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Twisted Paths

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“What the hell are you doing, Deku?”

The moment the words come out of Katsuki’s mouth, he regrets them. It’s not as if he doesn’t know what Izuku is doing — it’s pretty fucking obvious. The idiot is posing in front of the locker room mirror, scantily dressed in just some green boxers, sticking his fat ass out while trying to offer a sexy expression for the camera. 

Deku is taking a lewd picture of himself.

The second Katsuki saw Deku’s suggestive pose, heat flooded his body. After overcoming his awkward puberty days, Deku has become the hottest twink around and even all their complicated history wasn’t enough to put a damper in Katsuki’s libido. He’s been imagining his friend dressed pretty much like this for his jerk-off sessions for years now and to finally see Deku posing in all his glory got Katsuki’s blood pumping.

But that pleasant heat quickly became a jealous fire when he realized Deku was taking this picture for someone — someone who isn’t Katsuki. That was enough to get his mouth spitting the harsh words he just said.

And as the words echo in the empty locker room, Izuku turns to look at him startled. His expression morphs from sexy to terrified in less of a second.

“Wah-cchan!” he yelps, arms crossing over his chest, trying to keep some modesty. “It’s- It’s not what it looks like!”

“You sure? Because sure as hell looks like you’re taking fucking nudes in the damn agency’s locker room,” he sneers.

“I- I-” Deku stutters without being able to deny.

“That’s what I thought,” Katsuki challenges. “You should keep your freaky kink shit in your bedroom. What kind of loser told you to do this in your fucking workplace?”

“It’s not like that! I wasn’t doing it because someone told me!” Izuku tries to defend himself, quickly reaching for the small pile of his clothes on the bench.

“Oh yeah? So you’re a fucking pornstar now?!”

Katsuki’s words come loaded with sarcasm. For some twisted reason, he’s just trying to make Deku confess who he’s hooking up with. But the way Izuku looks down to the floor clearly ashamed, a bright red blush coming to his cheeks, and his eyes filling with water answer Katsuki’s question in volume.

“Shit… You’re taking this picture as porn,” he mumbles in complete disbelief.

He’d absolutely never expect Deku to be up for this kind of thing. It’s the most out of character thing he’s ever seen Izuku doing. Katsuki doesn’t even know how he feels about it — Fucking surprised, for once. But disgusted? Angry? No, not really. Jealous? Maybe. Interested? For damn sure.

As he gets over his shock, Deku already got dressed and is briskly walking away from the locker room. Without second-guessing, Katsuki runs after him.

“Deku! Get back here!” he demands.

“I need to go, Kacchan,” Izuku mumbles, not sparing him a glance.

“Hell to the no! You’re gonna explain this shit to me!”

“I don’t have anything to explain,” Izuku says in a robotic voice.

“The hell you don’t! Since when are you doing fucking por-”

Katsuki doesn’t manage to finish his sentence because Izuku slaps a hand on his mouth, effectively shutting him up.

“Alright, alright,” Deku hisses. “I’ll tell you, but you just gotta promise you won’t tell anyone and you won’t mention anything in public.”

Rolling his eyes, Katsuki snaps. “Oh, so I can’t say anything, but you can take pictures in the goddamn locker room?” With an angry huff, Izuku simply turns his back to Katsuki and starts walking away again. This gets him to change his tone pretty quickly. “Fine, whatever, you fucking nerd. I won’t spill your dirty little secrets around. Just tell me what’s going on!”

Izuku sags his shoulders in defeat and mumbles, “Let’s go to the roof. I don’t want to talk about this here.”


“How much debt?” Katsuki asks, not wanting to believe the number he just heard. Izuku sighs and repeats the amount. “Holy shit. How the hell did you manage to buy enough merch to get to that number?! I thought you already had most of All Might's shit anyway!”

