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A Tolerance for Pain

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Harrow must have been working at horny speed because only twenty minutes later the piece was complete. Gideon looked in awe at it in the little hand mirror, tilting back and forth to see it from different angles. Palamedes was not lying, Harrowhark Nonagesimus knew her stuff.

The tattoo artist in question was practically ringing her hands next to her, heavily lined eyes darting back and forth between Gideon's face and the brand new cool-as-fuck tattoo on her left-hand side.

“This is sexy as hell Harrow, I really fucking love it.”

“You’re sure? You like every line? Every millimeter? It's easiest to fix it right here and now. I want you to walk out of here sure everything is to your specifications.”

“Remember when you called me a loudmouth earlier? Trust me I wouldn't hold back if there was something I hated here.”

“I just like to be sure. I’m… a bit of a perfectionist.”

“Really? Had no idea.”

“Shut up Gideon.” She said primly as she wiped away the remnants of blood and ink on her new tattoo. Gideon hissed at the sensation.

“Do I get my reward now?” She grinned as Harrow applied the sticky clear wrap across the area.

“I still have a million things to go over with you Gideon. Care instructions, payment, the issue of your pants still being on…” Harrow trailed off in a faux-exasperated voice.

“Can you do all that naked?”

“You are really chomping at the bit here aren't you?” Harrow said, rolling her eyes.

“Oh ho I see. Little dog can bark a lot but she has no bite is that it?” Gideon teased, taking advantage of their height disparity and leaning over Harrow.

Harrow glared up at her. Then without warning pushed her down into the chair where she’d just spent the last hour writhing in pain. Before Gideon could even stutter a response Harrow crawled on top of her, carefully avoiding her stomach and instead sitting directly on her crotch.

“That little dog comment? I take it back, I take it all back.” Gideon sputtered out.

Harrow, obviously a little too pleased over her reaction, smiled sweetly and then pushed the chair up so they were pressed chest to chest.

“Gideon.” Harrow said softly, wrapping her arms around her neck. “Thank you for being such a good girl for me. You did everything perfectly, even though you were terrified. You made such a beautiful canvas.”

There was no way in hell she wasn't blushing now. “Ahhhughhh.” She whimpered out rather than respond. Her brain was forever broken, there was no way to come back from this.

“Poor baby.” Harrow said in a tone conveying no sympathy, only mischief. Lightly she moved her hand through Gideon's hair, dragging across her scalp in a way that should have been relaxing but made her nerves feel on fire.

Harrow sat up a little straighter on her lap, moving down to caress Gideon's neck with her lips. She groaned and wrapped her arms around Harrow's hips. Slowly, ever so slowly, Harrow moved from the base of Gideon's neck, up her throat and past her chin until she made it to her lips. “What would you like, Gideon? What would make a nice reward for you?” she whispered.

“You are. Such. A god damned. Tease.” Gideon whispered back, and before Harrow could answer, slanted their lips together.

Harrow moaned into her mouth, apparently also a student of the ‘why waste time, just stick you tongue in my mouth’ school of thought. She clawed at the back of Gideon's head as they kissed, hot and wet and thrumming with tension. She could feel Harrow moving flush against her, trying despite all odds to shove them closer together. Either by accident or design she brushed Gideon's tattoo.

“Ah fuck!” Gideon yelped suddenly, breaking the kiss. Harrow looked down at her, black hair mussed up beyond repair, her lips swollen and wet, and a stunning blush across her face, moving rapidly south of her dress. She watched as Harrow's fingers glided down her chest and moved underneath the sports bra she wore.

“May I?” She asked, playing with the band.

“God please.” Gideon gasped out. Without missing a beat Harrow practically ripped the offending garment up and launched herself at what lay beneath.

Harrow, as it turns out, was not the kind of lady who did things by halves. If she was going to dirty talk, she was going to dirty talk you into a coma, if she was going to kiss she was going to kiss like her life depended on it. And when it came to Gideon's breasts she felt no need for an exception. She sucked one nipple into her mouth, moaning around the tit like she just discovered sweet ambrosia. Gideon keened softly, tilting her head up as the pleasure receptors in her brain blew up like fireworks across her skull.

