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More of a Fair Fight

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It was nearing nine o’clock and Andrea hadn’t yet accomplished getting her alone. Miranda evaded her on purpose to drive her mad. There was no other explanation. Every time Andrea got close, Miranda played hard to get, turning her attention to someone else, laughing at someone’s subpar remark and twice accepting invitations to dance. Andrea’s patience waned then shriveled. She told Warren to tell Miranda to meet her in the hotel lobby on the mezzanine level or she was going to personally drag Miranda away in front of everyone.

Twenty minutes later Miranda walked slowly down the corridor toward the lobby. Andrea, fuming, watched her from one of the black leather chair couches arranged in a cozy U-shape.

“What is so urgent...”

“No, no, no, my love.” Andrea rose from her seat, moved on leg forward just enough that it peeked from behind the dress. She patted her outer thigh with the flat side of her clutch as she let her displeasure be known. “Did you open the envelope?”

“No.” she replied with a dangerous little smile.

Andrea tapped her clutch against her leg again. “You’re lying.”

Miranda’s gaze lowered, stopping at Andrea’s chest. “I...have no idea what’re talking about.”

She heard the slight catch in Miranda’s voice, saw the greedy glint in her eyes as they slowly met hers.

“Meet me up in the room in ten minutes or I’ll start without you.” Andrea said, wondering if she overplayed her hand. “And that would be a shame.”

Miranda’s nostrils flared. She took a step near. Andrea didn’t budge, simply kept rhythmically tapping her clutch against her thigh. The variety of ways Miranda kept her interest ruined her for anyone else. No one fascinated her like Miranda. No one pissed her off nor gave her so much pleasure as Miranda did.

“I’m going to enjoy teaching you a lesson, cub.”

Andrea lightly touched the space above her cleavage then trailed her fingers down the center of her torso to the dress’s knotted waist.

“It’s amusing you think you’re the teacher.”

Ten minutes.” Miranda growled.

Andrea winked then left.


For all her bluster downstairs, Andrea melted when she entered the room. Rose petals covered the turned down bed. A platter of fruit and a picnic basket were on the small table. Andrea picked up the thick envelope propped against a glass vase bursting with red roses, looked at her handwritten name then put it back. In the middle of the bed she saw the signature red Cartier gift bag and her heart started hammering. Andrea may have booked the room, but  Miranda chose to decorate it. She was an expert at turning the tables. Andrea loved her, every trait, good and bad that made up the sum of Miranda.  Unpredictable, imaginative, intelligent, and so much more.

Andrea needed to freshen up. When she flicked on the bathroom light, her heart tripped over itself. Two bottles chilled in a bucket stand by the tub. On the tub’s edge, a bottle of Library of Flowers Willow & Water bubble bath perched beside two flute glasses. Christ, she was going to swoon, make a blubbering ass out of herself and do her damnedest to keep up with the woman.

Once finished, she took out the bottle of Cristal from the mini fridge, opened it, then filled two glasses. The metallic click of the door lock signaled Miranda’s arrival which couldn’t have been more timely.

“Hello.” Miranda purred, taking off her earrings as she walked into the room.

Andrea smiled before taking a sip of champagne then held the glass out to Miranda. “Hello. Can you stay the night?”

Miranda took the glass while handing Andrea her earrings. “Happy Valentine’s day. Cara’s with the girls so I’m all yours.”

“I’ve been thinking...” Andrea paused, setting Miranda’s earrings on the table, taking out her own then removing her thumb ring. “...about what makes our sex life so satisfying.”

Draining her glass, Miranda wandered over to the table where the Cristal bottle sat, set down her purse, then poured herself another glass. Andrea held out hers to be filled and Miranda returned the favor.

“Is that so, darling?”

They sized up one another, circling each other in a figurative sense.

“I never quite know what you’re going to do. Just when I think I have you figured out, you surprise me.” Andrea walked over to the bed and sat down, crossing her legs and bracing an arm against the mattress. She drank more champagne. “Take the room, for instance. I knew you opened the envelope. It wouldn’t have been difficult to feel the shape of the card key when you first touched it. But, I never thought you’d do all this.” Andrea raised her glass, indicating the room.

Miranda smirked, grabbed the bottle and sauntered over to the bed. She refilled their glasses, emptying the bottle, then set it on the night stand.

