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Izuku Midoriya: Legacy of Excalibur

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The sound of seagulls and the sea were heard as three horse-riding people walked. A man, a woman, and a child.
The man was Sir Lionel, a knight of King Arthur and a new member of the Knights of the Round, the woman was Lady Juliana the wife of Sir Lionel.
Lionel wore a steel armour and beneath it was a blue shirt with dark blue sleeves and a dark blue collar, light blue cuffs, an indigo belt, light blue stockings, and dark blue boots with light blue had brown hair and eyes, her wife Lady Juliana is a slender woman with fair skin, long dark brown hair she is wearing an orange robe, and their daughter has fair skin, long dark red hair, brown eyes, and pink lips. she wore a grey long-sleeved tunic with a blue cape, light grey pants, and brown shoes.

Her name is Kayley she rides her horse acting like a knight just like her father "Come on." as their ride down to the beach. Sir Lionel is helping Juliana off her horse, Kayley is standing on her horse

"Father!"Said Kayley as she jumped into his arms they roll down at the sandy bank laughing.

"Father do you really have to go?" she asked her father

"I'm afraid I must Kayley. You know the king's knights will be here soon," said Lionel

The Little Girl then proceeded to ask him "Tell me again why you became a knight."

"Kayley, you've heard it a thousand times! "Her mother exclaimed.

"Oh, but it's fine dear. Well my daughter, before you were born, before even the Foundation of Camelot." as Sir Lionel kneels down and draws three circles in the sand with his finger "In another time long ,long ago the land was dark and treacherous, Britain was facing the Dark Ages a time where the people stood divided, brother fighting brother with the continious invasions of the Vikings and the Saxons weakening the land, Britain confronted a vicious war, the country was divided into two kings which fought for the control of the Kingdom, the King Uther Pendragon ruler of Britain , and King Vortigern a warlord who controlled part of the north of Britain, Vortigern usurped King Constantine III and ruled with an iron fist with his goal was to turn the entire land under his dominion, and use the Saxon Tribes like puppets ,the war was long and hard ,ending with the death of Uther and with King Vortigern taking absolute control of the country, however before dying King Uther stuck a sword on a stone saying that whoever could draw it would be the new King of Britain, for it was said that only the true king could pull the magical sword from its stone and unite the people. Many tried, all failed, until one day an unexpected hero stepped forth, his name was Arthur who was in secret the son of the deceased King Uther ,he pulled the sword out of the stone and become the King ,but for that he had to face the opposition of nobles and Lords and in a battle the sword was Arthur started a searching for a new weapon that could replace his sword and allow him to defeat Vortigern and end his tyranny once and for all, but that problem soon will become fixed when his mentor Merlin The Wizard took him to see Nimue or better known as The Lady of the Lake, Nimue was a lover of Merlin and a powerful sorceress capable of craft powerful weapons and artifacts ,upon arriving to the Ogwen Lake, Arthur humbly presented himself in front of the Lady of the Lake and request for a sword in exchange of a favour, Nimue accepted the bargain ,granting the young King a powerful and magical sword called Excalibur, with Excalibur at his side he defeated King Vortigern and led us out of the darkness officially crowning himself King of Britain, and together we built the greatest kingdom on earth."

Kayley is dancing inside the drawn circle "Camelot!"

"And so these three rings represent the unity of our people. As a knight, I took an oath to protect Britain, Camelot, King Arthur, and Excalibur." Sir Lionel said showing her his shield which displays three interlocked rings.

"The knights are here!" Kayley announced while figures in robes of different colours and steel armour approached them.

"I must go now Kayley, The king has summoned his knights for a special day in Camelot, "Sir Lionel said to the little girl as he palmed her head and getting on the horse, then he kissed his wife "Goodbye."

"I'm coming with you, daddy!" Said the little girl as she rode beside her father.

"Yes, when you are old enough Kayley. I will take you to Camelot, I promise. I love you." Sir Lionel said as he joined the rest of the knights and headed for Camelot.

"One day I will be a knight, like father." Kayley advertised with a huge smile.

"Let's go!" Sir Lionel told to the other knights.


(Quest For Camelot-United We Stand)

The knights travel on their horses on the main road to knights travel three days without stopping on their way to Camelot.

"~United we stand, now and forever in truth, divided we fall.~" The drawbridge lowers and the knights go inside Camelot "~Hand upon hand, brother to brother no one, shall be greater than all.~" A large crowd comes out to greet the knights with cheers.

"~United we stand, now and forever in truth, divided we fall.~" Sir Lionel passes a young blind boy who is practising his skills with a dummy, as the other knights greet each other and are warmingly greeted by the people. "~Hand upon hand, brother to brother no one, shall be greater than all.~"

At the gates of the castle, two figures came out to receive the knights. The first one is a slender elderly man with fair skin, long white hair, and a beard. He wears long dark green-emerald robes and carries a wooden staff which was curled at the top, this man is Merlin The Wizard, the second one is as a slender man who has fair skin, blue eyes, light brown hair, brown short beard and is taller and wears a long-sleeved light blue shirt underneath a blue tunic with a dark blue sash, dark blue collar with gold linings, light blue pants, and blue shoes, on his left side there is sheathed in a scabbard there is long-sword with a steel crossguard, brown handle with straps and a diamond-shaped pommel, this man is King Arthur King of the Britons and Ruler of Camelot.

The public cheers became louder after his appearance "~It's been ten years we celebrate, All that made our kingdom great, Liberty and justice for all,~" Arthur proclaims "~Each of us will now divide. In equal shares our countryside." Arthur beckons his knights to accompany him inside the castle, the knights follow him inside the castle with joy, not knowing that a strong and deformed knight with red hair comes out of a doorway and secretly follows them "Promising equality for all who reside!~" The King opens up two doors to reveal the round table room.

The knights walk to the table, the mysterious man clenches his fist menacingly. "~United we stand, now and forever in truth, divided we fall~" Arthur draws out Excalibur and holds it in the air, the knights draw their swords and did the same as Arthur and they all placed them in the chairs' scabbards ."Hand upon hand, brother to brother no one, shall be greater than all.~" The knights raise their shields one by one making them shine.

"Liberty! Justice! Trust!" The Knights said one by one, raising their shields.

"Shall be greater than all.~"

"Dignity! Peace! Honour!" The Knights of the Round Table went on.

"~No one greater than all.~"

"Goodness! Strength! Valour!" Sir Lionel concluded as he lowered his shield.

The knights lower their shields onto the table. "~Shall be greater than-~"

"ME!" The man that followed the other knight's slams his own shield down this one not having the symbol of the others, the sound made everyone jump and gaze at the responsible of that. "Charming sing-along. Now let's get down to business. I waited a long time for this day. What about my new land!"

All the Knights of the Round Table narrowed their eyes, before them stood one of the most difficult knights to handle and a very dangerous one, one known for his immense greed.

"Sir Ruber, I demand to know what you are doing sitting at the round table!" exclaimed a young man of brown hair and beard with a red tunic with armor.

"It is not very obvious my dear Gawain...I come in search of new land for myself and... to become Knight of the Round in replace of Lancelot." Ruber explained as he faced the ugly looks of the other knights of the Round Table.

"Hah, You a Knight of the Round?... You are mad. Sir Ruber, I will tell you this only once, leave this room or-" Sir Pellinore said, silenced by a look from Arthur telling him to wait.

