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More of a Fair Fight

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Jesus but she was tempted to pop into work just to see Miranda but Fen needed to decompress from the long flight and a fitful sleep. Demetria needed some downtime, although she hadn’t asked for it. There was unpacking, sorting out the various souvenirs and presents, and laundry. It was probably a good thing that they weren’t going to see each other immediately. Miranda needed to be with her children before they departed Friday from Dalton but Andrea was determined to be at Runway on Friday if only for a half-day. Before trying to sleep with Miranda, she needed a transition from the virtual world they created during their separation to the reality of being within reach of one another.

Nate called and she spent about forty minutes reassuring him their daughter was fine. The cynical part of her brain pulsed with red warnings, working behind the scenes to uncover the reason for his anxiety. It made her a little leery. As her thoughts focused on him, it suddenly occurred to her Nate’s behavior could make things extremely difficult for Andrea. The biggest question was what would he do if he found out about Miranda? For one thing, his ego wouldn’t be able to take the fact she preferred a woman over him. Would he fight for custody of Fen? Andrea’s blood chilled. Fen was hers and she wasn’t about to hand her over to anyone.

She really had no business developing feelings for Miranda Priestly. In her defense, Andrea hadn’t seen it coming. There was flirting, then acknowledgement, and more flirting, then a tsunami wave of lust dragging her under. Nothing comparable had happened to her and she was left floundering a little bit, trying to find her legs while submerged under water. Yet, Andrea wasn’t easily overwhelmed. She wanted Miranda and she was going to go for it. Fen loved Miranda and that fact wasn’t to something to be dismissed. They would just have to be careful, right? With Nate in Boston, it made things a little easier.

So, yeah, she wanted the woman, desired her in a reckless and almost sinister way but Andrea had never felt so alive, so destined to be with another person. Invigorated and hopeful, she looked at the future ready to eat it. Whether the road to hell or heaven, Andrea was damn well going to travel it. Her marriage headed for divorce, her child was adjusting to living with only one parent, and she was captivated by another woman. To her way of thinking, everything was coming together.

Hopefully Miranda thought the same way. If she didn’t, Andrea had to find a way to convince her. Running in her veins and taking over her bloodstream, her desire for Miranda swept away the concerns, the valid reasons to not pursue a relationship. It could crash and burn, end in a heap of  disaster. Or, it could create an unimaginable happiness. For Fen, too. Go out on a limb. That’s where the fruit is.

Now she wanted to talk, to share, to explore, but Miranda was at work, probably buried underneath a mountain of responsibilities.

A call wasn’t going to decide the outcome one way or another.

“Maybe it’s pathetic, but, I really want to see you.”

Miranda said, “Meet me outside Elias-Clarke at...four. Roy will be waiting.” She hung up.

Andrea grinned. Having a nanny was awesome.


She took a shower and dressed carefully, balancing between sexy and sophisticated. Andrea had every intention of kissing Miranda because after a week of exquisite torture, she had to know. Maybe if she lagged behind a bit it would unfold more exquisitely but Andrea couldn’t concentrate long enough on seduction. No, it was a basic need to connect their lips, fall into whatever feeling that caught fire.

Arriving ten minutes till, she spotted the idling town car and stood in view of the front windshield. When Roy looked up, she waved and he smoothly exited the car.

“Miss Sachs?” he asked, although they had seen each other in passing a few times but she never had been a passenger before now.

“Hi. You must be the famous Roy Miranda talks so much about. Nice to meet you.” She held out her hand.

He masked his surprise quickly and took her hand then said, “Miranda told me you’re to wait in the car. She should be down shortly.”

Holding the door open, Roy waited as she ducked inside and scooted across the warm leather before closing it.

Andrea shrugged out of the long trench then draped it across her lap. The first thing she wanted Miranda to see was her crossed legs and the leather laced-up combat boots with crystal and pearl detailing by Jimmy Choo. The Joseph suede skinny trousers left little to the imagination and the buckskin color offered just the exact contrast she desired. Finishing off the look with a sleeveless Givenchy asymmetrical top in black that disallowed a bra, which after all was the reason she chose it. The one strap was trimmed with a wide-link pewter chain that matched her earrings. Stretched across her upper body, the shirt’s material was a second skin. She decided on a high, slicked back ponytail that accentuated her neck and shoulders, leaving plenty of skin available should Miranda wish to partake. God, she wanted Miranda to partake. Maybe her ensemble would entice Miranda into giving her a preview of what was to come.

“Here she comes.” Roy announced as he got out of the car.