Harrow pulled off suddenly, blowing on the nipple as she left for the other one. Gideon could not provide a better moment in all of history than this one right here with Harrowhark Nonagesimus ravishing her tits in this dark little studio. Until of course the perfectionist decided to one up herself.

Sliding down her body, leaving a trail of kisses in her wake, Harrow moved to her belt. She looked back up at Gideon, and before she could ask she sat up and helped her rid herself of her pants and underwear.

Or at least that was the plan. Embarrassingly Gideon's huge and super badass combat boots caused a bit of a traffic jam around her ankles. Harrow giggled- actually giggled! Into Gideon's underbelly as she struggled to unlace them.

“Ha ha yeah you laugh it up sister, I’m getting my revenge when it's your turn.” Gideon scoffed as she finally kicked her boots off.

“Luckily I don't wear such clunky things Nav so we won't have that problem.”

“Hold on now, could I get proof of that real quick? Because I’m not quite sure I believe you.”

Rather than respond to the clear bait she just laid out, Harrow slid down the chair and got on the floor with her legs bowed out. She motioned for Gideon to sit in front of her and she was helpless to do anything but obey.

“Ready?” Harrow asked as Gideon propped herself up.

“More than I was for that tattoo I’ll tell you.”

Harrow groaned and slapped Gideon lightly on the thigh. It sent micro shock waves up her spine. The woman situated between her legs seemed to take special interest in her reaction in that devious brain of hers, her dark eyes dilating ever so slightly.

Gently she spread Gideon's legs apart, eyes blown out with lust as she examined her pussy, wet and dripping. “I’m sorry I kept you waiting so long.” Harrow said with just the slightest tinge of glee in her voice. Gideon huffed in response, curling her fingers into Harrow's black hair.

Satisfied Harrow sunk her mouth onto Gideon, licking up in between her folds with the kind of ferocity she was quickly associating exclusively with Harrow. Wherever her tongue went she utterly devoured everything in her path. Gideon gasped sharply as Harrow's nose rubbed her clit while she tongued her way into her entrance.

Gideon was trying her best to hang on for dear life. To not squeeze the life out of this very smart, very sexy and very dangerous woman currently having the time of her life deep diving through Gideon's snatch. But restraint was not necessarily her greatest strength and she really hoped Harrow wouldn't hold it against her. Suddenly incredibly grateful for the lack of anyone around Gideon panted hard and loud.

Apparently Harrow found that rather complimentary as she gripped Gideon's muscular thighs and moved her way up her folds until finally she rubbed her tongue against the sweet spot Gideon had been craving since she sat down in the chair.

Gideon shuddered as Harrow started making slow tiny circles on her clit. One of her hands slipped from Gideon's thighs and trailed at her entrance, one tantalizingly long, spidery finger circling questioningly. “Do it.” Gideon moaned as Harrow slid the offending digit inside.

Gideon felt completely helpless in the best way possible, rocking her hips against Harrow's mouth at an increasingly alarming rhythm. She really hoped she didn't break her nose. That would really kill the mood, she thought with absolutely no intention of slowing down or stopping.

Sensing Gideon's need, Harrow increased her tempo, rubbing the tip of her tongue roughly against her clit, moaning in tandem with Gideon as she slid another finger in. She felt her climax building and building in her as Harrow picked up the pace, curling the two fingers inside of her sharply rubbing against her walls in such a blindingly too much motion that she had no choice but to cum all over Harrow's pretty face.

“Harrow I’m-” But rather than cool off, Harrow once again jacked up the pace, furiously thrusting her fingers against the spot that had Gideon practically howling to the ceiling, her mouth sucking at her clit so hard that she saw supernovas exploding behind her eyes.

Her orgasm hit her like a freight train, bursting out of her like a punch to the gut. She felt a stream of cum drip out of her fast and hot. Then, belatedly, realized Harrow just made her squirt for the first time ever.

Not that she was complaining. Slowly Harrow worked her through her orgasm, licking every inch of her until the over sensitivity had Gideon push her head away.

“Uh… sorry about the- yeah.” Gideon mumbled sheepishly, motioning to the completely soaked bottom half of Harrow's face.

Harrow smiled smugly. “There's no need to worry, I don't mind a mess.” She said, pointedly licking her fingers clean.