"Sir Ruber, what made you think you had the right to enter this assembly? Who give you the authority to enter this sacred place?"

"I have the authority to enter from the Prince himself." Ruber declared.

"And how do we know you're not lying?" asked Sir Lamorak with the other knights agreeing with him.

Ruber raised his right hand and on his index finger, there was a gold ring with a blue gemstone.

"This is the personal ring of Prince Mordred, which proves that I have the right to enter this meeting. If you want more proof look for yourself your majesty. He declared that he himself approved my assistance in this meeting." Ruber took off the ring and put it on his right thumb and with a flick of his middle finger shot it straight at Arthur.

The King caught the projectile with his left hand and examining it he could see that it was indeed his son's ring. Arthur snorted with weariness, again his son Mordred did something behind his back, Arthur put the ring on the table and continued the conversation. "So no one here has the right to expel me from the room except Arthur himself."

"Well, you can stay here until I decide that you have to leave here. Then again, why did you come here yourself again, Sir Ruber what was your request?" Arthur asked.

" I will repeat. What about My new land! I want new land and replace Lancelot as Knight of the Round Table."

"Sir Ruber, always thinking of yourself." Arthur said disapprovingly, supported by a chorus of yes from the other knights. It was very obvious that greed and selfishness ruled this knight's brain. "As Knights of the Round Table, our obligation is to the people, not to ourselves." Arthur said reprimanding the selfishness and avarice of the rebel Baron. Arthur then rose from his chair and said "The lands will be divided according to each person's needs."

"Then I need more than everyone." Ruber groaned at this while rubbing as he passed his right hand over his face. "I wouldn't have supported you for all these years if I thought you were running... a charity." the last part with disgust.

"The King has decided!" Sir Lionel exclaimed while banging his fist on the table angry at the comment. "You don't have the right to decide or give orders!"

"Oh... well, well, well, look who speaks, Arthur's new personal bootlicker, Sir Lionel not? And to think that not long ago your delayed pretty chair that you occupy belonged to the womanizer of the Lake, so tell me what does it feel like to be the cousin of a traitor, how does it feel sitting in the place of the man who almost rammed his sword into the Queen's scabbard?" Arthur glared Ruber with absolute disgust and anger contained at the mention of the incident of his beloved wife Guinevere with the fallen knight and his personal friend, Sir Lancelot of The Lake, the Knights of the Round glared Ruber with absolute disapproval for that perverse comment, specially Sir Lionel and Sir Bors who gritted their teeths, clearly disgruntled at the mention of their defecting cousin and Sir Galahad gazed him ready to kill the rebel knight for insulting his father.

"You mention that one more time and..." Sir Bors threatened while looking for his sword.

"And what? Are you going to scold me, slap me on the wrist?" Ruber asked tauntingly as Bors slowly drew his longsword, Galahad drew his sword too and Lionel drew his shield.

"I'm warning you..." Bors muttered with rage.

"Sir Ruber, I order you to refrain from speaking about the incident regarding Queen Guinevere and Sir Lancelot." A new voice said appearing from the shadows of a corner, it was a beautiful woman with white skin, loose black hair, and green eyes, the woman wears a white dress, a belt of golden orbs, a gold necklace and a purple cape.

"And as for you Sir Lionel, Sir Bors and specially you Sir Galahad , sheathe your swords, you don't need to stain your names by murdering a greedy fool." Sir Bors and Sir Lionel lowered their weapons but still looked cautiously at the Baron.

"Morgan Le Fay...what a pleasant surprise...I thought only the Knights of the Round table could enter here? Specially someone like you after your little move with Sir Accolon." Ruber said mockingly as Morgan started to approach the Round Table.

"In first it's Lady Morgan to you Baron Ruber and in second as counsellor and sister to Her Majesty I have the same right as Merlin and The Knights of The Round to enter the room of the Round Table. And my sins from the past are things that my future will try to redeem." Morgan explained as she looked at Ruber with obvious contempt for mentioning her past with the deceased Knight whom she deeply loved. The Queen of the Fairies and older half-sister of Arthur, also hated the nobleman because of his greed and his obvious obsequious for war and Excalibur.

"I find it more surprising that someone who conspired against Arty here has access to this room, especially when you tried to take his sword and give it to your little boyfriend Accolon." Ruber remarked as Morgan tried to contain her anger at these comments while Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table glared the rebel knight with heavy dissaproval eyes at this words.

"What I did in the past was driven by hatred and revenge that eventually faded away, and the dead of Sir Accolon is something I charge with sorrow, you on the other hand continue with your mentality that everything should be for you, the titles, the gold, the power, and your bloodlust is something a Knight should not have. I agree with Sir Lionel, His Majesty's authority is above all others, including yourself. Listen to this counsel from someone that revealed against the King and payed the consequence. For once leave your rotten pride behind, stop demanding things that only His Majesty has the right to decide and accept with humility the orders and counsel of your King." Morgan advised as the Greedy Knight rose from the chair.

"Then it's time for a new king, and I vote for me." Ruber declared pointing at himself with his right thumb and smiling, everyone groaned at Ruber's remark, Arthur scowled at Ruber, clearly offended and Morgan heavily glaring him with disgust at the carelessness of the Knight who was practically saying that he wanted to usurp Arthur.

Sir Lionel stands up with his teeth gritted enraged at the words coming from Ruber "I will not serve a false king."

"Then serve..." he reaches his arm underneath the table and pulls out his mace "A DEAD ONE!"


Everyone, including Arthur, gasped as Ruber jumped on the table to charge at the king, the other knights jumped on the table with unsheathed swords to defend their King of the Rebellious knight, suddenly a purple lightning bolt was fired at Ruber pulling him off the table, this came from Morgan which had both arms outstretched.

Ruber fell to the ground as Arthur glares at him with the Sword of Power Excalibur unsheathed and in hand revealing the runes of the sword. The Mad Traitor then gets up in pain and rubs his right arm seeing a clear disadvantage of his situation.

"One day, that sword will be in my hand, and ALL WILL BE MINE!" He runs out of the room with the doors closing behind him as the knights throw several spears at him. On the other side, Ruber closes the doors before running off in exile as nine spears pierce through the doors briefly.

Arthur sighed in frustration as Morgan put a hand on his right shoulder trying to comfort him. "We'll find him, Arthur, I'll send a bird or Ayden to track him down, so don't bother yourself about this."

"It's not about Ruber, Sister this is about, Mordred he did something behind my back again." Morgan looked seriously at her brother "He was responsible for letting Ruber enter this sacred room, he gave him his sealing ring, I'll go for Mordred. It's time for me to talk to Mordred about this form of activity."

"You don't understand the gravity of what you did, young man," Arthur said while his son Prince Mordred didn't seem to care.

"What's wrong is giving my trust to someone like Ruber, he was a great warrior and a mighty leader, those are the qualities of a worthy knight of the Round Table." Argument Mordred, Mordred has blue eyes and a little long blond hair covered by a hat, he wore a purple royal tunic with a blue cap.

"But Ruber was cruel and insensitive and he was willing to annihilate the neighbouring countries. Those are not the qualities of a Knight of the Round Table but those of a follower of Vortigern. The only reason I tolerate him was that he got a large army on his back and I would not drive this Kingdom into another war." Arthur counterattacked as he looked at his son with arms crossed.