“It was not my merch!” Izuku defends himself, just to add more quietly, “Not most of it… Mom didn’t tell me dad stopped sending money after I graduated. She thought she could handle things on her own. But now she’s about to lose her home and what we make as sidekicks isn’t nearly enough to fix this mess…”

A little-known truth is that sidekicks are paid barely more than convenience store workers. Actually, hero work doesn’t pay as much as they were led to believe. Most of the money comes from sponsorships, merch, and marketing campaigns, but sidekicks aren’t the ones being called for these gigs. Most of the heroes in their generation are still struggling to make ends meet. It’s totally plausible that Izuku wouldn’t be able to pay off his mother’s debt just with their agency’s shifts. What’s not plausible is his solution to this problem.

“And then you decided to sell nudes?!”

“I made an OnlyHeroes account,” he shrugs. “From my research, it’s the only thing that will give me the money I need before my mom is left on the streets.”

“So you jerk off to a bunch of horny old geezers?” Katsuki sneers.

“I- I don’t jerk off!” Izuku protests, blushing a bright red. “I just take pictures… And I don’t know the age of my subscribers. All I know is that they have enough disposable income to help me pay my debts.”

“This could fuck up your career,” Katsuki states. “I know a bunch of chicks are doing it, but shit can go sideways pretty quickly. If you want to be the number one-”

“I know! I know, alright?” Izuku interrupts him. “I just don’t have any other choice! I’ll do it until I pay off the debt and then I’m done! I should have enough in about six more months, so it won’t be long.”

“Six months of internet porn is a fucking lifetime, Deku!”

“It isn’t porn! At least, not yet… If I did videos, I could probably pay for everything in two, maybe three months…”

“I can’t believe you’re actually considering it!” Katsuki barks angrily.

“What choice do I have, Kacchan?!” Izuku asks, desperation in his face. His eyes glimmer with unshed tears and Katsuki can see Deku truly is at his wit’s end. He can’t see any way out of this predicament and knowing the nerd, he has probably considered every alternative.

“I’ll buy your pictures.”

The words are out of Katsuki’s mouth before he can think over them. All that he knows is that he feels unreasonably jealous that some horny, disgusting strangers are ogling Deku on the internet; and Deku intends to keep doing it for God knows how long! Katsuki can’t allow that to go on.

Izuku doesn’t seem convinced, though. He scoffs and rolls his eyes, “I need to pay the debts before my mom is evicted, Kacchan.”

“I have the money, Deku,” he says calmly. 

And he does. Katsuki is probably one of the only sidekicks that can whip out that kind of money — the other person being Todoroki with his dad’s credit card. Not that Katsuki can say he managed it all on his own either. His parents are designers, really great designers, and Ground Zero debuted already with a whole clothing line for the stores. Sure, paying off Izuku’s debt in the six months will eat absolutely all his merch income, but right now that seems more than worth it.

As Izuku doesn’t seem to believe him, Katsuki explains. “The old hag and old man’s clothing line. I can help you pay off the debt in six months too. Just… get off this damn website. We can figure this shit out.”

Izuku’s green eyes start spilling tears and relief comes over his face. “Do- do you mean it, Kacchan? Are you sure?”

Katsuki’s heart squeezes seeing all the trust Deku is putting on him. He knows he doesn’t deserve this after all the shit he put Izuku through during most of their lives — and still, Deku is the one to make Katsuki feel the most like a hero.

“I never say shit I don’t mean. Now give me your bank account and I’ll transfer you the money.”


When Katsuki got home, he took a moment to wire whatever money he had on his account to Izuku. It wasn’t nearly enough, he’d have to pull some money from some savings and reroute some of his earnings from the clothing line the next day. Maybe he’d even talk to his bank manager to see if it was worth taking a loan so Izuku could pay the whole debt at once and then pay back the bank with his sale income.

With that out of the way, Katsuki went to take a good long shower to replay the image of Izuku in the locker room. The shitty nerd is too fucking hot for his own good. No wonder he would be able to pay off his debt so soon if he started doing videos — a video of Deku riding a dildo would be worth more than Katsuki’s whole flat.

Not proud, but definitely more relieved, Katsuki leaves the shower to prepare some dinner. He goes to his kitchen and gets a bottle of juice from the fridge since he’s thirsty. Then his phone pings and he reaches out for it, as he takes a swig of his drink.

And promptly chokes on it, spilling it all over himself and on the floor. He makes a goddamn mess but honestly can’t find it in him to care about it at all.