Andrea took several deep breaths. She refused to look out the window, not wanting to be struck dumb before she had a chance at a little seduction.

Miranda gracefully folded herself into the car. She perched on the seat, facing Andrea, and took off her glasses. The rush of cold air swirled around Andrea. Her nipples hardened and she straightened her spine, slightly turning so Miranda couldn’t miss it.

“You look...perfect.”

Andrea moved the coat from her lap. “Thank you.”

Roy entered the car. His eyes looked into the rearview mirror.

“Roy, we have reservations at Harold’s.”

He nodded then the privacy window went up.

Andrea moved closer to Miranda. “Don’t stop me.”

“I won’t.”

Miranda’s eyes didn’t leave Andrea’s face but Andrea was on a mission and reached over to efficiently undo Miranda’s coat buttons and belt then splayed the flaps wide. Miranda’s chest rose sharply, calling Andrea’s attention to her cleavage. She looked up at Miranda’s face, noticed the pulse in her neck and her half-lowered eyelids.

Andrea moved in as her fingertips touched the warmth of Miranda’s neck, sliding upward into satiny hair. Their lips touched, slightly parted and when she felt the tip of Miranda’s tongue, Andrea’s eyes drifted closed. Instantly lost, Andrea let out a soft, short moan, straining to get closer. Not nearly enough, she slanted her head and sucked Miranda’s tongue into her mouth.

“So worth the wait.” she whispered against Miranda’s chin before lightly nipping it before taking possession of her mouth again.

Miranda turned her body and urged Andrea onto her lap. Straddling her, Andrea ground downward as she pushed Miranda back against the seat, fingernails scratching the back of Miranda’s head. Groaning, Miranda’s hands cupped her ass, fingers sliding inward. She broke off their kiss then latched onto Andrea’s neck, teeth scraping.

“Oh, yes.” Andrea whispered and pulled back, staring into piercing blue eyes. “Come on. Come out and play.”

Miranda’s gaze sharpened and she raked Andrea’s ass with her nails. “Don’t start something you can’t finish, Andrea.”

Half-delirious, not in control and ready to give it all to Miranda, however she wanted it, Andrea rocked back and forth, rubbing herself against Miranda’s legs. Thoughts of an audience, of quick and dirty only stoked the flames higher. She pushed aside Miranda’s collar and sucked on the skin above her clavicle.

“Andrea, baby, listen to me...” Miranda muttered as she held Andrea’s head between her hands. “...we need to stop. I don’t want to but we have to.”

Frowning, it was incomprehensible to her that Miranda’s mouth wasn’t on her. She replayed her words silently then, red-faced, scrambled off Miranda’s lap.

“I am so embar...”

“No.” Miranda quickly stopped Andrea’s train of thought. “Don’t ever be embarrassed about wanting me. I hadn’t expected it to be so...intense.” Her chest heaved as she tried to get her breath. “But we’re here and I have to be home for the girls later...”

“I know and I understand, okay?”

Miranda visibly trembled as her gaze dropped down to Andrea’s chest. The driver’s side door opened. Her eyes flicked upward and met a dark brown stare.

“You make me crazy.”

Andrea exhaled and nodded. “It’s mutual.”

Roy rapped his knuckles on the window, waited a few seconds, then opened the door. Miranda took his hand and smoothly exited the vehicle. Andrea moved across the bench seat and gladly accepted Roy’s assistance. Miranda made a move as if to hold her hand but slipped on her glasses instead and walked ahead. Andrea, realizing the very public space they occupied, followed Miranda’s lead, slipping on her coat and walking into the restaurant.

They were seated immediately in a small, softly lit alcove. Andrea’s heartbeat returned to near normal but her pants stuck to her, a constant reminder her body wasn’t anywhere near to be satisfied. Dinner held little inducement but Andrea gamely looked over the menu.

“Have you been here before?” Miranda asked, eyes scanning her own menu.

“No, but I’m having trouble picking an entrée. They all sound so good.”

Miranda set aside the menu. “Order whatever you want. I’ve had their pheasant in mushroom and wine sauce. It’ll melt in your mouth.”

Andrea glanced up and bit her lip at Miranda’s expression. Crazy thoughts zinged and pinged in her head. She squirmed in her seat. When did she become this woman who was so enthralled, the idea of being fucked on top of a restaurant table with an audience was a god damn turn on? In actuality, she thought it would be horrifying but, then, with Miranda sinking into her gaze, Andrea worried her will power wouldn’t hold out.

“What are you thinking?” Miranda asked.

