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Marrying Miranda Priestly

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Miranda Priestly is a 40-year-old woman who is one of the top 10 billionaires around the world with a personal net worth of $100 billion owning a multi-national corporation called Runway which produces the best coding and programming software for infrastructure and building companies. She was a Harvard graduate majoring in IT and physics. She is raised by her father, Alistair Priestly who was a tech savvy and highly intelligent man who devotes his time to his daughter and work. Since his wife (Diana Priestly) passed away when Miranda was 5 years old, he had to become both father and mother figure in this father-daughter relationship with Miranda hence he will forever remain number 1 in Miranda’s life as she would forever love and respect him for the lessons that he taught her and the love he has towards his Diana.


On the other end, there is 20-year-old Andrea Sachs who is known to be a super shy and introvert girl. Although Andrea is still young, she has already graduated from MIT with a degree in civil and mechanical engineering. The only thing that Andrea likes to do is investing her pocket money in the stock market and drawing. Andrea is raised by her father, Richard Sachs and mother, Margaret Sachs who treats their daughter and people that they care about with kindness, but this doesn’t mean that they would allow their business to be taken advantage by sneaky businessman or woman. Andrea’s parents are elite developers and they own Sachs Industries which specialises in designing and building the most sophisticated and coolest infrastructures globally ranging from museums to theme parks.


Alistair Priestly and Richard Sachs had been best friends since high school, so they made a deal that if they ever had children, they wished for their children to marry one another. Both Miranda and Andrea are intelligent and smart in their own ways but under what type of circumstances would they meet?