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Marrying Miranda Priestly

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Miranda Priestly is a 40-year-old woman who is one of the top 10 billionaires around the world with a personal net worth of $100 billion owning a multi-national corporation called Runway which produces the best coding and programming software for infrastructure and building companies. She was a Harvard graduate majoring in IT and physics. She is raised by her father, Alistair Priestly who was a tech savvy and highly intelligent man who devotes his time to his daughter and work. Since his wife (Diana Priestly) passed away when Miranda was 5 years old, he had to become both father and mother figure in this father-daughter relationship with Miranda hence he will forever remain number 1 in Miranda’s life as she would forever love and respect him for the lessons that he taught her and the love he has towards his Diana.


On the other end, there is 20-year-old Andrea Sachs who is known to be a super shy and introvert girl. Although Andrea is still young, she has already graduated from MIT with a degree in civil and mechanical engineering. The only thing that Andrea likes to do is investing her pocket money in the stock market and drawing. Andrea is raised by her father, Richard Sachs and mother, Margaret Sachs who treats their daughter and people that they care about with kindness, but this doesn’t mean that they would allow their business to be taken advantage by sneaky businessman or woman. Andrea’s parents are elite developers and they own Sachs Industries which specialises in designing and building the most sophisticated and coolest infrastructures globally ranging from museums to theme parks.


Alistair Priestly and Richard Sachs had been best friends since high school, so they made a deal that if they ever had children, they wished for their children to marry one another. Both Miranda and Andrea are intelligent and smart in their own ways but under what type of circumstances would they meet?

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            As a woman who doesn’t have the most perfect family, my dad & I have a very close relationship as he is the only man that cares and will forever love me for who I am. I listen and take into account every piece of advice that he tells me ever since I was a kid and he always told me that I should always share any difficulties that I faced regardless whether it is a good or bad thing with him. He has always reminded me to take care of myself by exercising and resting well no matter how stressful or bad my day was and I should start fresh every day and continue improving and to never stop growing. So here I am waking up at 4 am on Monday which is the hardest thing yet it energises me for what’s going to come for the entire week at work. The question that is always asked by other people is why the need to wake up at 4am while everybody else is still sleeping and “enjoying” their sleep? The reason is that I don’t get a chance to be normal and wake up later if I want to succeed in life. Hence, this is the reason why I am so successful at 40 and I am continuously chasing for more success because fulfilling dreams requires a never-ending chase in life that requires long hours of  hard work and crudeness when it gets down to business.


My master bedroom faces the beach and the advantage about my property is that it comes with a private beach and helipad so I guess hard work pays off and I can do whatever I want with my dad and my cute St. Bernard, Patricia. I get up early for a workout session involving a 10km run along the beautiful private Hamptons beach. After that I go for a 40-minute swim just to relax the muscles after a long run. By the time I am done with my exercise around 5:30, as I am walking back to the house, I can see my dad sitting in his study hunching over his keyboard frowning really hard to the point where all his wrinkles can be seen even from afar. He is a 65 year old man trying to figure out a program at 5:30 am for his secret project which he refuse to let me help him and disclose the details of it but this shows his professional work ethics where he can’t give up till he has found the perfect coding or solution.


Anyways, I head upstairs to my bedroom for a shower and have my hair plus makeup done within 40 minutes and I walk to the next room which contains everything that I love to wear and admire sometimes. Although I am working in a tech industry where all of my employees do not pay any attention to appearances or fashion, I care a lot about fashion in fact I have a whole room just for my clothes, shoes and jewelleries. This is because my mum was a great fashion designer till her last breath, and she has always quoted that fashion is the true representation of yourself”. Today, I decided to wear my usual Prada pencil skirt with a Hermes blouse paired with a Christian Louboutin heels, Patek Phillipe Nautilus watch and a fitted wool trench coat as winter was approaching and I need to stay warm. I head downstairs towards the kitchen and breakfast is served by my one and only nanny, Cara who I appreciate very much as she has taken care of me since I was a baby. She serves my favourite home-made Greek yoghurt with honey from a local bee farm, fresh berries from my garden and extra hot cup of latte from the beans that she roasts herself. After having breakfast and saying goodbye to my dad, Patricia and Cara, I am greeted by my personal bodyguard, Jaime who used to be the ex-head of KGB, but he decided to leave his job and come work for me as there were less chaos and less danger. I board the helicopter to head to Runway as it is efficient, and I don’t have to battle through traffic every day like every other people. by 7:45 the helicopter landed on the rooftop of Runway building which is located beside the Rockefeller Tower in Manhattan, New York. As the helicopter was landing, I can see all of my close confidant waiting for my arrival near the helipad, Runway’s Secretary (Emily Charlton), CFO (Nigel Kipling) and Head of merger & acquisition and legal team (Eve Rothlo) who are all my childhood friends and are very loyal towards my family and Runway. Jaime helped me get off the helicopter all of us started walking towards my private lift to head towards the board meeting room on the 40th floor.


“Emily what’s my schedule for today” I asked. “Miranda you have a very busy day ahead. You have 4 meetings with investors bidding for the latest software, after lunch you have got to meet Serena because she said she has found the perfect combination for the latest weapons and if you’re lucky you would be able to leave work by 7” Emily replied.


“Nigel are there any updates on who was embezzling funds from Runway for the past few months?”. Nigel just sighed and said “Um Miranda you are not going to like this piece of information but it’s Jacqueline Follet from the finance department for Runway France. I found out that she has been transferring funds from our accounts to an offshore bank account in the Isle of Man, but I haven’t been able to track that person’s details”. I nodded and told Nigel to ask my father for his expertise to track this offshore account. 


“Eve what’s the approximate amount that we can squeeze out of the 4 investors that we are meeting later?” Eve smirked and replied, “To be honest Miranda you can get any amount you want but the minimum price for the bid should be around $500 million but I am very assured that Mr Wang from China would be highest bidder for this software”.


Once we reached the 40th floor, all of my employees wouldn’t dare to look me in the eyes because they are afraid of me but who cares because I didn’t get to where I am today by being kind or being liked by everybody. By 9 am, I attend my first meeting with a Japanese investor, Mr Endo Watanabe who intends to enter the bid for Runway latest software to enable building a multi-level tunnel to a maximum of 15 levels underground. He offered $300 million for this program which is unacceptable because I know that it’s worth way more and without my codes, builders are struggling to build 3 underground tunnels let alone 15. My entire team consisting of myself, Emily, Nigel and Eve burst out laughing at the ridiculously little amount of money offered to enter the bidding. Obviously, that wasn’t the correct amount and all 4 of us left the meeting room and I said, “Mr Endo don’t waste my time because it’s definitely more precious than yours”. Throughout the entire morning, I attended the next 3 meetings and Mr Wang finally closed the deal with the highest bid of $1 billion dollars. What a successful start of the week I thought to myself.


In the afternoon, Jaime and I went over to Runway Electronics & Chemicals where I was immediately welcomed by Serena and her team of scientist who all worked very closely with Serena and I. Runway Electronics & Chemicals focuses on government contracts where highly classified machinery and weapons are designed and produced for countries defences. Today we are working on perfecting a small nuclear weapon but has the ability to destroy the entire South America to be presented and sold at an exclusive auction in 2 weeks where all the top governments would send a representative to buy this majestic piece of weapon in Austria.


By 7 pm Jaime told me that the chopper is ready to go and I go home after a long and tiring day at work. During the entire ride, I reflect upon what I have done and accomplish so far but many people that I work with such as my employees and the media has always labelled me as the Dragon Lady for as long as I know because I am a very private person where no personal information about my family can be found online. I guess the public is afraid of what they cannot justify with words or information hence they are always afraid of people like myself. People only knows what I do for a living and that’s just the surface of what Runway can do therefore never judge a book by its cover because I am definitely not an open book. Sometimes, I wonder to myself if I would ever get a chance to share all my wealth and power with someone who loves me for who I am like how my father and mother have vowed to have an undying love for each other. I can only live on hope to achieve a relationship like theirs.  




By 7am I am awake with my mum pouring ice water on my face telling me that I should go to work with them.

“Andy it’s time for you to start working for our company since you have finished school”, my dad said. I pouted at him and showed him my best puppy eyes look saying “dad I don’t want to go to work yet please let me enjoy life a little longer” and it always works on him, so he said that he is giving me another week before I have to join the company and start working there.


I am Andrea Sachs, all my so called “friends” call me Andy from high school and university. Although I am way too young to be graduating, I still graduated from MIT with flying colours in engineering as one of the youngest graduates on the dean’s list. My whole life has always been about attending galas and grand opening of a building or something related to Sachs Industries. My dream is to travel alone around the world to admire beautiful and ancient buildings which is way too unachievable as my parents are very protective of me. My life hasn’t been lived to the fullest yet even though I have achieved so much academically so I am always trying to leave my parents and travel, but I always gets caught by my father’s best and oldest bodyguard, Ned. As graduation marked the end of my studying life, my relationship with my boyfriend, Nate for 3 years has ended as well because he wants to head over to Boston when I am in Manhattan which is not going to work out. So, I have decided that I am going to escape from home without my parents knowing for at least 2 months to explore the places that I want to go mostly European countries as they have one of the oldest and most beautiful buildings due to their attention towards specific designs. I have booked my tickets to Austria in 2 weeks where I would attempt to live normally and freely and do the things that I enjoy.

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2 weeks later Andrea Sachs managed to escape her house around 12 am when the guards were switching shifts. She stole her father oldest Volvo which had no tracker or GPS to track the car and she drove to JFK and boarded her 3am flight heading to Vienna, Austria. 8 hours later Andrea Sachs arrived at Schwechat, Vienna. Concurrently, Miranda was in Vienna although she didn’t fly commercially, she still arrived at the private airport at Vienna around 11 am to attend her important dinner auction involving the sale of her newly created nuclear bomb programmed by Miranda and created by Serena, an excellent nuclear scientist. Serena is widely known as the 21st century female Albert Einstein due to her brilliance as a scientist.


