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Booty Call (formerly "F*ck Buddies")

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"I need to see you."

He stares down at the phone after the call has finished. The knowledge that Abby's on the way over to his apartment puts a smile of anticipation on his face.

The booty calls from Abby have become the highlight of Brody's life.

He's not sure at what point the frantic couplings have turned into something more. All he knows is that in the evenings, when the phone rings, his pulse quickens when he sees the caller ID and when he hears her voice.

He's always thought that his partner's little sister was cute – pesky, but cute. Tousled, flyaway, blonde hair, a perky smile and an off-kilter way about her. She's still not his type, but he still can't rid his mind of thoughts of her.

Richie's protective of Abby - the Kowalski brothers are all extremely protective of Abby. He knows he's taking his life into his hands by answering the booty calls but he doesn't care.

She knocks on the door. In seconds, the door is open, she's in his arms, warm, naked and hungry and nothing else matters.


After only a few months, finds he wants more. After more than six months, he finds he wants everything.

When he sees Abby sit up and pull her clothes back on without a glance back, it is an eerily reminiscent reverse echo of his 'relationships' with other women … No commitment, no ties and no promises He has spent most of his adult life fucking without consequences, enjoying the moment and moving on.

He finds himself wishing that instead of sitting up after sex, she will turn towards him, smile her off-kilter smile and drift off into sleep beside him. He wants to know everything about her …


They both gasp, stunned and exhausted after their mutual release, sweat gleaming on their naked bodies.

Before she can sit up, he puts a hand on her chest. "No, wait …" he says softly. Abby stares at him, confused.

"Stay," he tells her and her face is flushed, her lips swollen.

"Why?" she asks him gently.

"I need to see you …" he tells her with a gentle smile.