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Sweet, beautiful chocolate. It was like he was under a shower of chocolate, it’s all he could smell and it was bliss. He never wanted the dream to end but alas, his pillow was fidgeting.


            Pillows don’t fidget.

Dazai slowly woke up, piecing the night before together – the ADA and Port Mafia had their annual night out and in true style Chuuya had drank too much too quick, and as Dazai’s house was closer, they’d ended up crashing there. As Chuuya had claimed his bed (and not the settee or any of Dazai’s spare rooms) Dazai had planned on sleeping on the floor, just to make sure Chuuya was alright through the night. The alpha, still drunk, had decided he wanted a teddy bear to cwtch and had grabbed Dazai and pulled him into bed before he knew what was happening. Even with his ability nullified Dazai was no match for Chuuya’s strength, so he decided to just go with it.

            “Dazai get off!” Chuuya grumbled,

            “Oi! I wasn’t the one who dragged me in to bed” Dazai grumbled back as he got up, the chocolate scent of his dream was still lingering.

            “Why am I just in my underwear, where’s all my clothes? We didn’t do anything did we?” Chuuya asked, fear in his voice.

Dazai laughed, “Chibi, you know that doesn’t interest me, alas I was just a cuddly toy for a very touchy feely, drunk, alpha. As for your clothes, you stripped them off all the way up my drive, claiming it was too hot.”

            “I’m not touchy feely. Urgh my head hurts.”

            “There’s painkillers in the bathroom, have a shower when you’re in there.”

            “I’m not wearing your giant clothes again.”

            “I have a spare outfit for you from last time we went out drinking. Chibi really needs to stop crashing at my place. Now, get out of my bed and if you stop whining when you get out of the shower, I’ll make us breakfast”

            “Fiiiinne” Chuuya finally got out of Dazai’s bed, grumbling to himself as he made his way to the bathroom. The shower perked him up, and he came downstairs to find Dazai already making breakfast, a cup of coffee on the table waiting for him. Chuuya smiled, he always tried to crash at Dazai’s when he’d drunk too much as he knew the omega’s caretaking instincts would kick in and make his hangover filled day far more bearable.

            “You’ve got to stop drinking so much Chuuya.” Dazai greeted him, “nights out would be more fun if you actually stayed past 11pm”

            “It’s not my fault all you detectives have ridiculous tolerances,”

            “So Kouyou and Kajii are what? Not part of the Mafia to?” Dazai teased.

            “Akutagawa’s worse than me!”

            “Yeah, so he drinks mocktails, you could learn something from that…” Dazai replied, placing a plate of chocolate-chip pancakes and fresh strawberries in front of Chuuya, sitting opposite him with his own plate.

            “Thanks, this looks amazing those strawberries smell delicious to, where did you get them?”  

            “Huh? Oh I…” Dazai trailed off, blushing.

            “There’s just a really strong strawberry scent, I assumed it was the fruit but…” Chuuya trailed off, eating his pancakes instead. They finished their breakfast in silence.

            “So what movie are we going to watch today?” Chuuya asked, taking his plate to the sink and starting on the dishes.

            “Errr you need to go home Chuuya.” Dazai replied, placing his plate in the washing up bowl and grabbing a towel to start drying what was already washed.

            “But we always watch a movie on hangover days, I thought you liked it?”

            “Chibi… the strawberry scent is me, my heat’s coming a bit early this month.”

            “Oh shit, sorry, that’s not because I dragged you in to bed was it?”

            “I don’t think so, scents have never really interested me, so it’s never been a problem. Yosano is fascinated by it, although she reckons if I have a mate out there, then they will interest me, but I doubt that’s going to happen.” He laughed.

            “I’ve always meant to ask and you don’t have to answer but…with your sexuality how do you get around the sex-crazedness of a heat? Like I’ve drugged myself to sleep on occasion to get through a rut because I just can’t take that mindset. I mean, I like sex, I’ve whiled away many a fun weekend with a partner but I don’t know, something about being forced into it by my own instincts I’ve always hated it.”

            “You’re doing it wrong.”

            “What? It’s a plate, how else can I be washing it?”

            “I meant your rut,” Dazai laughed, “I was like you once, hating giving up such control, but now it’s just a time for self-care, to love my body and all it does.”

            “Dazai, you’ve spent most of the time I’ve known you trying to kill yourself and now you’re preaching self love?”