Gideon moaned and laid her head back on the chair. “You are such a liar. I bet you have your underwear drawer arranged alphabetically.”

“By color actually.”

“Psh as if you wear anything but black.”

“Would you like to find out?”

That got her attention. Gideon perked up like a spring daisy, orgasm fatigue notwithstanding. “Please?” She asked, sitting up.

Harrow stood and unceremoniously threw her dress over her head. Apparently yes, Harrow did wear more than black. All over her arms, chest, and even her stomach Harrowhark Nonagesimus was covered in tattoos. Mostly black with artful pops of color here and there Harrows skin was a detailing masterpiece, filled with illustrations of a grave (haha) nature. Little funeral markers covered in soft white petaled flowers, skulls and bones that danced across her skin, little insects flitting in and out of the designs. It was the most beautiful thing Gideon Nav had ever seen.

“I assumed you’d do more than stare when I took my clothes off Gideon.” Harrow griped. Rather than disappoint the lady Gideon grinned and pulled Harrow by the hips right to her.

“I needed a minute okay, you’ve got quite a bit to look at.” Just to prove her point Gideon stood up and made a slow circle around her, looking at the tattoos that disappeared under her bra (black, duh) and panties (shockingly, polka dots) with great interest. Harrow kicked off her heels and started to pull down her stockings before Gideon stopped her.

“Oh no, you are not depriving me of this lady.” Gideon sunk to her knees quickly, mouthing at the silky texture of the stocking before pulling it off, revealing a tiny crescent moon tattoo on the thigh. She gave it a loud smack of a kiss and moved onto the other one, repeating the motion when she saw a matching sun on the other skinny thigh. Happily, and somewhat smugly, she felt Harrow shiver underneath her mouth.

Kissing her way up her hip, regrettably past her panties, Gideon pushed herself back up to standing so she could remove Harrow's bra. Without any delay she ripped open the clasps and tugged down her underwear so she could finally see her tattoo artist in all her naked glory.

She was not in the least disappointed. Under her bra Harrow had hidden away a set of tiny, perfect breasts Gideon was positive she’d be fantasizing about for the rest of her days. And, to her heart stopping joy, pierced right through the nipples were two little barbells of silver. She could feel the drool collecting on her tongue.

“Wait. You’ve gotta be kidding me. More bones?” And indeed yes, there were more bones. Two tiny skeleton hands hanging out on the barbell pierced through this cute goth witch’s tits.

Harrow groaned and looked up at her, dark eyes fogged over under heavy black eyelashes. “Yes Gideon. As we have established I have ‘an aesthetic’.”

“Hey I get it you like to bone. I’m not complaining.” Before Harrow could dignify that with a retort Gideon rolled a thumb along her nipple. As she thumbed down Harrow's breasts she watched delighted as the tattoo artist jolted in reaction, her hands unconsciously slipping up to grasp at Gideon's biceps.

She could not help the wicked grin that spread across her face as she bent down and took one nipple into her mouth. Gideon up until that point had never been with a girl who had her tits pierced, and the contrasting hot and cold sensation of metal on skin was a curious feeling she could not get enough of. Harrow grasped helplessly at the back of her head, tugging Gideon closer like the demanding brat she was.

Well Gideon was never one to deny a hot girl anything, and she wasn't about to start now. Happily she let herself be led by Harrow’s hands, running the ring back and forth along her tongue. Harrows little groans started growing sharper and higher as she pulled Gideon from one breast to the other, her fingers pulling at her scalp in a way that should have been painful but instead became painfully erotic.

Far too pleased with herself, Gideon pulled off Harrow's tits and moved her way up her neck, leaving a string of bites and kisses in her wake. One brief glance down had her choking down a laugh as she realized Harrow was standing on her tippy toes, stretched taunt.

“Something the matter?” Harrow ground out, clearly a bit perturbed that Gideon had paused in her quest.

“Nothing at all. Not one little, itty bitty, tiny problem to be found.” Harrow glared at her, but before she could respond Gideon captured her lips in another kiss, licking into her mouth like she was looking for buried treasure in her molars.

Harrow moaned into the kiss, her breath shaky and uneven. Gideon broke the kiss, grinning like a wild woman as she looked down at the pretty girl that folded herself neatly into her arms. Seeing her standing there naked and turned on really did feel like victory. Gideon tugged Harrow closer to her and pulled her into a proper embrace.

