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The rain is pouring unmerciful hitting the window of the small hideout with vengeance. A young teen is playing some noisy video-games- at this very moment, the pink rounded character gains some power up and the track is pretty obvious about it- his red eyes are focused on the screen, avoiding the window and flinching when thunder can be heard.

Suddenly, the door of said hideout is open and the red eyes boy flee from his game-ignoring the game and the soundtrack of a new level waiting to be played- to greet the person with a smile. "Sensei, you´re back"

His sensei pats his head kindly, however, red eyes are noticed the greenete in his arms. A frown greets his face and Sensei is too quick to notice. His response is to smile back.

"This is Izuku, my son, Shigaraki won´t you say hi" those words leave the other boy totally confused and feeling threatening, however, sensei´s eyes are on Shigaraki. 

His smile is placid.

Shigaraki can only see such a smile as being the kindest thing in his life.

"Hi, my name is Tomura Shigaraki" his tone is bemused and deadpan. The greenete looks at the boy uncertain and then confused to his own father. Sensei only nods encouraging Izuku to do what it must be done.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Izuku Midoriya" the greenete stands his hand -still looking unsure to his own father. A man who is only smiling at this small interaction- takes his hand and shakes.

Five fingers are touching Izuku´s skin.

Nothing happens.

Absolutely nothing happens...and Shigaraki is in awe at this.

"I...didn´t decay you...I..." his mind is trying to process this. His other hand touches Izuku´s face. Nothing happens. Absolutely nothing. By this point, Shigaraki is too enticing by this new to pay attention to Sensei´s smile.

It doesn´t look so kind anymore.


Shigaraki forgets his own reservations about a new boy or even sensei himself as he has someone to play with. The greenete sits on his lap as they´re currently playing a video-game.

"You never played a game before?" Shigaraki asked amused shaking his head as Izuku dies again in the game. The greenete curses under his breath.

"No..." his green eyes are vague. Red eyes noticed too much. "I don´t think I ever had a real friend..." Izuku recoils as he told more than should.


"....I´m quirkless"

"Oh...but I can´t decay you" he states still amused. Izuku looks at him curiously and a mirthless chuckle escapes his mouth. "Trust me, having a quirk is not that great...." 

Izuku bites his lips and looks up to him. "I think your quirk is pretty cool" Izuku exclaims happily and tries again. "You can use it to rescue people" and adds. "And if you don´t want that...there´s always gloves to help you"

Gloves? Sensei never once...

Shigaraki blinks at this. His red eyes don´t even pretend to stare at the screen anymore. "You want to be a hero...why?" his disgust on the word hero is palpable but so is his curiosity.

Many 10 years old want to be a hero. Yet, many 10 years old wouldn´t found Shigaraki´s quirk cool.

"I want to help people...I want..." his lips quiver a moment as his eyes look so far away from Shigaraki. "I want to make sure no one is hurt" like I was. This last part is hinted at.

"Why? No one bothers to save me?" the disgust is clear in his tone. Izuku didn´t flinch. He may not fully grasp, but he knows enough. "Those heroes only seek glory..." bitter is so laced to his tongue. Shigaraki starts to scratch his neck feverishly until Izuku grabs his hands.

"Don´t scratch your neck like that" his fingers intertwined with Shigaraki´s as his green eyes are focused on his red eyes. There´s a story behind those red eyes. There´s a story behind green eyes.

"Only sensei cared...he saved me from living on the street"

"Then I can be your hero...I can save you too" is a simple answer.


"Being your player 2"

Shigaraki throws to play nonchalantly or even make a comment about Izuku´s ability, however, it cames weak as they´re facing a new level.


Inko Midoriya is a woman who follows her gut instinct to everything but her husband. Hisashi is or was, to be exact, a good husband. When Izuku was diagnosed as quirkless, instead of him being furious or leave her and Izuku behind all he made was a comment: "My brother was quirkless. I loved him with all my heart"

It was first.

Hisashi sure loved to talk about his brother and how Izuku resembles him. "Yuta was like that...naive to the bone"

One day, Izuku´s bullying got worse and finally, Inko took notice-it shames her to this day, how come she never noticed before? Every time he smiled...was it all a  facade?-and Bakugou sees no wrong in his actions. The teachers, in his majority, didn´t see a problem either.

Hisashi took to himself to cheer Izuku up. "Just like he did with his dear younger brother"

And then...Hisashi took Izuku...and Now Inko is in the police station crying and feeling her reality crumbles again. Her husband kidnaps her son. Many scenarios are playing in her head.

Does he truly want to protect Izuku?

Does he hates his quirkless and wants to get rid of him?

Did he sell Izuku?

Why is she thinking the worse?

Detective Manamosa takes the case. No one was giving much importance to a quirkless kid gone missing and frankly, the man was fed up with such prejudice.

A conversation with a distressed Inko was enough to show how this case is deeper than a mere father kidnapping his son. "I´ll call someone to help, a friend of mine...Mrs. that your name or you take from your husband?"

