls Jordan into his arms. He dances around the street with him eliciting a laugh from him.   
"You are so adorable." Ryan says to him.   
 "Why thank you my good sir." Jordan bows grinning at his friend. Ryan kisses his cheek before beginning to make his way back to the castle once again.   
"Poor Patrick has to spend the day taking lessons." Ryan muses, feeling bad for his friend.  
“Yeah, how boring. I don’t see why the princess can’t show him when we get home…”  
“I am sure they will be occupied with other things by then” Ryan says, using a laugh to hide the sadness in his eyes.  
“How naughty!”  
“After all a king needs a lot of little ones”  
“Aw, their kids will be so cute.”  
“I can’t wait to have my own kids! We’ll have sooo much fun” Jordan exclaims. Ryan laughs and ruffles his hair, “No you’re going to ruin my coronet” Jordan moves his head away quickly.  
“I’m being careful” Ryan assures him.  

“Better” Jordan threatens with a nod of his head, though they both know he won’t act on it.  When they arrive back at the palace the preparations are in full effect. Servants run about cleaning, polishing and shining every inch. The sound of the orchestra practicing rings through the halls. The men step to the side as two chef’s hurry past holding a large platter with a bird bigger than a dog hurry by.  

Ryan's stomach rumbles as he watches them and he suddenly remembers that neither of them had eaten that day.   
"Let’s get food" he suggests trying to remember which way the dining hall was. He decides on a random direction and begins to walk, Jordan following close behind.  

A few guards pass them and Jordan watches them almost running into Ryan when he steps to let some maids go by.  
"I wonder where Billy is." he says.  

"Wherever Patrick is most likely" Ryan responds with a shrug.  

"Do you think he's eaten yet?"   

"I'm not sure. Perhaps we should bring him something just in case."   

"Yes, very good idea." The great hall has been set up to accommodate all the guests who had been arriving as the day wore on. Two tables spread across the room. Atop of them laid foods of all sorts. Several courtiers were sitting in various spots along the table eating.  

"Food" Jordan says going to the table, grabbing a plate. Ryan does the same loading as much food as he can onto his plate before sitting beside Jordan. The two men eat in silence for a few moments enjoying the taste of the food.  
"It’s so good." Jordan groans through a mouthful of food. Ryan doesn't have the energy to scold him so he just agrees.  
"We have to get more." Jordan announces reaching for more.  

"Let’s eat it all."  

"Mmm, I like that idea." The two eat until they feel as though they are going to burst. Jordan makes a plate for bill and lets out a yawn.  

"Let's go find Bill." Ryan says once he's but licked his plate clean. Both of them get to their feet and begin to look for the library.  
 Patrick sits at a table in the library attempting to pay attention to the tutor as he drones on and on about the history and rich culture of the island kingdom of Sonia, of course, giving excruciating details of each and every aspect. He regrets agreeing to do this.  

Jordan and Ryan enter the library and make their way to where Bill stands guard, holding a book in his hand but not really reading it. Ryan snakes his arms around Bill's waist and rests his head on his shoulder.  

"Billy, Billy, Bill..." Jordan says, another yawn escaping his lips.  

"You look like you're about to pop" Bill teases them.  

"I ate... A lot" Jordan says. Bill can't help but laugh.  

 "Why did you do that silly boy?"  

"It was yummy." Jordan says. He leans against the guard's other shoulder and lets his eyes drift shut. "Billy we brought you food." he says, just remembering the plate in his hands. Bill takes the plate from him.  

"Thank you Jordan. Ryan can I trust you to keep an eye on the prince for awhile?"  

"Definitely," Bill nods and hands his sword to Ryan, who straps it in place on his belt. 
"Let's go to the rooms and eat Jordan. I can use a quick rest."  

"Billy you were up all night weren't you?" Ryan asks as the realization dawns on him.
"I was." bill admits. "But it was no trouble. The prince's safety is my top priority." 

“Jordan makes sure he takes a nice long nap” Ryan orders.  
“Aye aye” Jordan replies with a salute. Bill chuckles at the two of them and leads Jordan back to his room, taking a few bites of food as they go. 

Patrick glances away from the tutor wishing it wasn’t so boring. He notices Ryan peeking around the corner of a bookshelf with his eyes crossed and his nose scrunched up. Patrick has to cover his mouth to keep from laughing out loud. He tries to give Ryan a scolding look but it’s just met with a childish grin. 

The prince turns his attention back to the tutor and tries to focus, when will this be over? This is more tedious than when I was taking lessons at home. At least then I had Ryan to suffer with me. He thinks. His eyes drift towards his best friend once again. This time Ryan has his lips pushed out in a pout, he holds up a finger with what appears to be a cut on it. Patrick waits until the tutor turns to dig through his bag before blowing a kiss to Ryan, who pretends to catch it with a big smile. Patrick returns the smile and much to his relief Ryan crosses the room and sits beside him. 

“Take notes for me?” Patrick whispers to him as he lays his head on Ryan’s shoulder making the cutest face he can muster. Ryan just smiles and takes the quill writing down notes as Patrick drifts off. Ryan intertwines their fingers under the table bringing a smile to the sleeping prince’s face. 

Ryan listen’s to the tutor speak and quickly writes down things that he thinks Patrick might need to know later. He tries to ignore the fact that Patrick is doing this to please his future father-in-law. A shudder runs through the Prince’s body as his dreams turn to nightmares. “I’m here” Ryan whispers. He gives Patrick’s hand a squeeze trying to wake him gently. Patrick’s features become more distraught and he gasps for air as the nightmares grow darker, the fear suffocating him. “Patrick” Ryan shakes his shoulders his voice filled with worry. 

Patrick shoots to his feet throwing his chair back, the dream is fresh in his mind as he scans the room for a nonexistent threat. Hesitantly, Ryan places his hand on his friends arm. “It’s okay. You’re safe” He reassures him. Patrick breathes deeply calming himself, and apologizes with a shaky voice. “It’s okay” Ryan tells him once again. 

“I need some air…” Patrick tries to rub the sleep and the images from his eyes, “Can you finish up here for me?” 


“Thank you” Patrick leaves the library and makes his way to the garden wrapping his arms around himself tightly. I hate that dream… it feels more like a memory. He stands in the garden and takes a deep breath of the rose scented air, letting the warm summer breeze caress his skin as he empties his mind of everything but the music of the nature surrounding him. 
He’s finally calmed down when the sound of a sob interrupts the peace, he opens his eyes and scans the garden for the source. His eyes fall on a figure standing under a tree, his hands tightly gripping the trunk. It’s a young boy, his clothes are tattered and his skin covered in dirt, the tears falling from his eyes leaving streaks in their wake.

“Hey, are you alright?” Patrick asks taking a step closer. They boy presses closer to the tree, tremors running through his body. Patrick closes the distance between them and holds out a neatly folded handkerchief. The boy takes it hesitantly and holds it with both hands.

“You’re okay now. Can you tell me your name?” he asks gently. It takes the boy a few tries before he’s able to stutter out a response. “Chris” He says his voice barely a whisper. Patrick places his hand gently on Chris’s and gives him a soft smile.
“What brings you to the castle, Chris?” Chris tries to speak but his nerves get the better of him once again and he grips the tree trunk hiding behind it. “Shh, It’s alright” Patrick manages to get him to let go and leads him to a bench rubbing his back. Chris sits down and hides his face in his hands continuing to cry.

“My name’s Patrick” He says attempting to distract the distraught boy, “Ah I know why don’t I show you a magic trick? How does that sound?” Chris glances at him for a brief moment and Patrick takes that as encouragement to continue. He holds his hands up in front of him and turns them so he can see both sides. “Nothing” He says before reaching behind Chris’s ear and pulling it away with a silver coin between his fingers. “Tada!” he exclaims.

He has Chris’s attention now so he places the coin on his palm and rubs his hands together. When he moves them apart a second later the coin has vanished. Chris’s hand shoots to his head and he feels behind his ears for the coin. “Check your pocket” Patrick says with a chuckle. Chris digs his hands into his pockets and retrieves the coin with a look of shock on his face.
“Pretty neat huh” Patrick beams. Chris nods his head and examines the coin closely before wrapping it in the handkerchief and tucking it back into his pocket.

“Have you eaten yet? I missed lunch. Would you like to join me for a meal?” He asks Chris. The boy hesitates, his eyes darting about the garden nervously. When he’s sure they’re alone he turns his arm over revealing an angry red ‘S’ burned into his arm, a slave. Patrick’s lips turn down and he furrows his brow.

“Ah I see. Did you run away then? Is the owner a resident of Sonia?” He asks, disgusted by the thought of claiming ownership of another human being.

“I…” Chris takes a deep breath, “from ship” He tries to explain. Patrick places his hands on hi shoulders. “Would you like to stay with me?” He asks “There are no slaves in Fenia, you’d be free to have a better chance in life.”

“Can… Can I?” Chris seems to be shocked by the idea. A smile lights up Patrick’s face as he nods.

“Of course. I already have two kiddies that I pretty much kidnapped. Oh but not really though, they just live at the castle and I take care of them, and they aren’t really kids anymore” Patrick explains. Chris contemplates for a moment then nods his head. Patrick stands up straight and holds out his hands. “We’ll be here for a little while, but I think you and Jordan are about the same size. You can borrow something of theirs for the ball tonight”

Chris looks up at the prince with confusion in his eyes. Patrick returns his gaze with a chuckle as he pulls him to his feet. “You’re part of the family now, you get to have fun with the rest of us”

“Oh… Okay” Chris manages to say clearly.

“Great!” Patrick says before escorting him inside to the dining hall. Chris trails behind him, a small smile playing on his lips. “How old are you Chris?” Patrick asks, making idle conversation.

“Sev… seventeen” Chris stutters. Patrick is surprised, his face and size make him seem younger. “Ah a year younger than Jordan” He chuckles as he recovers. “He’ll be glad he’s not the youngest anymore.” Chris just nods his head nervously.

“We’ll hold out on meeting everyone until you’re a little more comfortable” Patrick goes to pat the boys shoulder but he shies away, more nervous now that they are indoors and surrounded by people giving him curious looks.

“My my it does smell quite good in here, I wonder what they’re cooking up” Patrick says, seemingly oblivious to the stares. They enter the dining hall and Patrick makes himself a plate before finding a seat. Chris stands near him staring at all the food in amazement. “You can eat as much as you wish” Patrick says as he begins to eat. Chris picks up a pear and takes a bite, closing his eyes in enjoyment as the fresh fruit washes over his taste buds. He devours the fruit quickly then begins to pick up different fruits attempting to hold them all in one arm.

Patrick laughs at his enthusiasm and sends a maid to get a basket for him. Ryan stomps into the dining hall as she leaves and makes his way towards them. “Patrick” He says sternly.

“Yes Ryan?” He asks casually before taking a large bite of food that would make his etiquette teacher cringe.
“Don’t just vanish like that. You had me worried” He scolds. Patrick swallows before answering.

“I apologize. I met this young man and I think He’s starting to open up to me a bit” He gives Chris a smile, “Right Chris?”
Chris looks at him then looks back down continuing to carefully put the fruit into his newly acquired basket. “What a cute boy” Ryan says.

“Ryan, this is Chris. He’ll be staying with us from now on. He’s quite shy so you and Jordan had better not push him past his comfort. Let him get used to everything first. Chris, this is my best friend George Ryan Ross the third, but you can just call him Ryan or he’ll whine”

“Damn right I will” Ryan nods.

“Oh I seem to have set him off” Patrick rolls his eyes “Ryan’s a brat sometimes but he means well. He’ll help take good care of you” Patrick places his hand on the boys head but moves it quickly when he ducks away. Patrick takes a deep breath and reminds himself to be patient.

“It will be okay in time” He says, “Ah, Ryan do you think you can put together an outfit for Chris for this evening?”
“I think I can manage. He’s about Jordan’s size a little thinner maybe.” Chris takes a grape out of his basket and pops it into his mouth with a smile.

“Thank you Ryan”

“No problem. Oh, has Jordan shown you his new coronet yet?” Ryan asks taking a seat. Patrick tries to remember when he last saw Jordan.

“No I haven’t seen him all afternoon”

“That’s right. He and Bill went to take naps” Ryan remembers. Patrick frowns as he thinks of his lone guard. “If I had known we’d extend our visit I would have brought someone else along as well. I feel terrible”

“Billy gave me his sword” Ryan grins as he puts his hand on the hilt. “Dangerous” Patrick mumbles. Chris lets out a gasp and they both look at him. He watches sadly as a grape he dropped rolls across the floor. “My grape” He says quietly as his eyes well up with tears.

“It’s alright Chris. There are other grapes” Patrick’s words fall to deaf ears as Chris goes after the grape and picks it up. “Poor grape” He says. He wipes it on his shirt then pops it into his mouth. “Unsanitary” Ryan says looking grossed out.
“You don’t like wasting food huh” Patrick says.

“He’s even thinner than me. Probably doesn’t eat much. Where did he even come from?” Ryan asks.

“We can discuss that another time.” Patrick responds as he watches Chris pick up a piece of bread and nibble it.

“Are you being a naughty little prince?” Ryan teases.

“Not at all, and I resent the accusation” Patrick crosses his arms.

Ryan remembers the necklace and smiles a bit. “I got you a present” He tells the prince.

“For me?” Patrick asks, his cheeks turning pink. “You shouldn’t have”

“Well I did. Now close your eyes” He instructs. Patrick does as he’s told and waits for Ryan to reveal it. Ryan opens his pack and carefully removes the necklace. He stands behind the prince and hangs a diamond shaped silver pendant with a large sapphire in the center, an intricate design is carved around it. Patrick stares at the necklace in awe. “It’s wonderful Ryan. I won’t ever take it off. Praise Arini it’s gorgeous. Thank you” Ryan smiles softly at the man beside him. “I’m glad you like it Patrick”

“No, I love it”

“Good” Ryan mumbles, his choice of words making the younger man blush.

“The ball is drawing near” Patrick says suddenly reminding them both. Ryan takes a second to compose himself before answering.

“You’ll get to dance the night away with princess Sarah” Ryan teases tapping the princes’ nose affectionately. “Yeah…” Patrick says with a blush.

“We should start getting ready. Chris’s outfit might need adjustments” Ryan says. Patrick nods his head and gets to his feet. “Come along Chris. We need to get you bathed and dressed” Patrick calls out. Chris looks over at them as he tries to put another grape in his already full mouth.

“You ready?” Patrick asks “You can bring the basket with you” Chris nods and stands up holding the basket close.
“I’ll wake Jordan and meet in your room”

“Alright” Patrick says before leading Chris back to his room. Ryan takes a few deep breaths before hurrying to Jordan’s room. He lets himself in and jumps onto the bed. “Jordan!” He yells tugging the blanket off him.
“Huh?” Jordan mumbles barely waking.

“You have to see the cutie Patrick found. Oh and get ready for the ball” Ryan speaks quickly.

“One topic… at a time” Jordan speaks through a yawn.

“Okay, okay. Ball, get dressed, hair, yada yada yada”

“Mkay” Ryan gets up and pulls Jordan to his feet. “I’ll take a bath first”

“You can use Patrick’s”

“Why can’t I just use my own?”

“Because I want us all to get ready together, We won’t be able to once Patrick is married” Ryan says softly. Now that everything is about to change he wishes he had not taken things for granted.

Jordan pulls Ryan into his arms and hugs him tightly. “Sure we can. I’m sure the princess would love a peepshow” He jokes trying to lighten the mood. He presses a kiss to Ryan’s cheek then lets him go to gather the things he’ll need. Their suits had already been delivered to Patrick’s room so he only needed to get things for his bath. Ryan retrieves a suit from Jordan’s luggage then follows him to Patrick’s room.

“Maybe” he says solemnly.

“The prince is reliant on you. He won’t change just because of his royal duty”

“He is to be king. His duty should come first”

“This is Patrick we’re talking about”

“I know, I know. You’re probably right…”

“Yes now stop worrying about it” He says before going into Patrick’s room and greeting him.

“Hello Jordan” Patrick replies. Ryan enters behind him and places the suit on a chair. Chris watches them from where he sits on the floor, his basket clutched to his chest.

“Jordan that young man over there is Chris. Chirs this is Jordan” Jordan turns to look at Chris and freezes. He swears his heart stops for a moment when their eyes meet. They look at each other other for a second before Chris drops his eyes to the floor. Jordan shakes himself out of the daze. “Hi” He says Chris glances at him for a split second before looking back down and nodding his head silently.

Ryan leans close to jordan and whispers. “What did I tell you. He’s cute right”

“I guess” Jordan admits, his cheeks tinted pink. He hurries to the bathroom and starts to prepare the bath.

“Do you have some clothes for chris?” Patrick asks as he buttons his shirt. Ryan looks everywhere but at him. “Yes I brought them. Though by the looks of him he’ll need a good scrub first. Where did you say he came from?”

“I didn’t”

“Ah that’s right”

“You can wash up after Jordan alright Chris” Patrick says quickly changing the subject. Chris looks at Patrick with a confused look on his face, Patrick turns to him and frowns. “You have bathed before right? He asks.

“B…Bathed?” Chris looks even more confused.

“Right… Jordan are you in the bath yet?” Patrick calls. Jordan sticks his head out the door. “No it’s still warming up”
“Can you help Chris take a bath first? I’m already dressed.” Patrick asks

“Sure” Jordan’s cheeks turn an even darker shade of pink. Chris gets his new clothes from Ryan and goes to the bathroom with Jordan.

Chris stands next to the bath and undresses when Jordan instructs him to. Jordan picks up a cloth and wets it in the tub. Chris is hesitant at first but after being reassured a few times he allows Jordan to start wiping him down. Jordan isn’t sure what it is about the boy but he finds himself growing more and more attracted to him the longer he spends with him. The four men continue to get ready for the ball not speaking much. Chris sits quietly in a chair until Jordan has finished his own bath.

“Don’t forget your coronet Jordan” Ryan speaks up as they prepare to leave the room. Jordan hurries back to his things and picks up the coronet. He examines it carefully then walks over to Chris and places it gently on his head. “It looks better on you” He says giving the nervous boy a small smile. Chris wraps his arms around Jordan and presses his face into his shirt, mumbling that he’s cold. Jordan holds him close and kisses his cheek with a smile on his face. The younger man has grown attached to him in the short time they’ve spent together and Jordan doesn’t mind that at all.

Chapter Text

Patrick and Ryan watch the two younger boys and they can't help but smile at the way the two are acting. They can't help but wonder if something happened while the two were in the bathroom. Jordan stands Chris in front of a body length mirror so that he can see himself. Chris smiles at Jordan's reflection, as the older boy wraps his arms around his waist and hooks his chin over his shoulder. "You'll dance with me right?" He asks softly. Chris leans back against him a blush on his face.

"I...can't" He mumbles.

"I'll teach you" Jordan says happily. Patrick leans towards Ryan and whispers to him.

"I feel like a third wheel" Ryan nods his head with a grin on his face. "Chris, you can stay with Jordan at the ball, I'll be surrounded by people and I don't think you'd be comfortable with that." Patrick says as he puts his crown on his head. Chris nods not ready to move from his place. "Like Jordan was gonna let him go" Ryan teases.

"He's so cute and huggable" Jordan says hugging him tightly. Chris blushes red and hides his face with his hands embarrassed by all the attention he's receiving. Jordan blows lightly on the back of Chris's neck making a shiver run through him and his face to turn an even brighter shade of red. "They might not make it to the ball" Ryan whispers to Patrick as he fixes his shirt a bit.

"That’s alright" Patrick chuckles glad to see them both happy. He opens the door and looks at Ryan. "We should go see how things are going in the ballroom. You two come down when you're ready" He tells them before taking Ryan's hand and leaving the room. "We're all alone now" Jordan whispers before pressing his lips against Chris's neck.

"Everyone is going to want to dance with the handsome foreign prince" Ryan says as the two make their way towards the cheerful music emanating from the center of the castle. "Only if it's okay with my fiancée" Patrick reminds him. Ryan lets out a chuckle, "I'll have to comfort all the poor disappointed girls."

"Have fun with that"

"Oh I will have a lot of fun tonight" Ryan grins. Patrick can't help but chuckle at his antics. "I bet you will."

"Just think of all the repressed men in this kingdom"

"Good grief" Patrick shakes his head causing Ryan to let out a laugh. "Keep in mind our kingdom is more open than others." He reminds the mischievous duke.

"I am aware of that. But I have already seen several men who could use some openness in their lives and who better to be open with than a man from a foreign country who will never return."

"I guess I won't be seeing you until we leave. You sound like you'll be busy." Patrick chuckles uncomfortably. Ryan just smiles and nudges the prince's arm "You can't get rid of me that easily."

"Oh darn"

"I will always be beside you" Ryan says quietly the joking gone from his voice. Patrick pats his back gently before they step into the ballroom. They both freeze in place as they take in the grandeur of the room. The floor has been shined to perfection and decorations hang all about the room. The chandelier that hangs over the center is lit with hundreds of candles. The guests have already begun to arrive, a few of them are already on the dance floor. Their clothes are perfect the women’s dresses flowing out around them with each twirl as they dance to the music each step perfectly calculated.

There are tables scattered about the room forming a circle around the dance floor, white satin table clothes hang over them and the finest of the china has been brought out, each one set perfectly in place with a multitude of perfectly polished silverware set on either side of it. In the center of each table is a vase filled with beautifully vibrant flowers.

Patrick has been to many such occasions in his life time. Yet somehow this one feels different. He feels nervous and he’s sure that everyone will be paying close attention to him, trying to figure out just what kind of man he is. Trying to figure out what good he’ll bring their kingdom. He spies Sarah standing near the front door with the Queen and Lady Penny. He feels his cheeks flush as he takes in her appearance. Her hair is curled into ringlets, with half tied back in a bun. Two strands hang loose framing her face. Her dress is the colors of the royal family, the gold and red fabric cascade down from the tight bodice and glides across the floor when she moves. "Beautiful..." He says quietly. Ryan nudges him towards the princess.

"Go ask her to dance" He tells him.

"Right..." Patrick makes his way over to them and bows, "Good evening"

"Hello" Sarah replies lifting her skirts as she curtsies, a smile on her face. Ryan comes up behind the prince. He catches Penny's eye and winks at her making her blush. Patrick holds out his hand to the princess and smiles at her. "May I have this dance my Princess" He asks. Sarah's cheeks redden as she takes his hand. "I would be delighted" Patrick lifts her hand and kisses it before leading her out onto the dance floor. Ryan and Penny watch them walk away for a moment before Ryan turns back to her and holds out his hand.

“So how about that dance milady” He asks with a smile.

“I… I um… Alright…” Penny hesitates then takes his hand. Ryan smiles and leads her out to the dance floor.

Patrick holds Sarah close as they turn about the dance floor in time with the music. He looks into her bright blue eyes as he tries to imagine his future with this beautiful woman on his arm. She smiles up at him a light blush on her cheeks as she dances, praying she doesn’t make a mistake and step on his shoes or do something else to embarrass herself.

“I am sorry that we have not been able to spend much time together” She tells him. 

“It is alright. We will get to spend a lot of time together after the wedding” 

“I look forward to getting to know more about you”

“Well, what would you like to know?”

“Everything, your favorites and your least favorites, I want to know about your country and your friends.” Patrick lets out a soft chuckle.

“I could go on and on. But I think it would be better to discover some things on your own. Keep it interesting” He smiles.

“You are right” Sarah replies.

“I am going to enjoy finding out everything that makes you happy my dear.” Patrick says as he spins her around. “I am going to give you the world and protect you with all my might” 

“Thank you Patrick” She responds.

“You don’t have to thank me” He smiles.

“You are so sweet”

“Thank you” He says her compliment making him blush. Sarah glances around before pressing a kiss to his cheek. Patrick smiles and continues to dance with her as a new song begins. “Your brother doesn’t seem to like me very much” 

“My brother refuses to believe I am no longer a small child”

“Well, that explains it”

“He seems to have a hard time letting go. I am sure it will be even harder for him when his own children are born.”

“I believe it” Patrick chuckles.

“Your friend seems to be enjoying Penny’s company” Sarah observes as she sees the two dancing nearby. She’s happy to see him paying Penny so much attention. Perhaps they both will soon have new husbands. 

“He is a very personable guy.” Patrick nods. He wonders how she would react if she knew Ryan’s attraction was only for men.

“So I have noticed”

“People just bloom when he is around. Of course he has his flaws, but he is pretty great. He loves people and people love him, when they can bare him” Patrick says fondly.

“I heard that” Ryan says as he and Penny come closer to the couple. Patrick just chuckles. 

“I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true” Patrick tells him. Ryan just grins back and returns his attention to Penny, who is now looking down to watch where she steps. “Can you bare me, lady Penny?” He asks. Penny flushes red.

“B..Bare you what?” She stutters. 

“My personality perhaps” He says with a smile as he catches Patrick’s eyes.

“Oh! It’s um… I suppose so” She says embarrassed by all the attention. Ryan smiles and spins her around before pulling her close again.

 “Some people say I am too forward but I can’t help it. When I see someone attractive I must act”

“I…y… uh…” Penny tries to speak but can’t manage to form a proper word let alone a sentence. Sarah giggles.

“Easy Ryan, She might pop if you give her so much attention” Patrick teases. Ryan chuckles and looks back at Penny.

“I… Air” She says quickly before stepping back and fleeing to the garden.

“Aw” Ryan pouts as he watches her.

“It’s all your fault” Patrick tells him. 

“Perhaps” Ryan says with a smile before leaving the dance floor to get himself a drink. He nods at Jordan as he enters the ballroom, with a noticeably flustered Chris on his arm, then settles against a wall with a glass of champagne to watch Patrick as he continues to dance with Princess Sarah, a smile lighting up his face the whole time.

Chapter Text

                 Jordan stands near the table full of food, a wine glass in one hand and his other wrapped around Chris’s waist keeping him close. Ryan and Patrick have both warned him several times throughout the night that the people of Sonia are not as understanding of same sex couples as other countries are. They’re very hung up on their traditions. But none of that bothers Jordan. He enjoys the way he feels with Chris close to him. So he’s not going to let him go anytime soon.

                Over the sound of the music a bell can barely be heard tolling out the hour. Chris tilts his head to the side and his eyes scan over the crowd. He frees himself from Jordan’s embrace as he spots something in the distance.

                “Are you Alright?” Jordan asks. Chris nods his head and turns to Jordan.

                “Stay” He tells him before pressing a kiss to his cheek. He runs out to the garden pushing past people to get outside. Patrick sees him and watches the boy as he brushes past. He excuses himself from the conversation he was having with the princess and some lord of some sort and heads out into the garden. He tries to follow the boy but the dim light makes it hard and soon Chris has vanished from sight. Patrick came to a stop on the spot where he’d lost him and looked around.

                “Chris?” He calls out. But the boy is nowhere to be seen, however Patrick is not alone in the garden. A few feet from him a man sits on a bench with one leg crossed over the other, his head is tilted back and his eyes closed. Patrick is startled for a second to find someone else out there but recovers quickly. “Excuse me; have you seen a young boy run past?” Patrick asks. The man opens his eyes and lifts his head looking at Patrick. His black hair falls over one of his eyes as he looks the prince over.

                “I have not your highness” He says. Patrick is intrigued by the man, he wonders why he’s out here in the dark alone but he doesn’t have time to question it. He needs to find Chris and to make sure he’s okay. He lets out a sigh and begins to look. From the corner of his eye he sees the man stand up.

                “You should be enjoying your party. I am sure some guards can search for the boy” The man suggests.

                “I don’t care about the party. Chris!” Patrick yells. The man stands next to Patrick, he notices that he’s just a bit taller.

                “Perhaps the party bored him” He suggests.

                “I doubt he’d dash out like he did in a wave of boredom. Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to find my friend” Patrick snaps. The man just smiles at him and Patrick struggles to not stare.

                 "Allow me to assist you in your search then."

                “Thank you” He says briskly before returning to his search. The man helps him, neither of them speaking for a bit.

                “Is that him?” The man asks suddenly as he points back towards the castle. Patrick looks and sure enough he sees Chris heading through the doors into the ballroom the light from inside glinting off the coronet on his head. He lets out a sigh of relief.


                “Maybe he just needed a bit of fresh air” The man suggests.

                “Maybe… Thank you for your help” Patrick needs to go talk to Chris and make sure that everything is really okay. He looks up at the man for a moment wondering who he is.

                “It was my pleasure your highness” The man smiles. He takes a step closer and lifts Patrick’s hand to his lips kissing it. “Enjoy your party” He smiles before turning to walk away. Patrick stares after him for a second. There’s something about the man that has captured his attention but he’s not quite sure what it is. He feels drawn to him and he’s not ready for their conversation to end.

                “Wait” He calls after him, “Aren’t you going back into the party?” The man stops and looks back at the prince.

                “I’m afraid not. I much prefer the outdoors. Although the music is pleasant” Patrick doesn’t know why but he’s disappointed. “I see… Good night then.” He says. He turns to head back inside but this time it’s the man that stops him.

                “Your highness” Patrick stops and looks back at him. “Would it be odd for me to ask for a dance?” He asks. Patrick stares at him surprised. He tries to hide his exciment.

                “You want to dance with me?”

                “I do” The man offers his hand. Patrick’s cheeks flush as he looks at the mans hand. He should go back inside and dance with Sarah, he should learn more about her, but he doesn’t want to

                “I suppose since you did help me, it’s the least I could do.” He says before walking back to the man and taking his hand. The man wraps his arm around Patrick’s waist and holds him close. Patrick blushes even more and clears his throat before speaking.

                “You can’t be from Sonia…” Patrick says as he places his hand on the man’s shoulder, “Where are you from?” The man begins to dance and Patrick lets him take the lead, unsure why he’s feeling this way.

                “I was born in Arvendon. I have travelled many places since.” He explains.

                “Ah, I’ve only been to Arvendon once.”

                “You are not missing much” The man shrugs. Patrick can’t figure out who he is.

                “Is that right? You said you traveled. Are you a sailor?”

                “I spend much time on ships, however I’ve never gotten the knack for working them”

                “The Saurs sea can be dangerous. Have you ever been attacked?”


                “That’s good. Those pirates can be very cruel” The prince says with a frown on his face.

                “So I have heard”

                “It’s hard to fathom the appeal of harming others for personal gain, maybe there is some dark evil seed inside some people.”

                “Perhaps there is” The man spins the prince then pulls him close again. Their faces are just inches apart now. “Perhaps the seed is in everyone. Just waiting for something to give it the nourishment it needs to grow.” Patrick’s face feels hot. His gaze is drawn to the mysterious man’s lips and he can’t help but wonder what they taste like.

                “Perhaps…” he attempts to distract himself. “Those people could just be weak souls that prey on those stronger than them. Like leeches.”

                “All very good theories” The man moves closer, it would take just a small movement for their lips to touch. Patrick looks into his eyes and finds himself unable to look away, his heart is racing in his chest and he’s sure that the man can feel it.

                “In… Indeed” He stutters.

                “You are even more handsome up close” The man says suddenly, bringing his hand up to caress the prince’s cheek.

                “I… um…” Patrick steps back. “I should head back inside… My fiancée is probably looking for me” He’s talking more to remind himself, he can’t give into the temptation. The man nods his head then steps close to the prince once again. He presses a kiss to his cheek almost touching Patrick’s lips.

                “Enjoy the party your highness” He whispers into his ear. A shiver runs down Patrick’s spine and his cheeks flush a bright red.

                “Th… Thank you” He stutters. His hand comes up and he touches the spot the man’s lip touched, it feels like it’s on fire. “Stay safe, uh I don’t know your name…”


                “Stay safe Peter” Patrick says. He smiles at him then turns to head inside. “Peter” he whispers to himself once more before he reenters the ball room and looks for Sarah in the crowds.

Chapter Text

                Patrick finds Sarah inside the ballroom watching the people dance. He stands besides her offering her his arm. Sarah smiles at him and links their arms together. ‘That was… Different. Who was that man?’ He wonders as his eyes scan over the crowds.

                “Did I miss anything?” He asks Sarah, shakes her head.

                “No I don’t believe so. Father will be making the announcement soon. Though I’m sure everyone knows by now” She tells him. Patrick pats her hand and smiles.

                “Be ready for many congratulations and teases”

                “Not too many I hope” She says with a small blush on her cheeks. Ryan makes his way over to them and stands on Patrick’s other side.

                “Patrick is Chris still outside?” He asks, his voice tinted with worry.

                “No he came in a bit ago”

                “No one has seen him” Ryan frowns. Patrick’s eyes widen and he scans the ballroom. He was sure that Chris had come back inside.

                “You, William and Jordan go look for him. If something happens to him… Find him as soon as possible” If someone finds out he’s a slave he’ll be taken away once again. “I’ll join the search as soon as the announcement is done.” He wishes that he could join right away but he can’t anger King Godfry. Ryan nods and hurries back to Jordan.

                “Has he seen him?” Jordan asks when Ryan reaches him.

                “He said Chris came back inside first… Let’s find William and start searching” Panic fills Jordan as he thinks of all the bad things that could have happened to Chris. He curses himself for letting the boy go off on his own. “You get Billy” He tells Ryan before running off to begin searching. He runs through the halls checking each room that he passes. ’Chris please be okay’ He silently pleads.

                He runs out the front door his eyes scanning the area. There’s hundreds of carriages sitting in front of the castle. Some are arriving and some are leaving. If Chris is in one of them it could take hours to find him. “Chris!” Jordan yells as loudly as he can. “Chris where are you!” He’s out of breath from running but he continues to yell as he moves between the carriages. “Why did you leave…?” He says quietly as he leans against a carriage trying to catch his breath.

                Chris sits rigidly in the seat of the carriage a cloak wrapped around his shoulders. He moves the curtain aside a bit and peeks out. “Jordan…” He whispers. He takes the coronet off his head and holds it close to his heart his eyes filling with tears.

                “You’ll see him again soon” Pete says. He knocks on the wall and the driver moves the carriage forward. Chris hugs himself tightly and tries to keep his tears from falling.

                Ryan catches up to Jordan and puts a hand gently on his shoulder. Guards search the castle searching for the missing boy. Jordan’s eyes well up with tears. “What if something happened to him..? I should have gone with him… I shouldn’t have stayed” He blames himself.

                “Hey” Ryan pulls the younger man into his arm. “We’ll make sure he’s found” Jordan presses his face into Ryan’s shirt and cries. He could have saved Chris. He could have stopped him from going outside. William joins the two of them after a bit longer.

                “Anything?” he asks. Ryan lets out a sigh and shakes his head.

                “I… I’m going to keep looking” Jordan mumbles. He moves back from Ryan and goes back to searching, calling for Chris as he goes. Ryan turns to William with a concerned look on his face. He knows that Jordan won’t give up easily.

                “Some guards saw him walk out on his own…” William tells him with a sigh.

                “He can’t have gotten far.” Ryan says before going to help with the search.


The group remains in Sonia a few days longer than they had planned. They search high and low for the missing boy to no avail. Jordan has lost his voice from the constant yelling. He’s hardly eaten or slept spending all the time he’s awake searching for Chris.

But now they’ve run out of time. They must return to Fenia as quickly as possible in order for Patrick to take the thrown and fix the things that his father has done. None of them want to leave not knowing where Chris is. Patrick hates how much pain he can see in Jordan’s eyes.

They arrive at the docks early in the morning and gather near the ship watching as their belongings are loaded onto it. Patrick leans against a light post and rubs his eyes. He’s hardly gotten any sleep recently. But he knows that what he’s feeling is nothing close to the sorrow that’s filling Jordan. Ryan stands next to Jordan his arm around his shoulders as Jordan hugs himself. They had to force him to leave the castle.

There is ten people in their party now. Sarah has chosen to bring along a lady in waiting, a girl by the name of Z Berg. While Penny has brought her lady in waiting Katelyn Gentry, and her young chamber maid Charlie Bradbury.

Sarah and Penny stand side by side watching the water as they wait for the captain’s word that they can board the ship. This will be the first time either of them has left the country and its nerve wracking. Sarah is worried that she hasn’t been able to spend more time with Patrick. She wanted to get to know him better but they’ve barely seen each other since the night their engagement was announced. She doesn’t blame him for it though. His friend is missing and she understands that he’s worried about him.

“Are you excited for the Journey Penny?” She asks her friend. Penny smiles a bit and nods her head.

“Yes, Mother and Father were upset when we left. But I can’t wait to see all the new places.” She replies as she looks over the ship. The Vittoria is the finest galleon in the king’s service. Captained by Dean Winchester it is the largest ship on the ocean with the finest sailors in all of Fenia. Sam Winchester, the captain’s younger brother serves as the first mate despite having just turned fourteen. Dallon Weekes, the navigator. Castiel Angelos, though officially a healer at the palace often sails on the ship a close friends of the captain. Jeremy Davis, Taylor York and several other men, each handpicked and loyal to a fault.

Dean descends the gangplank using a rag to wipe the sweat from his brow. He speaks to a few of his crew members before approaching the prince.

“Your highness” He says with a bow.

“Yes Dean?” Patrick asks as he stands straight.

“We are all set to sail.”

“Thank you. Everyone ready to go?” He asks his group.

“Yes we are” Sarah says giving him a smile. The group boards the ship going to get settled into their own rooms. Ryan rubs Jordan’s back gently.

“The king’s men will keep searching.” He assures him as he leads the younger man onto the ship. “We will have word as soon as they find anything.”

“Yeah…” Jordan answers him quietly. Ryan leads him to his quarters and helps him to get settled. Patrick boards the ship last. He stops at the top of the gangplank and looks back at Sonia with a sigh then leans on the railing watching as the last preparations are made. Ryan joins him after a bit, taking the princes hand.

“Hey” He says to him.


“What’s wrong Patrick?” He asks as he leads Patrick to his room.

“I… I can’t stop worrying about Chris… and now we’re leaving. Jordan barely talks anymore… Not to mention I have this unsettling feeling in my stomach.”

“I know… but what choice do we have?”

“My mind keeps thinking of the worst scenarios” Patrick admits with a shake of his head. “But I have to focus… Once Sarah and I are wed I need to ascend to the throne. I need to get my father out of power as soon as I can or our kingdom will fall.”

“Let me worry about Jordan and Chris. I will take care of them. I want you to take care of yourself” Ryan tells him. Patrick nods his head.


“Get some rest. I’ll have someone bring you some tea to help you sleep”

“Thank you…” Patrick takes his coat off and sets it over the back of a chair before sitting down on his bed. Ryan waits for a moment to make sure that

                “The ship is very rocky” Charlie says to herself as she attempts to stay balanced as the waves rock the ship. Penny giggles at her chambermaid.

                “You are just not balanced silly.” She tells her.

                “Milady!” Charlie gasps. She hadn’t known she was being watched. She takes a step back and loses her balance falling backwards. Sam drops he bucket he was carrying and catches her.

                “Hello there” He says cheerfully as he sets her back on her feet.

                “Hello” She replies a blush tinting her cheeks.

                “You should be careful” He tells her.

                “Y… Yeah I should.” She looks down at her feet in embarrassment.

                “Sam there’s a lot of work to be done” Dallon scolds, “Just because you’re Dean’s brother doesn’t mean you can slack off.”

                “I am not slacking off. I’m caring for our passengers”

                “Go help pull up the anchor” Dallon orders before turning back to pulling the gangplank the rest of the way onto the ship. Sam makes a face at him and goes to join Jeremy and Taylor.

                “Dallon is being a jerk” He complains to them.

                “Dallon is always a Jerk” Jeremy agrees.

                “I should tell Dean…”

                “I’ll pick on Dallon later” Jeremy promises the boy. The three of them finish pulling in the anchor and lock it into place. Jeremy wipes the sweat from his brow and leans against the railing.

                Sarah climbs the stairs to the main deck and looks around as she tries to get used to the rocking of the ship. They will be on it for quite some time and she’s not sure she’ll be able to relax if she isn’t. Her eyes come to rest on Jeremy and she freezes.

                “Geez it’s unbelievably hot today” Jeremy complains.

                “Probably because of all the hot ladies on board” Taylor says with a chuckle. Sam shakes his head. “Just saying. The one with the blue eyes” Taylor lets out a whistle, “She’s as beautiful as a goddess”

                “You have an audience, boys” The captain’s voice calls from the upper deck. The three of them look up at him then across the deck to where Sarah stands. She blushes and hides her face behind her fan.

                “Oh would you look at that” Jeremy says.

                “Forgive me…” Sarah says softly “I did not mean to eavesdrop”

                “No harm done your highness” He tells her.

                “Only Taylor really said anything shameful” Sam grins at the other man.

                “I spoke the truth.” Taylor exclaims. Dean picks up a scrub brush and weighs it in his hand for a moment before dropping it down onto Taylor’s head.

                “Ow captain!” Sam and Jeremy laugh at their companion’s pain.

                “The brush has chosen you. Use it with great care as you scrub the deck” The captain tells him. Taylor grumbles under his breath and he goes to get a bucket to scrub the deck. “Sammy come up here, we’re setting sail. Positions men!”

                “Coming!” Sam yells. He runs to the upper deck and stands beside Dean as he barks orders at the crew, the sails are opened and the ship is on its way.

                Penny leans against the railing of the ship and closes her eyes as she lets the wind blow her hair from her face. She’s nervous about leaving home. She knows that her parents were not all for her leaving but she decided that it was time for her to see more of the world, and she’s not alone. She has Katelyn, Sarah and Charlie.

                “Milady please don’t lean like that” Katelyn says with a worried expression. Penny moves back and gives her lady in waiting an apologetic smile.

                “It's alright” Ryan sits on the railing and kicks his feet cheerfully “If you fall in I’ll jump in after you” He winks.

                “Hello Mr.… Ryan...” Penny says with a blush.

                “Just Ryan please” He tells her with a smile.

                “O… Okay…”

                “Are you excited to see Fenia?”


                “I would very much like to show you around when we get there.”

                “I… I’d like that”

                “It’ll be fun” He grins.

                “I bet it will.” Penny says smiling.

                A knock on his door draws Patrick from his thoughts. He gets up slowly and goes to the door opening it up. Princess Sarah’s maid Z stands there with a tea trey in her hands. “Lord Ross asked me to bring you some tea” She explains.

                “Oh right, thank you” Patrick holds the door open and steps aside. Z comes into the room and sets the trey down on the table. She turns to Patrick and curtsies before leaving the room. Patrick closes the door and sits back down on his bed. He pours himself a cup of tea and takes a sip as he stares out the window. ‘Chris… I hope you’re okay… Arini keep watch over that boy and please reunite him with Jordan soon’ He prays to the goddess.

Chapter Text

                The moon shines brightly in the sky shining down on the Vittoria as it slowly moves through the almost eerily still ocean sailing towards its destination, the fate of an entire country depending on it. All is silent accept for the sound of the wind in the sails. Everyone sleeps soundly below deck while Dallon takes his turn steering the ship and keeping watch. There’s nothing around the ship for miles and not a cloud in the sky. Dallon takes one more walk around the ship keeping a close eye out for any irregularities before taking a seat against a crate near the wheel. Everything is peaceful. He decides to rest his eyes for just a bit. It only takes a few minutes for the gentle rocking of the ship to lull him to sleep.

                Time seems to creep along as the sky darkens, clouds covering the moon and making it impossible to see anything beyond the lone lantern that hangs next to the wheel. Another ship seems to materialize alongside of the Vittoria. A long board is placed across the gap between the two ships and a several figures with black bandanas tied over their noses board the Vittoria silently and hide in the shadows. A door to the lower deck opens up and Patrick steps onto the deck taking a deep breath of the cool night air. He squints his eyes trying to make out the shape of the ship beside them. “What…” He mumbles, confused in his half asleep state.

                Before he has time to properly process what is happening one of the intruders sneaks behind him and grabs his arms tightly while another stuffs a rag into his mouth and ties a cloth bag over his head. Patrick struggles to get free from their grasp as his hands are bound behind his back. “Pirates!” He tries to yell through his gag praying that he can make enough noise to alert the others of the threat. The pirate holding him pulls him to the railing of the ship. “Got one for you Andy” his voice calls out. Patrick feels himself lifted up and thrown, he’s in the air for only a moment before his body hits another and arms hold him tightly. He struggles to get free but senses its futile when he’s tied to what he assumes is a mast.

                The pirates board the Vittoria and spread out preparing to round up everyone. Penny is awakened to a sword on her throat as one of the pirates looms over her. “On your feet” He orders his voice just a whisper, “Make a sound and Ill slit your throat.”