Mordred snorted at this "So what? That makes it millions of times better. Someone willing to destroy the Saxons, Celts, and the Franks its worth to look, these worthless enemies must pay for what they've done to us!"

"They have paid with their lives, the Celts only wanted to live in peace and freedom, in the case of the Saxons the only reason they followed and obey King Vortigern was that they feared him, the rebellion did its job already, and regarding Talon he is engaging another war, Camelot and Britain are safe. All is well." Arthur explained as his son clenched his teeth.

"All is well?! three months ago a squad of frank mercenaries tried to assault the castle, two weeks ago Sir Lancelot escaped to the Carolingian Empire after the scandal with mom and rumours suggest he's allying with the worthless Franks to invade us." Mordred chided.

"But they didn't. They did not invade us but if they do will prepare ourselves." Arthur retorted with serenity

"I want to know why they-" Mordred attempted to make demands by being broken into by his father.

"The Sword of the Griffinrouge belonged to the Royal Family, it's their heritage and I have intentions to return it," Arthur explained calmly as Mordred approached him in total disbelief.
"But if you hadn't taken it from them they would have conquered all Europe!" Mordred exclaimed in shock.

"I have a truce with the King of the Franks he will not Invade. And he is now engaging war with the emperor Charlemagne. And fighting two fronts at the same time will be a bad move for him, and if we go to war directly without reasons we can make a bad impression to the other Kingdoms, the last thing I want is that the other Kingdoms sees us as warmongers or even as King Vortigern." Arthur retorted while Mordred gritted his teeth.

"I don't care if we make ourselves look like back-stabbers to our useless allies or that Epeenoire is in war with the worthless Charlemagne. He just broke your truce! We! must! act!" Mordred exclaimed while Arthur closed his eyes and exhaled, choosing the following words to speak to his son.
"And what action would you take?" Arthur asked with serenity.

"Simple and plain Father, march into Paris as you once did, teach them a lesson, break their spirits and show them their place in this world! So they'll never dare try to cross our lands again! Then find that traitor of Lancelot and chop his head off!" The 13-year-old boy revealed while Arthur looked at him with anger and disturbance.

"You're thinking only as a warmonger and as a tyrant!" Arthur exclaimed in absolute displeasure. "Or more exactly you are talking like Vortigern."

"That was an act of war!" Mordred argued.

"It was the act of but a few, doomed to fail." counterargued Arthur while his son did not see satisfied.

"They got this far!" Mordred exclaimed.

"We will find our way out of this trouble, we cannot be rushed or we could start a war, and the last thing this Kingdom needs is engaging another war." Arthur tried to finish the conversation about going to war with the Franks but was interrupted by his son's haughty remark.

"As King of Camelot, I would-" Mordred tried to say but was interrupted by his father

"You are not King. Not yet." Arthur reminded while Mordred only looks with anger at his father, Arthur gave a huge sigh, knelt, and put his hands in his son's arm "Mordred, I know you're upset about this and I understand your desire to contribute to the Kingdom and protect it but this way you can't, declare war abruptly to France is not a wise move, time will tell if we have to act, if Lancelot comes back and recognizes his mistakes then we would welcome him with arms open, the same way with the mercenaries, they could be hired by anyone, just think about it, a monarch who has at his disposal an entire army would have hired a group of such undisciplined men as the ones who invaded? In addition, Ruber being appointed Knight of the round would only have brought more calamity to this kingdom, he was already unmanageable but with what happened today he threatened peace and I'm completely sure he's going to try to invade Camelot, we can only for you, I love you son and I want only the best for you, I want to teach you so that tomorrow you will be a better ruler,so use what happened today as a lesson, one that taught about decisions, follow my guide and you will find happinnes in the joy of the people living happily, fine?"


(7 Years Later)

"Why did you make me retreat?" Questioned Mordred as Arthur carried him with one arm to the throne room, He was now wearing a purple adult royalty suit, but without the hat, his blond hair was now very long.

"Don't you realize what you've done? What you've started?" Arthur asked as he looked about to have an attack of anger, the actions Mordred had caused him to anger, while he made the last arrangements to go to France on a diplomatic visit Mordred had escaped to a town next to Camelot and forced the citizens to pay tributes to him, as the people could not afford it Mordred started an indiscriminate massacre Thank God he was able to get there in time to keep him from going on.

"I was showing the people their place." Mordred advocated.

"Show them their place?! You led a slaughter! How can you have a clear conscience after what you did, how can you be so calm at the soaked blood in you hands, blood of innocent to Old People to Children! Who can you be that calm?!" Arthur questioned his son's answers in absolute dismay.

"Because this is the right way, the people have become too vague and fragile, they are not able to understand that peace does not exist! There won't be a kingdom to protect if you're afraid to act! The people of Camelot and the neighbouring kingdoms must learn to fear me and know their place in this world."

"That's tyranny and warmongering that talks! Not leadership! Have you forgotten everything I've taught you? What if a King's virtues, the humility, and the diligence to the people? Did you at least try to follow my pieces of advice? Impatience and self-seeking are not good attributes for a King. Patience and Humility are. If you continue walking this path you will face bad consequences." Arthur called out trying to make Mordred come to his senses.

The Prince was not happy with the reply and exclaimed "While you wait and be patient, Europe and our enemies laughs at us! The old ways are done. You'd stand giving speeches while Camelot falls! Camelot needs a Warlord that rules with an iron fist, a dark messiah who guides the people through war and sorrow, not some soft joke of a peaceful king like you. You're old-fashioned and you give your moral speeches as Camelot falls! They deserve someone perfect like me!"

"You're a vain, greedy, selfish, arrogant, tyrannical, warmongering, destructive, delusional,god-wannabe, cruel brat who thinks that the world revolves around him!" Arthur reproached with outrage, mad at the words coming from his son.

"And you're a stupid, unhappy, finished old fool who speaks of virtues and loyalty while his wife cheats on him with one of his most trusted knights!" Mordred roared uncaring of reminding his father of the infidelity of his wife.

Arthur sighed with defeat and stared at the ground unhappy at the words coming from his son's mouth he didn't learn the right way.

"You are right, I was a fool to believe that you were ready, I tried to see the best on you even when the people said that you were unworthy, I trusted you but you proved me wrong, I failed as a King for Camelot but that is a mistake I am going to changes. Mordred Pendragon... You have disobeyed the orders of your Father and the express command of your King. Through your arrogance and stupidity, you have doomed the Innocent people and this peaceful Realm to the horrors and desolation of war!" Arthur approached his son and began to tear his royal clothing.
"You are unworthy of this Kingdom, unworthy of your title, unworthy of being the prince...You're unworthy! From the people who love you whom you have betrayed and you're unworthy to guide the innocent that you hurt, just to pleaser your egotistical desires. And in name of My Father King Uther Pendragon and his father before Ambrosius Aurelianus and In name of all the Britons, I Arthur Pendragon King of the Britons and Ruler of Camelot, strip you Mordred Pendragon Prince of the Britons of your inheritance to the Throne, your inheritance to wield Excalibur and your title as Prince !"

Mordred looked at his Father with shock as the only clothes standing on his body was a shirt and his pants.

"You are not going be the next King, you have proved yourself to be unworthy, I will not change my decision, the baby in your mother's womb will be the next king or queen if he or she proves to be worthy. I will try to fix this madness, not for you, but the innocent that you murdered, you should start begging for forgiveness and mercy to the people that you murdered and start praying God for forgiveness and mercy."



