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It was bittersweet, knowing that their time at UA was coming to a close.

On one hand, it just meant they were getting older, becoming stronger, getting closer and closer to becoming Pro Heroes, but on the other hand they all knew, deep down, they would inevitably go their separate ways, and no one was ready for that yet.

It was their final movie night in the 3-A dorms, as this was their last full weekend at school.  Everyone had attended, even those who typically didn’t.  They had all settled in, watched their selection of movies, and were winding down and finishing off snacks when Denki brought it up first.

“Do you remember the first day?” he asked.  “It was so long ago, but it also feels like just yesterday.”

“That was when Aizawa threatened to kick one of you out if you scored last, right?” Hitoshi asked.  “Thank God he didn’t, I don’t know where I would be if Midoriya wasn’t here sometimes.”

Izuku giggled, “what do you mean by that, Shinsou?”

“If you got kicked out the first day, we wouldn’t have fought at the Sports Festival and I wouldn’t have gotten into this class.”

“We would still be stuck with Mineta too,” Kyouka groaned, making the other girls nod in agreement.

“The Sports Festival our first year was wild, wasn’t it?” Eijirou asked.

“Yeah, man, I still can’t believe Ojiro and so many others dropped out of it,” Hanta said, poking said blond with his foot.

“It didn’t seem fair then.  If I were to go back I probably wouldn’t drop out, but it felt like the right thing to do then.”  Mashirao paused and then grinned, “I mean, you’re one to talk, Mr. Don’t-Worry-About-It.”

“Hey,” Hanta glared playfully, “don’t start with that.  It took forever for people to stop calling me that.”

“I am sorry about that,” Shouto said, “I did go a bit overboard.”

Hanta waved him off, “it’s fine.  Water under the bridge.”

“I mean, Todoroki, you did go overboard with a lot of things in the Sports Festival,” Tooru piped up.

Shouto blushed slightly, looking down, “I wasn’t as in control of my emotions as I thought I was back then.  I apologize.”

“Nah, don’t worry about it,” Izuku said, putting a hand on his friend's shoulder.  “We’ve all grown since then.  Like Sero said, water under the bridge.”

“I’m still mad they wanted to undermine my fight with Bakugou,” Ochako said.  “Like, that’s such bullshit!  I was training to be a hero too, and the stands were full of Pros, why were they against him fighting me how he should?”

“They’re idiots,” Katsuki spoked, “and they were undermining you because your gender.”

“Well, either way, I didn’t really stand much of a chance against you, now did I?” Ochako joked, but Katsuki shook his head.

“No, you would’ve beaten me if you didn’t push yourself so hard you passed out.  You put up a damn good fight, Pink Cheeks, and you’ve only gotten stronger since then.”

Everyone was shocked.  “Oh ho ho, what’s this?” Denki teased.  “Our own angry gremlin giving out compliments?”

“I dunno why you’re so surprised, Bakugou has been a lot less bitey recently,” Kyouka said.

“Oi, watch your damn mouth,” Katsuki grumbled, going back to paying attention to his phone.

“Bakugou, I never did understand why they chained you up at the Awards Ceremony,” Tenya asked.  “You didn’t do anything that I saw to warrant that kind of behavior.”

“I mean, he did chase after Todoroki, and he was hella pissed on the podium when they brought him up,” Mina said.

“You try getting put into a muzzle and police grade handcuffs that aren’t suited for your quirk and put in front of national television and see how happy you feel,” Katsuki growled.  “What they did was bullshit.  That’s why I never competed in another Sports Festival.”

“Yeah, uh, muzzles are no joke, Mina,” Hitoshi added when it was quiet for a moment.  “They got used on me a lot by adults that were scared of my quirk.  I can’t even imagine the handcuffs.”

“But you weren’t just angry, were you?” Izuku asked, his eyes already close to watering, which made Katsuki roll his eyes.

“No, I wasn’t just angry.  I was having a damn panic attack and even All Might couldn’t see that when he took the muzzle off.”

“Panic attack?” almost all of the class called out in shock.

“Yeah,” Katsuki said quietly.  He sighed and started messing with the sleeves on his shirt as he continued.  “When I was in middle school, towards the end of it, I got involved with some villain attack.  Pretty low level villain, it’s whatever, but he was made of slime.  And he grabbed me because he liked my quirk.  And then proceeded to shove as much of his slime shit into my lungs as possible, because it made me panic and my quirk go off, which made me blow up nearly a whole street.”