Katsuki can’t believe his eyes.

Izuku sent him pictures.

Not random, generic pictures, but pictures. The pictures that were probably on his OnlyHeroes account.

In the back of Katsuki’s mind, he remembers himself saying he’d be Izuku’s only buyer but somehow he forgot this part completely. Probably because he didn’t expect Deku to actually send him pictures, he’d help the nerd without any sort of compensation. But now, as he sees the compensation, he thinks he won’t be saying that to Deku.

Deku is fucking hot.

Katsuki received about twenty pictures, ten from each photoshoot; each one of them is sexier than the former. Heat rises in Katsuki’s whole body as he goes through them.

One of the photoshoots is Deku slowly taking off his sweaty gym clothes in the bathroom of his apartment. The way Izuku’s t-shirt clings to his sweaty body should be against the law, even his nipples stick out from the fabric. Deku looks dirty, stinky, with messy hair and a flushed post-work-out face and there’s nothing Katsuki wants more than to lick him clean. As each piece of clothing is slowly peeled off, Katsuki feels the urge to bring those nasty fabrics to his face and inhale Izuku’s musk. In the last picture of the set, Izuku is only in his boxers — under his shower, completely wet. Katsuki’s blood pressure got dangerously close to a heart attack from just seeing the outline of Deku’s limp dick.

In the second shoot Izuku looks clean and comfortable, laying on his bed just in his underwear. There are pictures in every one of Izuku’s angles, which leaves very little to the imagination. Katsuki is pretty sure most of those angles were chosen to purposefully mimic in which position Deku would be if a lover was fucking him — spread legs, ass up, arched back, open mouth. Katsuki can (and will) imagine himself helping Deku in each one of the pictures.

When Katsuki gets to the end of the pictures, his cock is hard, straining his underwear and there’s already a spot damp with precum. He’s gonna need another shower — as soon as he jerks off in his bed, going over every single one of Izuku’s pictures again.

And later, he’s gonna need to call his bank manager to get things rolling.


“Kacchan! What are you thinking?” Izuku roughly pulls him by the arm, his voice very agitated.

“That I should make curry when I get home?” Katsuki answers, raising an eyebrow in confusion. He was just making his way out of the agency when Izuku grabbed him, looking terrified — he has no idea what he could have done wrong.

“Not that! The money!” Izuku says exasperated.

“What about it? The bank should have transferred you everything you need.”

“Exactly! We talked about you paying me over six months! But then you give me everything at once! I don’t have enough pictures to send you!”

“Don’t talk about this shit so loud.” Anxiously, Katsuki looks around to see if anyone is listening to their conversation. When he sees one intern closer than he’d like, he pulls Izuku to a more secluded corner. “Here is better,” he scoffs. “I sent you the money because the interest from my bank is way lower than what you’d be paying. This is the smart financial decision, idiot.”

“But I still don’t have how to pay you back!” Izuku whines. “I mean, sure, I’ll get you the money eventually. But I don’t have how to pay you back right now! And I can’t make six months of content in one weekend!”

Once again, Katsuki’s mouth decides to take action without consulting his brain. “In OnlyHeroes, you can charge extra for personalized content, right?”

“Ye-yeah,” Izuku stutters awkwardly, looking away in embarrassment.

It’s cute how one moment Deku can take the lewdest pictures Katsuki could ever imagine and the next he’s acting like a virgin bride. It makes Katsuki want to mess him up and see what it takes to get Deku from naive little boy to sexy vixen, and vice-versa.

“Then I’ll send you some requests,” he whispers. “Those pictures you sent me gave me some delicious ideas…”

“Did they? You didn’t say anything after I sent you,” Izuku mumbles with a cute pout on his lips, his green eyes still not meeting Katsuki’s.

“I didn’t say anything because my hands were too busy to type,” he teases and is proud to see Izuku’s blush growing redder. “But, shit, you’re worth every damn penny, Deku.”

It’s fascinating seeing Izuku’s transformation from anxious mess to coy and sexy. His eyes start shining, a small smile plays on his lips and his whole demeanor gets somehow hotter. And it’s a power high like nothing else to know Katsuki was the one to do that — he was the one to make Izuku forget all his troubles and feel like the gorgeous creature he is.

