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something sweet [and then some]

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Tick. Tock.

Tick. Tock.


“You have ugly taste in wall decor.” 

The hand digging into his thigh lessened it’s grip marginally, moving to thumb gently into the soft underside of the muscle. Hawks resisted the urge to melt into the touch, focusing instead on the bat clock flicking its eyes back and forth and back and forth and—

“It’s staring at me.”

“It can’t,” came the muffled reply between his legs. Hawks could feel the hint of a smile against his thigh. 

“Tell that to discount Dracula over here.” It’s fanged smile was disturbingly wide and cartoonish. So maybe it wasn’t looking at him. He knew that reasonably. It was a fucking clock . But he’d already been a little irritable when he had come over earlier and the constant metronome was widdling his patience down to something sharp.

Warm fingertips pushed at his leg to bend at the knee, teeth following the motion and nipping gently at the new expanse of skin. It was tender in touch and almost enough to sate him. 

“How do you manage to listen to that daily?”

Teeth and tongue mumbled against his skin, “I only notice when you start bitching about it.”

“Must be nice.” Hawks readjusted, shifting a little further down the table to move this all along. They hadn’t made it very far into Dabi’s apartment. Not that that was unusual anymore. He should never have mixed personal with professional because now it meant Dabi ordered in more often. The money was good and Dabi was an infinite well of hunger, but those bites were turning hungry in a way that meant trouble—for both of them. 

Which was exactly how Hawks found himself stripped from the waist down and tossed up on some cheap fold out that emphasized Dabi’s obvious interest in having guests over. 


He shoved an empty bottle away from his field of vision as he felt Dabi’s hands skirting higher and higher, nose trailing up to tease. Hard to focus on getting bloody and blown with his current state of mind, though. He couldn’t help but feel he was forgetting something, half of his irritation stemming from his inability to grasp exactly what that something was. His fingers thrummed against his chest, trying to avoid keeping beat as he stared at the shifting eyes. 

“Seriously, what century did you pick that thing up in?” 

Dabi pressed his cheek against Hawks’ thigh, amusement warring with irritation in his expression. It probably wouldn’t kill him to at least be somewhat kind to Dabi some days, but he had a sinking suspicion the vampire liked getting wound up a bit. The chase or whatever it was called. 

“Do you really want to know?” 

“No.” The twitch at the corner of his lips betrayed him in the worst way.

Dabi snorted, fangs looking just as comically awful as the bat’s, still ticking away on the wall and behind Hawks’ eyes. “You taste bitter when you’re distracted.” 


“Gimme a discount.” 

“I already bleed you seconds. Don’t push your luc—fucking ow.” Dabi’s eyes hadn’t broken contact as he sank his fangs in above a birthmark Hawks sported just under his hip bone. Dabi said it looked like a little feather. Hawks thought it looked like an annoying habit. “Terrible table manners.” 

Dabi kneaded the muscle just above his new bite, attention turning to the now steady bleed. Hawks wondered if he would ever be desperate enough to lick it off the table. The first hint of Dabi’s tongue to his new set of puncture wounds quieted him from actually asking. He thread his fingers through Dabi’s hair, pushing his bangs up and out of the way as Dabi drank. It wasn’t enough to distract him from his meal and Hawks was allowed to stare for a moment. He fed like Hawks’ blood was his last meal, appreciating every lap and suck like it was pumped especially for him.

Hawks also wondered if mosquitos held the same reverence. 

He propped the hand not twisting it’s way through Dabi’s hair underneath of his own head to get a bit more comfortable. Hell knows he wouldn’t be moving for a minute when Dabi got a first taste. Hawks watched the vampire press bloody kisses to the expanse of skin around the now stinging wound. It was an unnecessary gentleness, a weird sort of worship that Hawks was finding he craved the few days before he scheduled Dabi in. 

Definitely trouble. 

Hawks made a pleased noise in the back of his throat when Dabi mouthed a little higher, nose pressing into dark blond curls. It was a sensitive spot and Dabi exploited that with fervor. He shifted his hips just the slightest as he felt Dabi’s warm breath ghost over him, a little reminder where he liked Dabi’s mouth the most.

“Eager?” Dabi breathed against him, still hovering just a hair too far for Hawks’ interest. 

“You ask that every time.”

Dabi’s red stained lips quirked into a grin. “Only cus it gets you to beg for it.” 

“I do not beg “ 

Hawks lost that fight as soon as it started.

Dabi let the flat of his tongue press, not even move, against his clit. It wasn’t fair that Hawks’ body was betraying his words so easily, hips grinding down against the wet heat of Dabi’s mouth in a slow circle. He let his head fall back to the table and ignored the way he knew the vampire was grinning from ear to ear. Maybe the clock was made in his image. Stupid, smug bastard. He wasn’t above dragging Dabi closer, but whatever pride he had left was overshadowed by the noise of his own panting as Dabi continued to act as nothing more than Hawks’ favorite throne. 

Professionalism be damned if this was the kind of exchange he could look forward to.

Nails this side of too sharp scratched down Hawks’ hips, thumbs spreading him open and finally finally letting Dabi get to an early dessert. Dabi ate like he drank, and it shouldn’t have surprised Hawks each time, but damn if it didn’t fan some flame at the base of his spine. The hand in Dabi’s hair was probably too tight, but he never heard any complaints, only a hum when Hawks would guide him, pulling him close enough to smother. It was impossible in all actuality—but Hawks liked to dream. Dabi would probably be into it. He thought better than to ask and have another bad habit to deal with. 

Dabi dropped a little lower, licking up into Hawks and the jerk of his hips apparently gave the vampire room to pause. He made to glare a hole straight through Dabi’s long dead heart, only managing to catch a wink before Dabi dove back in. 

Hawks considered it a miracle he didn’t dry up immediately. 

Fangs slid up between his folds and that got him back on track. He gripped for the edge of the table to hold onto something—anything. The threat of something that sharp sinking into him with ease made his heart stutter and it didn’t slip past Dabi’s attention. Dabi looped an arm under one of Hawks’ thighs, palm pressing down to keep Hawks steady. Too deft fingers worked their way up to rub small circles over Hawks’ clit, tongue still lazily lapping at him. Dabi’s mean bites matched pound for pound to the gentle way he touched Hawks. 

Tortuous didn’t begin to describe it. 

“Not glass, y’know—” The breathless cut at the end of his words made him cringe inwardly. He gave a tug on Dabi’s hair when he felt him speak, words lost against his skin. “Don’t talk with your mouth full.”

Dabi’s eyes fell half lidded as he lifted up. “Said I’m not in a hurry.” Stupid smirk. He pressed a kiss into Hawks’ curls, lips no longer stained red, but shiny and slick with clearly what he was considering a meal to be savored. He wasn’t wrong, but—

“I’ve got places to be.”

“Unfortunate.” His tongue flicked out to remind Hawks that even if he did have some other plan for the evening, Hawks should consider cancelling. Wouldn’t be the first time he slept over...more than likely not the last. 

Something about that scratched at the back of his skull. 

Dabi took Hawks lack of a retort as an excuse to turn back towards his actual meal, fixing the inside of Hawks’ thigh with another bite. He took a long drink, jaw working to drain Hawks far more than he let anyone else on his list. Watching someone else nearly drag him to death’s door with every swallow shouldn’t make his pulse skip. Dabi must have felt the flutter, thumb moving to work Hawks over while he continued to feed. Hawks was halfway choked on a moan when his phone buzzed, attention dragged out of that dizzying haze of blood loss. 

His eyes rolled back, phone forgotten for the moment between the pleasure and the sting, and the tick tick tick of that infernal clock. He felt his cheeks flushing the slightest as he tried not to pant outright. Hawks could practically hear Dabi calling him out on his fang fetish as he synced each press of his fingers with another suck. 

His phone buzzed again as the time on the clock pressed against that itch in his skull. His eyes followed the bat’s back and forth, trying to remember what could be so important— so important that he couldn’t finish getting off on Dabi mouthing against his cunt with a fervor that made his head spin.

Another buzz of his phone and he slapped his hand up to his bag, haphazardly thrown to the side at the beginning of the evening. Dabi cast him a glance, but continued his duty of making a mess of Hawks; doubling his efforts when he noticed Hawks couldn’t quite find the new bane of his existence. 

Unfortunately unthreading his fingers from Dabi’s hair, he pulled his bag closer to continue his search. With no thanks to the tongue continuing to devour him, he snagged the device and saw he had a couple missed texts. 

Hawks felt himself still.

[K 21:45] Unless I’m wrong, you’re late.

[K 21:58] I’m not terribly interested in rescheduling.

[K 22:12] I don’t think you’re terribly interested in rescheduling either, Keigo.

Dabi rubbed a soothing circle into his hip—something Hawks loved and would never admit to—but right now he couldn’t indulge. Those blue eyes held him in higher regard than they had any right with how hooded they were, mouth messy with blood and Hawks’ previous excitement. 