Back in New York Richard and Margaret Sachs are freaking out over the shocking disappearance of their daughter, Andrea. They have contacted Ned to hire a private security team to search for their daughter while Andrea was having the best time of her life in a famous Cafe Museum in the city centre of Vienna that served the best Viennese coffee and pastries. Andrea had booked herself an AirBnb room near the shopping district and she bought the tickets to watch Romeo & Juliet at the Vienna State Opera.  Before the concert starts at 7:30 pm, Andrea has to pick up her dress which she paid in cash so that her father can’t track her spending and find out her location. As she was walking out of the Anna Sui store after picking up her evening gown, she bumped into somebody and as she looked up, she thought she saw the prettiest woman in the world. She questioned how can a mature woman with silver hair and blue eyes still look so pretty? Andrea thought it was her lucky day to meet someone so pretty yet elegant at the same time and as she was about to apologize for bumping into her, the lady just ignored her and walked away as if she was a model and the street belongs to herself only. Andrea was stunned and shocked by how easily the beautiful lady walked away as if she didn’t care.


Miranda was running late to her dinner auction held at Ritz-Carlton Vienna and all of a sudden, this brunette just bumped into her, but it didn’t affect her as Miranda has extremely good balance due to her years of krav maga training with Jaime her bodyguard. A weapon dealer like Miranda should know the basics defence skills but a perfectionist like herself would never learn martial just to be mediocre at it instead she loves the thrill of fighting and that’s why she obtained the 8th degree black belt in krav maga. Miranda and her usual Runway entourage arrived at the dinner auction at 7 pm and she didn’t even spare a glance to the brunette just now. When they arrived at the ballroom, they had to walk through a scanner to be checked if they carried any weapons which is the usual standard of procedure. The Runway team were seated to the far-right corner of the stage as Miranda doesn’t like to be an attention seeker unlike her rival Irving Ravitz from Ravitz Industry who loves being kissed in the ass and praised by the public. Too bad Ravitz Industry is a lemon especially in weapons making as he is not wisest man who employs normal employees to produce normal stuff in Miranda’s view. Ravitz Industry presents their weapons first because Irving thinks his weapons are better this year, but he hasn’t seen the best yet. The bid starts at $500 million and closes at $ 2 billion which is an acceptable price for his set of weapon technology. Even with a billion Irving Ravitz thought he has beaten Miranda while Miranda just smirked right back at him. Runway weapons were next to be displayed and presented by Miranda herself. 


“To all the presidents and leader of the world present in this ballroom tonight I have a question for all of you, how would you all define a weapon of mass destruction? I believe I have the perfect solution for you Serena please show the training exercise that we filmed 2 weeks ago.” By the end of the video all the countries leaders were amazed and shocked by how large the blast radius was for a tiny bomb approximately the size of a 500 ml bottle. The bid started at $1 billion and it went on and on till the final bid of $20 billion was offered by the Russian President, Mr Vladimir Putin. As the details of money and weapon shipments were exchanged towards the end of the dinner auction, Mr Vladimir who is also a close friend of mine thank me for the amazing weapon that I have built for Russia defence forces and he wished the entire Runway team goodnight while walking away with a smile on his face. Poor Irving sitting down at his table with a very bitter expression as I walked pass him to exit the ballroom, I said to him “Mr Irving have a good night although everybody in this rooms knows that it wasn’t a good night for you all because a dragon cannot be easily taken down due to the fact that I am indestructible, and Runway will always be the superior weapon maker compared to other so don’t even think you are better than me any time. That proves how good my team are at getting spectacular and marvellous work done in comparison to yours”. The Runway team walks out of the ball room with pride and glory ready to head back to the villa for a proper good night sleep.

Andrea was mesmerized by the beauty of the main concert hall at the Vienna State Opera while watching Romeo & Juliet for the first time. After the show ended around 10, she was walking back to her AirBnb apartment which is a 5 minutes walk from the opera house. She felt someone stalking her, so she took a detour to the main shopping district where the streets are more crowded although it’s late. As she was walking pass a dark alley, she felt a person pulling her in to the dark alley and it turned out that there were at least 4 big dudes who looked like they were part of a gang. At first, they were trying to rob but she didn’t carry much cash with her because she left it in the apartment safe deposit box, so they were gonna rape Andrea instead since she didn’t have any money or ID in her purse. Andrea was scared and afraid, so she tried to scream as loud as possible through the hand that was covering and shutting her up as the other 3 guys were ripping her dress apart. She thought that she was gonna die after getting raped by all these dudes and she was apologizing to her parents in her head for being such a nuisance in their life. As she felt her underwear being pulled down, shots were fired, all of them got head shot and Andrea felt part of their brains and blood splattered onto her body just like in John Wick. She was hyperventilating and it turned out that it was lady that she bumped into outside the Anna Sui store who fired the shot and saved her in this dark alley. All of a sudden, she fainted but she was securely caught by a pair of strong yet feminine arms, but she felt assured nonetheless.


Miranda was seating at the back of her Lincoln Navigator while Jaime was driving her back to the villa that she owns in Vienna. She winds down her window to take in some fresh winter air and to admire the winter market as Christmas was approaching in a month. Miranda saw a brunette dragged into an alley and she heard muffled loud screams and she instantly knew something bad was happening. Miranda immediately screamed “Jaime! Stop the car and pass me my beretta and night vision goggles now. We need to help the girl”. Jaime nodded and Miranda got out of the car while putting on her night vision goggles and loaded her gun. She fired 4 bullets hitting all 4 men in the head and she walked towards the distressed girl only realising that she was the girl that bumped into her before the auction started. The girl was breathing really hard and she was going to faint, but Miranda saw all the signs and quickly reached out to catch her before she hit the ground.  Miranda carried her bridal style towards the Lincoln and loaded her into the back seat. 


“Jaime did you search the parameters and look for the girl’s purse or personal belongings?” Miranda asked and he replied, “Yes ma’am but she didn’t carry any ID with her only her phone and 50 Euros were in her purse”. 

“Okay let’s bring her back to the villa and we shall see how it goes once she wakes up tomorrow morning” Miranda said, and Jaime got in the car and started driving back to the villa.

As they reached Miranda’s villa main entrance, Miranda gathered the girl in her arms and carried her to the master bedroom while Jaime followed Miranda closely to see if she needed any assistance. Emily, Eve, Serena and Nigel were shocked to see Miranda carrying a girl back home to her bedroom because they have always seen Miranda alone and she always attended dinners without a partner.

Miranda said “Jaime, you can leave her belongings in the room and rest for tonight. I will see take care of her tonight. Have a good night with Nigel” and she smirked but Jaime was so embarrassed as Nigel haven’t disclosed their relationship to Miranda and her friends yet. Jaime left Miranda’s room with his cheeks feeling very warm and flushed.

Miranda's Lincoln Navigator.


Miranda POV

What a long and stressful night? I looked at the girl passed out on my bed who looked so wrecked and terrified from the events that occurred to her in the past hour. I quickly walked to my wardrobe to pick up a fresh pair sweatshirt and pants for the girl. Before changing her into the sweatshirt and pants, I removed the girl’s shoes, makeup and gave her entire body a sponge bath to remove the dirtiness she probably felt from those big and disgusting looking guys. Even though I don’t know who she is, I feel worried for her and I am glad that I rescued her because she looks way too young to be scarred from the memories of being raped by men. 

After wiping her body dry and changing her clothes, I tucked her into bed and pulled the blanket to cover her as the air was feeling a little chilly. I sat on her bedside to observe her for a while realising that she is a very pretty girl with silky smooth dark brown hair and gorgeous features. I let her sleep on my bed tonight and I go to the bathroom to prepare for bed as well. After showering and changing into my silk gown, I plopped onto my sofa and grab the pull over to cover myself and I fell asleep instantly.

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As usual Miranda wakes up at 4 am for her exercise and she took a quick glance at the girl before she went for a run and it seems like the girl is still asleep which is understandable as her body is trying to recover from the shock. Miranda walks out of the house and decided to run around the compound of her home since it’s so big approximately 50 acres of land. After her run she decided to skip her swimming session and she entered her house that seems too quiet meaning that everybody is still asleep. She went for a quick shower but after she finished showering, she realised that she doesn’t have a towel, so she decided to run out of the bathroom to go straight to her wardrobe. Oh boy she definitely regretted it because she didn’t know that the girl was already awake and was standing very close to the bathroom. As she ran out, Miranda bumped into Andrea falling on top of her butt naked. Andrea panicked so she squeezed something that felt like a dick to try to gain upper hand if she had to fight this beautiful stranger. Miranda was in so much pain that her face turned to red because the girl was squeezing her dick really hard as she was screaming in Miranda’s face. Miranda smacked the girl’s hand away from her dick and quickly ran into the wardrobe shutting her wardrobe door after she got in. Miranda tried to remain calm even though her junior felt a little swollen after it was squeezed so hard in an unpleasurable way. Miranda put on her bra, underwear and chose to wear a suit from Hermes paired with a pair of Jimmy Choo boots.

She exited her wardrobe only to face a guilty faced girl looking at Miranda as if she was getting ready to be reprimanded by her parents. At first, Miranda wanted to scold her but after seeing the girl’s expression she couldn’t bring herself to scold the girl. Instead, Miranda said “Hi my name is Miranda Priestly, and my bodyguard and I saved you last night from the alley. Don’t worry I mean no harm to you I just wish for you to be safe and comfortable right now after what happened last night. Do you mind introducing yourself young girl or do you have a number that I can call to inform your parents about the horrific event that you went through last night?” 

Andrea decided to lie to Miranda as she felt safe with her for some weird unknown reason and she didn’t want to go back to the US so quickly. The pros of staying with Miranda outweighs the cons of leaving Miranda now just to be safe Andrea is going to fake her last name as it seems like Miranda is a woman with connection judging by the way she can get away with killing 4 dudes like it’s nothing to her. Andrea replied “My name is Andrea Watson, but you can call me Andy, I am a 20-year-old orphan from New York. I just want to tell you how grateful I am for your help yesterday because I thought I was gonna die and sorry for hurting you just now. I didn’t mean to squeeze or even touch it”.