(2 Years Later)

"What a surprise, Arthur's son come to meet me, what are your motives to come here? It is rare that someone like you to be in this field and search for an audience with me." A familiar voice commented on Mordred.

"I'm going straight to the point, Ruber, I want to ally myself with you to overthrow my father. If you help me, your reward will be great." the young Prince said as the traitor approached him revealing his new appearance.

Ruber now wore a black sleeveless cleavage with two red chest and back armours with a matching cloth connected from his chest and back to his red loincloth with a gold round belt buckle attached on. He also wore red shoulder pads with a pair of eye-shaped holes and a pair of silver spikes on each pad. On his wrists, he wore red wrist cuffs with each single silver spike. He wore black loose-fitting pants and red boots with a gold fastener on each side and a silver spike on each carried a sword with a brown handle with a white spiked tip pommel, black hilt, brownish-gold chappe, and slightly jagged silver blade with two spiked corners under the hilt.

Ruber looked at the young man with a calculating smile "Tempting, truly tempting but I want something more, something better than lands, something better than noble titles, I want power, I want Excalibur, and I want Camelot."

Mordred looked thoughtfully for a few moments and countered "As for my father's kingdom and sword, we can agree on it later, for now, I can only give you these terms, accept it and you will have Everything you want...or reject it and stand there with your arms crossed and your hands unfulfilled...Ruber seemed to be determining while Mordred reached into his ear and whispered, "It's your decision..."

"I'm in," Ruber replied with a slasher smile

Mordred grinned with delight at Ruber's response so he turned to the soldiers who were following him, signalling them to go get something. "Well, it's time to prepare the armies. There's a kingdom to conquer."


(1 Year Later)

Arthur was on his way to the Round Table room, and he noticed that one of the two doors was a bit open, someone had entered without permission.
Arthur slowly opened one of the two doors and slowly entering, Only to meet Mordred sitting in his seat at the Round Table.

"Son, what are you doing here?"

Mordred chuckled a laugh "Oh nothing...Just testing the chair that you use when you have your reunions with the Knights of The Round, very comfortable, excellent quality, and majestic chair, it is worthy of a King."

Arthur looks suspiciously at his son as he selflessly looked at his fingernails, "You know one thing, you have so many things in your favour, a wife who loves you, two magic-expert councillors, a group of real boot kissers who gather at this cute table to have talks about how to pamper this silly Kingdom, you have that fancy magic sword of yours, a people who worship and admire you, a kingdom that supports you, things worthy of a King." Mordred climbed on the table and looked around while he walked like he ruled the place. "But do you know that? a throne-like this is not so suitable for someone who lets himself be stepped on, that throne is more worthy for someone willing to rule harshly, someone who can exploit resources more effectively, a more effective ruler."

"What are you implying son?" Arthur inquired, he knew his son very well, and something on his heart said to him that something was not right and if his instinct was right then Mordred sought to overthrow him.

Mordred stands in the centre of the Round Table "I suppose soon...I will be the one on the throne." Arthur climbed the stairs leading to the round table and stood next to it, Mordred just looks at him, arms crossed and a smug smile.

Not pleased with the answer Arthur asked "What are you talking about?" now his senses were more alert than ever.

"What am I talking about dear father?" Mordred asked mockingly "Let's show him what I'm talking about."

A man hiding in a cloak came out of a corner and approached the table, King Arthur gazed with an alert to the approaching figure"I'm what he's talking about, Arthur."The man took his hood off his head to reveal Ruber smiling from ear to ear.

"Ruber!" Arthur exclaimed surprised, drawing Excalibur.

Ruber let out a laugh as he removed the entire layer revealing his armour and left hand holding a red helmet with horns and on his left side a sword."Pleased to see me?" and he made a mocking bow.

"You will see Father, Ruber and I agreed in something, it's simple he helps me overthrow you and I will give him all the lands and power he desires, but the best reward is to finish you, you who are the stone that prevents me from claiming My Kingdom."

Arthur glared at his son "I'm so disappointed by you Mordred. You have become what I always feared you will become."

"Oooooh sorry. But don't worry Father, I'll take good care of Camelot and the Family...especially the baby," Mordred ended up while a cruel smile adorned his face, then he disappeared in an instant, reappearing on Ruber's side which was in spectator at the doors.

"Have fun Ruber, I'll go for the army and my armour, but don't kill my father, I have plans for him."Mordred then opened the two doors and walked out not without first devouring the look at his father "Now if you will excuse me The King of the Kingdom Come will go to see his army." smiling at him haughtily and closing the doors while he laughed.


Morgaine was reading a book without being able to notice her nephew with a war mace approaching her.


Ruber started to walk the little stairway as he got closer to Arthur "So many memories in this room. Makes me want to puke."

Arthur looked fearlessly at the crazy man "Ruber we don't have to do this, I implore you to stop. Stop this madness right now, you don't have to do this."

"I'm sorry, Your Majesty, but I HAVE NO intention of stopping." Ruber put the helmet on and unsheathed his sword while standing next to Arthur who was leaning against a chair and on guard."You said everyone at this table was equal. I have something sweeter: Revenge!" Ruber raises his sword and lowers it at full speed against Arthur, the King dodges to the left, the blow ended up trucking the chair, splitting it in half. "I waited 10 years for this." Arthur gazed seriously while grabbing Excalibur with both hands, "Today all will be mine!"

"I may not survive... but you and Mordred will never destroy the ideals of Camelot!" Arthur responded to which Ruber started to laugh at this comment.

"Me and Mordred? Correction I will, once this is over I will get rid of the brat and claim what is rightfully mine, Camelot and Excalibur!"

Arthur looked at the traitor with him, it was obvious that Ruber would not serve any master except himself but that didn't make feel Arthur any less disgusted "You are mad." Arthur spitted while he climbed on the chair.

"I'm so glad you noticed! I've been working at it for years!" Ruber responded mockingly as he climbed the table too, then he started to swing his sword wildly in all directions, Arthur responded by dodging the attacks with some difficulty, then he took a swing with Excalibur crashing against Ruber's sword, Excalibur's magic sent Ruber and his sword flying backwards, the Mad traitor fell to the ground as Arthur glares at him while his Excalibur's magic fades away.

But for Arthur's surprise, Ruber got up quickly and smiled behind his helmet. "Did I surprise His Majesty? Don't think that these ten years all I ever did was sitting with crossed arms, I underwent a very hard training to resist the power of Excalibur." Ruber looked at a wall and then hit it with his left fist leaving a huge hole. "I forged this power to carry that sword after all a new King must be powerful if he wants to rule a kingdom." Then he grabbed his sword. "Now shall we proceed?"

Arthur took a big jump from the round table and landed on the floor just to roll on the ground and avoid a horizontal cut by Ruber, once he stood up Arthur attacked with a diagonal stock which Ruber dodge.

The two then began to clash their swords of different angles and points, with Arthur having the advantage in technique and Ruber having the advantage in brute raised his sword and launched an inclined strike which was easily deflected by Arthur, quickly the King of Camelot went straight for a powerful for a lunge to the throat of Ruber, but for Arthur's surprise, Ruber blocked the lunge with his left arm resulting in Excalibur trespassing his wrist cuffs and going through his forearm but with the tip just nearly touching Ruber's throat, as the forearm began to drip The Red Knight gave a horizontal strike looking to cut off his head, Arthur bent down to avoid the cut in time and pulled Excalibur off Ruber's arm, Ruber raised his left forearm to see his dripping wound.