“I don’t even know which one was my favorite. I’ve been going back and forth between them…” Katsuki whispers, trying to elicit more sinful reactions from Deku. “You’re the sexiest little thing I’ve ever seen…”

Katsuki’s praises help the sexy vixen in Deku show up for a bit. The nerd giggles and smirks for him before saying, “Then I’ll be waiting for your requests, Kacchan. I like to work hard for what I earn.”

After that, Izuku winks at him before turning around and walking away with a beautiful sway of his hips — leaving Katsuki in uncomfortably tight pants.


A striptease with his hero uniform is the first request Katsuki makes.

He had to think a lot about what he’d want. One part of him was flooded with ideas, while the other liked it when he was surprised by Deku’s photoshoot ideas. Izuku certainly put a lot of thought and care into the pictures he took, so Katsuki had great expectations about asking to see the lewd side of Hero Deku.

And damn if Deku didn’t deliver. The striptease is so fucking sexy, Katsuki had to stop looking at it during his work shift, or else he’d have to hide in an alley somewhere to jerk off before getting home. Katsuki is considering print the picture of Deku only in his leg guards, underwear, and mouthpiece as a poster and hang it in his room in a place of honor.

This time, after Katsuki went home and jerked off to his heart’s content, he remembered to answer Deku’s message with what he thought of the pictures. He almost needed to whip out a thesaurus for synonymous of ‘hot’, ‘sexy’, and ‘fucking great thighs’ to be able to express all his feelings about Deku’s photoshoot.

But Deku wasn’t over with him, no. He demanded to know Katsuki’s next request.

Katsuki thought he asked for too much, that there would be no way Izuku would be able to deliver it for him — but lo and behold, some days later he received a beautiful photoshoot of Izuku in UA’s cheerleader uniform.

Honestly, Katsuki would die happy with that. It was more than a dream come true. Deku’s abs peeking from underneath the cropped shirt were to die for and just seeing Deku in a skirt did things to Katsuki’s heart and mental health he didn’t even know were possible.

However, besides the pictures, Deku sent a video and that really killed Katsuki. It was a 30-second video of Deku trying to imitate the cheerleaders’ dance. The way Izuku’s skirt was clearly too short for him and showed his underwear after every single move got Katsuki to believe there’s some kind of divine being watching over him. It was a truly holy experience.

And maybe after watching that, his fingers naturally reached for his phone, opened his bank’s app, and sent more money to Deku. But what could he do? Deku helped his soul ascend; a few more iens were nothing compared to that.

Izuku didn’t agree with it though and confronted Katsuki again the next day.

“Kacchan! You can’t keep doing that!”

“Doing what?” he pretends to not know what he did.

“Sending me money!”

Katsuki shrugs, “I thought that was our arrangement.”

“For me to pay off my debt! And that’s paid for! Now I’m trying to pay you back before I can actually pay you back with money!” Deku argues, exasperated.

Rolling his eyes, Katsuki dismisses, “You don’t have to pay me back later with money if you’re already paying me back now with pics. This makes no sense. And our previous agreement was just about pictures… Surely a video like that one is worth some extra,” he smirks.

Izuku blushes prettily, and Katsuki can see he’s pleased with the praise so he continues.

“Take the extra money and buy something nice for yourself for a change. I know you probably haven’t bought any new merch in a while because you were stressed out about the debt.”

“I- I’ll think about it,” Deku stutters. “An-and you can keep sending me requests.”

“I’ll think about it,” Katsuki parrots, smirking. “But, honestly, what you already sent me is worth way more than the money I gave you. And if I have any more pictures from you, I think my dick will fall off.”

“Y-you can take the pictures yourself too,” Izuku blurts, terribly embarrassed.

“You want pictures of me jerking off to you? That’s kinky, Deku,” Katsuki teases.

“N-no! I mean, ye-yes! But that’s not what I was saying- I- Ah- Just forget it,” Izuku chokes on his words and tries to run away, but Katsuki grabs him by the arm.

“What are you offering, Deku?” he asks, his voice rough with desire.