“All is forgiven no hard feelings at least it is still attached to my body" Miranda joked and laughed. Miranda asked Andrea whether she remember anything that happened last night and Andrea said that she remembered being groped and touched by those men because she had no money with her. Andrea broke down and cried into her palm and sat down on floor because she felt so overwhelmed and terrified. Miranda has never seen a girl breaking down like Andrea so she just sat on the floor by her and hugged Andrea and pulled Andrea onto her lap to provide some comfort and warmth to Andrea by rubbing her back. Andrea buried her head into Miranda neck, Miranda felt her heart wavering because she had to see a young girl like Andrea going through a horrific experience. It took 1 hour for Andrea to stop crying before she could lift her head to look Miranda in the eyes, her eyes were swollen again from crying out loud. 

“Andrea would you like to shower and get ready for today? I can show you the real Vienna because it’s nothing like what you have experienced yesterday. If you don’t mind, I can offer my assistance to help you shower since yesterday I had to strip and give you a sponge bath to get rid of all the dirt and dried blood from your skin and hair”, Miranda said, and Andrea just nodded while wrapping her arms tighter around Miranda's neck so that she doesn’t fall when Miranda carries her to the bathtub. Miranda prepared lavender scented bath for Andrea and she put her into the bath, but it broke her heart to see Andrea sudden mood change from being shocked to sad. As Miranda was getting up to leave to bathroom and give Andrea some privacy, Andrea said “Miranda, please stay. I don’t want to be alone right now.” Miranda sat on the floor beside the bathtub and wondered to herself How can a stranger be so comfortable around her even though they have never met or talked to one another before. 

Miranda asked “Andrea what are you thinking right now? Are you feeling okay or do you need me to call you a doctor to talk about your feelings?” Andrea said “Miranda honestly I don’t want to be reminded of the events that both of us had gone through last night so the last thing that I want right now is to talk to a doctor about it. Being here in your house and knowing that I am safe with you is all that I care about right now.” Miranda nodded and offered her right hand to Andrea for Andrea to hold on because it seems like Andrea needs some comfort. Both of them just sat in silence holding hands for half an hour before Andrea was ready to get out and face her day like a brave woman. As Andrea was drying herself with a large fluffy towel, Miranda chose a Loro Piana cashmere sweater and hand-knitted scarf with a pair of jeans which is one of Miranda’s favourite brand because of the outstanding quality of cashmere used to create each piece of clothing. Andrea wore the clothes without complaining and she looked herself in the mirror to check out her outfit with Miranda standing behind her they look good together because Miranda was half a head than Andrea without heels. Both of them thought they looked perfect together. 

 Meanwhile the kitchen area was filled with positive energy with Jaime back hugging Nigel while  he was preparing bacon and eggs for everybody and Emily sitting on top of Serena’s lap while feeding each other bacon bits that they stole from Nigel’s plate. Eve sitting by herself missing her pregnant wife, Annalise who was in Washington defending one of the richest and powerful man in the US in the Supreme Court. They saw Miranda leading Andrea by the elbow to the kitchen and Miranda introduced Andrea to all of them. 

“Everyone, this is Andrea Watson from New York. Andrea meet my shirtless bodyguard Jaime Lannister and his boyfriend Nigel Kipling, Emily Charlton who is sitting on top of Serena Maxwell lap and lastly Eve Rothlo. All of them work for my company and they are all my closest friends so feel free to ask for anything you need from them as I consider you part of my household since you have nowhere else to go.” Andrea just nodded and sat down on the chair that Miranda pulled out for her which raised everybody else eyebrows as they have never seen Miranda so welcoming towards stranger before. Nigel plated and served everybody some bacon, scrambled eggs and waffles with slight drizzle of honey while Emily prepared Miranda a centre of the sun hot latte. All of them tried to not mention how Andrea was found last night because Jaime has given everyone an insight last night, so they tried to accommodate to Andrea’s need by asking her general questions. After finishing breakfast, Andrea helped to clean up the dining table and kitchen because she felt bad for lying to Miranda and her friends plus she is definitely overstaying in Miranda’s house. Miranda left her friends to show Andrea her villa to make feel less awkward.


“Guys when was the last time we saw Miranda with somebody" and Nigel said" Never since all of us graduated. Are you thinking about the same thing as well?? Maybe we should hook them up damn they look awesomely cool together. Especially when Miranda is being cool and Andrea looks like a sweet girl". All of us agreed and decided to match make them but the only question is how are we going to make the plan and this would be a long-term plan. 

Jaime said “Miranda was really quick to safe Andrea last night. I have never heard Miranda shouting my name so urgently since I started working for her in the past 20 years. Yesterday she was genuinely worried for Andrea and she fired her 4 bullets without hesitating. Miranda carried Andrea to the car even though I offered to help but she was reluctant to let her go.” 

That definitely raised all our attention because I have known Miranda the longest since we were kids. Okay we are going to help Miranda get Andrea since she isn’t a romantic person at all. 


Holy shit I thought my family was rich obviously I was wrong. Rich can’t even describe Miranda’s property. The house looks like Buckingham Palace surrounded with thick forest, yet it produces a calm and serene feeling that I have never experienced in my life even back in New York. Miranda was smiling throughout the entire house tour when I was going woah or wow getting shocked each time she shows me another part of her house. Through my own experience of being born in a rich family, I think Miranda is quite lonely which is kinda sad and pitiful and hopefully I get to fill in that gap in her life. Throughout the entire morning when I had my ups and downs, she has done nothing but cared for me as if I was someone important in her life. For now, I am just going to enjoy every moment with her till I have to leave her forever when she finds out that I have been lying to her from the beginning. Hopefully she will forgive me when she finds out I am not Andrea Watson.



“Andrea the plan for today is fairly simple if you agree to it. Now I would drive you to your rental apartment with Jaime following us driving the Lincoln to pick up your bags so that you can move in and travel with us. After Jaime has loaded your bags into the Lincoln, the both of us can go wherever you would like to visit, and I shall be your personal chauffeur for the next 3 days before I fly to Prague. How do you like the plan?” Andrea agreed and I went upstairs for a quick change of outfit into wearing a pair of fitted denim jeans, Chanel knitwear matched with a pair of dark brown Berluti driving boots. I grabbed a Hermes leather jacket for myself and Canada Goose bomber jacket for Andrea so that we can stay warm when I am driving my convertible LaFerrari. It seems like the both of us are wearing the same size and everything that I have fits nicely on her. Once I got downstairs, everybody else was ready to head out for the day except for Eve who is homesick missing her pregnant wife, she decided to stay home and complete her work. Serena, Emily, Nigel and Jaime were waiting in the car while Andrea was standing by the entrance of the door waiting for me, I handed her the Canada Goose jacket and led her to my LaFerrari and opened the door for her while I was waiting for her to get in, I looked back towards the Lincoln Navigator Nigel was excitedly winking at me and showing two thumbs up. I think my friends wishes for Andrea and me to get together I just waved him off and shut the passenger seat door to enter my car. I started the engine and the engine sounded amazing as it started definitely one of my favourite supercars to drive. As I was driving into the city centre of Vienna where Andrea’s rental apartment was located, I had to drive passed the same alley where I found and save her from, and she recognised that alley too because that whole alley was swamped with police probably trying to search for evidence of what had happened last night. Andrea seemed really quiet and tensed when I drove passed the alley, I reached for her left hand and held her hand till we reached the apartment building to give her some assurance. I parked my car in front of the building and Jaime parked the Lincoln Navigator behind my car. Jaime, Andrea and I went into the building to ride the elevator towards the 4th floor and Andrea opened the apartment door for us to enter. She is a very neat girl her bags were placed nicely in the corner of the bedroom and Jaime proceeded to pick up her luggage and went downstairs first while I waited for Andrea to get her passport and cash from the safe deposit box. She checked the rental apartment one last time before leaving the apartment and she left the keys with the security guard sitting in the concierge desk at the lobby. 

Miranda LaFerrari.

Third Person’s POV

After leaving the building, Miranda let Jaime and the rest of her friends to enjoy their day before she could walk away from the Navigator. Nigel said “Miranda I like Andrea. You better charm Andrea’s panties off and show her the wonders of being with THE Miranda Priestly. Don’t come back home till you have done that.” Miranda laughed and told Nigel and the girls that they’re being delusional, but they were like you better get in there. Serena said “Miranda you are getting old so hurry up and get married already. We’re all dying to be your bridesmaid.” Miranda smiled and walked towards Andrea. The both of them went to have lunch at Miranda’s dad favourite restaurant in Vienna called The Palmenhaus which is known as Vienna’s world-famous botanical hothouse overlooking the stately Burggarten Gardens famous for serving Austrian and Mediterranean with a strong selection of wines by the glass, expertly mixed cocktails and desserts to die for.

The Palmenhaus.

Andrea was shocked to arrive at The Palmenhaus and how easily Miranda could park her car in front of the restaurant as if she owns the restaurant. They were greeted by the owner and head chef of Palmenhaus and led to quiet private room in the restaurant away from the common sitting area of the café. Miranda ordered the filet steak with bacon-wrapped French beans and she suggested Andrea to try the cod fish with grilled balsamic infused cherry tomatoes and homemade white wine cream sauce. Miranda had red wine while I settled for a glass of white wine. 

“Andrea as an orphan did you ever have the chance to go to school and attend university? If you did, what did you study in university maybe I can provide you with a better work opportunity if you ever need a job.” 

Andrea is definitely in trouble now and this time Miranda is sitting right in front of her. “Miranda I actually have a double degree in Civil and Mechanical Engineering from MIT. I am looking to work at Sachs Industries but I decided to travel first before I started work because I am only 20 years old. The reason why I have so much cash with me was from my previous investment in stocks. I am not trying to boast but I am a genius at looking for trends in stocks to either buy or sell stocks at a specific time”, Andrea replied while scratching her neck because she felt like she exaggerated her capability as an experienced stock trader. 

Miranda was clearly amazed by Andrea’s intelligence. “Andrea don’t be shy or embarrassed for being smart. In fact, I admire your strength to be a better person even though you came from nothing, I am happy for you because you have achieved more than what society expects”.