"This is the power of Excalibur? wonderful, absolutely wonderful, give me more, Arthur, show me more...don't let me down!" Arthur began to dodge a flurry of wild Ruber blows, waiting for the moment to look for a breakthrough in which to attack and disarm the redheaded psychopath, Arthur then found himself flying backwards when Ruber threw a powerful punch with his right fist.

"Is that all? That's all King?! IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?!" Arthur got up touching his mouth with his right hand, Ruber hurled himself at full speed against Arthur seeking to pierce him with his sword, the blonde king saw this and waited for Ruber to come closer, so he ran out and put his sword on the ground propelling himself with his two arms and taking a great overhead leap avoiding Ruber's thrust and landing behind him, behind the helmet the mad man eyes became open like plates at this action.

"What?!" Arthur wasted no time and slashed him in the face horizontally, the result was a huge horizontal scratch on the helmet, if it wasn't for the helmet Ruber was wearing he would probably be dead.

Arthur looked at Ruber in awe, in normal cases the cut would have destroyed his opponent's helmet.'He must have imbued his armour with some kind of charm.'
However, he could tell that the scratch was too deep, so that meant that a slightly more powerful blow would be enough to cut through Ruber's Arthur could not help but see that Ruber's left arm was not in motion, it was obvious that the stab had paralyzed the arm, so Ruber could only fight with his right arm, he had a great advantage, Arthur looked with hope "Ruber you have one last chance to surrender, you've done enough damage to yourself and you don't need to lose your life. Do it and I promise I'll be merciful to you, I detest killing bit that doesn't mean I won't resort to it, I implore you to drop your sword and surrender."

Ruber just laughed at that comment "Hahahahaha, give up you say? NEVER!" Ruber raised his sword and lowered it looking for a vertical cut.

Arthur blocked the attack and pushed with his strength bringing him and Ruber to a dead point.

"I'll just have to swing harder then," Arthur commented before pushing Ruber back and starting a counterattack that put the muscular giant in serious trouble, since being able to fight with only one arm complicated the combat approached Arthur, this was going to be the ultimate attack, anyone who took it would win the match.
Ruber gave a powerful horizontal swing in the same way Arthur did the same, the powerful collision ended with Ruber's sword being broken, the blade of the weapon was blown away and nailed to a to lose Ruber tried something mad, he tried to headbutt using his helmet as protection, Arthur instead of blocking or dodging the attack raised his sword and lowered it, when Excalibur came into contact with Ruber's head it split the helmet in half and showed his head which had a large bleeding wound, which had a trail of blood.
Ruber staggered wildly as he threw the sword handle to the ground and was brought to his knees by the powerful strike.

"How? But I'm supposed to be fate wasn't supposed to end like this!" Ruber exclaimed in horror as Arthur prepared to kill him.

"On the contrary Ruber, you sealed your fate the day you tried to oppress the innocent." Then Arthur put both hands on the Excalibur grip and slashed him in the face horizontally which resulted in a cut above his nose and beneath his eyes, a long red line from ear to ear bleeds before a scream, Ruber fell to the floor now dead with blood coming from his face.
Then Arthur went running to find someone, everyone in the Kingdom had to be alerted about Mordred's rebellion and Invasion and the army had to be prepared as quickly as possible to face him.


Arthur walked back and forth while his sister Morgaine rested on a bed, along with him were all the Knights of the Round Table, Merlin, and his beloved wife Queen Guinevere, Guinevere had hazelnut hair and wore a green dress.

"Will she recover?" Arthur implored worried and preoccupied.

His fatherly figure Merlin looked at him with compassion, sad at seeing his protege in that state "Yes, she will recover and survive, but her face not, the wound was hard and she will have a huge scar on her face."

Arthur clenched his hands helpless as Guinevere moved toward him. "Dear, it's not your fault, neither you nor any of us could have guessed that Mordred would act in this kind of way."

"But it's my fault as a father for not correcting him in a good way," Arthur explained as he sat on a chair and crossed his arm.

Guinevere shook her head and said, "You did everything you could to set him on the right path, including taking away his right to the throne and Excalibur. Mordred is to blame for everything, even though it pains me to know that he has conspired against you."

"I agree with Aunt Guinevere, Uncle Arthur, you tried to properly raise Cousin Mordred, but his self-love and hunger for power won him over." A young man with brown hair and a green tunic named Sir Gareth, son of King Lot of Orkney and Morgause, one of the middle sisters of King Arthur, and therefore nephew of the latter.

"The only thing we can do now is waiting for Ayden to return from his voyage and see what action should we take against Mordred's Rebellion, "Merlin added, as he stood in front of his protégé looking at him with pity, it must have been very difficult for Arthur to have his conspiracy to kill him and take the throne by went to a window and opened it. "Ayden will be back soon. I can feel it.

Guinevere sighed and said, "My instinct says that this will end badly." Then she turned to her husband."There's no way we can avoid war?"

Arthur looked at the ground in defeat "Sadly there is no way, we can try to negotiate but Mordred seems determined to conquer Camelot."

Suddenly they heard the fluttering of a bird approaching Merlin, it was a slender falcon with an orange-yellow and silver wings.

The bird landed on Merlin's arm "Ayden has returned."Arthur and the others quickly turned their attention to Merlin.

One of the knights, an old man with half bald grey hair and a moustache, wearing a crimson tunic, Sir Pellinore the King of Listenoise asked "What did Ayden find out?" Merlin talked to the falcon asking it what did he find out.

"Mordred's camp is on the outskirts of Somerset, his troops are estimated at over 70,000 men and are heading to Camlann, it is a known easy route to Camelot," Merlin informed.

"How long do you estimate it will take Mordred and his army to reach Camelot?" Sir Lionel asked, for him it was necessary to know all the details to be prepared and avoid problems.

Merlin asked in animal language the same thing to Ayden, the falcon retorted something and Merlin translated "One week if he doesn't encounter any problems, in our case, it will be 4 days."

Arthur rose from the chair immediately looking at the Knights of the Round Table "Prepare and ready the armies, we part to Camlann tomorrow." Guinevere gazed at him with compassion, it took enormous courage to give such a command and even more so when he was up against his son. "Mordred must be stopped, no matter what, the fate of our people is in our hands."

Sir Lionel now in a steel armour embrace with affection his wife Lady Juliana "Promise me you'll come back safe and sound." she was wearing a blue robe with a red and gold zigzag line on the waist and dark red long-sleeved shirt underneath and blue shoes.

Sir Lionel smiled at his wife sweetly "I promise I will," and gave her a passionate kiss, then he approached his grown-up daughter Kayley who was already a young woman, she was wearing a golden headband and her hair in a ponytail with a golden hair-tie, she wears a purple tunic with two dark purple laces and collar, underneath is a dark yellow long-sleeved shirt and a long-sleeved light blue shirt underneath, around heir's waist is a dark purple sash and light blue tight pants with dark brown cuffs.