“I love to surprise you, darling.”

“How about undressing me? I seem to recall you love that, too.”

“Give me a moment.”

Andrea tilted her head in inquiry.

“I want to memorize how you look right now.”

“Would a picture please you, baby?”

Abruptly, Miranda set down her glass on the nightstand. She went to the table and dug through her purse, returning to stand in front of Andrea.

“How do you want me?”

Miranda’s blue eyes glittered. “Exactly how you are.” She took a picture with her phone then set it down and picked up her drink.

Andrea finished her champagne, rising from the bed then taking Miranda’s glass. “I don’t wish to wait anymore.”

Stepping out of her heels, Miranda said, “Then neither do I.”

They kissed, a gesture somewhere between chaste and passionate but exactly right.

“I’ve learned something about us.”

Miranda pulled back and looked at her intently.

“As much as you love to prolong it, I love working for it.”

Groaning, Miranda placed her forehead against Andrea’s neck and wrapped her arms around her. Her statement wasn’t anywhere near as ambiguous as it sounded. Miranda got it as evidenced by the way her breaths fell upon Andrea’s skin and how her hands gripped her hips.

“I want to take off your dress, Andrea.”

“Then do it.” she murmured, kicking off  her heels.

Miranda started with Andrea’s hair, removing pins and threading her fingers tenderly through stiff tresses. She placed small, wet kisses from Andrea’s ear to her shoulder, breathing through her nose. Andrea fought off the urge to hurry despite the thick roll of her blood through constricted veins.

Miranda muttered, “I can’t wait. I just can’t wait.”

“Shh, let me help.” Andrea whispered as she put some distance between them. “Sit down on the bed.”

Frowning, Miranda nevertheless followed her lead.

Andrea reached behind herself to unzip, staring into Miranda’s eyes. She shrugged out of the dress, letting it pool at her feet before stepping out of it. Miranda reached for the edges of tape holding Andrea’s breasts in place and carefully peeled it away, kissing the exposed skin. Nipples puckering from cold and stimuli, Andrea tilted her head back, steadying herself by holding onto Miranda’s shoulders.

“More.” she hissed, pulling Miranda’s face to her breasts.

Miranda sucked her nipple and grabbed Andrea by the back of her thighs. Not needing further prodding, Andrea dragged herself upon the bed, hovering over Miranda’s prone body.

“I have a harness...and dildo.” Miranda gasped into Andrea’s chest. “I’ve never...I don’t know...but, please, Andrea, let me.”

Andrea held Miranda’s face in her hands, “Anything.” She moved off of Miranda.

Swiftly Miranda got off the bed and went to the closet where she opened a small suitcase. She clutched two boxes to her stomach and directed, “Lay on top of the bed. On...the rose petals.”

Andrea placed the Cartier bag on the table, leaving several flower petals trailing after her. The idea of Miranda straining above her, of looking into her eyes while she spread her legs willingly, wantonly to absorb Miranda’s thrusts sent such a curl of pleasure through her, it was damn near painful.

 Once comfortable upon the bed, she slid her hands down her torso. One of them pushed aside the flimsy thong, grazing over trimmed pubic hair, fingers slinking across her saturated vulva. God help her. The need to create friction prodded her hips to move despite the lack of active intent. For once not muffling her groans, Andrea flung her arms wide in an attempt to discharge the rolling tension in her body. Rose petals stroked her sides as she buried her toes in a small pile. The flower’s scent immediately followed, no longer a hint in the air but an outright fragrance. Andrea splayed her fingers under the petals and inhaled.

At the sound of the door opening, she sat up slowly and braced her arms behind her, grinning at the floral collage along her right triceps. Miranda stood in the doorway in a pair of boy shorts which had a distinct and sturdy protrusion arcing out of them.

“You...” Miranda’s voice faltered, its grave quality touching Andrea in the same way that the long note of a softly struck piano key did. “I want...”

Andrea smiled, moving her thick hair to the side over one shoulder, rose petals sticking to her skin. Miranda continued to stare.

“Show me instead.”

