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Journey to Qishan in the West

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“This would go so much faster if we had a horse.”

Xiao Xingchen smiled. “Just one horse?”

“Little Miss Blind here is the only one who can’t fly on a sword!”

“Daozhang doesn’t fly on his sword!”

Xiao Xingchen did not, indeed, enjoy flying blind. He was, however, enjoying the argument between A-Qing and Xue Yang. He thought A-Qing might “accidentally” hit Xue Yang with her stick soon. He was listening for it.


“What’s that?” asked A-Qing.

“Where did you get a horse?” asked Song Lan.

“Who cares, it’s ours now,” replied Xue Yang.

Xiao Xingchen hadn’t had much cause for spending time with horses on Baoshan Sanren’s mountain, and he said so. “Will you introduce me to this horse? I’m quite curious.”

Xue Yang introduced him to the horse’s rear first, because of course he did, but soon Xiao Xingchen had a face full of horse slobber, and he was patting a very large, very tall animal on the nose. He laughed a little.

“I told you a horse was a good idea,” said Xue Yang smugly.

“It’s not,” said Song Lan. “We’re taking it back right away.”

“It was a very nice thought,” said Xiao Xingchen, “but we’re taking it home now. Lead the way, Xue Yang.”

Xue Yang protested. A-Qing agreed with him for once, as she had firm opinions on the wisdom of confronting people one has stolen from previously. She thought they should just release the horse to its own devices. As they argued the horse snuffled at Xiao Xingchen’s side. “What’s this? Are you smelling the food I have on me?” he asked.

“What do horses eat, anyway?” asked A-Qing.

“Dunno, grass?”

“It seems to be attracted to sweets,” said Xingchen, pulling out a piece of honey candy. “Do you think it would be all right…?” The horse delicately lipped the candy out of his hand. “Oh!”

“Thief!” shrieked Xue Yang. “Fine, we won’t keep the horse.”


“Xue Yang, you’re not supposed to go running off on your own like that, I promised Sect Leader Nie I’d keep an eye on you.”

“You made a blind joke to Sect Leader Nie?”

“Not one of my best, but yes. The point still stands, where have you been?”

“I fixed our horse problem!”

“Do I want to know?”

“Of course! I’m brilliant!”

“All right, tell me.” Xiao Xingchen shifted his grip on Shuanghua. “Wait, there’s a resentful corpse nearby.”

“That’s my solution! This fierce corpse can run really, really fast, and it doesn’t need to eat! It’s better than a horse!”

“It’s a fierce corpse? How is it not attacking us already?”

“Demonic cultivation! I carved special nails and stuck them in its head and now it doesn’t attack me!”

“That’s the Ghost General,” said Song Lan, waking up. “Isn’t he supposed to be a sentient fierce corpse?”

“Who needs sentience? We just need obedience, and he’ll carry Little Miss Blind a lot faster than we’ve been walking. He runs as fast as a sword goes. I got him here from Lanling in less than two days!”

Xiao Xingchen rubbed his head. “You went to Lanling.”

“Where did you think the Ghost General was being kept? Of course I went to Lanling!”

“Introduce me,” sighed Xingchen. Xue Yang led him up to the fierce corpse. Xingchen reached out to touch him on the shoulder, on the neck, on the head. Huh, there really were nails. Well, not anymore.

“What are you doing?!?”

The Ghost General ran off.