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“I like this,” Taxian-jun confessed, chin and cheek propped in a palm as he sat on his chair and watched. He had to speak over all the mechanical noises, the pistoning, the vibrating, the humming: “Shizun, I like this a lot.”

Mo Weiyu.” Chu Wanning’s voice was nearly gone, throat shredded from two hours of suppressed screaming. “You animal—”

The dial was copper, and cool under Taxian-jun’s touch. It clinked softly when the gears inside hit their limit, toward the end with the highest speed settings. Machines whirled, and the pistoning picked up.

Chu Wanning arched, as much as he could still bound to the table, jaw wrenched wide open in a soundless shout.

The black length between his legs blurred with heinous speed, and Taxian-jun was fascinated. Four seconds in, as per the design request, tubing inside the length hummed with pressure, and then a slightly opaque liquid came splattering out of Chu Wanning, ejected by the force of the pistoning and at the same time lubricating the passage for continued use.

And what continuity there was. Chu Wanning’s pale thighs, with raw red stripes along the thighs and ankles underneath his bindings, were shaking. They hadn’t been able to stop shaking for an hour now, at least.

Taxian-jun turned the dial back down to the very first notch above “Off.” The machine instantly slowed, dragging itself out, then pushing laboriously back into Chu Wanning at a differently agonizing pace.

The lubricating oil was still leaking, and Chu Wanning released an exhale that sounded just slightly wet.

“Shizun,” Taxian-jun called, getting to his feet and strolling over to where he could get a better look between Chu Wanning’s legs. The imitation cock modeled after his own shape and proportions was made of some kind of odd material with a little give, not wood or anything harder. Taxian-jun reminded himself to get a smaller fake cock, of glass maybe, and see if Chu Wanning would break faster on that. “Are you in pain?”

Chu Wanning refused to answer, but he had to bite his bottom lip to do it. Taxian-jun wished he would sob. Taxian-jun wished he would bleed from that bite. Anything true, to expose the mighty Yuheng Elder really was just flesh and human liquids underneath all that cool.

Taxian-jun inspected between Chu Wanning’s legs again, and turned another dial on the controller he held in his hand.

This time, it was a buzzing sound. The insulated wire wrapped around and around the entire length of Chu Wanning’s cock began to vibrate. Taxian-jun liked this part a lot too, because it had been his idea.


That sounded almost like a sob, as Chu Wanning thrashed in his bindings once more. Taxian-jun turned that dial back and forth, back and forth, until Chu Wanning looked almost like he was dancing to the tune of Taxian-jun’s making.

“It doesn’t hurt, right?” he hummed, rather happy. “It gives you pleasure, right? This thing of Shizun’s making.”

Blood did come, as Chu Wanning bit through the inside of his lip. Taxian-jun’s hand shot out, and grabbed firmly around Chu Wanning’s cock with all the wiring. He let the dial hit its max, and let his fist clench, pressing the vibrations even more firmly along Chu Wanning’s length.

The sound that came out of Chu Wanning was breathless and ugly. It was teary and beautiful. Taxian-jun thumbed at the little metal plug, attached to the wire and pushed into Chu Wanning’s urethra, and felt it vibrate too.

Mo Ran— Mo Ran—

That sounded panicked enough to be begging, and Taxian-jun smiled again, before turning the wire off. Chu Wanning collapsed again, and though he immediately turned his head away he was having a harder time masking his sobs as panting now.

Taxian-jun circled back around to the head of the machine, and crouched down to kiss the tears from Chu Wanning’s cheeks. And when Chu Wanning flinched and tried to get away, Taxian-jun merely fisted his sprawl of hair and kept him in place.

Taxian-jun laved his tongue over the thin skin, the sharp bones. He even worked the tip just under Chu Wanning’s blindfold, where it tasted most strongly of salt. Chu Wanning gritted bloodstained teeth.