                “Leave milady alone!” Charlie yells as she comes up behind him and hits him with a candle stick. The pirate turns quickly and kicks the small girls feel from under her.

                “Please… I will go with you… Leave her alone” Penny pleads sitting up.

                “Milady…” Charlie whispers from where she lays on the ground. There’s a commotion outside the door and suddenly William falls into the room a tall pirate with darker skin stands in the doorway with a sword in his hand.

                “Nosy guard” He grumbles tying Williams hands together, “You got them Bren?” He asks. The other Pirate, Brendon, nods his head and ties Charlie’s hands together.

                “No problem” He says. He pulls Penny out of her bed and ties her hands together. Charlie looks watches tears filling her eyes.

                “It will be okay Charlie… Just stay calm. Arini is watching over us” Penny whispers trying to stay calm for the younger girl’s sake. Brendon pulls the two girls to the deck and walks to the railing of the ship.

                “Andy got some ladies” He calls.

                “Be careful” Andy warns him. Charlie fights against the ropes that bind her hands and tries to get free from Brendon’s grasp.

                “If you don’t stop I will hurt you” He growls at the child.

                “Charlie, Listen okay. I promise that everything will be okay” Penny pleads with her. Charlie listens to Penny and stands still tears falling down her face. Brendon lifts penny onto the railing of the ship.

                “Jump now before I push you” He orders.

                “You should use the word please more often young man” She tells him before jumping. Andy laughs as he catches her on the other side.

                “You tell him.” He encourages her.

                “Bite me” Brendon stands Charlie on the railing and the young girl jumps across the gap. Andy catches her on the other side and stands her beside Penny.

                “Biting is savage” Penny snaps at Brendon, taking Charlie’s hand in an attempt to calm her. Below deck Jeremy manages to get to Princess Sarah’s room and bars her door before waking her up.

                “Your highness, are you alright?” He asks her. She rubs the sleep from her eyes and sits up looking at him.

                “What..?” She asks attempting to wake up.

                “The ship is under attack” He explains moving a few more things in front of the door before drawing his sword.

                “Is… Is it Pirates?” She asks wrapping her blanket around her shoulders and getting up from the bed.

                “I’m afraid so” Jeremy says gravely. “If they get in the room hide inside that chest by the window and stay quiet” Sarah tightens her grip on her blanket and watches the door with fear in her eyes. Across the hall one of the pirates breaks into Jordan’s room and pulls him from his bed. Jordan doesn’t resist hanging limply in the man’s arms.

                “Just kill me…” He mumbles his voice devoid of feeling.

                “That takes all the fun out of things,” The Pirate responds before pulling him onto the deck. He goes to the railing and lifts Jordan up to throw him.

                “Don’t hurt!” a voice rings out from above.

                “That voice…” Jordan mumbles to himself.

                “Fine you brat” The pirate jumps across the gap himself and hands Jordan off to Andy on the other side. Jordan’s eyes scan the riggings high above them scanning for the source of the voice that he feared he would never hear again. Andy sits Jordan beside Patrick and ties him to the mast as well.

                Dean sleeps soundly in his bed, a protective arm around his sleeping brother’s shoulders, neither of them aware of the danger. Castiel sneaks into the room and shakes the captain awake. “There are pirates on the ship” He whispers to him.

                “Fuck” Dean mumbles quickly getting up and lifting the teenage boy off the bed. “Cas, lift the mattress” He orders. Castiel lifts up the mattress revealing a hidden compartment underneath it. “Sam wake up” Dean tells his brother. Sam yawns and rubs his eyes.


                “There’s pirates. I’m hiding you” Dean tells him before setting him down into the compartment.

                “What about you… And everyone else?” Sam asks looking at the two men with wide eyes. Dean takes the blanket and a pillow from the bed and drops them on top of Sam.

                “Cass, stay with him. Keep him safe” Dean orders ignoring the boy’s question. He grabs his sword from the counter and hurries out of the room. Sam lays his head on the pillow and curls up wrapping the blanket around himself as Castiel returns the mattress and draws his swords watching the doors.

                “who’s next, Joe?” Andy calls across to the other ship. Joe looks over his shoulder as one of the Pirates drags Katelyn onto the deck.

                “Unhand me you heathen!” She yells at him struggling to get free. The Pirate shoves a rag into her mouth.

                “How about no” He says pushing her towards Joe who catches her and stands her on the railing.

                “Got another lady Andy” He tells him.

                “Why are there so many ladies on this ship...” Andy mumbles. Katelyn jumps across with as much force as she can and slams into Andy knocking him onto his butt. “Oh you must have angered this one” He says with a laugh.

                “It wasn’t me” Joe defends himself. “Gabe is the one that found her.” Their banter is interrupted by Brendon and another Pirate coming onto the deck dragging a struggling Ryan.

                “Leg me go you sons of bitches!” Ryan yells managing to sink his teeth into Brendon’s hand and land a kick on the other. He gets to his feet and runs from them.

                “Hayl catch that fucker!” Brendon yells to a Pirate near Ry. Hayl sticks his foot out and trips the duke then holds his sword to his neck.

                “Ain’t no one teach you not to bite?” He asks stepping onto Ryan’s back.

                “Piece of shit” Brendon mumbles as he walks over delivering a swift kick to Ryan’s side.

                “That’s enough” Andy warns Brendon. He crosses to the other ship and goes over lifting Ryan over his shoulder and returning.

                “Aw” Hayl whines. Andy carries him past Patrick and ties him to the others.

                “Patrick!” Ryan calls out when he sees the prince. Patrick struggles against the ropes.

                The fight continues. The sailors all now aware of the invasion do their best to fight off the pirates and protect those who can’t protect themselves, to no avail. Jeremy is captured after being shot in the foot by Gabe and knocked unconscious by another and a quick search of the room reveals Sarah’s hiding spot. Taylor and Dallon are found and quickly immobilized before being tossed across to Andy

                As Hayl forces Sarah to the pirates ship Dean runs out of his hiding spot with his sword drawn ready to attack the closest Pirate. “I wouldn’t do that!” Brendon’s voice rings out across the deck. Dean glances over and freezes when he sees Brendon dragging Sam with a sword to his throat. Another Pirate stands behind him with Castiel tied up.

                “D…Dean” Sam calls out to his brother as he trembles.

                “Sammy! Let him go!”

                “Drop your weapon” Brendon orders. Dean hesitates then lets his sword fall to the ground.

                “It’s gonna be okay Sammy” He assure his brother. Joe tosses Castiel to the other ship with the help of another pirate as Gabe ties Dean up before getting him to the other ship as well. Brendon Jumps to the other ship with Sam in his arms and drops him onto the deck before turning to address the rest of the pirates crew.

                “Find anything of value you can and bring it aboard. Then light up the ship” He says before jumping off the railing onto the deck and eyes the prisoners warily.

                “Your teddy” Charlie whispers to Penny as she holds onto her tightly.

                “I can always get a new one” Penny replies forcing a smile.

                Brendon stops in front of Patrick and contemplates for a moment before pulling the bag off of his head. Right away he begins to struggle against his bindings his eyes scanning over his companions and coming to rest a few feet away where one of the pirates kneels next to Jeremy putting a strange looking concoction on the sailors foot and wrapping it with bandages, before moving to Taylor and caring for his injuries.

                “You’re all going to pay for this!” Ryan yells as he struggles to get to free. Brendon removes his bandana from his face and walks over to Ryan.

                “Shut up unless you want me to ruin that face of yours.” Brendon threatens him.

                “Now, now Bren, I raised you better than that.” A voice says from the upper deck. Ryan and Brendon look up at the source of the voice. Ryan’s confused for a moment. The man standing above them looks identical to Brendon but his hair is cut neatly where Brendon’s hang down his back in a long pony tail. The short haired man also has a pair of glasses perched on his nose. Brendon pouts and holds his hand up in the air showing off the bite mark Ryan proudly left.

                “Eddy, He bit me” He whines like a child.

                “Aw, want me to kiss it and make it better?” Eddy asks.

                “Yes please” Brendon pouts. Ryan continues to struggle as the pirates return to the ship with their loot in tow.

                “You should relax” Eddy tells Ryan. “You’re not going anywhere”

                “Screw you” Ryan spits back.

                “Will you? These guys are all stinky, but you’re clean and I’m sure you smell good.”

                “I wouldn’t touch you with a ten foot pole!”

                “I say we put this one down” Brendon tells his twin as he lights a torch.

                “Eddy get us away from their ship” A voice calls.

                “Aye aye captain” Eddy replies. He returns to the wheel and steers the ship away from the Vittoria. Brendon lights the torches and throws them to the other ship lighting it up.

                “Bring the prisoners to the cage” The captain says. Patrick’s body freezes as the voice reaches his ears. He glares at the ground in front of him. “Except the prince. I have a special spot for him” The captain kneels in front of the defiant prince and lifts his chin forcing him to meet his gaze. Peter.

Chapter Text


            Patrick watched from the corner of his eyes as Andy, Joe and  Hayl  start taking all of his companions down a set of stairs and out of view to the cage. Patrick’s stomach churned as his imagination of what the cage would be like.  

              “Miss me your highness?” the captain asks bringing Patrick’s attention back to his immediate situation. He tried to move his face away from Pete’s touch, only to fail and invoke him to grab Patrick’s chin, forcing him to look straight at him. “You look at me when I’m speaking.” Pete commands. This only provokes Patrick into more disobedience and he closes his eyes.  

             “Such a troublesome boy” Pete mutters as he unties the prince from the mast and pulls him to his feet. “You’ll learn soon enough.”  The captain leads Patrick across the ship and to a room. He pushes Patrick inside, who stumbles a bit and takes a look around. It’s a small room with only a lantern that hung on the wall and a thin mattress that laid in the corner. Of course he wasn’t expecting anything lavish, but considering his friends were in a cage, Patrick’s wave of uneasiness only increased. He can feel Pete’s eyes on him and turned to the door, the pirate leans against the frame of the door a hint of amusement in his eyes. Patrick glares at him, prepared to protect himself if he needs to. Pete stands straight and motioned Patrick to come to him.  

                “Let’s get that nasty rag out of your mouth shall we?”  

                Patrick sticks up his middle finger, mentally cursing the man. He regretted it instantly when he saw the flash of anger in Pete’s eyes as he made his way across the room and grabbed Patrick’s wrists and pinning him against the wall before he can react. Pete presses close his lips brushing against Patrick’s lips as he speaks. Patrick winces struggling against his hold.  

                “Every time you disobey me one of your friends gets the whip.” Pete whispers.  This bastard will pay, Patrick thinks as he stares into Pete’s eyes. “If you understand say yes sir.” He says pulling out the rag from Patrick’s mouth.   

               It takes a minute to get the dryness from his mouth and he reluctantly says “Yes… Sir.”  

              “That’s better.” Pete says letting him go and stepping back before ordering “Take off your clothes and Jewelry” Patrick makes a small irritated face. He was incredibly self-conscious, but he knew he had to think of his friends’ safety over his own hate of his body. He begins to undress taking off everything but his boxers and the silver necklace he’d received from Ryan only days ago.  

              “All of your jewelry.” Pete says.  

             “That’s all you’re getting your filthy paws on.” Patrick snaps.  

              “I’ll put my paws on whatever I want.” Pete says calmly, then adds “Hmm, who shall it be? One of the pretty faced boys? Or how about that fiancé of yours?”  With a glare, Patrick reaches back and unlatches the necklace. He brought his hands back and looked at it in his hands staring at it, he wishes that Ryan was here with him now.  

               “Maybe if you’re nice I’ll give it back.” Pete muses.  

                 “Bite me cur.” Patrick is surprised by the words that come out of his  mout . He’d never said such things to anyone.   

                 “Tempting. I bet you taste delicious.” Pete says unable to hide a smirk as Patrick’s face cringes. Pete kneels down and picks up all of the prince’s belongings and he laughs as he walks out of the room, locking the door  behind him. Patrick leans against the cold wall and hugs himself.   

                  “I need to get us out of this...” He whispers.                      

                   Pete goes to the store room and drops Patrick’s clothing on top of a pile of things. They’ve managed to fill the room with items and food looted from the  Vittoria . He hears Brendon approach him as he scans over their new treasures.  

                   “A very successful mission.” Brendon reports standing close to the captain. Pete know the first mate didn’t seek him out just to tell him something he already knew.  

                  “Indeed. Wait for me in my chambers.” Pete instructs, glancing in his direction.  

                 “Yes sir.” Brendon replies with a smile. He heads out of the storage and to the Captain’s chambers.  

After a moment, Pete heads down to the cage and looks over all their new prisoners. Most of them have their eyes closed but the captain glares at Pete with hate in his eyes as he holds his brother close trying to comfort him. The room fills with the sound of Charlie’s sobs as she presses her face into Penny’s shirt. Penny rubs her back gently and glances nervously at Pete.  

                 “I’m going to give you all an option.” Pete says with a smile “You have the night to decide. You may either join my crew and serve me until I have no need for you, or you can choose to be sold as slaves. Those who join will be given food, water and clothing as well as a hammock to sleep in. The rest shall stay caged for the rest of the journey. And you’ll be fed when I get the urge to be nice.  Hayl  will collect your clothing and jewelry now.” He explained.  

                “You can’t expect us ladies to disrobe in front of the men.” Z says.  

                 “I do and you will. You may keep your undergarments on.” Pete says with a smirk before adding “For now.”  

                 “You’re sick.” Penny softly says in disgust.   

                 “Really? I feel wonderful.”  

                “Not.. I ..” She stutters embarrassed by the sarcastic comeback. Penny sighs and Jordan speaks from where he is huddled in the corner.  

                “Is death an option?” He says in a weighted voice.  

               “Why so glum? I’ve got a special treat for you if you join me.”  Pete taunts him.  

               “I don’t want anything you offer, and I would rather die than be a slave.”  Jordan snaps.  

               “Oh really? Because a little bird told me you lost something precious to you and maybe, just maybe I know where it is.”   

               “I can piece things together.” Jordan says his voice shaking a little “I don’t want that traitor… My decision stands.” Pete laughs.  

                “Oh I see, and to think he’s done nothing but cry for you since we left.” He shrugs and starts to walk out. “I suppose I’ll give him the bad news.” He returns to the top deck. “ Hayl  collect their clothes. Lock the women in the empty store room. He orders.  

                 “Aye, aye captain”  Hayl  replies before going down to the cage. Pete’s eyes drifted upwards to the crows nest, he’s silent now but Pete knows Chris is up there crying his eyes out still.  

                 “Stop crying  Christofer . He is a noble, I told you they don’t care for people like us.” He spits out venomously before going into his chambers as the air is filled once again with the sounds of Chris’s sobs.  

             “That was cruel” Brendon says. He’s sprawled out on Pete’s bed his shirt already discarded on the floor.  

               “If you’re going to judge me you can leave.” Pete says taking the prince’s necklace from his pocket and placing in on his desk before undressing.  

                “Why would I do that?” Brendon asks. He props himself up on his elbows and watches Pete with hungry eyes.  

                 “I thought so.” Pete walks over to the bed and places his lips against the boy’s. Brendon presses back and wraps his arms around Pete’s shoulder. Pete teases his lip with his tongue and Brendon obeys the silent commands, letting Pete’s tongue into his mouth and wrestle with his own.  



                Jordan wraps his arms around his knees tightly and squeezes his eyes shut, Chris was near. Jordan wanted to forget him but he couldn’t. He couldn’t stop caring about the boy.  “Oh Jordan…” Ryan says quietly, putting his arm around Jordan’s shoulder, the younger man presses his face against Ryan’s chest and starts to sob. He wants Chris so badly. He knows that they weren’t together for long, but in his heart he felt a strong connection to him. He wants to spend the rest of his life with the soft spoken boy. As much as he cares about Chris he can’t forget that he’s really a pirate. He betrayed not just Jordan’s trust but Patrick’s as well. It’s clear that he knew that the  Vittoria  would be attacked once it set sail. He could have prevented everyone from being hurt.  

               Ryan holds Jordan close and gently cards his fingers through the young man’s hair and tries to keep his own emotions at bay as thoughts of Patrick run through his head. What have they done to him? Is that shady captain hurting him? Ryan pulls Jordan onto his lap and tries his best to comfort him. It’s hard to do when so much negativity hangs in the air.  “The decision isn’t one to take lightly… No matter who chooses to join them, don’t judge them or think them weak.” He says breaking the silence as his eyes scan over the distraught faces filling the cramped cell.  

                “I... I don’t want to be a slave… But, I don’t want to stay here either…”  Sam stutters, pressing closer to his brother.  

               “But staying gives you a chance of escaping.” William adds as he rests against the rusty metal bars of the cage, his hair falls into his face, the string he’d tied it back with lost in the fight.  

               “He is right. I believe if we all go along with the choice to join then, we can make a plan to get free. There are more of us than them.”  Castiel  agrees. Dean let out a sigh and laid down trying to find a comfortable position on the ground, they could try and fight but with Taylor seriously injured and Jeremy unconscious it might be hard, the nobles won’t be much help in a fight.  He keeps an eye on Sam as he crawls over to  Castiel  and rests on his lap.  

              “I just hope the girls are ok… These options are lose, lose for them.” Taylor mutters, gritting his teeth as another wave of pain passes through his body.  

              “Let’s all try to rest.” Ryan suggests, hoping that at least some of them will be able to sleep. He hums softly and watches them all for a bit, he begins to think that Jordan has fallen asleep when the boy lets out a choked sob once again.  

               “ Shh ...” He whispers rubbing his back softly as he begins to sing a lullaby that was once able to put Jordan to sleep quickly. Jordan forces himself to focus on the words and think of nothing else and eventually he is able to fall into a fitful sleep. The room is quiet but for the soft sound of breathing as most of the prisoners manage to fall asleep.   

                Ryan closes his eyes but he knows that sleep won’t be coming to him. His mind drifts from thoughts of Patrick to the twin pirates, Brendon and Eddy, he tries to tell himself that the sense of familiarity he feels means nothing, that somehow it’s just a coincidence that they share the same name as the twins he met so long ago, in the life he led before being sent to live in the castle. Those twins were nobles; the children of a duke, and Eddy, his sweet little Eddy could never be that man. Ryan shifts a bit trying to find a comfortable position before finally allowing himself to fall asleep, his dreams filled with memories of his childhood.

Chapter Text

The carriage rattles to a stop outside of the mansion and I look out the window watching the flakes of snow as they fall from the sky. I already don’t like this new place. I want to go home and see mommy and daddy. My maid gets out of the carriage when the doorman opens the door. It’s pointless to cry and beg her to bring me home. She hates me just like everyone else.

I stand up and go to the door of the carriage waiting. It’s too high off the ground for me to get out on my own. I used to try but I always fell and got hurt. My maid knows that so she lifts me out of the carriage and sets me on the ground. I look around the yard and see that there are some toys left lying in the snow. I wonder if that means there are other children here. My maid grabs my hand and tugs me forward as she makes her way into the house. I wasn’t expecting it and I almost slip on the ice as I hurry to follow after her.

The front door opens as we approach it and another maid ushers us into the house taking my coat and my snow boots off me. I can do it myself if I wanted to, I’m a big kid, but I’m also the son of a duke so that means that I get to be treated like a prince and I don’t have to do anything. My maid takes my hand again and makes me follow her into a sitting room.

A man and a woman sit in chairs in front of us. They must be the duke and duchess that live here. I can tell I’m not going to like them. They both have mean eyes and they seem really cold, but what catch my interest is the two boys that stand in front of them. They look like the same person which is weird, except one has a little longer hair. They look like they might be a bit younger than me. I don’t want to play with babies.

“Greetings Lord Urie” my maid says as she lifts her skirts and curtsies. I don’t bow or anything. I don’t have to cause one day I’m going to be even more important than him. I ignore the adult instead and look at the boys who are supposed to be my friends now. The one with the long hair sticks out his tongue at me while the other hides behind him. I step closer to my maid and look down at the ground. These boys don’t want to be my friends either.

“I hate to be in such a rush but my master requested me home by nightfall and I fear if I don’t leave now I’ll be late” My maid says. Father didn’t say anything like that to her before she left. She just doesn’t like me. No one does.

“Go on then” The woman tells her. My maid nods and hurries out of the house. Now I’m all alone.

“Hello Ryan. I am Frank Urie and this is my wife Martha. A room has been prepared for you near the nursery. This is my son Brendon” The man speaks pointing at the long haired boy.

“And Eddy” The boy looks back at his brother who gives me a small wave. I wonder if maybe they’ll be nice to me. I’ve never really had friends to play with before. I want friends. Brendon sticks his tongue out at me again and makes a mean face.

“Let’s go play now Eddy” He says to his brother before kneeling down. Eddy looks nervous but he climbs onto Brendon’s back and hugs him tightly. Brendon doesn’t even glance at me as he hurries out of the room with his brother.

“Someone will show you to your room” Frank says before standing up and leading his wife out of the room. I wait for a few minutes, expecting a maid to come get me but no one does. No one cares about me here. It’s always the same.  I go to the front door and find all of my suitcases sitting on the ground at the bottom of the stairs. It’s always this way; I don’t remember anyone ever caring about me. I pick up one of my suitcases and start to drag it up the stairs. I’ll have to find my bedroom on my own.

I make it almost to the top of the stairs when my foot slips and I fall sliding down the stairs with my suitcase banging against me. I hate this house, I hate this country, and I want to go home to my mommy and daddy. I sit at the bottom of the steps and let myself cry. It’s not fair. No one likes me. What did I do to make people not like me?


The sun’s just barely begun to rise when Ryan is awoken by the sound of the door opening. He open his eyes just a bit and in the dim light he’s able to barely make out Chris’s small frame creeping toward the bars of the cage. He decides to go back to sleep when Chris kneels down and reaches through the bars lightly touching Jordan’s hand.

Jordan feels the contact and he shifts a bit opening his eyes and looking around. His eyes fall on Chris and he sits up quickly crawling towards the bars and grasping them tightly. “C…Chris” He whispers the boys name. Chris keeps his eyes on the ground letting his shaggy hair fall in front of his eyes trying to hide his sorrow. He takes the coronet off his head and holds it out to Jordan trying not to cry.

“Keep it… It still looks better on you” Jordan says quietly. He wants to hate Chris but he knows now that he won’t be able to. Chris clutches the coronet close to his chest and starts to cry. He didn’t want to hurt Jordan. He wanted to stay with him but the ship was his home and Pete the closest thing to a parent he had ever had. He couldn’t turn his back on them. They saved Jordan from a horrible fate. Or at least that’s what they told him, he was barely three at the time.

“Don’t… Don’t cry…” Jordan whispers as he reaches through the bars and wipes the tears from Chris’s face. “I searched for you… ever since you disappeared. I haven’t eaten… or slept very well. I was so worried about you” Chris takes Jordan’s hand and holds it close looking into the older boy’s eyes. He hates that he caused Jordan so much pain. He wishes that he knew the words to express all of the things he was feeling. Instead he reaches into his satchel and takes out an apple. He holds it out to Jordan and smiles a little hoping that Jordan will like it.

“Thank you” Jordan says taking the apple with a smile on his face. Chris watches him with a large smile on his face as he eats the apple down to the core. When he’s done he sets it down and rests his head on the bars of the cage. Chris reaches up and runs his fingers through Jordan’s messy brown hair.

“Stay… stays with me?” He asks hesitantly. He knows that he’s asking a lot. Jordan probably wants to return to his normal life. He probably has a big bed and a ton of fancy things. He probably wants nothing to do with Chris and the pirates.

“Okay” His voice is quiet as he looks up his eyes meeting Chris’s through the bars. Chris reaches through and wraps his arms around Jordan holding him as best he can with the bars in the way. He hopes that Jon or Andy comes in soon and can unlock the cage. Jordan is going to stay so he doesn’t have to be in here anymore.

“I’m so happy you’re okay Chris…” Jordan whispers “So happy”

“Sorry” Chris hates that he can’t say more. He wants to tell Jordan how much he means to him and that he never wanted to hurt him this way.

“Shh, Just hold me like this” He asks. Chris nods his head and continues to hold him playing with his hair in a way that he hopes is comforting.

“Christofer? Are you actually out of your nest?” Brendon’s voice asks. Chris jumps a bit and tightens his hold on Jordan before looking to where Brendon stands in the doorway.

“Mine” Chris says with a firm voice.

“You want to keep that one?” Brendon asks. Chris nods in response and runs his fingers through Jordan’s hair. “You’ll have to ask the captain” Brendon picks up a stick and bangs it against the bars of the cage rousing everyone from their sleep. “Rise and shine everyone” he calls.

Dallon groans and props himself up on his elbows shooting Brendon a glare. Castiel opens his eyes moving his hand to Sam’s back to make sure he’s alright before looking towards Brendon. Sam lets out a big yawn and sits up rubbing the sleep from his eyes. “Ugh are all Pirates loud?” Taylor asks putting a hand over the wound on his side. Dean gets up and stands beside Castiel and Sam.  Ryan mumbles something and curls up still asleep.

Chris hops to his feet and goes to Brendon; he searches through the older man’s pockets and pulls out the key. With a smile he goes to the door and unlocks it letting it swing open. “Jordan” He says holding out his hand. Jordan uses the bars to support himself as he gets to his feet on shaky limbs. He takes Chris’s hand and let him lead him out of the cage. Chris wraps his arms around Jordan and holds him close. Brendon steps into the cage with a length of rope and begins tying the hands of everyone who is awake. Eddy walks into the room as he yawns and stretches his arms above his head.

“Hey Eddy wake up the slackers” Brendon tells him. Eddy nods and nudges Ryan’s ribs with his foot.

“Wakey wakey” He says. Ryan winces and rolls over keeping his bruised ribs away from Eddy’s foot before drifting back to sleep. Eddy smirks and kneels down; he presses a kiss to the back of his neck “Time to wake up” He whispers in his ear. Ryan lets out a soft moan, enticing a chuckle from Eddy. “I’ll have to get something of yours up. Clearly it’s not going to be your brain” he blows softly on the back of Ryan’s neck.

“Trick…” Ryan murmurs as a shiver runs down his spine”

“Sorry, princey is in lockdown. You’re pretty naughty, getting freaky with an engaged man.” Eddy looks Ryan over then starts to tickle him. Ryan laughs and opens his eyes, when he sees Eddy he sits up and scrambles away from him. “Aw, I should have kept pushing buttons” Eddy says standing up straight and pushing his glasses up his nose. Brendon grabs Ryan’s arm and yanks him to his feet tying his hands together like the rest.

“Jordan?” Ryan calls out as his eyes scan the cage.

“He’s all snug with Christofer” Eddy tells him. Ryan sighs as his gaze comes to rest on the two boys. ‘Maybe Chris will keep him safe… Now if I could just get to Patrick’ Ryan thinks as he looks at the ropes binding his hands and wonders if he can somehow get free.

“What about that one?” Brendon asks Eddy motioning towards Jeremy where he lays on the ground.

“He’s not conscience.” Castiel says, “I’ve seen people like this before. Whomever he fought put him in a coma.” Brendon sighs and runs his hand through his hair.

“Let’s throw him in with the women then” Brendon suggests.

“What is with you and throwing things? Honestly” Eddy chastises with a shake of his head.

“I like throwing things” Brendon shrugs. He lifts Jeremy up by his arms and starts to drag him to the storage room.

“I raised a little monster” Eddy rolls his eyes.

“You love me!” Brendon calls. He gets the door to the storage room unlocked before dragging Jeremy in. “I brought you ladies a friend. ‘Fraid he’s not much company” Brendon lays Jeremy on the ground and returns to the door.

“W…wait!” Penny calls after him.  Brendon stops at the door and lets out a sigh before looking back at her.

“What?” He asks. Penny gets up and goes over to stand near him.

“I um… I want to ask… which… Which choice… is better?” She asks nervously.

“I would die before I chose to be treated like an animal” Brendon says with a shrug. He’s seen the conditions slaves are kept in.

“But we’re women… we… We won’t have use… other than...” Penny looks down at her feet nervously “Will it be any different either way for us…?”

“It would.”

“How can we believe you!?” Z calls from where she sits on the other side of the room. Penny looks at her then back at Brendon and places a hand on his arm.

“Thank you for answering my questions” She says quietly. Brendon shrugs her off and leaves the room closing the door behind him. The lock turns with a loud click. Penny looks down at her trembling hands and wonders where the sudden courage came from.

“What shall we do…?” Sarah whispers with a shaky voice. She kneels down next to Jeremy and places her hand on his arm gently. “He was injured protecting me” She says mostly to herself.

“I… I don’t want to be a slave” Charlie whimpers...

“You won’t. We’ll say we’ll join or what not, but the second the opportunity arises we run” Katelyn tells her. Z nods in agreement.

“Yes I believe that is our best option”

“I’m sure the guys are on the same page. We all need to survive and stay together for as long as we can. For the children, and our lady, and her highness and the prince. If they can get back to Fenia safely…” Katelyn says. She doesn’t need to finish her statement. They all know how bad things will be if Patrick is unable to take over as king soon.

“Yes… We must be strong.”


Brendon and Eddy line the prisoners up on the main deck looking over them each to make sure that they don’t try anything stupid. Jordan sits on a crate where Chris had asked him to wait. He feels back that he’s not tied up there with the rest but he knows that Chris wouldn’t allow it.

“Why does he get pampered” Dallon mumbles under his breath eyeing the young lord where he sits. Dean elbows him and shoots him a warning glare as Chris returns to the deck with a bowl of oatmeal in his hands. He kneels in front of Jordan and begin to feed to oatmeal to him.


Patrick sits against the wall in the small room that was given to him hugging his knees tightly to his chest. He hears the sound of the door opening but he doesn’t react. He already has a pretty good idea of who it is and he doesn’t want to look at him.

“Get up” Pete orders him as he comes into the room. Patrick rises to his feet slowly refusing to look at the pirate captain.

“Make a sound and someone will be punished.” Pete instructs before grabbing Patrick’s arm and leading him out of the room. He stands the prince behind a set of stairs where he can see his friends all lined up without standing out himself. ‘Everyone… I’m sorry’ Patrick thinks to himself trying to ignore the man that stands much to close behind him.

“You’ll stand here and won’t make a sound; if you do they’ll each receive one lash for every word you say” Pete whispers into his ear. Patrick remains silent, afraid that even now his words will count. The woman haven’t been brought out and he’s worried about what might happen to them.

“Good boy” Pete says before going to stand in front of the line of prisoners, a smug grin on his face. “I expect you’ve all slept well” his eyes scan over the lot of them. Sam manages to grip Dean’s arm trying to hide his fear.

“We did until you people showed up” Taylor grumbles.

“Aw aren’t you cheeky” Pete taunts. He steps up to the line and digs a finger into the bandage wrapped around his wound. Taylor cries out in pain and falls to his knees his eyes brimming with tears.

“Leave him alone!” Sam yells. Pete glares over and Sam and takes a step closer.

“Excuse you?” he snaps. Sam hides behind his brother shaking with fear.

“He’s just a kid” Dean says narrowing his eyes at Pete, there is no way he’ll let this man lay a hand on his brother.

“If he disrespects me again he will be punished.” Pete warns. Brendon leans closer to his brother and whispers.

“Like Jon would let him”. Eddy snickers and Pete shoots the two of them a look. Brendon just smiles and blows Pete a kiss.

“What a beautiful morning” Eddy says looking up at the sky innocently. Pete just rolls his eyes before addressing the prisoners once again.

"Last night I gave you all a choice. Now you have to give me your decisions.”

“I’m staying with Chris” Jordan says taking Chris’s hand in his nervously.

“I expected as much.”

“I’m going to join” Taylor says forcing himself back to his feet.

“As am I” Castiel states. Dean glances back at Sam before answering.

“My brother and I will join”

“I’m with them” Dallon sighs.

“Me too…” William says clenching his fists. Pete turns his gaze to Ryan, waiting for him to give his answer. Ryan bites his lip, as much as he wants to tell the captain to go fuck himself and try to fight for his freedom he knows that it will only cause more problems.

“I’ll join you” he finally sighs.

“Welcome aboard then” Pete smiles. “When we return to our home we’ll make sure that you are properly initiated.”

“Can I see Patrick now?” Ryan asks nervously.

“Why so you two can do naughty things?” Brendon teases. Ryan frowns and looks down at the ground resisting the urge to tell them off.

“He looks grumpy huh Eddy”

“Mhmm, I’d be glad to get rid of some of that tension” Eddy muses aloud.

“You stay away from me.” Ryan snaps.

“That’ not what you were saying to him a few minutes ago” Brendon snickers.

“I was asleep” Ryan tries to defend himself.

“You should sleep more often” Eddy teases.

“Go drown or something” Ryan spits. He’s sure now that these two bare no relation to his childhood friends. Eddy blows a kiss in his direction and Ryan makes a disgusted face.

“Now now boys let’s not pick on our new crewmates” Pete scolds the twins.

“But it’s just so fun Petey” Brendon says practically batting his eyelashes. Pete rolls his eyes and looks at the rest of the people gathered on deck.

“If any of you ever call me anything but captain I’ll shoot you where you stand” He warns them.

“But Dean is captain…” Sam speaks up.

“Sam” Dean warns him. The hides his face against his brother and grips his arm tightly.

“Dean is nothing.” Pete says sternly. “He’ll be lucky if I allow him to empty the chamber pots.”

“My brother…. Is not nothing…”

“He’ll be shark bait if you keep speaking” Pete snaps at the boy. Sam’s eyes well up with tears and he hugs his brother.

“Brendon, Eddy get them clothes fit for their positions then bring them to the galley to eat” Pete orders.

“Aye captain” Eddy says before him and Brendon leave the deck. Chris leads Jordan over to a rope ladder and points up to the crow’s nest. Jordan looks up at it then begins to climb up.

Pete goes back to where he’d hidden Patrick and leads the prince back to his room. “So what do you think of my new crew?” He asks with a smirk on his face. Patrick stares at the floor knowing better than to speak. Pete steps closer to him and lifts his chin. “They think they’re clever. But by the time we reach land every country will have wanted posters with their names on them and pirates are hung without trial if captured. I sent out a messenger bird this morning”

Patrick finally raises his eyes and glares at Pete with all the hatred he can muster and spits in Pete’s face. Pete narrows his eyes and slaps Patrick before wiping off the spit. Patrick stumbles back against the wall and looks down letting his bangs fall in his face. ’I have to kill him… I have to’ Patrick thinks.

“I warned you” Pete hisses before storming out of the room and slamming the door behind him. “Someone bring me my whip now!” He yells loudly. Patrick’s eyes widen and he runs to the door trying to open it.

“No… Please!” Patrick yells pounding on the door. Pete glances back at the door before taking the whip that Kellin offers to him. “Please! Please don’t!”

"I gave you your warning. Bring me the duke” He orders Kellin.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please don’t hurt him! I’m begging you! I’ll do anything, I’ll behave! Just please!” Kellin cuts Ryan free from the rope and pushes him towards Pete. Ryan loses his footing and falls to the ground in front of Pete crying out in pain. Pete unravels his whip and places a foot on the nasty bruise forming on Ryan’s side. Ryan grits his teeth and prepares for the pain of the whip striking his back but it never comes. Pete cracks the whip in the air and grind his heel into Ryan’s side making him cry out in pain.

“Leave him alone! Please!” Patrick screams slamming his fists on the door before falling to his knees as tears fall from his eyes. “ I’m so sorry Ryan… It’s all my fault…. This is my fault” He says banging on the door weakly.

“Patrick he-“ Ryan tries to speak but is cut off when Pete puts more of his weight on the injury.

“Take him away Kellin” Pete says as he rolls the whip back up. Kellin nods and pulls Ryan back to his feet and away from the door. Pete goes back into the room. He drags Patrick away from the door and sits him against the wall.

“No more… Don’t… Don’t hurt them anymore…” Patrick pleads.

“I gave you a warning and you disobeyed me. I do not make idle threats.”

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

“You are no longer a prince. You are nothing more than a piece of property.” Patrick clenches his fists and keeps his mouth shut. “For each mistake you make they will be punished. Because of your transgressions you can wait until lunch to eat” Pete leaves the room slamming the door behind him.

Patrick pulls his knees up to his chest and stares at his wrists for a moment. He begins to scratch at the skin as tears fall from his eyes.

Chapter Text

The clothes that the twins bring back onto the deck are more like rags than clothes. They’ve clearly never been washed and are most likely crawling with bugs. Ryan stays away from the group as Brendon hands them each clothes. He clutches his side and wonders if there’s a way he can tell if his ribs are broken or not without causing himself too much pain. Eddy sneaks up behind Ryan and stands close to him.     

“Do you want me to kiss it and make it better? It’s my specialty” He whispers in his ear.     

“Get away from me” Ryan mumbles.     

“Well I guess I’ll keep these clothes then.”     

“Good. I would never wear rags like those.”      

“I’ll just have to steal kisses on all that uncovered skin” Eddy says pressing a kiss to his back. Ryan jumps a bit and elbows Eddy in the stomach. Eddy laughs and backs up a bit wincing.     

“Feisty. It’s  gonna  be fun taming you, stallion” He says with a wink as he sets the clothes down. Ryan just crosses his arms and glares at the pirate, wondering if he could get away with breaking his glasses just to spite him.     

“If you don’t mind your prince getting punished for your disobedience, I guess you can stay like that” Eddy smirks. Ryan freezes and chews his bottom lip. “Torturing loved ones is the greatest persuasion there is. Captain’s already used it on the prince, I’m sure he wouldn’t hesitate to snap you in line. Your choice.”     

“I want my scarf” Ryan grumbles just to be stubborn. He examines the clothes and drops the shirt onto the deck in disgust. He definitely saw some sort of bug, He pulls on the pants and hopes that he’ll be able to find a belt or something to hold them up.     


“This shirt has bugs crawling on it. I’m not wearing it.”     

“Fine by me. More places to kiss.” Ryan rolls his eyes and goes to the railing of the ship, he leans against it and looks down at the water. “I wouldn’t jump if I were you” Eddy says keeping an eye on him. “Sharks are always looking for a meal” Ryan doesn’t respond so eddy just shakes his head and goes to help Brendon.     

“I’m sure Jon has enough food for all of you” Brendon tells them as he makes sure all of them have clothes.     

“How do we know it’s not poisoned?” Sam asks.     

“You don’t” Eddy says with a laugh.     

“It’s very possible it is” Brendon agrees.     

“Then why the heck would we eat it?”  Dallon  asks making a face. Brendon just shrugs.     

“It’s either that or starve. Only Jon’s favorites get the good food. Right Chris?” Brendon calls. Chris peeks over the edge of the crow’s nest then returns to digging through his belongings. He pulls out a shirt and a pair of pants that are a bit to big on him and gives them to Jordan.      

“Thanks” Jordan mumbles before getting dressed and letting out a sigh. He lays down and rests his head on Chris’s lap closing his eyes. Chris picks up a blanket and puts it over Jordan then strokes his hair. Jordan holds him tightly and starts to cry.     

“Sorry” Chris whispers kissing his forehead. He pulls Jordan up onto his lap and holds him close.     

“The bad guys won” Jordan cries.     

“Sorry…” Chris mumbles again. Jordan hides his face in his hands and cries.     

“My home is going to fall into ruin… why… why did this have to happen” Chris bites his lip and tries to think of a way to comfort him. He didn’t want to hurt Jordan but they had a job to do.     

“Job…” He says trying to think of the words. Jordan moves from him and sits against the far wall crying to himself. Below them Brendon leads the unwilling band of new pirates below deck to the galley.    

Sam stumbles along behind the group holding tightly to his brothers shirt as tears slide down his cheeks. Dean stops walking and places a hand on Sam's back, "We have to be brave Sammy." He tells the frightened boy.    

"But I... Okay Dean" Sam mumbles looking down at the ground, He trusts Dean without a doubt, after all Dean kept them both alive on his own for a year when he was just eleven. Dean rubs Sam's back and hurries along to catch up with the rest of the group.    


Pete steps into the storage room and looks at the five girls huddled within. He narrows his eyes at them as he tries to asses them. A lot of the men are superstitious about having the girls on board but Pete knows that they'll be useful back at the pirates hide out. Maybe it could actually get clean for once.    

"All of you stand up and line up." He barks, a smug smile on his face as they scramble to obey him. Katelyn stands behind Penny placing a comforting hand on her back. "It's decision time" He smirks. He enjoys watching people struggle to choose between two options he hates. He doesn't really know why. In the end they all choose to join, they all think they can just simply run away once they get to land. The fools.    

"We'll join you." Katelyn says quietly. They're very clearly not happy with the turn of events. The youngest girl, Charlie, looks like she's about to burst into tears any second.     

"Fine then." Pete reaches outside the store room door and picks up a sack full of clothes then tosses it at their feet. "We have no women's clothes, and the skirts would just get in the way anyway so get used to wearing pan-"    

"I won't join you." Penny suddenly cuts him off. She raises her gaze from the floor to lock her eyes with Pete's. He's surprised at the determination he sees in them, She looks like such a frail girl.    

"Penny" Katelyn whispers, not knowing what her lady is thinking.    

"I don't want to be a pirate... I don't want to be hung for something I was forced to do."    

"You are not going to be a slave" Katelyn tells her. "This is going to be your life now."    


"Lady Penny." Charlie says, her voice filled with worry. Pete watches the exchange with a raised eyebrow. Since he became captain no one has ever said no.    

"Decisions are final in exactly one minute" He warns them. Honestly he's not that great with numbers so he wouldn't be able to tell when a minute had passed, he just wants to watch them sweat.    

"Penny please" Sarah pleads as she steps close to her friend and clasps their hands together. Penny's eyes fill with tears as she shakes her head, she's made up her mind.    

"I'd rather be a slave than a filthy fugitive..." she murmurs, "maybe I'll get sold to someone who lives somewhere nice..." Pete laughs at this statement.    

"Aren't you an interesting girl. You four leave the room" He orders.     

"I won't leave Penny" Sarah insists.     

"Go ahead Sarah" She says softly, forcing a smile onto her face.    

"No I won't go."    

"Please" Penny places her hands on Sarah's cheeks.    

"Twenty seconds" Pete warns them from where he stands leaning against the door frame. He's pretty sure its been much longer than a minute already.    

"Penny please" Sarah begs. She's seen how slaves are treated. She's been to the auctions houses. She doesn't want that to be her dear friends fate.    

"We'll see each other again one day" Penny promises, "Go Sarah, Patrick needs you."  The two girls hug for a moment then Penny moves away and shoos Sarah towards the door. Sarah hesitates, her eyes drift towards Jeremy where he lay still unconscious on the floor. She wonders what will happen to him, he is in this condition because he risked his life to save her.    

"What's wrong with him?" Pete asks as he steps fully into the room and closes the door behind the four girls.    

"He's unconscious..." Penny states, not knowing what else to say.    

"Fine" Pete takes a seat on a crate resting his chin in his hand and watching Penny closely. "You're a surprising one." He admits.    

"Why is that..?" She asks cautiously.    

"No one has ever said no to me."    

"Well," Penny plays with her hair nervously, she isn't sure where her sudden burst of confidence is coming from. "You don't give very good options."    

"I like you." Pete says with a laugh. Penny stares at him in confusion.    

"Y... You do..?" She stutters.    

"You're not predictable like everyone else. It's entertaining." He says before standing up and leaving the room. Penny stares after him with her head slightly tilted, she has no idea what his words mean for her.    

As Pete makes his way to the galley he runs into Brendon heading in the opposite direction. He waits until his first mate has passed him then grabs a hold of his ponytail and pulls him back.    

" Ow  Pete!" Brendon yells.    

"Grab one of the mattresses we took from their ship and a blanket to the store room." Pete orders him.    

"Why me?"    

"Because if you don't I'll chop off all your hair in your sleep" The captain threatens. Brendon gasps and gets his hair free from Pete's grip before rushing down to the treasure room. He pulls one of the mattresses out of the Pile and leans it against the wall then looks at the other items stacked precariously in the middle of the room. It's always dangerous to be in here since most of the time they just toss things into the pile and leave it there. He spots a blanket close to the top of the pile and walks over. Carefully he grabs a hold of it and tugs. It slides out and the things on top of it begin to shake. Brendon attempts to get away but he isn't fast enough and the pile falls on top of him.    

"I don't get paid enough for this." He grumbles as he climbs out with the blanket in his hands. He goes back over to the mattress and as he's about to lift it up he notices a black teddy bear resting near his feet. Not really knowing why he picks it up and tucks it into his jacket before leaving the room dragging the mattress along behind him. He makes his way to the store room and props the mattress against a wall as he gets the door open then drags it in and dropping it at Penny's feet. He drops the blanket on top of it then looks at Penny.    