After Miranda finished talking their appetiser were served which apparently was Miranda's dad favourite dish it’s homemade pumpkin soup with clams and truffle. Their mains were served after the both of them finished their soup. Andrea mouth watered when she saw her beautifully glazed tomato with cod fish and cream sauce. She didn’t have time to look at Miranda’s food and she dived straight in for her fish not wanting her mains to cool down whereas Miranda was staring at Andrea who is eating like a kid. After finishing their main course, Andrea told Miranda she was absolutely full and can’t have dessert anymore and it was time for after meal walk. 

Andrea paid for lunch as she wanted to lessen the burden that she has brought upon Miranda. Miranda drove off to one of the most historic sites. The Belvedere Museum where Emily has called the museum director in the morning to inform them that Miranda is heading to the museum during the afternoon. So, Andrea and Miranda were the only people in the museum as the museum curator closed the whole museum because Miranda was one of their largest donors and she always prefer privacy. She reached the Belvedere Museum in 15 minutes parked her car right in front of the museum entrance just to be greeted by the museum directors and head of security. 

“Miranda a very good afternoon to you and Miss Andrea. Miss Emily has already informed us of your plans for the afternoon. Rest assure that no one will interrupt your sightseeing session with Miss Andrea", the director said and Miranda said “Thank you Edward for closing the museum just for me and Andrea. The Belvedere Museum will be rewarded handsomely by the end of the month. Now, Andrea shall I be your tour guide for the afternoon?” The museum director, Edward and the head of security left their sight and mind their own business while Miranda offered Andrea her elbow for her to take. Andrea rested her left palm on Miranda’s elbow but Miranda pulled Andrea in closer to interlock their arm together and that made Andrea smile at that gesture. 

“Andrea, don’t tell me you’re feeling shy to walk around arm in arm together after where your hand was this morning if you still remember?”

“OMG Miranda don’t remind me of what happened this morning! I am trying to erase that moment from my list of embarrassments.”

“Well Andrea to be honest I didn’t mind when you touched my appendage but hopefully the next time it happens, it will be a pleasurable home and bed activity”, Miranda said it bravely while continue walking with Andrea, but that left Andrea dumbfounded. Actually, she was beyond shock because she didn’t dare to assume that Miranda had that sort of thinking but at least Andrea thinks that her parents would accept Miranda for who she is if they ever get to that point in their relationship.

“Anyways I think that is my dirty joke for the day Andrea and I think we shall start to admire the beautiful paintings in this museum, but I don’t think the beauty of those paintings is better than your beautiful smile and pretty face.”  

Andrea was walking with her mouth wide open again but this time it was due to all the impressionist art displayed in the Belvedere Museum. All of Gustav Klimt, Monet, Manet, Picasso and many others were lined up side by side along the entire museum. 

“Andrea, I have something to tell you. I am not a normal person when it comes to the amount of wealth and power that I have however it’s not something that I am very proud of either because with great power comes with greater threats, I mean very dangerous threats. I like you Andrea since you bumped into me yesterday night it’s just that I was in a rush to attend something very important for my company, Runway. So, before I continue would you like to correct me that you are not Andrea Watson but you are the one and only Andrea Sachs the heiress of Sachs Industries and the only daughter of Richard and Margaret Sachs, am I correct?”

Andrea cover blown she couldn’t even last a day without Miranda finding out the truth. Damn you Jaime Lannister, Andrea thought. Andrea looked away from Miranda piercing gaze and her crystal blue eyes and just agreed to Miranda’s accusation.
“Yes, Miranda I am Andrea Sachs but if the reason why you requested to close the museum today is to confront and probably get rid of me because I lied to you. Then go ahead and kill me already. How did you find out about my true identity?”

Miranda led the both of them out to the garden where her favourite desserts and a pot of earl grey tea were placed on a table with 2 chairs arranged side by side. 

“Andrea, I think we need to have a seat before we continue this conversation.” Andre nodded and sat down beside Miranda. “Now Andrea, you must know that both our fathers are very close together as in they share everything, they know with one another and help each other when one needs help. Around 2 weeks ago Ned, your father’s personal bodyguard has brought up to Runway's private security team that there were some weird travel expenses made by you so we decided to track it and we assumed that you were flying to Vienna and arriving on the same day as us. But Jaime and I didn’t expect you to encounter a horrific situation like yesterday and I have never seen a photo of yours as Jaime usually takes care of the private security matters. He just mentioned your name as we were waiting for you to pack up at your AirBnb rental apartment so I played along with it. I guess you can say that you have been busted but this doesn’t mean that I will force you to go back to New York immediately instead I offer you my companionship in your travel escapade to give your parents assurance that you are safe and yesterday night event would never happen again with me around you all the time. What do you think Andrea would you accept me as your travel partner and am I wrong to feel that there’s something more than just being friends because I would like to be your everything?”

“Miranda do you mean that you want to be my girlfriend just after 1 day of hanging out together? Heck it’s not even 24 hours since we coincidentally met!! No way I refuse to accept your proposition if you are going to report everything that I am doing to my parents.”

“Andrea, I have never been rejected in my whole life before but if you can’t accept me when I ask nicely then I will have to ask your father for his permission to marry you to make you mine forever. If you want to run now, this is the best time for you to try because once you are a Priestly you would forever be Andrea Priestly.” 


OH, SHIT WHAT AM I GONNA DO??I gotta run away from Miranda now. I ran towards the thick gardens which looks like a maze to me and as I was running away Miranda said “Andrea darling you can run away from your parents and enemies but you can never escape the dragon which is me because I will burn and destroy everything just to find you. Mark my words Andrea! As I am feeling very generous since you paid for lunch today, I shall give you 5 minutes to try and escape me.” Oh fuck I better start running now but after a few minutes of running in the maze I felt so lost. I just slid down and plant my ass onto the grass. Tears started falling as I felt my life was worthless again because people like my parents and Miranda are always trying to dictate my life. As Miranda found me, I thought she was going to reprimand me for being naughty and stubborn instead she kneeled on her knees, held my face in between her warm palms and pressed her forehead against mine as if she is trying to hypnotised me with her wonderful blue eyes. “My heart please stop crying, I hate seeing you cry especially last night and this morning. I am not as bad as you think of me I just need you to open your heart and eyes to me so that you can see the true person that I am. Please don’t reject my feelings towards you I know this sounds crazy, but I fell in love with you when I first met you yesterday. I loved carrying you yesterday because you felt like home to me as if your body calls for mine although it wasn’t your best moment. If you don’t feel like saying anything now, just hug me now or do something to reciprocate my feelings towards you and I will never ever let you go or let your parents dictate your life again please Andrea I beg of you. Just give me a small gesture or response to know that we are on the right track in this hopelessly romantic relationship!”

I was beyond shock to say anything at all because of the long confession that she has made. I looked into her eyes and all I see is infinite love and care in Miranda’s gaze as if she is pledging her entire life to me only. I smashed my lips onto hers hoping that she understands, and she did retaliate by kissing me with extreme passion. She pulled me into her lap as if she didn’t want any more space to separate us from this point onwards. I could feel her erection through her jeans, and it was rubbing against my crotch making my panties feel very drenched. I started to unbutton her jeans and unzip her pants subsequently I stood up to remove my jeans and jacket because I felt really hot. Miranda was looking at me with sex filled hazy eyes and her pupils were slightly dilated as things were gonna get sexy and dirty soon. She pulled out her stiff dick from her underwear and her cock was super erected and huge at least an 8-inch cock. Fuck me dead I straddled her lap again and taking her cock to line it against my vagina as I rocked back and forth on her cock. “Andrea, stop it! This is not how I want our first-time sex to happen and I don’t have a condom right now. You’re too young to be pregnant Andrea snap out of it!”. I smirked at her while continue rubbing back and forth on her stiff cock, but she didn’t know that Eve gave me a strip of condoms before we left the house this morning just in case, I needed it somehow. Thank you Eve! 

I showed her the strip of condoms that I fished out from my jacket pocket and she was gone at that moment. I tore open the condom packet and took out the condom to roll it on her cock and slowly sunk into her cock at a sickening slow pace just to get use to her cock size. Goodness gracious both of us groaned and moaned at the same time I felt my eyes rolling to the back as immense pleasure hit me really hard. Miranda started thrusting her hips slowly and god it felt so good to be fucked by her and a few slow and long thrust, she started moving faster as if she was trying to come already but I laid her flat onto the grass while I remained in my cowgirl position to gain some control. 

Miranda shouted, “Andrea hurry up please I need to come soon please have mercy on me”. Andrea was trying to find her perfect spot for Miranda cock to hit so Andrea angled her hips to the right a little and moaned loudly when she found the correct G-spot. Miranda held her ass and started hitting that G spot hard and fast within a few long and hard thrust both of them came so hard together to the point where Andrea fell forward towards Miranda chest and laid there for a while. Miranda slowly slipped out of Andrea's pussy and Andrea whined at the loss of Miranda cock inside of her, but Miranda had other plans after discarding the old condom and tossed it on the grass. Miranda flipped them over and spread Andrea legs wide apart and tore open another condom to roll it on her cock. She entered Andrea without a warning causing a wave of arousal and pleasure to hit Andrea hard and Miranda bend slightly forward as she fucked Andrea while hugging her really tightly. 

“OMG Miranda yes right there hit it hard and fast,” Andrea squeled. 
Miranda continuously pounded into Andrea pussy as if there was no tomorrow and they climaxed together again after 10 minutes of hard and quick fucking session. Miranda slumped forward and laid her head in Andrea’s neck while kissing and sucking her neck causing a few hickeys to appear. Miranda whispered into Andrea’s ear “Andrea now that you have ruined my sex experience because you were so perfectly tight and perfect for my cock. You are mine and I am yours because nobody can ever enjoy and ravish you the way I do.” Andrea had no words to describe her feeling so she leaned upwards and kissed Miranda really hard to prove her sincerity and loyalty. Both of them smiled and said I love you at the same time as they pulled away from their kiss. As Miranda wanted to pull out, Andrea wrapped her legs tighter around Miranda’s waist and said since you are already in there might as well fuck me another time since we are making love in this beautiful garden. 