Allowing for the appendage, Miranda laid upon the bed on her side and faced Andrea. She wet her lips then kissed Andrea in a delicate fashion, her trembling hand finding a place to rest on the side of Andrea’s face. Miranda’s actions expressed tenderness, love, and a remarkable restraint. Yet, such qualities could not evade the snapping teeth of Andrea’s need or the heavy tug of her desire. There was more to it, of course, but her mind started going hazy and giving order to her thoughts became impossible.

When Miranda drew her closer, Andrea’s skin vibrated along her arms and thighs. A demand, she hiked a leg over Miranda’s hip, digging her heel in her ass. Their kisses grew longer, more wild.


Miranda’s nails scratched Andrea’s lower back as she grabbed the thong and yanked it down. At the same time she rolled to kneel above Andrea who lifted her hips eagerly. Once the thong was dispensed with, Andrea bent her knees and fully opened her legs. Miranda palmed the tops of her knees, thumbs pressing down as if testing Andrea’s flexibility. She twisted away and reached for something. Miranda opened the bottle of lube, hands shaking, then applied it to the dildo, stroking it in a familiar manner to both of them. The sight of it rocked Andrea for a second. She wasn’t sure how to feel about it then didn’t care when Miranda removed crushed petals from between her legs and inner thighs. Andrea shut her eyes, faintly panting, spread for Miranda’s pleasure and getting off on it. Her hips pushed into the mattress the second Miranda’s thumb swept from the perineum to clit.

“Oh, shit.” Andrea gasped, fisting the petaled sheets.

“I’m going to be so good to you.” Miranda whispered, her thumb sweeping and sweeping with maddening lightness.

Andrea cried out, pinching and tugging her own nipple. She felt Miranda hovering above her, felt the blunt tip of the dildo nudge her opening but couldn’t wait. Andrea grabbed it and guided it in with Miranda carefully balanced above her.

“Oh, jesus...all the way...put it...fuck.”

Miranda moved her hips, using shallow thrusts that caused Andrea to drag her nails across Miranda’s back and dig her heels into the mattress.

“I swear to god...”

Movements too controlled, Miranda ignored her.

Andrea slid her hand between them as she hooked her other arm over the back of Miranda’s neck. She rubbed her clit, sighing into Miranda’s ear, “That’s it...I’m so ready, come on...give it to me.”

Miranda moaned, hips no longer maintaining a steady rhythm.

“Take what’s yours...alpha.” Andrea taunted.

Miranda stopped, blue eyes darkening. A drop of sweat from her jaw fell on the corner of Andrea’s mouth. Her tongue darted out to taste it.

“Is that what you want right now?” Miranda asked hoarsely.

Andrea’s vaginal muscles pulsed around silicone as Miranda minutely rocked back and forth, buried so deep that it teased Andrea’s g-spot. She stared into Miranda’s eyes.

“More than anything.”

Miranda’s jaw flexed. She didn’t pull out but started to circle her hips.

Andrea’s head snapped back. She immediately grabbed the back of her knees and pushed down.

“Oooh, fuck, what are...just like th-that..”

Miranda started pumping into her, hitting Andrea’s spot every short jab. Her body tightened and she wanted it all, to be filled and devoured and conquered. Miranda’s hot grunts fell on her face, neck and chest. Their combined sweat created lubrication where skin met skin. No longer capable of keeping her legs up, Andrea wrapped herself around Miranda’s sweaty body.

Pressing her open mouth just below Miranda’s earlobe, Andrea used the last bit of coherency to moan, “Yours.


“You were amazing.” Andrea stated then bit into a fresh strawberry.

They sat in the middle of the bed with the unpacked picnic basket. An unopened jar of caviar remained within, however, as Andrea didn’t particular care for it. Miranda covered a thin wafer with an herbed cheese spread then popped it into her mouth, closing her eyes as she chewed.

When she opened them, she said, “I would like for you to try it on me sometime.”

Andrea raked back her hair. “I must look...”

“Well fucked.”

Laughing, Andrea shrugged then picked up another strawberry. “I have something. To try, you know, on you. Tonight.”

Miranda grabbed an opened bottle that she placed in the basket and drank directly from it. A dribble of champagne leaked from her mouth but she wiped it off with the back of her hand.

“Whatever you want, darling.”

Andrea looked at the sight of Miranda Priestly, ‘The Devil in Prada’, naked on a bed and drinking from a bottle of Moet & Chandon 2008 that had been in the bathroom, hair tousled and blue eyes filled with vibrant warmth.