"You said no?" He asks.    

"I... I um..." Penny looks down at the ground nervously. "Yes..."    

"You're so weird." Brendon lets out a chuckle. He wonders how Pete will handle this situation. Years ago they had a deal with some slavers but those ties were cut when Pete decided to steal the bosses son from them. Since then they haven't sold anyone and Brendon's not to sure Pete actually has it in him. He heads to the door and is about to close it behind him when he remembers the teddy bear. "Oh right" He says to himself as he pulls it out. "Catch" He throws it to Penny before leaving the room.    

"Thank you..." she says quietly, holding the bear close to her heart.    

Chapter Text

Pete stands outside the door to the room that he's turned into a makeshift prison for the prince with a plate of food in his hand. He's not sure he's really in the mood to deal with the troublesome man but they do need to keep him in good health until his fate is decided and none of the crew members want anything to do with them. Pete's okay with that really, there's something about Patrick that makes him want to keep him all to himself. It's a strange feeling to Pete, he usually just feels this way about certain treasures. Normally he just locks them away from prying eyes. He's tempted to do that with the prince, keep him locked away where only Pete can touch him. He lets out a sigh and takes the key from his pocket then opens the door and steps into the room. What he sees before him shocks him and the plate falls to the ground. 

Patrick lays curled up on the flimsy mattress. His sandy brown bangs cover his eyes and his cheeks are pale white and stained with tears. Blood spills from cuts on his wrists and soak the mattress beneath him. "Fuck" Pete yells running to the bed and dropping to his knees beside it. Quickly he pulls the blanket from beneath the prince and rips pieces off to tie around the wounds. "Get Jon!" He yells, praying someone is close enought to hear them. "Prince?" He asks searching Patrick's face for a response.

"I'm... not... a... prince... anymore." He responds with a shaky voice. Pete sighs in relief, glad that he wasn't to late.

"You're a fool." he scolds.

"My father... wins... I can't beat... beat him... I nev... never could.... Fenia will... crumble" His voice cracks and he lets out a sob. Pete isn't sure what to do. He's torn between comforting the prince and confirming his fears. He decides that its best to remain silent and just continues to put pressure on the Prince's wounds.

"Mom... Mom... I'll be with... with you soon." Patrick whispers with a sad smile on his face. Pete chews his lip nervously, it seems like hours before Jon comes into the room. He moves Pete aside and kneels down doing what he can to stop the bleeding.

"One of the prisoners is a healer if I'm not mistaken, Travis brought me a medical bag. Go get him." Jon instructs. Pete tears his eyes away from the prince and hurries out of the room to the mess hall. He scans the group of unfamiliar faces before calling out.

"Who's the healer?"

"I am" Castiel says looking up from his plate of mush.

"Then come with me" Pete orders him. Castiel gets up from his stool and makes his way across the room then follows Pete out and back towards Patrick's room. When he walks in his takes a deep breath as he sees the prince's condition.

"Unless you stole my bag I do not have any herbs" He tells them. 

"The bag was already brought to me it's in the room." Jon says, he gets up and runs to get it. Pete looks around the room for a moment then lets out a sigh. He can't stand to sit by and do nothing while the prince is so miserable. He takes a seat on the mattress and hesitantly reaches out gently brushing Patrick's bangs from his forehead.

"Don't... act like you... Like you care." Patrick says weakly.

"Save your strength." The captain tells him.

"Why so... you can... torture me yourself..?"

"So you can get better."

"I don't want... Don't want to..." Patrick mumbles his eyes slipping shut once again. Pete tries to ignore the tightness in his chest but he can't. He leans down and rests his forehead on Patrick's.

"You don't have a choice." He whispers before gently pressing their lips together. He stands up quickly and steps back as Jon returns to the room. He isn't sure why he kissed Patrick but he wishes that he would have done it sooner. Perhaps in the garden when the prince's eyes had been bright and joyful and not filled with hatred.

Castiel takes the bag from Jon and kneels next to the bed pulling Patrick's arms away from his chest gently. "This habit again..." he says quietly as he starts to take herbs out of his bag and prepare them. "I thought you quit after Ryan came to stay."

"Old habits... Die hard..." Patrick responds.

"You are going to be king, Patrick. You are, and when you do you can not let depression bring you into the darkness like it did your father." Castiel says as he works on healing the wounds.

"I don't... hurt others..."

"No" Castiel sighs, "You hurt yourself instead."

"I can't win... Good doesn't win... Evil... Evil wins..."

"No Patrick."

"They do win... in the end... good looses..." Patrick whispers as his eyes drift shut.

"Do you have any orange juice?" Castiel asks looking from Jon to Pete.

"I'll see if andy has any oranges left." Jon says before heading to the door.

"No I'll do it." Pete stands up straight and goes over to Jon. "Move him to my quarters." He says quietly as he passes. Jon watches him walk away and raises an eyebrow. He's surprised Pete suggested that. Normally only he and Brendon are allowed in Pete's room.

"He hurt... Ryan... Because I... I spat... in his face. I couldn't stop... stop him... I apologized.... but... it didn't work." Patrick tells Castiel.

"Ryan is fine." Jon tells him.

"I... I heard."

"It's an old trick he uses. He doesn't like to whip people so he cracks the whip in the air and finds another way to make the person yell." He explains. Patrick stares at the mattress as he mulls over Jon's words. He thinks its strange that a feared Pirate captain would dislike hurting people.

"I'll get him to let you see Ryan." Jon shrugs, most of the time Pete does whatever he tells him.

"S.. Sarah. Is she okay..? I promised her dad... I promised I would protect her..."

"She's fine. She's eating in the galley with the others."\


"You need to rest now Patrick." Castiel instructs him. "Once you drink this remedy you will feel tired."


Andy peeks his head into the room then comes in holding a glass of juice. He brings it over to Castiel and watches as the healer mixes in the herbs.

"He'll be better in about an hour." He tells them.

"Alright. I'm moving him into a different room."

"May I keep my bag?" Castiel asks hopefully, "I feel more comfortable with it."

"Yeah that's fine." Jon crosses the room and kneels down lifting Patrick up in his arms. "Don't tell anyone anything about the prince." He instructs.

"I will not" Castiel says. He casts one last glance at the sleeping prince before leaving the room. Jon brings Patrick to the captain's quarters and lays him down on the bed carefully before hurrying back out. He isn't sure what Pete's plan is for the Prince anymore. Their job had been to kill the prince, it should have been completed when Pete got him alone in the palace garden but now they had at least fifteen people to feed and nowhere near enough food to make the trip home. He decided that they would need to stop at the Azure Islands in order to restock.

Pete wandered about the ship making sure that everything was as it should be, but his mind was not on his duties. His mind kept drifting back to the prince, curled up in a ball and bleeding. He knew that there job would not be complete and if that was the case they wouldn't get paid. He would have to dip into his personal expenses if they could get nothing for the prince. When he could find nothing else to distract himself with he made his way back to his room and walked inside. He jumped a bit when he saw the prince in his bed, unaccustom to another person being in his room. He watches the prince for a moment as he tosses about in his sleep his body trembling. The captain lets out a sigh and opens the desk on his drawer. He pulls out the silver necklace that lays within and brings it to the prince placing it in his hand. He knows its petty but he feels almost jealous that the trinket had the ability to calm him down. It bothered him knowing that the spoiled duke had a claim on the princes heart.

Chapter Text

When Patrick awakens he feels warm and comfortable, buried under a pile of blankets he almost begins to think that everything was just a dream. He's safe in his own bed. No one has been captured or harmed. He shifts a bit trying to get comfortable so he can sleep once again and cringes when he feels the dull ache in his wrists. It wasn't a dream. He opens his eyes and pulls the blanket away from his face so he can look around the room that he's in. It's much nicer than the other parts of the ship he's seen. The bed that he lays on has a mahogany frame, a large plush mattress, and more blankets and pillows than is really needed. The room is also adorned by a matching wardrobe and a desk where Pete is currently sitting. There are several drawings and paintings hung on the walls around the room and Pete appears to be working on yet another. He turns when he feels Patrick's eyes on him.   

"You're awake." He says. His face and voice show no emotions but there's an unmistakable happiness in his eyes. Patrick sits up carefully wincing as pain shoots up his arms from the sudden movement. "You might as well stay down." Pete tells him before turning back to the sketch book before him. He's sure that Patrick will need much more rest to get better. Patrick looks down trying to fight back the darkness that tries to consume his mind. He runs a thumb over the silver pendant in his hand and wonders when he got it back.   

"You can hold onto the stupid necklace." Pete says after they've sat in silence for a few minutes. "Just keep it hidden."   

"Thank you" Patrick says quietly. A smile tugs at Pete's lips and he's glad that he could get even a small response from the prince. He had been afraid that he had caused too much damage.   

"Don't do that again." He scolds him.   

"...Why do you care?" Patrick asks. Pete considers it for a moment. He knows better than to give away his real feelings. Since he was a young child it had been drilled into his brain that showing emotion meant showing weakness. He needed to be respected; he couldn't show the prince any softness.   

"You're worth more alive than you are dead." He lies. They continue to sit in silence for a few more minutes, Pete working on his drawings and Patrick playing with the pendant absently.    

"Why are you keeping me separate from everyone?" Patrick looks up from the necklace and studies Pete closely as the pirate shrugs his shoulders. Patrick closes his hand around the pendant and grips it tightly. "Let them go."   

"They'll be free to go when I'm paid."   

"Paid? By who?"   

"Families for the nobles."   

"And the others?"   

"We'll see."   

"I'll pay you... As much as you want. When I'm king I can give you money, jewels." The  prince  offers. Pete just shrugs his shoulders once again. He's certain now that none of the people they've taken hostage are bad people but he needs to consider his image. He can't just let them all go without the crew questioning it. They were all told what the job really was and now they had strayed much too far from it. "Please" Patrick asks, "My kingdom is counting on me..." He moves closer to the end of the bed and sits with his legs tucked under him hoping that Pete will give in, but the pirate just ignores him, continuing to scribble away on the paper.   

"Many people need me." Patrick says desperately. "My father won't pay for me. He'd sooner pay for my death... What will happen to me?" Pete's hand stops moving as he considers it. Patrick has no idea how right his statement is.   

"I haven't decided yet" Pete says briskly. Patrick clenches his fists tightly as his eyes scan the room for anything he could use as a weapon. Pete stands up from his chair quickly causing Patrick to jump. He starts to think that Pete's going to attack him but instead the pirate walks to the door. "I have things to attend to. Behave and I'll let you see Ryan."    

"And Sarah..." Patrick adds. Pete pauses for a moment and considers telling him that he can only pick one but he needs the prince to heal and causing more stress would only make him worse.   

"Be a good prince." He says before leaving the room. Patrick waits until he hears the click of the lock then lets out a sigh.   

"He doesn't make any sense..." He says to himself before getting up from the bed. He's just started to search for a weapon when his eyes fall on the drawings and he decides to take a closer look at them. As he follows them along the wall he realizes that they seem to tell the story of a young boy.   

The first one is a painting, a mother holding a small child stands at the top of a cliff watching the sun setting on the ocean as a ship sails away. Patrick recognizes the flag on the ship as one belonging to  Arvendon's  naval forces. The second picture hanging up is a just a sketch but it’s very detailed. The scene takes place on what seems to be the same cliff. A cross is now stuck in the ground with a single flower lying at its base. A young boy is walking away from the cross with tears streaming down the face. Something about the boys eyes seem familiar but Patrick is unsure where he could have seen them before. He stands there for a bit watching as the boys story continues and wonders who it could be. Perhaps it’s all just something that Pete came up with or perhaps it’s the Pirate captain himself.   

"Eat" Pete's voice suddenly comes from behind Patrick making him jump. He turns to see that Pete's placed a plate of food on the nightstand. He smirks a bit at the expression on Patrick's face as he leans against the wall.   

"I'm not hungry..." Patrick says.   

"Eat and you can see them." Pete offers. He knows how people work all too well. Caring for others only makes you weak. It puts you at a disadvantage. Patrick walks over and picks up the plate taking a few small bites as he takes a seat on the bed.   

"Drink the water" Pete orders again. Patrick picks up the cup and drinks it, as much as he wants to defy Pete he needs to make sure that Ryan and Sarah are okay.   

"Which one first?" Pete asks. Patrick considers it for a moment before replying.   

"Sarah" He says.    

"Fine, then come with me" Pete goes back to the door and holds it open. He waits for Patrick to walk out and closes the door before leading him back to the room he had been locked in before. "Wait in here" Pete orders him. Patrick goes into the room and paces a bit as he waits. Pete heads below deck to the quarters that had been prepared for the women they captured. He's surprised that the prince asked for the princess first, Pete was sure that he and the  duke  were lovers. As he steps off the last stair a hand reaches out and grasps his arm tightly. Pete isn't all that surprised when he sees it’s the troublesome duke that's grabbed a hold of him.   

"I want to see Patrick." He demands his eyes filled with determination. Pete just scoffs at his idiotic actions and pulls his arm away. There's something about the spoiled duke that Pete just can't stand. The very idea of speaking to him makes him annoyed and he can't quite figure out why that is.   

"You will speak to me with respect or you hold your tongue." Pete growls at him. Ryan glares back at the pirate and clenches his fists. Pete just shakes his head and brushes past him trying to decide how to deal with him.   


"Unhand me!" Patrick looks up as the door to his room is pushed open revealing Pete pulling a struggling Sarah. She glances into the room quickly and stops struggling as soon as her eyes fall on Patrick.   

"Patrick!" She exclaims as she runs into the room. Patrick wraps his arms around her and holds her close to his chest.   

"Sarah, are you okay?" He asks, concern filling his eyes.   

"Yes, yes I'm okay." Sarah returns the hug and lets her eyes close. Even in their current situation and with the pirate captain watching them closely from the doorway being near Patrick makes her feel safe. "What happened?" She asks, her fingers brushing against the stained bandages on his wrists.   

"It was just an accident my dear." He says softly as he places his hands on her cheeks. "We'll get out of this" He promises her.   

"I'm scared." She whispers as she places a trembling hand on his chest and meets his eyes.   

"Just do what they demand for now. I am going to try to get you home. You and as many others as possible."   

"Oh Patrick..."   

"I'm so sorry about this." he whispers pressing a kiss to her forehead.   

"It's not your fault."   

"Forty seconds" Pete's announces suddenly, interrupting their conversation. He really can't stand all this romantic stuff. It makes his stomach twist.   

"Remember Sarah" Patrick whispers as he hugs her once again. "Survive as long as you can. Until you're free." Sarah nods her head quickly. Before she can say anything else Pete takes a hold of her arm and pulls her from the room.  


It doesn’t take Pete very long to find Ryan. He finds him lurking on the same deck as the room Patrick is being held in seemingly trying to find a way to get to the prince without being caught. He crosses his arms and glares daggers at Pete as the shorter man approaches him.  

“Let’s go.” Pete orders him.  

“Where?” Ryan demands as he squares his shoulders. Normally he dislikes being violent but he’d give anything for  chance to punch the smug smirk off Pete’s face.  

“Don’t question me. Or would you rather I let Eddy make you his pet?” Pete shoves him forward, forcefully leading him to the room. All the fight leaves Ryan when he spots the door to the room is open a crack and he rushes into the room and wraps Patrick tightly in his arms.  

“Ryan… are… are you alright?” Patrick stutters as he searches him for any injuries as the sound of the whip echoes through his mind.  

“Yes, yes I’m fine.” Ryan cups  Patrick's  face and blinks back the tears that threaten to fall, “are you?” He asks. Patrick nods and allows Ryan to fuss over him for a moment.  

“Trick, I was so worried about you” Ryan says as he presses a kiss to his cheek.  

“Protect the girls. You, Dean, and William. I’m counting on you.”  

“Of course” Ryan assures him as he pulls him against his chest. “Don’t worry I’ll keep Sarah safe.”  

“Thank you.” Despite Pete’s warning to keep it hidden Patrick takes the pendant from his pocket and shows it to Ryan. “No matter what you’ve been an amazing best friend, Ryan. I wouldn’t want anyone else to grow up with.” Ryan ignores the pain in his heart. He’s always known that what they had together could never last, but knowing that it was really over made the pain all to real. They would always be friends, he knew that, but once Patrick was married there would be no more late nights wrapped in each other’s arms. There would be no more sneaking away at social functions to steal kisses in the dark.  

“We are going to get through this Trick.” Ryan forces a smile onto his face, “All of us.”  

“Yeah… I know” Patrick sighs as he tightens his hold on Ryan and hides his face against the younger  mans  chest.  

“It’s okay” Ryan whispers against his ear as he gently cards his fingers through Patrick’s hair. “I’ve got you” He knows that all he can do now is lend Patrick his strength.  

“Will…. Will we get to Fenia in time?” Patrick asks with a shaking voice.  

“Yes don’t fret”  

“I’ll be stronger” Patrick promises as he takes a deep breath.  

“Everything is okay. I promise you Patrick.”  

“I believe you.” Patrick's lips turn up slightly in a small smile and he looks up at Ryan.  

“That’s a good boy” Ryan teases.  

“One minute left” Pete snaps. He stands in the doorway with his arms crossed and a dark look in his eyes.  

“Please let me stay with him” Ryan pleads.  

“Ryan I need you to protect the others.”  

“Alright… Take care of yourself Patrick.” Ryan sighs. Pete watches them closely resisting the urge to hurt the  duke I’ll let Eddy keep that one as a pet. That will keep him out of my way,  Pete thinks as the smirk returns to his face.  

“Try not to cause too much trouble.” Patrick says to Ryan. “It’s bad enough they made you into one of them don’t let them corrupt anyone”   

“I can’t guarantee anything if that jerk doesn’t leave me alone.” Ryan grumbles.  

“Be nice” Patrick chuckles softly.  

“I’m not going to be nice to scum who can’t keep his hands or stupid big lips to himself.”  

“Ryan,” Patrick begins but he’s cut off by Pete telling them that time is up. They say their goodbyes quickly as Pete rushes Ryan out of the room, when he’s out of sight Pete leads Patrick back to his room and locks him inside it then wanders about the ship trying to quell the inexplicable anger that fills him.

Chapter Text

Angry  black   clouds  fill the sky as the waves gain strength and toss The Blackmore Lady about as though it was nothing more than a child's bath toy. The Pirates scramble about the ship trying to get everything tied down before the real storm hits. The addition of the inexperienced sailors makes it harder as the violent rocking makes several of them slip. At one point Z nearly falls overboard as she tries to throw up over the rail but Kellin grabs hold of her ankle and manages to pull her back. Brendon stands at the wheel of the ship gripping it tightly and doing his best to keep on course though he's beginning to think it's hopeless. Pete stands behind him one hand on the mast to help him keep his balance as he watches over his crew.   

Eddy weaves his way through the chaos on the deck and carefully makes his way up the ladder to join his twin. "Storms suck" He says leaning against Brendon so he can hear him over the wind.     

"It's going to be a rough day" Brendon says nodding his head in agreement. Travis is yelling about something on the lower deck and though his voice can't be heard both twins are sure he's complaining about the wave that just hit him and flattened his hair.    

"I have a feeling it's going to last through the night." Pete says suddenly, speaking for the first time since he came to stand on the upper deck a couple hours ago.    

"I'm going to go help tie down the cargo." Brendon places Eddy's hands on the ships wheel and pats his head before jumping down to the main deck and going to help.     

"So what was all that about a girl saying no? It's been floating around." Eddy asks glancing over at Pete. The captain just shrugs his shoulders.    

"One of the girls said no to joining."    

"What will you do with her?"    

"I haven't decided yet. Perhaps try and get a ransom from her family."    

"Oh I see. Not going to sell her to the slavers then?" he asks, "Not getting mushy are you?"    

"Of course not." Pete scoffs. "But she is braver than most men and I do respect that."    

"She doesn't look brave at all." Eddy chuckles.    

"Indeed." Pete says. The two stand in silence for a few minutes before Pete speaks up again. "That boy."    

"What boy, Captain?"    

"The one you've taken a liking to."    

"What about him?"    

"You make keep him if you want. Think of it as an early birthday present."    

"How kind of you my dear captain." Eddy says with a forced smile. "I shall treasure this gift forever."    

"Just be sure and teach him not to run his mouth."     

"I'll just keep his mouth busy." Eddy smirks as he thinks of the attractive duke. He never saw the point in owning another human but he's definitely attracted to him.    

"When we return send out the ransom letter for the princess right away. I want her gone as soon as possible."    

"Something particularly wrong with her?"    

"I simply do not like her." Pete crosses his arms. "Her whining is annoying."    

"Are you sure you're not jealous?"    

"Hardly." Pete snaps. Eddy just chuckles to himself, earning a glare from the captain. "Tell your brother to come to my room when he's done working." Pete stands up straight and heads for the ladder.    

"Don't you already have something to play with in there?" Eddy asks.    

"It's not very willing to play yet. I thought I'd give it a little help." Pete descends the ladder and makes his way back to his room. He'll never admit it but he is a bit jealous. He doesn't want to see anyone close to his prince. He wants to make the Prince feel just as jealous. Surely he felt the same spark Pete did when they met in the garden. It had been as though they were drawn together and the prince had obviously wanted to kiss him. But perhaps it's too late for that. Sometimes Pete forgets that he's the villain.    

When he reaches the room he finds Patrick sitting with his knees pulled up to his chest and the pendant in his hand. Pete has to resist the urge to throw it into the ocean and approaches him. Patrick tries to hide his face from the pirates gaze but Pete grabs his chin and forces him to look up.    

"How much?" He asks.    

"How much what?" Patrick tries to pull his face away.    

"If I returned you how much would you pay?"    

"A whole gem mine and fifty thousand dominion silvers... For everyone to be let go." Patrick replies after a moments thought.    

"Seventy thousand and I'll consider it."    

"You're being greedy. You can make triple the profit in the gem mine alone. That is my offer."    

"Then there is no deal." Pete let's go of the prince's face and stands up straight.    

"Fine" Patrick spits. Pete shakes his head at the stubborn prince and lays down on his bed. He finds the rocking to be soothing. Then again he's spent most of his life on a ship so he's probably just grown accustom to it.     

"Fifty thousand and I keep two." He offers. The young boy will probably want to remain with Chris anyway and he can't very well give Eddy's new present back.    


"You're not very good at negotiating." Pete says in a teasing tone.    

"Neither are you."    

"At least I'm trying to compromise. My  men  won't work in a mine so I'd have to hire more."    

"You'd have fifty thousand dominions, I'm sure you'd be fine."    

"I'll hardly have any for myself once it's split between all of my men."    

"That's your choice, not mine. There are men who accomplish far more with far less."    

"Your options are these; One save them all for seventy thousand and a mine, Two save all but two for fifty thousand and the mine,  and three save no one. You have until we reach land to choose."    

"I'm not changing my mind."    

"Neither will I"    

"Then this conversation is dead."    

"As you wish." Pete says, his voice filled with annoyance. He wishes the Prince would just give in. He'd rather not have to actually disable anyone. Then they'd be just a waste of food.  



                Pete kicks off his boots and puts his hand behind his head as he watches the prince. He has the urge to go over and hold him but he knows it wouldn’t go over to well. The waves seemed to have settled down some but Pete’s sure it's nothing more than the calm before the real storm hits. There’s a knock on the bedroom door and Pete gets back up with a smirk on his face. “Just a moment.” He calls out as he crosses the room to his wardrobe.  “Come here Patrick.” He orders. Patrick stares at him for a moment before getting up and walking to him. Pete opens the door and points inside. “Get in.”  

                “What?” Patrick asks looking between the captain and the wardrobe. There’s not much in it. Just a few shirts and the suit from the ball. The bottom is littered with different shoes some of which don’t even seem to have matches.   

                “Get in.” Pete says again.  


                “Unless you’d rather watch.” Pete grins.  

                “I’d rather go back to the other room you disgu-“ Patrick stops himself before he can really go off on the captain. He takes a deep breath to calm himself knowing that acting up will only hurt his chances of seeing Ryan and Sarah again.  

                “Clearly you can’t be left alone.”  

                “I think I’ll be fine.” Patrick says through gritted teeth. Pete just turns from the prince and goes to the door opening it up.   

                “Hello captain.” Brendon says with a smile. He steps into the room and wraps his arms around Pete as he presses their lips together. Patrick makes a face at the display of affection and shuts himself into the wardrobe with a slam of the door.   

                “You’ve got an angry little guest.” Brendon observes.   

                “He’ll get over it.” Pete pulls Brendon into the room and kicks the door closed as he begins to suck on the sensitive skin of  Brendon’s  neck. The two move towards the bed and fall onto it.  

                ‘ I hate him’  Patrick thinks as he moves some shoes out of the way and sits down hugging his knees tightly. ‘ I hate him, I want to go home…’  Tears fill up his eyes and he presses his hands over his ears as Brendon moans loudly. ‘ I wish I wasn’t the prince… Why couldn’t someone else have this burden.’  

                 “Ah fuck” Pete curses and Patrick can’t help it anymore. He lets out a sob and pulls one of the shirts down to blow his nose into it. Brendon lets out a frustrated sigh and puts a hand on Pete’s chest stopping him.   

                “Yeah fine.” Pete mutters rolling off of the younger man. Brendon kisses his cheek then gets up collecting his shirt from the floor.   

                “Come by my cabin later.” Brendon says as he leaves the room.  

                “Are you happy now?” Pete asks. His chest feels tight and he’s angry with himself. He thought that making Patrick jealous would make his own anger go away, but the sound of the Prince's sobs just fills him with guilt. He gets up and goes to the wardrobe opening the door. The second its open a shoe flies out and hits him in the forehead causing him to stumble back.  

                “I hate you!” Patrick screams.  

                “You little shit.” Pete grabs his arm and pulls him to his feet. Patrick cries out in pain and falls against Pete weakly and lets out a sob. His bandages hang loosely around his wrists and blood drips from his wounds.   

                “Damn it.” Pete curses. He pulls Patrick to the bed and makes him sit down. He wants to fix the bandages but Patrick fights against him trying to get away. They struggle for a minute before Pete manages to pin Patrick to the bed, holding his hands above his head with one of his own.  

                “Stop.” He grits through his teeth as the prince struggles beneath him.  

                “No!” Patrick yells. “Let me go! Leave me alone!”  

                “Patrick stop.”  

                “I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!” Patrick sobs as he fights against Pete’s grip. His wrists scream with pain but he just wants to get away. Pete looks down at him sadly, he knows it’s his own fault. He chose to ignore his heart and now it's come to this. He can never repair the damage he’s done. He wishes he could go back to the garden. Perhaps things could have been different if he had just gathered up the courage to kiss him then. Pete’s so lost in his own thoughts that he doesn’t even realize it when he leans down and touches his lips to Patrick’s.  

                “Don’t you dare touch me with those dirty lips!” Patrick screams jerking his head away. “You’re disgusting! I hate you!” Pete freezes, feeling the words stab into his heart. He moves aside and pushes Patrick off the bed. “Get out.” He orders, his voice raw. Patrick scrambles to his feet and runs out of the room.  

                “Ryan! Ryan!” He yells as he stumbles.  

                “Patrick?” Ryan drops the ropes he was holding and rushes to Patrick his voice filled with worry. Patrick clings tightly to him and sobs against his chest. “Patrick…” Ryan says softly. He hugs Patrick close and strokes his hair gently. “Shh I’ve got you. It’s okay.” He whispers into his ear. The way that Patrick’s whole body shakes is scaring him.  

                “I want to go home, I can’t do this. I can’t” Patrick cries. His legs give out and Ryan has to kneel down to keep from dropping him. He holds the distraught man on his lap and rocks him gently. A bolt of lightning flashes across the sky and rain begin to pour down on the pirate ship.   

                “It’s going to be okay.” Ryan tells him. “Everything’s going to be okay. I promise I’ll take care of you.”  

                “I hate him. He’s so disgusting. I hate him so much.”  

                “I know Patrick.” Ryan presses a kiss to his forehead. “I know. Let’s get out of this rain okay?”  

                “I don’t want to go back there.” Patrick says with a weak voice.  

                “I’m not going to let anyone touch you. I promise.” Ryan gets up and helps Patrick to his feet leading him below deck to the area he was given to hang his hammock. He gets Patrick into it and wraps a blanket around him. “I’m going to get Castiel okay.” He says as he notices all the blood.  

                “Don’t leave me alone.” Patrick pleads. “Please don’t leave me.”  

                “Okay…” Ryan says hesitantly. He fixes the bandages on Patrick’s wrists and hopes that he hasn’t lost too much blood. “I won’t go anywhere. It’s going to be okay.” He says as he manages to squeeze into the hammock with him. Patrick curls up against him and hugs him tightly. He cries into Ryan’s chest until he falls into a fitful sleep.  

Chapter Text


  Pete laid on his bed and stared at his ceiling. "Fuck..." He grumbled before pulling a pillow over his face. There he lid for a few minutes as the ship started to rock more fiercely. With a sigh he got up grabbing his coat. As he unsteadily walked to the wheel the rain poured down.   

"Everyone get below deck" Pete commanded.  

  Eddy, who had been trying to keep the boat steady, let go of the wheel as Pete took over. He ran to the others and helped them get below deck. When he had gotten the last of them down, he went back to Pete.  

"Everyone is below deck Captain." He said over the wind.  

"Good, get down there."  

"But Captain..." Eddy was more than reluctant to let Pete stay there by himself.  

"It's getting worse, go Eddy. Make sure everyone is accounted for."  

  Eddy hesitated then spoke. "...Be safe." Eddy made his way down below deck. Pete looked around and grabbed a rope to tie the wheel in place, once he was finished he looked up at the nest.  


          "Safe!"  Christofer  shouted as he held a tarp over Jordan and himself. He peeked over and caught a rope that Pete had tossed up to him. He then tied Jordan to the mast, so he wouldn't fall. Jordan held onto him, body shaking with fear.  Christofer  kissed him, but his nerves remained.  

"Do we have to stay up here?!" Jordan shouted over the wind that howled even louder.  

"Dangerous to go down."  Christofer  thought for a moment then started to untie Jordan.   

  He then tied one end to the mast and the other side around Jordan's waist. "Go first."  

  Jordan gave him a kiss then began his descent. At the bottom of the ladder, Pete held it as still as he could.  Christofer  watched as Jordan step by step got closer to the deck. A strong gust of wind blew, making Jordan tighten his grip and stop until it passed. After what seemed like an eternity of nerve wracking minutes, Jordan reached the bottom and  Christofer  started to climb down.  

"Christofer no! Wait for the rope!" Pete yelled as he frantically untied the rope from Jordan. Even with Jordan's help, they didn't get it off fast enough. A large wave crashed into the ship,  shoving  it to the side and knocking Jordan off his feet and sliding to the edge.  

  Jordan grabbed something that had been nailed to the floor.  

"Jordan!"  Christofer  yelled losing his grip and falling into the water.  

  The ship evened out and Jordan got up quickly.  


  Jordan started to head to the edge, but Pete grabbed him and struggled to tie him to the mast. Jordan kept struggling as Pete grabbed the end of another rope and dove into the water.  Christofer  tried to stay above water as Pete made his way over to him.  

"All hands on deck!!" Pete shouted as loud as he could, tying the rope around Chris and pulling them towards the boat the best to his ability.  

 Jon ran out and looked around, stopping on Jordan, who's face was wet from the rain and his tears.  

"What happened?"  

"Chris went overboard!"   

"What?!" Jon ran over to the railing and looked into the sea. "Pete! Chris!" He grabbed the other end of the rope and started to pull. "Jordan, I need more help. Ring the bell next to you." He told him over his shoulder. Jordan wiggled a bit to get his  outstretched  arm closer to ring the bell. Once he rang the bell, the twins ran out and quickly helped Jon pull Chris up. Pete got pulled down under water by a sudden wave. They safely got Chris over the edge and he crawled over to Jordan, collapsing at his feet.   

  Meanwhile, Jon tossed the rope back into the water.  

"Come on Pete...."  

 Pete took the rope and wrapped it around his hand, making the rope tug in their hands.  

 "He's got it" Jon said before pulling the rope with Eddy. Brendon went to the edge and pulled him up and checked him.  

"He's not breathing!"  

"Eddy, get the healer." Jon said, laying Pete on the deck.  

  Eddy ran below deck and looked around frantically. Once he found Castiel, he took his hand and pulled him quickly back to the deck.  

"I got him." Eddy announced standing besides Brendon.  

"He's not breathing." Jon told Castiel, who knelt down and began working.  

  Brendon went over to the mast and untied Jordan, getting them below deck. Once they were below deck, Jordan clung to the shaking  Christofer . Jordan held him closer and gave him kisses, however instead of calming down,  Christofer  began to cry.  

"Shh, it's ok." Jordan whispered to him "I have you Chris, and I'll never let go."  


 When Penny awoke, water had started to fill the s tore  room.  


  She stood up and looked around to find where it was coming. In the side, was a hole that was spitting the sea water inside. She grabbed something to plug the hole, but the force of the water just shot it back out. She banged on the door.  

"Hello! Can you hear me?!" She felt the water raising faster. "Help!"  

  It wasn't long until the door opened, making the water rush out. Penny slipped as the mattress as well as anything light enough was pushed through the door with the water.  

"Shit" Brendon, her rescuer said catching Penny and Jeremy from being swept away too far. Penny coughed up some water.  

"Hole in side." She managed between coughs.  

  He looked around and laid Jeremy in a hammock before going into the store room and patching up the hole. Penny followed him and looked around for her bear.  

"Go up to the next deck with everyone else."   

"I can't find my bear..." She told him continuing her search.  

"Go. You can find it later."  


"Damn it woman" Brendon said frustrated at her stubbornness. He helped looked and noticed it behind a few chests that had fallen over. He went over and lifted one of the chests.   

  Penny headed over to him, but  fell  when the ship suddenly jolted.  


  Brendon pulled the bear out and dropped the chest. He then went to Penny, placed the bear on her lap, then picked her up. Her face grew pink and she held it close.  

  The ship creaked and jolted once again. Brendon sighed.  

"Great." He carried Penny to where the others were waiting then set her down before going back up to the deck.  

"Eddy, Jon, I don't think we're alone."  

"What do you mean?" Eddy asked looking over at him.  

"I mean we need to get Pete below deck and our weapons ready."  

  As if to reply, a large tentacle covered in suction cups and the color of the sea shot out from the depths, wrapping around the bow of the ship. Jon took out his gun and shot at the  tentacle  as Castiel brought Pete below deck.  

"Tell everyone to get  their  weapons!" Brendon yelled opening the sails.  

 From behind them  another tentacle shot out from the sea and wrapped around the stern. Brendon went to the wheel in an attempt to move the ship. Before they could do anything a third tentacle rose high above the ship and fell limply down the middle of the ship destroying it into two pieces. The two pieces were moved apart.  

   Ryan  fell  out of the hammock with Patrick, making him wake up.  

"Ow..." Patrick rubbed his head. His eyes  eyes  widened as he looked through the large hole at the other half of the ship. "Ryan..."  

"Yeah..." Ryan picked him up and moved away from the gap and looked for others. When he did find them, he set  Paatrick  down.  

"Jordan? William?"  

"Jordan is on the other half..." Castiel explained to him.  

"...Goddess help us..." Ryan prayed.  


"Eddy!" Brendon yelled over to the other half.  


"Hang on Eddy!"  

 Eddy held onto a beam to keep from falling as the ship half tilted downwards sending everyone in backwards. Pete and Patrick got tossed onto a weak piece of wood that broke from the ship sending them into the water as  the bow was thrown by the tentacle. Pete grabbed Patrick as they fell, and held him protectively. Patrick held onto him as they plunged underwater.  

  The stern started to descend into the sea as the beast dove downwards. Penny took Charlie's hand and swam to the surface. Sam, Taylor and Jordan who was pulling  Christofer , swam up after them. Hayl tried to swim, but couldn't. Hayl tried to get the belt off the pipe of the ship. Jon noticed and swam over cutting it off with his knife and pulled  Hayl  up to the  surface .  

"Eddy?! Eddy?!" Brendon yelled out in the direction the bow had disappeared.  

  Penny  found  a large piece of wood floating and pulled it over, helping Charlie onto it before getting on herself. Charlie pulled Sam who was having a little trouble, up onto the wood. He coughed a few times to get the water out. Hayl climbed up onto another piece and spread out taking deep breaths.  

   Christofer  cried and held onto Jordan. Jordan found a small piece and put  Christofer  onto it.  

"It's ok Chris."  

 Christofer sniffled and held Jordan. Brendon took a deep breath and counted everyone around him.  

"Who isn't a strong swimmer?"  

"I'm not... Charlie never learned." Penny said.  

"I'm  not a professional, but I can hold my own." Jordan rested his head on  Christofer  and his own hands.  

"Dean taught me to swim..." Sam all but whispered.  

"Alright. I know none of you want to be here, but you have no choice now. I've got some rope." Brendon swam over to the piece of wood Penny and the kids were on and tied one end to it. "We'll take turns pulling them. We were near some land when the storm hit... Our best bet is to try and find it."  

"I feel like I got squished by a whale..."  Hayl  grumbled.  

"Who's got first pull?" Taylor asked.  

"I got it. Is there room on there? Kellin's out of it."  Travie  explained.  

"There's room on this piece." Hayl mumbled.  

   Travie   swam  over and lifted Kellin up beside Hayl.  Hayl  reached over and held the back of the piece with the rope. Penny held Charlie  close , her bangs over her eyes. Brendon placed his hand on her knee to comfort her, then looked up at the sky.  

"Anyone see the sun..?  

  Hayl looked and pointed to where the sun shined in the sky.  

"Ok, we need to swim towards it then." Brendon said swimming.  

  The group followed, swimming  towards  the sun.  

Chapter Text

  The sound of waves crashed against the sand as Pete laid there, holding Patrick  close . He took deep breaths, his lungs burning from the salt water.  

"Holy shit..."  

  Patrick coughed and rolled from on top of Pete. He sat up catching his breath.  

"What the heck was that..?"  

" Rasitar . Son of a bitch."  

"It's … Real?" Patrick asked shocked that the sailor myth was actually a reality.  

  He never believed the tales, but now he couldn't deny the giant squid-like monster was real. Pete stood up and dusted the sand off his pants.  

"There is truth behind every legend." he said looking at Patrick. "We need to find fresh water."  

"I'll stay here." Patrick had no intention on being with Pete alone.  

"It's going to get dark soon. We're going to need water  if we want to survive."  

  Annoyed Patrick got up and started to walk away from him.  

"Fine." Pete said, just as annoyed. "Maybe someone will spot your dead body and I can be rescued." He walked further into the jungle.  

"Jerk..." Patrick mumbled. He walked over to a log on the beach and down. He watched as the water crashed against the sand, almost harmoniously. "Everyone..." He began, Please be safe...  He prayed silently.  

 The forests of the Teal Isles varied from island to island. This particular forest was lush with green grass, and tall filled out trees that towered so high they seemed above the clouds. Lakes and ponds placed vicariously throughout the center, had a network of streams snaking to the ocean.  

  Pete found one of these streams and kneeled down to taste it's water. Once satisfied with the freshness, he looked about for something he put fill with the water. His eyes landed on a pile of coconuts that had fallen from a nearby tree. If he was lucky, he could use a rock to crack it open.  

  Upon finding a sufficient rock, Pete put his theory to the test. Banging the rock against the softest part of the coconut he could find. It took a few tries but he managed to bust through the shell. He continued to open a few more coconuts and pouring the milk out before filling them with the fresh water.  

  When he had enough, he headed back to the beach. There, he found Patrick playing with a fuzzy brown creature.  

"Down boy, down." Patrick commanded laughing, as the creature jumped up with it's forepaws on Patrick.  

  After closer inspection, the creature was an  Allipil . A tropical dog species that was very rare. Very valuable. This Allipil was an earthy brown with white ears, paws and trimming down it's back. It's eyes were  a leafy green.  

"Hey" Pete called out after coming back to his senses.  

  Patrick made an irritated face and the  Allipil  took the hint, growling at Pete. Ignoring the growling hound, Pete held out a water filled coconut to Patrick. Patrick crossed his arms.  

"I don't want it."  

"It's water."  

"I don't care."  

  Despite the decline, Pete set the coconut down besides Patrick before walking off once again. Patrick pet the Allipil's head.   

"You need a name. Hmm..." He started thinking. "What about Peter? He's a dog too..." He said snidely, sure that Pete didn't hear him. "So fluffy..." He kneeled down and wrapped his arms around it. "I'm really gonna call you Ipi."  

  In response, Ipi began licking his face happily. Patrick  fell  back from the force of the happy Ipi and laughed. When he settled down, Ipi laid on top of Patrick, who closed his eyes and pet him.  

  Pete had made a fire for himself, and decided to make a big fire near Patrick. When it was lit he headed back to the forest to collect more wood. ' That will help him dry off and stay warm for the night. I'll set up somewhere else... ' Pete thought. He travel ed  until he reached another part of beach, and made a fire for himself. He sat down near it and hugged his knees close to his chest, shivering.  

My head hurts... I need water...  He thought to himself. He tried to get up but collapsed after a wave of pain flowed through his body. Guess it can wait.

  Meanwhile, Ipi began to nudge Patrick to get up.  

"Ok, ok" He said getting up and stretching a bit.  

 Ipi ran off a few feet, and ran back to show that he wanted Patrick to follow him. The  two walked into the forest and down a dirt path to a cave. When they got inside it was filled with Allipil's of different ages and colors, all cuddled together.  

"So much fluffy!" Patrick yelled out.  

  Ipi walked towards the middle and the other Allipils moved aside. Patrick laid in the clearing and grinned when the  Allipils  snuggled around him.  

"I am the king of  Allipils . " He sang with a yawn. He closed his eyes. "Why do I have to be stuck with him..?" He asked himself before dozing into a peaceful sleep.  


 The morning sun greeted Patrick's face, waking him up bright and early. He looked around remembering where he was. His eyes stopped in front of him, where Ipi sat with berries and a half coconut of fresh water. Patric k ruffled the fur on it's head.  

"Thanks boy." He started to eat the berries. ' I need to find everyone. '  When he finished he stood up and headed out of the cave. Then he began to look for materials. Anything he could put together to make a raft was collected. With the help of his new canine friends he had enough to start building on the beach within the hour.  

  On the other side of the island Pete woke up groaning in pain. Everything hurts.  He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. My crew... My ship... Everything's gone.

  Suddenly there was a thump and something started to poke his side.  

" Ow ..." He grumbled.  

"Oh, you're not half as dead as you look." A female voice chided.  

"Give it a minute."  

"What happened to you?"  

"Storm, Rasitar, ship wreck."  

"Oh my..." She examined him for injuries and then began to take care of the small ones. She took out a flask and held it to his lips. Pete drank the fresh cold water. "My name's Jenna McDougall. What's your name?"   

"P..." Pete began, but instead said "Lewis."   

  The woman let out a whistle and after a few minutes a pack of  Allipils  pulling a sled came running up.  

"This is gonna hurt a bit."  She said  before getting Pete onto the sled and placing a blanket over him.  

   He shivered "I'm used to pain" and closed his eyes  drifting. "There's ... There's another man here... Brown hair... Shorter than me... He' s... He's important so... He needs to be safe."  

"I'm sure the  Allipils  will find him." She assured him, standing on the sled with her feet on either side of him. "Yip!"  

  With their signal the  Allipils  dashed forward running down the path they already knew.  

" Pat...rick ..." Pete muttered before dozing to sleep.  

When Pete woke up he rubbed his eyes.  

"Morning sunshine."  

"Barely..." He groggily replied to the female voice he vaguely  remembered  before sleeping.  

"You should be feeling a lot better now."  

 Pete sat up. "Physically" he sighed.  

"How bad are you  mentally ?"  

"Everything that I ever held important to me has been destroyed."  

"Pretty bad then." He watched as she picked up a potted plant. "There is still something important to you, that can be f ixed. Should you want to." She headed out of the hut where she had brought him to heal. He got up and followed her out. "The man you mentioned. He is mentally broken as you are." She set the plant down then  turned to face him and held up a shimmering clear crystal. "You have similar pasts. You're more bound than you both care to realize."  

"I am nothing to him."  

  The woman laughed.  

"Oh if you only knew."  

  She placed the crystal into his hands. "If you only knew" she repeated before carrying the plant to a bright spot in the sun.  

  Pete looked at the crystal that was  warm in his hands. It shined in the sun's rays. He looked closer and could see Patrick pushing the raft he made to the water from the beach.  

