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How Quickly Things Break

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It is the morning of December 29th, and Katherine Hall is making scrambled eggs.

She cracks them, one-handed, with learned precision, ignoring how the sound echoes in the empty house, and lets the pop and fizz of oil and yolk serve as the percussive backbeat to her merry, tuneless humming.

After all, there is nothing to be sad about, is there?

She will finish her eggs, and eat them as she reads a book, and drink a glass of orange juice; and she will take all of her father’s paperwork and borrow his credit cards; and she will go to that law office downtown and ask Monsieur Edgeworth to appeal the case.

She hopes he will say yes - no, she knows he will say yes. He and Raymond both looked so very sad at the outcome of the previous day, the fruits of their labor seemingly wasted, when the police came to take Monsieur Master -

when the police came to take Papa -


There is nothing to be worried about. She is sure Monsieur Edgeworth will say yes.

(She has to believe that, or she will crack like the eggshells in her hands.)

And she certainly will not cry. She has already put in far too much salt.

To quiet her mind, Kate glances around briefly before finding her object of interest - the television remote.

(Monsieur Master often liked to listen to the morning news while he cooked; he said it kept him sharp, and bright, and ready to go.

“Sharp, and bright, and ready to go!” they’d chant together, as she giggled in her mittens and boots, and he helped tie her shoelaces before they trudged through the ice to the car that would take her to elementary school.

Things were so much easier, back then, weren’t they?)

She imagines the morning news will calm her, with these old memories, ease her nerves, so she can go to the office with a confident smile, and boost that heroic lawyer and his charming assistant’s spirits before asking for their aid.

She imagines wrong.

What she sees instead are police sirens surrounding the courthouse, bathing it in harsh reds and whites.


What she sees instead is a newscaster saying the victim had left behind a little boy named Miles.

What she hears are the remaining eggs falling to the floor, and shattering at her feet.

And Katherine Hall


with them.