“Fuck me .” His head hit the back of the table with a thunk.

“Ask me nicely.”

“Not quite that kind of fuck me , Dabs.” He tried to scoot up and away from the vampire, realization now dawning on him. He had to go—had to go before he even got here apparently . Stupid mistakes. Stupid app not tracking properly. Stupid vampires. Stupid fucking themed clocks. Of all the people to double book on—

Dabi kept an uncomfortably firm grip on Hawks’ hip, a low snarl bubbling it’s way up before Hawks’ knocked his knee into Dabi’s head in gentle warning. 

This wasn’t up for debate. 

“I double booked. I’ve gotta go.” He really didn’t have time for this. Hawks reached for his phone, swiping this way and that. Thirty minutes past? It was going to take that long to get to the damn place. “Look I’ll give you a discount—full refund, okay? Free happy meal.” 

That was an electric bill down the drain. He was going to have to discount the next one too. How had he fucked up that poorly? Double booking on a light eater was one thing. Double booking on him ? Bit more than an electric bill’s worth of a fuck up. Blood was blood, but some people tended to tip the delivery boys they liked better. 

The lightened grip on his thigh started to turn just this side of painful again. 

“This isn’t the time to get all cutesy possessive vampi—”

Hawks was too slow on the draw. 

The cheap table squeaked against the floor as Dabi shifted his weight to pin Hawks in place, once again laid flat on the wood surface. Hawks tried to school his expression, but the urgency in his veins twisted it into a scowl. One wrist was caught under Dabi’s grip above his head; the other, still with a death grip on his phone, was pinned off to his side. The hunger and amusement from earlier had shifted in Dabi’s eyes. His pupils were blown out to that unsettling degree only vampires could achieve: an inky black pool that Hawks was struggling to look away from. That sleazy smirk Dabi always wore was still plastered across his mouth too, the corner twitching up into a snarl. 

It was funny—he hadn’t realized till now—faced with the sound of his own held breath and Dabi’s stock still form; the manual rise and fall of a vampire’s chest really was a comfort. They didn't need to do it. Hawks knew some of them didn’t cater to humans like that, others doing it purely out of habit. Dabi hovered over him, unbreathing, unblinking, unmoving; an incongruence with the way he smiled so widely. The idea of smothering Dabi between his legs was a forgotten thing at this point.

A drop of sweat trailed down Hawks’ collar. 

“Are you threatening me?” At least his voice still dripped with venom, even if the tremble in his leg had yet to subside.

He wasn’t afraid of Dabi. He wasn’t . He dealt with plenty of all bark and no bites for a living, and he had seen the way Dabi shivered when he pulled him close; warmth flushing over a corpse. A flash of teeth and a couple growls wasn't something to get worked up over. Then again, infatuation kept echoing in the back of his brain with an intent to deafen. 

Trouble. Trouble. Trouble. 

Hawks’ eyes flickered over to his phone for a second, thumb hovering over the screen. Dabi’s eyes followed, narrowing as the app reflected an angry red. It had been awhile since he’d had an… issue with a customer, most realizing Hawks didn't mess around. Right now that’s all Dabi was: a customer. And between the two evils of the evening, he was the one Hawks was less worried about, surprisingly. 

Well, more worried about, but Dabi didn’t need to know that difference right now and Hawks didn’t have time to dissect his own want to keep the idiot above him alive. 

He would convince himself later it was about the money.

“Do you think so little of me, Birdie ?” There was a challenge in Dabi’s eyes when he looked back at Hawks, leaning in close; the hammering of Hawks’ fight or flight sense probably bass-boosted in the vampire’s ears. “To think I couldn’t have you in so many pieces before anyone would arrive.” Dabi’s warm breath ghosted along his skin the way it had earlier, chilling the sweat along his neck, but hardly eliciting the same delight. “I’m hurt.” The smile in his tone didn’t go unnoticed. 

Hawks wondered how long it would take him to scramble for the stake in his bag. 

“Do you threaten all your meals—or just your favorites?” Hawks snapped back. He was shortening his time on Earth very quickly, if the way Dabi’s nails were digging into his wrists was anything to go by. “Oh wait—that’d require you to try literally anything else on the menu.” 

Hawks felt the telltale pinch on his neck as Dabi lined up with his fluttering pulse. He tried to move his wrists but Dabi’s grip might as well have been iron. “Shame I won’t get to see how he reacts to the news of what happened to his favorite meal before he got a last bite.”

There was a certain client confidentiality in his line of work. He didn’t give names or addresses or numbers. He certainly didn’t give his own real information out. Vampires were touchy—evidenced by the way Dabi was still poised to shred his jugular with one fatal tear—so it was best for both parties to avoid all the conflict. This was all in theory, though. Some vampires had worked the possessive stick out of their ass eons ago and just didn’t want to cook for themselves at home. Others, which Hawks was finding out that he was very good at getting as customers, figured a couple bites and a windfall or two meant they had first and final dibs. 

Capitalism just didn’t favor favoritism like that. 

Hawks bit down on the inside of his cheek and waited for his own terrible version of the last supper. And waited.

And waited…?

He blinked his scrunched eyes open to see Dabi hovering over him again, still moving too fast for Hawks to register. The amusement was back, but it didn’t sit right in Hawks’ stomach. Dabi’s pupils were back to a familiar size at least. His fangs had retracted only slightly, tips just peering out from under his lip as he watched Hawks. 

His favorite, huh?” 

“You’re not the only one with great taste.” 

Hawks had made a lot of stupid mistakes in his life. That might have topped that list though.

Dabi seemed to mull something over before the grip on Hawks’ wrists loosened and he pulled back. The smirk was still present, but it was like someone had broken a pressure valve, all the tension leaving Dabi’s form at once. The turnaround was far too quick to be natural and Hawks’ own muscles ached at the forced picture of relaxation Dabi was putting up. The death grip on his phone seemed a little pointless now—as if it hadn’t always been. They both knew Dabi was right. He let it drop to the table, raising his arm to catch the light, bruises already forming in the shape of too tight fingers.

“Happens all the time, right?” Dabi leaned back, fingertips trailing down Hawks’ flank, featherlight and stopping to circle his hip. It wasn’t comforting.

Hawks cleared his throat, suddenly very aware of how exposed he was, “I said I’d refund it, Dabi. Drop the issue.” He needed to get cleaned up. Being a little drained wasn’t ever in his favor, even less so with his next client’s appetite. Sitting up gave him a head rush he would normally love, but it only turned his stomach. His brow furrowed as he tried to steady his breathing out and focus on what he needed to do. 

One: Clean himself up. His legs stuck to the table as he shifted. Gross . Fuck Dabi’s shitty table, though. That wasn’t his problem. He couldn’t afford to be a mess and look like one, so that was priority. 

Two: Would be to shower and rid Dabi’s stench from his blood, but there was no time for that. Plus, he was pretty sure Dabi wouldn’t let him borrow his tub like usual anyways. Just a hunch. Getting snubbed mid meal did that to people. Vampires. 


Three: Find a way over to K—

Something cold touched the back of his neck. 

He had half a mind to strike out but the sound of Dabi clicking his tongue reached his ears first. The cold moved to his line of sight: a wash cloth. 

Being helpful wasn’t exactly out of Dabi’s MO, but it certainly wasn’t the usual.

“I’m not helping, by the way. You did threaten to have me burned in the town square.”

There was the usual Dabi.

“Didn’t ask for your help. And you would have deserved it.” Hawks shook his wrist to show off his new, purple cuffs. “Fuckin’ mosquito. No one burns at the stake anymore either.” 

Dabi shrugged, nonplussed by Hawks’ biting words. He let the cloth fall into Hawks’ hands and moved to straddle the arm of the couch. It all felt a little stiff, and not in a walk of shame kind of way. He rolled his shoulders and tried to ignore the weight settling between them. A couple minutes of wiping himself down, he was thankful he tended to clot quickly after a feeding. Putting himself together wasn’t difficult, even if he did wince as his jeans rubbed aggravatingly against Dabi’s bites. 

He was acutely aware that Dabi’s attention never left him the whole time. 

The flick of a lighter caught Hawks’ attention as he ran a hand through his hair to smooth it down. Dabi took a long drag on the end of his cigarette, offering it over when Hawks quirked a brow. 

An olive branch. 

He almost took it, hand pulling back at the last second. He was already testing fate. 

“Can’t tonight.”

Dabi looked Hawks over, now mostly put back together. It felt scrutinizing, like he was trying to pinpoint something. 

“What?” Hawks bit off the word, wondering why he was still here dealing with this. 

Dabi snubbed the cigarette out on the back of the couch in a show of perfectly wasted nicotine. “I’ll drive you.” 

Hawks stomach lurched. 

“The fuck you will.”

Dabi snorted as he stood, hands sliding into his pockets. “How else are you getting over to…?” 