“W-What's this for?” Harrow stuttered out and for the first time since they met actually seemed a bit nervous.

“I thought you looked incredibly cute and I wanted to hug you. What's wrong?” Gideon beamed, looking down at the captive in her arms.

“You- I am fairly certain you are the most baffling person I’ve ever met.” Harrow said grumpily, burying her face in Gideon's neck.

“Guilty as charged my dear. Now may I please eat your pussy?” Harrow's eyes widened and she reached out to loop her hands around Gideon's neck. Sensing an opening, she used the new leverage pick Harrow up, balancing her hands under her pert little ass. She let out a little yelp and Gideon laughed maniacally.

Lucky for them Harrow had just enough brain cells left to readjust her seat back into a lying position. Gideon laid back down comfy as could be, Harrow balanced on her lap. “Sit on my face.”

No one had to ask her twice. Harrow scrambled up her torso frantically, balancing herself over Gideon's mouth, hands grasping at the fake leather chair. Without warning Gideon grabbed at Harrow's hips and pulled her fully onto her mouth.

This, Gideon realized, was heaven. Harrow was everything. She was everything right and good about the world packed into one mean-ass lady. Gideon knew it from the musky taste of her, the quivering of her thighs, the way her hands threatened to rip the fabric underneath her fingers.

She lapped her up in exquisitely long and slow strokes, joyfully ignoring Harrows frantic whispers urging her to go faster. No, Gideon decided she was going to take her time with this. Moving her hands from Harrow's hips to her ass she pressed her closer, licking deep inside the softest part of her.

Harrow gasped above her. Gideon risked a peek up and saw her head was thrown back, long neck exposed to the humid air of her studio. She ran a hand soothingly along the small of her back as she continued the languid lapping of her tongue.

She could hear Harrow start to mumble something, but the words were lost on her as her thighs clenched along her ears. Gideon was particularly glad now that she had no piercings, she could not imagine that wouldn't hurt like a bitch. Though her mind did conjure a very enticing image of Harrow on the other end of this situation that had Gideon's eyes rolling to the back of her head. Next time. If, god willing, there was one.

Harrow seized her head and ground down on her mouth with the kind of strength she would have never in a million years assumed someone as malnourished as her could have. Gideon returned the favor in kind, sliding her tongue up to her clit and allowing Harrow to mash the two together clumsily.

Gideon nearly jumped out of her skin as she felt one of Harrow's hands reach back behind her and began fingering her. She shuddered at the attention and rose her hips up to meet her touch. It wouldn't be long now, for either of them. Harrow's moans were getting louder, her thrusts against Gideon's face getting more erratic. Though despite that she never took her hand off of her, which filled Gideon with a frightful level of fondness she was not prepared for.

“Gideon- Gideon!” Harrow's fingers moved more frantically around her clit as she bowed over Gideon's tongue. Finally in one heartbreakingly perfect moment Harrow trembled against her and with one last cry slid off of her mouth. While Gideon was still reeling from the taste of her, Harrow was on a mission. Without breaking stride she leaned back against her stomach, still very sweetly avoiding her fresh tattoo, and drove her fingers back into Gideon's cunt.

It felt like sparks on sparks, stacking on top of each other in an endless void of pleasure. Gideon inhaled sharply as the crest of another orgasm rose up in her, Harrow not pausing at all until she achieved her goal. She didn't have to wait long. Gideon felt the pressure inside her explode like a cannonball as she came against Harrow's long fingers.

Gideon groaned, running her tongue along the trail of cum Harrow left behind on her face. She looked down at the girl laying against her breast, breathing in long slow breaths.

“Well I’d call that a success.”

Harrow choked out a laugh against her skin and propped herself up on her elbows. “Yes I’d say that was quite successful.”

“Is that how you get extra tips in this business?” Gideon joked.

Harrow flicked her forehead and nestled back down against her chest. After a moment's pause she peered back up at Gideon. “I’ve never done that before. Just so you know.”

“I took your tattoo parlor sex cherry?” Gideon said in a voice of pure delight. Harrow flicked her again for her trouble.