He approached her and gave her a big hug. "Be a good girl, obey your mother, and wait for my return." Kayley nodded as Sir Lionel climbed onto his horse and gathered a squad of accompanying soldiers.
King Arthur sighed as he girded his side with Excalibur, now it was the day he and his troops would march to Camlann to stop Mordred and his Rebellion once and for all.
He had already made it clear that this war could end in a single battle and he expected that he had already had bad experiences with Rebellion to overthrow King Vortigern and the reason was that the Anglo-Saxon tyrant had refused to negotiate and preferred war over peace, but considering the heavy action that the black King did to the fantastical beings. Arthur could only pray to God that his son Mordred would listen to reason and end the rebellion.

And in case he perishes in this battle and Mordred succeeds in winning the war and is proclaimed King of Camelot and Britain, he has already made a plan to avoid the death of his family and Excalibur to be taken by Mordred or another person that is unworthy of the parish in battle, Sir Bedivere, accompanied by Merlin and Morgaine, would ride to Lake Ogwen to return Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake, for the sword was hers and better to be in her hands than Mordred's, but there was something else that bothered Arthur... what would happen in the future if he died, who would be the next ruler, what would happen in the tomorrow?

In that case, He would take as much time as He could to at least have an image of tomorrow.

Arthur stared at the grave of his adoptive father Sir Ector, the man who had raised him, who had educated him, who had taught him to fight and who, despite his coarseness, loved him with all his heart and supported him when he had taken up arms against the had been 20 years since his death in the Rebellion when King Vortigern had mortally wounded him, but he still remembered seeing his adoptive father smiling on his deathbed and telling him.


Arthur and Kay stood at the side of the bed where Ector was lying, Ector's red beard showed a cheerful smile as he looked at his two sons, and they both succeeded in overthrowing Vortigern.

"You two did it, you defeated Vortigern and brought hope to these lands, But do not think that this is over, there are many nobles, kings, and leaders from these lands and all over Europe who will try to oppose you and impose their will. Arthur please, lead Britain wisely and do not follow the example of the Vortigern but of a good king like your biological father Uther, be a King who is diligent and listens to his people, not the one who oppresses and does what he wants. Do this and remember that a king is nothing without his people, remember that the greatest victory is to win the hearts of the people and give them a bright future. Sir Ector addressed his face to Kay "Kay follow your brother in the decisions he takes, advise him not to go out of the right way, but above all think about the people before that the duty of the knight is not only to protect the King but the people, remember both that matters of justice and duty to the people come before it."Arthur and Kay were on the verge of tears, moved by their father's speech."Long live Sir Kay the Seneschal, Long live King Arthur... Long live my two sons whom I love with all my strength and all my heart." Then Sir Ector's eyes closed in peace.

Arthur looked down on his knees as a small tear came out of his eye "I remember father, I remember." as Merlin approached him from behind.

"Arthur, did you want to see me for something?" Merlin asked his protégé. Arthur got up from the ground and stared at Merlin, a determined look fixed on his face. "Yes Merlin, I wondered if there is any way to see the future."

Arthur was already with his steel armour and crown ready for battle and with his army waiting for him outside the Castle, Arthur began to walk towards his white horse before being stormed by Guinevere running "Arthur, Arthur!"Guinevere came to her husband's side and said "Arthur, if you don't come back I want to tell you, I'm sorry, I'm sorry I cheated on you with Lancelot, it wasn't fair for you or him. I hope you can forgive me." she said in tears.

"Don't worry, I already forgave you."Arthur went to Guinevere and gave her a passionate kiss "I love you and promise I will take care of myself, please, don't hurt yourself thinking about that, people make mistakes, no one is the extent, not even me."

Arthur opened the gates of the castle to meet his entire army and the other knights of the Round Table waiting for him 'The time has come.'


For 4 days Arthur and his army mobilized towards Camlann, in total there were more than 100,000 soldiers ready to fight for Camelot and Arthur. Until the 4th day they arrived at Camlann, the flowers, the ground animals, the birds, and the sun would be silent witnesses of the war between the Father and the Son to see who would be the King.
On the right side Arthur, his Knights of the Round Table, and his army encountered the rebel army of his evil son stood in front of his army with a smug smile as if waiting for the enemy army to traitorous prince wore a spiked steel armour with a chain-mail upon his head.

As he approached from a considerable distance Arthur approached Mordred with absolute seriousness while the traitor looked on in could only babble in absolute shock at the sight of his father's living figure, Arthur rode out to meet his son while Mordred copied him.

"Son, end this rebellion right now. No more blood needs to be spilt." Arthur commanded as Mordred recovered from the shock and turned his shock and fear into confidence and smugness.
"Why should I? " Mordred asked.

Arthur retorted "There is no need for these men to perish today, many of them have family and friends they love, and they do not deserve to lose their lives just because of can't negotiate at least?"

Mordred smiled in arrogance and crossed his arm "So what? Do you think that will prevent me from my destiny negotiating? You are naïve, Father, truly naïve, the only thing I want is you Kingdom, I will take it anyway."

"Arrogance will be your downfall son, this is your last chance to surrender and return the Amulet of First Magic." Arthur commanded while staring at his insurgent son who was smugly smiling."If you don't want to go back then let's settle it with a trial by combat."

Mordred let out only mocking laughter "A trial by combat? Do you think I am naive enough to accept a confrontation with you? That's not a trial, it's an execution, so I'd rather have my army do the job. I'm afraid that you don't have any power against me, because but I am no longer under your authority. On the contrary, I will very soon be giving orders". Mordred turned around and returned to his troops.

Arthur looked dejected 'I gave you one last opportunity son.No more trust, no more chances, and no more mercy, he is a murderer and a bloodthirsty tyrant, and we are going to stop him, no matter what it takes.'

Arthur turned around with his horse and galloped alongside his army, Sir Galahad approached him. "And what happened? Is Mordred willing to negotiate?"
Arthur negated with his head "No, I couldn't make him see reason or negotiate, he's determined to take Camelot."Arthur turned his gaze to his army, his knights of the Round looked at him in anticipation.


Mordred turned his gaze to his rebel army "My soldiers, today our day has come, our promised day is coming soon, today Arthur and his Kingdom will be mine, give me your strength to kill the King, follow me to my new kingdom and rejoice in the blood of our enemies, fight for my crown, do it because this will be the beginning of our great conquest, we will destroy Camelot and from its ruin, we will create an Empire and dominate the whole of Europe, but for that, we have to eradicate Arthur, only he and Excalibur stand in our way, let's go and kill him and become Masters of all Europe... FOR MY KINGDOM COME AND FOR THE DEATH OF MY WEAK FATHER ARTHUR!" Mordred's army roared in approval of the speech, while Mordred smiled confidently, soon he would be King.


"My warriors, today the fate of Camelot and all Europe is in our hands, today my Treacherous son Mordred rises in rebellion for the crown that he lost by his twisted actions, my people, I acknowledge the mistake I made regarding Mordred and I hope you can forgive me, and if you wish to do so do not fight for me, do not fight for my throne or my crown, fight for your families and loved ones, fight to protect them, fight to protect Camelot, fight to stop this new Vortigern from taking over Britain and hurting the innocent, help me to stop him, help me to prevent darkness from falling again in Britain, Let's do it for peace, there are strong and brave men there waiting for us, let's throw them out of here... Are you all with me?" The whole army shouted approving the speech of their King, Arthur smiled happily, then he raised his fist "For Liberty, for Justice, for Trust, for Unity, for Peace, for Honour, for Goodness, for Strength, for Valour, for the people! and above all... FOR CAMELOT!" The army roared more powerfully.