Hawks watched him saunter towards the door, feeling that familiar irritation creep up his spine only Dabi could drag out of him. “None of your business.” They could play bad boy vampire, “innocent ” human any other day of the week. “I can walk.” 

Dabi inhaled hard through his nose. “Smells like that might be a bit of an issue.” He grabbed his keys from a side table littered in empty blood bags. “I’m the least of your worries with a few open wounds this late.” 

Oh, how well aware Hawks was. 

“‘Course, that is unless you want to throw yourself in shark infested waters.” He paused. “I won’t skimp you on pay.” 

Now that was very unlike Dabi.

“What’s the catch?”

“Let me make sure my favorite meal gets there in one piece.” Hawks didn’t need to see Dabi’s face to know he was smiling as he let himself out the door. 

Trouble and Dabi were becoming synonymous.


They didn’t speak much on the drive. Hawks gave verbal direction, refusing to hand his phone over. He was stupid, and he probably had some kind of death wish considering his current position, but he wasn’t completely out of his mind. There was some expected resistance though, a bit of rapport, anything closer to Dabi’s usual need to keep his mouth moving—but the vampire almost looked bored , one hand on the wheel, other thrumming along the stick shift. Hawks had never actually seen someone turn into a bat, but that may have been leftover folklore because why own a car if you have wings? 

He made a mental reminder to ask about it if they decided to kiss and make up after this.

Dabi let out a low whistle when they finally pulled up to the curb. Hawks rolled his eyes and readied himself to roll out of the car before it was even stopped. 


“This is what it looks like when you don’t blow centuries of money on booze you can’t even taste properly.” 

“You’re right,” Dabi threw the car into park and leaned forward to look over the yard. “He’s certainly been blowing someone over the centuries.” Hawks bit down on his cheek to avoid laughing. Fuck Dabi for being funny.

Opening the door to avoid any further commentary and get the latter half of his evening over with, Hawks turned to tell Dabi thanks for the ride. His gratitude lasted all of about a nanosecond when he saw Dabi getting out of the car himself. 

“No. No. You are not—” Hawks watched the smile break out across Dabi’s features, fangs poking out with the mania of it. 

“What’s the problem? Just walking you to the door.” Hawks hadn’t realized his jaw had gone slack till Dabi moved to his side of the car and tipped his chin up with a knuckle. “It’s dangerous out here, after all.” He gestured out to the rest of the city, “Well, maybe not on this side of town. Can’t imagine you get too many issues around a place with topiary like that. ” 

Hawks frowned at the little bird shaped bush over Dabi’s shoulder. 

Okay, so it was a little tacky.

“I’m surprised you know the word. Anyway, that is beside the point.”

“Which is?” 

“You. Leaving. Now .”

Dabi turned to look the place over and Hawks was about to breathe a sigh of relief when he started walking up to the house. 

“Dabi, absolutely not—”

“I just wanna meet him.” 

“No, this is literally against every part of my contract—”

“Pretty sure your contract says not to fuck your customers too. Y’know, like most jobs.”

Hawks ignored the accuracy in that statement. “There’s a confidentiality clause! I shouldn’t have even had you drive me here.” 

“Sounds like a future you problem.” His hand raised to knock when Hawks planted himself in front of the door. 

Dabi .”



Hawks was never going to catch a break. 

Turning, he saw his next customer waiting in the doorway with a look of…displeasure spread across his features. There was a slouch to his shoulders, like he was forcing down a biting remark.

“Hey, Kai.”

Keigo , huh?” Dabi chimed in. Hawks’ eyes nearly rolled to the back of his head. Everything was a game. Kai looked just past Hawks to take in Dabi with a hard stare. Whatever he saw was less than impressive, his mask shifting into what Hawks had begun to learn was a smirk. 

“Friend of yours?” Something in Kai’s expression changed, the same look Dabi got when Hawks would try to rile him up. 

A challenge

No . Can we just—” Hawks tried to move between the two, pressing against Kai’s chest to lead them inside, “He’s leaving. It doesn’t matter.” He stuttered to a stop when Kai didn’t move. There was a huff clawing its way out of his chest, irritated with how the rest of the evening was going to go with the way Kai’s jaw was set. 

He ran a hand up Kai’s chest, stopping just at the collar as he tried again, “Hey, come on. You wanna keep this up longer than necessary?” Leaning in to lay it on a little thick, much to his chagrin at the amount of honey in his own tone. “You’ve already got me here. Let’s have a nice dinner—”

“Would love to see that little black book of yours if these are the kind of blood suckers you’re hanging out with, Keigo ,” Dabi pitched.

“For fuck’s sake, Dabs, this isn’t a damn soap opera. Go. Home .” 

A gloved hand wrapped around Hawks’ hand before he could fully turnabout. He gave Kai a sour look and hated the way both of them reiterated that Hawks had a type: awful.

“Would you like a drink—Dabi, was it?” 

An undignified squawk pushed past Hawks’ lips as Dabi smiled at the offer.

“Thought you’d never ask.”

Hawks wondered if hellfire would be kinder.


Hawks was thanking his lucky stars for old world laws. There was a lot about vampires he’d learned in the last few years, but the one thing that did match up was that an actual invitation was required for a vampire to enter a home. At least Dabi couldn’t just waltz right in—

He watched the other vampire stride across the threshold with ease, hands tucked neatly in his pockets as he stared around the hall. Dabi caught Hawks’ gaze and there was a small quirk of his brow as if to say: only applies to human owned places, Birdie. 

Hawks hated that he could hear the nickname in his own head.

“So this is how the other half lives,” Dabi voiced aloud. He let out a low whistle, taking in the high ceilings with faux enthusiasm. 

Kai’s place was the exact opposite of Dabi’s. 

For one, it was clean . There was a sterile sort of immaculate that became obvious upon entering the foyer. Hawks wasn’t sure he could find a spec of dust if he tried—and he had. Several times. Pissing Dabi off wasn’t Hawks’ only talent. 

He was very good at riling up his own favorites. 

Two, it had a charm that blew Dabi’s taste in terrible clocks out of the water. Hawks had flipped through old vampire movies at one point, snorting at the decor: blackout drapery, obnoxious tablecloths and dark oak furniture. Maroons and greys and blues and color palettes that made Hawks yawn. Kai’s was nothing of the sort. Sure, there were blackout curtains, but he had artificial lights set up to avoid the dreariness. Purple accents seemed to appeal, his home a bit brighter than even some human‘s. And there were quite a few—

“Really loving the mirrors,” Dabi barked after Kai. He waved a hand in front of a full length one, managing to look bored despite his tone. “Real silver too. The vanity is unparalleled.” Hawks knew Dabi was aware of what he looked like, technology having advanced past that whole ordeal decades ago. Real silver mirrors weren’t common anymore—Hawks having inquired the first time he had delivered to Kai—but Dabi didn’t seem terribly surprised. 

“They have their uses when guests are over.” Kai’s voice echoed the boredom in Dabi’s tone. The slight lilt at the end, though, was meant for Hawks in specific. He felt the hair on the back of his neck stand as he thought about the mirror in Kai’s room he’d been intimately familiar with more than a few times before. Just because Hawks couldn’t see Kai in the mirror, didn’t mean Kai couldn’t watch Hawks.

Hawks shrugged his shoes off and dumped his bag by the door. He followed after Kai, ready to drill him for an explanation that wasn’t just: polite vampire manners or whatever other bullshit he was going to use to charm his way out. This wasn’t how his weekend was supposed to go. Well, ending up at Kai’s was where he was supposed to be, but not with Dabi playing third wheel with a vice grip. 

Said vampire caught Hawks’ elbow before he could get too far. There was a grin pulling at his lips, lacking all the cheer that a smile should come with. Hawks wanted to ask how many centuries that took to perfect.

What ?” He snapped, pulling his arm free. 

“And to think you gave me shit for my age.” Dabi looked around the hallowed halls in gesture. “How old do you think he is?”

Hawks scoffed. “Doesn’t matter.” Dabi tried to speak up again, but Hawks cut him off. “ Old , okay? I’m aware.” 

“I’m pretty sure he could give you a play by play of the crusades—firsthand experience.”

“Let it go , Dabi,” he hissed with less malice and greater contempt. “You don’t own me,” Hawks chided. 

He liked Dabi. He really liked him, but Dabi was making it very hard to like Dabi right now. 

“And for that matter, neither does he .” Attachments got him nothing but a blood pressure spike and a migraine. Hawks pinched at the bridge of his nose, trying to find the words to settle this...whatever this was. Lover’s spat was too intimate and customer complaint was a little on the nose. “Whatever issue you have with that, you’re going to have to deal with on your own.” 

Hawks wanted to say more, but found he didn’t have the desire to word it any more smoothly. He didn’t look back up as he turned to where Kai had wandered off, wanting Dabi to just go home for the night, make peace with his coffin, anything that wasn’t giving Hawks that look.

Dabi didn’t follow when he left the hall.