"Fix what you break." The woman advised.  

"That can't be  safe ..." He mumbled to himself watching the crystal a little more before putting it in his pocket and heading to the beach.   

  On the beach Patrick was close to the water when Pete called out.  

"Your highness."  

  Making a face Patrick continued. "I thought you would have died."  

"Makes two of us."  

"I HOPED you would have died." Patrick corrected.  

"I wasn't quite there yet." He noticed a piece of wood from his ship that he had carved on in his youth and picked it up. "At least not everything is lost..."  

"Too bad." Patrick said uninterested. He got the raft in the water and got on with Ipi and began to paddle with the piece of wood he managed to get to the right size for an oar.  

  Pete sighed. "Your highness."  

"I'm ignoring you now."  

  Pete started to whistle 'Summers Eve'. Patrick knew the song very well, because ever since he heard it, it played many times in his head. It was the song that he danced to  with Pete.  

"I should never have danced with you." The memory played over in his head as he peddled.  

"I should have kissed you properly while I had a chance."  

  Patrick tried to ignore him. He had wanted to kiss Pete. Many times the thought had occurred to him. But after that night, after he and his friends were attacked by Pete's pirates, he wanted nothing more than to be free of Pete's presence.  

"Prince Patrick..."  

"We'll find the others..."  Patrick began to himself. "We'll get h ome... And I will become king... And execute any pirate that steps foot on Fenia."  

"I have another ship."  

"Stop talking to me!" Patrick shouted, his anger was steadily  growing with  every  word that flowed out of Pete's mouth.  

"Patrick  wait ."  

  Patrick put the oar down and covered his ears. Memories of the last few days flowed through his head and tears started to fall.  


"I'm sorry!"  

"It's too late for I'm sorry! It's far too late!"   

  Getting nowhere yelling over the crashing waves against the coast, Pete decided to swims over to the raft and climb on.  

"Get off my raft!"   

"I'm not going to touch you" Pete assured him "Just talk."  

"I don't want to talk to you. I don't want you to exist." Patrick began to get angry again. "This is all your fault!"  

  Calmly Pete took out a dagger from his boot and held it out to Patrick with the blade facing himself. Patrick watched his every move.  

"What are you doing?"  

"You don't want me to exist then change it."  

 Patrick took it in his hands. He could kill him and then be free. Could he really do that? Take his life, and then face his friends like he didn't. It was something that his father could do without a second guess. His cold and controlling father. Patrick threw the dagger into the sea.  

"Get off my raft."  

  Pete watched the dagger land in the water then looked at Patrick.  

"Move it." He commanded. "You're  contaminating  the wood."  

  Instead Pete laid back and closed his eyes.  

"I keep seeing it... Whenever I close my eyes."  

"Why are you still here?"  

"I can't figure it out. Why..." Pete continued "I was just supposed to pick up Chris. Why did I want to dance?"  

  Annoyed with his  disobedience , Patrick began to try to push him off. Ipi watched the two with his head tilted. Pete looked into Patrick's eyes.  

"Why was I jealous of them..."  

"What are you rambling about now?"  

"Nothing... Maybe... You wouldn't care even if I told you."  

"No, probably not. Now get off my raft" he commanded for what felt like the millionth time. "And stay out of my life."  

"I'll find a way to send word and get my other ship here. We'll search the other islands for my crew and your friends and I'll return you all to Fenia."  

"I don't need your help!"  

Ignoring the outbursts Pete  finished  "And you'll never hear from me again..."  

"I don't want your help."  

"Your friends may need it."  

"Go away already."  

"You could have made me but you threw away your means of doing that." Pete pointed out.  

  Patrick clenched his fists, and exhaled deeply. "I'm not going to hurt anyone. I just want you to leave me and my friends alone..." he calmly explained.   

"I just want to get you back to Fenia."  

"Why do you care if I get to Fenia or not? We would have been there if you hadn't shown up... I would be married... And going through the ritual to be king... I  wo uld  be saving Fenia... But instead I'm stuck here, all my friends Goddess knows where, and my father probably lashing out at every soul within his sight and then some."  

"We were doing what we were paid to do. And your ship would have still gotten caught in that storm."  

  Patrick was at his ropes end and he started to hit him tearing.  

"This is all your fault you stupid pirate!!"  

"I know."  

"You're annoying, and bossy, and disgusting! I wish I never met you! I wish I …" Patrick stopped, his fists resting on Pete's chest and cried out all the frustrations. Pete hesitated at first, but wrapped his arms around Patrick. Patrick held onto Pete's shirt as he cried harder, letting Pete hold him closer and stroke his hair.  

"I hate you! … So... Why... Why did I feel angry when you made me stay in the wardrobe... I … I didn't want to hear that! I didn't want to hear you two!" Patrick confessed through sobs.  

"...I'm sorry."  

"No! Why would  you  do that? Who does that?!"  

"I wanted to make you  jealous ..."  

 Patrick pushed him away and Pete held  onto  his hands.  

"I wasn't going to go all the way." He explained. "I wanted to know if you cared at all."  

"Of course I care!" Patrick shouted before he even knew the words were coming out of his mouth. He blinked. Pete stared at him.  


  Patrick looked away, his face uncontrollably warm.  

"The night we met... Was... It made my heart race... But... But now... I don't want to see your face."  

  Pete gently reached up to touch his cheek, but Patrick smacked his hand away before moving to the other side of the raft and crossing his arms.  

"It doesn't make sense does it."  

"Shut up."  

  Pete sighed and looked at the water. He had been making progress, and lot it in seconds. He started to hum a random song.  

"How will you get a ship?" Patrick asked breaking the awkwardness.  

"We have to find  Christof er . He's got messenger birds.  

"How do we find him...?"  

"We must have landed on the Teal Isles, If he made it to land, he'll be on this one or one of the other three."  

"Then we should look." Patrick began to peddle with the oar back to the island.  

  Pete jumped into the water and swam, pushing the raft. Patrick pouted. Ipi wagged his tail in Pete's face causing him to laugh.  

"Hey not the face."  

 Patrick's face warmed up and he shook the thoughts from his head. He hopped off the raft when it reaches the sand. Pete pulled the raft onto the sand. Patrick pointed one way.  

"You go that way." He pointed the other way. "I'll go that way."  

"There's a girl living here. She might know something."  

"Well you go find her then." He began to walk with Ipi.  


"Go, the faster we find the others the faster I can get away from you."  

"Be safe..."  


  Pete sighed and walked the other way looking for Chris. His face grew hot as he thought about Patrick.  He cares.

  Patrick hugged himself. "Why... Did I say that..?"

Chapter Text

  On another island Brendon was trying to start a fire on the pile of wood they had collected. Penny was laying out the large leaves that was littering the beach for the kids to lay on. She sat down on a log and folded the other leaves into pillows. Once Brendon got the fire started he laid back on the sand and yawned. Penny looked at him and her face flushed pink. It was the third time she found herself gazing at the long haired pirate since the ship was destroyed.

  She shook her head and looked down at the make-shift pillow she was folding.

    "You should rest." Z suggested to Brendon as she set her hand on his shoulder. Penny glanced up at them and frowned.

    "I'm fine." He said back.

    "Are you sure?" She persisted.

    "Yeah." Brendon stood up. "I'm going to look for fresh water."

    "I'll go with you." Kellin offered. Brendon nodded.

  As the two pirates left into the dense jungle, Penny finished folding the leaf pillow and tossed it to Charlie. She found herself watching him again. Focus... She scolded herself as she began to fold another pillow.

  Brendon and Kellin walked around looking for water. Brendon shivered, still wet from the sea. Eddy... Where are you?

    "You ok?" Kellin asked looking over at him.

    "Yeah..." Brendon lied. He listened carefully and could hear the gentle splashes of rushing water. Brendon headed towards the sound and Kellin followed.

    "What do you think is going to happen?"

    "I'm going to make sure you ll have food and shelter... Then I'm going to look for Eddy."

    "Brendon he might be-"

    "He's not." Brendon said abruptly, cutting off Kellin before the words could pass his lips. "I would know."


  Back on the beach Penny handed Sam the other leaf pillow as she walked to the water. So much happened in such a small amount of time that Penny didn't even have time to process it. But now that she had nothing to do immediately everything began to sink in.

  Sarah... Katelyn... Please be ok...

  Flashes of memories played in her head again. She puffed her cheeks and tried to keep herself from crying. She watched as Hayl went into the water and started fishing with a makeshift spear.

    "They've been gone a long time..." Z murmured looking where the boys had entered the woods.

    "They're probably trying to figure out how to bring everything to us." Taylor said checking his injured side.

    "Or they got eaten by wild animals." Travie joked.

   "Have faith in your fellow heathens." Taylor retorted.

   "Ha ha!" Hayl called out holding a fish up in the air. "Caught one!"

  Christofer snuggled closer to Jordan who stroked his hair. "If they take any longer we'll have to look for them."

  Hayl tossed the fish to Travie. "Catch!" Travie caught it and stuck the fish on a nearby stick, then he put the stick in the sand near the fire to cook it. And Hayl went back to trying to catch more fish.

  Penny sat down where she stood since it was far enough not to get wet from the waves, and hugged her knees. If I stayed home... No... I can't think like this.

    "Everyone come drink a little" Brendon said as he and Kellin returned with a hollowed out tree filled with water, and some fruit. Christofer picked up a fruit and sniffed it, after a moment he broke it in half and held a half out to Jordan. Jordan took it and they both ate their halves.

 Taylor drank some water and then laid out on a large leaf. "I could sleep forever. The kids got a head start though." He said looking over at Sam and Charlie who had fallen asleep already.

    "How's your side?" Brendon asked.

    "Thankfully intact. No thanks to SOME people. Who will remain nameless."

    "Someone's bitter." Hayl chided, throwing another fish to Travie.

    "They cut me... And knocked out Jeremy real bad..." Taylor closed his eyes "Unless by some miracle he woke up..."

    "He'd drown..." Hayl finished.


  Penny frowned and moved her hair to the side. It was a habit she did all the time. She couldn't count the times she'd braided and un-braided her hair from nerves. She cursed herself for falling into habit and moved her hands away from her hair. Instead she picked up a small shell and observed it. So many casualties... And who knows how many more will happen on this island... Will we ever get to Fenia? Or home for that matter...

    "Look we don't know what's happened to the others. But we're all alive and fighting amongst ourselves is going to solve nothing. We're lucky to have Chris with is. His birds can search for any other survivors." Brendon's voice brought Penny back from her thoughts.

    "You have birds?" Jordan asked looking down at Christofer. He pointed up to the sky and when Jordan looked up there were three birds circling the sky.

    "Chris don't eat meat. When he was little he thought it was funny to feed it to the birds and somehow he got them trained." Travie explained.

    "Waste of good meat if you ask me." Gabe mumbled summoning a flick from Travie.

    "No one did."

    "Wow, you're so cute Chris." Jordan praised as he placed a kiss on his head causing him to blush.

    "See we can't be all bad. We raised Christofer pretty well." Kellin mentioned.

    "He cries if he can't go in his nest and can barely talk." Gabe pointed out.

    "Not to mention it was mostly Jon that raised him and he already had experience from raising Pete." Brendon added.

    "He raised that beast? Poor guy." Taylor said.

    "Pete isn't a bad guy." Brendon defended with a frown. "He's suffered so much that it's all he knows now. But he is still human. And he is caring. He would give his life to protect us. He very well might have today. He wasn't breathing the last time I saw him."

Christofer started to tear.

    "Guess we'll know if bodies start washing up..." Taylor sighed. "Anyway, we all should rest and put the grim thinking on hold. We're on a probably uninhabited island and need to survive until we can leave."

    "We're on the Teal Isles. Only one of them inhabited. It has a small village but not much else." Gabe explained.

    "Any chance this is that island?"

    "None" Gabe put his hand behind his head. "I was born there." He chuckled. "We'd all be dead."


    "I may have accidentally burnt down half the village before I left."

    "Yeah, accidentally, I'm sure." Taylor shook his head and got up carefully. He walked over to some trees that had vines dangling down. "We should make a cover in case it rains."

    "I'll help." Brendon suggested walking over to him. The two of them started to cut down leaves and vines.

    "Hayl come relax for a bit." Travie called out.

    "Kaaay" Hayl sang going over to Travie and plopping besides him and Gabe. "Fish are fast little buggers."

  Travie pat Hayl's head and put his hand on Gabe's. Hayl took a nap and Kellin started to eat one of the fishes that was cooked.

Penny sneezed and then frowned. Brendon looked over at her.

    "Sit closer to the fire."

Penny crawled closer to the fire to warm up. She picked up a stick and wrote Spencer Anne Smith in the sand. She stared at it for a moment before using the stick to clear it away.

    "I think this should be enough vine for now." Taylor said picking up some large sticks.

  Brendon went over to Penny and laid his coat beside her. "When it dries you can use it." He went back to work. Penny blushed and moved the jacket onto her lap so it would be closer to the fire. After a while it dried and she put it on. Penny smiled, her face red as a cherry. She wasn't sure why it made her heart race so fast, but she liked the feeling.

  She watched as Brendon helped build a shelter with Taylor. She sneezed again and sat up straight when Brendon looked over at her with a frown on his face.

    "Are your clothes still wet?"

    "Ah... Um... W...Well" She stuttered "I'm um... Dress... So..."

Jordan chuckled.

    "Looks like that wave of bravery faded."

  "You might want to take it off before you get sick. Our stuff dries pretty fast but those layers and material are going to take hours." Travie advised.

Penny turned red at the thought of undressing with all the guys about. Taylor laughed.

    "I think the better solution is cutting it shorter."

    "But even then the material would still be wet." Kellin said.

    "You know nothing of lady under dresses. Trust me once It's shorter the wind will dry it faster. Inside and out. Your captain made us take off all our expensive clothes. She only has two layers. That and-"

    "Ok!" Penny shouted cutting Taylor off. "Enough talking please."

    "Let Penny make her own choices." Brendon added making Penny's heart pound.

    "I wasn't gonna make her do anything. I'm not cruel." Taylor defended.

    "I didn't say you were. However arguing about it will help nothing."

Taylor sighed.

    "Penny what do you want to do? You'll get sick and we don't have Castiel with us."

    "Um... I ... I guess cutting it shorter.... would be best..." She muttered looking down.

    "I'll help you." Z suggested.

  Penny hesitated. She could tell Z liked Brendon or at least was attracted to him. He didn't belong to Penny of course and she would never even dream of it. But she got a weird feeling in the pit of her stomach.

    "Thank you..."

Z picked up one of the daggers laying about from the work and went over to Penny.

    "Do you want to move away from everyone else?"

  Penny glanced over at the guys and bit her lip. She didn't want to have it done in front of the guys, but she didn't trust Z for some reason. Even before they encountered the pirates. Z always made her feel a little uncomfortable when she spent time with Sarah. Penny nodded, deciding to choose going off with Z over having guys watch her.

  Z walked into the jungle and Penny followed her, holding her dress so the bottom didn't trail. When the two got far enough in, Z turned to Penny.

    "How short do you want it?"

  Penny lowered her hand to just above her knees. It was uncommon for girls to wear anything that short. Except for the girls who were harlots of course. Z began to cut away the dress. It got lighter with every cut. Penny closed her eyes.

    "D...Do you think Sarah is... Ok?"

    "We have to believe in the positive."


Z finished and held up the extra material.

    "Perhaps this can be of some use."

  Penny took the material and nodded. Z headed back to the group. Penny looked down at her harlot length dress and twisted, making it swish back and forth.

  Mother would lose her mind if she saw me wearing this.

  She folded the material and looked around trying to remember which way the beach was. But a beautiful red flower with a soft yellow center caught her attention. She knelt down and looked at the little bushel of flowers.

    "The shelter is finished. You can rest there if you're uncomfortable."

  The sudden voice brought her back to reality once again. She looked up and blushed as Brendon stood there watching her, firewood in hand.

    "I... I um... I'm ok..."

    "Alright." He smiled a little. "We wouldn't want you to get sick."

    "R... Right" She hid her face with the sleeves of his jacket.

    "Don't wander too far." He said before walking back towards the beach. She peeked from behind the sleeves at him. She picked one of the flowers and headed back to the beach smelling the flower as she walked.

  When she got there Brendon was stoking the fire. She sat under the shelter and placed the material down. She looked at Brendon who was now eating a meal of fish with a side of fruit. She caught herself staring and blushed, looking down almost immediately at the flower in her hand.

  Why do I keep looking at him...He's not like the guys at home... She thought before her gaze flowed back to Brendon. His long hair... And his skin is sun-kissed... And his body- What am I thinking? Stop it! She mentally scolded herself. He is a criminal, a bad, bad person. A pirate.

Christofer tapped Brendon's arm.





Christofer nodded before snuggling with Jordan and staring at Brendon expectantly.

    "Alright, alright." Brendon said giving in. "I can't resist that face."

  And with that Brendon began to sing. Penny didn't know what it was but it made her heart feel warm and safe. Like everything would be ok. She started to doze where she sat.

Brendon looked at everyone who seemed to have fallen asleep.

  I have to take care of them... Eddy will scold me if I don't... He thought looking down. It was one of the longest times he had been separated from his brother in a long time and he hated it.

  Penny rubbed her eyes. She was close to falling asleep, but couldn't in the end. She knew it was because she didn't have her bear with her. She stretched causing her sleeve to slip down. Blushing she hurriedly fixed it before playing gently with the petals of the flower.

    "Do you need anything?"

She blinked and looked toward Brendon.

    "M... Me?"

He nodded.

    "You haven't eaten right?"

    "I'm... not very hungry..."

    "You need to keep your strength." He said putting some water into a big leaf and bringing it over. "Drink at least."

 Penny's face heated up as she drank some of the water. Brendon smiled a bit.

    "Th... Thank you..."

    "You're welcome." He replied sitting down beside her. He started to braid his hair and she watched him.

  Up close like this... He's even more... Her face grew hotter and she looked down halting her thoughts from wandering once again.

    "We'll find everyone." Brendon yawned.

    "You... You should rest... You worked really... really hard..."

    "I'm alright. I'm a first mate. It's my job to run things when the captain is unavailable."

    "But.. You're tired..." She pointed out. He smiled at her.

    "Alright. I'll take a quick nap. You should do the same." He laid back. Penny frowned. "What's wrong?"

Penny simply shook her head and focused on the flower. He thought for a minute.

    "Your bear."

She looked down.

    "You can lay with me if you think it would help. I promise I don't bite." He said aloud. Unless you want me to. He thought to himself.

Her face erupted into the reddest shade it had ever been.

    "I can't do that!"

    "As you wish." He simply said, closing his eyes. "I'll keep my hands to myself if you change your mind."

  She shook her head profusely. He tried to sleep. It was minutes that passed before Penny hummed softly.

    "I'm going to have trouble sleeping to..." Brendon after awhile.

    "What do you mean..."

    "It's the first time I've been away from my brother."

    "Ah... I ... I see.. The other that looks like you... right?"

    "Yes. He's older by just five minutes. But he's always taken care of me."

    "Oh..." She fidgeted. She felt glad to have this intimate moment with him. But there was also a pang of worry. I think Z likes him... I should leave him alone... Or get him to leave me alone... Whichever it is... But more importantly she thought. Mother and Father wouldn't approve of being with pirate... No one would...

    "He's still alive. I'm sure that the others are too."

  She just nodded, and he tried to sleep again. After debating in her head, she laid next to him and held onto his shirt.

    "It... It will help... Right?"

He smiled.


She closed her eyes and soon they both were soundly asleep.

  When Penny woke up, she was closer to Brendon and his arms were around her. And their legs were entangled. She watched him sleep a bit smiling, and played with his shirt.

  I don't want to wake him up.

  She took a deep breath and tried to move one of her legs. Brendon pulled her even closer and his breathing hit her neck. A shiver ran down Penny's spine and she tightened her grip on his shirt blushing. Brendon peeked a bit before closing his eyes again. Penny fidgeted. I... feel weird...

    "Did I do this...?" Brendon's husky sleepy voice asked. "Or did you?"

    "Do... Do what?" Penny could barely get out.

    "Move this close."

   "I um... I .... Do-...." She stuttered before shutting her mouth.

    "It's nice.... You're really soft." He gently spoke. "I'm not used to soft."

Penny hid her face against his chest and he stroked her hair. A few minutes later Penny spoke.

    "I... should move..."

    "You don't have to."

    "Y...You sure?"

    "Indeed." Brendon confirmed.

    "O... OK."

    "I'm not a teddy bear, but a Brenny bear is still pretty cuddly." He jested. She smiled.

    "You're... You're right."

Brendon began to hum and Penny rubbed his chest gently with her hand as she spaced out.

    "Mm" Brendon's body trembled a little from her touch.

Penny shot back to her senses and pulled her hand and legs away from Brendon. "S..Sorry" She tried to roll away from him and he let her.

    "You don't have to apologize."

    "B...But I... You..."

    "I'll resist from making such sounds if I can."

She scooted back next to him.

    "I won't touch you..."

    "You are more than welcome to." He smiled. "If it pleases you."

A breeze blew through the shelter and Penny held his shirt.

    "It.. You're warm... And... The wind... It's chilly."

    "I'll keep you warm." Brendon promised as he pulled her close. She snuggled against his body.

    "We... never properly introduced ourselves..."

    "Brendon Boyd Urie. Former lord of Arvendon, current first mate of the Blackmore Lady... Well I guess that's former now too."

    "I'm Sp... Penny Anne Smith... Daughter of Lord Smith of Sonia..."

    "A pleasure to meet you Lady Penny."

She smiled he face warm.

    "P... Please to meet you too..."

  He took her hand and placed a kiss upon it. It felt like heat traveled through her whole body, as she looked at his lips. He smiled.

    "Y...You have a really nice smile." She said sheepishly.

    "Not as nice as yours."

    "It... It's not that nice..." She started to play with his braid.

    "It is."

    "Thank you..." She smiled.

    "Do you want to explore?"

Penny's body grew hot.


Brendon grinned devilishly.

    "I meant the island, but if you'd rather explore something else you can."

He chuckled as she became flustered.

    "You could try and find my tattoo." He challenged.


    "Want to see?"

    "B... But everyone is here..."

    "They're all sleeping. And I can cover the opening."

  She bit her lip. Her head was telling her no. Saying to move away from him and survive this island without falling for him. But her heart and body yearned for more like an addict surrounded by their addiction.


  Brendon got up and used the material from Penny's dress to cover the opening. She couldn't help but giggle. This was the last thing she thought it would be used for. Brendon plopped back down on the sand and smiled at her. She sat up and blushed.

    "You good?" He asked.

  She nodded. Brendon started to unbutton his shirt and Penny couldn't control her racing heart. It was anticipating more than she intended. He shrugged off his shirt revealing a sea serpent tattoo that wrapped around his arm and stopped with it's head on his chest.

  She looked in amazement. She moved her hand closer and traced it. Once again her touch sent shivers through Brendon's body.

    "Was that ok...?" She asked. He nodded and she continued to trace the tattoo with her hand. "Did it hurt?"

    "It wasn't too bad." He answered.

    "When did you get it?"

    "When I joined. Joe did it for me."

    "Which is that?" Penny tried to recall the pirates from her brief time with them.

    "The guy with the crazy puffy hair."

    "Right..." She nodded when she remembered. "You don't go showing this to everyone do you?" She suddenly asked.

    "Not really." He smiled. "Only special people."

Penny's heart skipped a beat.


  She traced the head of the serpent then let her finger wander across his chest. He took her hand and moved it to a scar that was just above his hip.

    "I got shot here."

She frowned.

    "How?" She asked looking at it.

    "Joe shot me because I was about to stab Andy."

    "Aren't you friends?" She tilted her head a bit confused.

    "Join or be sold. Everyone gets the choice."

    "Did you not join at first?"

    "He gave us three days to decide. The second night when Jon brought our food we knocked him out and attempted to take over the ship."

Penny gasped a bit.

    "Oh my."

She rubbed the scar a bit and he bit his lip.

    "They had every right to kill me. The people ratted me out as the ring leader. Pete just laughed and said I had potential."

    "How old were you?"


    "You were really young... It sounds terrible... This whole this thing is terrible... I lost my bear... My locket... And maybe even my friends... The only thing that is ok...  is you... Other than the sword to my neck in the middle of the night..."

    "How do you know it was me?"

    "Your voice... I'm good with voices.. Lots of sounds actually... My grandma said it was a special gift."

Brendon placed his hand on hers. She blushed and looked at him.

    "We'll find your friends."

    "And yours."

    "Eddy is alive. That's what's important to me."

He moved his hand to her cheek. She closed her eyes.

    "Then you'll find him."

    "Yeah." He kissed her forehead.

Suddenly Christofer stuck his head inside.


Brendon sighed and Penny moved her hand from him looking away.

    "What Chis?"

    "Present." He answered cheerfully.

 Christofer scooted all the way into the shelter. He had a bird on his shoulder and one hand behind his back.

    "Can it wait?" Brendon asked a bit annoyed.

    "Nooo." Christofer protested before presenting Penny's bear. "Ta da."

Penny glanced over and gasped when saw her bear.

    "My bear!" She took it and hugged it tightly, before hugging Christofer. "Oh thank you, thank you."

    "Where did that come from Chris?"

    "Joey." He held out a stick that had carvings on it. Brendon took it and read it aloud.

    "Ten alive. Sarah saved bear. Joe." Brendon smiled. "Good job Chris."

Christofer smiled from the praise.

    "Thank goodness." Penny sighed relieved.

  Brendon turned the wood over taking out his knife and carved into it.

                                             -Thirteen alive. Brendon-

    "Send it back ok Chris?" He said giving him back the wood . Christofer crawled back out, and Brendon looked back at Penny smiling.

    "Told you it would be ok. There's just three left to find now."

    "I hope we find them... It would be sad to lose someone."

  Brendon nodded.

    "If they reply back I'm sure Joe will tell us who is with them."

    "Like your brother" she smiled. "I already know Sarah is." She said snuggling her bear.

  Brendon smiled. "Yeah." He started to play with her hair.

    "Guessing you won't be needing Brenny Bear now."

  She frowned, and he chuckled.

    "Unless you want one."

   Her face flushed.


  He stroked her cheek gently, sending shock waves through her body.

    "I can keep you a lot warmer than the bear can."

  She closed her eyes, taking in his touch.


  He leaned in closer to her.

    "I... Wish everyone would take a trip... To the other side of the island." She opened her eyes and looked into his.

    "We could. If you want." He suggested.

    "G...Go ourselves?" She contemplated. "O...Ok"

  Brendon picked up his shirt and put it on. Penny crawled out of the shelter and stood up with a stretch.

  I am going cray... But hat my parents don't know won't kill them... She thought as Brendon crawled out and held out his hand. Penny placed her bear down besides the sleeping Charlie and took his hand hesitantly.

  He kissed her hand and they started to walk in the jungle. After awhile, Penny started to hear the thunderous crashing of running water.

    "I hear.. A waterfall."

  Brendon stopped to listen.

    "Yeah me too" He started to walk towards it.

  As they walked, Penny tried to watch her step. Brendon glanced back at her and watched as the breeze blew her hair to and fro gently and the sunlight that broke through the trees made her blue eyes twinkle.

  I feel different... He thought to himself.

  Almost as though she could hear his newly racing heart Penny looked up at him, causing a smile to form on his face. Brendon moved some branches and revealed the glistening waterfall. The water was crystal clear and a blanket of steam hovered above the small spring.

   "It's beautiful..." Penny mustered breathlessly.

    "It is..." Brendon said looking at her.

  Penny ran over to spring and knelt down.

    "It's so crystal clear... Wow..." She touched the water. "It's warm!" She explained.

    "Is it?" He asked walking over to her and kneeling down to touch the water."Let's swim."

    "We don't have any swimsuits..."

  Brendon walked over to a rock that boarded the spring and took his shirt off, then his pants.

    "Oh my!" Penny exclaimed covering her eyes with her hands. Her face hotter that the spring before them.

  Soon after Brendon jumped into the water. When her was safely under the water, Penny moved her feet into the spring. When Brendon came back up for air her pushed his hair back. He took it out of the ponytail and ran his fingers through to comb it out.

     "You have nice hair for a man..."

 Brendon chuckled.

    "Thank you I think."

    "It... It was a compliment... Did I say it wrong..?"

    "I don't think so. My manners are a little rusty after all these years surrounded by pirates."

  Penny used her hand to swish the water around.

    "I'm glad... I didn't say it wrong..."

  Brendon went back under the water. Penny slid into the water and tried to keep the bottom of her dress from floating up. I wonder if my parents even know something is wrong... Or if they care... We should have been in Fenia. So maybe they noticed...

  When Brendon came back up, he was inches from Penny.

    "Whoa... Hello there."


    "You're... a lot closer than you were a second ago."

    "Is that bad?"

    "N... No I just..." She stuttered.

  He held out his hand and after a pause, she took it. He pulled her closer and placed his other hand on her cheek. She closed her eyes and touched his chest with her hand. He leaned his face down a bit towards hers.


    "Y..Yes Brendon?"

  He smiled.

    "Lean forward just a bit."

  She leaned closer slowly.

    "L.. Like this?"

    "Exactly" He whispered against her lips.

 She blushed as he kissed her properly and moved his arms around her waist. Penny slid her hands up to around his neck.

  This feeling, She thought as she took in the sparks of her first kiss.

Chapter Text

  The waves crashed as Jeremy crawled onto the warm sand coughing.

    "Damn... So much pain..."

 He looked around to see where he was, instead his eyes landed on a familiar figure. He sat up wincing to get a better look.


  He crawled over to the Princess who had a soaked black teddy bear in her arms. Jeremy tapped her arm gently enough not to hurt her, but hard enough for her to feel.

    "Princess Sarah?"

 She opened her eyes a little and he sighed relieved.

    "Oh thank goodness." He plopped back onto the sand.

Sarah sat up and looked around.

    "Where..." She started.

    "I have no idea..." He replied having some idea of where her question would lead.

She looked down at him, suddenly realizing who she was talking to.

    "You're awake! Oh thank goodness."

    "Yeah... I was jolted awake then I was underwater."

    "I am glad." She said playing with the bear.

    "What happened?"

    "There was an awful storm... Some sort of creature broke the ship into pieces."

Jeremy sighed and sat up. He cursed internally for not being able to be there for the Princess.

    "We'll have to see if anyone else is here. There might be survivors." He looked at his foot and frowned. It was swollen and most of his foot was now a bruised purple. "It'll be tough.."

Sarah looked at his foot. "You shouldn't be moving..."

    "We need fresh water, a fire and a shelter. I just need a stick to use to lean on."


    "We have to survive. You need to get to Fenia, or back home to Sonia. I can't have you getting sick or dying here." He worked on standing up and after successfully standing up, and ignoring the pain shooting up his leg he took a deep breath. He couldn't even imagine what Sonia would have in store for him for letting something happen to Princess Sarah while it was just the two of them. The thought made him shudder.

 Sarah stood up and gently placed her hand on his arm.

    "You can lean on me." She offered.

    "Thank you." He accepted and leaned on her as she put her arm around him to support him. "Let's look for water first."


 They started their search. Every other step caused a worse sense of pain in Jeremy's leg and he winced often. Despite the area having few trees, one could easily get lost within. Occasionally a Quil would hop passed them and into their burrows. The calls and cries of the many animals rang throughout the island.

    "The didn't hurt you right?" Jeremy asked, hoping that she didn't have too many traumatic experiences.

    "No they didn't... They gave us a choice. Join them or be sold into slavery."

 Jeremy had the sudden urge to hang every last one of the pirates.

    "At least we're away from them. Maybe we can gain control over them."


    "Over there is some fresh water."

  Jeremy pointed to a pond and Sarah nodded. She helped him over to the bank and he sat on a log that was settled in the dirt firmly. There were large leaves from the trees scattered around and Sarah used one to carry some of the water over to Jeremy.


  He blinked in surprise and drunk the water. It was cool and washed the burning salt water out of his mouth.

    "I... I never got a chance to thank you."

    "You don't have to thank me."

    "You protected me."

He chuckled before replying.

    "You're my Princess."

    "You nearly lost your life."

    "You're more important than some sailor." His words burned in his mouth as they came back. He thought after all these years he wouldn't be as bitter as in his youth, but the past still bothered him.

    "Every life is important." She said kneeling next to the water, and drinking some herself. It was almost comical to him that she would say that.

    "I know, but you have to unite the countries."


    "Though... Due to current circumstances, it might be too late."

    "We can only hope for the best.

    "You're right..."

She brought him some more water to him.

    "Thank you." He drank the water slowly, taking in the coolness as it went down his throat.

    "You should continue to rest."

    "Alright." He gave in "can you gather wood for a fire?"

  She nodded and set the bear down before walking around the area collecting wood she thought would work, and making a pile close to Jeremy. As she did Jeremy watched her. He had to give her credit for being able to be more useful than he thought she would have been. Other Princesses probably wouldn't have made as far as the beach.

  He hadn't thought she would cross his path again either. Not after their brief history. He wondered if she even remembered, or knew who he was. He doubted it since he was sure she'd met hundred of thousands of people since then.

    "Is this enough?" She asked.

    "Yeah." He answered without really looking at the pile. "Do you think you can get a fire going with those flint stones over by that tree?"

    "I don't know how..."

    "Toss some dried up leaves on the pile and I'll show you."

  She did as he instructed and picked up the oddly shaped rust colored stones and tossing dry leaves onto the wood. He patted the spot on the log besides him and she sat down with a small blush. He took her hands in his , making her blush more, and showed her how to make a spark with the rocks.

    "Just like that. It might take a few tries and you'll have to blow the spark to get the fire going."


    "Go ahead and try." He said moving his hands.

  She kneeled down by the pit and began the process. It took her many tried but she remained patient and after it finally lit, she lit up as well.

    "I got it!"

He chuckled.

    "Good job."

She blushed happily, full of pride at accomplishing something on her own.

    "We can stay here for a while. At least until we're dry and rested."

Sarah nodded in agreement and Jeremy closed his eyes.

    "I wonder if we could do a smoke signal..." He uttered .

    "How do you do that?"

    "You'll need a big wet leaf. Hold it over the fire for about a minute and pull it back to release the smoke."


When he opened his eyes Sarah was dipping a leaf into the water.

    "You're a lot different now."

    "What do you mean?" She asked looking at him.

   "Nothing." He lied looking away from her, face hot from embarrassment of saying it aloud rather than in his head as intended. She pouted. "It's a long time ago." He had hoped that would have been the end of the topic, but he had no such luck.

    "Tell me."


  The docks of Sonia were bustling as they always were on the weekends. Crashing of the waves and fishermen shouting to their hires filled the air. And the scent of their catches trailed along the nearby beach.

  Like other fishermen sons, Jeremy followed his father and learned everything about the sea. Mr Davis had his own boat and went out for the biggest merchants. Even the castle chefs wanted the fresh catches Mr. Davis would bring back.

  It made Jeremy proud everyone wanted their catches. Just like today. Today Jeremy was helping his father carry the buckets of fish off the boat.

    "You can put it here Jeremy." His father said, putting the two buckets he was down on the dock.

    "Kay Papa." Jeremy sang, putting his smaller bucket besides the large containers. Mr. Davis patted his son's head.

    "You're going to be just like you when you get bigger."

    "Of course! I'm gonna be just like you Papa!"

    "Maybe not JUST like me."

    "But you're the best ever! You go into the ocean and bring back fishies THIS big." Jeremy held out his arms to show the length of the fishes.

    "That big huh?"

Jeremy nodded.

    "And you have Mama and us kids." He pointed out.

    "That's very true. I suppose I'm doing quite fine hen. Let's get the rest of the fish off the boat hmm?"

Jeremy saluted.

    "Aye, aye cap-I- tan" Jeremy sang, running back onto the boat.

A sailor ran down the dock, clearly frantic.

    "The royal family's coming! The royal family's coming!"

Mr. Davis watch as the other sailors scrambled around.

    "Oh my..." He stood on the gangway. "where did that boy get to..." He shook his head and carried a bucket of lobsters to the dock.

  The king, with his wife at his side and his son and daughter following behind, chatted to a few of the citizens. Princess Sarah whispered to her big brother Louis.

    "It smells funny."

    "It's the fish."


    "Yeah." Prince Louis answered, a plot starting to form in his head. "Creepy, slimy creatures that jump out of the water and eat little girls."

    "No!" Princess Sarah gasped, fear filling her.

  Nearby, Jeremy picked up a large fish that was wrapped in cloth and tried to carry it carefully down the gangway. Mimi, their big fluffy Gostus-Dog, ran past him barking.

    "Ah!" He shrieked as he slide down the gangway. The fish flew from his and landed right in front of Princess Sarah. She screamed and her brother snickered.

    "Crap." Mr. Davis helped Jeremy to his feet and moved the fish from her. "I'm so sorry Princess, are you alright?"

Jeremy pouted as the Princess started to cry.

    "Did you get hurt? Jeremy, come apologize." Mr. Davis ordered.

    "What? Why? It's Mimi's fault!" Jeremy yelled. Unaware of the situation Mimi sat down and scratched behind her ear with her back paw.


Jeremy made a face and stood besides his dad and mumbled an unsympathetic apology.

    "The right way young man." Mr. Davis said with a firm pat on his back.

Jeremy let out a long sigh.

    "I'm sorry, for being knocked on my butt and the fish landing in front of you. It was an accident."

Mr. Davis rubbed his temples.

    "Bow properly when you speak to royalty you brat." Prince Louis spat out snidely.

    "Who ya calling brat you monkey face!"

    "Jeremy enough" Mr. David covered his mouth and Jeremy tried to get free.

    "What's happened?" King Godfrey asked walking over.

    "This boy threw a fish at Sarah and then insulted me father." Louis lied.

    "The... The fish... sc... sca" Sarah stuttered as she tried to stop crying. Louis pinched her arm and she started to cry again.

Mr. Davis bowed on his hands and knees.

    "I apologize for my son your highness..."

    "Papa..." Jeremy couldn't believe his father was bowing to anyone. Especially not because of something that didn't really happen. At least not the way the lying Prince told it.

    "I expect you to better educate your son. Clearly he has not been taught manners." King Godfrey picked up Sarah and she showed him the red mark on her arm.

    "Of course your highness. I will."

    "But Papa.. I didn't-"

    "Shh Jeremy."

  Jeremy balled his fists. Who did these people think they were? And why was his father being so pathetic.

    "I will forgive him this time because he is uneducated. Be grateful."

    "Yes your highness, thank you very much for your mercy on us?

Jeremy started to tear and ran onto the boat.

    "He injured my daughter. I shall leave his punishment to you." King Godfrey said walking away with Louis.

Mr. Davis sighed and stood up before heading into the boat.


    "Go away!"

    "Please come out."

    "No! That mean boy lied! And that guy called me dumb!"

    "It's... complicated."

    "There is nothing complicated about being mean liar! I'm not gonna talk to you ever again!" Jeremy hugged his knees crying. He felt betrayed that his father didn't stick up for him. He didn't help him, he just rolled over.

    "I'm sorry Jeremy... I'll finish unloading then we can go home... Ok?"

Jeremy ignored him and listened as his father walked off the boat.


Sarah thought for a minute letting it all sink in.

    "I remember that. I was scared of fish." She explained with a giggle.

    "Yeah... We had trouble with business after that. I had to try and join the guard when I was 14. But they realized who I was and I was rejected so I wouldn't upset you or something like that." He scratched the back of his head awkwardly. When he thought about it, he crossed her path that day too.

She frowned.

    "I'm sorry..."

    "It's alright, I became a sailor. And I met some amazing people. And now I'm here with you. It's not all bad." He waved his hands blushing just as much as she had. "I don't mean it like that. I know you're engaged. Not that I would have a chance either way.. You know what.. I'm just gonna shut up." He directed his gaze to the fire. He ran his hand through his hair. Smooth idiot.

    "Oh! The smoke!" Sarah exclaimed wetting the leaf and making the smoke signals again.

    "It worked."

    "Hopefully there are others that can see it." Jeremy watched the smoke float up.


    "Make sure to watch for when it dries.

    "Huh?" She asked confused.

    "The leaf. It'll catch fire if it's dry."


    "You're getting the hand of it though."

She smiled and he continued.

    "Soon you'll be a regular adventurer."

    "You think so?" She asked blushing and smiling.

  In her moment of pride, she didn't see the leaf start to dry and when it caught on fire it burned her hands.

    "Ow" Sarah exclaimed dropping the leaf.

    "You alright?" He asked looking around at the plants and breaking off a piece of aloe. "Come here"

    "It's just a small burn..." She said walking over to him and sitting in front of him.

    "Even small burns can hurt." He put aloe on the spots that were burnt, then ripped of pieces of his sleeve and tied it around her hands. "How's that?"

    "Better, thank you."

    "You're welcome Princess." He smiled.

    "Jeremy look!" Sarah gasped and pointed to the sky over the other side of the island. Jeremy looked and saw a cloud of smoke.

    "Looks like we're not alone."

    "That's great. How are you feeling?"

    "A little better."

    "Maybe they'll come to us."

    "We can stay here. If they don't come by tonight we'll head that way."

    "Ok." She agreed sitting besides him.

    "What should we do to pass time?"

    "I'm not sure..."

  Jeremy thought for a moment and noticed Sarah playing with a string on her pants. He looked away face hot.

    "Uh... I spy something red."

She looked at him and giggled.

    "Is it your cheeks?"

    "No... Geez"

She giggled more. "Sorry." She looked around at everything. "Is it the roses?"

    "Yes, your turn."

    "Hmm... I spy something yellow."

    "Could it be those yummy looking bananas?"

    "Maybe" She smiled.

    "Maybe?" He asked with a chuckle.

    "I haven't decided yet."

    "That's cheating."

    "Is it?"

    "Yeees." He said tickling her.

She started to laugh and fell against him. He blushed and tickled her more.

    "Hahaha, Jeremy" She called out trying to catch his hands.

    "Yes?" He sang.

    "Haha, no more."

    "More? Are you sure?"

    "Nooo" she managed between fits of laughter.

    "Ok, ok" He chuckled before stopping to let her catch her breath. "You alright there?"

Sarah stayed against him and closed her eyes, sticking her tongue out pretending to be dead.

    "Oh no, Princess down" He played along.

Sarah tried her best not to smile.

    "I guess I'll have to eat all those bananas by myself."

    "No, I like bananas." She whined playfully.

    "Why don't you grab some for us?"

    "Ok." She got up and went over to the banana tree, and started to work on getting the bananas down.

    "So, what do you think it'll be like to be queen?"

    "I don't know..."

    "You never dreamt about it?"

    "I did. But's different now that it's actually happening."

    "How so?"

    "I realized... That I'm marrying a man I know nothing about..."

    "Prince Patrick is a really good man." If he had to give up on someone for anyone else, Jeremy doubted he could do it without strong feelings of anger. But since it was Prince Patrick, he could rest assured knowing she would be well taken care of.

    "I am sure. He is handsome and kind... but... I don't know... I think I must be tired."

    "Why don't you get some rest Princess?" He suggested sliding off the log to the ground. She carried the bananas over and gave them to him before laying down where he once sat.

  Jeremy peeled one and started to eat. She closed her eyes and dozed off. Jeremy finished his banana and glanced at her. All his feelings of the past came rushing back.

  I still feel the same as back then... Even though her freak out cost us everything...She makes my heart race. He thought to himself, smiling a little.

    "Hah, found you." A voice came from behind them.

Jeremy looked to the voice to see the fluffy haired pirate.

    "We would have done more signals, but the leaf dried and burned her hands."

    "Can you walk?"

    "Barely... It's gotten worse... A lot worse."

    "I'll have to carry you then."

    "Well that's not at all emasculating..." Jeremy grumbled.

    "You'll live. Wake the princess."

  Jeremy shook his head. "Carry her, she just fell asleep." He used the log to pull himself up and took a deep breath as pain pricked his leg. He picked up the black stuffed bear Sarah saved.

    "Idiot." Joe picked Sarah up as Jeremy stood up and started to walk the way Joe came from.

    "I'm not an idiot." Jeremy defended with a wince when he put pressure of his injured foot. "Now hurry up it looks like rain."

  Joe walked along with Jeremy. "We found a lot of the ship. The others are building a shelter."

    "That's good. Who are the others?" Jeremy asked, hoping that they weren't all pirates.

    "So far Andy, the man that looks like a woman and a girl."

    "Man that looks like a woman?"

    "I don't know his name."