“Even if it hurts you,” Taxian-jun murmured, stroking one strong hand up and down the center of Chu Wanning’s chest, helping to steady his breathing. Chu Wanning always felt colder to the touch than Taxian-jun anticipated. “You love it, right? You have to. Because you’re its creator. Everything it does, you taught it to do.”

Poised with only its very tip still inside Chu Wanning, the mechanical cock whirred again, dispensing a thin stream of liquid into the heat. Chu Wanning squirmed, lips thinning with displeasure but brows above the blindfold furrowed in such an expression of panic— Taxian-jun couldn’t help himself. He took Chu Wanning’s mouth with his own, and rolled one of the dials again.

The cock punched into Chu Wanning with a wet, inevitable sound, and Taxian-jun swallowed up his teacher’s scream.

“And all it wants to do is love you back,” Taxian-jun spat in fury, right there against Chu Wanning’s lips, practically gnawing at them now. Chu Wanning bit him. Taxian-jun let him. “All it wants is to give back to you exactly what you gave him.”

Taxian-jun kicked his leg up over the table, and perched on his knees right above Chu Wanning’s chest. He pulled aside his robes and got out his cock.

“Mo Ran,” Chu Wanning hissed, the hum of his voice at the very back of his throat hitting this rhythmic little beat, in time to the mechanical cock fucking him hard. “You have everything you want. Let Xue M—”

Taxian-jun twisted both dials to their max and flung the controller aside. The entire table was shaking beneath him as the machine picked up pace once more, as the wires binding Chu Wanning began to buzz once more. The words Taxian-jun didn’t want to hear halted abruptly in Chu Wanning’s throat, stoppered by the sudden shock to his whole system, the onslaught of unbearable sensation.

“Say it gives you pleasure,” Taxian-jun ordered, one hand coming to wrap around Chu Wanning’s throat. His other hand was wrapped around his own cock. “Say it, and I’ll take the wire off your cock. You must be so sensitive by now huh, Shizun? And I haven’t even let you come once. Say it’s brought you pleasure, and I’ll let you come.”

Chu Wanning’s mouth opened, and snapped shut. Opened. Teeth clacked. Opened.

The machine pummeled him with unrelenting force. Taxian-jun could feel its dull thumps inside Chu Wanning’s body through his hand. Every few seconds, Chu Wanning would squirm, as the machine emptied another load of cool lubricating liquid inside him. There was a whole tank of the stuff, as high as Taxian-jun’s hip, beside the table. Enough to last another four hours easily.

Above it all, Chu Wanning’s cock stood rigid, painful, practically purple. Strapped and plugged up, denied the release it craved.

“Say it.”

Taxian-jun could see the moment Chu Wanning shattered, the shaking give of his sharp, delicate jawline. Taxian-jun released his throat.

“It feels,” Chu Wanning whispered, voice so raw and bare and bitter that it was like a part of the metal machine itself, “good.”

Taxian-jun came across his face and into his mouth.

Then Taxian-jun got off the table, reached down and tugged until first the wires loosened, then the plug could be pulled out of Chu Wanning. Chu Wanning kept trying to twist, hard cock bobbing naked now, until Taxian-jun got a hand on it and pushed it down. Hard against his stomach. At the same time, Chu Wanning was pinned in place for the pistoning cock’s smoothest passage.

Chu Wanning screamed as he came, come shooting all the way up to hit the bottom of his chin, his lips, his cheeks.

With his free hand Taxian-jun caressed that come-splattered cheek, rubbing the liquid into the skin.

Chu Wanning’s trembling was growing violent again, because Taxian-jun hadn’t stopped pushing, and the cock hadn’t stopped fucking. Taxian-jun was smiling, and licking the taste of both their come off his thumb. There was also the earlier salt of Chu Wanning’s tears, the tang of Chu Wanning’s blood in their kiss. All these human liquids.

Let me go.