Kai had his back turned to Hawks when he stomped into the kitchen, more than likely fully aware of the conversation that just took place. Hawks had half a mind to turn on heel himself and find a new job all together if Kai spoke on it. A fun couple of clients and a bit of windfall wasn’t worth the years he was losing with every tick of the clock this evening. 

Much to his surprise, Kai only granted him a sideways glance, expression carefully neutral as Hawks approached. That in itself should have been a concern, but most of Kai’s expressions were carefully crafted, slipping only on occasion for Hawks to peek beneath the mask—figuratively and literally.

The sound of a bottle opening caught Hawks’ attention, and peering around the vampire gave him a full view of his drink of choice being poured into three ornate glasses. Kai said it was an import from where he used to haunt. Hawks would butcher the name if he tried, knowing only that it stayed warm and sweet in Hawks’ veins long after the buzz would wear off. The next time Hawks had stopped by, there had been a case freshly delivered. It wasn’t a kindness as much as a simple exchange. 

Kai offered one of the glasses to Hawks who took it with a cheap smile, barely tasting it on the way down. He slunk past Kai to the counter and snagged the other two glasses, finally feeling the burn by the time he reached the bottom of the third glass. 

“Thanks,” Hawks said with all the grace he could muster as he poured himself another, significantly fuller drink.

“By all means,” Kai deadpanned, taking the bottle out of Hawks’ hand. “Wouldn’t want my meal to be too…agitated. Seems like it’s been an evening for you.” 

Kai always talked about being able to taste when Hawks was stressed. Personally, he was simply a fan of the liquor on his tongue, but Hawks didn’t press the issue. Free booze was free booze and Kai didn’t drink cheap, even if he didn’t drink often. 

A gloved hand came to wrap up around his wrist as he tried to down the next—and apparently last—drink. At first he thought it was to stop his motion, the urge to snap at Kai for making this difficult flaring up in his throat, but then Hawks followed his gaze to the discolored rings around his forearms. They were darker in the brightly lit kitchen, uglier than they felt, and Hawks was beginning to squirm under the attention.

“Part of doing business.”

“Is that ‘business’ an attitude problem currently wandering my home?”

Hawks rolled his eyes. From the arms of one puffed out chest to another. 

“He’s harmless.” 

Kai hummed in reply, fingers tracing down his wrist before moving up to Hawks’ neck. He rubbed over the bites from earlier in the evening, a shiver barely suppressed as Kai moved Hawks’ jaw up and into the light for a better look.

“I’m sure he is.”

The burn from Hawks’ drink— drinks —were settling in his stomach and warming him up to the situation. He was still in a foul mood, but he was willing to overlook the night’s previous events if Kai was going to keep being so gentle. It usually meant a slow bleed and Hawks figured that might not be all that bad of a haze to sink into. 

Kai’s hands moved down to grip just under Hawks’ thighs, lifting him up effortlessly onto the counter. This was another routine he had grown used to. Unlike with Dabi, Hawks let Kai maneuver him around with little bite. A bit of manhandling never hurt anyone. Hawks knew what vampires looked like when they actually liked whoever they were dining on—and the way Kai was looking at him now certainly curled something in Hawks’ gut. 

He let his own hands slip down to either side of Kai’s neck, teasing gently at the loops of his mask. A silent question, a quiet ‘ may I? ’ that the vampire answered with a curt nod, letting Hawks pull the little cloth down below Kai’s chin. His focus was still on Hawks’ neck and the little marks Dabi had left earlier. 

“Should have checked my schedule.”

“You smell like him.”

“Is it going to be an issue?”

Kai pondered that for a moment, eyes dragging back up to Hawks’. He wouldn’t put it past Kai to wind him up and kick him out. He would deserve it.

There was a parallel to be made here but Hawks’ brain wasn’t helpful enough to supply the rest of that thought.

“No.” Kai gave a tug to Hawks’ jeans as he spoke. “These will be, though.”

Kai was the one in the past who had... convinced Hawks to stay a little longer after a meal, talked him into giving thigh bleeds a try, and how it could benefit them both in more than just pay. 

Before Dabi, Kai was the only vampire Hawks had messed around with—at least when it came to work. There wasn’t the same casual familiarity with Kai, though. The power balance worked in one direction, but Hawks found he didn’t really mind. 

Maybe that’s what Dabi had picked up on.

Another tug to his jeans had Hawks remembering the other bites Dabi had left earlier. As far as Kai was concerned, he got special privileges—and up until very recently—he had been the only one. Hawks was still unsure what drove him up the wall about Dabi, but whatever it was, was about to put him in a very unsavory situation. 

“Th-that’s probably not a good idea, boss,” Hawks stammered out as Kai took it upon himself to unfasten the front of his jeans. The look he got suggested Kai wasn’t in the mood to take no for an answer. Hawks swallowed audibly, the warmth in his veins turning icy as he lifted himself enough for Kai to work the jeans down past his thighs. The bites were still raw and puffy from their earlier abuse, fabric doing little to assuage the sting. Kai’s fingers traced over the dried blood that hadn’t quite clotted, lifting up only when Hawks winced. 

“Told you,” Hawks huffed out when Kai pressed a little harder into the meat of his leg.


Kai hummed again, a very concerning response from someone who chose all their verbalizations more carefully than their expressions. He wanted to clarify or explain—though explain what he wasn’t sure—but didn’t get the opportunity as Kai nosed up along his throat. The movement was quick and Hawks tried to protest but a set of fangs pressed to his pulse had him letting go of whatever complaints were being filed on his tongue. 

At the same time as they sunk in, a finger pressed against his sex, a short gasp punching its way out of Hawks. His fingers curled up through Kai’s hair before he could think better of it, the dual sensation of gentle petting and Kai’s slow sip sending Hawks’ thoughts into a daze. 

He tried to scoot his hips up to meet Kai’s hand, but found the vampire would move just out of reach each time. Hawks' frustrated bark of air only encouraged Kai to press at the other side Hawks’ throat with his free hand to keep him in place. Always where Kai liked him.

Hawks was not about to prove Dabi right by begging now, but the idea was tempting.

Wow , an aerator. Didn’t realize anyone even used those.”

Speak of the devil.

Hawks was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to forget Dabi was there when he stopped speaking. The pleasant realization didn’t last of course as Dabi strolled in, movements fluid in a way that suggested he really did think he owned the place. Hawks was hoping his tone had sent the man on his way. Hawks was also beginning to realize Dabi didn’t listen to anyone but Dabi. 

He was purposely ignoring the scene in Kai’s kitchen to irritate them both, and if the way the grip on Hawks’ neck tightened, it was working.

Dabi dipped his finger into the little fountain for a taste as he continued, "Damn, I've been missing out." He pretended to look surprised when he saw the two tangled up on the counter. To his credit, someone dimmer might have believed his faux shock. "Did I interrupt something?"

“You have an interesting taste in suitors,” came a muffled reply against Hawks’ throat.

Customers ,” Hawks corrected. 

“I’m not sure the difference really applies here.” Kai pulled free of Hawks' neck, quick to apply pressure instead of letting it drip freely. Hawks was never sure if that was out of courtesy, or some need to preserve his drink like putting the cork back in a wine bottle. He turned to Dabi, irritation settling on his shoulders like a physical weight. Whatever front Kai had tried to put up earlier was waning quickly. 

Kai was many things, and it was obvious he tried to set himself apart from his undead brethren as much as he could, but he had one thing in common with his vampire counterparts:

He hated being interrupted during a meal. 

"Judging by the flush on your cheeks, I'd say you've otherwise been fed aptly this evening.” He tapped gently at his own cheek, still pale from Dabi making him wait. “I've changed my mind on the drink, by the way. You can see yourself out.” 

A gesture far more subtle than Hawks' earlier one for Dabi to go home was made. “Now if you'll excuse me—"

"You're excused," Dabi cut in with a death wish faster than Hawks could ever pull off. He rounded the counter to a bar stool and made himself comfortable. “Long drive, y’know.” Hawks rolled his eyes. “Might rest up for my trip back.” He leaned across the counter, snagging the bottle of liquor Hawks had been previously intimate with. “Just pretend I’m not here.”

Hawks wished it was that easy. 

He expected Kai to make some snarky reply, but the vampire only narrowed his eyes as Dabi glued himself to the bottle’s lip. Kai didn’t like an audience but loved a challenge, and Dabi had certainly brought that out tonight.

Hawks tapped at Kai’s chin, still clean of any blood—a neat eater was always appreciated—and gave a little tug to drag him forwards. Kai’s eyes fell heavy on his throat again, pupils dilating as Hawks gave his neck a little flick. 

Vampires were surprisingly malleable creatures when they were getting what they wanted.

For all his show of wearing gloves, Kai was an incredibly tactile individual. It was probably half the reason Hawks was so easily entranced in the first place. Hawks himself liked touch despite being so adamantly against it with customers; more out of a boundary necessity anything. That didn’t mean a lot recently, but he was sure that there were just two exceptions to a hard rule. 