“I am so lucky to get to see you like this.”

“I feel ten years younger when I’m with you.”

Andrea glided her palm along the slope of Miranda’s thigh and leaned in to kiss her. “You feel any younger with me and I won’t be able to keep up.”

Mouths pressed together but lips not aligned, they started laughing in the quiet, happy way that often erupted between them.

“I think it’s time for a bath.” Miranda said then kissed the tip of Andrea’s nose.

“In a minute.” Andrea nuzzled along Miranda’s neck, licking the skin with the tip of her tongue at odd intervals.

She loved how Miranda’s skin smelled after sex, when the sweat dried after washing away lotion and perfume. The small sharp intake of breath Miranda took triggered a frisson of desire in Andrea. She started pushing things off the bed.

“Wait.” Miranda protested weakly.

Andrea heard the bottle thud against the carpet, the crackling of cellophane but she didn’t stop arranging Miranda how she wanted, all the while anointing whatever skin was within reach with kisses. She scooped up a handful of petals from near the pillows then sprinkled them upon Miranda as she lay supine with her legs dangling over the mattress edge.


“Shh, just hold on, okay?”

Crouching low between Miranda’s knees, Andrea softly blew the petals across or off Miranda’s skin. Motionless, Miranda didn’t indicate one way or another how it felt. To be honest, there was a lot of pleasure in it for Andrea. She watched how the petals almost moved like leaves drifting on a lazy summer breeze. The varying shades of red against alabaster skin provided a beautiful contrast that captured Andrea’s imagination. Nearing the apex of Miranda’s legs, the petals held tenaciously to hot, damp skin. Undeterred, she used her lips when possible to pluck them off, trying not to graze Miranda’s skin.

“Oh.” she gasped when Andrea directly blew against her soused vulva.

Overcome by the scent and nearness of Miranda’s arousal, Andrea touched the flat of her tongue along the length of Miranda’s cunt but didn’t move it. Immediately, Miranda butted up against it then brazenly rode it, cupping the back of Andrea’s head.

“Yesss, that’s it.”

Andrea spread Miranda’s lips and started fucking Miranda with her tongue. At the moment she felt Miranda’s opening expand, she pulled away, denying her release then wiped her chin.

“God damn it.” Miranda breathed. “It’s so fucking intense when you do that.”

Carefully, Andrea stretched out on the bed beside her, propping her head up with her hand. She draped her thigh across Miranda’s.

“Have you always...liked that?”

The disbelieving chuckle weakly crossed Miranda’s lips. “There are a great many things I’ve discovered I like since falling in love with you.”

 Andrea kissed Miranda’s collarbone. “Really?”

Miranda turned her head toward her. When their eyes met, Miranda said, “I...perhaps I’ve wanted that but I...stuck to what worked with my husbands, I suppose. It’s...different with you.”

Andrea rested her head on the inside of her arm. “I want to try everything with you.”

Turning on her side to face her, Miranda gently moved a strand of hair from across Andrea’s cheek. “I agree and not only in our sex life.”

“Come on. I’m getting tired and I don’t want to waste time sleeping.” Andrea whispered. “Let’s take a bath.”

Andrea used the toilet while Miranda got the water ready. When Andrea finished, she washed her hands then took over the bath preparations while Miranda used the toilet. She shook her head pouring in the wonderful smelling bubble bath liquid. It hadn’t occurred to her, either of them evidently, to preserve the slightest degree of modesty. Not feeling self-conscious was liberating for Andrea who often shied away from moving around without clothes.  But Miranda made her feel desirable, beautiful even, when her eyes fell upon her.

“Okay.” Andrea said, gently pulling Miranda back against her, to keep from the sloshing water. “Comfortable?”


“So, did you ever have braces?”

Lazily circling Andrea’s knee with her fingers, Miranda replied, “What a random question. I suppose it’s better than ‘what’s your favorite color’.”

Andrea brushed the tip of her nose against the short hairs behind Miranda’s ear. “Answer the question.”

“No, I did not. You?”

“For three godforsaken years.” she huffed. “How old were you when you had your first orgasm?”

The water rippled when Miranda chuckled. “Thirteen. I was reading one of my mother’s romance novels while I sat on the sofa.”