    "Is he tall? Brown hair and eyes. Kinda protective and bossy?"

    "Yeah that one."

    "Oh, that's William." Jeremy stumbled and pain shot up his leg. He bit his lip to keep himself cursing. Joe sighed and moved the Princess over his shoulder and heaved Jeremy over his other shoulder.

    "Thanks..." Jeremy said regrettably.

    "You were going too slow." Joe started to walk again.

Sarah woke up and yawned.

    "What's going on?" She asked looking over at the pouty Jeremy.

    "He's taking us to the others.. I didn't want you to wake up. But then pain shot into my foot making me stumble and grumpy pants here picked me up."

She frowned. "You should have woken me. I don't want your foot to get worse."

    "It's alright" Jeremy lied.

    "You need to take care of yourself." She pouted.

   "It's not my fault that jerk shot my foot... He cheated..."

   "He does that." Joe cut in. "Pete's made him walk the plank six times this month."

    "Clearly it doesn't work." Jeremy pointed out.

    "He's got this weird personality. You can be pissed at him but you can't hate him."

    "Challenge accepted."

Joe set them down when they reached the camp with the others.

    "Jeremy, Princess." William called out going over. He slid his arm around Jeremy's shoulders to help support him. "Let's get you inside."

    "Thank you..." Jeremy leaned his weight on William, relieved to have a pleasant familiar face near by.

William helped him into the shelter they build and sat him down before checking his foot.

  The princess is going to marry the prince. Jeremy thought, trying to ignore the throbs from his foot. I have to face the facts.


    "Yeah..." Jeremy knew how bad his injury had gotten.

    "Do not move it." William ordered leaving the shelter. When he came back he had water and set the bowl shaped wood carrying it down besides Jeremy's foot. He then took off his shirt and ripped off a piece to use a rag to clean the wound. "I'm no medic... But I'm not sure we can do much."

    "I need it amputated." Jeremy said, having already accepted the fact that it would have to removed. 

    "Yeah... It's already getting infected."

    "I knew as soon as I saw it on the beach." He admitted.

Sarah came in and sat net to Jeremy.

    "How do you feel?"

    "Fine. Considering." He didn't want to tell her the truth. He couldn't. He knew the Princess would blame herself for his pain, and he couldn't let that happen.

She placed her hand on his arm, face full of worry.

    "Once we find Castiel, I'll be completely fine." He patted her hand, which gave her little comfort.


    "You two stay in here. It's starting to rain. I'm going to help bring firewood inside." William headed out as they agreed.

Jeremy looked at Sarah.

    "You're frowning again."


    "What are you apologizing for?" He asked with a smile to try to comfort her. Her face flushed.

    "I don't know..."

    "You don't have anything to apologize for."

  Without a word, Sarah wrapped her arms around his. He looked down at her, and she looked up at him. As their eyes met, both of their faces blushed and hearts pounded. Jeremy gently patted her head with his free hand. She closed her eyes and Jeremy spoke softly.

    "You're hair is very soft."

    "Thank you."

    "You're welcome." He chuckled.

She leaned against him and his face grew more red.

    "Is it ok if I rest like this for a bit?"

    "Y...Yeah sure." He stuttered.

  She thanked him as she dozed and he smiled. Even if it was only for this moment, Jeremy was the happiest he'd ever been to be sitting with the woman he loved.

Chapter Text

 Sorry it took so long! Work has been crazy. Guys be warned of this chapter 


 Hayl laid hugging Travie and Gabe as they slept. Hayl felt nudges.


Hayl just mumbled nonsense.

    "Hayl, I've got a little- well big actually- issue you don't want to be laying near."

  Hayl frowned and sat up on Travie's lap with a yawn. "What did you do to Travie while I was sleeping?"

  Despite Gabe's intentions, Travie was still dead asleep. Hayl just laid back down and mumbled.

    "Naughty Gabe..."

  Travie yawned.

    "Gabe you better not be taking your clothes off again."

  Gabe chuckled and kissed Travie's shoulder.

    "That's your job."

  Hayl swatted to shoo Gabe.

    "Leave my bwover awone."

    "But he's delicious."

  Hayl coughed.

    "No... You're bad Gabe... Gabe is a bad boy..."

    "You feeling ok?" Travie asked patting Hayl's back.

    "My belt got stuck on something... I swallowed some water..." Hayl rubbed his eyes. "I feel icky..." He coughed again.

    "Damn." Travie opened his eyes and looked around. "Jon."

The previously sleeping Jon, yawned and sat up a bit.


    "Hayl's sick." Gabe said sitting up.

  Jon got up and walked over to them. He kneeled down and felt Hayl's forehead. He was very warm. He held onto Travie's shirt as another cough came out.

    "Gabe get water. Travie get him out of the sun."

  They both followed his orders and Travie carried Hayl to the shelter, sitting down with Hayl on his lap.

    "Catching fishies... Made me tired..." He started coughing more. Each sending a worse burning sensation than last. Jon came inside and felt his pulse. It wasn't as fast as it should have been.

    "I should have checked you when we got to land. I'm sorry."

Gabe crawled into the shelter with some water. Jon took it from him and held it to Hayl's lips.


  He started to drink but coughed it up. Jon rubbed his back. He drank some more then hid his face with his hands.

    "Keep him drinking the water. It might help if he throws up to get some of it out of his system but it's been a while now... I'll try to find something to settle his stomach." Jon said before leaving to find herbs with Z.

  Hayl coughed and took deep breaths between the fits. Travie held the water close and he moved his face.


    "I don't want anymore... It burns when I drink it..."


  She looked at him. She hadn't heard her full name in a long time. And for Travie to use it now of all times, worried her.

    "It burns..."

    "Jon's gonna make it better."

  She looked at the water and tried to drink a little more. It didn't go very far as she threw it, as well as some ocean water back up. Travie rubbed her back supportingly.

    "There you go."

    "Travie..." She whined as her eyes filled with tears. "It hurts..."

    "I know..."

  She coughed and took deeper breaths. Jon came back after a little time and kneeled down.



    "Relax and try to breath normal." He instructed as he held a cloth with herbs wrapped in it, in front of her nose.

  She held Travie's shirt again shivering and tried to breathe normally. After a few breaths, she felt her coughs slow.

    "Z is making tea for you." Jon told her.

    "Tea is for pansies..."

Jon gently patted her head.

    "It will make you feel a lot better. When you're better I can make Kellin give you his rum."

    "Kellin has rum?" Travie asked.

    "Fiiiiine." Hayley pouted.

    "Good." He went to get the tea from Z and came back holding the coconut to her lips.

  She drink some then hid her face against Travie's chest. The sweet taste of the tea reminded her of a time long before she met Travie and the other pirates, and she didn't like it.

    "You're gonna be fine kid." Travie said.

    "Get some rest ok Hayl." Jon smiled a little. Hayley simply nodded. "Just yell if you need me." He walked out.

    "Travie... I'm really hot..."

    "Take some layers off. I'll make sure no one comes in."


  Hayley first took off the two tops that she wore leaving a simple undershirt left. "Better..."

    "You should take the wrap off. It might be too tight. I'm going to get Gabe to get you some more water." He suggested before moving her besides him then crawling out.

  She lifted the bottom of her shirt and began to unravel the wrap around her chest and stomach. She smiled and laid back. "Much better." She stretched and even though the relief from the wrap was great for a second. Her stomach began to churn worse than the burning of the salt water in her throat. 

  Travie came back into the shelter and places the water besides her.

    "Thank you bro- bro" She sat up wincing. She picked up the water filled coconut and took a sip. Hayley scrunched her face up when her throat burned. "Do you think about home?" She asked as he patted her head.

    "Not anymore. To me home isn't a place anymore."

She looked at him.

    "It's not?"

    "It's a person" he said after shaking his head. "The way I feel around him."

    "O...Oh..." Hayley's heart hurt. The pain in her stomach taking on a different feel.

    "I do miss it sometimes. But I joined this crew by my own choice. I've enjoyed it."

  She didn't want to hear anymore.

    "I miss my home sometimes..." 'All the time.' "I miss my big brother..." 'My real brother.' "He was the only family I had..." 'I thought I had a new one...' "That I know of anyway..." She couldn't stop the tears that formed. The faint memories she had of her brother faded by the day. She could hardly remember his face. She wanted to see him again. But she wouldn't see him again. Not in this life. He was taken away from her, by them. "I wish I could have drowned..."

    "Hayl. Don't say that." He said stroking her hair.

    "It's true..." This life wasn't fun for her. She was forced into it. "It's the only way out..." She felt more and more depressed with each passing second and nothing was giving her any comfort. "I tried going on the raids with you all so that maybe someone would..." She wasn't even sure what she was saying anymore. Words just spewed from her lips.


  Travie's sudden shout made her jump and look at him with her teary eyed face. He hugged her and she hid her face against his chest. She always felt safe with Travie. When she was first found in the barrel it was his face that was looking down at her. She only knew that her brother put her in that barrel before clashing of metal and a single gun shot.

    "Don't say shit like that."



    "I'm sorry." She apologized with a sniffle.

    "Why are you talking like that?"

  It was a very good question. She'd been having weird thoughts ever since they were attacked by the Rasitar.

    "I don't know..."

    "Everything was fine before..."

    "I just... I thought about my life... And how much I didn't get to do..." Which was true. As a pirate and a woman hidden as a guy there was much she couldn't do. "And how I was going to drown unhappy..."

  Travie crossed his arms.

    "So you wanted to kill yourself before you got yo experience those things? That's just stupid."

  He was right. It was the stupidest thing that she could imagine. But it's what she thought, even though it wasn't completely true. She'd never really thought about it to the point of wanting to kill herself.

    "Before I just wanted out... It wasn't until I was actually going to drown that I thought about it..."

    "No one is making you stay."

She was struck into silence.

    "Even Pete would say you can go. Hayl is a pirate. Hayley is a young woman with her whole life ahead of her."

She looked at him speechless.

    "Next time you think about killing yourself, try to think smart first you idiot."

She pouted.

    "You're an idiot." She crossed her arms.

    "I'm not the one thinking stupid things. And I'm definitely not telling them to the person who's done everything they can to take care of me." He said coldly before leaving her alone.

    "Travie..." She pulled her knees to her chest and hugged them tightly. 'What is wrong with me? Why a I thinking these things? Why did I tell Travie and make him mad at me. I need to get away from here... If.. If I go away... Travie won't have to be bothered by me. Him and Gabe could be happy together.' Her thoughts worsened with the intensifying pain in her stomach. 'Why didn't I listen to my brother and stay hidden that day? Why am I so stupid?' As the memories of the day she lost her brother flooded her brain, her stomach pain became more than she could bare, and she plopped over clutching the spot that hurt most.

  Jon peeked inside to check on her.

    "Hayl I got.. " He started, once he saw her in pain he rushed all the way inside and to her side. "Hayl!?"

    "It hurts..." He cried. "Make it stop"

    "Shh, I'm gonna do my best." He started to check her, and she pushed him away.

    "No! D...Don't!"

    "I know." He said calmly.

    "Y... You know what?"

    "You're girl."

  She didn't say anything as she looked down. She squeezed her legs together and held her stomach tighter.

    "Jonny... Make it stop..."

He gently rubbed her back.

    "What are you feeling?"

    "It... it hurts... a lot..."

  He got some of the herbs he picked with Z earlier and held them to her nose with one hand and felt her stomach with his other. She winced as blood soaked her pants. Jon frowned and scratched the back of his head as he realized what was wrong.

    "Have you bled this month?"

    "I... I've never..."

    "I'm going to see if I can find Z or Penny." He said leaving. She curled up.

Jon looked around the camp. 

    "Penny? Z?"

    "They both went off into the woods." Kellin answered.


    "Z yes. Penny is with Brendon."

    "That trouble maker... Make sure everyone stays put." He said walking into the woods.

  Hayley looked at the dagger that laid a small distance from her on her jacket.

    'It hurts... It hurts too much... I'm sorry Travie... I know you did so much for me..' She thought stretching her arm further. A hand grabbed it before she could.

    "Jon believed your monthly blood has started. You've never had it before?"

Hayley shook her head to Z's question.

    "How old are you?" She asked sitting down and mixing herbs.

Hayley counted in her head.

    "23- ish"

    "It's odd to be starting so late but not impossible. It can cause much pain for some girls. Princess Sarah is often laid up in bed for day. I shall make something to help a bit a with the pain and see if I can gather some material to make you some rags."


 Z mixed the herbs into the water. "Drink."

  Hayley took it and looked at it for a second before drinking it. Z went to pat her head, and she moved  her head away. She put the coconut down when she finished.

    "Don’t worry the pain will pass"


  Z put the dagger in her belt. "I'll be back. Just relax and don't do anything drastic. It messes with your emotions."

    "I... need to make Travie happy again..."

    "That other one with the accent pulled him away. I think they might need some time."

    "Right..." Hayley hugged herself.

    "The blood messes with your head and makes you feel weird."

    "I want to be alone..."

    "Alright, shout if you need anything." Z said as she left.

Jon peeked in.

    "How are you doing?"



    "Sorry..." She sighed. "I just.. I don't know."

    "It's ok. I get it. I grew up in a house of woman."

    "I don't like this..." I don't like making Travie mad.. Or having weird thoughts..."

    "It's alright Hayl. It will just take a few days."

    "What if it's too late..." She hugged herself tighter. "He hates me now."

Jon chuckled.

    "I doubt that."

    "He does..." She confirmed.

    "No he doesn't. It's hot out, he hasn't eaten and Gabe has been messing with him since we got to this place. He's frustrated. But he doesn't hate you."

She didn't say anything and Jon continued.

    "We're all in bad moods. He'll be fine when he returns with Gabe."


He stroked her hair as she curled up. She blushed at his gentle touch.

    "Can you tell Travie I'm sorry when he comes back?... I need some sleep"

    "I will. Feel better." He headed out and she spoke softly.

    "Call me Hayley..."

He stopped and looked back.

    "Feel better Hayley."

  She smiled a little, her face even more red. Jon started to cook some of the fish and watched the kids and Taylor innocently play tag.

    "Owie" Charlie cried out as a wave crashed at her feet making her fall. "Mean water..."

Sam turned and jogged to her then helped her to her feet.

    "You ok?"

    "Uh huh" Charlie nodded blushing.

    "Good." Sam smiled. "I wouldn't want you to get hurt."

  She giggled shyly. Sam took her hand and started to run as Taylor came towards them to tag them.

    "You can't get away from me" Taylor sang.

Jon chuckled as Sam picked Charlie up as though she was a princess and ran as fast as he could.

    "Oh nooooo he's gonna get us!" Sam shouted.

    "Cheaters never win Samuel!" Taylor teased. Sam scrunched his face in disgust.

    "It's Sam!"

    "Samuel, Samuel, Samuel, Samuel, Samuel!"

    "Stooooop!" Sam whined.

Taylor laughed.

    "Careful Taylor." Jon called out.

    "I'm fine pirate."


    "Humph." Taylor ignored him and splashed the water with the kids.

    "Reminiscing?" Kellin asked Jon.

    "A tad. Peter was always so rambunctious. That boy.." Jon started shaking his head. "He made me old before my time. He once flipped off the mast into the water. Barely even knew how to swim yet."

    "You sound like a parent." Kellin chuckled.

    "Essentially I have been. It fell to me to raise Peter and then Christofer came along."

Kellin pinched Jon's cheek which was retorted with a smack to his hand.

    "Where is that boy anyway?" Kellin asked.

    "In the trees I believe."

  Kellin looked back towards the forest. He could barely see the outline of the two boys in the tree.

    "Christofer, share the fruit."

  A banana came flying from one of the trees and Kellin caught it. He then peeled it and started to eat. Jon laid back, closing his eyes. After a short time, he fell asleep.

  Kellin took one of the more cooked fish from atop the fire and ate it after finishing the fruit. He glanced up at the sun, then over at the kids.

    "Be careful of the sun." Kellin called out.

    "We ARE being careful mister." Sam replied as he splashed Taylor.

    "Alright kiddo."

  Just then Taylor lifted Sam, being careful of his side, and walked further into the water.

    "Roar, little boys that splash get dunked."

Sam laughed as he wiggled a bit to get free.


  Charlie wiggled her behind before pouncing on Taylor, with her arms around his neck. The three of them toppled into the water, giving Sam the opportunity to escape.Charlie swam after Sam, and when she got next to him, he kissed her cheek.

    "Thank you."

    "You're welcome." She replied blushing.

Taylor started to float on his back.

    "I hope the others are ok...."

    "We got a message from one of the other islands." Kellin said.

Sam frowned and swam over to Taylor climbing on top of him so they both floated.

    "But we don't know who's there, do we?" Sam asked.

    "Other than Joe no we don't. We just have a count. There's still three people missing." Kellin confirmed.

    "Oh" Sam bit his lip.

    "It'll be ok, I'm sure your Captain is ok" Charlie reassured Sam swimming around them. Sam nodded.

    "Dean's the best."

    "There's two other islands that haven't been checked yet. I'm sure everyone made it."

    "The big monster needs to be hunted down." Sam said ignoring Kellin.

    "Tell that to the people that tried and now rest at the bottom of the sea."

Sam gasped at Taylor's statement.

    "Poor people."

Taylor pat his head.

    "They don't have to suffer anymore, they're probably saying poor people to us."

    "When we get home..." Charlie started. "I am never sailing again..."

    "Aw that's too bad." Sam looked at her.

    "I'll go to the docks, but that's as far as I'm going."

Sam chuckled.

    "Ok, that's fair. I can meet you half way."

Taylor looked between the two.

    "Did you two make some silent engagement no one knows about?"

The two blushed and Taylor gasped over-dramatically.

    "I'm telling Dean you got a little girlfriend when we see him."


    "Oh yes I am."

Sam pouted, making his face a cute as he could.

   "That looks only works with Castiel."

    "Sassafras!" Sam shouted making Taylor laugh. "We should go look for the others. On the other islands."

Christofer climbed down from the tree and sat next to the sleeping Jon.

    "Not safe." He said, burying Jon in the sand

    "Well we can't just stay here."

    "I agree." Jordan added as he jumped to the ground. Christofer frowned as he watched Jordan sit. "The water between the islands aren't that far apart. And we can stay on the beach paths. The faster we're all together the faster we can try to get home. I'm really missing my room now."

    "And I want Dean and Cass..." Sm sighed.

    "There's creatures in the water. Let's send a message to the others, see if we can get the names. Chris did you send for the ship?"

  Christofer nodded and crawled over to Jordan, before sitting on his lap. Jordan stroked his hair for bit, then moved Christofer off his lap as he stood.

    "I'm going for a walk." He said walking off. Sam got out of the water and ran after him.

    "I'll go too!"

  Charlie watched him sadly and sat by the fire with Taylor. He patted her back comfortingly.

    "Don't worry about them missy. Samuel is naive but not stupid."

  In the shelter, Hayley started feeling anxious. She snuck out and started walking in the woods. There she found a pond that was between rushing streams. Hayley stepped into the water. It was warm and sent waves of warmth and relief through her body. She went further in and shimmied off her pants.


She leaned back against a rock letting the warm water soothe the pain away.


  Hayley sat up straight and looked around. Someone was close. She looked around for her dagger, only to realize Z hd taken it from her earlier. She suddely felt a huff of hot breath on the back of her neck.

    "Ahhh!" She shrieked jumping away. But when she looked at the invader she felt both foolish and relieved.

    "It's just a Vabuu..." She took a deep breath and watched the less than majestic creature grazing on the grass. "Stupid deer-horse..."

  As if it understood, the Vabuu looked up. It's long brown mane gracefully flowing with every move.

    "Yes you... Giving me a heart attack. You better hope no one heard me..."

  After having It's fill of grass it looked to Hayley again, who was submerged in the water. She looked over and stuck out her tongue at it, after which, it ran away, leaving her alone. She closed her eyes.

    I miss home...

  Jon woke up some time later with a yawn. He felt a little strange and when he looked at the sand covering him he soon figured out why.


Christofer simply nodded.

    "Our numbers are thinning." Taylor pointed out as Jon went to the water to wash the pesky sand off.

    "Well I know where Travis and Gabriel are. Penny is with Brendon somewhere I'm sure they'll be back eventually." Jon took a look around.

    "Jordan and Sam went for a 'walk' and I think the other girl pretty much disappeared."

  Thinking of Jordan made Christofer frown and he reached up to touch the coronet, only to find it was not on his head.

    "I doubt your little crown thing made it out of the water Christofer."

Tears started to form in Christofer's eyes.

    "Kellin." Jon scolded.

    "What? It's the truth."

That's when Christofer burst into tears.

    "Damn it Kellin." Jon kneeled next to Christofer and rubbed his back. Christofer hid his face against Jon and started to cry more. "Hey... It's ok Chris..."


  Jordan and Sam walked along the beach. The sun glistened against the crystal clear water. Sam squinted as something shining more brightly than the water, and it moved in odd patterns.

    "Hey... Is that a crown?"

Jordan looked over to where Sam was focused. Jordan then gasped.

    "That's my coronet!"

Sensing the upcoming trouble, the fish wrapped in the extravagant crown swam away from them.

    "Catch that fish!" Jordan shouted running into the water to catch it. Sam ran in after him and the two tried furiously to catch the slippery scaled thief. Jordan stood still and when the fish swam away from Sam towards him, he leapt and grabbed it. He carried it to the sand away from the water. Jordan then began trying to pry off the coronet. Sam walked over, even more soaked than he was before.

    "Darn fish..."

    "Give. It. Back" Jordan growled between tugs.

    "Oh my." Sam pulled the coronet as Jordan pulled the fish. They tugged. And tugged. And tugged.

Finally the fish and coronet separated making Jordan and Sam falling on their rear ends.

    "Success!" Sam shouted holding up the coronet.

Jordan hastily rose and tossed the fish back in the water and held out his hand to Sam.

    "Thank you."

  Sam took his hand to get up then gave him the coronet. Jordan rubbed it against his face happily, his senses went off. And he darted back to the camp shouting for Chris. Sam ran after him.

  Christofer looked over tears falling still. Jordan tripped over his own feet. The coronet flew from his hand and landed close to Christofer. He sniffled and picked it up holding it close.


    "See Kellin was wrong." Jon said giving Kellin a look who just rolled his eyes.

  Christofer went to Jordan, sat him up and hugged him hiding his face against him. Jordan hugged him back.

    "We had to wrestle a fish... It was fat."

    "Sorry... I'm sorry."

  Jordan moved him back and kissed his forehead. "You have nothing to apologize for."

    "I lost... I lost it..."

    "But I have you, and have me. That's more important than the coronet." Jordan hugged him tight. "If I had lost you in the storm..." Jordan stopped and kissed his head. He couldn't imagine what would have happened. Christofer hugged him back. "I don't ever want to go through that again..."

    "Anyone else feel like a third wheel here?" Taylor asked. Jon nodded. "Glad I'm not the only one."

Christofer and Jordan started to get more affectionate, despite the company.

    "Aaaaand now I feel lonely" Taylor sighed.

    "Get a room." Kellin told the two.

    "If there was any." Taylor pointed out.

    "Everyone else seems to making due without one."

    "Good point."

  Jon washed off the rest of the sand before walking over to the shelter nd taking a peek inside. He frowned.

    "Hayl?" He looked around. "Did anyone see where Hayl went?"

    "No." Charlie said braiding her hair.

  Christofer pointed in a direction still kissing Jordan. Jon headed that way. After a while he could soft humming.


  The sound of water moving was followed by Hayley's voice calling in return. He followed her voice to the pond.

    "You had me worried."


    "Are you alright?"

    "Yeah, I just needed to wash off some."

    "Ok." Jon leaned against a tree the close to the water. "You know..." He started. "Even though we ended up not completing the mission, things still turned out well. I don't think anyone has ever been able to get Chris to stop crying so quickly. And Brendon seems happy too."

    "I suppose so." She muttered. She didn't really want to have small talk, and even less small talk about how happy everyone was with their romances.

    "Sorry do you want to be left alone?"

    "No, I'm alright."


    "I'm glad they're happy..."

    "Everything will be back to normal when the ship gets here."

    "Yeah..." She sunk a little further into the water.

    "We can bring you home you know. You've always had the option."

Hayley shook her head.

    "My home is gone."


    "I... I'm just going to keep living like I have..."

    "Are you happy that way?"

    "I guess." No. She wouldn't. She wanted to go home, but she had no home. She wanted her brother, but he was gone. It was pointless to want happiness knowing in the end she wouldn't have Iit.

    "That doesn't sound so good."

    "I'll get over it." She said, trying to convince herself more than Jon.

    "You shouldn't have to."

    "I have nowhere to go, and you guys are the only people I know. It would be stupid to go anywhere." 

    "We all care about you."

    "You all are my family..."

    "Even Pete is fond of you and you know how hard it is to please him."

    "You're right...." Hayley was quiet for a moment then spoke again. "Jon..."

    "Yes Hayley?"

    "I..." She blushed and stopped herself. "Nevermind."

    "You can tell me anything."

  Hayley swam over so she was closer and put her arms on the edge, then put her head on her arms. "Did you want this life?" She asked changing the subject.

    "I didn't. Not until I was given the choice. I realized it was a way for me to become something more." 

    "I see..." She closed her eyes. "This is so... Annoying."

Jon moved from tree and sat in front of her. He patted her gently making her blush.

    "It will get better."

    "I hope so." She smiled a little.

    "I know so."

    "Thank you Jonny."

    "You don't need to thank me."

She opened her eyes and looked at him.

    "You make me feel better." She admitted.

    "Do I ?"

She nodded.

    "Glad I could help."

  She smiled. Jon started to stroke her hair. Hayley's heart raced fasted from his touch and the heat shot up to her cheeks.

    "Are you feeling better now?"

    "The warm water is helping." He nodded and she continued. "I think I'm going to stay here."

    "Don't turn into a raisin."

    "I'll get out every now and then."

    "Alright, I'll come check on you later."

She nodded. Jon stood up and left to the beach.


  Time passed before Travie and Gabe rejoined the group. Jon was headed back out to get fire wood.

    "Jon is she still resting?"

    "Not in the shelter."

    "Where is she?" Travie asked.

    "She's fine don't worry. We figured out what was wrong."

    "What is it?"

    "Nothing men need concern themselves with."

    "Something wrong with Z?" Taylor asked overhearing bits.

    "No. Don't worry about it."Jon said.

Taylor rolled his eyes.

    "Whatever. Sorry for being considerate. I'll be sure not to do it again." He got up and walked along the shore away from them.

    "Don't mind him, he hasn't been laid in a while!" Gabe called after him.

    "Gabe." Jon warned.

Suddenly a bird landed on Jordan's head. In it's beak was a piece of wood.

    "Birdy" Christofer said taking the wood. He squinted and tried to pronounce the words. "D...D-E... Dean. Ca... Castle?" He looked at Jordan, who was chuckling, for confirmation.


    "Castiel." Christofer repeated. He looked back at the wood. "Ka... Kat.." He looked at Jordan again. This time Jordan looked at the wood.


Christofer read off the rest of the names. There were only three people uncounted for.

    "So then... The captain and your Prince are still missing." Jon said finding a flat piece wood to carve their names into.

    "Patrick…" Jordan frowned

    "Captain's ok... right Jon?" Christofer asked taking the bird from Jordan's head.

    "Yes, Pete is fine."

    "Kay." Christofer looked at Jordan. "Captain will take care of Patrick."

    "That's what I'm afraid of."

Christofer frowned.

    "Captain's nice. He protects people."

    "That's enough Chris." Jon said. "Why don't you gather more fruit?"

    "Cause I like this spot."

  Jordan rubbed his back under his shirt causing Christofer to shiver. "I agree."

  Jon gave the wood to the bird.

    "Go find Joe birdy." Christofer instructed. The bird took off flying.

  Hayley sat on the edge of the water and kept her feet in the water. She took her arms out of the sleeves and tied them to make it strapless.

    "I have to deal with this for a few days?" She grumbled to herself.

    "Hey kiddo. Feeling better?" A familiar voice called out suddenly. She hopped back into the water.

    "Oh come on it's just me." Travie said.

    "You scared me..." She said sheepishly.


She looked at him.

    "I'm sorry for making you mad..."

    "It's fine." He sighed.

    "No it's not!" She looked down. "You've done so much for me... And I said all those things to you..."

    "Hayl don't worry about it. I was letting the heat and the stress get to me. I'm all good now alright."

Hayley wasn't convinced it was fine and stayed quiet. Travie smiled.

    "Got it?"

    "Will you still love me... Will you still be my big brother..?"

    "Why the hell wouldn't I be?"

    "I don't want to be Hayl anymore... I want to be Hayley... But I want to stay with you and Gabe."

He nodded.

    "Alright. We'll work on convincing the others."

She smiled.



  She couldn't hide her excitement. She didn't think she could have happiness. But she'll try. Just a little.

    "Yay, thank you Travie."

He chuckled as she danced around in the water. She stopped and gasped.

    "Do you think I can wear a dress?"

    "I don't know. We'll have to gather everyone up first."


    "You coming back to camp?"

She shook her head.

    "Alright, I'm gonna go keep Gabe out of trouble."


  He headed back and she climbed out laying out next to the water so she wouldn't prune. It wasn't long before she fell asleep. After awhile Jon came back to check on her.

    "Hayley?" He noticed she was asleep and set the leaf fond of fruit and cooked fish down. He took his jacket off and put it over her. She smiled in her sleep and whispered his name as she held the jacket. He smiled and stroked her hair.

    "I'm right here."

  Her face turned red a bit and he leaned down a bit. He placed a kiss on her head and moved back. Her eyes shot open, he face even more red.

    "Ah..." Jon started looking away. "You're awake... I brought you some food."

    "Th... Thank you." She stuttered sitting up, hiding her face behind the jacket.

    "I uh... Right." He moved the leaf closer to her then turned away from her. She put on the jacket, closing all the buttons then began to eat. Jon cleared his throat.

    "So... Do you need anything else?"

    "N.. Not that I know of..."


She hesitated then stretched out her hand touching Jon's back

    "Thank you..."

  He shivered and bit his lip. She drew her hand back and apologized.

    "It's fine... So... How do you feel?"

    "A little better"


    "How are things on the beach?"

    "Uneventful for the most part. We got word from the other island. The prince and Pete are still missing."

    "Oh..." She frowned then thought for a moment. "maybe they're together?"

    "That's what I was thinking. Pete seemed to have grown attached. It's possible he tried to protect the Prince... However... He wasn't conscience when the attack started."

    "But when we were offered the job Pete was very sure the outcome was going to be different. That guy gave me chills..."

    "We sent Chris to the Prince to test him. It seems something happened between Pete and the Prince when he went to retrieve him.

    "Ah... That makes sense... The Prince... He comes off very caring. Kinda like you."

    "Someone has to keep you lot out of trouble.

Hayley giggled. She blinked, surprised that she was able to laugh more girly so easily.

    "That was odd..."

    "What was?"

    "I've made myself learn to stop doing girly things... But I just giggled."

    "I see."

    "What evil powers have you unleashed on me?" She asked with her hands on her cheeks to cover the blush.

    "None that I'm aware of."

    "It's only around you I get like this." She blushed more "Ignore that."

    "Ignore what?"

    "N... Nothing!" She shouted taking a big bite of an apple.

Jon chuckled.

    "D.. Don't laugh at me!" She threw a banana peel at his head. He ducked and smiled at her. She froze and turned away unable to control her now again racing heart.


    "Wha.. What?"

    "I'm glad you're safe."

She looked at him.

    "You are?"

    "Of course."

    "I... I'm glad you saved me."

    "I'd be very sad if something happened to you."

    "You would?" Her curiosity was growing. "Why..?"

    "You're important."

    "I'm not that important..."

    "You are."

    "Well... Since you're so sure..." She gave in.

    "I am."

    "Then I guess I'll have to believe you.


    "Travie said we can try to convince the others to let me stay with you all as myself... But after their storm and the sea monster .... I don't think they'll be too thrilled for the idea..."

    "Well it's not their choice. It's Pete's... Or Brendon's depending."

    "R.. Right..."

    "And Pete already knows..." Jon admitted. She gasped.

    "How many of you already know?!" She flailed her arms in sync with her words. "I didn't have to wear that terrible wrap?!"

Jon laughed.

    "I think just me, Pete and Travis know."

    "Oh..." She sighed calling down. "It'll be weird to be a girl again... I haven't worn a dress since I was like seven."

    "I'm sure you'll get used to it."

    "I'll only wear one every once in a while. Those things are really tight. But I do think I'll grow out my hair." She started thinking out her future look. She looked over at him and he smiled. Her heart skipped a beat.

    "You must have some kind of magic. That smile is very..."

    "No magic."

    "Then... What.. Is... It..."

    "I think it is something you have to figure out on your own."

She pouted, unsatisfied with the answer and he chuckled.


    "It's fine for now." She watched him lean against a tree closing his eyes. "You should go rest."

    "I doubt I'll get much sleep over there."

    "Oh, ok. Then sleep here and I'll make sure nothing tries to eat you."

    "Are you sure?"


    "Alright." He sat down and got comfortable. She watched as he slowly drifted off to sleep. A yawn escaped from Hayley and she smacked her cheeks.

    "No" She scolded herself.

Jon mumbled in his sleep and she crawled over to listen.



Jon snored and Hayley giggled.

    "I'm going to steal all your donuts." She teased.


    "No donuts for Jonny."

  He mumbled something else she couldn't understand and she patted his head gently. His cheeks flushed and Hayley blinked.

    "He..." She hesitated and moved closer to him. With every inch of distance that grew smaller, her heart beat faster. She kissed his cheek softly and sat back.

    "Hayley..." He whispered.

    "..Jon?" She asked unsure if he had woken up. Once she realized he was still asleep she let out sigh of relief. "That was close."

  Jon shifted a bit and fell against her. She hesitated, but ended up rubbing his back.

    "I like his smile..." She said to herself.

Jon let out a low noise, his face red. She giggled and kissed his head.

    "Must be a very good dream."

  He nuzzled against her causing her body to shiver. He stopped then snored once more. She laughed, trying her best not to wake him.

    "So weird."

  It didn't take long for Hayley to fall asleep holding him. Her last thought being the realization that she liked Jon. More than just a friend and fellow pirate.

  When Hayley woke up Jon was besides her. She leaned over and kissed him quickly. She moved back blushing and smiling. Jon opened his eyes blushing as well.

    "G... Good morning sleepy head." She stuttered

He looked at her and she looked away.

    "Why are you looking at me like that?"

He yawned and stretched.

    "You could at least wait til I'm awake."

Her face turned more red in embarrassment. He sat up smiling a little.

    "I.. I don't know what you're talking about." She lied fixing the jacket that got unbuttoned in her sleep.

    "Are you sure? Cause I've been awake for at least fifteen minutes now."

Hayley stood up quickly.

    "Shut up, shut up, shut up!"

    "Hayley" He said frowning. She looked at him. "It's ok."

    "Are you sure..?"


She sat on her knees in front of Jon and he patted her on the head.

    "You should probably go check on the others."

    "Yeah, you're right." Jon agreed.

    "It's been a day... I' sure everyone is going to be worried about the ship situation."

Jon stood up.

    "It's a three day journey from where the ship is... Hopefully we can last without killing each other."


  Jon sighed and headed back to the beach. Hayley watched him and touched her lips blushing. She definitely liked him.

Chapter Text

  Eddy opened his eyes squinting. The sun pierced down almost blindingly. Eddy felt didn't have his glasses as  wave crashed where he laid and he realized there was a mumbling body  beneath him. And it wasn't just under him, it was holding him tight, protecting him from the previous encounter. Eddy chuckled as he looked down to reveal who it was.  

    "So much for not liking me." Eddy rolled from a top of him and sat up before patting his cheeks. "Hey, wake up."  

    "Too early..." He grumbled, putting an arm over his eyes.  

    "I can't see, but I'm sure I can find a good spot to kiss." Eddy teased leaning over him.  

    "Get off me..." He said moving his arm and glaring at Eddy.  

Eddy tilted his head like a puppy.   

    "Acting like you don't like me again?" Eddy placed his hands on Ryan's chest. "It kinda lost it's meaning after saving my life."  

  Ryan winced and pushed him away with his free hand and his occupied hand that held Eddy's glasses. Eddy gasped and pointed to Ryan's hand.  

    "My glasses!"  

 Ryan looked at his hand. "Oh...." He gave the glasses to  Eddy and stood up to look around. Eddy put on his glasses and blinked until his vision was clear again.  

    "Much better." He said looking at Ryan. His body was clearly sunburned. Eddy felt a little bad about touching him earlier.  

    "I need water..." He rubbed his eyes and yawned.  

    "We can find some in the forest I'm sure." Eddy stood up. "You need some shade anyway."   

  Ryan crossed his arms.  

    "You stay away from me."  

    "Fine, fine. Stay under a tree." Eddy said walking into the forest. He faintly heard Ryan's comment about not telling him what to do before being out of ear shot. "So bratty."   

  Each breath started to burn and Eddy leaned against a tree coughing. It got worse and he slid down the trunk so he was sitting. He wiped the blood from his mouth with a small smile. "I wonder if I'll make it to Bren in  time..." He tilted his head back and closed his eyes. "I feel like a kid again... Geez..."  


 I yawned rubbing my eyes. Even though I just woke up, I 'm still sleepy. I sit up on my knees and feel the weakness flow through me.  

    "Bweny..." I say to the sleeping boy next to me. He looked at me and mumbles something I can't understand. "I'm hungry..."  

    "Tay." He says before rolling off my bed. He never sleeps in his own bed. He looks just like me only his hair is longer, and I wear glasses. I crawl to the edge of the bed and climbed down off the bed carefully. Again the wave of weakness hits me and I hold onto my brother's arm to stay steady.   

  I feel him pull his arm free and then he knelt down in front of me.  

    "Climb on." He says. And I climb onto him back butting my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist so I don't fall. I rest my head on his shoulder and he gets a better grip on my legs before walking to the dining hall.  

    "What shall we do today?" He asks in a song as I cough a bit. I close my eyes as I think.  

    "Can we go outsides today?... I think it's going to snow..."  

    "Sure we can go for a little bit. When it snows a lot we can make a snowman."  

 I smiled and snuggled him.  

    "Thank you Bweny."  

 He sat me at the table and kissed my cheek. He pushed in my chair. "Stay." He hurried off into the kitchen then came back and climbed into his chair.

    "Are M ommy and D addy gonna eats?"  

    "Dunno" He shrugged.  


    "Dey wake  up early."  

 I nodded in agreement.  It wasn't long before one of our maids brought our food in and sat it down in front of us.  

    "Lord Brendon, your parents wish to see you when you're done eating. A guest is arriving today."  

 Brendon made a face.  

    "Why?" He used the fork to take out the parts I don't like from my plate and then tasted it like usual.  

    "He's to be a companion for you."  

    "Nooo." Bren protested. "I has Eddy." He finished his examination and I started to eat. After every other bite, I coughed. He patted my back before starting to eat. The maid curtsied and left. It didn't take me long to finish eating a few bites and I pushed the rest around my plate.   


  He looked at my plate and picked up my cup. "Drink some juicy." He put it to my lips and I drunk some. He moved it back when he was content. "Good job."  

  I wiped my mouth with my sleeve. "I's gonna read... Since you gonna be busy today."  

    "You gonna come too." He said happily.  

    "I am?" I looked at him. "But they said just you."  

    "There's no me if there's no you." He slid off his chair and stood in front of me. "On."  

 I climbed onto his back and he carried me to the living room where Mommy and Daddy  were  waiting.  

    "Brendon you shouldn't have brought him." She said with the annoyed face she made often when she was around me.  

    "Eddy goes where I go." Bren  defended. She sighed and I looked down.  

    "I... ca.. Can go..." I whispered. But Bren  shook his head.  

    "We have a guest arriving soon. He's a few years younger than you but I believe he'll be a good example for you. He is the son of an old friend of mine from Fenia. He is coming to make friends so I expect you to behave." Daddy said looking at Bren  who I could tell was probably sticking out his tongue. "Brendon." He warned.  

    "I don't want a new friend."   

    "Be polite."  

    "He's gonna be snuck up." Bren retorted as stubborn as ever. I climbed down from his back.  

    "Bweny..." I said. He took my hand and calmed down.  

    "His carriage is pulling up now. I am sure he is tired from his journey, so don't disturb him."  

    "Ok Mommy..." I managed to get out after a cough.  


 Eddy opened his eyes and shook his head. He felt better so he quickly gathered some coconuts. He tried not to think of his childhood too often. Too many terrible things lied within the past. Before he knew it tears fell down his face. He filled the coconuts with the clean water he found and wiped his eyes. He stood up holding the pile of coconuts and swayed a little as he headed towards the beach.  

    "I'm here." Ryan said standing not to far from him.   

He stopped looking down a bit to compose himself then looked back at him and grinned.   

    "Couldn't stay away huh?"  

    "You took too long."  

    "It wasn't exactly something I could do in seconds." Eddy said walking over and holding out one of the coconuts. Ryan took it from him.  

    "Is this water even safe to drink?"  

    "Do you think I poisoned it? With no poison..."  

    "I mean isn't it dirty?"  

Eddy shook his head. He was pretty sure he didn't get anything in the water. Ryan took a sip and his face twisted in disgust.  


  Eddy ignored him and walked back to the beach. He made a pile with the holes of the coconuts facing up. He then started to collect anything he could use to make a shelter and fire for them. After a while he noticed Ryan rejoin him and sit on the sand to watch the water. He knew it was just as tough for Ryan as it was for him, so he would focus on keeping them alive. Despite how hard his illness was working against him.  

    "Do you think they're ok?" Ryan asked.  

    "Of course." Eddy said, trying to convince himself as well. He finished the last part of the shelter and observed it. "You can lay here if you want." He nodded with the self-approval of his hard work. "I'm going to get some fruit and stuff." He lit the fire pit. "Don't die while I'm away."  

    "If I do it'll be your brother's fault." Ryan said touching his side lightly. "I bet he broke something."  

  Eddy walked over to Ryan and kneeled down. "Let me check."  

    "Don't touch me."  

    "Now, now. I won't do anything bad. I just need to make sure he didn't really break anything. He's always had that bad habit." Eddy started to check Ryan for any serious injury.  

    "Just stop." He snapped.  

     "Nothing broken. Just a crack I suspect." Eddy smiled a little, but his eyes were filled with sadness. There was something familiar about Ryan. Something that made him happy to be around him. "I'll get you back to the others. They'll be more help than me." He said standing up and walking back into the forest. He collected fruits,and herbs that he could remember were safe.   

  Eddy leaned against a tree taking deep breaths. He had to make it back to Brendon. He had to see him one last time. He knew what was coming. Eddy got his breathing back  to normal and went back to the beach.  

    "Honey, I'm home." He sang.  

    "That's a shame."  

    "And here I brought you lots of yummy food." It stung. He knew he shouldn't have messed with him so much. It was his own fault, but it still stung. He laid the fruits on a leaf in the shelter and sat down crushing  up the herbs up.  

  Ryan came in and sniffed a berry before eating it. Eddy held out the mix of herbs, that was now a paste on a leaf, to Ryan.  


    "What is it?"  

    "It'll help heal your sunburn and bruise."  

    "It smells bad."  

    "It's pure. It's not meant to smell good, it's meant to heal." He set the mix down. "You don't have to use it." He grabbed an apple and went to sit by the fire. Ryan hesitated then put on the paste shivering as the cool paste soothed his aching skin.  

  "...I can't reach my back."  

 Eddy looked back at Ryan.  

    "Decided to use it after all?"  

    "Just shut up and help." Ryan said looking away.  

    "Yes sir." Eddy got up and tossed the core of his apple in the fire. Then he walked over to the shelter  and went behind Ryan. He put some past on his hands and started to message it into his back. He felt  Ryan's body shiver with every touch.  

    "Your personality is almost as bad as your memory..." Ryan mumbled.  

    "My memory?"  

 Ryan just looked at the water silently.  

    "Sharing is caring." Eddy moved his hands up to his shoulders and added some more paste.  

    "Are you done yet?"  

 Eddy kissed the back of his neck gently.  

    "All done."  

 Ryan  moved from him.  

    "Are you going to tell me about my bad memory?"  

    "I don't know what you're talking about." He lied crossing his arms.  

    "Yes you do." Eddy sang crawling over to Ryan, who put his hands on Eddy's shoulders to stop him.  


    "Aw, come on." Eddy pouted and reached for him. "It's just the two of us here, it won't be fun if you're a grouch the whole time."  

