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Marrying Miranda Priestly

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For the first time in forever, Miranda woke up late around 6 am to feel something sucking her cock that was so satisfying. She looked underneath the blanket to find Andrea mouth engulfing her entire cock and Andrea was occasionally sucking her balls too making Miranda moaning really loudly. Miranda grabbed Andrea’s head to continuously thrust her hips upwards and she came within seconds spurting her cum into Andrea’s mouth which she continued lapping till not a single cum was wasted. After that, Andrea climbed back towards Miranda to give her a morning kiss which turned into a heated make out session which made Miranda hard again.


“Miranda I couldn’t resist your dick this morning as it was rubbing against my ass so do me a favour now and make love to me. I am so wet to the point where your sheets are drenched with my juice already.”


“Yes Mrs Andrea Priestly. I will give you everything you want.”


Miranda crawled on top of Andrea and played with her clothes for a little before lining up her dick against Andrea’s pussy to slowly enter her.


“OMG Andrea we are definitely soulmates see how well your pussy is ready for me. It’s so tight. Can I start moving now?”


“Yes, hurry up and move it already! I need a release soon and don’t you dare think about pulling out when you are cumming.”


Miranda moved her dick in and out of Andrea at slow pace but Andrea growled and shouted her to move faster and she obeyed by squeezing Andrea’s hips hard to continuously pounded into her non-stop. The sound of her balls slapping Andrea’s crotch was so loud and her balls felt really tight and she knew she was ready to come any moment now.


“Here I come Andrea are you sure that you want me to fill you up?


“Yes yes! Miranda just do it!!!


Miranda used her free hand to rub Andrea’s clit vigorously to make her cum even faster and said “Andrea cum for me too! I want to feel you clenched around my cock as I finish inside of you.”


Andrea nodded and she came within seconds clenching hardly around Miranda’s stiff cock milking Miranda orgasm really hard after that but Miranda kept pumping in and out of her pussy making them climaxed together again and Andrea squirted a little on Miranda’s cock Both of them groaned as they climaxed making the both of them tremble from the aftershocks of the awesome morning sex that they had. Miranda laid on top of Andrea and peppered kisses around Andrea’s face and chest occasionally sucking Andrea’s nipples.


“Miranda you and your jr are so good at satisfying me. I don’t think any of my ex-boyfriend were ever as good in bed like you.”


Miranda pulled out her cock of Andrea dripping pussy and plopped back on to bed to lay beside Andrea and smiled at her to say “What a way to start a wonderful morning? You are definitely my endgame already. Do you know that you are the first girl I let into my bed within 24 hours of knowing each other? I can definitely see my future with you in it and I won’t regret it if you told you were pregnant now. Let’s soaked in the bath together to clean our dirty body.”


Miranda scooped Andrea out of bed and carried her into the shower where they took turns washing each other and making out a little. By the time they were done showering, they wiped their body dry and brushed their teeth and walked over to Miranda’s wardrobe to choose their outfit for the day. Miranda was watching Andrea preparing breakfast while reviewing some company reports that Nigel and Emily send to her last night. Her phone rang and it was her father.


She answered the call and said, “Hello dad, how can I help you?”


“Miranda, I manage to find who Jacqueline Follett was embezzling funds to. Her offshore account belongs to Irving Ravitz somehow, they are in a relationship. I have notified Jaime and the ladies but I was very shocked when they told me you weren’t at the villa. Both Jacqueline and Irving are in Vienna at the moment living at Ritz Carlton. Are you alright Miranda? You always want to be alone when it is nearing your mother death anniversary.”


“Oh, father I am way beyond alright. I am feeling very good now way better compared to last week. I have met someone a girl to be precise and she makes me very happy. I can’t tell you who she is yet till you, Cara, Aunty Natalie and Uncle Robert are in Prague for Runway’s 20th year annual gala. That’s it for now dad my girl and I shall meet you soon. Love you dad!”


Meanwhile. Miranda called Jaime, “Jaime do me a favour. I want both Jacqueline Follett and Irving Ravitz to be kidnapped and be brought over to the villa. Keep them locked up in the dungeon I shall pay them a visit later tonight with Andrea. Bring Andromache and Quynh I don’t want you going alone. Do you understand Jaime and don’t try to be superman? Put Eve on the phone.”