Where Dabi gripped to get the blood flowing to the surface, Kai kneaded and pressed till Hawks was lax, little tension when the fangs came out. 

He was still keenly aware of his jeans now halfway down his knees, and nudged Kai just the slightest to kick them to the floor. Bat was out of the cave now, no use staying shy. Kai’s fingers trailed up to his boxers, dancing under the hem like he was giving it some thought. Whatever decision he came to had him moving Hawks legs around him so he could move closer. Hawks obliged, letting Kai in close and resting his forearms across the vampire’s shoulders. 

Hawks guided Kai back to his throat once more, fangs sliding through the muscle there with ease and making his toes curl. Hawks was never sure how he did it, but Kai was damn good at hitting a vein on the first time, every time


Dabi once called him a ‘fang junkie,’ and Hawks never tried to deny it, but the thought hit him so suddenly now that he felt his heart stutter. 

A hand was sliding it’s way under Hawks’ shirt, thumbing gently over his tensing back muscles as he arched. Blood loss and liquor swirled in a comfortable haze, blanketing his previous displeasure. His heart continued to thump erratically through Kai’s first long drink and he had to remind himself to breathe.

No use passing out so early.

Movement tugged at Hawks’ focus and told him Dabi's rapt attention was still focused on them both. In what was apparently an attempt to rile Hawks further, Dabi dropped his hand between spread legs, unabashedly palming himself in a lazy motion. It was almost as irritating as the toothy smirk he wore. Almost.  

A hand in Hawks’ hair turned his head the slightest away, his breath catching as Kai sank his fangs deeper. Something about the noise made Dabi himself stutter—a barely there hitch in his posture—and that gave Hawks another idea. 

If Dabi was going to be a nuisance, Hawks was going to make sure this bad night went both ways.

Hawks hooked his ankles loosely behind Kai’s back, fingers threading through dark locks as he leaned in close to Kai’s ear. He let his sighs increase in volume till Kai was drinking with fervor, lips peppering Hawks’ neck between each taste. His hips rolled of their own accord as the vampire licked a stripe up to the soft spot under Hawks’ ear, a gentle whisper of Keigo urging a drawn out moan from between Hawks’ lips. His eyes didn’t leave Dabi’s through every pant and twitch of his hips. The snarl pulling those pretty fangs into view lighting something in Hawks’ veins. 

Maybe jealousy did look good on Dabi.

Almost in defeat, Dabi’s previously overeager hand moved up to rub at his chin, a note of embarrassment in his clenched jaw. He leaned back, glance flicking away momentarily, a smart comment ready on his tongue when he locked eyes again.

Hawks winked at him.

He was going to save the mental image of Dabi’s facefall for every rainy day till his own dying day. 

Letting his eyes slip closed again, Hawks listened as Dabi stood from his chair. So maybe Hawks felt a little bad about being such a tease. He was already in trouble given the beds he had made for himself, he might as well get a laugh out of it. If Dabi still called on him after this, he would be surprised. Getting snubbed twice in a night—even if it was partially Dabi’s own fault—didn’t tend to go over well with customer reviews. That was, if Hawks had a job in the morning. Dabi didn't seem the type to put in a request to the manager, but he also hadn't seemed the type to get attached either. 

This was all a future Hawks problem, though—given that the trimmed down claws now scratching lightly across his flank were requiring an entirely different type of focus. 

He smoothed a hand down Kai’s neck to distract himself. There were more kisses than bites now and Hawks liked the change in pace. He was about to ask Kai if they could move somewhere a little more comfortable now that their “guest” had seen himself out—but as usual he spoke too soon. 

“So, I’m guessing you’re Needle Fangs then?” 

Hawks let his head thud against the cabinets behind him with an exasperated sigh. ‘Well enough alone’ and Dabi really should get better acquainted. 

“This isn’t a dick measuring contest Dabi,” Hawks groaned, reaching up a hand to cover the wound in his neck out of habit when Kai pulled away. Irritation was rolling off of him in waves and the hard tick of Kai’s jaw had Hawks feeling a little on edge himself. 

One angry vampire was a headache.

Two was a bloodbath. 

Dabi, on the other hand, seemed completely unphased by the change in mood. If anything, he hopped up from the stool with a renewed enthusiasm.

“‘Course not.” He pulled up at the corner of his lip, incisor glinting sharply in the light. “It's a fang measuring contest.” He smiled to put both sets of fangs on full display. Size wasn’t everything, but Dabi seemed to enjoy the way his taunting made Kai’s hackles rise. “I’m winning, by the way.” 

At this point, Hawks wasn't sure anything could keep Dabi from being a thorn in his side, just short of stabbing him with a thorn. That was, if Kai didn't beat him to the punch.

“Tell you what, you let me have a little snack for the road—” Dabi stood up, sauntering over to lean his elbow on the counter next to Hawks, “—and I’ll leave you to your evening.” 

Kai looked ready to relieve Dabi’s shoulders from his running mouth as he sneered. “Glutton.”

Dabi snaked a hand over Hawks’ thigh, making sure Kai watched as he trailed a little higher than necessary under Hawks' boxers. The human glanced from one vampire to the other, unsure of what move to make. He opted for his own comfort and made to smack at Dabi's hand when the vampire gave the tender and barely healing skin there a slap of his own. Hawks flinched away with a curse, causing Dabi to smile.

“Someone’s just mad he has to eat around my sloppy seconds."  

Hawks couldn’t fathom a more perfect embodiment for Dabi than that of the phrase salt in the wound.

A low growl made Hawks very acutely aware of how quiet the room had gotten.

Hawks had seen Kai worked up; had seen him on days when he was sure the vampire would pop a blood vessel—if it were possible—from too many minor inconveniences in a row. 

It wasn’t often that he saw Kai bare his fangs. 

The growl sounded harsh in Hawks’ ears, rumbling low in Kai’s chest as the vampire turned towards Dabi. His fangs were still dripping with his unfinished meal, red coloring the corners of his mouth and steadily trailing down his throat. The gold of his irises were a thin halo around his blown out pupils and Hawks would have been mesmerized for the second time that night if this wasn’t exactly the situation he had been trying to avoid. 

Kai stepped further in front of Hawks, blocking Dabi from view, but not before he caught another glimpse of Dabi looking equally as keen for a fight.

Hawks’ self preservation finally kicked in when he saw Dabi flex his claws.

“Boys, boys, please —” Hawks dropped off the counter and pushed himself between the two. In his defense, he knew it was a stupid decision to put himself between two insatiable and pissed off vampires. Hawks never claimed to be an intelligent man, and that was becoming more and more obvious as of late with his choice in dinner dates. “There’s plenty of me to go around. So, let’s put the temper tantrums away.” 

Hawks didn’t like the way Dabi perked up at that. “ What ?”

Dabi straightened himself up, fangs still vainly on display, but the itch to fight seemed to have dissipated. The mischief in his eyes, however—

“Kai. Let’s be civil.”

Hawks was sure his jaw would need surgical reattachment for every brilliant idea that Dabi dropped on him this evening.

Kai seemed to have the same thought as he scoffed. “I don’t think you know the word.” At least the growling was in check.

“Well, I’m not the one barking and drooling all over myself over a bit of mea—” Dabi threw up his hands as Kai stepped forward again. “Okay, okay,” he mocked placatingly. “Let’s talk, hmm?” 

Hawks expected Kai to bite back, tell Dabi to get out before he lost the option to choose, anything except—

“Fine.” Hawks’ attention snapped back to Kai, his eyes wide and bewildered. Kai wiped at his mouth with the corner of a towel, barely sparing Hawks more than a glance. “Let’s talk.”

Dabi looked delighted as he stepped back a few feet, Kai following with a little less enthusiasm. He draped an arm over Kai’s shoulder, only for Kai to shrug him off with another growl. Dabi continued, nonplussed, leaning in and speaking too low for Hawks’ to hear. And since they were facing away from him, Hawks couldn’t get a read on their lips either. 

Were they really going to be this childish, like they were kids playing some game? 

He had a sinking suspicion it wouldn't end well, regardless of the answer. And he only had to wait a few moments before Dabi looked over his shoulder to confirm. 

Hawks made a questioning gesture.

Dabi winked.


Oh great.

“Whaddaya say? Friends for an evening?” 

Dabi remembered the concept of personal space when Kai stood up straight again. The height difference would appeal to Hawks’ at a less troubling time. 

“Hardly,” Kai adjusted his gloves and looked around the kitchen like he was sizing it up. “But I’ll allow you as a guest for now.” 

He ran his fingers over the grain of the table in thought. Pensiveity on Kai was bad. Not bad —but it meant Dabi had gotten to him about something . And that something was pulling at the corners of Dabi’s mouth like the cat that caught the canary. “Keigo?”

He snapped out of staring at the devil himself to see Kai gently tapping the table. 