"Archers!" Sir Bors ordered the archers of Camelot to step forward and draw an arrow, then put the arrows in their Bors raised his sword "Aim!" and the Archers stretched out and aimed at the sky. "Fire!" Sir Bors lowered his sword Archers fired their arrows at the rebel army.


A rain of arrows landed on the enemy soldiers, most of them managed to block the arrows with their shields, but those who did not manage to do so ended up wounded or dead by the arrows, Mordred was behind his army, lazily blocking the arrows with a purple smiled excitedly as he watched his troop of archers strains their bows to fire their round of arrows.

'Let's start this game of chess.' the arrows went flying.


The soldiers of Camelot who raised their shields blocking the arrows, some men fell victim to the projectiles.

Arthur looked at this from behind his troops, the pain and impotence that he felt in his chest were enormous, many of these soldiers had precious people waiting for them in Camelot and it was more than certain that many of them would not return, Arthur looked at the rebellious army of his son Mordred, the anger and disappointment that he felt towards him was enormous, thousands of soldiers would die just to satisfy the selfish desires of his usurper son. 'I'm going to fix this mistake, even if it costs me my life.' Arthur thought gritting his teeth.

"My King, I see a cavalry approaching us." Sir Tristan was alert, Arthur could see a group of soldiers on horseback galloping at full speed against them, Arthur nodded.

"Sir Perceval intercepts Mordred's men with the cavalry." Sir Perceval left the army with a group of soldiers on horseback with jousting lances "Cavalry... Advance!"

This group approached quickly by lowering their jousting lances, the two troops approached each other at full speed with both groups colliding with each other, Arthur took Excalibur out of its sheath and pointed it forward, then began to gallop with his army against the army of Mordred. "Charge!"


On the other side they also started to ran at armies came closer and closer, until they collided with each other,the sounds of screams and metal colliding with metal echoed in Camlann, King Arthur looked around with Excalibur in hand,as he rode and swung his sword killing several of Mordred's soldiers, several of the cavalrymen rushed at Arthur lifting their weapons, Arthur rushed at them dodging the attacks and swinging Excalibur which resulted in cutting them off, suddenly a pole-axe attacked Arthur who had enough time to react block the attack, but was knocked off his on the ground Arthur rolled away from the blade of the poleaxe, the King of Camelot rose from the ground to see the man responsible, a Mordred soldier of robust appearance, long black beard and coarse armour, the man took the poleaxe in his two hands and let out a roar of war, Arthur took Excalibur in his two hands and ran against the brute, the King dodged the vertical attack of the poleaxe to the right and quickly slashing horizontally into the soldier's waist,the man looked with a look of pain as he landed split in looked at the ground for two seconds and ran to find Mordred, passing through several enemy soldiers.


Sir Gawain swung his sword with force killing several of Mordred's soldiers, the strength of his blows being accompanied by the firmness of his feet on the ground, An enemy rider rode up against several soldiers and threw them to the ground, raising his sword to decapitate Gawain, but when he was about to fulfil his objective Gawain blocked the slash of the weapon, causing the horse to slide and fall to the ground, the rider got up from the ground and tried to block Gawain's stroke, which broke the blade of the rider's sword. "How?" whispered the rider in shock.

"It's a good thing that right now it's noon." Gawain then stuck his sword in the centre of the rider's chest, killing him.


Sir Pellinore effortlessly blocked the blows of 5 soldiers from Mordred, when they retreated and charged simultaneously against the old King, Sir Pellinore gave a circular strike decapitating all five of them at once without effort.



Several of the Knights of the Round Table were fighting the soldiers of Mordred with no problem, putting the balance in favour of Camelot, Mordred saw this in the distance and saw his father fighting against a pair of his soldiers.

Mordred ran at full speed drawing his sword against his father 'I cannot win this battle, but if I kill my father then the throne will be secured for me.' He was sure that with this he was assured of the throne, the excitement was eating him he would have everyone under his thumb and on his very would soon be the King of the Kingdom to Come, then he would be the Emperor of the Empire to Come and finally the Supreme God of the entire World.


Arthur blocked and counter-attacked without problems, the experience had given him a huge advantage against the rebels, he had already faced powerful enemies in the past, such as Wyald, The Kurrgan, Epeenoire, Ruber even his sister Morgaine and his most powerful and dangerous enemy, Vortigern, man, woman and warriors capable of bringing the most Mighty Kingdoms to their rebels like these were not a problem for him but that didn't mean he enjoyed killing threw a vertical cut against another rebel wounding him lethally, noticing in Excalibur's reflection that Mordred was approaching him from behind. Arthur turned his back to Mordred and crossed swords with him. "Surrender Mordred, you are beaten, there is no need for more Bloodshed." Arthur placed his left leg on Mordred's stomach and pushed him backwards tripping over a deadlifted Excalibur looking for a downward cut, Mordred rolled on the ground to the left avoiding the death hit.

Mordred giggled as he got up from the floor "Surrender? Forget it, I'm having more fun than I can handle, so why don't you keep on entertaining me, Father." Arthur and Mordred started to exchange attacks and blockades, Mordred had to use his learning in fencing and the Amulet of The First Magic to improve his reflexes, agility, and physical strength, Mordred then diverted an attack from his father and used the teleportation that the Amulet gave him.


The area was a strange dimension, only giant islands on the red space void.

Arthur fell to the ground due to transportation and quickly rose from the ground, the King looked around and hearing the sound of something rapidly approaching him, Arthur avoided the object which turned out to be a purple energy lance.

When Arthur looked at where the spear came from he could see Mordred floating in the air, arms folded and smiling. "Hello father, I welcome you to the Spectral Zone, a parallel dimension projected by the Amulet of First Magic, and only I can bring us back to we will have enough time to play."

Arthur looked fearlessly at his son as he held Excalibur firmly "I am neither impressed nor frightened."

"You should be frightened the Amulet of First Magic can absorb the power of Excalibur...You know what? Enough talk. If you want to do something right, do it yourself. I will kill you with my bare hands!"Mordred exclaimed in glee as he formed another spear of purple energy and hurled it towards his father."I'm gonna have more fun of getting rid of you, than when I got rid of that peasant town."

Arthur dodged the spear "I may not survive... " he dodged two more "But as once I said to Ruber, you'll never destroy the people and the ideals of Camelot!" Arthur cut in half a fourth spear of energy that Mordred launched to him.

"Well, I got to start somewhere." Mordred invoked 10 more spears "Say hello to your new king!" And threw them at his father using the telekinesis of the amulet, Arthur quickly began to cut them until the last one hit him in the right leg.

Arthur let out a groan of pain as he removed the spear from his leg using his left hand and looked defiantly at his son, "You're no king!" He stated gritting his teeth at Mordred.

"You're right! Perhaps, I'm... more of A GOD!" Mordred raised his right hand and summoned a huge ball of purple energy and threw it at Arthur.

Arthur put all his strength into his hands and deflected the energy ball, He then ran to Mordred who decided and shot at him invoking his sword and hitting it against Arthur slashed vertically against Mordred clashing longsword against longsword, Arthur pushed Mordred back and charged him by hitting him and throwing him to the ground, Arthur placed his left hand near the tip of Excalibur's blade and prepared to plunge it into the throat of his usurper Son, Mordred's right hand directly into his father's right arm, stopping the grabbed his sword with his left arm and attempted to slash through the throat which was thwarted by his own father Arthur who moved backwards.