“That I’m so turned on I’d let you fuck me on this table if you wanted.”

Miranda’s blue eyes darkened as she clenched the cloth napkin and looked away. “We need to...Andrea, please...”

“I know but you asked.” Andrea took a deep breath. “Fen learned an old French nursery rhyme and can’t wait to sing it to you.”

Miranda’s delighted smile sidetracked Andrea from her obscene thoughts.

“She has a quick mind, Andrea. I can’t believe she knows so many French words already. I told her I’d teach her more.” A look of insecurity crossed her features. “If that’s okay with you?”

“Miranda, of course it is. You’re a great influence on my daughter.”

“That’s...Andrea, I don’t know what to say.”

Andrea glanced at the menu then set it down. “Thank you usually works.”

Lips lifting in a smile, Miranda said, “Thank you.”

The waiter took their order then receded like the tide just as another one took his place to take down their wine selection. Miranda ordered a bottle of Rose and Arrow Estate Hopewell Hills Pinot Noir with a snack plate of crackers, goat cheese, pear and salami.

Andrea folded her arms and placed them on the table. Leaning forward, she knew the move showcased her breasts and was pleased to notice Miranda’s unblinking look.

“You’re not wearing a bra.” Miranda mumbled.

“Easy access.” she teased, happy to see the semi-leer on Miranda’s face.

“Have you thought of putting Fen in a charter school?”

Andrea scoffed, “She’s just turned four.” When Miranda’s serious expression remained unchanged, Andrea asked, “I mean, isn’t it a little too early?”

Miranda replied, “She has an aptitude for languages.”

“Okay, but let’s see how she does under your tutelage? Or would you rather not...”

“No, Andrea, I want to share this with her. The girls know how to mangle their way through French but neither shows the ability Fen does. Can I see where it goes?”

Andrea smiled then toyed with the delicate necklace resting just north of her clavicles. “Of course.”

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Because you care my daughter and that, well, endears you to me, Miranda. We’re lucky to have you in our lives, you know.”

“I want to kiss you.”

Andrea’s breath caught in her throat then left in a rush. “You are evil, you know that?”

Miranda’s laughter was a mixture of disbelief and goading. “You have no idea.”

Andrea glared and picked up a fork. “Keep it up and we’ll be splashed on Page Six tomorrow.”

The waiter arrived and placed a narrow appetizer tray on the table. Another server appeared with the bottle of wine. Andrea eyed the bottle, intent upon slugging it back like a shot but knowing she wouldn’t.

“That would be unfortunate.” Miranda murmured then nodded to the wine steward who opened the bottle with aplomb.

Once the wine was poured and the sommelier departed, Andrea lifted her glass. “To the future.”

Miranda clinked her glass with Andrea’s.


Dinner went rather well, punctuated with work updates and funny observations. Andrea answered every question, never holding back, surprised Miranda hesitantly returned the favor. The ‘all or nothing’ undercurrents between them scared the shit out of Andrea but she also thrived on it.

“Did you like the pheasant? You didn’t finish it.”

“You know why I didn’t.”

Miranda smiled. “I do. Perhaps tonight once you’re in your own home you’ll finish it.”

Andrea looked askance at Miranda then unveiled a slow, knowing smile. “I wish you would finish me. Wherever you want. Just say the word.”

Looking away, Miranda uttered a soft expletive and whispered, “Anna Wintour’s on her way over.”


Miranda adopted a bored air as she scrunched up the linen napkin and placed it on the cleared tabletop.

“Well, if it isn’t my wayward assistant and the devil in Prada.”

Scanning Anna from head to toe, Miranda tsked, “Good lord, the flying monkeys aren’t far behind, are they? I’ve never noticed until now how much you look like your little minions.”

On cue the music in The Wizard of Oz when the monkeys took flight played in her head forcing Andrea bite the inside of her cheek.

“Hello, Anna. For the sake of accuracy, I haven’t been your assistant for a decade.” she lightly rebuked.

Anna’s smile remained plastered on. Shrugging, Anna sighed, “It seems like yesterday actually.”

Andrea watched the editors’ interchange, their casual insults witty but devoid of rancor. They were friends. Andrea schooled her features away from expressing surprise. It was obvious that neither editor cared for the public to know they liked each other.

“I bumped into Parthenia Xenakis Sunday at brunch.”

Miranda’s lips twitched so quickly that Andrea wasn’t sure she saw it.

“How unfortunate for her.” When Anna remained silent as she slowly slid down her glasses just enough to show her eyes, Miranda murmured, “You look like you’ve gotten a little work done, dear. Was there a groupon?”