“I-If you want, I- I can go by yo-your place to- to pose for pictures,” Izuku mumbles, face bright red.

“Fuck yeah,” Katsuki says under his breath, too shocked by the proposition to elaborate a better answer. “I’d love that.”

After that Deku blushes and stutters, then walks away saying he’ll text Katsuki to settle a date, Katsuki comes to accept that he’ll gladly go bankrupt to keep this going.


The day Izuku is scheduled to come by his place, Katsuki goes all out. He bought some flowers, made katsudon for dinner, bought some nice chocolate cake for them to share as dessert, and even got the nerd a new Miruko hoodie that just came out. During a moment, Katsuki wondered if all this wasn’t too much for something that should be a strictly financial transaction between them — he gives Deku money and in return gets pictures.

But during their whole lives, Izuku's and Katsuki’s relationship never followed any strict guidelines. Even when Katsuki was Izuku’s bully, they had more trust in each other than Katsuki had in any of his friends. During high school, they collaborated a whole damn lot for people who were supposed to be rivals. And now, Katsuki is more than happy to blur the lines yet again. He doesn’t want this to be just a sales transaction, he wants to be the one to make Deku blush and preen from being told how fucking gorgeous he is.

So Katsuki decides to say fuck it to expectations and just treat Izuku like he wants to — like something precious Katsuki needs to spoil to death. And if Izuku wants to be spoiled as well, there can’t be anything wrong with that.

And from the huge smile Katsuki received as he gifted Izuku the flowers and showed what they’d have for dinner, he’s pretty sure Izuku wants to be spoiled just as much as Katsuki wants to do it.

Deku gushes about the food during their whole dinner but rejects seconds when Katsuki offers. “I can’t eat that much, Kacchan!” he giggles. “I don’t want my stomach to stick out in the pictures later,” Izuku completes shyly.

Katsuki rolls his eyes dismissively, “I think it’s impossible for you to look bad in any picture, nerd… But alright, I suppose it’s fair to leave room for dessert,” he teases which makes Izuku perk up instantly.


The chocolate cake Katsuki bought is decadent, with red cherries on top and a lot of ganache. Not something Katsuki would ever pick for himself, but the way Deku’s eyes light up when he sees the sweet is more than enough treat for Katsuki. He cuts them some nice slices and leads Izuku to the living room, to eat in a more comfortable setting.

Izuku sits by the couch and Katsuki sits on an armchair, looking straight at him. Today, Deku isn’t wearing any costume, but he doesn’t look any less sexy. The nerd is wearing some skin-tight jeans that got Katsuki’s eyes focusing on his ass way more than it would be polite and a black and orange button-up shirt with the top two buttons open, showing glimpses of his delicious collarbone. Honestly, he looks way more like dessert than the chocolate cake in Katsuki’s eyes.

“Have you thought about how you want to take the pictures?” Deku asks casually, sitting comfortable and laid back on the couch.

“Not really… Can’t think of a single way you wouldn’t look hot,” Katsuki shrugs.

Giggling, Izuku looks away to conceal the blush on his face. “Who would know Kacchan is such a sweet talker…”

Scoffing, Katsuki retorts, “I don’t think anyone has ever thought that the shit that comes from my mouth is sweet.”

“And yet, here you are saying all these things to me,” Izuku gives him a side glance, with a small smile playing on his lips.

He just shrugs again, “It’s the truth. It’s not news for anyone you’re one of the hottest people in the country, nerd.”

“One of? Who are the others?” Izuku giggles.

“Me,” Katsuki answers with certainty, making Deku openly laugh.

“So humble, Kacchan…” he teases. “So I guess I’m lucky you find me attractive…”

Katsuki shakes his head, “No, Deku… I’m the lucky bastard who managed to steal you away all for myself.”

“You didn’t steal me, Kacchan… You paid a very high price… Let’s make your money worth it then, right?” Deku teases, playing with a cherry on his mouth.

Izuku sucks the cherry out of its stem and puts the cake down on the low coffee table between them. Then, slowly, he starts unbuttoning his shirt. He goes button by button, his green eyes never leaving Katsuki’s. At the first inches of exposed skin, Katsuki feels his blood running hotter. He has no idea where this is going, but damn if he isn’t loving every second of it.

