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Discord One shots.

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Fandom: Spies Are Forever.

Characters: Agent Curt Mega, Richard "Dick" Big, Daisy Big

Relationships: Agent Curt Mega/Richard "Dick" Big.

Warnings: Off-screen amputation, Curt Mega being a dumb ass.


Curt is still a spy, married to Dick, and raising Daisy with him. So he will be home for a month or two and then be gone for like two weeks.

Dasiy is in the backyard playing, and Dick is in his home office when he hears the front door open. He quickly stands up and leaves the office, all but running to the front door. 

"I'm so glad you're home darlin, Dasiy and I have been missing you like- Oh my god!" 

Curt is a mess, his face and clothes bare covered in ash and blood, his eyes are glassy, making it clear that he's just barely clinging on to awareness. His left arm is crossed over his chest, clutching his right arm right above the elbow, and is covered in blood.

But none of that is the most alarming part. The most alarming part is that beneath where Curt is clutching his arm is gone. 

"Curt, what the hell happened?" Dick crosses to him, wanting to reach out and grab him but also being afraid to touch him. 

"Explosion..." Curt's words are slurring, and he's swaying back and forth ever so slightly. Dick grabs him by his good arm and pulls him to the living room, sitting him down on the sofa.

"I'll be right back, wait right here." He doesn't wait for Curt to respond before disappearing. The first stop he makes is to the back yard, where he tells Dasiy to go to her room and not come out until he comes to get her. 

After she is firmly in her room, he runs to the master bathroom and grabs all of the towels out of the linen closet before running back to the living room and shoving them up against Curt's arm.

"Damn it, Curt, why didn't you go back to A.S.S. so they could help you?" He doesn't expect an answer, but gets one.

"Dinin think I'd make it, had to see you n 'aisy again before I died."

Dick tries not to cry, he really does, but the tears force themselves out of his eyes anyway. He blinks furiously, trying to force them away. There will be plenty of time to cry later. Right now, he needs to get Curt help.

"You hold those there, okay? I'm going to call Tatiana." He grabs Curt's left hand and forces it to hold the towels against the bleeding arm.

Curt survives gets a prosthetic arm (A.S.S' prosthetics are scarily advanced), but they decide not to tell Daisy until she's older. They don't want to scare her. 

That plan goes out the window when Dick hears a scream from the backyard. He runs out to see Curt's prosthetic on the ground and Dasiy screaming her head off and Curt, one-armed at the moment, trying to calm her down.