Miranda just smiled and said, “Oh honey you are gonna be the death of me starting from today because I don’t think I can be anywhere else except for being inside of you all the time.” 

They fucked for 2 more times before the sky started turning dark and it was time for them to head home. When they exited the museum to enter the car, both of them were smiling to the point where aliens can see how happy and satisfied, they were from the fuckfest they enjoyed this afternoon. By the time they were done with the museum ‘sightseeing it was already 6 pm so Miranda drove them to the nearest supermarket called Spar so that she can cook some dinner for Andrea and herself. Parking at the supermarket carpark Miranda exited her car quickly to open the door Andrea. While walking into the supermarket with Miranda arm wrapped tightly around Andrea waist and occasionally Andrea felt her ass being groped by Miranda. Naughty and possessive Miranda is very sexy. 

“What do you feel like eating Andrea? Although I am very good at satisfying your sexual desires, however I don’t know what’s your favourite food.”

“Miranda hearing you say the word sex makes me hungry for you and your penis right now, but I don’t think getting caught by the camera and being plastered across Daily Mail is good for Runway or your family reputation. Anyways, I like Korean food particularly Korean BBQ, any sort of spicy soup and seafood pancake are the best. Sorry if I am little weird when it comes to food choices and can you stop back hugging me while we are shopping for groceries? I swear to God I am trying to control myself right now but you, Miranda Priestly is so Goddamn playful and trying to torture me.”

Miranda laughed and stepped away from the back hug and held Andrea’s waist and now they are looking for Korean ingredients to make Andrea’s favourites. “Andrea please keep talking like that and you shall see how turned on I am getting right now.” Miranda spend 300 Euro on food ingredients for the next 3 days before they fly to Prague. After they loaded their groceries into the car, Miranda drove to her luxurious penthouse apartment and Andrea was not understanding why the both of them didn’t go back to Miranda’s villa.

“Miranda why are we not at your villa and why are we here?”

“Andrea, I don’t think my friends are going to appreciate seeing us butt naked walking around the house and all the noises that we are going to make while fucking. That’s why we are here now so hurry up and get your sexy ass out of the car and move it.”

Miranda entered the building just by scanning her retina, thumbprint and punched in her code. After entering the elevator, she has to scan her retina and thumbprint again before pressing the 25th floor button which is the penthouse level. Andrea was very quiet as she had the perfect view Miranda’s ass. As the lift reached the 25th floor, the lift doors opened showing Miranda entire penthouse. Andrea dropped the grocery bag and walked straight out onto the balcony to admire the breathtaking night view of Vienna. 

“Andrea what are you doing out here in the cold without your jacket? Don’t you know that you will easily catch a cold if you aren’t wearing a jacket during winter?” 

“Sorry Miranda or should I call you mum because you are definitely acting like one? If I am feeling cold, then you should hug me and warm me up to brace myself for the cold winter night plus aren’t you a dragon, shouldn’t a dragon warm a freezing cold little girl like me?”

“My darling if you wanted a hug, you can ask nicely no need to say such sweet words. Let’s go in for now to prepare some dinner. We can come out after we are done with dinner. What do you feel like eating now? Since the weather is so cold tonight, why don’t I cook you some handmade noodles with clams and mussels clear soup? While I am cooking you can shower and relax for a bit dinner should be served in an hour.”

“Okay Miranda where is your bedroom and where can I get clean pyjamas and towels from your room?”

As Miranda was boiling the water to cook her noodles first, she quickly showed Andrea the master bedroom which was located at the end of the hallway. Her room was larger than Andrea’s room in New York. 

“On your left is the bathroom fresh towels and bath robe are in there already and to your right it’s my wardrobe. I think you can everything in there the drawers are labelled to indicate where things are. Take your time and enjoy your bath while I cook.”

As Miranda exited her room, she knew her friends were dying to know the change in dynamics in her relationship with Andrea. They were keeping an eye on her the entire day because she noticed Serena’s favourite drone following them the entire day including when they had sex in The Belvedere Museum most famous garden. She decided to video call Nigel knowing that they would all be at home.

“Nigel gather everyone so that everyone can say whatever they want now while I would be a little busy later.”

“Miranda what a show you put on at the garden and at Spar this afternoon? Oh so sexy and thankfully I passed Andrea some condoms too because you definitely didn’t waste any of the condoms.” Eve said and smirked.

Miranda rolled her eyes, but she smiled and said, “Thank you for your kind gesture caring about Andrea’s wellbeing.”

“Jaime thank you for telling me Andrea’s real name. I hate to disappoint my father. Well, we won’t meet for the next 2 days because we are gonna be very busy getting to know one another but I have a good feeling about Andrea. She reminds me of my mother. I shall meet you all at the airport to fly off to Prague together.”

All of them nodded and smiled very widely because this is the first time where Miranda is really happy and said Goodbye Miranda! Enjoy your time!

Meanwhile Andrea was removing her clothes and she looked herself in the mirror only to notice 3 large hickeys on her neck. She decided to shower quickly instead of bathing in the bath tub. She was done in 15 minutes, she wiped herself dry which smells like Miranda. Thinking about Miranda puts a smile on her face. Miranda is more manly than both her ex-boyfriends Nate and Christian combined yet she was gentle and patient with her. She walked over to Miranda’s walk-in wardrobe chose a pair of underwear and bra paired with oversized hoodie and sweatpants. After she was done putting on her clothes, she walked out of the room towards the kitchen to see Miranda back facing her so Andrea took her time to admire her slim and fit figure. Everything about Miranda was so sexy, she walks and talks with elegance and grace. Andrea couldn’t stand being apart from Miranda so she back hugged Miranda and she snuggled into Miranda neck while sighing in contentment. Both of them stood in silence while Miranda was cooking. 

Andrea had to stand on her tip toes to look over Miranda shoulders and saw the delicious handmade noodles boiling inside the clear mussels and clams soup. She was excited at the thought of drinking some hot soup and slurping the noodles that Miranda made on her own. 

After 10 minutes, Miranda said “Andrea can you grab us 2 glasses of water while I bring our dinner over to the dining table?”

Andrea poured 2 glasses of water and she brought it over to the dining table. She was surprised by the distance of where both of their bowls are placed. Miranda sat on one end of the table while Andrea was supposed to sit on the other end. Andrea frowned and shook her head so she placed the cups on Miranda’s side of the long table, walked over to her bowl, grabbed her chopsticks and spoon and carried her bowl to sit right next to Miranda. 

“Miranda are you going to separate us from one another because you regret our afternoon or do you have any infectious which prevents me from sitting near you at all?

Miranda was appalled by Andrea’s very straightforward words and shook her head. 

“Okay let me make myself clear Miranda. After what happened this afternoon, I never ever want to be with anyone but you my love. I want to be beside you for every up and down that you and I face from this moment onwards.”

“Andrea, I feel exactly the same for you as well but I will make sure that no harm comes to you or your family. If anything happens, I will hunt those people down and do unsavoury things to them to ensure that retribution is sweet for the Sachs and Priestly household. Now let’s eat before our meal gets cold. I love you to the moon and back Andrea.”

Andrea sealed the beautiful promise with a kiss and said “I love you too Miranda.” Andrea finished her entire bowl of soup and noodles in 10 minutes because it tasted so good compared to what her chefs cooks for her at home. Since she finished first, she went to the kitchen to start cleaning up the tiny mess that Miranda made for the dinner preparation.

Andrea felt Miranda standing behind her and she placed one hand on each side of the sink trapping Andrea between her arms and said “You know you don’t have to do the dishes if you don’t want to Andrea. I can do it or I can hire someone to do it for us.” Andrea replied “Just let me have the satisfaction of doing it since I never got the chance to do it back at home. All my servants thinks that I am a princess so I shouldn’t be doing house chores because they are afraid that my skin would be sensitive to the washing detergent.”
“Okay honey you can do anything you like it was a mere statement you don’t have to feel controlled. Hurry up I am getting fairly tired after such a long day and I just want you cuddled against me already. Once you are done washing and drying the dish, we shall sit outside and get to know each other more. Would you like anything to drink while we are sitting outside?”

By the time, Andrea was done with the cleaning she walked out of the balcony to see Miranda sitting at the outdoor sofa bed with a large and thick blanket covering her. Miranda saw her and patted the space beside her while lifting the blanket for her to slid in. Andrea quickly walked over and slid into the space beside her while Miranda hugged her really tightly.


“Miranda, can I ask you a question?”


“Go ahead Andrea you can ask me anything. I don’t want any secrets between us anymore starting from now.”


“When you were cooking just now, I had time to look around your room and all your photo album shows everybody that you introduced to me this morning and an older man which I am guessing is your father. Where is your mother? I want to know everything about you the good and the bad stuff that you have done to ease burden that you seem to carry on your shoulders every day. Being successful is tough but staying in power and maintaining privacy is even harder.”


“My mother, Natasha Rockowitz died when I was 5 years old due to pneumonia that was intentionally caused by her own family. She was poisoned by her family over time for marrying my father. My dad, Alistair was from a family of farmers and he was always very dirty looking because he was the eldest son in his family, and he stopped going to school when he was 15 years old to start working in his family-owned farm. My mother was like you born and bred by rich parents who owns a pharmaceutical company, Rockowitz Pharmaceuticals. When my parents met at a mutual friend birthday party which was your dad, Richard Sachs 21st birthday party. My dad said that my mum looked like a fairy who fell from heaven who looks at him as if he was her reality, her real home. They were so in love with one another and dated for 3 years before they decided to meet her parents for dinner to let them know about their plans for marriage. Obviously, her parents and her 3 older brothers strongly disagree of the marriage, so she decided to drop her last name and married into the Priestly family knowing that my father’s family was very poor."