Even though Katsuki hasn’t whipped out his camera, Izuku acts like he’s posing. He has his sexy expression on, looking at Katsuki from under his eyelashes and is arching his chest to show off his slim musculature. Forget OnlyHeroes, if Deku wanted he’d be making fortunes in famous magazines.

“Shit… You’re fucking perfect,” he grunts, brimming with the desire to touch Deku all over the hard planes of his chest.

“I’m glad you like it, Kacchan,” Izuku says coyly.

“Like it? I fucking love all of you, Deku.” He bites his lips to try and contain his need to mark Izuku’s whole body as his. “Fucking damn… The things I’d do to you…”

“What things?” Izuku asks with a sinful smirk. “Tell me, Kacchan…”

“I’d start by kissing this neck of yours… I bet you even fucking smell good.”

“Well, I did take a shower before I came here,” he giggles, opening more of his shirt.

“Then I’d bite your collar… I’d wanna hear you gasping,” Katsuki continues, voice dark with lust. “That’s the only downside of pictures. Can’t really hear your cute noises through them…”

“And in the video, you could?”

“Yeah… You were giggling. Cutest little shit I’ve ever seen,” he smirks, prompting Deku to giggle again.

“I was nervous when I made you the video… Didn’t know if you were going to like it,” Izuku confesses.

“How could I not like it, babe? You were gorgeous,” he whispers at awe.

When Izuku’s shirt finally hits the floor after a sensual roll of his shoulders, Katsuki’s cock is already rock hard — and, with one lewd grope of Izuku’s hand going over his own crotch, Katsuki can see he’s just as hard.

“Wanna see some more?” Deku asks, teasingly.

“More than anything, baby…” Katsuki whispers reverently. “Show me how beautiful you are.”

With a coy expression on his face, Izuku kneels on the couch to pop open the button on his jeans. The damn pants are freaking tight and Deku moans as the zipper goes over his erection, releasing the pressure there. Katsuki’s throat constricts, completely dry despite how much he’s drooling.

Deku needs to wiggle his hips a little to push down the skin-tight jeans and Katsuki quietly whimpers watching it. It’s the best show on Earth and it’s all for him. At this point, Deku could ask for Katsuki’s whole damn flat as payment and he’d gladly give it to him because it’s sure fucking worth it. 

When Izuku’s pants reach his knees, he lays on his back and raises his legs up in a very pin-upy position. Had Katsuki been a smarter man, he’d be taking pictures for posterity. But his brain doesn’t have enough blood flow to make this kind of executive decision. He’s helpless to just watch and enjoy every single move of Izuku’s body, slowly palming his erection over his pants.

Pants gone, Izuku sits back on the couch, legs spread wide to show his erection straining his white boxers. Katsuki can perfectly see the shape of Izuku’s dick and he itches to get down on his knees and suck him off right there.

“Shit, baby… You look delicious… I wanna eat you up,” Katsuki croons and Deku preens at the praise.

It’s pretty clear how Deku loves Katsuki’s words. He moves his body sensuously as if Katsuki is actually caressing him. Even a small moan slipped through Izuku’s lips as Katsuki tells him, “You’ve got the sexiest legs I’ve ever seen. Wanna feel them wrapped around my head…”

Izuku’s hands go up and down his own legs teasingly. “That’s dangerous, Kacchan… You know I use these to catch villains…”

“So that’s what’s gonna take? Because I can steal some snacks from the convenience store if you’re the one who will teach me a lesson,” Katsuki smirks.

Giggling, Izuku spreads his legs wide, giving Katsuki the perfect image of how he’d be positioned if Katsuki was fucking him. “How naughty, Ground Zero… A hero can’t steal…”

“Too late for that, gorgeous… I’ve already stolen you away from the others and I don’t think I’ll give you back…”

“I don’t know, Kacchan,” Izuku says coyly. “I think I was pretty eager to come, so it wasn’t stealing…”

“Were you?”

“Yeah…” Deku offers a small, shy smile. “Want to see how much?”

“Yeah…” Katsuki whispers back, entranced.