“Yes Miranda I will consider bringing the both of them. See you tonight!”


“Naughty bastard you seem to be rubbing off on Nigel’s annoying attitude.”


“This is Eve. What can I do for you Mi-Ran-Da?”, Eve dragged out her name on purpose.


“Eve I need you to find a way to buy Ravitz Industry in the cheapest way possible do whatever necessary. I think it is time for us to remove him from the Forbes Top 10 Company List. His name and face is causing me to hate him even more. Contact other alliances to strike up a deal with them and we shall talk more about it later over dinner at the villa. Ask Nigel to cook some of his awesome Chicken Cordon Bleu and truffle seafood risotto. Make sure to ask him to get more scallops and prawns those are Andrea’s favourite. By the way when is your beloved Annalise gracing us with her eminence arrival? I prefer happy Eve instead of grumpy Eve.”


“Yes boss I will start working on it. Everything that you think of now is Andrea this Andrea that, I am getting sick of it already but I am happy for you. Annalise is on the Runway plane right now flying to Vienna so when you join us for dinner she would be able to join us for dinner. Bye bye for now.”


Andrea asked while straddling Miranda, “Miranda why are you talking about work when it’s only 8 am? Are you planning some sort of emergency world domination where you can’t wait till, we finished breakfast?”


“Bossy Andrea I like it. Yes, I am sort of planning something really bad and exciting this evening at the villa maybe you can watch if you’re interested.” Miranda smirked and Andrea just rolled her eyes as if Andrea was so used to Miranda’s antics.


Miranda gave Andrea a kiss and tap her butt so that Andrea can move back to her own seat to start eating breakfast.


“Well I cooked some shredded beef with noodles in clear chicken broth. I think I am an Asian person trapped in a white person body if you noticed my insane love for Asian food and recently Miranda Priestly.” Andrea looked up to see Miranda’s reaction and grinned widely when she saw Miranda blushing.

“Very smooth Andrea I don’t mind it. What do you feel like doing today?”


“I plan to visit the Vienna Natural History Museum because I am a pure nerd when it comes to history, after that we could go to Prater amusement park and to cap off our date we could go have tea and pastries around 3-ish at Café Aida where they serve the strudel and bread.”


“Sounds like a perfect plan let me call Emily to make a booking for us at Café Aida. Go get ready put on a lighter jacket since we are going to be indoor most of the time.” Miranda dialled Emily and her call was answered instantly, “Hello Miranda what can I do for you and the future Mrs Priestly?”


“Haha very funny Emily you shall receive a smack in the head from me later for being funny towards your boss. Anyways can you get me 2 tickets to the Natural History Museum for private viewing only, tell them I will be there in 15 minutes? Make a booking at Café Aida around 4 and make sure to get a private room. Have Jaime went out for his mission yet?”


“Okay I will call the museum curator immediately and make the usual booking for the café after I am done with museum arrangement. Jaime is preparing for the mission apparently he is planning to go alone, stubborn man. Serena and Eve are forcing him to take the team but he refuses maybe you should call Quynh yourself to accompany Jaime.”


“Noted I will personally call Quynh and Andromache to follow him since they are in Vienna although they are on a holiday. Bye and make sure Jaime doesn’t leave the house soon.”


Miranda sighed as she ended the call and rubbed her temple as she felt a headache was approaching. Andrea stood behind her and kissed her neck to calm her down a little. Andrea asked, “What’s wrong Miranda your veins on your forehead can be seen from the moon?”


“Just continue hugging me like this and let me deal with Jaime stubbornness.” Miranda called Andromache but Quynh picked up the call “Hello Miranda Andromache is in the shower what can I do for you?”


“Quynh I need you and Andromache to head to the villa with your favourite weapons ASAP. You all are going hunting with Jaime for 2 person who have been a pain in my butt. Kidnap Irving Ravitz and Jacqueline Follett and bring them back to the mansion. Do whatever that’s necessary during the mission. Jaime refuses to call the both of you for help so I am ordering you to beat Jaime up when he is a being a little kid since the both of you are so old anyways. He will definitely listen to the both of you. Join us for dinner after the mission is completed.”