“You didn’t...touch yourself?”

“No, I did not. You?”

“Fifteen, dry-humping with Trevor Smith on a blanket in his basement. I thought I peed my pants. I didn’t know what the hell was happening.”

Predictably, Miranda snorted.

Andrea nipped her on the neck in retaliation.

They were quiet and still for a moment. The steam from the water wafted up as the bubbles dispersed. Andrea leaned her head back against the tile, a few wet tendrils escaping her messy bun.

“Do you not want to take a small vacation together?”

Surprised by hesitancy in Miranda’s question, she asked one of her own. “Are you talking about Florida?”

“Yes. You said you wanted to talk about it first.”

Andrea squeezed Miranda with her arms and legs then kissed the side of her head. “Oh, it wasn’t because I don’t want to go, because I do, but I didn’t know how we would navigate it. We’re supposed to be keeping a low profile, you know. And the children were there.”

“I know but it’s not like the paparazzi follow me everywhere. No one’s been lurking outside the town house in ages.”

“I saw the picture of you and Johnathan standing in front of the town house, Miranda.”

“He arranged that, darling.”

Andrea huffed, knowing what was about to come out of her mouth was entirely too juvenile for words. “And the kissing? Did he arrange that, too?”

Miranda laughed, raised her wet hand and flicked water back at Andrea. “Oh, my jealous cub, you are precious.”

“Whatever. So, we’re going to Florida?”

Settling back against Andrea, Miranda confirmed, “We’re going to Florida.”


Dried and hydrated after a bottle of water a piece, they put on hotel robes then cleaned up the bed. Once it was done, Andrea pulled Miranda against her from behind, undoing the belt around her waist.

“Can I blindfold you?”

“I don’t care what you do as long as you don’t stop touching me.”

Andrea’s chuckled low in her chest as she cupped Miranda’s breasts. “I’m gonna remember that.”

Releasing Miranda, Andrea walked over to her overnight case and took out a gorgeous Hermès blue silk printed scarf. She smothered a laugh when, without prompting, Miranda turned around.

“Tell me if it’s too tight.” she murmured and cautiously lowered it across Miranda’s eyes then knotted it.

She kissed Miranda, pushing down the robe from her shoulders and freeing her arms. Evidently, Miranda required no further assistance and scooted back on the bed, reaching behind her for the pillows.

“You can’t see, can you?” Andrea asked, narrowing her eyes.

“No, I can’t. I’m not helpless, after all.”

Nevertheless, Andrea cupped the back of Miranda’s head and guided her backward onto the pillows. She leaned in and said, “Get comfortable. I’m going to get something from my overnight.”

The small jar of organic honey and a baggie of roasted spiced pistachio nuts that she had crushed, when combined, had a visceral effect on Andrea’s libido. Maybe it was her own version of aphrodisiac. The first time she tried it, over a scoop of decadent vanilla ice cream, she moaned, shocked by the how she wanted to gorge herself on it. It was her little secret until now. Nate would have ruined it for her, either by mocking her taste buds or insisting she bring it into their bedroom.   

Andrea glanced at Miranda, hands on her stomach with one leg bent as it swayed a little from side to side. Aesthetically pleasing, the woman could be covered in dirt and still be gorgeous, but the sight of her on the hotel bed hit Andrea in a different way. Miranda was a picture of trust, vulnerable, not knowing what was next, not in control, and yet lounged on the bed fully at ease.

“You really trust me, don’t you?” she asked, sitting on the side of the bed.

Miranda retorted, “Where have you been the last few months?”

“Okay, stupid question. I’m sorry.”

Andrea set aside the items then kissed Miranda, dipping her tongue in, sucking on Miranda’s lower lip, slanting her mouth then diving in. Things grew heated and messy in quick succession. Miranda’s breasts filled her hands, heavy and satiny, their pebbled tops pressing into Andrea’s palms. Of its own volition, her body shifted, in the process of climbing over Miranda without breaking contact. The heels of Miranda’s palms pushed back the robe’s collar, then her fingers tried to drag it down Andrea’s arms.

Before she became incapable, Andrea retreated, chest heaving as she lightly placed two fingers on Miranda’s lips, forestalling her objection. “I’m not trying to tease, my love. I just really want to experience something with you. Can you remain still or do I have to tie you up?”