Biting his lower lip, Izuku hooks his fingers in the band of his boxers and slowly pushes it down to show the last bit of forbidden skin. Katsuki doesn’t even dare blink, afraid of losing any second of the show. He can feel his heart beating in his ears, his hands sweating and his breathing is labored. This is the most extreme sexual experience of his life and he hasn’t even touched Deku.

And from the glistening pearl of precum that appears when Izuku’s cock comes out of his underwear, he isn’t the only one enjoying the show. Deku is completely hairless, all clean and groomed just for Katsuki. He looks amazing and Katsuki lets him know that with a string of compliments, each lewder than the former.

“So fucking sexy, baby… Wanna lick you all over… Your dick looks delicious but it would look better inside my mouth… You’re such a pretty little slut, got all nice and ready for me.”

With a little giggle, Izuku teases, “I’m glad you liked… I did get all prepped to see you, Kacchan…”

Then he spreads his legs again, showing his cute little butthole, glistening and sealed with a plug. A black plug with an orange X in the middle, clearly inspired by Ground Zero’s uniform. The air is completely knocked out of Katsuki and he whispers a breathless “Fuck…”

Izuku runs one of his hands over his balls and taint, teasing Katsuki even more. The little vixen is obviously loving how dumbfounded he managed to leave Katsuki. In a regular situation, this attitude would prompt Katsuki to spout a series of profanities and try to put shitty Deku in his place. But right now, it isn’t just Deku who is provoking him, it’s his baby Izuku and Katsuki is way too weak for his baby.

Speechless, he drops to the floor on his knees and crawls toward Izuku. The green eyes Katsuki loves so much are dark with lust and Izuku waits with bated breath for Katsuki to position between his legs. Slowly and reverently, Katsuki raises his shaky hands to touch Deku’s knees and lets them run up his thighs.

“Did you like it, daddy?” Izuku whispers coyly. “You told me to buy some new merch to spoil myself so I thought you’d want to see what I picked…”

“Like it?” Katsuki wheezes. “Shit, baby, I love it. If this is the result of daddy spoiling you, you can be fucking sure more is coming your way…”

“Daddy is so good for me,” Deku coos. “I want to be good for daddy too…”

“You’re the fucking best, baby,” he croons. “Can daddy play with you?”’

Katsuki looks up and sees Izuku’s lewd expression — flushed face, blown-out pupils, biting his lips. He’s truly beautiful and now he’s all Katsuki’s.

“Yes, daddy, please… I want you to play with me…” Izuku begs prettily.

Gently, Katsuki touches the bottom of the plug and moves it around slightly to tease Deku’s walls. That’s enough to get his baby moaning and trying to spread his legs even wider.

“Such a good, sensitive baby… I’m gonna have my fun wrecking you,” he smirks. 

Then, with more purpose, Katsuki grabs the plug’s base and pulls it out slowly, just to see Izuku’s rim opening up around the toy.

“Ka-Kacchan!” Izuku stutters as the most bulbous part of the plug spreads him wide open.

“No, no, baby… That’s not how you should call me now, is it?” Kacchan berates him, keeping the plug halfway on Izuku’s stretched hole.

Between whimpers, Izuku whines out “Da-daddy! S-so good, daddy!”

“Good boy,” Katsuki whispers before roughly pushing the plug in. Izuku wails in pleasure, his legs shake and even a little precum comes out of his pretty dick. It’s the most beautiful sight Katsuki has ever seen. His mind couldn’t ever conjure Deku looking so debauched.

“Touch yourself, baby. Daddy wants to see how pretty you get all fucked up,” he commands to a glassy-eyed Izuku.

The soft little whimpers slip from Izuku’s lips and Katsuki enjoys seeing how his body trembles as he wraps his hand around his dick. There’s so much precum that Izuku’s hand glides easily, just as Katsuki fucks the plug into him aided by the lube already there.

It doesn’t take long until Izuku’s cock and balls are flushed bright red after all the teasing and mental foreplay during his striptease. Katsuki feels on edge as well just from watching the show — Izuku’s face twisting in pleasure, the little tears spilling from the corner of his eyes, his legs shaking, the deep red color of his dick, the broken moans that come from his lips. It’s enrapturing. Katsuki feels like he’s under a spell and barely notices the words coming from his mouth.