“Yes Miranda I will call Emily to tell her that we are on the way right now and we shall meet later. Goodbye.” Quynh hung up afterwards and she saw a text from Emily saying that the museum is hers for the whole day till she is done and the necessary booking has been made.


“My darling I am sorry for making you wait. Come on let’s go to the museum now.” Andrea just smiled and intertwine their fingers while walking to the car, “It’s ok Miranda Jaime is important in Nigel and your life it makes sense to worry about his safety. Whatever it is I am going to enjoy the entire day with you from now on.”


While our favourite Miranda and Andrea are having fun, Jaime, Andromache and Quynh are also having fun in a slightly more dangerous environment…




“Andromache hurry up! We need to go get Jaime and start our mission.”


Andromache exclaimed loudly “What? I thought we are supposed to be on a break. Our 1-year holiday ain’t finished yet so I am definitely not interested, ask them to look for a replacement team. Make sure to tell Miranda I don’t want to go!”


I had to walk over to Andromache who was putting on her black long sleeve shirt and black military style pants in the walk-in closet. Typical boring & plain Andromache when she is angry!


“Andromache you know Miranda helped you a lot through your depression when I was stuck in that disgusting metal coffin for more than 500 years. We need to repay her kindness especially when her father took care of you even though he was just a young boy. Without Miranda, Alistair and Serena, we would never ever have the chance to reunite forever so I am asking you nicely to come with me or I will have to go alone. It is not a problem for me because I am always grateful for Miranda and her family. What’s your choice because I texted Emily that we will be there in 30 minutes?”


Andromache was being quiet but she pulled me into a hug and pressed her forehead against mine to look me into the eye and muttered “I am sorry Quynh. I didn’t mean to get angry it’s just that I thought we were gonna be left alone for a while before having to work again. You know I just worked as a mercenary for as long as I could remember while you were stuck under the sea. This is my first year of getting you back in my life that’s why I am being emotional because I am so lucky to have found in my life again for eternity.”


I laughed and a small tear escaped my eyes. “Andromache you need to stop blaming yourself for my misfortune. I have already forgiven you the moment you opened the metal coffin with Miranda and Serena beside you. Now, let’s go and kidnap Ravitz and his slutty French partner. I saw them yesterday when we were out for a walk and from the bottom of my heart, I really hate them both equally. Ravitz looks like a rat trying to suck some money out of Miranda while Jacqueline looks like a skunk that probably stinks a lot too!”


Both of us burst out laughing at my funny yet true description of Irving and Jacqueline. We chose to use the Beretta handmade by Serena. She modified our guns for the both of us because she felt that ‘older people’ like us deserves something better, quicker and lighter. Serena is an ass for teasing us to be old. Andromache brought her axe and I packed my saber sword that was kept for centuries by Andromache. I will forever love her for her patience and undying love she always shown me even when I wasn’t around. I drove our bulletproof Roll Royce Cullinan while holding Andromache hands who was enjoying the ride and view. I am driving because Andromache has always been a shitty driver last time, she was a bad horse rider. Certain things just carry on because she never wants to learn.

Quynh's ancient saber sword


Andromache's axe


Rolls-Royce Cullinan


After 20 minutes, we arrived at Miranda’s gorgeous villa gate. I had to press the doorbell and Emily asked me to scan my retina and fingerprint just to be sure. Once my identity was confirmed, we drove in through the long driveway before it leads us to the actual house. As we were driving around the water fountain to reach the main entrance of the house, Andromache pointed and laughed at Jaime as he was being sat on by Eve to stop him from leaving alone. I parked the car in front of the entrance and got down the car and Eve got up from Jaime her temporary chair.


Andromache said, “Poor Jaime Lannister a supposed prince who is being sat on by a lawyer. How does it feel Jaime? You should have listened to Miranda.”


We were greeted by Serena, Nigel, Emily, Eve and Annalise which took turns to give Andromache and I a hug.


