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The new server was a redhead. Keigo had a weakness for redheads. He was a little taller than Keigo, elevated by his heeled boots. The gap between the top of his thigh-high boots and the hem of his salaciously tiny shorts revealed pale, scarred skin that Keigo wanted to feel the texture of. His eyes were intensely blue in stark contrast to his hair color.


He was gorgeous and Keigo wanted a taste. Thankfully, he was permitted to do just that in this space made for people with his sort of desires.


He beckoned the server over with a hooked finger. Keigo must have been obvious in his intent, because the redhead didn’t bring his order notebook with him.


“Can I help you, Sir?” the server asked, tilting his head and blinking those pretty blue eyes. It would have annoyed Keigo - he wasn’t into his subs acting like doe-eyed babies - except for the smirk starting to pull at the server’s lips. He was teasing, and Keigo liked that little bit of bite.


“Come sit on my lap,” Keigo said, wasting no time. He leaned back in his booth and spread his legs to make a seat for the sub to make himself comfortable in. The server did just that, shamelessly draping his legs over Keigo’s.


Keigo laid a hand on the exposed skin of his thigh. He rubbed his thumb over the scars, enjoying the rough sensation. Keigo wondered what it would feel like to fuck his thighs.


“What’s your name, beautiful?”


“Touya.” No last name given. Not a surprise, since a lot of encounters in this club were the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am kind of affair.


Keigo’s hand traveled upwards and found Touya’s groin. He was already getting hard with nothing more than a hand on his leg. Oh, this one was needy. How long had it been since anyone fucked him good and hard if he was this easy to get riled up?


“What’s your safeword, baby?”


“Snow globe, Sir,” Touya gasped. He didn’t fidget or squirm at all in Keigo’s arms. Such a good boy, so well trained.


“Cute,” Keigo commented. “Get on the table.”


Touya obeyed, putting his plump ass on the edge of the table and spreading his legs, putting his knees on either side of Keigo on the booth. Keigo rubbed Touya’s thickening cock in those tiny shorts.


“I don’t have my toys with me, but you’re going to be still, aren’t you? You’re not going to move your hands from behind your back because I told you to. You’re not going to cum until I let you. Understood?”


“Yes, Sir.”


Keigo unbuttoned Touya’s shorts, freeing his cock and pumping it a few times. Touya breathed in deeply, keeping himself together. Then the brat had the audacity to yawn.


So that’s how you’re going to play it, huh? Well then…


He pulled Touya’s shorts down to fully expose him. Touya clearly hadn’t expected more than a handjob and gasped. The leather was straining to stretch over the deliciously thick flesh of Touya’s thighs. He’d have red marks in his skin, the poor thing. Keigo would kiss it better if Touya was good.


Keigo coated two fingers in the complimentary lube found on every table in the club. Today’s flavor was strawberry. Fitting for Touya’s strawberry hair. They were starting to attract a few curious eyes. He was hardly the only one pleasuring one of the club’s servers, but Touya was obviously the prettiest.


He pushed Touya back until he was laid out on the table, then slipped his fingers inside the bratty little sub. Touya was so fucking good, he didn’t squirm at all at the cold lube pushing into him or the burning stretch on his entrance. Someone trained this boy well, and Keigo had to wonder why the fuck they would ever give him up.


“Is that it?” Touya said, arching a smug eyebrow. Keigo didn’t tell him he couldn’t make snotty remarks and his hands were where they were supposed to be, so there was no reason to punish him. But damn, if this sub were his, he’d get a hard spanking every time he opened his pretty lips for anything other than cock-sucking.


He was damn sure Touya would mouth off plenty to get Keigo’s hands on him.


“Aw, baby, I wanted to take things slow. We just met after all. But if you’re gonna be a brat…” Keigo wondered how wicked his grin looked because Touya’s smirk slipped.


He pulled out, then thrust back in forcefully. Keigo fucked Touya hard and fast with his fingers. He was relentless, forcing his fingers in deep and pulling back out over and over rapidly, punishingly. The table rocked under the force of Keigo’s hard fucking and Touya moaned deliriously. Drool slipped from between his lips and his eyes rolled back.


Keigo remained in his relaxed sprawl on the booth, as if making a pretty sub drool and moan was a matter of course. And it was. Keigo was very good to his subs.


“Wait, please, wait – stop,” Touya begged. “I can't...No more, please.”


That wasn't a safeword, so Keigo smirked and said, “Hush, baby. You have no power here. You'll take whatever I give you.”


Touya moaned. Oh, he liked hearing that. He tried to close his legs but Keigo leaned in to bite his thigh. Touya winced and spread himself open again. He wanted to resist, to try and get control over his own body and his own pleasure. Keigo denied him, took control of Touya's body away from him and held it tight. Keigo understood this kind of sub very well – he was mouthy because he wanted to be shut up. He wanted to push back against the hand pinning him down, and more than that he wanted his resistance to be denied by a strong, forceful Dominant. He wanted to say 'no' and be told 'yes.'


He was a good match for Keigo.


“What a good boy. Do you want to come home with me? Be mine? I have a St. Andrew’s cross you’d look beautiful strapped to. You’re so beautiful all spread out like this, just for me. I have so many toys I want to use to play with your body, baby. Would you like that? Be my pretty baby boy?”


Touya might have nodded in agreement, or he might have been so far gone to the pleasure that he would have agreed to anything Keigo said right now so long as he kept finger fucking him.


He didn’t cum, even though he was losing his mind to pure pleasure. He still obeyed. He was barely cognizant of anything except what Keigo gave him. Then it stopped. Keigo pulled out of him, cleaned off his hand and relaxed in his booth.


Touya let out a sound that might have been a scream had it not been so strangled. His dick was painfully hard but this perfect sub still didn’t cum. Oh yes, you are going to be mine.


His thighs were quivering and he was boneless on the table, exposed and helpless, wet with precum, hard and wanting. A fucking saint couldn’t stop himself from stuffing this beautiful thing with his cock. And Keigo was no saint.


“You get to cum when you prove to me you deserve it. How about it, baby? Come home with me and show me you deserve to cum.”


Touya whimpered and shook his head. Ah, he didn't just want his body controlled by his Dom. And he didn't just want just want to be controlled. He wanted his body and his autonomy stolen from him. 


This was going to be fun.


“Let me rephrase. You're coming home with me, baby. I'm going to do whatever I want with you.”