    "How can I not be upset?!" Ryan erupted. "I've been kidnapped by pirates, forced to join them, I'm probably going to die on this island not knowing what became of my friends and all of this happened because the man I love had to travel to fucking Sonia to pick up his bride!" Eddy moved back and Ryan hugged his knees. Eddy frowned, h is chest hurt again.  

    "You're not going to die here. I know Brendon is alive... And I'm sure there are others on this island or  one of the others... I doubt you would have been a pirate. I don't know as much as Brendon or Jon do, but Captain isn't all that bad... I can't help you on the love triangle thing..."  

  Ryan just got up and went to the water. He stood where the waves would hit his feet and hugged himself. Eddy sighed.  

    "I'll start  looking... For your friends." He got up and his head was light. He swayed and used the trunk of a tree to keep balance. "Just keep drinking water and eating the fruit... If the fire starts to die add some wood." He grabbed one of the water filled coconuts and headed out to search. The further he walked, the heavier his breathing got. He coughed hoarse ly and blood started to drip. He could see a path, but as he took a step everything went black.  


  Joe was walking around the island to see if he could find any of the others. He saw a body collapsed on the ground and ran over once he figured out who it was. "Eddy?!"  He knelt down and sat him up. Blood had been puddled around his head and his skin was pale.  

    "Shit Eddy..." Joe picked him up and ran back to camp. "Castiel!"  

 Castiel, who had been caring for Jeremy's leg looked over. "Yes?"  

    "Something's wrong with Eddy." Joe laid him down.  

  Castiel started to examine Eddy the best he could without his usual supplies. "It would be a great time to have my bag... There is n o t any external wounds. Hmm, how long have you known him?"  

    "Like six years or something. He's been sickly."  

    "I thought so. This is a terminal illness." Castiel looked at Joe. "He will not live long."  

 Eddy winced still unconscious and weakly called out for Brendon.  

    "Fuck...." Joe grumbled stroking Eddy's hair softly. "We have to find Brendon... Can you do anything to help him last longer?"  

  Castiel thought and rubbed his chin.  

    "I might be able to push it maybe two or three days."  

 Eddy opened his eyes weakly. "J... Joe."  

    "I got you buddy." Joe looked back at Castiel. "Do it. We need to get him to Brendon."  

 Castiel nodded.  

    "I will get the herbs." Castiel checked Jeremy's leg one more time, then headed to the jungle to find the herbs he needed  w ith Katelyn .  

    "The... Brat... Is on the... Beach..." Eddy strained to say.  


    "Probably Ryan." Jeremy said holding Sarah's hand as he ignored t he  burning from the medicine.  

    "William!" Joe shouted.  


    "One of yours is on the other beach."  

    "Which way?"  

    "I found Eddy over that way." Joe said pointing to the direction Eddy had been collapsed. William grabbed a few things before heading that way to find Ryan.  

  Eddy coughed weakly and blood came up again.  

    "He loves... The prince..." Eddy chuckled to himself a little. "That prince... Is over loved... Lucky bastard..." Joe held him and Eddy continued. "He couldn't be... Like his dad... Could he?... No" He coughed. "That would have... Been too convenient..."  
    "I know..." Joe whispered.  


  Back on the beach Ryan looked towards the path Edd had left on. It had been a while and Ryan didn't like being  a lone. Suddenly he saw a familiar figure appear from the shadowed forest.  


    "Billy!" Ryan got up and ran over to him throwing his arms around him and hiding his face against his chest. William hugged him back.  

    "Hey, You're alright." He stroked Ryan's hair. "Kinda sticky, but alright."  

    "I got burned... Eddy made something to h elp it feel better."  

    "Right... Come on let's get back to the others."  


    "Dean, Castiel, Katelyn, Jeremy, the princess, and two pirates."  

    "Ok"  Ryan was relieved that there was more of them, than there were of the pirates. The two headed back.  


 Eddy's breathing started to become uneven and his body shook and  began to sweat.  

    "You'll keep... Brenny out... Out of trouble... Right?" He shakenly asked Joe, who was still holding him.  

    "We all will..."  

    "Good...." Eddy closed his eyes. "Don't... Don't try to postpone this... Just... Just bury me... Tell him... Tell him I... I died in the sea..."  

    "Eddy... That would kill him."  

    "I don't... Want him... to see me... Die..." He opened his eyes. "I've always known.... Since the day... The day you all invaded our ship... I wasn't going to be here much longer..."  

    "I am not letting you die yet."  

    "Joseph... Please..." Eddy pleaded.  

 Ryan and William got back to the camp and Ryan stared at Eddy when he came into view.  

    "What happened to him?"  

    "Don't worry... Your pretty little.." He coughed, cutting himself off.  

    "He's dying." Joe said bluntly.  

    "What?! No you can't. I didn't go to all the trouble of saving you, just for you to die!"  

    "You've gone and upset him..." Eddy scolded Joe between coughs.  

 Ryan went over and knelt down besides Eddy. He waited a second then pinched him.  

    "Stop dying."  

 Eddy chuckled a little, then looked at Ryan.  

    "We're all dying, everyday. That's how we know... We lived."  

  Ryan held onto his arm.  


    "You're not falling for me are you..? I knew you couldn't .. resis..." His voice trailed off and he closed his eyes.  

    "Stay awake."  

    "I should say... My last wishes first... Shouldn't I?... Oh and my will... not that I have much... Hmm."  

 Ryan leaned over and placed a kiss on his lips. "Stop it. You're not dying."  

    "Castiel, hurry!" Joe yelled out.  

 After a few more minutes passed, Katelyn and Castiel returned with herbs in hand. Castiel started working on a mixture, with Katelyn assisting him.  

    "I give my spy glass to Brendon... Naturally... Captain gets my panda statuette..." Eddy coughed. "Joe do you want something I have..?"  

    "All I want is for you to stay alive."  

Ryan looked down, his bangs covering his eyes. Eddy chuckled a little.  

    "I can't grant  that..."  

    "Well you better try. When Chris's bird comes back, I'm telling Brendon you're alive."  

    "Do as you wish..." Eddy whispered. "You'll only disappoint him..."  

    "Ugh! You're so fucking stubborn." Joe pulled Andy close and held his hand shaking.  

 Castiel finished and went over to Eddy. Ryan moved out of the way so Castiel could have more space to give the medicine to Eddy.  

    "This  will be pushed for two or three days. You will not be able to do much, but you will be alive." Castiel explained.  

    "Plenty of time to plan a funeral." Eddy joked.  

    "Stop it. It's not funny." Ryan scolded even more upset.  

    "Why does it have to be so serious?.. Shouldn't everyone be putting on smiles?.." Another cough interrupted. "It's always been this way... You all should be happy I made it this long... I'm ok with dying... It's my time..."  

    "You're s o stupid..."  

    "I know..."  

Ryan stood up and walked away a bit, with his back to Eddy and crossed his arms.  

    "It is best to let him rest now."  Castiel said before going with Katelyn to get some more herbs.  

 William looked between Eddy and Ryan and then  went over to Ryan.  

    "What was that about?"  

    "My Dad didn't want me playing with children who were below me... He sent me to live with a friend of his in Arvendon when I was five... Because his friend had twin sons close to my age ..." Ryan started.  


Ryan glanced at Eddy over his shoulder. "I was there for two months... but the twins and pretty much everyone ignored me... I was just a kid and I felt so alone..."  

   "So why do you care so much?"   

    "Because... He wasn' t ignoring me... He was just too nervous to say anything... And then... He came to my room one day and asked me to play... I had already told my father I wanted to come home... I only got to spend a couple weeks with him, but it made me happy..." Ryan sighed. "He doesn't remember though..."  

    "I see." William rubbed his back comfortingly.  

    "He told me he would come visit me in Fenia, but relations between the two countries got bad soon after..."  

  William hugged Ryan, and Ryan hugged him back, sneaking looks at the now sleeping Eddy. Ryan moved from William and sat besides Eddy. William went over to Castiel who had returned and was organizing the herbs he'd gathered.  

    "There's nothing else that can be done huh..?"  

Castiel shook his head.  

    "He should have been treated years ago, when the illness was   n o t so severe. Even I cannot help cheat death."  

  William sighed.  

    "Ryan's had his heart broken enough as of late."  

    "I am sorry."  

  Ryan took Eddy's glasses from his face and placed them beside him.   

    "You don't remember, but you used to stay up with m e when I had nightmares..."  

 Eddy coughed a bit in his sleep.  

    "I recognized you right away... I was ma d  you didn't..." Ryan sighed. "I guess it didn't mean as much to you..." He said gently, but dull of hurt, as he brushed Eddy's bangs to the side. He started to sing a lullaby and Eddy winced.  

    "R..y.. Ry..." He teared.  

    "Shh." Ryan stroked his hair. "I'm here."  

  Eddy smiled, relaxing into a once again peaceful sleep.  

    "I don't hate you alright... You win... But t  head."  

    "I'm glad..." Eddy whispered opening his eyes a bit.  

    "Just don't die." Ryan pouted. "Or I really will."  

    "It's too late..."  

    "Giving up is only going to make it worse."  

    "Then... For the next few days... I won't."  

 Ryan looked around and picked up one of the coconuts with water in it. They weren't the same as the ones Eddy had made, but they would have to suffice. He sat Eddy up a little and helped him drink some of the water.  

    "Your memory still sucks..."  

    "It's hard... To remember anything... Before the pirates... I can only remember small things.. Like... Playing with a boy... He.. He was sad a lot... But I wanted to play with him... No one else would... I can't remember his name... Or his face... He made me happy, He smiled for real.. Not a  fake smile ."  

    "The little boy that was afraid of the dark."  


 Ryan ran his fingers through his hair.  

    "Who cried for days when he had to leave... and waited and waited for his friend to come see him."  

    "I got worse... I wanted to see him... I didn't want him to leave... I wanted him to stay... But I couldn't stand... I couldn't tell him... Not to leave me..."  

  Ryan held him close.  

    "You found him again."  

    "I... Ryan..."  

 Ryan placed a kiss on his forehead.  

    "You stayed with me when I was scared. I'll stay with you now." Then Ryan whispered. "Don't leave me."  

    "Ryan..." Eddy closed his eyes, his face warm.  

    "Don't leave. Promise me."  

    "I can't."  

  He held Eddy tighter.  


    "...I promise."  

 Ryan kissed his cheek and sniffled.  

    "You really did like my kisses then.." Eddy teased causing Ryan to blush.  

    "No one had ever given me kisses before..." He smiled a little. "Everyone should get kisses and hugs as often as possible." Ryan stroked his cheek and Eddy looked into his eyes.  

    "I was sad... When you left..."  

    "Me too... I didn't want to go... I spent the next nine years alone. I wrote you letters, but my father never sent them..."  

    "I probably wouldn't have gotten them anyway... Mom and Dad, shut me up in a room... Until they sent me away..."  

    "You should get some more rest. We'll catch up when you feel better."  

    "Kiss me."  

Ryan blushed.  


    "Kiss me." Eddy said again.  

 Ryan put his hand  on Eddy's cheek and leaned forward. Their lips met and Eddy could feel the blood rushing to his cheeks. His heart raced faster as he felt Ryan's tongue sneak it's way past his lips and tussle with his own.   

    "Guys..." Jeremy said feeling very uncomfortable.  

 Ryan waved him off.  

    "Joooooe, please save me." Jeremy pleaded.  

  Joe came into the shelter and laughed.  

    "Oh boy." He picked Jeremy up. "And I thought Brendon was the naughty twin."  

 Eddy stuck his middle finger up at Joe.  

    "You're supposed to be resting."  Joe reminded him as he carried Jeremy out.  

 Despite the reminder the two continued. Eddy placed his hand on Ryan's thigh and gently rubbed it. A deep breath escaped Ryan's  lips, and he moved forward, kissing Eddy's neck.  

    "You have to get better first."  

    "I'm ok right now... The stuff Castiel gave me is helping." Eddy slid his hand up Ryan's body to his chest, sending undeniably pleasurable waves through his body. "I don't want to stop..."  

    "Are you sure?" Ryan asked, biting his lip.  

 In response, Eddy nibbled Ryan's neck.   

    "Ok" Ryan sighed "you win." He kissed Eddy again, sliding his hand down to his chest to return the waves of pleasure. Eddy's body shivered and his breathing started to slowly become heavier.  

 Ryan kissed Eddy's neck gently and pushed his shirt up. Gently he rubbed just over the waistband of Eddy's pants. A groan passed through Eddy's lips.  

    "R... Ryan..."  

 Ryan continued. Moving down he kissed Eddy's stomach and looked up at him.  

    "You can't leave me... Ok?" Ryan nibbled a spot in the center of Eddy's chest. He was always very sensitive there. "You have to stay with me forever."  

  Eddy groaned again, unable to hide the satisfaction taking over him.  

    "F..Forever..." He managed to get out breathily.  

  Ryan kissed his lips.  

    "Say it again." He slid his hand lower.  

    "A... ah.. F... Forever Ryan."  


After the two finished, Ryan laid besides Eddy. Ryan smiled and stroked his cheek.  

    "Good yeah?"  

    "Yeah... I... I've never..." Eddy started blushing.  

 Ryan pulled him closer and kissed his forehead. Eddy closed his eyes.  

    "Do you know what I dreamed of.. When I was a kid?"  

    "Hmm?" Ryan asked.  

    "The night we laid in the snow and looked up at the stars... The sky was so pretty... I wanted to learn more... I wanted to be a cartographer. And be with you... At least one of those is true."  

    "Both can be," Ryan said kissing him gently. "I'll make your dreams come true."  

    "But I'm a pirate...."  

    "Things will change when Patrick becomes king. We can tell people that the old king had you parked as a pirate because you went against him."  

  Eddy looked at him with wide eyes.  

    "A... Are you serious?"  

    "I can make it all happen. You can be the cartographer on a royal ship." Ryan rubbed his chest. "We could have a house in the county. Some dogs."  

 Eddy teared.  

    "I want that."  

    "You will." Ryan wiped his eyes. "You'll have everything you want."  

  Eddy hugged him and hid his face.  

    "Just stay with me and I'll give you the world."  

    "I'll... I'll try my best. I'm glad you were on that ship."  

    "Even though I'm a brat?" Ryan smiled.  

    "Yes even though you're a brat." Eddy chuckled.  

Ryan pulled Eddy on top of him and winced a little. He moved to get comfortable and kissed his head.  

    "Rest Eddy."  

    "Ok." Eddy agreed allowing himself to fall asleep. Ryan watched him sleep until he dozed off himself.  


Outside the shelter Castiel gasped.  

    "I got it."  

    "Got what?" William asked looking over at Castiel who made his way to Dean and was now checking his pockets.  

    "Whoa, hello." Dean said.  

 Castiel took out  small plant. "Good thing I sneak things into your pocket." Castiel w ent back to his set up and started to mix ingredients deep in concentration.  

    "What the hell..." Dean checked his pockets. There were candies, a locket and an assortment of leaves. "Candy Cass, really?"  

    "I happen to have a sweet tooth."  

  Dean shook his head.  

    "I also hide my most precious treasure in your pocket. Sam says that it is the safest place to put something. I tend to agree."  

  Dean took out the locket. "This?"  

    "Yes." Castiel said glancing  over.  

Dean opened it and looked at what was inside. It was a small portrait of Castiel, Sam and himself. Dean looked over at Castiel, who was working diligently on his project.  

    "Can you give me one of the candies?"  

  Dean went over and gave him a piece of candy. Castiel took off the wrapper and crushed the candy, putting the powder into the mix.  

    "What are you working on?" Katelyn asked.  

    "I might be able to save him. B ut I will need his brother's blood."  

    "We need to get them over here..." Joe said.  

    "And soon. I miss my little buddy." Castiel frowned.  

    "Let's build a raft for those who can't swim and go to them." Dean suggested.  

    "I think that might be our best bet." Joe agreed.  

    "We will have to be very careful with the patients." Castiel said finishing up the mix.  

    "Andy, let's get to work." Joe walked towards some of the access wood. Andy nodded and got to work with Joe.  

 Sarah looked towards the other islands.   

    "What do you think has happened to the three still missing."  

    "We won't know. They could be live, or they could be dead." Dean said.   

  Sarah frowned.  

    "I am sure the best possibilities are the outcomes that are more likely." Castiel tried to assure her. Dean shrugged. "I am trying to make the Princess feel better..."  

  Dean spoke quietly so only Castiel could hear.  

    "Getting her hopes up now isn't going to make it better if we find out the Prince died."  

    "Would that not be good for her? She could be with Jeremy. They have been quite cozy since they got here."  

    "Cass... She's a princess . She'll return home and be married off to some other noble."  

    "Well that makes no sense. Nobles are weird."  

    "A princess cannot take over the throne. They are used to create political strengths."  

 Castiel shook his head.  

    "At least with Patrick, he's young and kind." Dean pointed out.  

    "True. Maybe he wi ll figure something out."  

 Dean shrugged.  

    "Perhps if he loves the Duke he might have. Except now the Duke is getting comfortable with the pirate."  

    "Young love is a strange concept..."  

  Dean shrugged again and Castiel pinched him.  

    "Stop shrugging and use your words."  

 Dean stuck his tongue out at Castiel making Castiel put his hands on his hips.  

    "Go help make rafts."  

    "Yes mother." Dean joked walking over to help Joe and Andy.  

    "Logically, I cannot be your mother."  

    "Sarcasm Cass. It was sarcasm."  

 Castiel thought for a moment then smiled.  

    "Right. Because you already know I cannot be your mother."  

 Katelyn giggled and Dean hit his face with his hand.  

    "At least he's not as bad as when he first came." Jeremy pointed out.  

    "Barely." Dean shook his head. Castiel sat down and watched Dean work.  

 Dean lifted his shirt to wipe some sweat off his face and Castiel smiled, resting his arms on his knees, a nd then his head on his arms. Jeremy chuckled and Castiel looked away blushing.  

Joe tied up the last piece of the raft.  

    "That ought to work."  

    "We should bring water and food, just in case." Andy suggested. Joe nodded.  

    "Yeah, there may not be fresh water on the other island."  

    "I'll get the food together." Katelyn offered, getting up to get the food they had gathered together.  

  Castiel put all his herbs and medicines together. Joe looked at the shelter and went inside covering his eyes with his hand.  

    "He could have put his clothes back on." Joe said to Ryan who was now beside Eddy once again.  

    "He was sleepy." Ryan pulled Eddy's pants back on. "What did you want?"  

    "We're moving to the other island."  

    "We are?"  

    "Castiel thinks he can help Eddy. But he needs Brendon's blood for something."  

  Ryan looked at Eddy.  


    "Get him ready to  go. We're leaving soon."  

 Joe walked out and Ryan kissed Eddy gently.  

    "Wakey, wakey."  

 Eddy opened his eyes a little. "No..." He yawned.  

    "We're going to your brother." Ryan said picking up Eddy's shirt and putting it back on Eddy.  

    "W... We are?"  


Eddy smiled a bit.  

    "Can you stand?" Ryan asked.  

 Eddy sat up wincing. Ryan got up and kneeled down in front of him.  

    "Get on my back. I'll carry you." Eddy climbed onto his back and held onto him. Ryan took a deep breath ignoring the pain and stood up, walking out of the shelter.  

    "Is it really ok?.." Eddy asked. Ryan nodded and Eddy rested his hand on Ryan's shoulder. "Ok..."  

 Andy found a crate that washed up and put their water filled coconuts inside.  

    "There, one supply of fresh water." He said.  

 Ka telyn dragged over a large leaf that had their food, and Castiel hugged his medicines.  

      "And everyone is accounted for." Jeremy said after counting everyone.  

     "Alright." Joe said helping Jeremy onto the raft. "Ryan,  put Eddy here. You're going to have to swim."  

 Ryan kneeled down by the raft.  

    "There you go Eddy."  

  Eddy got down and sat on the raft. Andy then moved all their supplies onto the raft, then helped Sarah and Katelyn onto the raft as well.  

    "Ok, I think that's everything.  

 Joe looked around to make sure. "Yeah, me too."  

Dean and Joe then started to push the raft all the way into the water.  

 Castiel got to the edge and frowned. William looked at him.  

    "What's wrong with you?"  

    "There is nothing wrong with me... I am in good health."  

    "He means why are you frowning." Dean explained looking over.  

   "I do not feel comfortable on or in the sea..."  

    "It'll be fine. Trust me."  

  Castiel looked a t Dean worried. Dean held out his hand.  

    "Come on you can hang onto the raft. A little more weight won't hurt."  

    "Alright..." Castiel took his hand.  

    "Give him a candy, " Jeremy fake coughed saying kiss between the two "I'm sur e he'll be ok."  

 Dean splashed him and Jeremy gasped.  


 Once everyone who was swimming was ready they headed to the next island over.  

Chapter Text

Penny stood embraced in Brendon's arms. He kissed her gently and blood rushed to her face.

What am I doing? She asked herself. We're going to leave, and I'll have to go home...

She moved back from him and he let her go.


"S... Sorry... I can't... I don't know why I..." She stuttered getting out of the hot spring.

"You don't have to apologize." He said getting out after her and getting dressed.

"B... But I …" She looked down.

He went over and lifted her chin gently.

"I'm not going to make you do something you're not ready for."

She smiled and hugged him. He kissed her head.

"Let's get back shall we?"

Penny nodded. He took her hand and started to head back to the camp. Penny looked at their hands and blushed as she followed him. He chuckled and let her hand go when they got back.

"Look who decided to come out of the woods." Jordan teased.

"I thought they might have fallen into a hole or something. It sure was a long time." Taylor added.

Penny blushed and hid behind Brendon, who crossed his arms.

"Oh shut up."

Kellin ran over.

"Hey guys, there's people coming across the water."

"Where?!" Sam hopped up.

"Is it the others?" Jordan asked excitedly.

"They're still pretty far away but they have a raft." Kellin told them.

"It's got to be the others." Gabe said.

Brendon went over to the edge of the water and searched to find the swimming people. When his eyes rested on his brother joy flowed through him.


Eddy opened his eyes as his brothers faint yell reached him and he took a deep breath.

"I can't wave..."

Jeremy lifted Eddy's hand for him to wave, then let his hand go.

"That works...."

Brendon smiled and ran into the water, then he swam to them.

"Dean!!" Sam ran to the water and stopped when it reached his waist. He jumped up and down waving his arms. "Deeaann!! Castieeel!!"

"He is so cute." Castiel smiled.

Eddy watched his brother swim to them. When he got to the raft Eddy smiled.

"Hey Brenny."

"Are you ok?" Brendon held his hand. "Are you hurt?"

Eddy held his hand.


Eddy smiled. "I'm glad yu're ok."

"Eddy what's wrong?"

Ryan swam closer to the float.

"Nothing, right Eddy? Everything's going to be fine."

"I didn't ask you." Brendon said coldly.

Eddy squeezed Brendon's hand.

"He's right... Everything is ok..." Brendon looked back at Eddy, who was smiling, but his eyes were filled with sadness and fear. The hand that held his was trembling. "We should get on land. The water is pretty cold."

"Eddy..." Brendon whispered as he helped pull the raft asore.

William looked over at Castiel.

"You can help can't you?"

"It is only a possibility that it will work. I have never tried it before."

"I hope it does."

After getting the raft onto land, Dean scooped Sam up into his arms and held him close. Sam clung to him, unable to hold back the tears that were forming. Castiel tried to make his way to the beach, but a rogue wave knocked him over.

"Castieeeel." Sam cried between his sobs.

Dean shifted Sam to one arm and went over to Castiel helping him up.

"Thank you."

Sam pulled Castiel closer and hugged him and Dean tightly. Afreaid that if he let go he'd lose them again. "I missed you both so much!!" He cried out.

"We are here now." Castiel assured him, gently patting his head.

"Hey, there's no need for tears." Dean said kissing his baby brother's cheek.

When Ryan reached the beach he ran towards Jordan.


"Ryan!" They hugged each other tightly. "I'm so glad you're ok!"

Ryan kissed his head.

"Are you alright?"

Jordan nodded.

"I had Chris here with me."

Ryan hugged him. "That's good." He watched Brendon bring Eddy closer to the fire to get him to warm up. He looked around, stroking Jordan's hair and frowned. "No Patrick..."

Eddy coughed weakly and Brendon held him close.


"This fire is so warm." Eddy smiled, but Brendon knew better.

"How do you feel?"

"I'm alright."

"I should have gotten to you sooner..."

"Don't be silly." Eddy said, taking a deep breath after he spoke.

"I'm not." Brendon defended. "I should have gone to you as soon as I found out."

Ryan looked over as Castiel.

"You can help him now right?"

"You guys can really bring the pressure... I do not know if it will work." Castiel walked over to where the supplies now sat on the beach and brought his medicines over to Brendon and Eddy. "I need some of your blood."

"Huh?" Brendon looked confused.

"The remedy I made requires the healthy blood of the same type. You are twins and have the same blood and D.N.A." Castiel explained as he set up his little equiptment. Brendon made a face and held out his arm. "Does anyone have a sharp object on hand?"

Kellin walked over and held out his dagger.

"Thank you." Castiel took it and cleaned it before cutting Brendon's rm enough to bleed a small amount into the mixing bowl. He then took some loose fabric and tied it around Brendon's arm to stop the bleeding. After that he mixed the ingredients. "I wish I had a syringe..."

Eddy looked at Ryan.

"Get under a tree or something..."

Ryan shook his head.

"It's fine."


"But..." Ryan sighed and sat under a tree for shade.

Brendon looked down at Eddy.

"We're close now. It's a little off schedule though..."

"Shut up, it's not happening."

"I didn't even say anything."

"I know you." Brendon said kissing Eddy's head. Eddy stuck his tongue out at him and he chuckled before looking over at Castiel.

"Ok, it is done. This may or may not work... And it will not happen right away. You could get worse before you get better."

Brendon frowned.

"It is safe right?"

"This will have no harmful effects. It will either help, or do nothing."


Castiel held the bowl to Eddy's lips. Eddy swallowed all of it and Castiel moved back.

"We will see what happens..."

Brendon held Eddy close and Castiel went back to Dean and Sam. Everyone was now reunited with most of their groups, and spent this time to have a small moment of calm.

"That tasted surprisingly sweet... Like candy." Eddy looked up at Brendon.

"Eddy you just drank my blood. Let's not discuss how it tasted."

"I put candy in it. That is most likely what he tasted." Castiel said hugging Sam on his lap.

"It's still kinda gross." Brendon said.

"He is so weird..." Dean said patting Sam's hands that held one of his own.

Ryan looked at Eddy pouting.

"Can you put me in the shade?" Eddy asked catching Ryan's eyes.

"Sure." Brendon stood up and carried Eddy carefully to a shaded spot by the shelter.

"Ry, you can come over here."

Ryan stood up and went over sitting next to Eddy, and taking a hold of his hand. Eddy smiled.

"Much better."

Brendon frowned a bit and Eddy pinched him.

"He's important to me."

"Ow... Ok, ok."

"I want to spend my time with you both."

Brendon moved so he was laying next to Eddy and put his head on Eddy's shoulder. Brendon tried his best not to let his worry overcome him.

Jon came out from the woods and looked at everyone.

"I need a few people to help me with something on the other beach..."

"What's up?" William asked.

"...I found Dallon."

Dean frowned.

"What's wrong with him?"

Jon stayed quiet, and Dean knew immediately what had happened to his friend.

"Oh..." Dean let Sam's hands go and stood up. "Stay with Cass Sammy."

"Is Dallon ok?" Sam asked looking up at Dean.

"Go play with Charlie. Taylor, come with us."

Taylor nodded and went over to where Jon stood. Sam hugged Castiel who gently patted his back. The three headed to the other side of the island. Jeremy looked down and Kellin held out his flask to him.

"Thanks..." Jeremy took the flask with a shaky hand and took a swig of the rum inside. He took a deep breath and handed it back. "Castiel... You should go to. I'll watch Sam."

Castiel being accustomed to the rights of those who followed Arini, knew as a disciple he should be there to guide his soul. He nodded and moved Sam besides him before getting up and going after the others. Sam went to Jeremy and hugged him looking down.

"Fuck man..." Gabe sighed. Everyone's spirits came to a sudden low.

"That stupid storm..." Joe rubbed his eyes. Andy leaned against him.

"Cap... Captain is ok... right?"

Joe put his arm around Andy.

"I don't know..."

"Patrick..." Jordan whispered.

Ryan started to tear and wiped his eyes quickly. Eddy looked up at him.

"Save your tears... Until you know for sure..." He moved his hand to Ryan's cheek, and Ryan put his hand on Eddy's. "Everyone is so depressing..."

Ryan kissed his hand. Eddy smiled and closed his eyes weakly singing.

"If all our life is but a dream, fantastic posing greed. Then we should feed ur jewelry to sea. For diamonds to appear to be. Just like broken glass to me."

Ryan watched him blushing. Eddy coughed and wiped some blood from his mouth.

"Guess that was a bad idea... Brenny is the better singer anyway."

Brendon kissed his forehead.

"Want me to?"

Eddy nodded.

"Brighten up this dark atmosphere..."

Brendon thought for a moment and started to sing a song their close maid used to sing them.

"Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound. 

That saved a wretch like me.

I once was lost but now am found.

Was blind, but now I see.

T'was Grace that taught my heart to fear.

And Grace, my fears relieved. 

How precious did that Grace appear 

The hour I first believed."

Eddy smiled, and Ryan squeezed his hand.

"Can you sing?"

"Me?" Ryan blushed. "I um... I'm not that good..."

"You should sing with him... Singing makes everything better."


Ryan waited to find the right time to join in and the two sang in harmony.

"When we've been here ten thousand years.

Bright shining as the sun. 

We've no less days to sing Her praise. 

Than when we've first begun.

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound. 

That saved a wretch like me.

I once was lost but now am found.

Was blind, but now I see."

Eddy watched them feeling more at ease. He hummed along shivering. Brendon moved Eddy onto Ryan's lap and got a dry coat that was laying around and put it over Eddy. Ryan kissed Eddy's forehead as Eddy fell asleep. Brendon watched him sleep sadly.

"I won't lose you Eddy..."

Ryan held Eddy and looked over at Jordan who was sleeping against Christofer. Ryan sighed.

We will get home. Everything will be fine. Patrick will marry Sarah and everything will be the way it was supposed to. And bonus, I found Eddy so it won't be lonely. Ryan thought to himself.

Chapter Text

Patrick sighed and plopped down on a log in exhaustion. He leaned against Ipi.

"Tired..." Patrick grumbled and brought his knees up, hugging them tightly.

I don't care about him... He told himself. I don't...

He faintly heard his name being called but decided to ignore it. He played with the sand and looked over as someone called out and Ipi barked. Patrick looked over to see Pete a few feet away.

"There's smoke coming from the other islands." Pete said.

"The others..."

"Yeah. Help me make a big fire." Pete started to gather wood. Patrick got up and started to help build the fire pit with the wood Pete brought over. On his second trip, Pete tripped over a weed and fell forward. He landed on his bad wrist and cursed.

"Son of a bitch!" He sat up and rubbed it as Patrick looked over. After a minute his wrist stopped throbbing and he got back to work.

Patrick put some dry leaves into the pit and started to try to light the fire. Pete came back and tossed some more of the wood in the pit.

"Let's hope they see it." Pete looked at Patrick, who was concentrating on the fire.


Pete sat next to Patrick, and Ipi laid between them. They both pet Ipi quietly watching the fire crackle. Pete started to hum and after awhile Patrick stood up and got more wood for the fire.

"Not big enough..."

Pete watched him then looked around for a large leaf. He got it wet and started to make the smoke signals to notify the other people on the islands. Patrick watches the smoke rise.

"You'll be home soon enough." Pete said breaking the silence.

"...What will you do?" Patrick asked.

"What do you mean?"

"After you drop us off in Fenia."

"Return to work."

Patrick looked over at Pete.

"You'll stay away from my ships, won't you?"

"As long as they stay out of my way."

"No, the answer is 'Yes your highness, I won't bother your ships.'"

Pete started to say something but took a deep breath instead.

"If your ships are in my way, they are doing something they shouldn't be. If that happens, I will not hesitate to take care of it."

Patrick crossed his arms.

"We'll see what the future holds then."

Pete nodded in agreement. Patrick headed over to the water and sat at the shore line, right behind where the water reached. Pete watched him and started to hum Nocturne not paying attention.

"Stop humming that song this instant." Patrick puffed his cheeks.


"You." Patrick pointed. "Keep humming that stupid song from the party. You're doing it on purpose to irritate me!"

"I didn't even notice it was that song. I've had it stuck in my head.

Patrick pouted.

"Liar." Patrick gasped and hopped up. He pointed to the sky where smoke was puffing up. "Smoke!"

Pete looked over. "Yeah, they've seen it." He started to do the signals again.

Patrick ran down the beach, toward the side where the smoke was coming from. Ipi ran behind him. Pete blinked and went after him. Patrick looked at the water between the islands and measured the distance in his head. After determining it was a distance he could swim he ran into the water. Ipi trotted in and swam besides him.

"Patrick wait!" Pete grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled him back. Patrick pushed him away.

"No! I'm not waiting here anymore!"

"Patrick there's a shark." He pulled him close and held him as Patrick clung to him.

"Kill it! Kill it! Kill it!"

Pete picked him up and headed back to the beach.

"Call your dog before it becomes dinner."

Patrick whistled.

"Here boy!"

Ipi swam after him and shook out the sea water when he reached the sand. Pete held Patrick and watched the shark's fin as it circled.

"Stupid shark, go away!"

"Geez.. You need to pay attention Patrick. I know you don't want t be stuck here with me, but you'll get hurt if you act recklessly."

Patrick got down and turned from him, crossing his arms.

"Don't lecture me."

"Don't act dumb. Trust me out of the two of us you're probably the smarter one. But you can't let your emotions cloud your judgement." Pete said placing a hand on Patrick's shoulder.

Patrick shrugged his hand off.

"We should make another raft. Use one as a decoy and use the other to go across."

"A raft isn't going to distract it. We need blood."

"I know that. We can put something on it and push the raft away from us."

"I have a better idea. Get your raft over here." Pete instructed going to the woods, taking out his dagger. Patrick took a deep breath so that he may hold his thoughts from coming out of his mouth. Then he pulled the raft onto the sand. The shark continued to circle and Patrick watched the fin from a safe distance.

"Why do you hate me mister shark? I could be closer to my friends. We could be closer to going home." Overthrowing these pirates would be nice too, he thought. "Maybe he should be bait..." Patrick shook his head and smacked his cheeks. "Stop it" He scolded himself for allowing himself to think this way.

When Pete returned he had a few dead quil. Their long ears flopping and usually lively eyes dull. Even their cotton tails held no live.

"Ready?" Pete walked over and the stench of the quils hit Patrick's noise making him twist his face in disgust.


"To go. We're going to have t be fast."

"What is your plan exactly?"

"Throw them away from the raft." Pete explained holding up a quil carcass. "Keep the shark busy."

"How is that better than..." Patrick took a deep breath, instantly regretting it, as the smell intensified. "Who's being reckless now?"

"What happens when the shark gets done with the other raft? It's going to come after us. At least this way we can keep it distracted and far away."

"I suppose." Patrick didn't want to talk to him any longer than necessary and pushed the raft to the water, pi at his heels.

"Just trust me alright."

"I have no choice here."

"Get on the raft, I'll push it the rest of the way." Pete said placing the quil bodies on the raft. "Can you throw far?"

Patrick thought for a second then looked away silently. Pete sighed.

"Just get on the raft."

Patrick and Ipi sat on the raft. Patrick hugged Ipi. Pete pushed the raft out in the water as far as he could before quickly getting on and cutting and tossing a quil chunk as far as he could, ignoring the pain in his wrist.

"Start paddling." Pete instructed.

The both of them paddle toward the other island. Pete watched the fin and tossed another chunk when it turns towards them.

"So... close..." Patrick mumbled paddling faster.

"Don't worry. You'll be with you're little boyfriend and your princess soon.

"Shut up."

"I wonder how he feels about your engagement." Pete continues.

"I said shut up."

"Strike a nerve?"

"Just shut up..." Patrick's bangs fell into his face. His strength and surely his mind was weakening the longer he was around this man.

Pete shook his head and threw another quil. After what felt like an eternity, Patrick fall back from the force of the raft hitting the sand of the other island. Pete got off the raft and pulled it further onto the sand before throwing the rest of the carnage to the shark.

"Let's go." Pete said, without realizing that Patrick and Ipi had already begun their sprint to find the others. He looked back then followed after them.

Chapter Text

Going to try to get these last chapters up as fast as I can. Bare with me though! The ending is just around the river bend. _______________________________________      "Patrick!" Ryan yelled as his friend came into sight. He moved Eddy gently over to Brendon, and got up.

  "Ryan!" Patrick shouted back. His emotions came pouring out as tears that fell from his face. "I'm so happy you're ok!" He cried, tackling Ryan in a hug.

  Ryan fell back onto the sand and teared as he hugged him tighter.

   "I'm so sorry! I... I made you suffer so much."

  Jordan ran over and plopped on the two, hugging them, causing Ryan to wince. "Patrick!" Jordan sobbed.


  "Don't cry Patrick, everything's ok now." Ryan tried to comfort them before giving them both a bunch of kisses.

  Patrick laughed a bit before getting up. "Only a little longer... Then we can be rid of these pirates." Patrick whispered.

  "Yeah..." Ryan replied half heartedly, sneaking a glance at Eddy.

  "Do we have to be rid of them all?" Jordan asked.   "Maybe, maybe not. It'll depend." Patrick answered.


  "They've been taking care of us." Ryan pointed out as he kissed Patrick's head.

  "One good feat does not erase a life time of bad ones. They're still pirates."

  Jordan walked off as Patrick and Ryan continued their conversation.

  "Do you remember the story I told you, about the boy I met in Arvendon?" Ryan asked.  

  "Yes, what of it?"

  Ryan looked over to Eddy, who was coughing and wiping blood from his mouth.

  "Is that him then?" Patrick followed Ryan's gaze. "He doesn't look very good."

  "He... He might be dying." Ryan but his lip, worry filling him once again. "Castiel gave him something... But there's no way to tell if it's working..."

  "Do you like him?" Ryan blushed.

  "It's more than 'like' judging by the sounds coming out of the shelter earlier." Joe interrupted. Ryan blushed more.

  "Go away."

  "I see..." Patrick frowned.

  "I... It was... We... And..." Ryan stuttered flusteredly.

  "You don't have to explain it to me." Patrick said walking over to Sarah. "I'm glad you're ok princess." Patrick smiled a bit, though he felt the same occurrence happened with her as well.

  "You as well Patrick.. We were worried about you." she said smiling back at him.

  "Well, now we're all together again. We'll get you back tho Sonia. I'm sure your parents have heard by now and see worried." he gently patted her head. "They'll be relieved to see you safe."

  "Sonia?" she asked confused. He nodded, smiling.

  "Like I said, your parents are probably worried."

  "You're right..." Patrick sat down and watched the fire. Ipi had made himself comfortable close to the flames. Patrick envied how at peace his dog was. Pete, who had been leaning against a tree, looked around with a frown.

  "Where is Jon?"

  "He's fine, don't worry..." Joe answered. Pete sighed.

  "Captain!" Christofer yelled as he ran over and hugged him.

  "Oh now you notice me." Pete patted his head. "Brat." Eddy looked over at Pete when he spoke and smiled. He was relieved to see his captain again. Pete walked over and knelt down in front of him and Brendon.

   "Hey now, what have I told you about getting into trouble?" "There's no trouble capt..." Eddy managed before coughing up a lot of blood. He started shivering and getting paler. "Captain" he finished.

  "Someone get him some water." Pete ordered wiping the blood from Eddy's lips with a frown.

  Ryan grabbed one of the coconuts and brought it over. Pete took it and held it up so Eddy could drink.

  "There you go."   Brendon looked down sadly. Eddy was his twin and the only family by blood he had left in his life. If he were to lose him, Brendon wasn't sure what he would do.  

  "Everyone being... All together like this... Is like... Like a party." Eddy said between breaths. He looked up at the sky. "A very hate filled... Party... But still..." He looked at Pete. "You... You'll take care of Brendon... If i don't... I don't ma-" a cough cut him off, and he began to sweat.

  "Yeah" Pete answered, stroking his cheek. "Don't worry about a thing." Eddy smiled.  

  "Good... Ryan ... I might not... Be able to keep my... My promise..."   Ryan took his hand, unable to bold back the tears he had been trying to keep in.

  "You have to... Please."

  "I'm happy... To have seen you... Again... And everyone... One last ... Last time..."

  "Stop it.  Ryan kissed Eddy's hand. "You aren't going anywhere."

  "Captain... Thank you for ... Taking care of us... I always ... Kinda looked up to you..."  

  "You guys are my family. I'd go to the ends of the Earth for any of you." Pete said with a small smile. Brendon held Eddy closer and started to cry. Eddy looked at his brother.  

  "Brenny... Don't cry... I want to see... See smiles..."

  "I can't... I can't Eddy... Please... Please don't leave me... Please." Brendon pleaded between sobs.

  "Shh" Eddy coaxed "it's ok Brendon... You have so many people... Here for you... You won't be... Be alone..." he coughed. "I'll be with you..." he weakly put his hand over his brother's heart. "In there... You're my temperamental baby brother... And I love you... And I'm proud of your st... Strength."  

  "Eddy don't... You can't... You can't leave me. Please, please Eddy."

  "You and Ryan... Please get along... You're both... Important to me..." Eddy too Brendon's hand, and squeezed their hands. "I love you both."

  Ryan moved closer to Eddy, and with his hand stroked his hair.

  "Eddy..." Ryan kissed him gently. " you're going to be ok." he put his forehead to Eddy's. "We're going back to Fenia and you're going back to Fenia and you're going to become the most famous cartographer in the world. You'll come home to our big house in the country and we'll lay outside and watch the stars. And you can tell me all their names even though i won't remember them." Eddy smiled.  

  "Maybe... In my heaven... If I go there... My only regret is... Going as a virgin." Eddy chuckled a little, but coughed soon after. His breaths started to become uneven and Ryan moved back.

  "I'm sorry... I was worried about hurting you.. When... When you're better. We can.. As much as you want ok?"

  "Smile.. For me..." Eddy asked looking at Ryan, then Brendon. Ryan forced a smile.   "Eddy..." Brendon cried.

  "Please..." Eddy whispered. Brendon forced a smile, still crying.

  Eddy smiled, closed his eyes, and took a shaky breath. His grip on their hands loosened, and his head slumped to the side. Blood trailed down past his lips.

  "Eddy..." Brendon shook him a bit "Eddy!"

Chapter Text

 As the camp grew quiet with only cries and whimpers, a shadow materialized from behind the trees. It was the blonde woman that Pete had encountered already. She walked over to where Pete was and knelt down beside him. Her long braids falling into place over her shoulder.

"Deaths can be very tragic." She said looking at Eddy.

Pete looked at her then back at Eddy.

"I can help." She took out a crystal. "For a price."

"...Name it."

"Tell me your real name."

"My real name?"

"You said your name was Lewis. I want your real name. First to last. Give me that and I will help you."

"Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the third..."

She smiled deviously and placed the crystal on Eddy's forehead.

"The deal is set." She stood up.

The clear crystal glowed and after what felt like an eternity it turned a deep red, and Eddy gasped as he came to life.

"Wh... What?" Eddy asked as he opened his eyes. Ryan just stared at him.

"We will meet again Peter." She said as she disappeared back into the woods.

"E...Eddy?!" Brendon exclaimed.

Eddy blinked, he felt different.

"I don't feel weak... What... What happened?"

"Eddy!" Brendon exclaimed again as he pulled his twin close in a hug.

Pete watched them lost in his thoughts. What ever it is. It's worth it. I swore to take care of them all and I won't stop. He stroked Eddy's hair before standing up.

"Captain..." Eddy whispered as he watched him rise.

"Hey sleepy head." Pete smiled.

"I'm so confused..."

"Whatever that healer gave you must have worked."

"He did say you would get worse..." Joe added.

Eddy frowned and Ryan hugged him, hiding his face. Eddy hugged him back and smiled a bit.

"Don't you ever leave me again!" Brendon yelled.

Eddy put his hands up in surrender.

"I won't, I won't."

Patrick watched the teary joy a little while longer before walking into the woods. Pete looked around and followed Patrick.

"Hey." He called out.

Patrick looked at him.

"You alright?"

"I'm fine." Patrick answered.


Patrick sighed.