“Oh, bloody bollocks thanks for coming over so quickly. Stupid and idiotic Jaime over here was being a pain in our ass for the past hour. Serena and Nigel had to tackle him and Eve sat on him to stop him from getting up,” Emily said in her very British accent.


Andromache said “It’s okay the old ladies are here now so he should be fine. Come on Jaime get up and load up the truck we shall get moving soon unless you love planting your face onto Miranda’s marble floor.”


Jaime stood up with a huff and stuck his tongue to Eve and Serena as if he was a little boy but proceeded to give us a welcome hug. I pat his back and messed up his posh looking hair style as he was pulling away from the hug which he hates so badly. Serena gave us the keys to the 4WD Mercedes truck and I quickly took my sword to walk over to the gun metal grey Mercedes truck. I started the car while Jaime sat at the back seat and Andromache got in to the passenger seat.


“Jaime where is our targeted peasant couple right now? Let’s go and hopefully finish the job before lunch. The both of us skipped breakfast because of Miranda urgent phone call,” Andromache questioned.


Jaime said, “They are at Irving’s house and the thermal scan from the satellite shows that they are still in bed but there 10 security guards patrolling the house and another 10 inside the house. There are 2 entrance to the house, 1 is the front gate and the other one is a secret tunnel that leads them to the Ravitz Industry safe house. I am suggesting that Quynh attacks from the front while Andromache and I wait for them at the safe house.”


I agreed and swapped seats with Andromache to suit up for the mission. We stopped under a tree 10 miles away from Irving house and started packing my safer sword, 6 hand grenades and my gun. I don’t need that many weapons or bulletproof vest as I am bulletproof and I can heal instantly. I did a communication check with Jaime and Andromache to ensure there is a stable line of communication just in case anything happens. After I am done, Jaime looked away to give Andromache and myself some time to talk.


“Quynh, you be careful alright these men could be highly trained not that I am doubting your combat abilities. You haven’t been out on the field for so many years so I am just a little worried. You call me if you need any help and I will be there straight away. I love you Quynh and go show those men and Serena that ‘old people' can fight damn well too.” Andromache commanded seriously while frowning really honestly, I haven’t seen her this tense for a long time.


I couldn’t take her seriously and I smiled back at her while rubbing the frown on her forehead away. “Okay honey relax this is not my first time walking into a battlefield alone. I will call you when I am done alright if I die, I will definitely get back up!” I kissed her to give some assurance. I started walking towards Ravitz house while they drove away towards Ravitz safe house. After walking for 15 minutes, I reached the gate of Ravitz house goodness gracious his house looks really ugly compared to Miranda‘s house. I rang the doorbell twice before the 1st guard walked to ask what’s the purpose of my visit so I decided to play some mind games to see whether they are stupid enough to trust my motives.


“Hi, I am here to meet with Mr Ravitz regarding an urgent related to his well-being and safety. I used to work under Miranda Priestly and I think she is going to plan an attack on Mr Ravitz.”

The guy seemed to have believed my facade after he called Irving and he led me into the courtyard of the house where Irving and Jacqueline were waiting for her. What an incompetent team of bodyguards they didn’t even search me for weapons?


“What’s your name miss?” Irving asked.


“Mr Ravitz it’s my pleasure to meet you I am Quynh. I used to work for Miranda Priestly and her Runway team very closely especially Jaime Lannister her head of security.”


Jacqueline enquired, “Why haven’t I met you before? I am pretty sure if you worked with Jaime a lot, I would have seen you in Runway.”


Irving butted, “Quynh why do you assume that Miranda is going to attack me soon and you seemed really familiar have I ever met you before?”


“Firstly, as of this morning there has been rumours circulating around town that Miranda had enough of you and she is planning to get rid of the both of you for trying to embezzle money out of Runway’s account and trying to sabotage her business dealings with the Sheikhs in Abu Dhabi. Secondly maybe you could remember me as the woman who died repeatedly under the sea which you found when you were busy hunting for whales with your buddies. I remember very clearly that you brought my coffin out of the ocean, opened up the coffin only to see a dead version of me and you put a bullet in my head where your friends said bullseye, good shot. Let me think about what you did after that I am getting old since you shot me in the head. Oh yeah I remember now, you locked my metal coffin again and told your guards to dump me into the ocean again. Fortunately thanks to you dumping me in the ocean you made it easier for reunification of Andromache and I because Serena could find my coffin easier through ultra-sensitive radar developed by Alistair and Serena.”