“I don’t make a habit of sleeping with my clientele, no. And I swear to god if you tell anyone I am never touching you again.”

“So there will be an ‘again’?” Gideon asked, wriggling her eyebrows.

Harrow looked a little hesitant. “If… you’re willing. Of course.”

Gideon sat up abruptly, moving Harrow to sit on her lap just as she had been a few minutes ago. “Harrow. You cannot seriously think I would walk away from this without a guarantee there would be more on the horizon.”

Harrow shifted nervously. “I don't know enough about you to know that.”

Gideon tilted her head. “Well. I’m Gideon Nav. I turned twenty four this year. I’m a Leo, I like Chinese and Indian food the best, I am now completely addicted to you and if you turn me down for a date after this I will probably cry.”

Harrow laughed into her neck. “A date might be nice.”

Gideon smiled wide. “So that’s a yes?”

“An eventual yes. I’m going to be here late tonight. But my next day off is Thursday. Think you can wait that long?”

“Midnight Madame, I’d walk through hot coals just to get within spitting distance of you again.”

She laughed again, then slowly peeled herself off of Gideon, to her great dismay. “Hey hey where are you running off to?” She tried grabbing at Harrow but she playfully batted her hands away.

“You do realize we still have business to conclude, yes?” She said as she bent underneath the chair.

“Lady I am really not going to be able to focus on anything with your ass in the air.”

Harrow popped back up, stocking in hand, and glared at Gideon. “Get dressed you heathen. Sextus and Hect will be back any second.”

Oh yeah. Gideon had completely forgotten about them. She briefly turned her head up, thanking god that her bullshit friends had scattered so quickly after she got there. Impatient with Gideon's little religious interlude, Harrow threw her cargo pants at her face. To appease her new kinda-sorta-maybe future girlfriend she started dressing, but not before sneaking in some groping, much to Harrow's amusement.

“You can man handle me all you want, you’re still paying full price.”

“But no tip necessary, yes?”

That got her a scathing look and Gideon quickly ducked her head back into her tank top to avoid her wrath. While Harrow was still pulling on her dress the little skull bells at the front jangled, making her yelp.

“Gideon? How did everything go?” Palamedes, currently her second most favorite person in the world, yelled out to the back.

Gideon looked smugly at Harrow as she tried and failed to comb out her mused hair with her fingers. “Oh it went great. Way better than I was expecting. I’m gonna make another appointment in fact.”

“Told you it wasn't a big deal.” Camilla, her third favorite person in the world, said in the same dry and dower tone she said everything.

“Yeah no you were right. It was pretty exciting actually.” Harrow kicked her in the shin at that and Gideon had to hop away to find her combat boots.

“Are you guys still at it? We left like two hours ago.”

Gideon hit her (non-tattooed) side wildly so she wouldn't laugh. “Nah sorry. Harrow was just showing me like-” She looked over to Harrow gesturing wildly to an alcohol wipe- “Aftercare?” She facepalmed at that and Gideon realized she might have said the wrong thing.

“Oookay. Well we’re out here whenever you finish up.” Palamedes said with just a touch of suspicion that made her think she was definitely getting interrogated when she got in the car.

“Aftercare?!” Harrow hissed at her.

“Aftercare can apply to more things than just sex!”

“But it's most commonly- oh never mind. Move it, we’ve got matters to attend to.”

“Do you always talk like an old lady from the 1800’s?”

Harrow shoved her out of the backroom rather than respond.

“Uh… hey guys!” Gideon said as she stumbled to the front lobby, leather jacket haphazardly swung over one shoulder. Camilla and Palamedes gave her a strong once over that let her know that yup, the gig was most definitely up.

“Harrow!” Sex Pal said, pulling his eyes away from his mental interrogation of Gideon. “How are you? I hope she didn't give you any trouble.”

“Ah. No. No trouble at all. She was a very good girl.” Harrow said, smiling innocently.

Gideon quickly busied herself with looking through her jacket pockets for her money. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Camilla looking back and forth between the two of them. It was then Gideon realized Harrow was definitely missing one stocking, and half her makeup was smooshed off on her cheeks. She tried (and failed miserably) to warn her but it was too late.

Palamedes cleared his throat. Camilla just looked very tired.

“Really.” They said in unison.