            “Growing up hits us all in different way’s Chibi. But take my heats, when you finally leave, I’m going to run a bath, face-mask, deep condition, shower it off then exfoliate, give my nails a little trim when I’m out. The sheets have already been changed so I don’t have to do that, but I’ll make up my nest, take my time applying body lotion. Then it begins, I’ve got a nice selection of toys, then I just let my mind go and follow the pleasure it wants. I come back around the next day, sated and relaxed. You should try it sometime, it’s truly helped me and I’m sorry but can you leave? All I can smell is chocolate and it’s freaking me out.” Dazai’s face was getting red and his eyes unfocused as his heat started taking over.

            “I uhh sure, thanks for the breakfast and sorry for the uhh scent?” Chuuya replied, leaving through the backdoor, knowing the quicker he left the better it would be for Dazai.



They saw each other in passing, but it was a month before Dazai and Chuuya were able to sit down and talk to each other. Chuuya had suggested they go out for a meal, his treat for always crashing at Dazai’s whenever they went out drinking.

It was a fancy place, so they had both dressed up for the occasion, as the waitress seated them Dazai couldn’t help but notice how pretty Chuuya looked. His hair was loose and shining, and his clothes were pretty. Dazai could’ve sworn Chuuya had never looked pretty before, and he’d seen him dressed up for the fanciest of events, so why was today’s look catching his interest so much? The chocolate scent that seemed to be clinging to Chuuya was strong, Dazai didn’t know what perfume Chuuya had started but it made him feel odd. Dazai shook his head and focused instead on the menu, being a polite guest, he ordered the third most expensive item on the menu, to Chuuya’s surprise, he’d expected Dazai to really make him pay.  The waitress left and they were finally alone.

            “So, I tried what you suggested…” Chuuya trailed off

            “I suggested?” Dazai asked confused

             “I had a rut the other week, and I did what you said, pampered myself and just let my body get the pleasure it wanted and it was…nice. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a rut that much, even when I’ve spent it with a partner.”

            “I’m glad I could help.” Dazai smiled.

The evening passed too quickly and both of them were disappointed that they had to go home. Dazai went to sleep dreaming of Chuuya’s chocolatey scent, he’d had such an enjoyable evening he didn’t even question why the Alpha’s scent was on his mind.


            After that evening Dazai’s view of Chuuya was starting to change, he was beginning to look for him at Port Mafia meetings, relaxing when Chuuya and his chocolatey scent appeared. He couldn’t help but notice how pretty Chuuya was looking, his hair shining no matter how he styled it. It was enough for Yosano to notice and after three weeks of it, she cornered Dazai in the café during their lunch break, having waited for him to finish his meal.

            “Have you been feeling alright?” she asked

            “Yes, why?”

            “I’ve noticed you perking up when a certain alpha is in the room, there’s a huge smile on your face and when his scent hits us, you relax.

            “I do not.”

            “Dazai, you’re the only unmated omega amongst both the Agency and Mafia staff, every Alpha in that room can sense what you’re doing.”

Dazai blushed as he spoke, “He looks pretty and smells like chocolate.” Dazai paused, “I feel safe around his scent.”

            “Have you felt that about him before?”

            “Never, Chuuya and I are friends and nothing else. I don’t look at people and think like that Yosano, its creeping me out a bit…”

Yosano laughed, “Is it just Chuuya you think of like that?”

Dazai nodded,

            “I think you may be demisexual then, you’ve known him what, ten? years. Plenty of time for that emotional connection to form and you’ve both grown up enough to know what you want and work to something that works for both of you.”

            “But I don’t… I mean I thought…” Dazai sighed, struggling to find the right words, “I just assumed I’d be alone, and I’m happy about that. The thought of sharing my heat with someone is urgh no.” Dazai shook his head at the thought.

            “Chuuya lights up when he sees you.”

            “He’s just naturally friendly”

            “Dazai, do you remember our last night out?”

            “Yeah, Chibi got drunk, took over my bed, dragged me in to cwtch me like some sort of giant teddy bear – that was his actual logic by the way. Then my heat kicked in a few days early and I kicked Chuuya out, cos all I could smell was….oh…him.”

            “He came to me after you kicked him out, grumbling about the strawberry scented omega who’d just ruined his recover from a hangover day.” Yosano paused, “He’d never noticed your scent before either…. I think you two are mates.”