Irving looked like he was going to shit himself very soon while grasping Jacqueline hand very tightly. Irving shouted, “Shoot her goddamn it! She is a fucking delusional bitch!”


Before I knew it, shots were fired from all direction with me as the target while Irving and Jacqueline started running away. After the group of guards finished firing their first round of bullets, I started healing and I pulled the pin for 3 grenades throwing it towards the group of guards behind of me and to my right since that’s where they shot me from. The grenade exploded the moment it landed on the ground and poor 15 men just dead from a few grenades. Sucks to be them I guess.


“Andromache & Jaime get ready the filthy peasant couple are on the way with 3 remaining bodyguards! The rest have been taken care of.”


Andromache replied, “Okay we are waiting for them inside the safehouse we got rid of the ones guarding the safehouse too! See you soon I love you.”


I threw the other 3 grenades around the house to make sure no cameras or satellite footage can capture what’s going on inside Ravitz house.


“Ravitz you bastard I am coming for you and your girlfriend very soon! Make sure to keep running it makes me excited.” I shouted while having an evil laugh moment. Oh sometimes it’s good to be bad too!


“You crazy bitch just die and leave us alone already! OMG you have the same level of craziness as Miranda and her team!” Jacqueline said shakily while panting from all the running.


I managed to catch up to 2 guards who were guarding the entrance of the secret path. They pulled out their knives and got into a fighting position as if they could beat me in a sword play. I pulled out my sword while running using the momentum from running and I jumped towards the left side of the wall to attack them from their blind spot. I easily slit their throat as I landed from my jump. Yuck I hate blood splattering on my face. I stabbed them another time in the heart just to be sure since I don’t like leaving loose ends. I had to chop off one of the guards fingers since the entrance could only be opened using their fingerprint. The heavy metal door clicked open and I continued chasing Irving and Jacqueline however as I ran towards the safehouse Andromache already killed the last guard with a swing of her axe causing his face to be slashed into half. What a bummer the last kill wasn’t for me to take and Jaime was busy tying up Jacqueline and Irving who both looked so pale compared to their usual snobbish attitude.


I pouted at Andromache and whined, “Why didn’t you let me kill the last guy? I am so sad right now; I don’t want to talk to you for the rest of the day.”


Jaime was shocked to see such a reaction from me that he decided to shut up and drag the couple into the truck and said, “Umm I am going to wait in the truck and deliver the good news to Miranda and Emily. Settle your issues first before heading back.”


Andromache looked sorry but I knew she wasn’t really sorry yet so I kept my poker face on to toy with her for a while. Andromache wrapped her arms around me and placed her chin to say “Sorry I forgot how much you love the adrenaline you get from chasing a prey, I will definitely remember next time. Can we just leave this place already the cleaning team is nearly here maybe Miranda would build a nicer house than Irving’s old house which is half destroyed by someone I really care about?”


I chuckled embarrassedly and admitted that I did bomb most part of the house and we stayed in the hug a little while before walking out of the safe house hand in hand. The moment we exited the venue Jaime detonated the entire building including Ravitz house which broke Irving heart from his expression. We high five one another for the successful mission and I drove all of us back to Miranda’s villa.


Jaime asked while moving forward to stuff his face between the passenger seat and driver seat, “Do the both of you know that Nigel and I are in a relationship and Miranda is also dating a girl called, Andrea Sachs?”


I shook my head because I really didn’t know while Andromache said, “I do know that there would be 2 new couples. Especially you and Nigel holding hands in Runway, you know that there are a lot of hidden cameras in Runway building. It was just a matter of time that Miranda and Andrea got together. Alistair told me his lifelong dream with Andrea’s father, Richard that both their family can be merged through marriage. I just didn’t know that Miranda and Andrea would get together so quickly. Sneaky Miranda at least Andrea is equally mischievous as well she can definitely keep Miranda busy with her bright and naughty attitude from what Richard told me last time.”