Hawks deadpanned. “‘m not a dog, Kai.” He said, walking over and trying to pretend he didn’t just follow a command, y’know, like a dog . He hopped onto the table with little flourish, folding his arms over his chest and waiting for whatever awful scheme Dabi concocted.

The vampire in question hadn’t stopped smiling.

Kai ignored the looks between the two, gloved hands moving his tie up and off as he spoke, “Your lovely customer has agreed to leave us for the evening if he can get a snack to go.” 

“That’s too easy.”

“Is it?” Kai mused as he unbuttoned the first set at his collar. 

Hawks followed the motion, brow furrowing as the implications piled in his mind. He barely registered that Dabi had moved to sit at the table next to them. 

Yes , it is. What’s the catch?” Hawks felt something in his stomach curl and he hated how panic and lust were indiscernible at this point in his life. Fight or fuck was not how the saying was supposed to go. 

“No catch,” Dabi said, also watching Kai smooth down his shirt. The two couldn’t be more different, even in their equal states of undress. Dabi hadn't actually removed any clothing, but the low v barely counted as a shirt anyways. Hawks sure knew how to pick ‘em. “I get my dues and Mr. Hemaphobia over here gets you all to himself.” 

Hawks wanted to protest every part of that sentence, but a set of hands on his thighs distracted him again. Kai had pulled up a seat for himself, slotted neatly between Hawks’ legs. The gold rings of his irises were bright and bold again, far too pretty for a man that regularly reminded him that one misstep could be Hawks’ last.

Hawks resisted the urge to spread his legs a little wider in invitation.

“You don’t mind, do you?” Kai hummed.

Hawks tried to find a reason why this wouldn’t be a decent deal for him. He owed Dabi for his fuck up. He owed Kai for his fuck up. It was just a little extra blood, and bygones be bygones, right? 

Nodding, he watched Kai press his lips to the inside of his knee.

Dabi ran a finger down Hawks’ arm, dragging him out of the soft gesture. “Wrist?” 

Hawks nodded again, forgoing the desire to say something biting. With the tension dissipated and the malicious smile wiped off Dabi’s face, Hawks almost felt bad for getting so testy earlier. Especially with the way Dabi was idly thumbing over the hand shaped bruises he had left on his skin. They still looked worse than they felt, and Dabi seemed to be asking that very question as he looked them over. 

Dabi was an ass, but Hawks was too. Sure, Dabi would live for another century and find another golden goose without batting an eye—but that didn’t mean Hawks didn’t feel a little bad for playing favorites himself some days. 

“Can I?” Hawks gestured to the open expanse of table behind him. 

Kai was still peppering kisses to the inside of his thigh, so Hawks wasn’t sure he’d even spoken aloud until Kai paused to meet his eyes. He scooted his chair closer, propping Hawks’ legs up over his shoulders; a good answer as any, he guessed. Kai returned to his previous task, nipping in good measure and making Hawks melt. A glance over at Dabi showed the change in position hadn’t gone unnoticed. 

Dabi was watching Kai closely, fingers still running gently over Hawks’ skin. He didn’t look bent on filleting Kai, but Hawks couldn’t imagine what was said between them would completely placate a couple of jealous vampires into agreeing to something so...intimate. If Hawks could call it that. He enjoyed the finer delicacies in life, but never to the point of jealous rage over a set of wings. 

Hawks settled back with the hand that wasn’t the subject of Dabi’s careful attention under his own head. There was a sense of déjà vu playing up here.

At least there was no clock to judge him now.

And the table was nicer.

Maybe Dabi could pay him in buying better furniture next time he came over.

He registered a sudden pinch to the inside of his thigh and Hawks hissed before remembering to unclench the muscle there. Tensing only left him with worse bruising. He had forgotten the area was still tender from earlier. The rest of the week’s healing was going to be a bitch. 

Another wet kiss accompanied the pinch and Hawks made a note to thank Kai later for being gentle.

Hawks was still waiting on the bite to his wrist as Kai slowly fed. He wasn’t sure what Dabi could be savoring if anything. He blinked his eyes open to see Dabi staring at him, a sleazy smirk painting his features like he had been waiting for Hawks to notice. 


Dabi shrugged. “You pant a little when you’re being bled.” Hawks knew there was more to that thought, but Dabi cut himself off, watching Hawks roll his eyes in reply instead. Dabi raised Hawks’ wrist up to his cheek, smelling along the vein there. 

Another bite to his thigh surprised Hawks. Kai was a very particular vampire in more ways than one. He picked a spot and bled from there, decision precise and calculated to get exactly what and how much he wanted out of a feeding. Two bites meant Kai either missed his mark, which was highly unlikely, or—

—he was trying to drag this out. 

Just as he was about to lean up and ask Kai what the issue was, another pinch to his wrist drew yet another hiss from his lips. Dabi took a long drink, long enough to make Hawks’ head spin. He caught himself on his other hand, scowling at the too happy glow on Dabi’s cheeks. Both of them feeding at once was going to be a headache and a half tomorrow morning. Luckily, Kai’s tendency to get carried away meant he stocked up on transfusion accessories. 

He just hoped that some people got their fill soon. 

“Told you he wouldn’t mind sharing.” 

Hawks’ eyes narrowed as Dabi gave his wrist a quick kiss, smearing the blood there as it trickled down his arm. 

When Kai didn’t reply, Hawks pressed instead, “What do you mean sharing ?”

Dabi nipped at the skin around Hawks’ wrist, dragging his teeth down as he moved closer to Hawks’ spot on the table. He trailed a line to Hawks’ bicep before leaning over him, mouth hovering over Hawks’ ear as he laughed. The distinct sound of fabric tearing echoed in Hawks’ mind, but the dizzying loss in his veins pushed the thought behind the feeling of Dabi’s lips smiling against the shell of his ear. 

“Told him you always taste better a little…overworked.” The end of the sentence punched through Hawks with another pinch to his high, leaving him gasping. The talkative bastard’s lips met his neck next, muffling the rest of his words against Hawks’ skin. “And, if we’re all being honest, I think you like being the center of attention.”

Hawks’ words caught in his throat, Dabi swallowing them up as he bit down on his pulse. Kai was moving higher all the while, gloved fingertips tracing lines along Hawks’ thighs as his mouth pressed close, but not nearly close enough. That cocktail of panic from earlier was bubbling to a boil in his stomach and he tried to keep his legs steady. 

Hawks didn’t realize that déjà vu got old fast.

“And I think you like testing your luck,” Hawks breathed. Dabi lifted up enough to look at Hawks with half lidded eyes, smug smile growing as he walked clawed fingers down Hawks’ middle, dipping past his navel. Hawks felt his breath hitch, and that was just one of many mistakes he had already made this evening. 

Dabi’s hand stilled, “Am I wrong?” 

Hawks wanted to argue. He wanted to tell Dabi to go back to hell—or wherever he crawled out of—for consistently making his nights harder than necessary. 

But more than anything, he wanted to tell Dabi whatever he wanted to hear if it meant getting his way right now. 

Kai licked a stripe up the inside of Hawks’ thigh and the moan he’d been biting back rolled out of him with an urgency that had Hawks stifling it less than a second later. Not that it mattered, since that damage was done, too. 

“There’s a good Birdie .” 

At least Hawks wasn’t going to have to beg him. 

Dabi’s fingers pressed between his folds, and Hawks groaned at being spread with such little grace. There was a lot less tension than he would have figured there would be with his boxers in the way. A cursory glance down showed that it was because no boxers meant no problem. A flick of a gold irises met his and Hawks knew instantly that he hated them both—and that it would take three life times to prove it wholly. 

Hawks—once again with an incredible sense of déjà vu—let his head thump to the table with more force than necessary. 

“At least let me get a little more comfortable. You both have a weird obsession with—” The words died in Hawks’ throat as a tongue slid up his sex, laving just before reaching the fingers still holding him open. Everyone had their own way of enjoying a meal and well, even if there had been any question, it wouldn’t have been hard to tell who was making a mess of him.

Kai was precise and made every lap count. 

Dabi was messy but ate like it was his last meal.

Hawks really couldn’t find it in himself to complain either way.

Kai’s fangs were sheathed, much to Hawks' disappointment, but he knew better than Dabi where his pressure points were and it only took a couple careful licks to get Hawks biting at his lower lip to maintain some semblance of dignity. His back arched off the table and both Kai's tongue and Dabi's fingers followed suit. 

Kai’s tongue traced higher, scissoring between Dabi’s spread fingers and Hawks fought his hips in the urge to snap them up. Sensing this, a gloved hand wrapped delicately around the thigh threatening to give out with each little tremor. The grip was gentle, to an outside perspective, but Hawks knew from experience it was a thinly veiled vice. Kai pretended the predator instinct had been lost through the centuries, but he never let Hawks get too far. 

The thought should have troubled him.

Key words and all that.

Hawks let himself relax into the touch, happy to have someone else do all the heavy lifting with the way his body was working against him. 