"What's wrong?" Pete asked.

"Nothing that concerns you." Patrick began walking again.

"I'm trying to be nice. I've been trying for days.

"I never asked you to be nice to me."

"I want to be nice to you."

"Look, do whatever you want. I really could not care less."

Pete walked closer to him. "You won't let me do what I want."

Patrick moved away from him. "Because I want nothing to do with you."

"I want to hold you. I want to dance with you. To feel your lips against mine. I want to help you."

"You have a funny way of showing it." Patrick scoffed.

"Your father is trying to have you killed."

"I already know that."

"He sent me and my crew to do it."

"Figures. You should have done it. The others tried. The mercenaries. They died first though."

"I didn't do it because you aren't like most nobles. I tested you and you passed. I was planning on sneaking you back into Fenia through Arvendon's mountains."

"So instead of leaving us alone, you decided attacking us in the middle of the night, locking us up, stripping us of our stuff, and a half a dozen other stupid things was the right way to go?"

"Your father told me that if I failed he would have you killed as soon as you set foot back into Fenia. Now he isn't expecting you back."

"My father is many things, competent is not one of them. He's tried to kill me so many times I've lost count. He's hired dozens of professional killers. Yet here I stand. My father is MY problem, not yours."


"Why am I even bothering with this? Just go find out if the other ship is coming or something."

Pete raised his hand to touch his arm, but instead clenched his fist and walked off. Patrick hugged himself and knelt down. I feel sick he thought. I'm not myself anymore... The dark seed is being fed and I don't like it.

Pete leaned against a tree and took a deep breath. He took the crystal from his pocket to look at it. It was filling with a gray smoke. He frowned and headed back to Patrick. When he reached him, Patrick was taking deeps to calm himself. Pete gently placed his hand on Patrick's shoulder.

"Go away." Patrick said coldly.

"Patrick..." Pete sighed. "I'm sorry alright." He rubbed his back and Patrick stood up quickly.

"I told you already, it's too late for sorry. I just want to get home, away from this island, away from the sea and away from you."

"I'm doing everything I can to get you there."

"By standing here and irritating me?"

"By standing here making sure you're ok. I..." Pete rubbed his eyes and leaned back against a tree. "I shouldn't have kissed Brendon..."

"I'm done with this conversation." Patrick walked away.


Patrick climbed up a tree and sat on a branch, closing his eyes. Ryan has the pirate... Sarah is clearly in love... Maybe I'll have to use my hands and fight back... Yes... To save my country... I must become someone new. Patrick looked at his hands. I must do this myself. He took a deep breath. I'll let them do what they want. Get Sarah home safe, then take care of my father.

Andy looked at Joe.

"I got a sudden chill..."

"What is it?"

"I feel the cosmic scale shifted... Something sinister is near."

"Um... what?"

Andy looked towards the woods.

"I wonder where Pete went..." Joe looked around. Any pointed into the woods. Joe got up and started to look for him.

Pete got a bad feeling and went over to the tree Patrick was in, he looked up at him.

"Patrick, please come down. Look you can hit me or yell at me or something. Whatever makes you feel better."

"I'm fine." Patrick said swinging his feet.

Pete began to whistle Nocturne.

"I know you're trying to irritate me, and it's not going to work."

"I'm not trying to irritate you." Pete protested.

"Is the ship coming anytime soon?"

"Probably late tomorrow.


"Looks like I'll be losing a big part of my family..."

"I doubt it."

"My first mate and cartographer seem to be as smitten as my look-out."

"Jordan will probably stay. Penny won't be able to be with him regardless. As for Ryan it's a loss on both sides."

Pete grabbed a low branch and started to pull himself up to the branch under Patrick's. "You never know." He closed his eyes. "Of course it's not unheard of for sailors to choose the sea over their loved ones..."

Patrick ignored him and played with a leaf.

"My dad did. Well at least I assume he did. I was only three weeks when he left or some shit like that. It only took a month for his paycheck to stop arriving. No one cared about us... Never told us why or what happened. My mom had to live on the street with a baby that wasn't even two months."

"...Stop" Patrick didn't want to hear another word. He didn't want to hear the pirate captians sob story. He didn't want to know anything about him.

"I guess it's hard to be a good person when you have to steal to live."

"Why are you telling me this... I don't want to know these things."

Pete looked up at him.

"When I was five I woke up alone... And it stayed that way. The Ghost Fever took my mother."

Patrick covered his ears.

"Stop it."

"I've never told anyone that. I don't know why I told you." Pete closed his eyes. "Must be getting old or something..."

Patrick started to tear in frustration.

"I don't want to know anything about you, I just want you to go away." He suddenly started to remember his own mother, who had been lost to the same epidemic. And started to cry as he hugged himself.

"You lost your mom to right?.. It hurts I know..."

"Shut up!" Patrick yelled. "I don't have anything in common with you!" Patrick started to climb down the tree. Pete put his hand on Patrick's, who pulled his hand quickly away. He lost balance and began to fall.

"Patrick!" Pete yelled as he grabbed Patrick's arm. However the force was too strong and Pete fell with him. As they fell Pete quickly turned so Patrick would be on top of him, and he would get the blunt of the fall himself. They hit the Earth with a loud thud and both winced.

"Why did you do that?!" Patrick shouted at him.

"Guess you're ok then." Pete smiled looking up at him.

"You could be seriously hurt! Stop worrying about me!"

"Not going to happen." Pete said putting his hand on his cheek.

Patrick put his hand on Pete's.

"I hate you, you know that right?"

"Yeah, I think I got the memo." He closed his eyes.

"Good..." Patrick leaned down and placed his lips gently on Pete's. Pete leaned forward into the kiss. They stayed that way for a few seconds until Patrick moved back and got up. "Are you hurt badly?"

"No clue. Think I'll just take a nap here though."

"Good, it'll get you out of my hair for a while." Patrick headed back to the camp. Pete took a deep breath and went unconscious. 

Chapter Text

Joe kept looking for Pete. When he found him unconscious on the ground he ran over, kneeling down, giving him a careful shake. "Pete?" Pete didn't respond and Joe sat him up a little. He noticed the blood on the ground and looked at the back of his head. "Shit." Joe picked him up carefully and hurried to the camp. "Someone get me a wet cloth." He ordered when he got there. Christopher quickly got one and went over to where Joe was setting Pete down. Joe took the cloth from Christopher and held it to the wound. Then he glared at Patrick, who stood at the water's edge.

"What did you do to him?"

"I didn't do anything." Patrick said bluntly.

Andy put a shaky hand on Joe's shoulder. Patrick knelt down and drew circles in the sand.

"The fuck you didn't! He went after you and now he's got a gash on his head." Joe snapped.

"I didn't do anything to him. He did it to himself." Patrick didn't bother looking up.

"Oh, I'm sure." Joe checked the cut again then looked at Andy. Andy was looking down at him.

"He's not lying..."

Joe sighed.

"He took it upon himself to follow me, and climb the tree, and fall out of it. If he had left me alone like I said he'd be fine. Idiot." Patrick mumbled. Jordan looked over at Ryan, concern on his face. Their friend was not himself. Ryan went and sat besides Patrick

"Pete always puts people ahead of himself." Joe defended.

"Ow..." Pete winced, opening his eyes a bit.

"Hey, take it easy. You hit your head." Joe warned. Pete waved him off and sat up.

"I'm fine."

Joe frowned. Pete touched his lips and smiled a bit. "I'm fine." He repeated. He rose and walked to the water to wash the blood off. Patrick watched him then looked down at his hands. He asked himself if he really did it. Pete looked at Patrick and smiled at him.

"I feel different..." Patrick stood up. "I'm going for a walk."

"Trick?" Ryan asked as he looked up at him.

"I'll be back." He said as he walked along the water's edge away from the camp. His conscience was eating at him. I didn't push him... I didn't pull him... He just fell with me. Mom... What do I do..? I'm becoming more like him... He thought. He tripped over a piece of driftwood and fall onto his hands and knees. He sat back on his knees. "I can't forgive him... He did this to me..." He got up and hugged himself looking at the water.

"Hey Patrick" Ryan's voice called from behind him.


Ryan walked over and wrapped his arms around him. Patrick moved from him.


"Go back to the camp."

"Are you mad at me..?"


"I can't wait to go home..."

"To the castle, or the Country?"

Ryan frowned.

"Wherever you want me."

Patrick sighed.

"I want you wherever makes you happy. I guess... I don't know anymore."

"Patrick." He placed his hands on Patrick's cheeks. "I love you." He kissed his forehead. "Knowing that you care about me makes me so happy, you have no idea. You were so kind to me. You made me feel good about myself for the first time in years."

"I made you suffer... You came with me to get Sarah..."

"I have always known this day would come. I accepted it a long ago. I'll admit that it saddens me a bit, but not because I am losing you. I know that you will always be there for me. I am sad because we are growing up. You must take care of your responsibilities as I must take care of mine."

Patrick hesitated then hugged Ryan, hiding him face against his chest.


Ryan hugged him back and kissed his cheek.

"We shall always be friends. That will never change."

Patrick started to tear, and despite his best efforts not to cry, he did so anyway.

"Hey now... Don't you cry, or I'll start as well." Ryan said stroking his hair, eyes watering.

"I don't want to lose you. I don't want to lose myself, but..." A sob choked out "I already have."

Ryan rubbed his back.

"You haven't lost me.And how have you lost yourself?"

Patrick looked up at him.

"I want to hurt people... I... I keep thinking things that I don't usually think... I feel... I feel different and I can't stop."

"You are angry Patrick. You've seen your people mistreated for years." He stepped back and put his hands back on Patrick's cheeks. "Close your eyes."

Patrick closed his eyes.

"Remember when we went to that cottage for the summer? The hours we spent in the garden and swimming in the pond."

Patrick sniffled.


"Remember the happiness and peace you felt there."

Patrick nodded.

"Hold onto that feeling. Whenever you have those thoughts, stop what you're doing.Think about the things that make you happy. Read your favorite book or listen to some music. Just forget about all the bad things for a bit."

"Ok..." Patrick took a deep breath as he calmed down. Ryan stroked his cheek with his thumb.

"You are the kindest man I know. Don't let your frustration control you."

"Yes, you're right... I can't do that... I have to keep living the way she wanted me to." He opened his eyes. "Thank you Ryan."

"I am always here for you."

Patrick smiled.


Ryan pinched his cheeks.

"And I shall be super annoying about it."

"Noooo." Patrick whined blushing a little.

Ryan grinned and began to tickle him. Patrick started laughing and tried to push Ryan's hands away. Ryan chuckled and held him close.

"No tickling." Patrick said catching his breath.

"No sad Patrick's."

"I was more frustrated than sad really... That pirate is incredibly vexing."

"Want me to kick his booty?"

Patrick chuckled.

"You should probably wait til he gets better."

"I wouldn't stand a chance then."

"Oh, hmm... Anyway... I think I'll stay here until the ship comes. There too many people."

"Too many pirate captains?"


"Want some food?"


"Yes sir." Ryan let him go then went back to the camp. Patrick smiled, feeling much better than he had for the past couple of days. Patrick sat down. After a few minutes Ryan returned with some food. "Delivery your highness."

"Don't you call me that mister." Patrick took the food pouting.

"Patty-kins" he sang kissing his cheek. Patrick looked away blushing embarrassed.

"Better." He started to eat. Ryan smiled. "So... The pirate boy... You two are close now?"

"We may have... fooled around a bit. He said he loves me." Ryan explained blushing. Patrick looked at him and chuckled.


"It's so weird seeing him again. By the time I met sure he'd forgotten me." Ryan sat down next to Patrick and leaned against him.

"But he never forgot you I'm sure."

"I recognized him right away when I saw him on the ship... I was upset cause he didn't. He says he remembers me but not my face or my name."

"That would makesense.He was younger than you."

"But he remembered things about me... I got ignored for a long time when I first got there... And then he just showed up in my room one day. And then we were together until I left." Ryan smiled. "One day we were out playing in the woods and I got us lost, I didn't want him to be scared. So I told him we were going to watch the stars. We just laid there for a long time til we were so cold we could hardly move. I had to carry him home. On the other island he told me his dream was to become a cartographer because of that night."

"Aw, that's so cute."

"Right?" Ryan chuckled a little. "And here I was worried he'd forgotten me."

Patrick pulled his cheek and Ryan bit his hand gently. Patrick gasped.


Ryan took his hand and kissed it.



"Sometimes... Sometimes you have to listen to your heart."

"My heart..."

Ryan put his hand over Patrick's heart.

"It may not seem like it, but your heart knows what you need."


"I'm gonna go make sure Brendon isn't squeezing the life out of Eddy. You need anything?"

Patrick shook his head.

"Ok." He gave him a quick kiss and headed back to the camp.

Patrick sighed and nibbled the apple he had left.

Chapter Text

 Pete watched Ryan come back to the camp and get comfortable with Eddy. He closed his eyes and sighed at how incredibly tired he was. The wind was gentle and the waves soothing. He wanted to try one more time now that things calmed down. Pete got up and headed into the woods. He picked the nicest flower he could find and headed to the beach to find Patrick.

Patrick plopped back on the sand watching the fluffy white clouds flow by.

"Peter.... Captain Peter..." He put his hand over his heart. "Listen to my heart..."

"Having a nice nap?" Pete asked as he walked up.

"What are you doing here?" Patrick looked over at him. He was holding his hands behind his back.

"I brought you something."

Patrick sat up and shook the sand from his hair.

"You did?"

"Yup." Pete walked closer, keeping his hands behind his back and Patrick stood up.

"It's not anything bad is it?"

"Close your eyes and find out." Pete teased.

  Patrick hesitated then closed his eyes. If he was going to listen to his heart, he was going to start by trying to trust Pete, just a little. Pete leaned towards him a little. He was surprised Patrick actually listened to him. He stopped himself and moved back. He didn't want to mess it up after getting this chance. He wanted to let Patrick choose what would happen. He held the flower out in front of him.


  Patrick opened his eyes and looked down at the flower. It had beautiful blue petals and a pure white center. Patrick blinked.


Pete smiled. Patrick switched between looking at him and the flower.

"Thank you..."

Pete put the flower behind Patrick's ear. Patrick blushed a little.

"I thought it suited you.

"Really?" Patrick looked down. "I um... I'm sorry about the whole... Falling out of the tree accident." Patrick crossed his arms. "But that's it."

"You don't have to apologize. It's not like you made me save you."

"I know that... But now you're hurt... And the scary guy hates me." Patrick pouted.

"Wanna know a secret?"

Patrick thought for a second then nodded.

"Joe's a giant teddy bear.

Patrick gasped.


"I'm not. Watch how he interacts with Andy."

"Are you really sorry about what you did?"


"You swear?"


"Say you swear or I won't believe you."

Pete leaned closer.

"I swear."

Patrick blushed and puts his hands on Pete's chest.

"It made me really sad..." He admitted.

"I'm sorry."

"Is what you told me.. About your mom true?" He looked up at Pete.

"Yeah.... She woke up before me one morning... Got me bread and milk for breakfast... And went to work." Pete took a deep breath. "I never saw her again."

Patrick hesitated then hugged him.

"I lost my mom too... She got sick... And suddenly passed away."

Pete hugged him.

"What was it?"

"I don't know... No one... No one would tell me. It was some foreign disease from across the sea.."

Pete gently rubbed Patrick's back.

"My mother could have been cured... But we couldn't afford it... We lived on the streets."

Patrick kissed his cheek.

"That's terrible..."

Pete closed his eyes.

"I remember... I'd stay up all night watching the ocean... Waiting and waiting for my father's ship. I thought that I would know it as soon as I saw it."

"What happened after that?" Patrick asked looking up at him.

"I did what I had to. I stole, I fought, I survived."

"I see." Patrick moved back and Pete opened his eyes. "Those drawings, they were of you?"


"They were very good..."

"Not really." Pete carefully pulled Patrick close to him again. "They help me remember."

"I mean you draw well." Patrick explained with a flushed face. Pete rested his head on Patrick's shoulder.

"Jon taught me. He told me it would help me get out my emotions. I never quite got the hang of reading."

Patrick hesitated before stroking Pete's hair. Like this he could forgive Pete. He won't ever forget, but if he tried, Patrick felt like he could replace those dark feelings that had started to grow.

"I became a sailor's apprentice when I was nine... But it wasn't long before we were attacked by pirates." Pete said nuzzling his face against Patrick's, causing him to blush more. "I joined and worked my way up to first mate." Pete gently rubbed Patrick's back and a shiver ran down Patrick's spine. Pete's hand went lower and he moved it under Patrick's shirt.

"P... Peter" Patrick sighed closing his eyes. Pete moved his hand. "Why did you stop?"

"I um... I wasn't sure..."

"It.... Felt good."

  Pete slide his hand back under Patrick's shirt and traced shapes on his back. Patrick's body shivered at the gentle touch and leaned against Pete's chest. Pete placed a soft kiss on his shoulder, and slid his hand further down.

"My heart is racing..." Patrick said blushing.

  Pete moved back and placed a hand n Patrick's cheek. He looked into his blue eyes then kissed him. Patrick closed his eyes and leaned into the kiss. Pete ran his other hand through Patrick's hair. It was messy from the lack of care for the past days, but he didn't care. He was still perfect. Pete's tongue urged entrance and Patrick accepted. Their tongues met in sweet embraces as their passion burst.

  Patrick held onto Pete's shirt, unable to control his balance from the force. Pete gently laid Patrick on the sand and moved over him. Pete's hand explored Patrick's soft skin and Patrick let out a pleasured breath. Patrick slid his hands up to hold Pete around his neck sending shivers down Pete's body.

  Patrick softly kissed Pete's neck, then nibbled Pete's ear. The sensation brought a groan past Pete's lips and he moved his leg between Patrick's, his firm manhood rubbing against him. Patrick took a deep breath.

"P.. Pete... I can feel you..." Patrick uttered breathily.

"You've got me all excited." Pete pressed closer and kissed Patrick's neck.

"Mmm..." Patrick slid a hand down and pulled Pete's shirt off him. He then kissed his bare shoulder.

Pete moved his hand down Patrick's chest and rubbed him over his pants.

"A..Ah, Pete" Patrick gasped.

Pete tried to take Patrick's shirt off with one hand and Patrick wiggled under him, taking off his own shirt. Pete nibbled his chest and Patrick groaned.

"You're making me so hot Patrick."

"W... We should take care of that."

"Mmm, I was hoping so."


Finally their passion had erupted and when they finished exploring each others bodies, they laid in the sand in embrace as they caught their breath.

"Goddess" Pete sighed and nuzzled Patrick.

"There is sand, where sand should not be..."

Pete chuckled.

"Come on." He got up and picked him up. Pete walked into the water then set him down. Patrick wiggled uncomfortably.

"Oh that feels weird."

Pete laughed and wrapped his arms around Patrick's waist. Patrick leaned against Pete as he started to wash him off, then himself.

"If anyone asks, I still hate you." Patrick joked.

"Oh really?"

Patrick nodded and Pete playfully bit his shoulder making him shiver.

"Now you're all salty." Pete said hugging him close.


"Can you dislike me instead of hate me?"

"Ok, ok." Patrick surrendered. Pete hugged him tight and Patrick smiled. This is what my heart wants. He thought happily.

"I'll get our clothes." Pete said letting go. Patrick stood up straight.


Pete went over to gather all their clothes they'd sprawled all around.

"Come here." He called out when he had them all. Patrick went over to him to be greeted with a kiss. Pete helped Patrick get dressed then turned to get dressed himself. Patrick frowned when he saw the blood that had dried on the back of Pete's head.

"Are you ok?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah." Pete answered, suddenly remember his wound.

"Your head doesn't hurt, does it?"

"Don't worry about it."

Patrick pouted his cheeks.

"What?" Pete asked when he looked over.

"I'm already worrying."

Pete stretched and smiled at him before holding out his arms. Patrick hugged him and looked up at him. Pete looked down and placed kiss on his lips.

"Ready to head back?"

"You go first."

"Alright." Pete kissed him again then left to go the camp.

Patrick waited a little while then went to the camp himself. He was much more at ease now. At least for now, he felt he could indulge his heart with it's selfish desires. Desires named Pete.

Chapter Text

 When Patrick rejoined the others most were still asleep. He curled up near the shelter, far too tired to stand any longer.

A small black feathered bird landed atop Christofer's head.

"Bird." Christofer tried to look up at it and fell back onto the sand. Jordan chuckled. The bird hopped onto Christofer's chest and dropped a note. Christofer held it up. "Letter."

Jon went over and took it reading it over.

"The ship will be here by nightfall tomorrow."

"Good, then everything can go back to the way it was before." Kellin said.

Pete frowned.

"With a few added bonuses I hope." Brendon said looking at Penny who blushed at the sudden attention.

"I think it would be hard to do that Brendon." Joe pointed out wrapping his arms around Andy, and holding his close. "Unless you want to give up being a pirate."

Brendon made a face.

"I hate to you guys this but he is right. It's fine being all cozy here, but nobles and pirates can't really maintain a relationship. We can hardly set foot on land without almost being killed." Travie explained. 

"I can change that..." Patrick nearly whispered.

Pete looked at him.

"...We won't change our ways."

"I know..."

"Then why?"

"Because I don't want to lose my family... Or make them sad."

"I see."


"You're a strange one Princy." Pete laid back and closed his close.


"Well if your family and my family are getting together then it looks like we're gonna be in-laws." Pete teased. Patrick opened his mouth to say something but closed it quickly deciding to not respond. He blushed and looked away from the others.

It wasn't long till exhaustion overwhelmed them and one by one they went to sleep. Except for Gabe, who managed to drag Travie off. Jon took watch and once the others were asleep, Patrick made his way over to Pete, snuggling close and falling asleep.


 The sun rose bright and early, waking Patrick from a very peaceful sleep. He yawned with a small stretch, not wanting to wake the captain, who's head rested upon his chest. Patrick smiled and played with hair. Pete blushed in his sleep.

"You hungry Prince?" Brendon asked.

"I guess..."

"Don't worry most of them are sleeping still."

Patrick sighed.

"He grew on me."

"He does that. He tried so hard not to care. He just doesn't want to be left again."

"Yeah..." Patrick huggled Pete and kissed his head.

"Don't hurt him ok. He's fragile."

"I'll try my best not to."

"You'll see. He cares way too much about people."

Patrick nodded then gently moved Pete getting up. Pete mumbled something intelligible. Patrick went over to the fire and Brendon held out a cooked fish and an orange.

"Thanks." Patrick took them and sat down starting to eat.

Ryan sat up.


"Get it yourself brat." Brendon snidely said. Ryan crossed his arms. "You're a big boy."

"Be nice." Patrick scolded.

"I'm being nice." Ryan defended. "He's the butthead." He crawled over and leaned against Patrick.

"Both of you, or I'll tell Eddy." Patrick warned.

"Don't threaten me." Brendon sat away from them and ate.

"Brat." Patrick pouted.

"Yeah, I'm the brat." Brendon rolled his eyes.

"You both are brats." Ryan pouted and Patrick added. "But you have good points too."

"Food?" Ryan asked opening his mouth. Patrick picked up an apple and put it in his mouth. Ryan started to eat.

"I miss real food."

"That is real food." Brendon said annoyed.

"Food made by skilled chefs in a huge kitchen... Mmm.. Warm apple pie and sandwiches full of meat with cheese and fresh lettuce and tomatoes... Chicken pot pie..." Ryan plopped back and started daydreaming about all the foods he now craves. Patrick shook his head.

"You're very spoiled."

"I'm a Duke, I'm supposed to be."

"I suppose so..." Patrick muttered looking at the fire starting to think.

"I want to go home..." Ryan looked at the sky.

"Soon Ryan, Soon."

Pete woke up with a frown. He got up and went to the woods. Patrick watched him from his peripheral.

Maybe they can be pardoned allowed in the castle and dock territories. As long as they behave themselves on land. If not then I'll have to punish them accordingly. Patrick thought to himself.

Pete came back a few minutes later and grabbed a fish sitting under a tree to eat. Patrick waved at him and Pete smiled a bit. Patrick smiled and blew a kiss making Pete blush. Patrick looked back at the fire happily. I don't want to leave him, but I can't leave Fenia in my father's hands. I have to think of something.

"Go spend time with him." Ryan whispered up to him. Patrick blushed and looked down at him.


"You have a hickie on your neck." Ryan smirked. "And you're pretty loud. Eeeeveryone heard." He teased. Patrick's face turned bright red.

"Oh my gosh."

Ryan laughed. Patrick stood up and sat next to Pete.

"I um... Hi."

Pete chuckled.


"Apparently everyone heard... so..." Patrick snuggled against him. Pete put his arm around him.

"Guess I should have put the shirt back."

Patrick blushed more remembering the day before. Using his shirt to keep himself quite had worked for all of a minute when Pete wanted to actually hear his reactions.

"But now I can stay close to you."


Patrick nuzzled him, making a low pleasured mumble escape Pete's lips. Pete pulled Patrick onto his lap, placing a kiss on his head.

"Did I turn you on already?" Patrick asked smiling.

"I'm pretty much always turned on." Pete admitted chuckling.

"Yeah?" Patrick nibbled his ear.

Pete groaned through gritted teeth. "Yeah."

Patrick rubbed his chest under his shirt.

"I don't know if I can keep up with that amount of horniness."

"We'll work on your stamina."

Patrick slid his hand lower and kissed Pete's neck whispering.


Pete held him closer and rubbed under his shirt, sending shivers through Patrick's body. Patrick whispered in Pete's ear.

"Patrick" Pete uttered slowly losing his ability to control himself.


"Want to... Go find somewhere else?"

Patrick nodded and Pete got up with him. He set Patrick down then led him off.

"What happened between them?" Brendon asked.

"They got closer." Ryan answered.

"No kidding." Brendon watched them disappear through into the woods. "You don't think they..?"


"Pete... What... What's going to happen to us.. After tonight?" Patrick finally asked after they had laid together and laid resting for a while.

"We'll think of something." Pete said putting his forehead to Patrick's.

"I was thinking... That when I become king, I can pardon you all so you can go to the docks and castle territories."

Pete smiled.

"Want to keep me around huh?"

Patrick nodded.

"If that's what you want." Pete said kissing him gently.

"It is... I … My heart wants you."

"That makes me happy."

"R... Really?!" Patrick asked sitting up and blushing with a big smile. Pete chuckled.


Patrick hugged him and Pete kissed along his neck.

"Mmm, Pete..."

"Shall we head back?"

"Kay." They got up and they put their clothes back on. Patrick yawned. "Sleepy...."

"Hold on." Pete got his clothes situated then picked Patrick up, carrying him back to camp.

When they got back, Pete laid him by the fire before laying besides him to nap. Ryan watched them get comfortable and messed with Eddy's shirt.

"Eddy...Eddy... It hurts again..."

Eddy yawned and opened his eyes enough to peek at Ryan and mumbled.

"My skin hurts..."

Eddy stretched "Ok, I'll go get the ingredients." He got up and headed into the woods to get them. Ryan hugged his knees and watched. Brendon tossed a fruit at Ryan.

"Don't wake him up."

Ryan caught it and stuck his tongue out.

"He's not your servant and he's definitely better than you so treat him right."

Ryan frowned.

"I... butt out."

"He's my brother. Be nice to him or I'll kick your skinny spoiled ass."

Penny snuggled Brendon in her sleep and he put an arm around her. Ryan poked his arm and watched it change color.

Eddy came back after some time and went back to Ryan. He mixed the herbs and began to spread it on Ryan carefully.

"Thanks..." Ryan whispered closing his eyes.

"You're welcome."

"Sorry I woke you..."

"It's fine."

Ryan looked at him when he moved into view.

"How do you feel?"

"Absolutely fine."

Ryan leaned over and kissed him. Eddy leaned into the kiss and Ryan smiled into it. Eddy moved back and continued to put on the cream.

"Tell the ship to hurry up." Ryan said.

"Hurry up ship."

"When it gets here we can.." Ryan whispered the rest in his ear and Eddy's face suddenly flushed red. Ryan placed a hand on Eddy's lap.



"Nut uh." Eddy denied.


Joe woke up and stretched yawning loudly. Andy rolled on top of him.


Joe rubbed his back.

"You stop that." Andy shivered.

"Kay." Joe instead traced his tattoos. Andy shivered again. "Sleep well?"

"Yes, thanks to my pillow." Andy answered.


"I'm going to rest until the ship comes tonight."


Andy smiled Joe moved his hands under his head. Andy nuzzled him before yawning once more and sleeping.


Jon grabbed some food and went to the spring where Hayley slept against a tree. He knelt down in front of her and stroked her hair gently with his free hand. She blushed waking up.

"The ship will be here tonight."

"Kay..." She opened her eyes to see him holding out the food he brought her. "Mmm" She took it and started to eat.

"Would you like to return to the camp with me?" Jon asked with a smile. She thought for a second.


He held out his hand and she took it getting up. He led her back to the camp and she followed, finishing up the fruit she had left. When they got back Travie had returned and was sitting next to Gabe near the fire. His eyes lit up when Hayley came into sight.


She smiled and hoped over to him, plopping onto his lap and throwing her arms around him in a big hug. He hugged her back tightly.

"You're a girl?" Kellin asked astounded.

"Yeah..." She admitted nervously.

"No wonder we had bad luck, Captain."

"Shh, don't be loud." Pete shrugged him off.

Hayley hid her face against Travie's chest trying not to let it get to her.

"Oh fuck off Kellin." Gabe cursed patting Hayley's head.

"I'm sorry..." Hayley whispered between sniffles.

"It's not your fault. It's an old wives tale." Pete assured her. After her silence he added. "If Kellin has a problem with that he can swim home."

Kellin frowned.

"You don't mind Captain?" She asked.

"If I did you would be gone."


He stroked Patrick's hair.

"Pete..." Patrick mumbled in his sleep.

Pete chuckled unable to stop smiling.

"I've never seen Captain this happy." Jon whispered sitting beside Travie with a smile.

Pete laid next to Patrick and watched as he slept. It doesn't matter what happened from now on. I won't give up on him. Even if I have to sneak into Fenia to see him I will. He thought.

Patrick hugged him.


"Mine." Pete said wrapping an arm around him.

"Yeah..." Patrick replied half awake.

Pete kissed his neck.


"M... Morning." Patrick shivered.

"Sorry if I woke you."

"It's... ok." Patrick rubbed his back. Pete closed his eyes. "I don't want to leave you." Patrick whispered.

"Stay with me forever." Pete said dozing.


"My handsome Prince..." Patrick blushed and Pete kissed him gently. "Love..." He uttered before falling asleep.

Love? Patrick thought to himself. Do I love Pete?.. I think...

"I love you." Patrick whispered to the sleeping Captain, before going back to sleep.


Chapter Text

So glad you guys like the story and have stuck around for the conclusion. Hopefully I can get the last chapters out within two weeks, or at least before the hectic chaos of Star Wars invades my job. So let's hope I can get them done for you faithful readers! <3<3 ~Dez


  Nightfall came before long and the stillness of the eve crept over the island. It was only moments until their hail Erido would arrive and they could all get home and back their lives. The sun was almost done setting when Christofer called out from the tree he was sitting in.


"Really?" Gabe looked up him.

"Ship! Ship! Ship!" Christofer stood up on the branch.

Brendon got up and looked at the sea, and sure enough, one of their ships was sailing their way.

"Everyone wake up." He beckoned. Penny sat up with a yawn.


"The ship is close." He told her smiling.

"Ship?..." It took a moment for her awakening mind to process, but when she realized what he meant she gasped. "The ship! The ship taking us home?!"

"Yeah!" He yelled excitedly.

Christofer climbed down and shook Jordan

"Jo- Jo"

"Huh?.... I'm up..." Jordan mumbled.

"Jo-Jooooo" Christofer whined.

Jordan pulled him close and he wiggled. A dingy was lowered into the water, and the passenger rowed to the island. Sam mumbled and held onto Dean as he picked him up.

When the passenger got to shore he hopped out and pulled it further onto the sand. He was in his late teens and had short blonde hair that sat in perfect place.

"Benny!" Christofer yelled as he got free and ran to the other boy tackling him back into the water. He laughed and held Christofer so that he was over the water. Jordan frowned.

The others started getting up.

"Took you long enough Bennet." Travie said.

"Hey I will leave your ass here." Benn shot back standing up with Christofer in his arms.

"Like hell you will you brat."

Benn walked back onto the sand and set Christofer down. Christofer walked over to Jordan, who was now standing and brushing off the sand, and hugged him. Eddy sat up rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"I hear Benn..."

"Morning sleepy head." Eddy stood up and went over hugging him. "I am loving all this love." Benn said hugging Eddy back.

"You came to save us." Eddy pointed out moving back.

"Well I couldn't very well leave all the important people here. My crew is insane enough without being depressed."

"Not to mention if I died I'd haunt your ass." Pete said stretching.

"Gee thanks."

"Let's get the hell off this island." Gabe suggested heading to the dingy.

"Definitely." Travie agreed.

"What is going to happen to us..." Z asked looking at Pete. "Now that we're leaving the island?"

"We're going home." Patrick answered instead with a yawn.

"Really?" Sarah asked.

Pete nodded and stood up holding Patrick.

"Thank goodness..." She sighed relieved, peeking a glance at Jeremy.

"Alright everyone, butts in the dingy. We'll probably have to take two or three trips." Benn instructed.

"Women and children first." Castiel said patting Sam's head gently.

Benn looked over to Pete who nodded.

"All aboard."

Penny grabbed her Teddy and got onto the dingy with the help of Benn. Katelyn picked up Charlie and carried her to the dingy. She set her down inside and got in herself. Z and Sarah got in next. Sam looked at Dean as he set him down and nudged him towards the dingy.

"Go." Dean said. Sam hesitated and got in.

Benn walked over to Pete and asked quietly.

"What are we doing with them?"

"Let them do what they want. They'll be fine." Pete said simply.

"Yes sir." Benn went back to the dingy. "Everyone in?"

Jon looked around and frowned before going into the forest. Benn got in and Kellin and Gabe pushed it into the water. Benn then rowed to the ship. He stopped at the rope ladder that hung over the side.

"Alright someone start climbing." Benn said.

Katelyn woke Charlie and made her start climb the rope. A guy in his early 20's looked over the side at Benn. His dirty blonde hair flowed with the swift movement.


"We're good Mikey, Help them up." He called up.

Mikey looked at the ladder and pulled Charlie up the rest of the way and set her on the deck.

"Whoa, Hello there." She blinked. He patted her head and looked back over to help the next person.

Katelyn got Sarah up then looked at Sam and Benn.

"Please turn around."

"Why?" Benn asked. Sam turned around and closed his eyes.

"Because I'm wearing a dress..." Penny pointed up standing up.

"What my lady said." Kately added.

"Fine." Benn turned around and Katelyn helped Penny start to climb. Katelyn helped Z next then looked at Sam.

"Alright, now you Sam."

He got up and she helped him up. He climbed up to the top and Mikey waited until he got closer.

"Want help?"

"I got this." Sam climbed the rest of the way up and made his way onto the deck by himself.

Katelyn then climbed up.

"I'm going back for the others Mikey. Have Josh or Tyler get some food ready."

"Kay~" Mikey sang as he helped Katelyn over the edge.

Benn headed back to the shore. Kellin and Gabe pulled the dingy back onto the sand when he got close.

"Next group. Come on Chrissy." Benn said hopping out onto the sand. Christofer hugged Jordan's arm.

"Ship." He walked to the dingy with Jordan. Christofer got in and Jordan helped Castiel and Taylor get Jeremy inside, before getting in. Taylor got in and sat next to Jeremy.

"Dean" Castiel called walking to him.

"Yeah?" He asked. Castiel took his hand and walked towards the dingy. "You go. I'll take the last trip. I want to make sure everyone gets back safe."

"Go ahead Dean, that's my job. Sam is probably losing his mind being separated from you." Patrick said leaning against Pete.

"He'll be fine with you there."

"Dean, go." Patrick ordered a bit more firmly.

Dean sighed and got in with Castiel. Eddy put the sleeping Ryan in the dingy.

"You sure?" Pete asked Patrick.

"I am a prince. My people come first."

"Kellin go." Pete ordered .

Benn got in and Kellin pushed it back into the water, then jumped in quickly as Benn rowed back to the ship. Eddy watched the dingy.

"Well, now who's gonna push it?"

"Us I'm guessing." Brendon shrugged.

"Joe and I can do it." Andy offered.

Benn stopped at the ladder again and everyone started to climb up and onto the ship. Benn poured some water on Ryan who sat up immediately.

"What's going on?!"

"Boat. Get on."

Ryan looked around and blinked. "Where is Eddy?"

"On the island. Hurry up so I can go back for them.

"Oh..." Ryan frowned and got up, climbing the ladder.

Benn went back again, and Andy pulled it onto the sand.

"Twins, Prince, Captain."

Eddy hopped in, then Brendon and Patrick with William.

"I'll get in last." Pete said looking around. "Where's Hayl and Jon?"

"I think they went into the woods" Travie told him climbing in with Gabe.

"Damn it. Everyone get in." Pete ordered over his shoulder as he ran to the forest to look for them.

Jon looked around for Hayley.

"Hayley, I'm not leaving without you. So stop playing this game." Jon looked behind bushes. "Hayley!" He looked behind trees and rocks. "Hayley we aren't leaving you behind. Just come out and talk to me."

She crawled to opening of a large hollowed tree trunk.

"Just leave me..."

"Not going to happen."

She looked down.

"I'm still... I can't go."

"Hayley Nichole Williams." Pete said walking over to them.


"You're coming with us." He crossed his arms. "It's my ship, it's my choice to decide who gets on."

She looked up at him teary eyed.

"You’re mad at me." She crawled back into the trunk, but before she could get far, Pete grabbed her ankle and pulled her back, lifting her up and handing her to Jon.

"Captain Peeeete." She wiggled blushing.

"Don't put her down until we're on the ship." Pete said walking back.

Jon followed and held Hayley close as she wiggled to escape.

"Hayley, what's gotten into you..." Jon asked

"I don't want to go." She cried. "Put me down"

"I... I just don't … Put me down, put me down now."

"You're being ridiculous."

"Shut up!"

"No!" He yelled back. She started to kick and push away from him. "Why don't you try telling me what's going on?"

"They hate me." She sobbed. "They're going to throw me overboard or torture me for what I did." She held onto him. "I didn't ask to be a girl, I didn't ask to be a pirate... But I am, and I lied, and now I'm going to be miserable."

"Hayley, no one is going to go against the Captain. Even Kellin dropped it after the Captain told him to. You're jumping to conclusions."

"You don't understand! You're a man, men will never understand!"


"No! Just put me down, stop manhandling me."

"I'm not leaving without you."

She started to wiggle again and he frowned.

"I see a Jon and a very unhappy captain." Eddy said when they came into sight.

"Yeah..." Brendon said looking over.

Travie got out and went over to them.

"What happened?"

"Put me down now." She wiggled.

"She's afraid to go back on the ship." Jon told Travie. Travie frowned as she kicked angrily and put his hands on her cheeks. She looked up at him, her eyes filled with fear, as though she was a child who thought the monsters under the bed had come to get her.

"No one is going to hurt you. You have me, Gabe, Jon and Captain on your side." Travie assured her. She held onto him and he took her from Jon. "What are you freaking out about?"

"I don't want to be treated differently... And I am..." She spilled comfortably.

"No one has treated you any different."

She pouted.

"I'm still all sick and queasy... I don't know what's wrong with me..."

"Let's get on the ship and the healer can check you or something."


Travie got in with her and sat next to Gabe. Jon sighed and got in.

"Joe, Andy get in." Pete said.

Andy raised an eyebrow.

"You think you're going to push it by yourself?"

"I think I'm going to kick your booty if you aren't in that boat in the next three seconds."

Joe chuckled and climbed in.

"Come on Andy."

Andy picked up Pete and put him in the boat.

"One" he counted. He pushed the dingy into the water. "Two." And jumped in with an innocent smile. "Three."

Pete smacked the back of his head.

"I should make you swim."

"Is that what you want Cap'n?" Andy asked.

Pete pulled his cheeks. Benn rowed back to the ship.


"You know you love me Cap'n" Andy smiled leaning against Joe.

"I'll think about it."




Pete leaned over and tickled Andy and he burst into laughter. Joe smacked Pete's hand.

"Rude." Pete said pulling his hand back. Andy wiped the tears he had from laughing away. "That's what you get." Pete put his arm around Patrick.

"Aw." Joe hugged Andy.

Benn stopped by the ladder

"All aboard." He said.

Eddy got up and climbed up the ladder. Mikey looked over.

"Need a hand Eddy?"

"Nope, I got it Mikey." Eddy climbed over and looked for Ryan.

"Mikey, throw us some pants." Travie called up.

"Pants." Mikey said to himself as he hunted for a pair. Once he found one he went back and dropped it down to Travie. Travie caught them and handed them to Hayley. She smiled and put them on, then fixed the jacket and climbed up. Benn was next.

Patrick looked at William.

"Billy, you go up first. I'll go after you."

"Are you sure your highness?"

Patrick noded standing up. William climbed up and Patrick followed after him. Patrick noticed Pete watching him and looked down shaking his butt a bit before climbing up the rest of the way. Jon climbed up next.

"When you get up there, drop the rope to tie the boat." Andy called up to him. When Jon got over the edge he dropped the ropes. Andy tied one end and Joe tied the other. Andy tugged the rope to make sure it was secure then climbed up the ladder. Joe reached up and pinched his butt.


"Want me to kiss it and make it better?" Joe laughed.

"No." Andy denied him and kept climbing. Joe climbed up after him.

Pete looked back at the island then climbed up the ladder.

"Orders Captain?" Mikey asked standing straight.

"We set sail for Fenia. Eddy."

"Yes Captain?"

"Map our course. Avoid any areas known for that stupid monster and bring us near the Arvendon- Fenia boarder, we don't want to be spotted too soon."

"I doubt you'll have too many issues flying that Fenian flag." William said with crossed arms.

"Aye, Aye. Eddy said going to the map, Brendon following him.


"Yes sir?" A bright red haired pirate asked coming out onto the deck.

"Get clothes for everyone. And have Josh and Tyler start making hot meals. Get the water barrels up too. Castiel there's medicines and herbs below deck. Take care of any injuries."

Castiel looked at Dean who nodded, he then went below deck. The pirate called Tyler knelt down by Jeremy and looked at his foot.

"That looks gross."

"Your face is gross."

"Want some cake?" Tyler asked unphased.

"No, I don't want cake.

"Fine." Tyler stood up and looked at the kids. "Do you guys want cake?"

Sam his behind Dean, holding his shirt.

"No thank you." Charlie declined.

Tyler sighed.

"Fine, Josh, you can have the rest of the cake."

"Woo" Josh cheered taking the cake.

Taylor knelt down next to Sam.

"It's ok. They won't hurt you. This is one of our ships." He pointed to the flag waving in the night sky. "See, that's our flag."

Sam hid his face against Dean and Taylor frowned. Dean moved Sam in front of him and hugged him stroking his hair.

"We're going home Sammy."

"He's pretty traumatized..." Taylor said standing and taking a deep breath holding his side.

Dean picked Sam up and rubbed his back. Sam held onto him, his body shook.

"It's ok now Sammy." Dean tried to calm him down. After all they'd been through, Sam was never this scared. He never wanted to be away from his big brother like that again. He didn't know if he could take that anxiety again. He didn't know what had happened to Dean and his imagination had run amok. He was so happy to have his big brother again. Sam didn't realize just how much he needed Dean until he didn't have him, and that too scared him. 

Chapter Text

 When Pete finished giving all the orders, he looked for Patrick. He walked over to the nauseous looking prince and put a hand on his back. Patrick stood straight from his place over the railing.

"Hi..." He slurred a bit.

"What's wrong?" Pete asked.

"Nothing" Patrick answered with a shake of his head.

"Why don't we go lay down?"


Pete took his hand and led him to the captain's quarters. When they were inside, Pete closed the door and hugged Patrick from behind.

"When will I see you again?" Patrick asked leaning back against him.

"I don't know for sure." Pete rubbed his stomach gently. "Keep Chris with you. He can send me messages."

"Jordan will like that."

"Get him a tutor or something. He's really smart, but he never had a chance to be properly educated." 

"I will."

"Make sure Ryan takes care of Eddy too..." Pete nuzzled his cheek.


"We have a bed now." Pete smiled.


Pete led Patrick to the bed and they laid down in embrace.

"I love you too." Pete whispered.