Taxian-jun didn’t know if Chu Wanning truly mouthed those words, lips overheated and dirtied with spend, or if it was just wishful thinking. Taxian-jun leaned down anyways, and pressed a kiss right over Chu Wanning’s sternum.

“No,” he said with a sweet lick, working his hand until Chu Wanning was coming again, liquid dribbling out with far less force and far more shaking. The machine still going.

“No,” he said again, as Chu Wanning wailed, thin and patchy and utterly destroyed, when Taxian-jun made him come again. It was then that Taxian-jun finally removed his hand, and halted the machine via the secondary switch underneath the table. With all the strength fucked out of him, Chu Wanning could only lie there as Taxian-jun finally, finally coaxed the cock out.

Chu Wanning’s hole gaped, loose and ruined, as liquid flooded out of and puddled underneath him. He was so weak at this point that when Taxian-jun nudged his thighs wider apart to get a look, he couldn’t even attempt to hold his legs together. Taxian-jun slipped three fingers into him easily. The fourth, too, barely took coaxing.

And Chu Wanning was so loose, so wet, that the fifth finger, then the gathered knuckles of Taxian-jun’s hand, pushed in with a good twist. Chu Wanning did try to resist then, leg muscles jumping uselessly, his walls squeezing weakly around Taxian-jun’s entire fist.

“Look how well you can take it, when you want to,” Taxian-jun whispered, slowly turning his arm. “Shizun, you just eat me up.”

Then above him, Chu Wanning husked in a voice deep with exhaustion, “I don’t want this.”

Taxian-jun was silent for a while, as he gently knuckled at a spot up against Chu Wanning’s front wall. Despite Chu Wanning’s displeased attempts to control his own breathing, his cock still twitched at the stimulation.

Then Taxian-jun removed his hand, neatly, decisively. He wiped it dry on Chu Wanning's inner thigh.

“Alright,” he said, “I know what you want. Somebody—”

The call directed outside instantly summoned a shadow of a guard at the screen door. All of Chu Wanning went tense on the table, but Taxian-jun only said—

“Get the prisoner dressed and bring him here.”

Chu Wanning inhaled sharply, and began throwing himself against his bindings with renewed rage. Or maybe it was panic.

For his part, Taxian-jun let him thrash, as he calmly bent back down to the selection of gear he had also requested Chu Wanning make. The current cock mounted on the machine was replaceable.

Taxian-jun calmly began to swap it out for another tool—a larger tool, curved and heavy with a metal ball at the end—onto the piston. All the while, Chu Wanning swore at him, called him names, stated over and over again the true depths of depravity Mo Weiyu had sunk to to be doing this.

And the moment Taxian-jun pushed the new tool inside him, nestling the ball snugly up against that most sensitive front wall, Chu Wanning went mute.

“As expected of Yuheng Elder, the greatest inventor of his generation.” Taxian-jun shifted a rod, turned a wheel or two along the base of the machine, and started it back up again slowly. This time, instead of a straight forward piston, the machine rolled.

The dense metal ball began to massage Chu Wanning’s prostate with smooth, but unrelenting force.

“You’ve taught it so well. This kind of tremendous achievement ought to be shared among your disciples, don’t you think? As a demonstration of Shizun’s greatness.”


Chu Wanning cut himself off with the sound of footsteps in the hall. Six people in total, one person’s gait particularly uncooperative and heavy with drag and stumbling.

Taxian-jun looked coldly down at Chu Wanning’s naked body, strapped down, soaked in come and lubricant. He let the guards stay outside, holding onto a protesting, argumentative Xue Meng between them, as he waited for Chu Wanning’s cock to rise again.

“Never let it be said that this Venerable One is ungenerous,” Taxian-jun said, loud enough to be heard outside. “Here’s the deal, Shizun—you come three more times like this, and I’ll let Xue Meng go.”

Chu Wanning didn’t even have time to inhale in shock at this proposition before Taxian-jun called over his shoulder.

“Bring him in.”