Another light touch to his face startled him out of short-lived bliss, Dabi’s knuckles stroking lightly against his cheek. Hawks wanted to scowl, the gesture far too soft for how Dabi had acted the entirety of the evening—was still acting. Hawks wondered if all the smiles would eventually split his cheeks, if that was something he could stitch up on his own or if Hawks would get the pleasure of stitching Dabi’s mouth shut himself. 

Hawks didn’t trust his voice not to crack, and Dabi didn’t seem too upset to just watch the slight part of Hawks’ lips as he tried to control his breathing. 

But something about the eye contact, and the quiet of the room, and the way no one was bleeding him left Hawks a little out of his element. Shy wasn’t a word he used. Mostly because it didn’t suit him. Hawks liked riling them both up, liked being riled in return, but with the both of them it felt like he was the—

Center of attention.

If the way Dabi’s smile twitched at the corner was any indicator, he was now a firm believer that telepathy wasn’t total bullshit. 

Said vampire leaned down to nose against his jaw just as Kai’s tongue gave him one more appreciative lick. Hawks hadn’t realized he was so close till he was left with nothing but the feeling of Dabi holding him open, and an ache for release. His now bloodied lip was going to split if he kept worrying it, so he opted for biting at his knuckle and bloodying that instead. 

Dabi seemed to like Hawks’ struggling by the way he smiled against Hawks’ ear, but the alternative wasn’t something Hawks was going to stoop to right now.

“Alright, you win,” Hawks barked, still too wound up, but probably deserved. “Have your feast or whatever.” One day he would ask someone who wasn’t raving mad if any of this was actually true, or just some leftover folktale for vampires piloted by horny teenagers. When neither of them spoke—or moved at all—Hawks narrowed his eyes up at the ceiling. 

Suspicious .

He wormed his way out from under Dabi’s clear misunderstanding of the phrase ‘breathing room’ and propped up on an elbow to squint down at Kai. He didn’t have to wear the same grin for Hawks to know Kai was feeling smug. Hawks frowned and poured every emotion relating to disappointment into his glare. Kai kissed the inside of his knee in a terrible, sloppy apology. At least he had the decency to look a little more disheveled, lips slick and kiss swollen.

“Just because we stopped doesn’t mean we’re done,” Dabi spoke at his side. Hawks wanted him to clarify whatever the fuck that meant, but Dabi’s fingers dipped to press firm against his clit and whatever the fuck that meant stopped being a concern for the moment. It wasn’t Kai’s tongue and the callouses on the tips of Dabi’s fingers were rough, but the slow circles were maddening. “See? Not so bad, right?” 

And if Dabi could shut up for one second—

Another “apology” kiss fell just below Dabi’s fingers and Hawks didn’t fight the moan this time. His brain barely registered that his head didn’t hit the table this time when he flopped back; the warm hand under him was a nice barrier between the table and a dull headache later. 

Dabi was allowed one brownie point for the evening.

Dabi took advantage of Hawks’ open mouth, pressing a couple chaste kisses to the corner before licking his way in. Hawks knew it didn’t muffle the sounds, but with the way Kai was licking inside him too, noise control was a fleeting thought. Dabi being greedy about it helped. He swallowed down every sigh and whimper and moan as Hawks found purchase in Dabi’s shirt and clawed him closer. 

He would later deny that the low laugh it elicited from the vampire was what pushed him over the edge. 

Kai’s mouth slowed as the trembling in Hawks' thighs turned to small twitches and a shaky attempt at nudging Kai away with his foot. The combination of prior blood loss and an orgasm always left something euphoric settling in Hawks’ veins, warming them from the inside out and leaving his thoughts thicker than cotton. Dabi was sucking at his lower lip, still beading blood from Hawks’ previous bites to keep quiet. 

A snack to go. 

Dabi pressed another wet kiss to the corner of Hawks’ mouth, and turned his attention to the arm he had been biting into previously. Hawks didn’t register the pinch from his arm or thigh, content to swim in the haze of his body’s dulled alarms. If this kept up he would be taking a very long nap.

That wasn’t a bad idea. He thought to ask, but his mouth didn’t want to form the words.

The hand under his head slipped out carefully, and Hawks felt himself lifted up from the table with ease. The nice thing about Kai’s—other than most of it—was that as much as Hawks hated the word on any day, pampered came to mind often when he stayed the night. Cool sheets, warm breakfast, no sass . Though, Hawks didn’t really mind the sass that came with staying at Dabi’s place. Or the lack of a homemade breakfast. Or that bottles littered most flat surfaces. Or even that fucking clo—

Hawks stopped himself in his stream of consciousness because this train of thinking was exactly where he got himself in trouble with getting his cake and eating it too.

When he was laid up again, Hawks tried to press back into the bed. It was a little more solid than he remembered. That was enough to shake the cotton from his brain, enough to recognize the rhythmic breathing of someone pressed to his back. 

“Have a nice ride?”

“Thought you were leaving,” Hawks mumbled as he let his head lull back onto Dabi’s shoulder. He was getting cold.

“Thought about it,” Dabi nipped at Hawks’ ear and he didn’t try to swat him away. 


They were in one of Kai’s galleries now, a particular corner with a chair Kai was fond of from some century Hawks couldn’t remember. He had always wanted to try it out, given his shitty efficiency didn’t harbor much room for luxuries, but Kai usually had other plans when they made it this far into his home. It was comfy now, though.

Dabi seemed to read his mind again. “I think it’s tacky.”

“You’re one to talk,” Hawks snorted, vaguely registering that Kai wasn’t with them. He was still a little less than clothed below the belt and sleep was calling. Hawks wanted to hear what she had to say. “Are we calling it? I dunno how much I’ve got left in me.” Blood. Sex. Hawks wasn’t sure which he was talking about. It had been a long night.

Dabi hummed, hand brushing Hawks bangs aside, other hand rubbing a soothing circle into Hawks’ hip. “Found out your glucose daddy over here has a bit of a sweet tooth.” 

Hawks knew that. Kai kept himself well fed, but he was notorious for a bit of sugar on the side. How that was relevant right now made his brow furrow. 

“You stayed because...Kai likes sugar?” Hawks was close to making the connection but the stubborn bit of cotton in his brain was cemented to the last wire.

“I did say you tasted better a little overworked.” 


That was what he meant. 

Hawks’ leg twitched when Dabi’s thumb dipped against the tendon in his thigh. Each brush over the quivering muscle had Hawks melting into Dabi further and further until he was sure he would slide off and onto the floor. Dabi was just so warm . Or Hawks was cold. But Dabi kept him upright, and Hawks made a contented little noise at the back of his throat when he felt a kiss to his temple.

“Comfortable, are we?” Kai’s voice sounded only minutely strained at the sight. He looked more put together than a few minutes ago and Hawks couldn’t tell if that was out of vanity or necessity or both. He liked Kai a little messy. Hawks’ sated brain wanted to tell him that, but Dabi was talking too much again.

“Your chair sucks. Did you get your bib?” 

There was a tired giggle bubbling in Hawks’ chest, but he faked a cough to avoid another spat. 

Kai ignored the question. “I almost liked it better when your mouth was occupied.”

Hawks was pretty sure they were both in agreement over that anytime Dabi spoke.

“Funny. I could say the same,” Dabi said cheerily. 

Hawks groaned and tried to pull himself out of Dabi’s lap. “I will literally bite into my own wrists to get this over with faster.” He didn’t get very far with Dabi being the only thing holding him up. 

“Where’s the rush? I still haven’t gotten my snack.” 

Hawks blinked dumbly at Kai who was kneeling down, eyeing the inside of Hawks’ thighs in a sweeping motion. The gold of his irises seemed to swim and that usually meant Kai was still hungry. He looked down at what should have been a mess, but realized there were still only a couple of bites, not the ones of a freshly clotted feed. Glancing up at his wrist that Dabi should have been into a few minutes prior showed the same: dried and only a couple irritated puncture wounds. 

Dabi grazed a fang along Hawks’ neck as he answered the unasked question: “I figured why not one more ?” He snaked a hand under Hawks’ shirt, pressing against Hawks’ chest to pull him closer. “I didn’t think you would mind.” His ankle hooked around one of Hawks’, shifting so that it pulled Hawks’ legs further apart in his lap. “And look, something more comfortable than a kitchen table too.”

How generous.

Kai shot Dabi a look over Hawks’ shoulder. “Don’t take credit for ideas that aren’t yours.”

Dabi whispered low in Hawks’ ear, “Best interests at heart.” 

Clearly not low enough with the way Kai narrowed his eyes. 

Kai bit whatever he wanted to say off the end of his tongue and removed one of his gloves, laying it aside carefully before resuming his spot between Hawks’ legs.

Hawks was always aware of how the power balance worked when he was with Kai. He thought about this every time Kai looked up at him from under dark lashes and Hawks could do little more than squirm under the attention. Even with Dabi at his back, it was still obvious that Hawks was food to Kai, and Kai wanted the best meal he could get. But it didn’t stop Hawks’ brain from helpfully supplying what he wanted it to feel like.