"You..." Patrick blushed, he didn't know that Pete had actually heard him.

"We may be apart for some time. But the distance will not change my feelings."

"Pete..." Patrick smiled. "The same goes for me." He yawned.

"Time to sleep." Pete said. Patrick simply nodded and went to sleep. Pete himself fell asleep only moments after.


Elsewhere, Brendon had someone take over the wheel, as he walked to the lower deck. He leaned on the railing and watched the waves. I have to make a choice. He thought.

Penny came up besides him.

"Penny for your thoughts."

Brendon looked at her and chuckled.

"I'm not quite sure what they are yet." He looked over at Ryan and Eddy. "... He's going to leave me."

She leaned against the railing.

"Can't you go with him?"

"I can..." He sighed looking at the water.

"But you don't want to?" She asked completing his sentence.

"This life has been good to me. It has made me the man I am today and I loved every second of it."

"...You want to stay." She frowned.

"I do... but I want to remain with Eddy as well."

"We don't always get what we want." She hugged herself. "You've both made different choices, so now you'll have to focus on them."


"Excuse me." She said wiping her eyes quickly. "I need to help Charlie... Do something."

She started to walk away.

"Penny." He called out. She just shook her head and continued on. He followed after her and grabbed her hand. He turned her around and wrapped his arms around her. She pushed him away.


"What's wrong?"

"If you don't know, then it doesn't matter!"

"I do know. But I..." He looked away. "It wouldn't be allowed..."

"I don't care... I'm staying in Fenia, I'm not going back to Sonia."

"You are?"

"I am."

"I thought... You wanted to go home..."

"I want you... You're my home now." He blushed and she continued. "I want to fall asleep and wake up in your arms. I want to kiss you, and be touched by you."


She looked at him. He took her in his arms and pressed his lips against hers. She blushed and he moved back a little to take in her beauty.

"I care about you greatly. Don't think for a second that I don't." He said.

"It's not that, that I'm worried about... It's if you care for me enough to come with me. I hope you will make whatever choice makes you truly happy. Then it won't hurt as much." She stepped back.

"I... I just need a little time."

"You have until the ship gets to Fenia. If you get back on when they leave, I'll know I'll have to move on."


She kissed his cheek. "Follow your heart." She said before walking off. He looked towards Eddy again before staring at the waves.

Eddy looked over the map for the third time just to make sure he didn't miss anything. Ryan rested his head on his shoulder and watched.

"I can't wait to get to Fenia." Eddy said. Ryan wrapped his arms around his waist.

"You'll enjoy it very much."

"Mostly because I'll be with you." Eddy smiled.

"Flattery will get you everywhere."

Eddy chuckled.

"Good thing I've done it for years."

Ryan rubbed his stomach and Eddy closed his eyes.

"Naughty Duke."

"So I've been told."

"I can't work under these conditions."

"Should I stop?"

"I haven't decided yet."

Ryan chuckled.

"If captain comes out then yes, but for now it's ok. I just have to make sure we don't get lost."

"Yes sir." Ryan said kissing the back of his neck. "though I doubt he's going to be getting out of bed anytime soon."

Eddy shivered.


"How long will it take to get there?"

"Two days give or take."

"Boo. Do you have a bed on this ship?"

"Not one that has privacy."

"Gonna be a long two days."

"Indeed." Eddy agreed.

"What kind of dog do you want?" Ryan asked nibbling his shoulder.

"Dog... I don't know."

"Hmm, we'll have to go to a pet shop and see."

Eddy nodded. Ryan slid his hand under his shirt and Eddy shivered.

"Mm.. Stop that."

Ryan stopped, letting his hand rest on Eddy's stomach.

"You need to wait till er can have privacy." Eddy scolded.

"I know, but it stinks."

"I agree."

Ryan snuggled against Eddy and he smiled.

"Cute." Ryan said looking at the content face Eddy had.

"You're cute."

"You're cuter."

"You're the cutest."

"Nope." Ryan denied, kissing his nose.


Ryan leaned closer and whispered into his ear, making Eddy chuckle as he blushed.


"I know~" He sang.


"Are you excited?" Ryan asked smiling.


"We'll have to stay at the castle for a bit. Until the house is ready."

"But what about the whole... Royal battle thing?"

"I need to be with Patrick for it. He'll need my support. But I want to enjoy a little peace before it gets to that."


"I wanna keep my handsome cartographer in my arms." Ryan said nuzzling him.



"Go sit down somewhere please."

"Aw." Ryan kissed his cheeks and sat down near the map table He watched Eddy focus on the map. "I wonder where Jordan went."

"Most likely in the crows nest with Chris."

"Too far." Ryan sighed plopping over so he was laying.

"I don't think you would want to be there anyway." Eddy pointed out.

"Probably not. Everyone's getting all touchy feely."

Eddy chuckled and checked their position once more. Just to be safe.

Chapter Text

  A few hours had past before Pete awoke. He looked at Patrick sleeping soundly next to him and kissed his nose gently. He got up and changed then headed out onto the deck with a stretch. He walked over to the map and looked over the course Eddy had laid out.  

    "Hello Captain." Eddy greeted.  

    "Hey. How's everything looking?"  

    "Perfect. No storms, no monsters."  

    "Sounds good to me..." Pete sighed. "A nice quick trip."  

    "You'll see him again Captain."  

    "I know." Pete smiled sadly. "But most of my family is going to stay there too."  

    "And you'll see us too."  

 Pete hugged him and kissed his forehead. "Doesn't mean I'm not going to miss you."  

  Eddy smiled.  

    "I'll miss you too."  

    "You better brat."  

    "Of course!"  

    "Good." Pete smiled.  

   "How can I not?" Eddy asked hugging him.  

    "Just making sure. It's gonna be weird without my troublesome twins around.  
    "I'm sure you'll still have Brendon."  

Pete shook his head.  

    "No. He'll choose you and the girl."  

    "You think so?"  

    "Yeah, he enjoyed the adventure but his heart isn't in it."  

 Eddy  looked at the map, he  was happy to think he wouldn't lose his best friend. Pete kissed Eddy's head before going to check on everyone else.  

    "He's not that old is he?" Ryan asked looking up at Eddy.  


    "He acts older than he looks."  

    "Oh, I don't know..."  

 Ryan shrugged then grinned.  

    "Your butt is cute."  

  Eddy blushed.  


    "It looks good from this angle."  

    "Shut up.." He said looking away, face still red.  

 Ryan blew him a kiss.  

    "You... Go eat some food."  

    "Kay." Ryan got up from his spot on the floor. "I'll bring you some food."  

    "Thank you."  
Ryan kissed his cheek and headed to the  galley . On his way, he saw Hayley sitting in a small room, looking at herself in the mirror. He peeked in.  



    "Can I sit?" He asked walking into the room.  


 He sat down with crossed legs.  

    "I'm Ryan."  


    "Your hair looks pretty. Can I play with it?"  

  She gave him a look.  


 He nodded.  

     "My hair is anything but pretty." She hugged her knees.  

     "It's very pretty." He sat on his knees behind her and started to put little braids in her hair humming. She closed her eyes.  

    "I don't see it."  

    "Maybe you need glasses."  

    "Maybe you d o."  

    "Nope." He finished with her hair. "Tada"  

    "Little braids do nothing."  

  He pouted.  

    "Wait til we get to Fenia. You all have to stay  til  Patrick is king. We'll have a ball and  I'll do your hair and make-up."  

    "I doubt  that will happen. The us staying part. Those people will want nothing more than our heads on  pikes ."  

     "The people love Patrick. They'll be so happy when he's  king , that they won't care about anything else."  

    "… What if the king soiled his reputation?"  

 Ryan  shook  his head.  

    "They know how bad the king is now. Patrick has done everything he can to take care of the people."  

    "Oh..." She rested her head on her knees.  

    "I saw this dress before we left. It was sooo pretty. It would look amazing on you."  

    "I don't know about that... I only wear pants."  

    "Well if you'd rather wear a suit I have the best tailor in Fenia."  

  Hayley made a face and Ryan chuckled before adding.  

    "We can go shopping and see if there's anything you like." He took the braids out of her hair and started on a different  hair style .  

    "Why are you being so nice?"  

    "Why wouldn't I?"  

    "We attacked your ship, you got beat up, and stuck on an island for days." She listed.  

    "And I got reunited with the boy that first showed me love."   

    "Oh... Well   I guess  that's something good."  

    "Patrick is happy with your captain and Jordan is just like emitting love for Chris."  

    "That's... great for everyone." She suddenly felt lonely.  

    "What about you?"  

    "I almost drowned, I got intense pain in my stomach, I feel bloated, I'm bleeding and I can't control my temper."  

    "Aw." He hugged her gently.  

    " 90  percent of my  li fe  spent as a man, only to be brutally reminded that I'm a fake."  

    "Aw sweety." He put his hands on her shoulders.  

    "Don't baby me..."  

    "Everyone should be taken care of every now and then. Especially when they aren't feeling their best."  

    " I can  tough  this out... My brother can tough out a bad sickness, I can get past this."  

    "Your brother has not felt the things you're feeling."  

    "This is nothing." She huffed.   

 Ryan stroked her hair gently and she started to cry. He hugged her and rubbed her back supportingly.  

    "I don't even know why I'm crying..."  

    "It's alright honey, just let it out."  

She sobbed.  

    "I want some chocolate so bad."  

 He couldn't stop himself from chuckling.  

    "We'll get you lots in Fenia."  



 She smiled sniffling.  

    "Yay. Thank you..."  

    "For what?" He asked.  

    "I don't know... I just feel better kinda."  

    "Hugs make everything better." He smiled.  

    "There is something about you... It's relaxing."  

   "You're just so cute." He said  booping her nose. She blinked.  


    "Adorable." He said. She smiled. "Let's see if we can get some food."  

     "I ate... You go ahead."  

    "Alright. I'll be back."  


  He got up and left the room, leaving her by herself. She looked herself over in the mirror. She couldn't see what was cute about her.   

    "There you are." Jon's voice spoke out, bringing her attention to him.  

    "Here I am."  

    "I found you something." He said walking over with his hands closed . He knelt down. "Pick a hand."  

  She contemplated, looking at his hands. After a silent deliberation she poked his left hand. He opened it to reveal a chocolate wrapped in it's elegant golden wrapper. She giggled and took it.  

    "Thanks." She said as she unwrapped it.  

    "You're  wel come ."  

  She nibbled the top of the chocolate before speaking.  

    "Sorry for earlier..."  

    "Don't worry about it."  

   "I hate this... Ugh I wish I really was a guy. This is terrible."  

    "Sorry I can't be of more comfort."  

    "It's not your fault." She said shaking her head.  

    "I'll see if anyone stashed any more candy."  

  She smiled.  

    "Thank you  Jonny ." She held out her arms. "Hug?"  

 He hugged her and she blushed smiling.  

    "Hugs definitely make everything  better."  

    "They do." He agreed.  

   She hugged him a little tighter .  

    "Feeling better?" He asked.  


    "I'm glad."  

    "Thank you for taking care of me on the island."  

     "You don't have to thank me."  

    "I want to."  

  He kissed her head and her cheeks flushed even redder.  

    "Want me to stay for a bit?"  

    "Yes please."  


  She made him sit then sat on his lap snuggling against his chest.. He held her close and stroked her hair.  

    "What do you want to do when we get to Fenia?" He asked.  

    "...Look for a dress."  

    "What color?"  

    "I have no idea..."  

    "You would look good in red."  

    "Y.. You think so?" She  stuttered .  

 He nodded.  

    "Then I'll get a red dress."  

    "Well... You should get what  yu  want."  

    "I want a red dress."  


    "You have to help me get the right one."  

    "If you want."  

    "I do."  

  He smiled and she looked up at him. When their eyes met, Jon  felt  his face heat up.   

    "So... um..."  

    "Hmm?" She tilted her head.  

    "I don't know.."  

  She kissed his cheek and he gave her a squeeze.  

    "How... How do you feel?" He asked.  



    "Still a little unstable. But fine momentarily. Physically, I like cuddles."  

  He chuckled.  

    "Comfy" She sighed happily and closed her eyes snuggling against him again.  

    "That's good."  

    "Mhmm." She mumbled nuzzling her face against chest. He looked away his face flushing more. He had to think anything else than what he wanted to.  

    "You will stay with us won't you?"  



    "Would you  hav e  missed me?" She asked.  

    "A lot."  

  She blushed.  

    "I won't leave you."  


    "You guys are my family" She mumbled starting to doze to sleep.  

    "Yeah." He stroked her hair.  

    "Aw, so cute." Ryan teased from the door.  


 Ryan  stuck  out his tongue then went to the deck to bring Eddy his food. Eddy stood at the wheel steering it on course. Ryan went up to him.  

    "I got you food."  

    "Mmm. Can you feed me?"  

    "Yes sir." Ryan blushed happily and fed him. The bat hit a rough patch and Ryan smudged a little sauce onto Eddy's cheek. "Oops" He said before licking it off Eddy's cheek.  

    "Ryan" Eddy scolded his face red.  

    "Just cleaning up."  Ryan grinned. Eddy sighed. "I can't help it, you're so handsome."  

     "You are banned from up here, you  jest  keep being naughty."  

  Ryan made a puppy dog face.  


      "I'll be good, I promise."  

    "I don't believe you."  

  Ryan pouted.  

    "Nope. "  


     "Aw, ok. I believe." Eddy surrendered. "Behave yourself."  

    "Yay!" Ryan cheered.  

    "You're too cute."  

    "Maybe just a little."  

    "No, a lot."  

    "If you say so." Ryan put his head on Eddy's shoulder. "I remember the first time you talked to me. I was having a nightmare and you woke me up." He chuckled. "I could have sworn I locked the door, but there you were."  

   "I heard you in distress and got worried."  

    "You were the first person to ever show me kindness."  

    "Cuz I like you."  

  Ryan blushed and Pete walked up.  

    "You two look cozy."  

  Eddy blushed looking away. Pete chuckled.  

   "Go get some rest. I'll take over for a bit."  

    "Thank you Captain."  

    "Let's go get cozy." Ryan took Eddy's hand and the two left.   

 Pete took the wheel and steered the boat. All things were calm finally. And they could rest, relax and restore their energy.

Chapter Text

  When Patrick woke up the sun shined brightly into the cabin. It was around midday. Pete had climbed back into bed. Patrick wrapped his arms around him.

"Petey... Pie.." He yawned.

Pete smiled and pulled Patrick on top of him. Patrick nuzzled him.

"You have too much clothes on..." Patrick yawned.

"I had to work." Pete laughed.

"Oh..." Patrick looked down at Pete. "Do you think I can beat my father?"

"Yes and you won't be alone."

"You're right." Patrick smiled. "I love you Pete."

"I love you too."


Pete rolled them over and kissed his neck.

"Already? Do you have like stored energy somewhere?" Patrick asked after a deep breath.

"Hey you got to sleep all nice and cozy."

"But I don't get to sleep a lot. So I'm soooo sleepy."

"So you want me to stop?" Pete asked as he gently kissed a tender spot on Patrick's stomach.

"Mmm, I don't know anymore..."

Pete laid next to Patrick with his back to him. "Night." Pete pulled the blanket up to his chin. Patrick pouted and pulled Pete close.

"Peeeteeeey." He whined.

"Hmm?~" Pete teased in a hum.

"You can't just do that."

"Do what?"

"Make me all hot and go to sleep. It's not nice."

"You said you were tired."

Suddenly there was a loud boom, and the ship jolted.

"We're under attack!" Brendon called from on deck.

"Fuck!" Pete got up quickly. "Hide Patrick." He grabbed his gun in one hand and his sword in the other, before darting out to the deck. Patrick looked around and found himself a hiding place.


Another jolt as a cannonball flew from the ship to their left. Pete helped his men prepare the cannons and launched a shot to the ship on the right. From behind them a third ship rammed them sending everyone on deck forward.

Eddy looked around for his glasses, and Ryan knelt down next to him to help. Ryan found them and put them on Eddy for him. Eddy blinked a few times to focus his eyes.

"Thank you, now go hide somewhere, and make sure the kids and women are hidden as well."

Ryan stood up with Eddy.

"Promise me, you'll be safe."

"I promise."

Ryan kissed him then ran to gather the kids and women. William made his way to the captain's quarters and stood guard to protect the prince within.

The unkempt men from the left and right ships quickly made their way aboard. The pirates and the invaders fought fiercely. Bullets shot through the air like rain and the gun's fire like thunder. Swords clashing so hard they made sparks like lightning.

Both sides had massive injuries, however the invaders not only overpowered them with numbers, but skill as well. The invaders took them captive as they fell and bound them down below. After the fighters were all locked away, they thoroughly searched the ship and took the remaining people captive as well.

After the pirates, nobles and sailors were securely bound, two men walked in. One was obviously the one in charge, with a suit matching the standards of the Royals. His hair was short and black, his eyes an icy blue. The other had short brown hair with piercing hazel eyes. Both were fit and clearly capable of causing more harm than they had already done.

The blue eyed man knelt down in front of Patrick.

"Looks like the king was right, the pirates were useless after all."

"Of course you work for him." Patrick could tell as soon as he saw the men he could imagine who they had worked for. "Why did I expect anything else?"

"Good question. Another good question is how we should kill you and all your little friends."

"Don't you dare hurt any of them!" Patrick yelled. The man backhanded Patrick.

"I'm not your petty pirate boyfriend. I will kill you and really hurt them." The man stood up. "Take the girls to the cabins. I'm sure the guys are itching to have some fun."

Patrick pulled against the chains, trying to get them loose.

"Not gonna work," The man chided as he left "Your highness."

The other man followed as he gave directions to their men by the door.

"Damn it! Ugh!" Patrick pulled on the chains again.

Jeremy pulled on the chains. "Sarah..."

Sam coughed as he laid on the cold ground, only one arm chained to the wall.

"Sam, can you hear me?" Castiel asked from besides him.

"C... Cas..." He coughed out.

Castiel frowned and leaned back against the wall.

"Why do we keep getting stuck in these situations?"

"At least we didn't have to strip." Taylor pointed out.

"Is anyone seriously hurt?" Dean asked.

"Pete hasn't woken up yet." Jon said.

"I'm pretty sure my arm is broken..." William frowned.

Jordan spit some blood from his mouth before speaking.

"We're all going to die. I lived a good life. I've loved, I've had fun."

"Just when I was healing up too. This officially sucks." Taylor sighed.

Eddy tried to open his eyes a little, but the pain was too severe and he closed them quickly.

"Eddy?" Ryan asked, looking over.

"...Hmm?" Eddy hesitated.

"You alright?"

"I can't see... More than usual..."

"Just keep them closed for now." Brendon told him. Ryan looked over at Patrick who was taking deep breaths.

These guys aren't like Pete... Patrick thought. We're gonna die... All of these people are going to die because of me...

"Patrick." Ryan said, bringing Patrick out of his thoughts.

"I'm alright..." He lied.

Kellin closed his eyes and groaned in irritation.

"Will someone please shut that cry baby up?"

Christopher started to cry more than he had already been doing and coughed between his sobs.

"Chris, it's ok. I'm sorry I said such scary things. We're going to be ok."

They reached their hands out as far as they could, and held hands. Patrick looked over to Pete.

"Petey... Petey wake up." He pleaded.

Dean, who was closer to Pete felt for a pulse and frowned.

"Is... Is he ok?" Patrick asked with a shaky voice.

"I don't know... I can't feel anything." Dean admitted.

"Try again... Jon you try."

Jon, who was on the other side of Pete felt for a pulse.

"It's there.. But just barely.. The beats are too far apart. He needs help soon."

Patrick pulled at his chains again.

"We're too far from Fenia... Unless they let Castiel help..."

"He's not bleeding, whatever is happening to him is happening on the inside."

"The girls... Pete... Everyone... This is my fault... I never stood a chance... I thought... I thought I did... But I was wrong. Now this..."

"Stop it Patrick." Ryan said. "What if Pete can hear you? How do you think hearing you talk like that would make him feel?"

"I..." Patrick looked down.

"This isn't over yet." Ryan said taking his hand. When Patrick stayed silent he added "Don't give up."


Ryan squeezed his hand. Patrick took a deep breath.

"We need a plan..."

"Hang on..." Gabe said wiggling. "Almost..." His hands got free of the bounds. "Oh shit that hurt."

"How..?" Tyler asked.

"Heh, double jointed." Gabe explained wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

"So not the time." Travie scolded.

"Sorry." Gabe kissed him then got his hands free.

"When they come in next time, we'll jump them. Some of us get to the girls and the others work on taking over the ship. There's a lot of us and most of us are well trained in fighting. We can do this." Brendon said. Gabe and Travie started getting everyone free.

Gabe laid Pete on Jon's lap. Dean rubbed his wrists when Travie got him free and went over to Castiel. 

"Check their injuries." He said untying him then going to Sam's side.

Castiel went around to everyone and checked their injuries. He made a mental list of everything he would need. He occasionally glanced over at Sam and Dean. When he got to Pete he checked very carefully. There was a large bruise on his chest.

"I think he has some internal bleeding."

Dean sat Sam up and Sam cried out in pain.

"Shit, I'm sorry Sammy." Dean checked him being careful not to move him too much.

Sam had several cuts and bruises on his body. The bruises over his ribs were especially bad. Dean stroked Sam's hair.


"Yes?" He asked as he went over.

"Can you do anything for him?"

Castiel checked Dean's pockets and pulled out some herbs, he internally debated over which ones to use and put the unneeded ones back.

"I will have to mash these.. But I do not have anything to do it..."

Dean sighed.

"I have a pocket watch.. Would that help?" Mikey offered.

"Yes, that should work."

Mikey gave Castiel the watch and Castiel got to work. Gabe got to Patrick and frowned.

"Guess they wanted to make sure you didn't get away..." Gabe said tugging the only pair of chains in their cell.


"Want Pete close?"

"No, I don't want to move him unnecessarily."

"Alright, if you say so."

Patrick nodded.

"Just get the girls and the ship."

"Don't worry Prince, we will." Josh reassured him.

Jon stroked Pete's hair.

"Come on Pete. You're stronger than this. You can pull through."

"...Trick..." Pete called out in his unconsciousness.

"I'm here Petey."

"You did a good job Pete. You don't have to worry, we'll keep him safe." Jon lulled him.

Ryan untied Eddy and put his hands on his cheeks.

"Thanks..." Eddy said. "Who is this? Are you looking at my eyes? Will they be ok?"

Ryan checked his eyes. His eyelids, and the area around them were bloody. He had cuts from where his glasses had shattered and there were still tiny fragments left behind.

"It's me." Ryan kissed his forehead. "It's... I can't really tell..."

Eddy took Ryan's hands, his own trembling.

"Ryan... I can't open my eyes..."

"Eddy... Castiel is taking care of Sam... When he's done I'll have him help you ok?"

"O... Ok"

Ryan held him close and Eddy started to tear. His tears mixing with the blood down his face.

"Eddy, shh, don't cry." Ryan stroked his hair. "Please..."

"Tri..." Pete called out again. Jon sighed.

"Castiel, is it safe to move him?"


Jon and Travie carefully moved Pete so he was next to Patrick.

"Maybe he'll relax a bit this way..." Jon said moving some of Pete's bangs from his face.

"Petey..." Patrick frowned. Pete started to shake and sweat. "I'm sorry Pete..."

"This isn't your fault Patrick." Jon said going over to the others to plan.

"Yeah..." Patrick looked down. Pete coughed and out with it came some blood. "Pete!"

"Fuck!" Jon ran back over and wiped the blood away.

Pete coughed up more blood, then stopped moving.

"P... Pete... Pete?" Patrick started to tear.

Jon felt his pulse.


"I cannot heal everyone at once! I do not have any medical things" Castiel huffed under the pressure.

"Damn it..." Jon wiped the rest of the blood and whispered. "I can't feel anything..."

"Why isn't he moving?" Patrick asked trembling. "Pete wake up!"

They all looked over to the distraught prince.

"Wake up damn it! You can't leave me! I love you, please, I love you so much" He cried.

"Patrick..." William said putting his hand on his prince's arm.

"No!" Patrick tugged on the chains. "Pete you wake up right now! You can't just steal my heart then leave!"

Christofer crawled over from where he sat and shook Pete.

"Wake up. Wake up."

"Chris stop." Jon said moving him away. The jolt made the crystal fall out of Pete's pocket.

"What is that?" Patrick asked.

"I don't know." Jon said holding Christofer back.

Castiel finished up with Sam and went over to them. He picked up the crystal and sighed in relief. He then put the crystal in Pete's hand and closed it. Slowly all of his wounds began to heal.

"What's happening?" Jon asked.

"He is being healed." Castiel explained.

"Thank god. I don't suppose that thing works more than once."

"It only works for him."

"Right." Jon ripped the sleeve of his shirt off and then ripped it into strips. He tied one around a cut on Christofer's leg.


"You're fine Chris."

Castiel began helping the others the best he could and Kellin started to work on unlocking the door.

"Hurry with the door Kellin." Tyler rushed.

"I'm trying."

Castiel made his way over to Ryan and Eddy and looked at Eddy's eyes with a frown. Ryan held up a finger to his lips and Castiel nodded.

A scream from another room filled their ears abruptly.

"Penny!" Brendon shouted, knowing it was her voice immediately. Kellin worked harder on the door and finally got it to open.

"I got it."

"Hurry" Castiel uttered.

Brendon ran out and searched for the girls staying hidden.

"Shit." Travie said as he ran after him with Josh and Tyler.

In one of the rooms Penny laid pinned to the bed by one guy as the other three touched her soft skin. Penny kicked and tried to get free, but her small figure was no match for the mass of weight the guy trapped her with. She cried as their hands violated her body.

Brendon burst through the door. "Penny!" He shouted as he pulled the guys away.

"Where the hell did you come from?!" One of them shouted.

"Nighty night." Tyler said knocking him out. Josh tackled one of the others and bashed his head into the floor. Travie grabbed the last two and banged their heads together.

Brendon pulled Penny into his arms and she held onto his shirt. Her whole body shook as she cried.

"B... Brendon... It... It was terrible..."

He kissed her head.

"I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner."

"The... the others... They... They're in the other rooms.. With other creepy men..."

He rubbed her back.

"We got it, Tie these guys up." Travie said going to another room.

"No!" Hayley shouted as she kicked and did her best not to get onto the bed. "Let me go! Jon! Travie! Gabe! So... Someone!"

"Chill out toots." A plucky guy said putting a cloth in her mouth

"Oh hell no." Travie said, his super brother instincts kicking into overdrive. He kicked the door and it flew open. Two guys came at him. He dodged the punched then kneed one in the stomach and tossed him back to Tyler and Josh, then fought the other guy. After beating him unconscious, he went to Hayley. She took the cloth out of her mouth and clung to him.

"Hey, you're ok. We've got to get the others. Go next door and help Brendon." Travie gently instructed.

"I... Ok..."

"He'll bring you to Jon."

"Where is he?"

"Still in the cage with everyone else."

Hayley ran straight to the cage. The boys gathered the other girls and tied up any creeps they came across. Sarah had fainted, so Travie carried her back. When they got there, he placed Sarah besides Jeremy. "Jeremy, I think this is yours."


"She just fainted while we were fighting." Tyler explained.

"Little too much excitement for her I think." Travie said.

"We tied up a lot of them." Josh pointed out.

"One of us should stay to guard those that are too injured to fight. The rest should try to take over the ship." William suggested.

"I'll stay Billy." Ryan offered.

"We stored their weapons in a room nearby. We'll get them and figure out what to do from there." Tavie said.

Jon kissed Hayley's forehead.

"Stay safe."

"You too..."

Brendon stood up.

"Let's go. Mikey stay here and help Ryan protect everyone.

"Oh. Ok Brendon."

"One of you come tell us is the captain wakes up."

"… Be careful..." Penny whispered.

"I will." Brendon promised, stroking her cheek. She flinched at his touch and he knelt down in front of her. "No one will ever hurt you again Penny. I swear."

Penny smiled a bit. "I believe you."

He kissed her head and left with the others to take over the ship.

"I hope this goes well..." Ryan said rubbing Eddy's arm.

"… I don't care how it ends."

"Eddy..." Ryan kissed his forehead and Eddy moved the opposite way, hugging himself tightly. "Eddy sweetie..." Ryan frowned.

"No, Not til I can see."

Ryan gently placed a hand on his shoulder.


"No, no Ryan." He shook his head.

"Your eyes..."

"They're ruined... I... I'm not going to ever see again... Is that what you're going to say?" Ryan stayed quiet and Eddy continued. "I'll never see your face... Or the stars again..."

Ryan took his hand and kissed it.

"We'll find a way love."

"There is no way." Eddy pulled Ryan's hand close so he can hug him as he cried. Ryan hugged him tight and stroked his hair.

"De..." Sam coughed.

"He will be back Sam." Castiel promised as he held Sam protectively but carefully.

Jeremy held Sarah as she stirred.

"Please wake up..."

"I hope everyone will be ok." Mikey said looking at the door nervously.

"They will... We have to believe in them." Jeremy said.

Mikey nodded and walked over to Patrick kneeling down. He looked at the locks then tried to pick them.

"...Get the keys." Patrick said watching Pete sleep.

"Oh! Ok, I'll be back soon." Mikey stood up and ran out to find the keys. Patrick shook his head.

"Home..." Christofer said playing with the coronet.

"Soon." Jordan promised emptily. Christofer put the coronet back on and crawled over to Patrick. He looked down.


"You don't have to apologize." Patrick told him. Christofer hugged him. Patrick kissed his head. "It's ok Chris."

Christofer sniffled.

"As soon as I get free, I'll help the others. And we'll get to Fenia and Jordan can show you all the great places."

Christofer looked at Pete.

"And Pete will wake up." Patrick added.

Christofer nodded. Mikey came back with a ring of keys and knelt down trying to find the right one.

"I'll need a sword once I'm free."

"You can take this one. I'll find another." Mikey said getting Patrick's hands free. Once he did he went to Sam to get the chain off his arm. Patrick gently moved Pete to Christofer's lap.

"You watch him, ok?"

Christofer nodded as Patrick stood up. Patrick stretched then looked at Mikey.

"Sword please."

Mikey held out the sword by the blade, and Patrick took it by the hilt.

"Be careful Patrick" Ryan said.

"I will. You all be safe while I'm out." Patrick ran out and cut down any invaders that came in his path with ease. All he thought about was keeping Pete safe, keeping his friends safe, and getting rid of anyone in his way. He'd always had the training for simple fights, but his morals had prevented him from using violence. However after this endeavor, there was more fire in his fight and he wasn't going to hold back.

Back in the cells Pete had started to open his eyes.

"Tri... Trick."

Christofer waved.

"Where's Trick?"

"He went to fight. Everything is fine, we're winning this time. Don't move yet." Mikey explained.

"I couldn't protect him." Pete sighed.

"You almost died protecting him."

Patrick searched the ship until he found where the others had reached.

"Patrick!" William shouted to catch his attention. Patrick went over to his guard.

"What's the status?"

"We've subdued most of them. The pirates have thrown a few off the ship."

"I see. Find the Captain's quarters. I have some unfinished business with him."

William nodded and the two started to search for it. Once William found the door to the room he tapped Patrick, then pointed to the room. Patrick walked over and with all his power, and anger, and frustration kicked open the door wide open.

Chapter Text

 The blue eyed Captain sat with his feet up on his desk, a glass of what seemed to be wine in hand. He was un-phased by the sudden burst into his cabin. On the bed, sat the younger hazel eyed man.

"Hello your highness." The captain said.

" It's over, you lose." Patrick said walking into the cabin. Both of the men stayed where they were, no tension, just relation. It made Patrick uneasy that they seemed so easy to defeat now when they were a force to reckoned with before.

"You are very quick to jump to conclusions, aren't you?" The captain asked, casually drinking his wine. "Your father wants me to bring you right to him. The rest of them are just extra weight. If you want, they can all go free. But you must stay with us. I'll bring you to the king and well, whatever happens then is not my problem."

"I'm not going to deal with you."

"Well it's either that we all die. There is poison just itching to get released. I'm sure everyone would be glad to die without knowing what was happening to them."

Patrick made a face. This man clearly had nothing to lose. For once, his father hired someone competent. This man was going to bring him to his father, or die with them all. He took a quick glance to the younger man who looked just as read to die with the mission as his captain.

"There is a back way out. The three of us will take the small boat out and the ship will most likely be taken over by your friends. Or I can release the poison and we can all see if there truly is life after death." The captain explained.

He could be bluffing, but he didn't seem the type to give empty threats. Patrick looked around the room. There was a lever that lead to the vents, it was not a bluff. Patrick kicked the door closed with his foot.

"Fine. We go right to my father right?"

"Indeed." The captain answered finishing his glass and standing up.

"Let's go then." Patrick dropped the sword.

"Stefan, chains."

"Yes Captain Damon." Stefan said getting up and going over to Patrick. He chained his hands together before leading Patrick through the secret back exit. Captain Damon followed grabbing his wine bottle as he passed. Patrick got into the small boat with Captain Damon and they sat down on opposite ends. Stefan got in and lowered the boat into the water. He cut the ropes then opened the sail.

Patrick closed his eyes. Pete, please wake up and take care of everyone for a while. He prayed to himself.

As though connected, Pete suddenly sat up.


Christofer looked at Pete surprised. Pete got up weakly and started to search the ship. He used the walls for support. He was quickly joined by Andy.

"Pete, you shouldn't be up."

"Find Patrick. Now."

"He was with William last time I saw him." Andy explained.

"I need to see him. I have to make sure he's ok..."

Andy picked Pete up and looked around the ship for William. When they came across him, he was fighting a few guys. But there was no Patrick in sight.

"I see William... But no Patrick."

"Put me down and find him." Pete ordered.

"Captain..." Andy sighed and went to a safe place before putting Pete down on a crate. He took a gun from his pocket and made sure it was loaded before giving it to Pete. Then he went to look for Patrick.

Pete leaned back against the wall and looked around. It was a small storage room. The walls were pretty thin, because he could hear everything around the room.

Patrick... Patrick where are you... I don't like this feeling. He thought.

After what felt like an eternity, the fighting came to an end ans Andy returned to Pete in the storage room.


"Where is he?" Pete asked sitting up anxiously.

"I don't think he's on the ship..."

"What?!" Pete got up and left the room. One by one, he checked the rooms calling out for Patrick. Andy followed him frowning. He didn't want his recovering captain to be alone, in case he hurt himself. They checked every room on the ship and Pete had had enough. He punched the wall.

"Fuck!" He cursed falling to his knees, unable to keep himself up anymore.

"They must have taken him to Fenia in a small boat..."

"God damn it." Pete took a sharp breath and got up walking onto the deck. "Brendon!"

"Yes sir?" Brendon asked from the door to below deck.

"Get us to Fenia, now."

Brendon quickly ran to the wheel and turned the ship, that in the mess of fighting started heading toward Arvendon, towards Fenia's ports.

Patrick hold on, I'm coming.


Chapter Text

  The ride to Fenia was uncomfortable in more than one way for Patrick. If his friends headed directly to Fenia, they could probably make it a few minutes after himself. The whole ordeal was handled by Stefan. He was the one to tie the boat, get them out of the boat and tug Patrick from the dock territory to the Castle.

Fenia looked worse than when he had left and the sight of his deprived citizens and desperate guards made Patrick's stomach cringe. Fenia was once a beautiful country with lush lands and joyous citizens. Now everything and everyone just seemed, drained.

The castle as the only thing that looked as pristine as when it was built. The guards opened the gates hesitantly. The three walked inside and to the throne room.

"How does it feel to be back home? There has been a lot of changes since you left." Captain Damon sneered as he pushed Patrick into the throne room. He handed Stefan his wine bottle and went inside as Stefan waited outside. Captain Damon stood behind Patrick and slipped something into his pocket before he pushed Patrick down in front of the throne. Patrick winced and sat up as his father stood from his place atop of his throne, and walked down to him.

"Welcome home son. I was beginning to think you wouldn't show up." King David said looking down at his haggard son. Patrick was pretty sure he looked nothing like a Prince by then. Captain Damon took his leave, undoubtedly to collect his payment.

"You'd have liked that, wouldn't you?"

"Yes," King David laughed. "I couldn't have had to kill you myself. But it seems the sea filth chickened out."

"Don't call him that!" Patrick shouted.

"Oh, what's this? You've become close to him? Anything to get free huh boy?"

"Bite me."

"That's just rude and unsanitary." The king walked to his weapon cabinet and took out his sword. "You ere a pretty good son. But you have to go now." He swung down with the sword and Patrick used his chains to catch the blade, just above his head. His father hadn't fought in a while, and Patrick used the momentum to toss the sword aside.

"Damn brat." He muttered as he went to grab it. Patrick stuck his leg out to trip him, and his father fell flat onto his stomach. He quickly turned onto his back and Patrick was on him almost instantly. Patrick held the chains against his father's neck, blind rage consuming him.

"You put Fenia in so much trouble, you became evil after mom died! You're blinded by greed and you're selfish beyond compare!"

King David put his hands under the chains trying to push them off and breath.

"I've suffered so much because of you!" Patrick put more force down on the chains. "Why couldn't you stay good!"

King David gasped as he fought against the weight of his son.

"You're going to die, you're going to suffer until you do!"

"Patrick." A familiar voice gently said, as the owner put his hand on Patrick's shoulder.

"...P... Pete..." Patrick got up quickly and held Pete's shirt. "You're ok."

"I'm fine, are you hurt?" Pete asked placing his hand on Patrick's cheek.

"No, I'm ok."

King David coughed as he tried to catch his breath. Ryan came into the room, gun in hand, and pointing at King David.

"Move and you're dead."

"It's the brat and sea filth to the rescue." King David chuckled out of breath. "Who better fit to save the damsel."

Ryan stepped on the king's hand and Patrick yelled.

"Stop it Ryan!"

Ryan looked at him and moved his foot. Patrick took the chain key out of his pocket and unchained himself. Patrick then chained his father.

"Only I can hurt him."

"Kay." Ryan said.

Patrick pulled his father up.

"You're going to the dungeon and never coming out again. And this," He took the crown off his father's head. "This is mine."

"You win for now Patrick. But this isn't over. Not in the least."

"Guards take him to the dungeon!"

Two guards came into the throne room and dragged David out. Patrick took a deep breath.

"It's done." Ryan dropped the gun and hugged Patrick.

"Finally... It's finally over." Patrick smiled.

"Yeah." Ryan let him go.

"The others took shelter in the Bay of Whispers. I'll send for them." Pete told him.

Patrick nodded.

"I need to prepare for my coronation."

Ryan patted their heads.

"I'll send the message." He said hurrying out.

Pete pulled Patrick close and kissed him.

"I'm glad that you're safe. I was worried about you."

"I'm glad you're safe too."

"Ready to be king?" Pete asked with a sad smile.

"I have to be." Patrick kissed him. "I want you here with me.."

"I'm not a strong man... I can't stand by and watch you marry another..."

Patrick closed his eyes.

"I'm not going to marry anyone. By now I'm sure the council will appoint me wife or no."

"Good, cuz you're mine."

"All yours Petey. How are you feeling?"

"A lot better now that I am with you once again."

Patrick blushed.

"Good. I can show you around."

Patrick stepped back and took his hand. Pete kissed his hand and followed as Patrick took him around the castle, telling him about everything he thought was important. When the tour was over, they were in Patrick's room.

"And this is my room."

"How scandalous" Pete teased. "Bringing men into your room."

"It's fine, if I was a woman it would be bad."

Pete wrapped his arms around Patrick's waist and nuzzled his neck.

"If you were a woman my intentions would be nothing but honorable. But since you are not all I can think about is all the was I want to ravish you."

"Mm, I like when you ravish me."

Pete slid a hand under Patrick's shirt.

"Petey..." Patrick breathed heavily.

"Do we have enough time?"

"I have to... To talk to the council... And start the process... Only 30 minutes or s..."

"We'll make it quick."

Pete kicked the door closed.


After a short trip to the Bay the others arrived at the castle. Ryan held Eddy close and everyone came inside. Brendon fidgeted every time a guard passed. Christofer held onto Jordan's sleeve as he looked at everything.

"Come on, I'll show you my room Chris." Jordan suggested. Christofer blushed then nodded and the two left the group.

"Anyone who's injured come with me. William how is your arm?" Ryan asked picking Eddy up.

"I'll be fine." William said.

"Ok everyone else stay with Bill for now so you don't get lost."

"You need help getting there Jeremy?" Dean asked looking over at him.

"Yes, yes I do."

Dean put Jeremy's arm around his shoulder then followed Ryan to the infirmary. Taylor and Castiel followed, Castiel made sure to be careful as he carried Sam.

The infirmary was large with several beds. Ryan set Eddy down on one of the beds.

"Make them comfortable Castiel, I'll go find the healers." He kissed Eddy's forehead. "I'll be right back."

Eddy stayed quiet and Ryan frowned then went to get the healers. Castiel laid Sam on the bed carefully.

Patrick yawned as he laid atop of Pete.


"We can't sleep yet love."


"I know."

"Petey..." Patrick sat up and looked down at Pete.


"I don't want you to leave..."

"It's not forever." Pete propped himself up on his elbows. "We're based in Arvendon, just on the other side of the border. Send word and I'll be here."

Patrick frowned.

"Hey..." Pete kissed him lightly. "Seeing you sad breaks my heart."

"Sorry Pete... I just... After all this... It makes me sad to think I'll be away from you."

"Me too..." Pete sat up all the way and put his arms around Patrick's waist. "Patrick."

"Yes?" Patrick answered looking into his eyes.

"No matter how far apart we are, no matter how long I will always return to you. You have my heart."

Patrick blushed.

"You have my heart too."

Pete held him close and whispered in his ear.

"I am yours."

Patrick shivered and hugged him.

"Will you be an ambassador?"

Pete moved back and looked at him.


"If you're an ambassador, you can live here and come and go as you please."

"An ambassador for what?"

"Uh... hmm..."

"I hold no ties to any country. I am nothing but a street rat."

"Then maybe you can be my adviser. You don't need to have ties with anyone but me."

Pete nuzzled his neck.

"Mmm, what do you think?

"I need to think abut it... discuss it with the others. With Brendon and Eddy leaving I would have to choose a new Captain..."

Patrick nodded.

"That's fair. I'm going to take a bath and go talk to the council." Patrick kissed him and got up going to clean up. Pete watched as he went to the private bathroom.

Can I leave it all behind for him? He got up and went to Patrick, wrapping his arms around him from behind.

"Well hello there."

"I need a bath too."

"We can take one together."

"Sounds good."

"Good." Patrick smiled.

They took a shower together then Patrick got dried and dressed when they finished. He brought a towel and some clothes to change.

"There, we're all clean."

"I can't remember the last time I took a proper bath." Pete chuckled.

"That's not a very attractive thing to say."

"It's not practical when you're on a ship. No one wants to bathe in salt water and the fresh water is saved fr drinking."

"I know, I know."

Pete dried off.

"These clothes should fit you."

Pete got dressed and the two of them walked out into the bedroom.

"You can roam around while I go meet the council."

"I'm sure Ryan's gotten the others here by now. I'll go check on them."

"Alright." Patrick kissed him. "See you later." He said before leaving. Pete watched him then headed out to find Ryan. He walked into the infirmary.

"How's everyone doing?"

"We're alive at least." Taylor said.

"Better than nothing." Pete walked over to Eddy. "Hey Eddy." He placed a hand on his shoulder.


Pete moved the sides of his lips so that Eddy was smiling.

"That's better."

Eddy put his hands on Pete's.

"...Stop it..."

Pete sighed and hugged him. Ryan came back a little later with the healers who got right to work.

"Ryan's back and the healer is going to look at your eyes." Pete said moving out of they way.

The healer began to take the glass out as carefully as he could. Eddy winced and started to tear.

"Eddy..." Ryan moved closer and put his arms around his waist. Eddy put his hand on Ry's arm and slide his hand to find his hand. He held it and squeezed as the healer started to take out the deeper pieces. Eddy cried out pain. "Shh, it's going to be ok." Ryan kissed his shoulder. "I won't let you go."

"It hurts... so much.." Eddy screamed again, and Ryan hugged him tighter.

"I'm almost done. There just one more piece." The healer said after taking out several in a row.

"No more... Please... It hurts..." Eddy pleaded. Ryan kissed his neck.

"Just focus on me honey. It will be over soon."

Eddy's whole body trembled, and he held Ryan's hand tightly. Ryan rubbed his stomach and whispered in his ear.

"Don't think about anything but me."


"I can't wait