"What? No, that´s my name...Hisashi wanted to use mine...said his own last name is full of bad memories..."

All Might arrives not sure why he would be the one indicated to find a missing kid. As soon as his friend shows a photo of the husband in question, All Might´s face pale.

"Is really HIM"


"Dad...when I´ll come back to school?" Izuku asked knowing full well his time in school wasn´t all that great. "And...why Shigaraki can´t go to a school?"

Hisashi smiles. Is not a kind one if you ask Izuku.

"Ah, Yuta"

"I´m not your brother...I´m your son"

"I know" his tone is cold. "I know that too well, Izuku"

The greenete has no answer. Only frowns as his father leaves him and Shigaraki alone. Again.


The two boys are gentle lay down together. 14 years old and a 10 years old feeling too restless to sleep. Both having things to ponder over.


"Why you always call me like this?"

Izuku closes his eyes and remembers Kachan... Stop calling me that, useless Deku.

"Do you want a nickname? I don´t...think anyone would like a nickname from me"

"I would, so, stop calling me me something else or else I´ll call you player 2 forever"

Izuku snorts at this.


"That´s fine"


All Might finally did it. Wincing in pain as taking another breath is getting hard and harder. All Might finally did kill AFO once and for all. His body is a wreck-that much is obvious- and his quirk decimated a good portion of Kamino.

Yet, his blue eyes land on a space that was miraculously spared by the rage of the battle. A small warehouse.

All Might blink not understanding why he feels the need to go there. Even walking is painful now.

There he found nothing. There are no thugs ready to avenger their master or any trap, instead, all he found is a boy with green hair lay down on the floor.

"Young Midoriya?!"


Izuku wakes up in a hospital bed- the ceiling is different from the one he grows to love with Tomu-Kun-with his mother next to his side. "Mom?" he asked unsurely. Is this real or his father is playing another trick?

"Izuku? Oh, Izuku..." she hugs him. They both are crying.

"Where is Tomura?" The lack of answer makes him panic a little. "Where is he?" until he winced in pain.

"Izuku calm down, the doctors said you had a high level of...some unknown drug in your will take a week to take it out of your system completely" her tone is firm. She needs to be stronger.

Izuku only wants to know where is Tomura.


The media published the story to every channel possible. All Might rescue a young boy. Izuku´s class is shocked to see the quirkless kid being rescued by All Might- Bakugou´s blood is boiling as All Might stay with Izuku. Pathetic if you ask Bakugou- who seems to take a liking to the young boy.

"Young Midoriya, your mother told me you want to be a hero"

"I don´t have a quirk..." Izuku states calmly. "I don´t want to be a big name hero...all I want is to save my friend"

All Might smile and then responds. "Then, young Midoriya...I believe you can be a hero"

Meanwhile, Tomura watches the interview of a rescued Izuku and bites his lips. "Guess, I´ll have to rescue you...somehow"


More 4 years passed. To say Izuku change is an understatement. Izuku has a goal. One simple goal and nothing will stand in his way. He´ll find Tomura again.

His father wouldn´t book Tomura in a 5 stars hotel. So, Izuku resorts to seedy bars. Sure, a quirkless kid-even one that will receive All Might´s quirk later- is no match for those bars.

However, with good makeup and nice clothes, Izuku can blend in. The bartender- not the misty man like Izuku remembers-didn´t voice any complain about Izuku.

"A glass of water" Izuku mimics a good rough voice. The bartender arches one eyebrow. "My quirk doesn´t let me drink alcohol"

"Oh..." is enough for him. Once the glass is given. Izuku takes notice of some of the members of this bar. A young scarred man is talking with some folks using his blue fire.

"If you´re lying..." is all Izuku manages to hear.

"Hey, any news about the king?" in those bars, you must use codes. 

"There´s no king...yet. Just a little prince"

"Still moving?"

"Planning something big, you lost your mark, green knight. He already left"

Izuku mumbles something. "Tell him the green knight says hi"
Izuku is in UA now. Is easy to ignore Bakugou and his spiteful words- asking time and time again why Izuku hides his quirk from him as if he own him anything- and is easy to make friends.

Not really, when he spent so much time either being bullied or looking for Tomura. Trust is something that is a bit hard for him. Ochako and Lida seem to be a good person and so far, never mistreated him.

They´re not Tomura.

Suddenly, UA is under attack. It caught everyone by surprise. Among the chaos, Izuku saw something that makes his eyes widen. Izuku is reckless- a real problem child- and run to see if his eyes are seeing right.

"Tomura?" There are monsters next to him. Along with the misty man. "I was looking for you..." 

"You took long enough...My initial plan was to kill All Might" his red eyes follow to where All Might is. The man is reaching his limit.

"Please, stop...I´m here don´t need to kill All Might...he´s not the problem, never was"

Tomura ponders those words. His hand touches Izuku. Nothing happens. "Let´s go home then Izuku" If Izuku went willing or not, is something All Might can´t prove.

In the end, begs two questions. What´s heroism? What´s villainy? 

All Might is not sure of the answers now.