"So, my dad decided to self-study IT and engineering on his own with the help of your father, Richard while my mother was a fantastic artist particularly designing clothes for people. She started her own fashion business with my father younger sisters, Aunty Natalie and Uncle Robert while my father finally landed his first professional job as a computer programmer in IBM. My dad as the head of his family since his parents passed away due to a car accident decided with his siblings to sell their farmland and business to use the money gained and buy a house in Hamptons. Aunty Natalie and Uncle Robert moved with my parents to live in the same house together and after a few months my mother was pregnant with me. After giving birth to me, her parents decided to pay my family a visit at her shop. They gave her a present which looked like Christmas snow globe and left her for good. They didn’t even want to look at me which my mother didn’t mind because she knows in her heart that my father, Aunty Natalie, Uncle Robert and myself were her true family members. She left the snow globe on her desk and went on to continue running her fashion business which was booming as my father’s career was steadily growing as well. He was promoted to being IBM’s youngest managing director when I was 5 years old.


"Out of nowhere my mother started getting sick so she ended up in the hospital and the doctors couldn’t find the source of her coughing and sickness our entire family were so worried as we knew that she was nearing the end of her life. After a week at the hospital, she died due to excessive blood loss and brain inflammation. At my mother’s funeral, none of her family and friends showed up how heartless can they be. Aunty Natalie and Uncle Robert decided that they cannot continue my mother’s business as the true artist and brain wasn’t present anymore, so they went to London to start working as a fashion journalist at Vogue UK. My dad and I were each other support system we didn’t go for therapy or tell anybody about how we feel but we became closer than ever because family sticks together no matter what. My uncle and aunty always sends us postcards and letters from London to let us know how they are doing and that they would forever be by our side and truth to be told they always visited us when it’s Christmas. Now Aunty Natalie and Uncle Robert are the global editor-in-chiefs for Runway International Magazine that’s how much I trust them to run my media business."


"I met Eve when I was 7, I met Emily and Nigel when I was 18 for 1st year of university at Harvard. We kept all of my mother’s stuff at attic and one day in 2nd year university Emily went up to the attic with me to grab some stuff that we needed for one of our physics experiments. She noticed the snow globe sitting on the table and she asked for my father permission whether she could have it for her lab experiment and he gave it to her since he didn’t like the gift from day 1 anyways. Emily went to the Harvard lab to continue with her experiment on what type of substance can cause glass to corrode. Emily realised that the glass had micro holes which can cause gas to diffuse through the glass and be released into a close environment. She tested the water inside the globe only to find that it was a very poisonous substance called Anthrax which is widely known for causing respiratory system and organ failure if inhaled continuously over time. The symptoms caused by Anthrax is very similar to what my mother faced for 5 years. It started out as a normal flu and cough then she recovers for a while when she stays home. I remember my mother looking very weak every time she comes home from work. Emily told my friends, myself and my father about her research on the substance inside globe so we knew that my cruel grandparents were the reason for my innocent mother’s death. My dad and I hacked into Rockowitz data storage centre to look for Anthrax related production and it was once produced around the time where they paid my mother a final visit. I was so furious and angry to the point where I wanted to kill them straight away, I was stopped by my father and all my friends. My dad called my aunty and uncle from London to come back as soon as possible. Once they arrived in our family home in Hamptons, my father told my aunty and uncle about the truth of my mother death and they burst out in tears because if they had known before they would have gotten rid of poisonous gift. They kneeled before us and apologised so many times both my father and I asked them to stop blaming themselves because nobody knew about it. My dad and I formulated a plan to destroy the Rockowitz family business, we let our friends, Uncle Robert and Aunty Natalie know about the plan and they agreed to help. That was the start of the Runway we created highly complicated AI to hack into Rockowitz Pharmaceuticals database to scan and analyse every piece of information to find a loophole in the system."


"However, we didn’t expect Serena to come into our plan. Serena is actually my cousin, the daughter of one of my mother siblings who controls the company financials at that time. My dad recruited her to be part of our team because she felt that the Rockowitz family is falling apart due to the internal conflict between the brothers. With Serena on our side working inside Rockowitz our plan was complete and can be truly in place. While formulating the plan, all of us graduated during 1999 financial crisis and we were able to step into the real world of power and wealth. Turns out that one of my mother’s brothers of Rockowitz Pharmaceuticals loves to gamble and snort cocaine with his bunch of friends, we used him to infiltrate the company since he owns the highest percentage of shares. We threatened him with photographic and video evidence of him taking drugs, having sex with under-age girls so he got scared and transferred his shares over to me. After the share transfers were done, Aunty Natalie and Uncle Robert started spreading the photos and video of him doing illegal stuffs and the police dived deeper into Rockowitz Pharmaceuticals only to find out that all the son and my grandfather were also in it together. That caused the downfall of the family and now Rockowitz Pharmaceuticals has been renamed and consolidated under Runway Electronics & Chemicals. The entire Rockowitz family was destroyed in less than a month and the Priestly family finally rise above it. They are still in prison but I have a different plan when it’s the death anniversary of my mother which is coming soon. So, you see Andrea my friends and I aren’t good people at all because we are still doing a lot of bad stuff in the background but I don’t think I live without you after today. You are the light in my dark world and you make me happy even though we have just met yesterday so please stay with me. I promise to treat you right and I would do anything for you!”


Andrea was beyond shocked to hear Miranda’s story so she sat up to face Miranda to see that Miranda was crying. She wiped Miranda’s tears away and kissed her passionately and said, “Miranda I don’t care if you are bad at least you have fire in you that will always make you fight for what matters in your life. I admire your bravery and patience to strike when the iron is hot which worked out in your favour. Who cares if you have killed people? You definitely killed for your loved ones which now includes me. I would say that I am super proud of your achievements and success in life. Now let me love you for who you truly are and your appendage is definitely a bonus for me not a weakness for you to hide. Anytime you wish to kill the entire Rockowitz family or anybody in general, I will be there to emotionally support you. Now I am tired and I would like to go to sleep. I usually sleep by 9:30 and it’s already 10:30.”

Andrea got up from the sofa bed and folded the blanket while holding Miranda’s hand to pull her into the master bedroom. Andrea told Miranda to quickly shower while she gets ready for bed. After 10 minutes, Miranda was lying in bed naked and pulling Andrea who already fell asleep closer to her to say “I love you Andrea. Goodnight and sweet dreams my love.”

Chapter Text

For the first time in forever, Miranda woke up late around 6 am to feel something sucking her cock that was so satisfying. She looked underneath the blanket to find Andrea mouth engulfing her entire cock and Andrea was occasionally sucking her balls too making Miranda moaning really loudly. Miranda grabbed Andrea’s head to continuously thrust her hips upwards and she came within seconds spurting her cum into Andrea’s mouth which she continued lapping till not a single cum was wasted. After that, Andrea climbed back towards Miranda to give her a morning kiss which turned into a heated make out session which made Miranda hard again.


“Miranda I couldn’t resist your dick this morning as it was rubbing against my ass so do me a favour now and make love to me. I am so wet to the point where your sheets are drenched with my juice already.”


“Yes Mrs Andrea Priestly. I will give you everything you want.”


Miranda crawled on top of Andrea and played with her clothes for a little before lining up her dick against Andrea’s pussy to slowly enter her.


“OMG Andrea we are definitely soulmates see how well your pussy is ready for me. It’s so tight. Can I start moving now?”


“Yes, hurry up and move it already! I need a release soon and don’t you dare think about pulling out when you are cumming.”


Miranda moved her dick in and out of Andrea at slow pace but Andrea growled and shouted her to move faster and she obeyed by squeezing Andrea’s hips hard to continuously pounded into her non-stop. The sound of her balls slapping Andrea’s crotch was so loud and her balls felt really tight and she knew she was ready to come any moment now.


“Here I come Andrea are you sure that you want me to fill you up?


“Yes yes! Miranda just do it!!!


Miranda used her free hand to rub Andrea’s clit vigorously to make her cum even faster and said “Andrea cum for me too! I want to feel you clenched around my cock as I finish inside of you.”


Andrea nodded and she came within seconds clenching hardly around Miranda’s stiff cock milking Miranda orgasm really hard after that but Miranda kept pumping in and out of her pussy making them climaxed together again and Andrea squirted a little on Miranda’s cock Both of them groaned as they climaxed making the both of them tremble from the aftershocks of the awesome morning sex that they had. Miranda laid on top of Andrea and peppered kisses around Andrea’s face and chest occasionally sucking Andrea’s nipples.


“Miranda you and your jr are so good at satisfying me. I don’t think any of my ex-boyfriend were ever as good in bed like you.”


Miranda pulled out her cock of Andrea dripping pussy and plopped back on to bed to lay beside Andrea and smiled at her to say “What a way to start a wonderful morning? You are definitely my endgame already. Do you know that you are the first girl I let into my bed within 24 hours of knowing each other? I can definitely see my future with you in it and I won’t regret it if you told you were pregnant now. Let’s soaked in the bath together to clean our dirty body.”


Miranda scooped Andrea out of bed and carried her into the shower where they took turns washing each other and making out a little. By the time they were done showering, they wiped their body dry and brushed their teeth and walked over to Miranda’s wardrobe to choose their outfit for the day. Miranda was watching Andrea preparing breakfast while reviewing some company reports that Nigel and Emily send to her last night. Her phone rang and it was her father.


She answered the call and said, “Hello dad, how can I help you?”


“Miranda, I manage to find who Jacqueline Follett was embezzling funds to. Her offshore account belongs to Irving Ravitz somehow, they are in a relationship. I have notified Jaime and the ladies but I was very shocked when they told me you weren’t at the villa. Both Jacqueline and Irving are in Vienna at the moment living at Ritz Carlton. Are you alright Miranda? You always want to be alone when it is nearing your mother death anniversary.”


“Oh, father I am way beyond alright. I am feeling very good now way better compared to last week. I have met someone a girl to be precise and she makes me very happy. I can’t tell you who she is yet till you, Cara, Aunty Natalie and Uncle Robert are in Prague for Runway’s 20th year annual gala. That’s it for now dad my girl and I shall meet you soon. Love you dad!”


Meanwhile. Miranda called Jaime, “Jaime do me a favour. I want both Jacqueline Follett and Irving Ravitz to be kidnapped and be brought over to the villa. Keep them locked up in the dungeon I shall pay them a visit later tonight with Andrea. Bring Andromache and Quynh I don’t want you going alone. Do you understand Jaime and don’t try to be superman? Put Eve on the phone.”