Something close to reverence. 

With the new angle he didn’t have the luxury of concussing himself from gravity, something Dabi probably was aware of. Kai relaxed his jaw, fangs sliding into view, and Hawks felt himself swallow. It wasn’t that he got so excited from having someone go down on him that he needed to look away. It was when they—

“I know you like to watch,” Dabi teased.

Fang junkie went unsaid.

Kai slid his fangs into the soft spot of Hawks’ thigh, just above a pair of bites left from Dabi earlier in the evening. A stream of blood trickled down from Kai’s fang and into the still healing marks below, and something in Hawks’ broke.

Dabi took his third opportunity of the night with Hawks’ open mouthed moan and slid his fingers across Hawks’ tongue, silently urging Hawks to suck. He could taste himself on the pads of Dabi’s fingers and they were pulled away from him all too soon, causing an unintentional whine to escape that had Dabi muffling a laugh against Hawks’ shoulder.

“Eager, eager, eager.” He wasted no time in resuming his previous duty of circling Hawks’ clit, the occasional brush sending static up Hawks’ spine. 

Hawks felt himself draw in a shaky breath when he saw Kai watching him out of the corner of his eye. He was draining Hawks slower than usual— far slower . Kai’s attention flickered up to what he presumed to be Dabi, just over his shoulder, and something like understanding passed across Kai’s features. The hand he had rid of his glove moved up Hawks’ thigh, middle and ring finger pressing against Hawks’ entrance. And for the first time in a long time, something else passed over Kai’s features—something very close to mischief.

Kai pressed in.

And winked.

Hawks was going to carve the stakes himself after this.

For two vampires from vastly different ways of thinking, and personalities in general, they worked well in tandem. Kais’ fingers curled inside of Hawks each time Dabi suddenly remembered where Hawks’ clit was. 

Kai went back to his previous bite, and Dabi maintained a surprising amount of self control, barely nipping at Hawks’ pulse. It made Hawks shudder all the same.

“He was the first one, right?” Dabi mumbled the words into Hawks’ neck with another love bite, not enough to break the skin, but enough to make Hawks twitch. Before he could roll his eyes over the childish jealousy, Dabi beat him to it. “Thigh bleeder, I mean.” 

Hawks caught note of the way Dabi sounded particularly strained, though his hand never stopped moving. It was almost like Dabi was the one who liked watching. “You should tell him how grateful you are for the advice.” 

Hawks wasn’t sure where Dabi was going with that, but the moment his fingers started to slow, Hawks decided he didn’t want to take any chances. 

Dabi was still a bastard after all, no matter how good he was with his hands. 

Hawks’ throat only clicked once before he was able to get Kai’s name out of his mouth. 

The vampire between his legs stopped mid drink, interest so focused on his meal he hadn’t heard Dabi’s previous words. His cheeks were warmed to a healthy flush, and it stirred something in Hawks. Whatever game Dabi was playing at slipped his mind, the thought of Kai so pleasantly alive stepping to the forefront.

“Kai, I want—”

Hawks barely got the words out of his mouth before Dabi pulled Hawks’ jaw to the side with a start, mouth closing over his, and fingers petting him in earnest. A low growl he recognized as Kai’s grabbed his attention, but Dabi’s grip on his chin was firm and Hawks choked when he felt Kai’s fingers curl inside of him. If he wasn’t so hellbent on finding Hawks’ tonsils, Hawks was sure Dabi would be smiling from ear to ear. 

It only took a couple more jealous strokes from both parties for Hawks’ to find himself moaning around Dabi’s tongue and silently begging the devil to let him sit this one out.

Dabi let up on Hawks’ slack jaw as Kai withdrew his fingers, and Hawks wondered if he had ever felt so boneless before. Kai returned his attention to Hawks’ thigh, but not before shooting Dabi a glare that Hawks was sure would kill a lesser entity of evil. 

Said spawn was still rubbing slow circles around Hawks’ sex, dipping inside and very clearly biting back some raunchy comment as he turned his fingers over to watch them shine slick in the low light. 

The dual sensation of Kai feeding and Hawks’ sensitivity had him pushing away at Dabi’s wrist to ease up.

Dabi wasn’t in a giving mood, though.

He pulled Hawks’ hand in his own and moved it down between his legs, continuing the motion with Hawk’s fingers this time. 

“He said he liked you sweet,” Dabi purred. Hawks knew that Kai was listening this time, his throat slowing in his effort to savor Dabi’s plan. Hawks breath hitched as Dabi dipped their fingers inside to the first knuckle. “So, either you do it,” Dabi mused, curling his fingers to stretch Hawks’ the slightest, “Or I will.”

Hawks was sure none of them were breathing at this point. 

Tentatively, Hawks flexed his fingers under Dabi’s, silently asking for permission to move. Dabi removed his hand from hovering, bringing it up to his mouth and licking his fingers clean, loud and lewd, and so very close to Hawks’ ear. Dabi let his hand come back down to rest along the inside of the thigh Kai wasn’t occupying, thumbing slow soothing circles. 

The full body shudder it elicited surely did not go unnoticed. 

Hawks started light and still hissed at the oversensitivity, avoiding his favorite spots entirely for the moment. Dabi was back to encouraging kisses and sweet nothings in his ear that Hawks could barely register over the sound of blood rushing in his veins. He was surprised there was enough left to sound so loud. He was getting dizzy again and his fingers were beginning to stutter in their motion. Dabi made no attempt to take over despite the speed that Hawks was going at and he couldn’t tell if that was a blessing or a curse.

Hawks eyes were heavy-lidded and he was worrying another bite into his own lip as he tried to pick up the pace. He was back to that pleasant, hazy place again. His thoughts weren’t quite connecting and his mouth wasn’t able to relay the concern that he wasn’t going to be able to finish.

“Want help?” Dabi’s voice probably sounded teasing, but it played back in Hawks’ mind kinder than usual. He contemplated the offer, shook his head, and continued working himself over with slow, languid circles. “There’s a good, Birdie.” Dabi nosed back down to Hawks’ neck, fangs poking at his pulse once more. 

Hawks had never had an orgasm sneak up on him. He always thought that seemed silly. It was pretty obvious where it was coming from, right? It didn’t just jump out.

But when Dabi sank his fangs in with no warning, all semblance of sweet gone, Hawks choked. He didn’t even get to enjoy it. The combination of one last high and both Kai and Dabi taking a longer drink than necessary, created a lovely vignette at the corners of his vision.

If he woke up from this, they were both getting blacklisted.

“So, how pissed off do you think he’s gonna be tomorrow?”

Kai didn’t acknowledge Dabi as he moved around him, cleaning up the kitchen they had been making great use of before Kai insisted they shouldn’t encourage a concussion in their shared meal. Dabi thought it would be fine. Kai did not. 

So Dabi agreed that ruining the tacky couch was the better of the two options. 

Dabi leaned against the counter, sipping a stolen drink of whatever Hawks had downed earlier, and tried again, “I don’t need a play by play, but I’d love to know if he threatens you or me first.” Playing favorites was becoming more entertaining than he thought. Dabi hoped it was him.

Kai sighed, “Why are you still here?”

“You’re pretty grumpy for someone who just got fed a three course meal and dessert,” Dabi thought aloud. “And you were so down for the idea too.”

“If it meant getting you out of my home faster, I would have suggested it sooner,” Kai countered. “And yet, here we are.”

“And yet, here we are.”

Dabi ignored the look Kai was boring into his skull, glancing into the living room where Hawks was curled up on the couch. 

Kai had only taken another couple drinks when he had realized Hawks had conked out, exhibiting quite the restraint for blood that was nearly too sweet for Dabi to even enjoy. He had barely gotten Hawks up off the couch before Kai was back with a spare transfusion, hydration, and various other accessories to make him comfortable. Hawks would still feel like shit in the morning, but Dabi had the sinking suspicion this wasn’t the first or last time Hawks would get drained too close at Kai’s place. 

Something about that settled uncomfortably in his stomach.

Dabi would get to it next time, though. The sun was going to be up fairly soon and he had another sinking suspicion that Hawks was the only one who got to spend the night. 

Plus, he had to make a stop for a new wall clock.

“Guess I’ll be leaving sleeping beauty in your capable hands,” Dabi said as he finished off his drink and pushed away from the counter.

Keigo will be just fine,” Kai replied, continuing to fuss with parts of the kitchen Dabi had no interest in helping with. He also had no more interest in the little pissing contest he had started earlier, seeing as they both had gotten what they wanted.

Dabi sauntered through to the main hall before he stopped at the door.

Well, mostly uninterested in the contest.

“I’ll make sure to remind him next he’s over not to forget your appointment,” Dabi called over his shoulder. “Double booking really screws everyone over, right?”

He hoped the snapping sound of wood as he closed the door was of something expensive.