I asked, “How do you know that she would be a handful for Miranda? It seems like you are quite close to both families.”


Andromache nodded and said, “Even though Alistair and Richard helped me when they were younger, I never really worked for them till Runway was established and even then, I still had my own contracts to complete with other agencies and sometime big corporations like Sachs Industries. I only started working for Miranda for the past 10 years because she promised that she would help me find you. Miranda seldom breaks her promise and until we found that Mr Irving over at the back actually found you but chose to dump you back into the ocean really pissed me off a lot. Why do you think I chose Vienna as our holiday destination Quynh? Miranda promised me that I could do whatever I want to him after she has gotten what she wanted.”


Jaime and I just kept quiet because we know that trying to stop Andromache when she has set her mind to do something equals to Andromache being unstoppable. Andromache kept on staring at Irving through the rear-view mirror as if trying to let him know that his days of being alive is nearly over whereas all of ours were just getting started. As we were nearing the villa, Andromache held my hand and whispered into my palm, “I will never forgive a man like Ravitz and those who called us witches 500 years ago no matter how many times you tell me to forgive them Quynh remember that. If I have the power to resurrect them now and torture each and every one of them I definitely will make sure that they receive every single punishment they deserve for all the pain they put the both of us through for being different and immortal.”


Jaime showed us both an apologetic look after he clearly heard what Andromache whispered to me. I just rubbed my thumb along her knuckles to show her my support because I don’t ever want to let her down and she has never given up on me for so long hence I will forever support her. I drove to the entrance where we were greeted by Jodie and Sandra, the Asian lady with beautiful and sexy hair as described by Jodie. Both of them went through a lot to be together finally. Jodie winked at me while Sandra gave me a big hug and small peck on the cheek. The both of us clicked since the day I met her at Runway’s private medical wing where I was tested and checked to make sure I was healthy.


Jodie said, “Jaime why did you have to disturb Andromache and Quynh holiday when you could have called us instead? We were just completing a simple job at Berlin.”


Andromache answered, “Well Mr Jaime Lannister wanted to be superman today by going alone to capture Irving and Jacqueline and Miranda had to beg us for help to save his ass.”


All of a sudden, Miranda appeared and said, “Who dare to say that I had beg for help? Andromache you should know better that the Priestly clan doesn’t beg for anything in fact we make other people beg instead. Now where is our precious couple for tonight show?”


I opened the back-seat door of the Mercedes truck to reveal Irving and Jacqueline both tied up and taped in the mouth.


Miranda grinned widely while giving us a round of applause for the successful mission and said, “Perfect couple for one another unfortunately they are going to die in the hands of the one and only skilful Andromache. Sandra and Jodie would you please drag them into the dungeon and strap them into the chair all of us will deal with them after we enjoy dinner that was personally cooked by Nigel and Annalise. Jaime, Andromache and Quynh thank you for the good work whoever wants the land of Irving house just let me know because any one of you deserve to own it. Sorry to disturb both your holiday but I felt that the both of you with Jaime would be perfect for the mission. The 3 of you should have a shower to freshen up before dinner starts in 30 minutes. I have instructed the Emily to prepare all the clothes you need for today and tomorrow; she has hung the clothes up in your closet. Once you are feeling refresh and relax, I shall introduce all of you to the young and vibrant future Mrs Priestly.”


All of us nodded and proceeded upstairs to head to mine and Andromache shared room to shower while Jodie and Sandra dragged the 2 prisoners to the dungeon.


Andromache exclaimed with joy when she saw our clothes, “Quynh Emily gave us a few sets of clothing from Alexander McQueen and Yves Saint Laurent latest F/W line. OMG look at the beautiful suits and coats from my favourite Max Mara. I am gonna have so pleasure wearing them all. Our interrupted holiday is definitely worth it for all my favourite brands.”


“Okay calm your tits woman let’s quickly shower so that we can try those beautiful clothes on. You definitely need to thank Miranda and Emily later. Remove your clothes now so that I can show you how much I love sexy and muscly Andromache.”