Anna’s eyebrow lifted then she pushed the glasses back on. “You told her Bee was seeing a Saudi entrepreneur who was in the market for ‘another wife to round out his stable’.”

“Parthenia does so enjoy an exaggeration.”

“That spun my wheels for weeks I’ll have you know, you cow.”

Leaning forward, unable to mask the devilish pleasure in her gaze, Miranda asked, “I’m dying to know, how much did you spend on a private investigator?”

Anna’s bland expression cracked as she muttered, “Oh, more than you paid for those designer breast implants I intend on telling Parthenia about. I daresay, that will travel the gossip circuit like lightning, darling.”

A squeak of laughter escaped Andrea. Both women leveled hard glares at her which only made it worse. Andrea covered her mouth with a napkin.

“You wouldn’t.”

“I would.”

Miranda flashed an evil grin. With a dismissive wave of her hand, she said, “Half of the industry already believes my breasts are fake. In any event, you’ll never catch mine dangling from my chest like shrunken heads.”

Anna snorted then abruptly walked away.

“I would never have thought...”

“Yes, well, it’s not common knowledge.”

Andrea tilted her head. “And why is that? Would it really matter if people found out you two were friends?”

Miranda propped her chin up as she put her elbow on the table. “We enjoy the insults and people’s reactions but we both have professional personas we’ve independently developed for important reasons, most related to business. These personas require a certain distance between us, at least in public. We don’t have a traditional friendship and I’m not alluding to the insults and childish pranks. We...protect one another by using our influence and contacts instead of having lunch on Wednesday or attending family functions.”

“It’s a shame, though. She’d be a riot at a family reunion.”

“That she would.” Miranda sat up in her chair then signaled for the check.

Andrea hesitated, then said, “I’ll flag a cab.”

“Why? Roy can drop you off.”

“It was sobering, your explanation.” Andrea whispered. “There’s too much at risk, for both of us, if this gets out. We came too close to having sex in the back of your town car, Miranda. I...”

“What are you trying to say?” she said coolly.

“I don’t...know.” Dazed by her own words, Andrea focused on the waiter presenting the bill.

Miranda handed him a credit card.

Andrea struggled into her coat. She was suddenly overwhelmed.

“I’m only going to say this exactly once.” Miranda said as the waiter departed. “I’m willing and able to be circumspect, to rearrange my schedule, and to curb my public perusals, whatever it takes, to continue seeing you in private until such a time we will be able to go public.”

“When will that be?” Andrea ground out. “After the divorce you’ll still be my boss.”

Miranda looked up as the waiter approached, handing her the receipt to sign.

Fingers shaking, Andrea fumbled buttoning up her coat. She stood at the same time as Miranda.

“Andrea.” she pleaded softly. “Trust me.”

“Don’t.” Andrea pushed out of her constricted throat. “I can’t bear it.”

Side by side, they walked out but not together. Andrea quickened her pace but Miranda caught up, gripping Andrea’s elbow.

“Get in the car.”

“Let me go.” Andrea hissed.

But Miranda refused to release her and all but shoved her toward the car. “We’re not done.”

Whatever response Andrea had simply vanished as Miranda directed her into the back of the town car and followed behind her.

“Where to, Miranda?” Roy asked, looking in the rearview.

“Andrea’s apartment.”

The near noiseless sound of the privacy window rising stirred Andrea’s dread and anger.

“You’ve got some nerve.”

Miranda shrugged. “Needs must.”

Andrea clamped down her jaw and stared out the window.

“When you’re done your childish pouting, we need to talk about this little display.”

The air in the car, thick with resentment, made it hard for Andrea to breathe. Things were spiraling out of her control.

When two more attempts by Miranda didn’t work, she grabbed the front of Andrea’s coat and dragged her across the seat.

“Don’t you dare ignore me.” Miranda muttered then she released her hold.

Andrea leaned forward, trembling, and spat, “Or what? You’ll fuck me in this car? Maybe you’ll wait until you’ve forced your way into my home? Take me on the floor in front of my child? Is that where this is going?”

Miranda’s face turned to stone and Andrea’s regret was immediate.

“No, I didn’t wouldn’t do that, Miranda.”

“Ah, now I see. You’re scared and striking out because you’ve lost a bit of control over your emotions.” Miranda coolly intoned. “You don’t suppose you’re much different than my ex-husbands in that regard.”

“No, just stop for a minute. This is...”

Miranda cut in, “A mistake.”