“Oh my God,” Denki whispered.

“Were there pros to help you?  How did you get out?” Eijirou asked.

“There were pros, of course, but none of them did a damn thing.  They were all more focused on evacuating people and controlling the fire from my explosions than getting the fourteen year old child away from the villain that was suffocating him.  I think I was there for close to twelve minutes, and then Deku came running in, threw his book bag at it, and then All Might punched him into pieces.”

“So,” Ochako started, “All Might was there, he saved you, and he still chained and muzzled you, even though you would’ve definitely had trauma from that?”


“What the fuck!” Mina yelled.  “That’s such bullshit, what the actual fuck.  You went this long not telling anyone?”

“It was so long ago what good would telling anyone have done?”

“You could’ve gotten therapy!  You obviously had some sort of PTSD from it if the Sports Festival triggered you that bad!”

“And then he obviously got PTSD from the Sports Festival since he never competed in it again,” Tooru added sadly.

“What the fuck!” Mina yelled even louder.  “Did you even talk to Aizawa or All Might about it?”

“No.  Aizawa was too out of it by the end of the Sports Festival and what would I say to All Might?  ‘Hey, I know you’re the symbol of peace and everything but did you ever consider you gave a child horrible nightmares that still haven’t stopped to this day?’”

“Yes!  Exactly that!”

Katsuki rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest, “look.  I’m not going to have this conversation with all of you because it happened and it’s over.  There’s nothing that can be done about it now.  Everyone has already made their jokes about it, the media doesn’t mention it much anymore, it’s over.”  The blond stood up and tossed the blanket he was using over to Denki.  “I’m going to bed.”


Katsuki was in his room, about to cut the light off and climb into bed when there was a knock on his door.  He groaned, “Mina, I swear if you’re going to argue with me again–”

“It’s me,” a familiar voice called from the other side of the wood door, which made Katsuki pause.  He walked over to the door, unlocked it, and opened it to see Izuku standing there.

“What do you want?”

“To talk?  About the Slime Villain thing?”

Katsuki groaned, “why can’t you people just leave me alone over it?  I’m fine, it doesn’t bother me anymore!”

“I doubt that, because that thing had me for less than two minutes and I have panic attacks if my damn sheets wrap around me too tight.”

“What?” Katsuki asked, surprised.  “It had you too?”

Izuku nodded, “can I come in?”


Izuku and Katsuki sat on the blond’s bed.  “I’m the reason it got you in the first place,” Izuku mumbled.

“What do you mean?  Unless you controlled the damn thing then I doubt–”

“All Might found it suffocating me, got it contained in these two soda bottles, and went to go take it to the police when I grabbed onto him and made him drop them.  It’s my fault, I was being too much of a fanboy to realize he dropped them, was distracting him so he didn’t realize he dropped them, and it made its way to you.”

Katsuki looked at the green-haired boy sadly.  “De– Izuku.  Even if I would’ve known that when it happened I wouldn’t have blamed you.  It was all a series of bad timing.  I wasn’t supposed to be out there, but those two extras that always trailed behind me kept bothering me to go to the arcade with them.  We were using that alley it found me in as a shortcut, and when they saw it grab me they ran away.  It could’ve grabbed any other person with a quirk it deemed good, but it grabbed me because I was the first one it saw.  That’s not your fault.  It’s the shitty Slime Villain’s fault for being a shit person.”

Izuku gave a wet chuckle, “I guess.  That’s nice to hear, though.  I’ve always beat myself up over how I thought you’d hate me if you found out.”

“Listen, I could hate you for many, many, many other reasons, but that would be a dumb thing to hate you over since, not only was it not your fault, it also went after you .”

Izuku nodded, wiping the tears off his face.

It was silent for a minute before Katsuki spoke up.  “Do you,” he paused, “wanna sleep in here tonight?  Like how we used to when we were kids?”

Izuku looked up, his eyes wide, before his face broke out into a smile and he nodded, “yeah, Kacchan, I’d like that.  Can we watch that new documentary about the history of quirks that came out?”

“Of course, nerd, I’ve been meaning to watch it.”