“Yes Miranda I will consider bringing the both of them. See you tonight!”


“Naughty bastard you seem to be rubbing off on Nigel’s annoying attitude.”


“This is Eve. What can I do for you Mi-Ran-Da?”, Eve dragged out her name on purpose.


“Eve I need you to find a way to buy Ravitz Industry in the cheapest way possible do whatever necessary. I think it is time for us to remove him from the Forbes Top 10 Company List. His name and face is causing me to hate him even more. Contact other alliances to strike up a deal with them and we shall talk more about it later over dinner at the villa. Ask Nigel to cook some of his awesome Chicken Cordon Bleu and truffle seafood risotto. Make sure to ask him to get more scallops and prawns those are Andrea’s favourite. By the way when is your beloved Annalise gracing us with her eminence arrival? I prefer happy Eve instead of grumpy Eve.”


“Yes boss I will start working on it. Everything that you think of now is Andrea this Andrea that, I am getting sick of it already but I am happy for you. Annalise is on the Runway plane right now flying to Vienna so when you join us for dinner she would be able to join us for dinner. Bye bye for now.”


Andrea asked while straddling Miranda, “Miranda why are you talking about work when it’s only 8 am? Are you planning some sort of emergency world domination where you can’t wait till, we finished breakfast?”


“Bossy Andrea I like it. Yes, I am sort of planning something really bad and exciting this evening at the villa maybe you can watch if you’re interested.” Miranda smirked and Andrea just rolled her eyes as if Andrea was so used to Miranda’s antics.


Miranda gave Andrea a kiss and tap her butt so that Andrea can move back to her own seat to start eating breakfast.


“Well I cooked some shredded beef with noodles in clear chicken broth. I think I am an Asian person trapped in a white person body if you noticed my insane love for Asian food and recently Miranda Priestly.” Andrea looked up to see Miranda’s reaction and grinned widely when she saw Miranda blushing.

“Very smooth Andrea I don’t mind it. What do you feel like doing today?”


“I plan to visit the Vienna Natural History Museum because I am a pure nerd when it comes to history, after that we could go to Prater amusement park and to cap off our date we could go have tea and pastries around 3-ish at Café Aida where they serve the strudel and bread.”


“Sounds like a perfect plan let me call Emily to make a booking for us at Café Aida. Go get ready put on a lighter jacket since we are going to be indoor most of the time.” Miranda dialled Emily and her call was answered instantly, “Hello Miranda what can I do for you and the future Mrs Priestly?”


“Haha very funny Emily you shall receive a smack in the head from me later for being funny towards your boss. Anyways can you get me 2 tickets to the Natural History Museum for private viewing only, tell them I will be there in 15 minutes? Make a booking at Café Aida around 4 and make sure to get a private room. Have Jaime went out for his mission yet?”


“Okay I will call the museum curator immediately and make the usual booking for the café after I am done with museum arrangement. Jaime is preparing for the mission apparently he is planning to go alone, stubborn man. Serena and Eve are forcing him to take the team but he refuses maybe you should call Quynh yourself to accompany Jaime.”


“Noted I will personally call Quynh and Andromache to follow him since they are in Vienna although they are on a holiday. Bye and make sure Jaime doesn’t leave the house soon.”


Miranda sighed as she ended the call and rubbed her temple as she felt a headache was approaching. Andrea stood behind her and kissed her neck to calm her down a little. Andrea asked, “What’s wrong Miranda your veins on your forehead can be seen from the moon?”


“Just continue hugging me like this and let me deal with Jaime stubbornness.” Miranda called Andromache but Quynh picked up the call “Hello Miranda Andromache is in the shower what can I do for you?”


“Quynh I need you and Andromache to head to the villa with your favourite weapons ASAP. You all are going hunting with Jaime for 2 person who have been a pain in my butt. Kidnap Irving Ravitz and Jacqueline Follett and bring them back to the mansion. Do whatever that’s necessary during the mission. Jaime refuses to call the both of you for help so I am ordering you to beat Jaime up when he is a being a little kid since the both of you are so old anyways. He will definitely listen to the both of you. Join us for dinner after the mission is completed.”


“Yes Miranda I will call Emily to tell her that we are on the way right now and we shall meet later. Goodbye.” Quynh hung up afterwards and she saw a text from Emily saying that the museum is hers for the whole day till she is done and the necessary booking has been made.


“My darling I am sorry for making you wait. Come on let’s go to the museum now.” Andrea just smiled and intertwine their fingers while walking to the car, “It’s ok Miranda Jaime is important in Nigel and your life it makes sense to worry about his safety. Whatever it is I am going to enjoy the entire day with you from now on.”


While our favourite Miranda and Andrea are having fun, Jaime, Andromache and Quynh are also having fun in a slightly more dangerous environment…




“Andromache hurry up! We need to go get Jaime and start our mission.”


Andromache exclaimed loudly “What? I thought we are supposed to be on a break. Our 1-year holiday ain’t finished yet so I am definitely not interested, ask them to look for a replacement team. Make sure to tell Miranda I don’t want to go!”


I had to walk over to Andromache who was putting on her black long sleeve shirt and black military style pants in the walk-in closet. Typical boring & plain Andromache when she is angry!


“Andromache you know Miranda helped you a lot through your depression when I was stuck in that disgusting metal coffin for more than 500 years. We need to repay her kindness especially when her father took care of you even though he was just a young boy. Without Miranda, Alistair and Serena, we would never ever have the chance to reunite forever so I am asking you nicely to come with me or I will have to go alone. It is not a problem for me because I am always grateful for Miranda and her family. What’s your choice because I texted Emily that we will be there in 30 minutes?”


Andromache was being quiet but she pulled me into a hug and pressed her forehead against mine to look me into the eye and muttered “I am sorry Quynh. I didn’t mean to get angry it’s just that I thought we were gonna be left alone for a while before having to work again. You know I just worked as a mercenary for as long as I could remember while you were stuck under the sea. This is my first year of getting you back in my life that’s why I am being emotional because I am so lucky to have found in my life again for eternity.”


I laughed and a small tear escaped my eyes. “Andromache you need to stop blaming yourself for my misfortune. I have already forgiven you the moment you opened the metal coffin with Miranda and Serena beside you. Now, let’s go and kidnap Ravitz and his slutty French partner. I saw them yesterday when we were out for a walk and from the bottom of my heart, I really hate them both equally. Ravitz looks like a rat trying to suck some money out of Miranda while Jacqueline looks like a skunk that probably stinks a lot too!”


Both of us burst out laughing at my funny yet true description of Irving and Jacqueline. We chose to use the Beretta handmade by Serena. She modified our guns for the both of us because she felt that ‘older people’ like us deserves something better, quicker and lighter. Serena is an ass for teasing us to be old. Andromache brought her axe and I packed my saber sword that was kept for centuries by Andromache. I will forever love her for her patience and undying love she always shown me even when I wasn’t around. I drove our bulletproof Roll Royce Cullinan while holding Andromache hands who was enjoying the ride and view. I am driving because Andromache has always been a shitty driver last time, she was a bad horse rider. Certain things just carry on because she never wants to learn.

Quynh's ancient saber sword


Andromache's axe


Rolls-Royce Cullinan


After 20 minutes, we arrived at Miranda’s gorgeous villa gate. I had to press the doorbell and Emily asked me to scan my retina and fingerprint just to be sure. Once my identity was confirmed, we drove in through the long driveway before it leads us to the actual house. As we were driving around the water fountain to reach the main entrance of the house, Andromache pointed and laughed at Jaime as he was being sat on by Eve to stop him from leaving alone. I parked the car in front of the entrance and got down the car and Eve got up from Jaime her temporary chair.


Andromache said, “Poor Jaime Lannister a supposed prince who is being sat on by a lawyer. How does it feel Jaime? You should have listened to Miranda.”


We were greeted by Serena, Nigel, Emily, Eve and Annalise which took turns to give Andromache and I a hug.


“Oh, bloody bollocks thanks for coming over so quickly. Stupid and idiotic Jaime over here was being a pain in our ass for the past hour. Serena and Nigel had to tackle him and Eve sat on him to stop him from getting up,” Emily said in her very British accent.


Andromache said “It’s okay the old ladies are here now so he should be fine. Come on Jaime get up and load up the truck we shall get moving soon unless you love planting your face onto Miranda’s marble floor.”


Jaime stood up with a huff and stuck his tongue to Eve and Serena as if he was a little boy but proceeded to give us a welcome hug. I pat his back and messed up his posh looking hair style as he was pulling away from the hug which he hates so badly. Serena gave us the keys to the 4WD Mercedes truck and I quickly took my sword to walk over to the gun metal grey Mercedes truck. I started the car while Jaime sat at the back seat and Andromache got in to the passenger seat.


“Jaime where is our targeted peasant couple right now? Let’s go and hopefully finish the job before lunch. The both of us skipped breakfast because of Miranda urgent phone call,” Andromache questioned.


Jaime said, “They are at Irving’s house and the thermal scan from the satellite shows that they are still in bed but there 10 security guards patrolling the house and another 10 inside the house. There are 2 entrance to the house, 1 is the front gate and the other one is a secret tunnel that leads them to the Ravitz Industry safe house. I am suggesting that Quynh attacks from the front while Andromache and I wait for them at the safe house.”


I agreed and swapped seats with Andromache to suit up for the mission. We stopped under a tree 10 miles away from Irving house and started packing my safer sword, 6 hand grenades and my gun. I don’t need that many weapons or bulletproof vest as I am bulletproof and I can heal instantly. I did a communication check with Jaime and Andromache to ensure there is a stable line of communication just in case anything happens. After I am done, Jaime looked away to give Andromache and myself some time to talk.


“Quynh, you be careful alright these men could be highly trained not that I am doubting your combat abilities. You haven’t been out on the field for so many years so I am just a little worried. You call me if you need any help and I will be there straight away. I love you Quynh and go show those men and Serena that ‘old people' can fight damn well too.” Andromache commanded seriously while frowning really honestly, I haven’t seen her this tense for a long time.