Mordred rose from the floor jubilantly "Enough games, it's time for the King to do his will. Arthur Pendragon, you are accused of being King and promoting boredom and peace, You are found guilty." Mordred began to shoot from his right hand a magic ray that was blocked with some difficulty by his father. "The punishment is death." Mordred's longsword was changed into a giant sabre with spikes in the knuckle bow.

Mordred summoned a spear of energy and threw it at Arthur who turned it over, surprising him by returning the spear to its curve and it was shot at full speed against his left leg. Arthur turned around quickly and cut the spear in half without realizing that Mordred was charging against him, then turning around again he received a blow from the knuckle bow, knocking him to the was trying to get up from the floor now with a wound on his left cheek from the raised his weapon in attempting to decapitate him. "What a shame father...To think that at one time I admired you, I had you as my idol, but now I realize that after all, you are nobody, you have all this power and a whole kingdom and you haven't even tried to expand it. What a waste...but that is a mistake I am going to change."

Just as he was about to lower his sword to behead him, Arthur raised Excalibur and shouted "Lux!" An intense cyan light began to come out of Excalibur blinding Mordred.

Arthur took advantage of the moment to get up and close up against his soon, The King of Camelot shook Mordred's head by staggering him and seizing the moment by stoking Excalibur the centre of Mordred's chest shattering the Amulet of First Magic, The Treacherous Prince watched in horror as reality altered and the energy of the amulet exploded enveloping him and his father in a bubble that made them disappear in an instant.


Both landed somewhat far from the centre of the battle, Mordred woke up somewhat sore to see his father on the ground, Mordred looked at the horizon as his army was defeated, looking back to where his father was only to find that he was no longer there.

Then he felt a fist hit his nose breaking it and making him fall to the ground. When Mordred looked up and saw his father looking at him seriously as he raised his sword, Mordred tried in vain to use his sword to block the attack, but to his horror, the blade of the sabre snapped in two.

"No, it can't be happening! The amulet!" Mordred cried out in despair looking the rest of the destroyed amulet.

"I'm sorry, son, but you leave me no other choice," Arthur expressed with sorrow as he prepared to finish off his son, not realizing that his son was slowly drawing a dagger from his right arm and archer preparing an arrow.

Suddenly the arrow buried itself in King Arthur's right shoulder blade, causing him to lose his balance and giving Mordred enough time to remove the dagger, stand up with all his strength and plunge it into his father's right side.

Arthur looked with his eyes wide open as the dagger came out of his side with Mordred smiling in of a figure killing the archer and approaching him "And with this, Arthur Pendragon King of Camelot dies! And Mordred Pendragon King of The World arises!"

"Not if I can help it." Said a new voice that Mordred recognized with horror, when he turned around he found a sword embedded in his stomach, the response was a man in his 30 years, long brown hair, wearing silver armour.

Mordred couldn't believe it "Lancelot of The Lake... how is it possible?" he whispered in pain and horror while clutching his bleeding stomach.

"A little bird warned me about your little insurrection while I was in town," Lancelot said with a smile, Arthur smiled back at him, glad that his long time friend and Knight returned.
"But, b-but you left Camelot, you allied yourself with the Franks! Why did you come back!? " Mordred asked in horror.

"Because time has shown me how wrong I was in acting that way and I will right that wrong today."Lancelot approached Arthur and extended his hand to help him get accepted the help and rose from the ground holding his injured side with his left hand, Lancelot grabbed the arrow from the shoulder of Arthur and tossed aside.

"How long do you think you can stand it?" Lancelot asked.

Arthur looked at his wound and then answered, "Enough time to finish Mordred."

Mordred grabbed a poleaxe and looked at both of them and say in rage, "I'll kill you both... I will!"Arthur and Lancelot rushed towards Mordred and banged their swords against Mordred's arms, slashing them. The blood flowed freely as the Prince threw the poleaxe to the ground, fell to his knees, and cried out in pain.

When Arthur and Lancelot approached quickly to finish him off, Mordred grabbed the poleaxe and took a surprise swerve injuring Arthur on the side and sending Lancelot backwards.
Mordred rose weakly from the ground with the weapon towards a weakened Arthur who noticed a spear on the ground.

"This is your end, Father." Mordred roared in anger without realizing the spear his father was grabbing, Mordred charges raising the poleaxe, but the charge was stopped when the spear pierced through his chest, Mordred watched in horror as he backed away and fell backwards, dead.

Arthur looked on in absolute pain as the tears fell from his face, the fact that he had killed his son hurt him with all his heart and was more painful than any wound in his heart, but sadly there had been no other way to avoid, Arthur's world would turn black and he would fall to the ground.


Arthur woke up in bed again surrounded by his wife and baby daughter, his mentor, his knights of the Round, and Lancelot.

"What happened?" Arthur inquired as he felt huge fatigue.

"The war is over, the insurgent army is defeated and Mordred is gone, you and Lancelot saved Camelot." Sir Lionel explained as the other knights looked at their bedridden King. "But at a King...You have been mortally wounded, the dagger that your son Mordred used to stab your side was imbued with a strange poison from the East and sadly there is no cure for it."

Arthur looked at his beloved wife "I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise to return safe and sound, but I'm satisfied that I could have avoided more bloodshed. But I'm happy to see you again my beloved Guinevere." Arthur turned his gaze at his knights "My knights, I am proud of have helped me for many years to establish peace in these lands, and they have been faithful to me. If I die today I do so with a smile, I can say that I lived well and with peace. Now Excalibur will belong to my future successor."Merlin looked back at the previous situation in which he and Arthur saw the future.

"So, Izuku Midroiya...My future successor, I hope that you can be a true champion of Justice..."Arthur smiled as he looked at Sir Bedevere. "Sir Bedivere go and return Excalibur to Nimue. It is my last will until my worthy successor recovers it."
Arthur then beckoned for Guinevere to come to him, then he came with all his heart to his face and kissed they parted their faces Arthur said with his last strength "I love you...Guinevere..." And he died with a smile, just like his adoptive father Sir Ector.


(Thousands of years later.)

"Why are you being so mean?"A 4-year-old boy with green hair asked another 4-year-old kid with blond hair."You're making him cry, Kacchan!" The Green-haired Child was trying to protect another child on his knees who was a blond boy along with a pair of lackeys who were bullying the kneeling boy until the green-haired boy went to defend the other boy."If you keep on hurting him...Uhh... I'll, uh... I'll stop you myself!"The green-haired child raised his fists while in fear.

The other three boys saw them looking strange, but they turned that surprise into arrogant smiles"You want to pretend to be a hero?" The so-called Kacchan only mocked while one of his lackeys sprouted wings from his back and the other elongated his fingers, Kacchan bumped his right fist into his left hand releasing a small explosion "you're pretending to be a hero, Deku?" Kacchan ended with a haughty and cruel smile.

The young kid with emerald hair could only whimper while the three thugs came to him.


All men are not crated equal.

The four-year-old boy with green hair was on the ground beaten and in pain as the boy that he tried to defend him looked at him.
This was the reality I learned about society at the young age of four.