Dazai laughed, “Good one Yosano, but keep the jokes for comedy night.” Dazai checked his phone, “Oh, lunch is over, best go back before Kunikida has a meltdown again.”

            “I’m not joking Dazai.” Yosano replied

But Dazai chose to ignore her, making his way out of the café.



Two weeks later and Dazai couldn’t get Yosano’s words or Chuuya out of his mind. So, he’d messaged Chuuya and invited him for dinner, something they usually did once a month, but had fallen to the side the last few months. Dazai was hoping that a return to their routine would help him realise that this new found want for someone else was just a weird dream.

            Chuuya arrived early and helped Dazai to finish making their meal. Dazai couldn’t ignore how content he felt working alongside Chuuya, how his home somehow felt even more like home, with Chuuya’s scent taking over.  They chatted as they cooked – about work, the new tv show and the books they had been ignoring in favour of sleep.

            With the meal and dishes done, they settled on the settee for a movie. Dazai almost cwtching into Chuuya’s side before he realised how strange that move was, he quickly moved to the opposite end.

            “What? Smell, do I?” Chuuya teased.

            “Yes!” Dazai’s reply was snappier than he intended.

            “I’m sorry? You’ve never had a problem before, is everything alright?” Chuuya tried to move away a bit to make Dazai comfortable.

            “I like your scent.” Dazai muttered.

            “Louder Dazai, you know muttering gets you nowhere.”

            “I like your scent!” Dazai practically shouted, blushing, “it smells like chocolate and safety and contentment and home. You look pretty to.”

            “Well yeah I’m gorgeous but I didn’t think you looked at people like that?” Chuuya asked, confused. Mori had created a safe space within his Mafia, and the two boys had always been open about their sexualities.

            “Just you. Yosano thinks I may be more demisexual, than ace, which is why it’s taken me so long to think that way about you.”

            “You’ve spoken to her about it?”

Dazai nodded,

            “Did she tell you we’re probably mates?”

            “I chose to ignore that.”

            “I think she’s right. I mean, the last few months I’ve started noticing your scent and you smell like home to me now. But I know you’re happy alone and I didn’t really know how to approach it if you didn’t feel the same way.”

            “I don’t want to trap you into a relationship where you can’t enjoy the things you like.”

            “I want to try. That morning I woke up in your bed? I was so grouchy because I realised, I wanted to wake up to that every day and it’s probably out of my reach.” Chuuya paused, “We don’t have to have sex, ever, and I don’t need or want to look for it elsewhere, there’s plenty of toys out there and they don’t expect me to call the next day,” Chuuya laughed.  


            “I like the time we spend together. I’m always looking forward to coming here and making dinner with you, and I may make you drag my drunk ass home so I can spend the next day watching movies with you and feeling just a little less lonely.

            In a move neither of them were expecting, Dazai lunged forwarded and placed a chaste kiss on Chuuya’s lips, quickly pulling away.

“I didn’t think you liked kissing? I mean you spent a really, really long time rinsing your mouth out the first time you kissed someone and cursing the idea of someone else’s tongue in your mouth,” Chuuya laughed.

            “It felt like the right moment” Dazai blushed, “I didn’t….I mean… it was nice because it’s you.” Dazai paused, “although you can keep your tongue to yourself” he laughed.

            “We don’t have to spend heats or ruts together, but if you want, we can try dating?”

            “How about we stay as we are, but maybe you come for dinner more often and we have some…sleepovers?”

            “Sure.” Chuuya smiled, “Can I sleepover tonight?”

            “I can’t see why not” Dazai smiled, he got up and grabbed a blanket from the other settee. He cwtched in to Chuuya’s side, lying out so his head was under Chuuya’s, draping the blanket over them.

            “Don’t forget you can always change your mind, just because one night your comfortable I don’t expect it to be the same the next day.” Chuuya told him as they got comfy,

            “It works both ways Chibi, this umm friendship needs to work for you to.”

            “Of course,” Chuuya smiled, kissing Dazai’s forehead.

            “I like this” Dazai smiled, content with his alpha.

            “I like this to.” Chuuya replied, pressing play on the movie they had picked.


It wasn’t the relationship either of them had expected but it worked. After a few years Chuuya’s sleepovers became permanent, they stayed together until the end, never marrying or spending their heat or rut with the other. They were just content with the happiness and love of their friendship.