“That’s it, baby… Cum for daddy… You’re so fucking beautiful… My sexy, gorgeous baby… Only mine… I’ll never let anyone else see my baby like this… All mine… Gonna make you cum over and over again just to see you all blissed out for me… Shit, you’re hot, baby…”

“D-da-daddy, I’m cumming!” Izuku cries as his orgasm rips through him.

His dick spurts out on his belly and Katsuki watches fascinated as every muscle in Izuku’s body spams wildly. It’s hypnotizing. The best thing Katsuki has ever seen. And only after Izuku’s body goes lax on the couch is that Katsuki realizes how fucking painful his own erection feels inside his pants.

Katsuki tries to adjust himself inside his pants and the movement catches Izuku’s eyes.

“Let me help you with that, daddy,” he says, lust still fogging his eyes. Before Katsuki has a chance of asking how Izuku wants to help him, his baby is already kneeling on the floor in front of him, opening his mouth and rolling out his tongue. “Feed me, daddy.”

In less than a heartbeat, Katsuki scrambles from the floor and gets up, already opening his pants. Izuku has a big smile on his face and hasn’t closed his mouth at all, clearly eager for Katsuki’s cock.

“Oh, you want it, baby?” Katsuki whispers breathlessly, pulling his dick out. It’s flushed a bright red and glistening with precum, and it’s impossible for Katsuki to hold out a grunt just from releasing the pressure of his jeans.

Without any second-guessing, he rests his heavy cock on Izuku’s tongue and lets his baby suck off the precum on its tip. Izuku moans in pleasure at the taste, spurring the heat inside Katsuki. He grabs Izuku’s unruly curls with one hand, pulling his head back to free the way for his cock.

“Then fucking take it,” he growls before slamming his cock all the way to the back of Izuku’s throat.

Katsuki is too far gone to go slow. He knows he won’t last long, but he just can’t care about that after all of this. How could he when Deku looks up to him from the ground as if Katsuki is giving him the biggest treat he could fathom? Izuku’s eyes are glassy and rolling to the back of his head; he’s completely at Katsuki’s mercy and seems to be loving every second of it.

Little gagging sounds come from Izuku every time Katsuki’s cock hits the back of his throat. Katsuki is loving these fucking noises, just as he’s loving to see the drool dripping out of Izuku’s chin.

“Shit, baby,” he groans, his words coming out feverish and rough. “You’re beautiful even- argh- being face fucked. So fucking gorgeous. Wanna drink my cum, baby? I’ll give it to you. Gonna cum in this pretty mouth of yours.”

Izuku doesn’t answer him, but he hollows his cheeks, sucking the life out of Katsuki through his dick. That’s more than enough for his orgasm to break through him in powerful waves that leave his legs weak and his hands shaking. Katsuki moans loudly and spills his seed in Izuku’s eager mouth — and his baby doesn’t let him down. Deku gladly drinks it all.

After it all, they stumble on the couch together, Katsuki pulling Izuku to cuddle on his lap.

“Thank you for the treat, daddy,” Izuku smiles at him, blinking his pretty green eyes.

“Anything for you, baby. You’re perfect,” Katsuki whispers before pulling him for a kiss.

It’s their first kiss together — which seems a little stupid after everything they’ve just done and the crazy turns their relationship took these last few weeks. But the kiss fills Katsuki’s heart in a way he wasn’t expecting. It’s like the kiss is the confirmation that the one in his lap truly is Deku, and this is the new normal in their relationship now.

And hell, Katsuki truly wants to call this a relationship.

“I don’t want to let you go ever again, baby,” he confesses between their lips. “I want you to be with me so I can take care of you forever.”

“I want that too, Kacchan,” Izuku answers, smiling brightly at him.

They sure haven’t gone about this as people normally do. But since nothing about them ever followed usual paths, Katsuki instantly decides that he doesn’t give a fuck about how they got here. All that matters is that when he gets up, carrying his baby in his arms to take him to the bedroom, Deku nuzzles against him and mumbles how perfect his daddy is.