I couldn’t take her seriously and I smiled back at her while rubbing the frown on her forehead away. “Okay honey relax this is not my first time walking into a battlefield alone. I will call you when I am done alright if I die, I will definitely get back up!” I kissed her to give some assurance. I started walking towards Ravitz house while they drove away towards Ravitz safe house. After walking for 15 minutes, I reached the gate of Ravitz house goodness gracious his house looks really ugly compared to Miranda‘s house. I rang the doorbell twice before the 1st guard walked to ask what’s the purpose of my visit so I decided to play some mind games to see whether they are stupid enough to trust my motives.


“Hi, I am here to meet with Mr Ravitz regarding an urgent related to his well-being and safety. I used to work under Miranda Priestly and I think she is going to plan an attack on Mr Ravitz.”

The guy seemed to have believed my facade after he called Irving and he led me into the courtyard of the house where Irving and Jacqueline were waiting for her. What an incompetent team of bodyguards they didn’t even search me for weapons?


“What’s your name miss?” Irving asked.


“Mr Ravitz it’s my pleasure to meet you I am Quynh. I used to work for Miranda Priestly and her Runway team very closely especially Jaime Lannister her head of security.”


Jacqueline enquired, “Why haven’t I met you before? I am pretty sure if you worked with Jaime a lot, I would have seen you in Runway.”


Irving butted, “Quynh why do you assume that Miranda is going to attack me soon and you seemed really familiar have I ever met you before?”


“Firstly, as of this morning there has been rumours circulating around town that Miranda had enough of you and she is planning to get rid of the both of you for trying to embezzle money out of Runway’s account and trying to sabotage her business dealings with the Sheikhs in Abu Dhabi. Secondly maybe you could remember me as the woman who died repeatedly under the sea which you found when you were busy hunting for whales with your buddies. I remember very clearly that you brought my coffin out of the ocean, opened up the coffin only to see a dead version of me and you put a bullet in my head where your friends said bullseye, good shot. Let me think about what you did after that I am getting old since you shot me in the head. Oh yeah I remember now, you locked my metal coffin again and told your guards to dump me into the ocean again. Fortunately thanks to you dumping me in the ocean you made it easier for reunification of Andromache and I because Serena could find my coffin easier through ultra-sensitive radar developed by Alistair and Serena.”


Irving looked like he was going to shit himself very soon while grasping Jacqueline hand very tightly. Irving shouted, “Shoot her goddamn it! She is a fucking delusional bitch!”


Before I knew it, shots were fired from all direction with me as the target while Irving and Jacqueline started running away. After the group of guards finished firing their first round of bullets, I started healing and I pulled the pin for 3 grenades throwing it towards the group of guards behind of me and to my right since that’s where they shot me from. The grenade exploded the moment it landed on the ground and poor 15 men just dead from a few grenades. Sucks to be them I guess.


“Andromache & Jaime get ready the filthy peasant couple are on the way with 3 remaining bodyguards! The rest have been taken care of.”


Andromache replied, “Okay we are waiting for them inside the safehouse we got rid of the ones guarding the safehouse too! See you soon I love you.”


I threw the other 3 grenades around the house to make sure no cameras or satellite footage can capture what’s going on inside Ravitz house.


“Ravitz you bastard I am coming for you and your girlfriend very soon! Make sure to keep running it makes me excited.” I shouted while having an evil laugh moment. Oh sometimes it’s good to be bad too!


“You crazy bitch just die and leave us alone already! OMG you have the same level of craziness as Miranda and her team!” Jacqueline said shakily while panting from all the running.


I managed to catch up to 2 guards who were guarding the entrance of the secret path. They pulled out their knives and got into a fighting position as if they could beat me in a sword play. I pulled out my sword while running using the momentum from running and I jumped towards the left side of the wall to attack them from their blind spot. I easily slit their throat as I landed from my jump. Yuck I hate blood splattering on my face. I stabbed them another time in the heart just to be sure since I don’t like leaving loose ends. I had to chop off one of the guards fingers since the entrance could only be opened using their fingerprint. The heavy metal door clicked open and I continued chasing Irving and Jacqueline however as I ran towards the safehouse Andromache already killed the last guard with a swing of her axe causing his face to be slashed into half. What a bummer the last kill wasn’t for me to take and Jaime was busy tying up Jacqueline and Irving who both looked so pale compared to their usual snobbish attitude.


I pouted at Andromache and whined, “Why didn’t you let me kill the last guy? I am so sad right now; I don’t want to talk to you for the rest of the day.”


Jaime was shocked to see such a reaction from me that he decided to shut up and drag the couple into the truck and said, “Umm I am going to wait in the truck and deliver the good news to Miranda and Emily. Settle your issues first before heading back.”


Andromache looked sorry but I knew she wasn’t really sorry yet so I kept my poker face on to toy with her for a while. Andromache wrapped her arms around me and placed her chin to say “Sorry I forgot how much you love the adrenaline you get from chasing a prey, I will definitely remember next time. Can we just leave this place already the cleaning team is nearly here maybe Miranda would build a nicer house than Irving’s old house which is half destroyed by someone I really care about?”


I chuckled embarrassedly and admitted that I did bomb most part of the house and we stayed in the hug a little while before walking out of the safe house hand in hand. The moment we exited the venue Jaime detonated the entire building including Ravitz house which broke Irving heart from his expression. We high five one another for the successful mission and I drove all of us back to Miranda’s villa.


Jaime asked while moving forward to stuff his face between the passenger seat and driver seat, “Do the both of you know that Nigel and I are in a relationship and Miranda is also dating a girl called, Andrea Sachs?”


I shook my head because I really didn’t know while Andromache said, “I do know that there would be 2 new couples. Especially you and Nigel holding hands in Runway, you know that there are a lot of hidden cameras in Runway building. It was just a matter of time that Miranda and Andrea got together. Alistair told me his lifelong dream with Andrea’s father, Richard that both their family can be merged through marriage. I just didn’t know that Miranda and Andrea would get together so quickly. Sneaky Miranda at least Andrea is equally mischievous as well she can definitely keep Miranda busy with her bright and naughty attitude from what Richard told me last time.”


I asked, “How do you know that she would be a handful for Miranda? It seems like you are quite close to both families.”


Andromache nodded and said, “Even though Alistair and Richard helped me when they were younger, I never really worked for them till Runway was established and even then, I still had my own contracts to complete with other agencies and sometime big corporations like Sachs Industries. I only started working for Miranda for the past 10 years because she promised that she would help me find you. Miranda seldom breaks her promise and until we found that Mr Irving over at the back actually found you but chose to dump you back into the ocean really pissed me off a lot. Why do you think I chose Vienna as our holiday destination Quynh? Miranda promised me that I could do whatever I want to him after she has gotten what she wanted.”


Jaime and I just kept quiet because we know that trying to stop Andromache when she has set her mind to do something equals to Andromache being unstoppable. Andromache kept on staring at Irving through the rear-view mirror as if trying to let him know that his days of being alive is nearly over whereas all of ours were just getting started. As we were nearing the villa, Andromache held my hand and whispered into my palm, “I will never forgive a man like Ravitz and those who called us witches 500 years ago no matter how many times you tell me to forgive them Quynh remember that. If I have the power to resurrect them now and torture each and every one of them I definitely will make sure that they receive every single punishment they deserve for all the pain they put the both of us through for being different and immortal.”


Jaime showed us both an apologetic look after he clearly heard what Andromache whispered to me. I just rubbed my thumb along her knuckles to show her my support because I don’t ever want to let her down and she has never given up on me for so long hence I will forever support her. I drove to the entrance where we were greeted by Jodie and Sandra, the Asian lady with beautiful and sexy hair as described by Jodie. Both of them went through a lot to be together finally. Jodie winked at me while Sandra gave me a big hug and small peck on the cheek. The both of us clicked since the day I met her at Runway’s private medical wing where I was tested and checked to make sure I was healthy.


Jodie said, “Jaime why did you have to disturb Andromache and Quynh holiday when you could have called us instead? We were just completing a simple job at Berlin.”


Andromache answered, “Well Mr Jaime Lannister wanted to be superman today by going alone to capture Irving and Jacqueline and Miranda had to beg us for help to save his ass.”


All of a sudden, Miranda appeared and said, “Who dare to say that I had beg for help? Andromache you should know better that the Priestly clan doesn’t beg for anything in fact we make other people beg instead. Now where is our precious couple for tonight show?”


I opened the back-seat door of the Mercedes truck to reveal Irving and Jacqueline both tied up and taped in the mouth.


Miranda grinned widely while giving us a round of applause for the successful mission and said, “Perfect couple for one another unfortunately they are going to die in the hands of the one and only skilful Andromache. Sandra and Jodie would you please drag them into the dungeon and strap them into the chair all of us will deal with them after we enjoy dinner that was personally cooked by Nigel and Annalise. Jaime, Andromache and Quynh thank you for the good work whoever wants the land of Irving house just let me know because any one of you deserve to own it. Sorry to disturb both your holiday but I felt that the both of you with Jaime would be perfect for the mission. The 3 of you should have a shower to freshen up before dinner starts in 30 minutes. I have instructed the Emily to prepare all the clothes you need for today and tomorrow; she has hung the clothes up in your closet. Once you are feeling refresh and relax, I shall introduce all of you to the young and vibrant future Mrs Priestly.”


All of us nodded and proceeded upstairs to head to mine and Andromache shared room to shower while Jodie and Sandra dragged the 2 prisoners to the dungeon.


Andromache exclaimed with joy when she saw our clothes, “Quynh Emily gave us a few sets of clothing from Alexander McQueen and Yves Saint Laurent latest F/W line. OMG look at the beautiful suits and coats from my favourite Max Mara. I am gonna have so pleasure wearing them all. Our interrupted holiday is definitely worth it for all my favourite brands.”


“Okay calm your tits woman let’s quickly shower so that we can try those beautiful clothes on. You definitely need to thank Miranda and Emily later. Remove your clothes now so that I can show you how much I love sexy and muscly Andromache.”