Whimpering before cutting it off, Miranda said, “I can be still.”

Andrea positioned Miranda’s hands on either side of her head and pressed them into the pillow in emphasis. She shrugged out of her robe, casting it from her then straddled Miranda’s legs.

“Oh, god, this might be more for me than you.”

“Then let me watch.” Miranda urged in her quiet and seductive way.  “Just watch.”

Reaching to undo the scarf, she pulled it loose once Miranda lifted her head a little. Then Andrea pressed a kiss to Miranda’s forehead, trying to calm down.

“You’re trembling.” Miranda whispered.

“You do that to me.”

Andrea took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Where their skin touched, she could feel the heat and sweat build. Leaning to get the jar of honey and nuts, she sank back down over Miranda’s legs, keeping her weight on her knees.

“You want to put...honey...on my...?”

“Breasts.” Andrea nodded quickly. “I want to drizzle them with it then sprinkle on these spicy nuts...”

“That will get nowhere near my pussy. I mean it, Andrea.”

“Nowhere near, I promise.”

“Well then.” Miranda purred.

Setting down the plastic bag on the mattress by her knee, Andrea then tightened her messy bun. She uncapped the jar, placing the lid on the nightstand then slowly dipped two fingers halfway inside. No longer trying to be neat, she held her fingers over Miranda’s nipple. A thin line dripped from her finger, swirling across the pale pink areola. Andrea watched, fascinated, lips parted. She repeated the process on the other nipple which started to harden.

“Oh.” Andrea croaked.

Watching the honey, warmed from Miranda’s skin, create trails down her breasts, Andrea had to suck in the drool that nearly escaped her mouth. She looked at Miranda then offered her fingers. Miranda sucked them into her mouth.

“Well?” she rasped once she was done, holding Andrea’s fingertips between her teeth.

Andrea mentally shook herself, so mesmerized by her fantasy come to life. She pinched a little of crushed pistachio from the bag, using her thumb and middle finger then rubbed them together to disperse it across Miranda’s honey-glazed breasts. Andrea lowered her mouth, tucking errant hairs behind her ear. She made sure to tilt her head in such a way as to provide a view for Miranda. The first touch of her tongue galvanized her senses, tasting the sweet followed by fiery spice. Andrea moaned, forgetting herself, and grabbed Miranda’s wrist which hadn’t moved off the pillow. She opened her mouth wider, taking in as much of her as possible, using her tongue to swirl the pistachio bits around the nipple as the viscous honey coated her throat. Vaguely noticing Miranda arch her back, Andrea hummed against her skin. By degrees, she released the breast, lips molding to its contours, the hard peak hitting the back of her teeth. Miranda writhed then exhaled an indecent sound which sent a shock over the surface of Andrea’s skin.

“I didn’t think...oh, jesus, keep doing it.”

Andrea, drunk on sensation, bent down to the other breast but started from the base, licking nomadic lines of dusted honey from the valley between her breasts. Miranda’s hips undulated slowly at first. The harder Andrea sucked and nipped and licked, the sharper and shorter Miranda thrusted. Maddened by the brushes against her clit, Andrea ground down, parting her knees wider, meeting Miranda.

“You want to top me, cub...then top me.”

Moaning, Andrea rode Miranda hard and low as she tightened her grip on Miranda’s wrists, nearly laying on top of her.

She breathed in Miranda’s ear, “You want to come inside me, don’t you?”

Miranda surged upward, drawing out a guttural curse.

Andrea canted her hips and slid downward until Miranda’s mons spread Andrea’s outer labia, shallowly filling the aching void by creating a wet vacuum.

“Fuck me.” she whispered.

Miranda cried out, bowing her body, the tendons in her flushed neck standing out as she bit her upper lip then tilted her head back. Just when Andrea started to worry the rigid body beneath her would never relax, Miranda did, only to immediately arc upward again, a low hum emitting through her closed lips. Andrea watched the sensuous way Miranda moved through the tide of orgasm, how her muscles gradually leached tension in spite of surging currents. Her features softened into something Andrea thought resembled bliss or satisfaction or contentment; whatever it was, Andrea was enamored of it, and promised herself she would do her utmost to see it as often as possible.